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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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0. thank you so much for joining us on this monday. a tanker truck is leeking fuel right now at yale avenue in denver. traffic is backed up for miles now. this is a live picture at the scene now.
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so keep that in mind because this is a tough lunchtime travel period for many of you. clean up efforts underway from what we can see. plenty of crews out there working to get the oil cleaned up. they usually need a substance to get it up out of the way. not a lot of information is coming in and we're trying to monitor the situation and talk with crews out there. once we get more information hopefully the lanes will open up soon. we'll pass any along to you. so tough drive here but tough weather going on in the northeast. thanksgiving is three days away and they're getting slammed with their first taste of winter. keep us in mind if you're traveling that way. they could see another 20 inches by tomorrow. windshield temperatures in the
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minnesota. powerful wind gusts up to nearly 80 miles per hour toppling trees and leaving some people without power. >> a heck of a wind storm coming through and tearing stuff out. >> that's really tough over there. snow and holiday travel do not always mesh well so be careful if you're heading east this week. here in colorado heavy snow is expected in the mountain areas today and tomorrow just in time to get in thanksgiving turns on the mountain. means fresh powder comes with heavy traffic. close to 60 degrees today and some moisture boiling down here too. >> yes, we need it all across the state. mainly dry today. i'm out here in the backyard ask the sun is shining brightly here. as we mentioned the snow is falling now currently in south
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lake city and durango and our friends in telluride and light rain in south eastern colorado. this is all part of a system bringing more moisture within the next 36 hours across colorado so not done yet. wolf creek shows the cold weather where the snow is accumulated on the side and it's currently falling. there's a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow afternoon. that's how long we expect for the snow to last. in some accumulated up to about a foot. now, close to the front range mountains through the divide, northern colorado a winter weather advisory going into effect this afternoon when we're expecting for visibility to get low and driving to be a bit more difficult. that is along i-70 and this winter weather advisory goes into effect tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile over the city, here's a look at boulder and temperatures are already in the 60s around town.
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through this afternoon and evening, our skies become cloudier and a small chance for rain but your tuesday forecast is looking colder and also going to bring a chance for rain and snow. how much could we see? i'll have that answer coming up in the full forecast. >> i'll take it. it's a holiday week and need to get in the spirit i agree. thanks. guys, you know the drill if you're traveling this week for thanksgiving. show up early to the airport. dai is expecting more than 1.1 million passengers this week along. dia says sunday the 27th will likely be the busiest travel day of the week. overall thanksgiving week is the busiest week of the year for air travel. the busiest day to leave is wednesday and second busiest is sunday. most people are traveling by car this year. 43 million of the roughly 70
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because of gas prices. >> prices at the pump are following suit with oil price dropping. the workers say they will wait until november 29th after the busy holiday to strike at o'hare airport. they want $15 per hour in their wages. police in san searching for the suspect that killed one of their own. police are searching for this man and he's a person of interest in connection with the shooting. they're also looking for this black car caught driving away from the scene. the detective made a traffic stop on sunday morning when the car pulled up behind him. the suspected shooter walked up to the passenger window and shot twice before taking off.
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>> most families are celebrating the holidays and sfd will be burying one of their own because of an ultimate act of coward is. ward shgsce. >> they believe he may have been targeted for being an officer. protestses over the dakota access pipeline grew overnight. enforcement. activists were aggressive and set several fires. deputies used tear gas and rubber bullets on them. protests say firefighters used a water cannon to spray them in sub freezing weather. >> i'm afraid because i just saw a man run over a disabled elder with a walker and wave his gun at him.
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protests for the last few weeks. they announced they delayed construction so they could continue discussions with the standing rock sioux tribe. a federal court hasn't decided whether or not to let them complete the project. pope francis is allows priesting to absolve women who have had abortions. in a document made public today by the vatican, francis wrote, "there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe tent heart." we're getting a clearer picture of president-elect donald trump's cabinet. he's set to meet with rick perry and speculation swirling that trump may be eyeing perry for a cabinet role including secretary of defense. also under consideration for the role is retired marine
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. >> we had some great meetings and you'll be hearing about them soon. >> also spotted meeting with trump on sunday, long time loyalist rudy giuliani, a candidates for secretary of state and former kansas secretary of state and immigration hard liner. we also have bet founder robert johnson, a possible pick for housing urban development or education secretary and new jersey governor chris christie who once was head of trump's transition team but was replaced by presidential mike pence. we have also learned he will move to the white house as soon as he's sworn in but melania trump and baron trump will wait until he finishes out the school year. .
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mike pence. >> i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave it to others whether it was the appropriate venue. >> the actor -- --. things are moving much better now on i-25 and yale. this is the story we brought yo all lanes are open now along southbound i-25. this is after a fuel spill that happened earlier today. it was one lane open but good news is all lanes are open now and traffic seems to be moving along just fine at this time. still ahead, nine news at noon. tickets to the upcoming kanye west show at the pepsi center -- we have bad news for you.
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could slow down your morning
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to think a week and a half ago we were breaking records because of warmth. now the extended forecast is looking cooler, more like fall. lots of people are on break and maybe they're up in the high country. check out this live cam at the a-basin. lots of people out there getting ready to head up the mountain. a big hello to our friends in eldora.
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steamboat will open on the 23rd and vail, 25th. so happy for ski resorts -- that means business for colorado. air quality is on the moderate side today. that means most folks not affecting you but the sensitive group with respiratory issues limit your time outside. there's also wood burning restrictions 63 degrees here in the backyard. checking the weather with the rest of the state, starting off with our currents in northern colorado 61. denver 63 degrees. in the mountains temperatures in the 40s and 40s. here in the city, temperatures warming more and as clouds increase we start to see temperatures dip. mainly in the 40s and 50s on the western slope. slight snow falling in some
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it's going to continue to develop through the afternoon and evening. . in fact, here's a look at few cure cast. around 5:00, still dry here in the city and not in the eastern plains. in the high country the drive along i-70 will become more if fy. tomorrow morning a chance for showers here in the city and colder air dropping from the north mixing in with moisture and give us some snow for the tail end of the morning drive. the amount of snow we could see is very much on the li snow in the high city. in the afternoon the storm system starts to move out and weather clears up. a decent amount of snow falling in the high country. up to an inch is possible and 1- 3 inches is possible in northern colorado tomorrow afternoon. tonight skies are cloudy. 34 for the overnight low. a chance for showers, most of the action is happening tomorrow morning. here's a look at your extended
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a high of 45 degrees. nothing we can't handle. clearing in the afternoon, breezy and 56. thanksgiving day looking cool, a high of 49 and turning windy. weather for friday and saturday
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lots of kanye west fans out there will be upset. he pulled the plug on his saint pab low tour.
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have been cancelled. no reason given as to why this is happening. this is included the november 20th show at the pepsi center. live nation said the tickets will be refunded. this move comes after a complex weekend for the musician. he ended a concert in sacramento pretty abruptly and cancelled a performance in the la area on sunday. no explanation for that. black friday will remain the si holiday weekend and some retail experts are saying its losing its appeal. chris cadillac am has more -- -- klcackam. gray friday say term that makes more sense. >> a marketing professor says there's no need for retailers to worry. >> it's still going to be the
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the year by a wide margin. >> reporter: but black friday shopping he says is losing its luster and other retail experts say so is cyber monday. >> cyber monday isn't necessarily dead but it's just extended. >> extended well before and after the monday following thanksgiving. driven largely by millennials who have different shopping habits. >> millennials are like a longer christmas se much if it goes back a little bit before halloween. >> again this year men are expected to outspend women during the first official weekend of christmas shopping. . so we want to know how you feel about black friday. we took a scientific poll online. 13% say they love it and 30% say not so much and don't like it.
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with family on the friday after thanksgiving. i like that one. you can weigh in our facebook poll. we have all the results over there. well, a much clearer picture of life. this is so cool. doctors from brazil are using virtually reality combined with 3d fetal models to offer a better visual of a child. they can all be seen and experts say this technology will help abnormalities in the respiratory tract. it won't be available to the average parent just yet. this is a 3d technique and may have to be performed in the hospital but such a clear picture and so many cool details right there. i'm sure that will help them. all right, coming up, why those who think they're making a responsible choice may be doing damage to their financial
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if your iphone six has been unexpectedly shutting down you're not alone. the company says the problem is with the phones made between september and october of last year. the issue does not pose a safety issue but you can get the battery replaced for free. . as a whole, millennials tend to prefer cash and debit cards while they might be avoidingin going without a credit card definitely has a down side. . >> reporter: 19 year old nolan is working his way through college and very careful with money. he says he doesn't want to get a credit card. >> i've seen friends wrack up a lot of debts that they can't pay off and i don't want that to be me. >> that might sound look a
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other ways. responsibly using a credit card and building a high credit score are both crucial. >> your credit score figures into all kinds of financial transactions like getting a mortgage and auto insurance and a car loan and you can't have the best credit score unless you responsibilitily use a credit card -- -- responsibly. >> credit card use accounts for 30% of your score. >> to get the best score, you card bills on time and in full. >> to avoid credit card pitfalls, set a payment alert on your smartphone and don't keep your credit card information on file with retailers that make it easy to click and buy. nolan uses his debit card or cash for every day purchases. >> i'm definitely going to need
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get i credit card soon. >> consumer report say there's another benefit to credit cards. they have fraud protection that other forms of payment may not have. winter delays or lay overs at dia might not be that bad this year thanks to new entertainment options opening
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just in time for christmas. that's an ice rink at the airport. yea. it's opening up this friday, a free ice skating rink located on the open air plaza near th wes tin hotel. it will be open 9 a.m. from 9 p.m. every day until january 1st and free skate rentals, music, carollers and really getting you in the spirit, especially if you have a lay over or you're delayed by bad weather.
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mrs. carly out there she was a figure skater. >> but not this year. >> good to know that's out there. >> the forecast for tomorrow morning, rain and snow a possibility but any amounts will be on the light side. take it slow up in the high
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