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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:21pm MST

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at the colorado mental wellness network
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driver, snow plow operator forff c-dot. i check i with him periodically, obviously ifmet co
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enjoy a gre sandwich but sandwi& maybe politicsuy, brandon
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frozen pizzas, chicken wings are now s??mandwiches. state ll this aanich? state law says thatertaar sandes and e the law, regulators
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case this repeats." extra guest, rotorooter?? man. daughter broke toothn green
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>> at first i was very angry. >> reporter: at first she didn't her mom's problems, but with impaired vision and distracting noises, dono gains perspective. >> if they are hearing that, that has to be very irritating after a while and i can see why people get agitated. >> reporter: for me, i was plain lost with the lights and sounds. >> people think dementia is a normal part of >> reporter: amelia with the alzheimer's association says this exercise during this time of year is important because family members might notice subtle indications of demerna. >> some people-- dementia. >> some people haven't been together since last year, and they will see signs much more starkly than folks who are with someone every day. >> that creates awareness, sensitivity, really why i wanted to do it was to understand a little bit more what she is
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>> i don't know what i am supposed to do. >> reporter: walking in their shoes. >> every person has a different reaction, there is no two alike. >> reporter: for just 8 minutes. for next y am nelson-- i am nelson garcia. >> the alzheimer's association believes all first responders, medical personnel and care givers should experience this to understand the growing medical problem. meteorologist danielle, we are looking at a dees-- danielle grant, we are lookinecent ksgiving. havanother storm system on the this will be so fast,
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remainding of have wte advisories posted forhe
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too. in this season of thanks, these men don't want any, they just want more younger veterans to follow in their footsteps so
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fort logan national cemetery, you have probably seen how busy it can be, each day there are dozens of services, it is a reminder of how many veterans we lose each day. photo journ alist, chris hansen and i found the people who volunteer for those services are a reminder too. attention to detail means everything in a place like this. >> it is something that needs to be done. >> reporter: a place reserved for honor. team have given out their fair share. >> every individual that served our country deserves honors. >> reporter: they should know, they have all served their country and now they serve the families of their brothers and sisters. >> you got this guy's name? >> robert borego. >> robert was 84 years old. had served in korea many years ago.
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the men who lined the walkway leading to his memorial service. >> we are assembled here to provide the fin hor, departed comrade robert borego. >> repor yet it time.volunteer t ?i#f$' >> it is not that dedicate yourself to a noble cause. >> reporter: like they do all year. >> what we do is a noble cause. >> reporter: the veteran's honor guard handles more than thousand funerals every year, helping fill the active military which can't always send a full team. >> a moving service. >> reporter: as years go by, it is getting tougher. >> as a brave young man, he marched away with faith in god, his country, and his flag. >> we struggle in numbers, we are all getting up in age. >> ready, aim, fire. >> i think the youngest guy on my team is 62.
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reminder earlier this week. >> john t. pogue. he was so good. >> reporter: they did the routine for one of their own. >> he was a terrific guy. serve the funerals of their comrades. >> forward, march. >> reporter: they know they won't be able to do this forever, they just hope someone will step in to keep their legacy alive. >> forward. heart. >> reporter: they are looking for younger vets willing to donate a bit of time to make this whole thing possible. you can contact maury to get involved. we have his number under this story on the website and the
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this t year. >> that is right. it is more than just staying warm. it is more than raising money for a good cause. apparently, according to science, you look hotter if you have a beard. >> to women? >> to women. >> notice this is two dudes having this conversation. >> i am certain i am more attractive with a beard. >> what makes me more attractive with a beard? >> that, we don't really know. the people see men with beards as more masculine, so t be what it is. people look more distinguished, usually when they have a beard. they tend to look more masculine. but it is different, different types of beards have different purposes. the men with a full beard tend to look more attractive to women than men with a mustache, for example. >> where would my beard fall in that? >> should i be hauns about this?
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with that beard. >> what about-- is a mustache more attractive to a woman out there than someone clean saveen? i find mustaches to be a little goofy. >> yeah, mustaches, people with mustaches tend to-- the weird thing, they tend to look like they would be less good parents. somebody with a mustache might look like he is not as good of a dad with somebody with a full beard looks like a better parent than somebody without a beard. >> is it more-- is there a warm person or something? >> i think that must be what it is. the whole warm, nurturing wolf man look. >> you hear it. if you are looking for somne out there toc? sta?n a family, mustache maybe not a good idea. >> a little stubble, not a great idea. the amount o s women wild.
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doesn't take long. >> there you go. >> i like that. thanksgiving, tomorrow, my favorite holiday. go have some turkey on me. have some fun. talk to a family member you haven't talked to in a long
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?[ music ] ? [cheering] large and loud crowd for the broncos huddle. it's the thanksgiving edition
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to me left, as always, emmanuel sanders, and to his left, the man that never misses, brandon mcmanus. you tell me every single week, yeah, they're all big, but this one, you've got to meet it, with the chiefs coming to town, everything as tight as it is in the division, this is a big game. >> this is a huge game. look at the afc west. now the raiders have 8 wins. the division is playing well. in order for us to make it to the playoffs, and being able to win a super bowl, we've got to go through these teams. i tell you, kansas city is playing some good football. sunday night football. we've got our hands full. they switched the game. that's how you know how big it is, when you switch it from a 1:00 or whatever game it was, to a prime time game, that's when you know it's huge.


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