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tv   9 News Special Edition  NBC  November 24, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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fame-like quarterback, it's an honor to be in the huddle with him, you have a chance to make big plays. i'm grateful for him. i let him know about that today. >> you don't have all of your receivers healthy. they still cannot stop you. how come? >> the guy next to you. throwing opportunities. throwing me the ball. putting me in great positions to be successful. anytime he is opening up the pass, i'm grateful for this moment today. >> le'veon bell, another 100-yard rushing game. we had tony dungy up in the booth for a little while. and he compared you to franco harris. that same patience. when you hear that comparison, what do you think? >> i'm honored. you know, obviously, when somebody is comparing you to a guy like that, it makes you real humbling. and grateful. you know? i appreciate the comparison. >> you and i talked earlier. your second thanksgiving day game.
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and there's kids out there watching you tonight. what do you hope they appreciated about the way you played? >> they appreciated some good football. somebody who is passionate about the game. obviously, you love the game of football. for whoever is watching, congratulations. >> guys, thank you so much. >> taking this to the linemen. >> take them to the lineup, whatever you want. and take the balls. take the football. take the football. >> happy thanksgiving. >> mike? >> happy thanksgiving, michele. oh, beautiful. thank you. well, there's the playoff picture. this goes with the thanksgiving tradition. this is the night we start to see this. the playoff picture, unfolding in the afc. you slide pittsburgh for the moment, over there. on the 6-5, mark, with indianapolis, dropping to 5-6. houston leading their division.
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baltimore for the moment. baltimore had a chance with nine teams in the afc, than they have. pittsburgh beat cleveland, indy was depleted here. do you get the sense that pittsburgh, they built confidence on what they can do on the defensive side of the ball? >> maybe. that's what it all comes down to. can they just find that formula, despite losing some key players back there? but w and this is the pride of pittsburgh. this is what they do every week in practice. they go one-on-one against the offense. and it looks like there's no way they're going to be able to make a play. and they make a play. sean davis there. and then, a nice play by timmons to get underneath that route. and mike mitchell comes up and makes a big hit on the quarterback, tolzien. and then, they catch a break here on the last one. but every, single one of those are competitive situations. and the pittsburgh steelers, at
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football league. and it showed up on the goal line tonight. >> 16 points for 2 games, against cleveland and indianapolis. a big one against the giants next sunday. kansas city and denver on sunday night. we'll look ahead to that, as we continue from indianapolis, on the postgame in a moment. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ? this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box...
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? you can't make it up, ? ? it's in your soul deep, ? ? it's in the stars, the stripes, this dirt on my feet ? ? not everyone can be an all-pro like jason witten, but anyone could save money with geico. ? welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." now, mike tirico and cris collinsworth. >> pittsburgh gets the win. we'll see pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. also see kansas city and denver on christmas. and the first match-up between those teams when we head out to the rockies here. tomorrow, the game for you on sunday night. denver coming off of a bye. kansas city lost to tampa. you get these teams right now, you know you're going to get good defense. >> no question about it.
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von miller and the guys. now, with justin houston back for kansas city, derrick johnson, derek berry. this is going to be one of the fistfight battles. and it means so much. this is now, when we're getting to the games where the playoffs are clearly on the line, especially in this division. >> oakland plays carolina earlier. oakland is a game ahead. you lose this game, could you be two games behind oakland? limited time left. big pressure on both offenses because of the quality defenses, with trevor sieman you have to make plays in this game. >> that's where the question is for these two teams. if they make a run, the offenses have to be better. >> enjoyed doing this on thanksgiving. let's do this on sunday. >> why not? >> denver-bound. look forward to seeing you from the mile-high city, on sunday night. here in indianapolis, pittsburgh beats the colts, 28-7. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news, followed by a new "tonight show," starring jimmy fallon.
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crew working with you on this thanksgiving night. for bob costas, cris collinsworth, tony dungy, and mike tirico, sitting in for al michaels, see you on sunday night. happy thanksgiving. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special
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?[ music ] ? this is 9news. >> good evening, everybody. and happy thanksgiving to you! thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving night after that
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steelers whooped them without andrew luck on the field! we hope you had a wonderful holiday. >> some may be thinking of heading out to the malls or heading home with family and friends. we want to check in with kathy sabine. much better outside. >> christine, it was terrible this morning! the winds were 60, 70 miles per hour! creating areas of blizzard conditions for those in the high cou, powder. finally things are quieting down. so we're thankful tonight. a beautiful thanksgiving evening this downtown denver. check this out. big, bright moon out there. clear skies and fabulous weather unlike this morning when we had wind gusts to 74 miles per hour south/southwest of wheat ridge. gold hill, winds over 60. and in boulder, winds at 58 miles per hour. much improved this evening with the exception of higher passes.
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closely here. it all has to do with the jet stream. that stream coming out low. and that high building from the west created the gusty winds. but then that easing a little bit and with the high pressure anchoring over us, you'll love the forecast for friday and for saturday. now it is a little chilly out there right now. good radiational cooling and clear skies. already at 27 degrees at dia! thankfully there's not a lot of wind because it would feel colder and then those fahe seem to be a big issue as of yet. average high this time of year is 48. even though it felt really cold today, this is where we should be this time of year. i think we're done with the record highs we've been reporting the last two months. we're done with that. dia at 27 degrees now. and windchill east of denver is mid-teens. those heading out for midnight shopping, grab the jacket. you'll need it. and winds are southeast right now. pretty light. we're watching the next system
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the pacific northwest. but it's quiet from los angeles, las vegas, identify nix, albuquerque into denver -- los angeles, las vegas, albuquerque central terminal and denver. -- and denver. a decent day. temperatures overnight tonight will bottom in the low 20s. it'll be cold. that means when you start off your friday morning, it'll be very brisk with temperatures below freezing. so our storm, just racing off the east. wind shifting a little bit. and then trackg system coming onshore in the pacific northwest. in the denver metro area, clear, cold. less wind tonight. and winds now out of the east at about 5 to 9 miles per hour. it'll shift to the southwest a bit. and that means at sunrise when we're at 23, the temperature will spike quickly jumping to the mid-50s by lunchtime. close to 60 tomorrow. i really do think that saturday will be our warmest day of the extended period. originally we had snow in for sunday. that big broncos game for town. we took the snow out.
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so there's a chance for flurries monday night. light snow and cold on tuesday. and then look at this nine-day planner. there's a lot going on. we have, of course, light the lights and all kinds of things going on. so if you're thinking about going skiing, this is just a great time to get up there and enjoy all that fresh powder. we have winter park that's open now. wolf creek did well with this system and just spectacular conditions. we have the big football game coming up. christina, ryan -- st and ryan, we have one in boulder. those forecasts for the games, very important! >> absolutely! and a lot of people doing their christmas shopping this week! >> i know, i know! and would be a good time to do it. and putting up the lights! good time to do that. >> don't wait until the snowstorm! >> oh, yeah! thanks, kathy sabine. i-25 in castle rock by the outlet mall. the stores open at 8:00 tonight. while there were backups earlier, things are better
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meanwhile, other stores open at -- as early as 3:00 this morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. we're right in the middle of the mad rush at best buy in denver. the doors just opened. we'll try to talk to some people taking advantage of some of the deals out there. we'll walk up to this woman. excuse me! hey. what are you looking for? >> a computer. >> reporter: what kind? >> a desktop hp. >> reporter: okay. looking to save some money today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what time did you get out here to >> about 4:00. >> reporter: 4:00? to you've been at it for a little while. >> little bit. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: awesome. well, good luck finding what you're looking for. >> fine! >> reporter: some waiting an hour. others longer than that. we talked to some who got here last night. some early this morning to take advantage of the deals. th?" is what we're seeing now. on thanksgiving day, ors opening so people can take advantage of these doors. k black friday tomorrow. noel brennan, denver, 9news.
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with noel again in a little while. he's moved to colorado mills to check out the shopping there. d this morning, nearly the mile high united way for turkey truck. the weather didn't stop thousands from getting in the race this morning. [ gobbling ] >> reporter: there was actual turkey running the frisco turkey trot this year. his name is christmas. he has there was about 800 runners. runners saw a few inches of fresh snow. wasn't a problem for those dressed to run for the holidays. >> we're here for the frisco turkey trot. and why else would i be dressed like this? this is an everyday thing. it's wind slick and, yeah! should work good. insulated. not to mention this hot does some really funny stuff when you're running, too.
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[ laughter ] money from the frisco turkey trot goes their science, technology, and math program. this year, it raised $2,000. >> so the whole idea, you run to burn off calories and stuff your face to gain them back tenfollowed. robert mcadam did just that by -- -- tenfold. >> robert mcadam did that at 96. he finished it in 48 minutes and 19 seconds. now, it by the folks at guinness or anything, but that would be the world record! next year mcadams wants to beat his time by 3 minutes. good goal. >> certainly an inspiration. some turkeys ended up the star of many kitchens today. although we found one the star of a football practice. the mavericks are getting ready for their playoffs this weekend. today they found their
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more than a year and was named after the giant bird in the movie "up." they take on pueblo east on saturday in the 3a semifinals. no word if kevin will be will for the actual game. still much more to come on 9news. >> one family gets a thanksgiving miracle a community doubted would happen. >> and also a woman missing three weeks is found alive more than 150 >> and at least one person hurt in this accident. >> and what happened when a thanksgiving turn into a trucksgiving. >> and then back to the mall with a look at what had some people waiting in line since
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it was a sunny day today across most of colorado. afternoon, a tree on castle rock certainly pops with color. >> it wasn't always that way. a neighborhood came together to paint it last month. noel brennan tells us why. >> i kept saying it wasn't dead. you wasn't ready to cut it down. but it's probably dead for a while. >> reporter: there's only one tree in castle rock that keeps it color yearround. >> we've been getting a lot of people coming by and showing us their approval by saying the tree looks great. but they don't understand why.
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aspen here belongs to michael our dead aspen! that would be great! and cara was all for it. yeah, let's do it! >> reporter: they talked about their tree one night in september. >> then the next morning, she was in a car accident and passed away. and , you m -- >> reporter: the crash -- and, um -- >> reporter: the crash was just blocks away from castle rock high school. >> we're doing our best to
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spirit alive! [ sniffing ] >> today we painted it. her classmates joined us. all the neighbors on the street joined us. family, friends. it was a good day. >> yeah. >> reporter: cara's tree was painted the way she would've liked. >> i think one of her principals told me he had never seen anyone be accepted or accept people in all different spectrums of the school -- >> reporter: the help but be proud. >> it's humbling to know that that little being came from us, you know? [ crying ] >> reporter: this tie dyed tree serves as a reminder of the color that cara brought to the world. >> we learned a lot about her that she stood up for the right thing.
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the base of the tree so it shines bright during the day and night. they plan on putting a memorial by the tree so people
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we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! t now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. ah, nothing quite like seeing our servicemen and women return home, especially when it happens on thanksgiving as it did today at the orlando international airport.
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camp in texas. but her family didn't know she was home. she and a camera crew followed her home. and she didn't disappoint. >> reporter: your family doesn't know you're home? >> no, they don't. i'm excited to surprise them. >> what!!! oh, my god!!! are you kidding me!!! oh, tara!!! my god!!! >> pure joy and excitement. ford had even told her family she was having a thanksgiving me instead of coming home. only her dad knew so he could make sure everyone was corralled on the back porch when she returned. this reunion is even more special because she's about to return to italy for two years. >> mom couldn't believe it. >> no, no.
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this is 9news. usual on a thursday night at this time as people head out to their holiday dinners. in most cases, the streets are clear. it's a little different story around the shopping malls at this hour. the black friday rush seeped into thanksgiving again this year. drivers backed up on i-25 at founders in castle rock. their destination, most likely the outlet mall.
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noel brennan is across town at colorado mills with a look at how things are going on over there. noel, how's it going? >> reporter: well, christine, doors open at colorado mills at 6:00 tonight. we were lucky enough to get a parking spot. this lot behind me has filled up very fast. it's stayed full all evening. earlier we were at denver at the best buy as a couple hundred or so people lined up outside the store as it opened up. many skipping out on a traditiona >> reporter: to wait outside in a line. since when? >> since 8:00 this morning, i think. >> reporter: jeff was elected to be here by the rest of the


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