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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-6:39am MST

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>> this is 9 news. read, set, go. the turkeys in tupperware containers. the credit cards, pull them
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today we are lking to pregnant moms to help them get back on track. ways to feel a lot morning, eve brandon with w2lleen rrra.
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nch, actress fl away il?qsohern carn hoital. ones. nded her loved fjs she was she ?got her start bro but beca a on en
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deer pole say this
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students and vets at virginia tech university will now care for both of the turkeys at their newly built gobblers rest. that's what they're calling it. and those are of course -- we also can't talk about the holiday without those serving the country overseas. we can all be thankful for them. u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan celebrated with their nato partners. troops at an air field in iraq obviously not e same thing as being at home. but it's a nice reminder of what it is like. all right. how are you spending black friday? millions of people are out there right now just trying to grab the best deals possible. erin is live where they opened up at 5:00 a.m. i heard you were dancing because there was a d.j. there.
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dancing. more shivering. it could have been confused for dancing. it was windy and cold earlier. despite that, we saw people out here who we were talking to at the front of the line who had been here since 8:30 yesterday morning. a lot of people had been lining up all the way down the block. there were about 750 people here. the first 600 people in line got freebies. they gave out $800,000 of priz nat?fionwide. you see it outside early in the morn. plenty of people here attica bella's. it goes to show that black friday is not dead. we talked to an advertising professor from du, gregory wagner, who say people still love black friday even when you2 can get things online. listen to what he said. >> the discounts are one thing. but the customer service is still important. so when you do walk in the store, there's someone there to say, hey, help -- i'll help you find that flat screen tv you're
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>> reporter: wagner also says that this whole black friday thing, people still come in because you get these awesome deals and it's a lot of fun. like you said, they had a d.j. out here earlier this morning. the whole black friday sales season has expanded over what they call seener week all of next week. if week -- cyber week all next week. >> we see the pictures of people pushing each other. but it looks like everybody is calm and focused on shopping. that's what it like. >> reporter: th?a4nat's about i >> sounds good, andrew. thank you. best buy is another pop already place to be. they opened up and started black friday sales yest erday.m thursday morning. the lines wrapped around the
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your comfortable home right now. small business saturday, yeah, you can get lost in the mix. this is your friendly reminder to save money for small businesses. they would like you to. all across colorado it is easy to fall in love with local places like this, the lark off of 4th and downing. a true small business. only a total of 10 employees
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until it takes hold. it is dry here. pacific northwest and the california coast continue to be pounded by rain and snow. it has been a very, very wet fall season for them. they are going to share some of that with colorado as the storm system moves into the west early sunday morning. we're anticipating several inches of new snow. i will update that in about 15 minutes. >> so nice to share with us.
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could you $400 million? that's what the powerball is at right now. the jackpot keeps growing. the next drawing for the ninth highest lottery in powerball history is tomorrow, on saturday. if you're feeling lucky, go buy one ticket, three tickets. and then you can help out a bunch of people in need. >> no one has won for months many i'm going to -- i don't know about you guys, but we had the christmas music going this morning. >> it set the scene. >> now the white house is kicking their holiday. but first a young girl in
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syria got the attention of harry potter author j.k. rowling. this shows her walking around the bombed out ruins of her hometown. her mother runs a twitter account to bring attention to the destruction in syria. she tweeted the saw tore saying that her daughter loved harry potter and wanted to a book mom says she is going to start reading them right away. >> oh, we take books for granted. the little girl just wanted a book. so awesome. white house officials will sing o'christmas tree today. michelle obama will get the christmas tree today. this is the last time they will do it in their presidency. it is a tree from wisconsin this year, 19 feet tall.
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across the state. still tracking that storm in the northwest. it's going to curb down through california, move into the four corners early sunday morning. very excited to get rain in the western valleys sunday. a little sprinkle here and very good moisture in the form of snow for the northern, central and especially southwestern mountains. dry here today. a little bit hazy because we don't have as much wind to deal with today as yesterday. 40s to foothills. 50s to near 60 in metro denver and boulder county. slightly cooler near fort collins and greeley. clear conditions across the state. sunshine will dominate colorado through the day. occasional wind gusts up around 20 miles per hour. same thing true over the mountains and foothills but in localized areas only. it won't be the widespread wind
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50s to near 60 here. downtown, sunny and 60. haze builds up late in the day. clear conditions tonight. light wind for you throughout the evening tonight. and again tomorrow. sunday, the wind picks up after a brief sprinkle of rain right around lunchtime. the wind continues on monday, bringing in light snow by tuesday of early next week. >> nausea was definitely the worst with both pregnancy. >> pregnancy is a thing but it can be a bit of a pain at times. the last thing that moms want
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>> 6:19 on your friday morning. when it comes to pregnancy, the aches and pains just keep getting worse as that belly keeps growing. which know. and morning sickness we know doesn't just happen in mornings. that's when home remedies can provide natural, safe relief for us. we have a way to feel better in a more natural way. >> nausea was definitely the worst. with both pregnancy. >> reporter: she has been battling more than just morning sickness her entire pregnancy. >> wake up and feeling awful all day long. >> reporter: while pregnant with her first child, she
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relief. >> i took dofren which they are finding there are birth defects linked with that. so i was really hesitant my second go-around to go on anything. >> reporter: jennifer november says if you are concerned about side effects you can find a cure for symptoms outside of the drugstore in nature. >> ginger is known -- s been well researched to help with nausea and vomiting. you can make it ginger products ailablavthat are eveneasier to use than even a cup of tea. >> reporter: for aches and pains freqnt in the thd trimester, put salt in your bath. >> espom salts contai magnesium which is calming for ? >> reporter: for irritability and insomnia, get a massage. >> prenatal massage is get for tense muscles and calming the
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occurring. >> and they have helped greatly with feeling irritable and with sleep. they have helped with a lot of stuff. >> reporter: she eventually had to take prescription medication. she was losing too much weight. but feels better knowing she tried her home remedies first. >> and i think that you should try and do everything poyou do know, take prescriptions or do anything le that. >> so a lot of things that you moms are worried about, stretch marks. dr. november says nothing is better to prevent them than vitamin e and cocoa butter. you might remember this story. the grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner, she didn't back away 8qfrom her promise. vx?? the text mix-up that became a thanksgivingmeet-up coming up. t first, marty. >> thank you.
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the mountain areas, especially the san juans. the ski company giving us a the san juans. we think?7 we will semore move
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sun glare to be had.
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away once there is snow on the
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an accidtal text and ended i love it. they made happ. >> it is so cool how social /lx medican introduce people. that was a text message of all
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first 600 peop in ive aways ne. m?? so that's kindan incentive e line and then once you get in, obviously we have ntastic sale items in the eports this ki of narrative of ople estioning ether is going suive. but frr om you?k?sstandpoint, w do you ;think?with ca for ten years. bigger and bigger. who isi out front. so it's justsurprisingt kind of ??hollywood would pat it. but people get pretty jazzed up i think the wa?it, ?n very coro
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though. ?brdon. >>t lookly?o it looks calm. >> you hathe al?c?tw bunch that go and now it is >> thank you, andrew. buying. what the people are e was somewi??a smoker overnigh they were smoking meat while pushing this idea clof its ?&stores today. the weite says more than two and a half million people will join in on the movement. >> to make it more attractive for all of you, some national atoffering at is better than fr black friday? >> that is hard to beat.
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colorado are free today. >> great outdoors colorado. the recreation industry are teaming up with what we're calling it fresh air friday. we have a link to all of the parks and everything on sunny day, warming up for ople going outside. >> if u it cool and breezy, this morning is when you want to be =w? if you like ?#?oit warmer, wa t it will acco?(?edwmmodate you. a bit of ze going right now at the lo atmosphere. see that brown haze there? i think we will ild that up during the course of the day. that's because we have a bit of an inversion going this rning. we're in the teens and low 20s in northern colorado. singles in most mountain areas.
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divide. it won't be as windy as yesterday but we have wood burning restrictions today. moving into the ?:mid-50s to most 60 degrees. i think we wl touch 60 ever so briefly. for the weekend, the buffaloes play tomorrow night. kickoff will be 54 degrees. broncos sunday night. a brief rain shower during the mid many ofsunday. shouldn't affect either of the contests. >> marty, thanks it is 6:35 right now. the world is saying good-bye to the woman who was a mother figure to many. actress florence henderson who played the mobunch passed away. he had died overnight of ?%?phe failure at a southe california spital, ??k by her loved ones. she was 82 years old.
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brady. donald trump will continue to pick people 4yyfor his cabinets. people are wondering who he will name ?onext. e top contenders former new ?q york mayor rudy giuliani and mitt is skepti?cal about placing romney in the position. he says president-elect trp needs to consider if romney would policies that trump campaigned on. >> i can think of 20 other people who would naturally coatible wh the
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from mr. trump during a phone call next week. >> i strongly belie it cause strong nato is not only e( good for europe, it is obviously good us. that is a corner stone of security but also good for the united states. his campaign. d concerns ab the election is over. donald trump won. but some are still pushing for
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than that in northern colorado. we will top out near 60 this afternoon. and then this evening, with mild weher anticipated, great night to join us at city and county building as ligh the lights. 6:00 to 7:00 tonight. temperatures starting around 47 degrees at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, buffaloes kick it 50s fothe evening temperatures. and for the rapids, sunday afternoon we do anticipate breezy conditions.
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?f?arcampus this fall. >> everybody is more hyped and into it. >> this pulse like -- >> the rise. everyone knows what the rise is. >> reporter: they call it the rise. >> i think (?(nthe rise has bee this huge thing that everybody is talking about. >> reporterdirector john a former cu football intern. >> social ?!media highligh the team. >> reporter: that's built the cu video department. and trying to replicate them. >> reporter: just because he>> now i'm like i could produce a whole show. >> reporter: they are bouncing to a 9-2 record. the result, the rise. ?n it's a smoothly produced docu- series. >> you control your own
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attention of the pac-12 network. the producers didn't coin the rise. >> i guess it ?j?vwas over four six hours making things look good. >> reporter: they borrowed that from the recruiting team. >> the students spelled out the rise with a ?card stunt down here we filmed it from up top. and the marching band did a too. >> reporter: as the team charges forward into a new era, he hopes to be along for the ride. but first they have at least one more game this season to pre the rise back to the top is real. >> so we're -- we have a lot of work to do here. i don't know what we will do next season. we will figure that out later. >> reportandrsore, 9 news. >> the rise ur episodes in. they've got them online. we have links at keep an eye out for episode 5
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pac-12 network. 9 neighborhoods is taking it is known as denver's oldest neighborhood. it is bordered avenue, downing streets and california
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matt shows us some of the best deals still ahead. :2?c xg?? but first a reminder about our colorado gives day. 'tis the season of giving. donating on colorado giveday, y which is december 6th. it's a statewide annual movement all to celebrate giving. right now on yoabout
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preheim and her family faced and why they feel so thankful >> so you had surgery here at the hospital. >> reporter: full circle. >> this is a game called backwards forward snooze and thankful for it. >> you are going to do your best copy of the backwards version. >> reporte?r: getting there is never easy. >> well done. that was really good.
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to be here as a family. >> reporter: it is journey cheryl preheim and her husband mark have made the ?> joshua came in and said there's a ??s i said no 6-year-old said that. >> reporter: his motto became the family motto. during the surgery and weeks after when baby joseph was born. he was born at children's hospital to take care of a kidney proem. >> little did we know it wouldn't be just for joshua. it would be for joseph too.
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>> i didn't think it would get this big. >> families come down here and get t-shirt. >> reporter: now, joshua is sharing his t-shirt th all of the patients at children's hospital. >> what's your name? >> how old are you? >> 8. >> you're 8. >> i'm 8 too. >> you are? >> reporter: boys and d moms and dads. >> brave does conquer fear. >> oh, yeah. that's all she has brave. we're learning bravery through here. >> reporter: maddie is 15 months old and getting treatmenfor leukemia. >> she is a brave little girl. sh fighting cancer but she is doing great. >> reporter: kylie has been here before, fighting a lung infection. brendon is just beginning his stay. sam is going home. >> i think a lot of people need this because they need to be brave. >> reporter: bravery is never
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>> your birthday is in february too. >> i'm 15. >> you guys are four days apart on your birthday. >> reporter: it comes in bursts during the highs and the lows. >> i never thought i would be in this position. but i think sometimes we go through hard things in life to prepare us for the really hard things. we're ready to fight it head on and i think we're in the right place. >> reporter: full circle. >> we meet all these kids and it just reminds us how lucky and fortunate and grateful we are. >> yeah. >> reporter: it takes a while to get there. but it's always worth the trip. >> you're welcome. >> awesome story there.
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black friday deals. head to to see all of the major deals today. matt granite found all of the deals for us. >> i was dedicated to my mission which is to protect the 9 news viewers szug?from lining from all of the tricks that stores play. i'm not in it alone. we haven't slept for a week. these wonderful faces are responding to 9 social media. amy, you noticed one recurring theme from all of the viewers. >> amazon. >> i'm tired of talking about amazon. but i underestimated the demand we would have. $33 tablet is a phenomena. very well made this black
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completely absurd. >> food cases. >> we have had so much requests for luggage deals. >> this is the biggest one. >> a $520 set that i found for $159. i couldn't figure out why are nypeople asking for travel deals after thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year. you realized that your suitcases are inferior and you want the deal. i understand that. >> a lot of people are asking about the >> down to $59. those are on your best iphone deals are in
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online, we have u covered. as i se it back to my early sunday morning, it will start spreading rain and snow throughout western colorado. ase go through the day sunday, the snow is going to be fairly impressive by the end of the day at and above 9,000 feet. a foot or more in the san juans. slightly lower amounts but still healthy. a lot of folks getting 3 to 7 inches. we will continue to up daity this forecast through the
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>> clear across the state today. we will have no rain, no snow anywhere around here. northwest u.s. that will track through southern california, arizona and into southwestern colorado late saturday night and into sunday morning. it will be a really good snow- maker, especially to the san juans. mid-50s to near 60 degrees here. lower and middle 50s near fort collins and greeley. we will see haze over the area. we have wood burning restrictions in effect below
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wind, every now and again on the plains. we will get a few gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour. similar situation the foothills. it will not be as strong ask it won't be as widespread as yesterday. 40s in the west. 30s and 40s in the mountains. mostly 50s in eastern colorado. right here at the base of the foothills in and around metro conditions tonight. into the 20s we go. warmer day tomorrow. a brief shower tomorrow. it gets fairly -- excuse me, sunday. fairly windy sunday afternoon and evening much the wind brings in cooler air that will produce slight snow on tuesday. that's not the only snow we will see next week. i will talk about that in a bit in the 9-dkgay outlook. >> oh, yeah.
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there to get the best deals today. many stores started black friday on thursday. i don't understandhow that works. failure at a southern california hospital surrounded by her loved ones. she was 82 years old. she got her start on broadway but became a television ic playing carol brady. president-elect donald trump spent thanksgiving with his family in florida. he was still busy. he tweeted i am working hard
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in the u.s. he added making progress. will know soon. the company says they are talking with trump but right now they don't have any announcements. the broncos now ranked third in the afc westar back on the field thisweekend. they will face the chiefs on here at mile high. the broncos are coming off a bye week. weeks before that, they faced off against denver is now 7-3. you can watch sunday's game 6:30 right here on 9 news. and we have some real treats for you today. winter magic. join us tonight for a tradition that dates back to 1931. we will all be downtown denver lighting the lights tonight at the city and county building. watch it here on 9 news at 6:30. the event starts over there at 6:00.
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marty, it will be a chillu but beautiful night to light the nights. >> 46, 47 degrees by 6:00. by 7:00in the lo40s. pretty decent. tomorrlsr ??warmdry day r us here. looking ahead through the rest of the ing up on sunday with a few showers just very ?7?9?y? in the middle of the afternoon. late next week, there may be some light snow again on thursday. we do tuesday. ?cdo limited accumulation. the same true thursday of next week with temperatures holding ] in the 30s and 40s. a big, big difference for us around here next week. >> winter is right around the corner, marty. thank you. we have a true for you.
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ever be. good to have drawing talent in the building. that will do it for 9 news at 6:00. >> congratulations. you have made it through the week. >> she is all choked up. >> it's going to be okay, marty. >> 9 news crew. weekend is here what you want to do. >> where are your glasses. >> where are my glasses.
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>> surprise. who is to show family and a ound-breakintress, we'll take a look ckt her remarkable careerenzy. stores are alreadyob morning with one of e rbiggest shopping days of the year well we've t everything you need to?. a california mother who vanished while jogging almost a month ago has been reunited with her family after she was found?h?k up on the side of a rural road.


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