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president elect donald trump fulfilling a campaign trail promise today-- bringing back jobs for blue collar workers. meanwhile-- potential cabinet picks continue to when we could learn more about who's on the team coming up. good morning everyone. happy thursday. corey, gary and marty with you this morning. marty- another
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a family is devastated this
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answers after a mother and her two young sons were found dead. jennifer laber and her 3 and 5 year old sons were found in her mini van parked in a lone tree parking lot wednesday morning. the boys and their mother had been missing since tuesday afternoon. 9news' andrew sorensen has the latest on very sad story. andrew, people who knew this family say they were blindsided... a spokesperson for the family says there was no indication anything was wrong with jennifer laber... that makes trying to figure out what happened here all the more confusing for them. jennifer laber was last seen picking up her three year old and five year old from bear canyon elementary on tuesday... a little earlier than usual. when laber's husband hadn't heard from them by around 8 pm... he called police. jennifer laber and her two boys were found wednesday morning in the family minivan... parked behind a former sports authority off county line road. all three of them dead. the douglas
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they were shocked. the sheriff's office hasn't said much about how this all developed. they say they're early on in their investigation... but laber's husband, they say is not a suspect. they don't believe any one else in the community is in danger. thanks andrew special patrols by agencies across the metro area will be out on the highways today enforcing colorado's "move over" law. the special operation comes in light of the death of colorado state trooper cody donahue. he was killed last week when a trunk hit him on i-25 near castle rock. the move over law requires drivers to move over at least one lane - if there is emergency vehicles with their lights on. if you can't get over-- you're supposed to slow down dramatically. today's patrols will go from denver - the south metro area - including
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flags will fly at half staff across the state. a man who tried to con two teens into thinking he was a police officer will be sentenced. 39-year-old gabriel silva tried to pull the teens over back in march as they left a 7-11. he was driving a black s-u-v equipped with blue and red flashing lights and a siren. silva followed the teens to an apartment comples where police were able to arrest him. he has a history of charges including stalking. he'll be sentenced later this morning. a p-e teacher is in jail today after being arrested for sexual assault. michael bueno was arrested wednesday. jefferson county deputies say they found the 47 year old with a 17-year- old runaway at her family's cabin in pine. they say they also found several open containers of alcohol. bueno teaches at west jefferson middle school and coaches at conifer high. he's in jail on a 25-
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president elect donald trump is headed to the midwest on a thank you tour that includes a stop in indiana to fulfill a campaign promise. one thousand jobs at a carrier plant in indiana will not be moving to mexico after all. the company credits president- elect trump's pro business policies. but it's actually millions of dollars in state tax incentives that saved the jobs. of course vice governor of indiana. no word on why the incentives were not offered earlier - when the move to mexico was announced. meanwhile, pense is in washington working on the transition. in new york the parade of potential nominees continues. critics call it a cabinet full of insiders. but so far, there is no word on which of four candidates will be
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announcements are expected before next week. start for ski season this year-- bookings at the resorts across the state are on pace for a strong year. according to the denver post, aspen skiing company got a lot of calls after it launched a black friday lodging deal . the agency regularly books the largest collection of rooms in colorado's high country. last year, the state had a record 13 million visits to ski resorts. it's december 1st which means keystone is kicking off its colorado any child under 12 will be able to ski for free today-- as long as they're with an adult season pass or lift ticket holder. the rest of the month will consist of family friendly activities.
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colorado native or new to the state, it's time to start getting ready for
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know about to avoid a big fine. that's coming up. z26zuz zvpz
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lot more about what happened in the final moments before a tragic plane crash in south america. 71 people were killed in the wreck tuesday-- including the majority of a brazilian soccer team. 6 people survived the wreck. now new recordings of a frantic pilot asking to land --suggest
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over the span of just a few minutes, the pilot asked to land twice. in a final message he told air traffic control the plane was in total electrical failure and out of fuel. one of the flight attendents told doctors the plane's lights went out and the plane went down shortly after that. three soccer players survived, goalie. he is still in a coma. the ashes of former cuban leader fidel castro are on their way from havana to castro's final resting place in the eastern city of santiago. the more-than 500-mile procession started in havana wednesday. the route traces in reverse the route castro and his rebels took after overthrowing the government in 1959. castro's ashes will be interred on sunday.
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u-s today. the trip started last night with a flight from denver to miami. after an eight hour layover there -passengers will get to cuba around five this evening. commercial flights between the united states and cuba are resuming after 50 years, as part of president obama's thawed relations with the island nation. american airlines made the first trip earlier this week. frontier plans to run daily flights to cuba. at least 7 people are dead in tennessee after wildfires tore through two popular resort towns. authorities say they expect that number to go up. more than 4- hundred structures have been destroyed or damaged and fire officials say they are working rapidly to get into burned out areas obstructed by downed trees and power lines. parts of south carolina and georgia are cleaning up today after being hammered by severe storms wednesday. the system that spawned deadly tornados in alabama and
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east. in the atlanta area winds swept debris across the city. along the florida panhandle, large waterspouts turned into a tornado after coming ashore. in south carolina, they're dealing wiht heavy damage from a possible tornado late in the day. it toppled trees on homes and left behind rubble in its wake. snow is possible tomorrow in the metro area and before it falls there are some under the radar laws you'll need to get down. have good snow tires. the law requires you must have one of three things to drive on colorado roads when it's in effect- 1. mud and/or snow tires 2. 4x4 or all wheel drive with tires at least an 1/8 of an inch thick 3. or good old fashioned chains
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ditch safety effort before cdot closes the highway. it mandates everyone use chains on the road. it's rare but cdot did implement it during our blizzards this past march so it doesn't hurt to carry a pair of chains in your trunk. if you choose not to follow these laws-- it could cost you
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signs for dementia patients. what the key to improving mood could be coming up. and.... our human family and friends won't be the only ones getting gifts this year. how much money the experts say you're likely to shell out for you
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in a message ahead of today's annual world aids day, the pope called for 'responsible behavior' to slow down the spread of aids. the pontiff also called for everyone with the disease to have access to treatment. pope francis's comments are likely to be interpreted as a fresh signal of the church's easing of its opposition to the use of condoms in response to aids. however, pope francis didn't specify in his speech what he 'responsible behavior'. some positive news this morning out of c-s-u. researchers at the school say the more live classical music performances dementia patients are exposed to-- the better. the study found with more exposure-- the dementia - in most patients- began to reverse. they saw positive changes in mood, cognitive function, and relationships. scientists say: although the findings are very
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a colorado hotel steeped in history will close soon for some major improvements. the 123 year old hotel colorado in glenwood springs - changes ownership at the end of january. it will close then - and there's no word when it will re-open. managers there - will only say: it will be for an extended period of time. more and more americans will be shopping for more than just their human companions this year. store ... online retailers are seeing a boom with specialty items. experts say if you want to get a good deal, this week will be the best time. americans will spend about 62 dollars on their furry friends. surprise-- millennials will be the group spending the most on their pets this holiday. they say meeting
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what if they're mean-- what if they're too nice or worse what if you embarrass yourself? i moved past all of those what ifs this week though-- and met with one of mine. more on the experience and the questions i still have,
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lists today. that includes me. i was among the fans lined up early wednesday morning for a book signing meet and greet in denver. it was a 3 hour wait, for 10 seconds with bruce. well worth it after decades of listening. it kind of felt like a springsteen concert, without the music. felt kind of good. all sorts of fans lined up. many who, like me had seen him for years. some who have never seen a springsteen concert, but wish they could. bruce's youngest fans were there. and some very longtime fans fans too. and so we all waited in line, told our stories about bruce concerts, talked about new jersey, meioned politics a bit, just like at a show. and then the line started moving. one by one, we all got our very short visit with the boss. i omaha. they snapped the pik, i said thanks for al lthe great music, he said "sure". and that was it - we all got our books and walked out. never got to ask him who his musical idols are, how he does 4 hour shows, what it's like to be the boss, who was wendy anyway? but that's ok, after wanting to meet him for 40 years, i did. and i got this cool picture.
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could it be the breakfast mash-up of your dreams? a coffee flavored version of a childhood favorite-- the pop tart. the two new flavors you'll be able to try soon still to come. but first let's get a check of your weather and traffic with amelia and marty. two breakfast food giants are
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little sweeter. pop tarts and dunkin donuts have created a mash-up unlike any other. two limited edition, coffee-inspired pop-tart flavors, frosted vanilla latte and frosted chocolate mocha. both will be available nationwide starting this month. in the wake of yet another colorado state trooper's death-- 9news spoke with the agency to figure what drivers can do to help curb the danger for officers and first responders. what they want to see more of from you on the roads coming up. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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saving troopers lives by simply moving over... some are saying christmas has come early for those who work at the carrier plant in indiana. and donald trump is their santa claus. we announcement to save jobs... good morning everyone. corey and gary with you this morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty-- a cloudy morning but we could start seeing some sun later... another cyclist has died after a


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