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live from las vegas, fox5 news at 10 starts now light drizzle and heavy winds starting to hit parts of the valley. how the weather is looking for the work week. one of the longest running shows on the las vegas strip... is being shuttered for good. what will go in jubilee's place. plus just how big conor mcgregor's knock out punch was for u-f-c.. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. heavy winds passing through the valley -- and bringing a cold front with it. i'm elizabeth watts. thanks for joining us. let's go straight to les who is live at n-v energy on sahara and jones with a first look at weather. a wind advisory will be in effect from 6pm sunday until 4am monday. southwest winds will be blowing between 30 and 38 mph with gusts up to 55 mph
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the winds will also generate some valley drizzle and mountain snow. the spring mountains could pick up a few inches of snow as this system passes us. as the cold front moves east look for daytime temperatures to dip to the upper 40's for the start of the week. a ridge starts to build in wednesday and by the time next weekend arrives highs will be near 60. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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one person is
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hurt in a shooting on the southwest part of town. police say the man was shot around on hanover grove avenue -- near grand canyon and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition... and is now stable. metro police are looking for a red sports car in connection to the anyone with call police or anonymous tip crimestoppers at 7-0-2-3-8-5-55-55. county expected to face a drunken driving charge. 65-year-old tom collins was arrested friday night under his full name clarence collins. he was freed from the clark county jail pending an initial court appearance. charges were not immediately filed the "cowboy" commissioner resigned from his seat in august citing family matters. he has been a clark county commissioner since 2005. a motorcyclist is in critical condition after a crash with an s-u- v. north las vegas police say the 23- year-old motorcyclist and car collided around two p-m at
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the intersection of cheyenne and simmons. the rider was taken to u-m-c in critical condition. police urge everyone to drive carefully especially with christmas being less than two weeks away. "we want everyone to remember especially ending weekend to drive safely. coming up on holidays. christmas is almost here. and family will have to suffer through loss of loved one. so motorists please remember to drive safe slow down and be aware of your surroundings." police say the speed limit is 50 miles per hour in certain parts of cheyenne... and will be looking at the speed of both drivers. cheyenne was closed in both directions for a few hours while police were on scene. a driver is in critical condition after crashing into a wall. it happened around nine tonight near caesars palace -- at the intersection of frank sinatra and jay sarno way. the driver was taken to u-m-c. no one else was inside the car. the intersection is closed while
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presidential candidate emerges as a frontrunner in the polls. kim hutcherson shows us the shake-up in the polls leading up to the debate in las vegas. a fox news poll released sunday shows texas senator, ted cruz leading the gop presidential field in iowa -- the first state to vote in the presidential nominating process --- with 28 percent and trump in second place with 26 percent. on saturday, the des moines register and bloomberg politics released their own poll showing cruz ahead of trump 31 to 21 percent. the sudden surge comes just a week after the new york times released audio of cruz speaking at a private fundraiser, where he questioned trump and ben carson's judgment to lead america. in a taped one-on- one interview with cnn's jake tapper today, trump responded to those comment. (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "i was against going into iraq. that's good judgment. i was for bombing the oil long before anybody else thought about it. that's good judgment. i have
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good judgment, i have great judgment. i would say i have far better judgment than ted." the once cordial relationship candidates now appears to be phase. (donald trump/ (r) candidate) "i like nice to me. i can say say, 'i agree, i agree.' but i think the time will come to an end sounds like." and the republican presidential hopefuls will take the debate stage in las vegas this week. it starts at six p-m at the venetian on tuesday. will be in town tomorrow to campaign. donald trump... rubio... rand paul... and john kasich have planned rallies tomorrow. you can find more information about the different events happening tomorrow by clicking on the links section at fox five vegas dot com. fox five will have coverage from the venetian on tuesday... and we updates throughout the five p-m. one of the longest-running shows on the strip will close its curtains for good next year. jubilee at bally's performs its final show on thursday
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february eleventh. millions of people from around the enjoyed the classic for more than 34 years. the hotel and casino's president says the opening of a new showgirl production is being discussed. they will reveal new developments in the entertainment lineup in the jubilee performs thursday. tickets are still on sale until its closing date. conor mcgregor's knockout of featherweight title holder jose aldo in just packs a punch in u-f-c history. u-f-c 194 brought in around 16- people... and a live gate of more than ten-million the numbers were news conference after the fight. u-f-c officials say the total is the largest u-f-c event ever in las it's also the u-f-c history. athletic commission will verify the figures next week. fox five's rachel
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moore will have a recap of the fight coming up at sports plus. and speaking of u-f-c... tryouts for the upcoming season of "ultimate fighter" start tomorrow. it's currently open to three weight classes. the women's straw weight... bantamweight... and men's light heavyweight. it's happening at red rock casino at eight in the morning. you must be between 21 and 34 years old... and have professional m-m-a fight experience -- holding a winning record with a minimum of three professional fights. coming up -- it's one of the last full weekends to shop for christmas gifts. how much holiday sales are expected to grow in nevada this year... and what shoppers will spend across the country. plus -- what you can pick up for kids in need while you're shopping for christmas gifts... and which professional baseball player is holding a toy drive. plus -- we just can't get enough of star wars. what's in the newest star wars trailer for the "the force awakens"... your fox5 weather
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you're watching you're watching fox5 news at 10.
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weeks of shopping before christmas. malls were packed with shoppers trying to find gifts for their family and friends. the "retail association of nevada" expects holiday sales to rise by nearly four-percent. that's higher than what's estimated around the country. reta officials say that's because our state economy is growing. shoppers say they chose downtown summerlin to find christmas gifts at their favorite
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"victoria secret clothes, forever 21, lush bath bom its nice up here." "its really nice place to hang out. everyone is nice and its good area. great shopping center. variety is great." retail officials say online sales are growing. this holiday season -- we're expected to hit more than 70 billion dollars nationwide. shoppers are also starting to use their smart phones or tablets to compares prices and make purchases after seeing an item in store. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton a wind advisory will be in effect from 6pm sunday until 4am monday. southwest winds will be blowing between 30 and 38 mph with gusts up to 55 mph overnight. the cold front triggering
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valley drizzle and mountain snow. the spring mountains could pick up a few inches of snow as this system passes us. as the cold front moves east look for daytime temperatures to dip to the upper 40's for the start of the week. a ridge starts to build in wednesday and by the time next weekend arrives highs will be near 60.
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professional baseball player shane victorino held a toy drive to help out local kids in need. it's part of the eighth annual toy drive at game works in town square. the angel's baseball player's foundation has collected thousands of toys for local kids in need. the free agent... is from las vegas and every year helps out the community through his toy drive. victorino has also donated to 98-point-five's toy drive in the past. one year his foundation donated enough to break the two- hundred-thousand mark for the first time in toy drive history. "the gifts that we recieve, they are going to kids who
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this might be their only gift. like i said, wrenching, but it's an opportunity for community that my kids are going to to be able to do this is great. especially through the foundation" victorino also says christmas traditions are close to his heart -- and he plans on sharing them with his kids. the fiesta rancho brought the north pole to las vegas this weekend. "figure skater in the red dress" this is the eleventh annual winter ice show - this year it was called "destination north pole." it was all about what happens in the north pole at santa's village right before christmas. the show featured local figure skaters of all ages and skill levels. "we have awesome skaters of all levels. even competitive skaters. all ages too. from three to 80s." "it's all brand new each year, we don't do stories that have already been told. so we just put together a show. all original." a canned goods drive was also
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held for the salvation army. discounts on ticket prices were offered to those who brought canned goods to donate. and those looking for more holiday events this season can take a ride through one of the state's largest holiday drive-thru light shows. it's the glittering lights at the las vegas motor speedway. it's decked out with more than three million lights through a two and half mile course. glittering lights is open nightly through january third. mistletoe hung where you can see... every couple tries to stop. how many couples broke a guiness world record for kissing under the mistletoe. star wars fans rejoice. what to expect in the newest international trailer of "the force awakens"... and how the movie's cast and director did in a
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you're watching fox5 news at ten with elizabeth watts. fox5 weather 24/7 with meteorologist les krifaton. this is fox news at ten. local las vegas. tis the season for holiday parties... and one chef has developed the perfect dinner party menu for eight people -- without breaking the bank. brigitte nguyen created the perfect menu for parties while spending under one-hundred dollars. all you need to do make a few clever swaps. to start she prepares a salad for her guests.. and for her entree she prepares turkey breast -- because it's not hard to cook and economical. not only is the meal cost effective -- but it's easy too. "these are things you could assemble well in advance and then just go ahead and have in the oven warming when your guests arrive so it looks so much more impressive than the effort it takes to
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looks more expensive than it is and it looks more labor intensive than it is. it truly is an effortless menu." to finish -- nguyen buys store bought desert rather than bake. she says to put out a platter of cookies.. that way your guests can have as little or as much as they want. and there's a way you can help families in need during the holiday season. thousands of people in our valley don't have enough to eat. you can help out with our take five to care holiday food drive. starting now through the end of the month you can drop off non-perishable food at albertons and vons... or donate at the register. all of the proceeds benefit three square. hundreds puckered up at six flags in georgia to set a guinness world record. people locked lips to set the world record for most couples kissing under a mistletoe at once. over two- hundred couples participated -- more than four hundred people total. they joined hands and kissed for at least ten seconds under mistletoe.
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it was part of the park" celebration. pictures of the event show an official guinness world records plaque marking the occasion. better with this weather than a today is national cocoa day! according to the national day calendar -- it is believed the mayas created the first beverage. cocoa is made from the dried -- of the cocoa tree. which is used to make cocoa powder. celebrate national cocoa day with a cup of hot cocoa and stay warm! the investigation continues into the deadly terrorist attacks in san bernardino. learned from their search in a the shooters' neighbor. plus -- a syringe used on the approved by the f-d-a. what the company to save lives. plus -- happy birthday taylor swift! how the singer is treating fans on
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your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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10. local. las vegas. the chair of the u-s senate intelligence committee weighs in on the ongoing investigation into the terrorist attacks in san bernardino. fox's robert gray shows us what investigators have learned so far. in san bernardino, this makeshift memorial outside the inland regional center....growing sunday (12/13)... people paying respects to the fourteen people killed in the shooting rampage here on december second. meantime, the f-b-i saying sunday divers concluded their 3-day search of this san bernardino lake...not far from the shooting scene... where the shooters may have spent some time on the day of the attack. burr says: "we're looking for anything that would give us a clue of the digital footprint of these two individuals who they talk to, where they went." overnight learn
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official word on may have recovered here... including a possible computer hard drive linked to the shooters: syed tashfeen malik. burr says: "these individuals were radicalized way before, probably as early as 2010 for for -- for her." bernardino area sunday (12/13) a local mosque hosted this community blood drive... to honor the shooting victims...and to help any of the twenty- one surviving victims who may need it. noor says: "we believe in giving blood, not in shedding blood." meanwhile, charges are still expected against 24-year-old enrique marquez... accused of buying the two a-r 15 rifiles used in the attack... although right now he's a cooperating witness with the f- b-i. marquez worked part-time at this tavern in riverside, california... ayala says: "he was very friendly and nice guy... we talked just other common interests but nothing crazy." (on cam tag) media reports indicate tashfeen malik went through background checks
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before receiving her visa to the u- s...none of them raised a red flag. in san bernardino, california, robert gray, fox news. the f-b-i says divers did recover some items from the lake... but the search turned up empty in connection to the investigation. tomorrow marks three years since the deadly mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. twenty children and six adults were killed in newtown connecticut in 2012. the 20 year old gunman shot his own mother before the attack at the school... then turned the gun on himself as police closed in. this is the second deadliest mass shooting in u-s history. an injectable manufacturers claim stops bleeding in seconds has been approved by the f-d-a. it cleared the the "x-stat-thirty" wound dressing for use by the general population. it was only used on the battlefield. the sponge expands and can be used to control life- threatening wounds in areas
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where a tourniquet cannot be used... like the groin or armpit. the vice president says the product is necessary. "after multiple rotations in iraq was always the same complaint from the better products that control could rapidly apply this product to many people and save a lot of time." be used up to four time for an injured person to receive the company says between thirty to forty percent of deaths caused by trauma injuries are from often before a patient can reach the hospital. 24/7 with les krifaton will be in effect from 6pm sunday southwest winds will be blowing between 30 and 38 mph with gusts up to 55 mph overnight. the cold front triggering the winds will also generate some valley drizzle and mountain snow. the spring mountains could pick up a few inches of snow as
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this system passes us. as the cold front moves east look for daytime temperatures to dip to the upper 40's for the start of the week. a ridge starts to build in wednesday and by the time next weekend arrives highs will be near 60. closed captioning
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taylor swift celebrates her the pop singer surprise on her special day. she turned 26 swift announced release of her "19-89 world tour live" concert film. show in sydney, last month... mixed with rehearsal and backstage footage from including her celebrity guests. the movie will be released on apple music next sunday. mariah carey's holiday song is no longer the queen of christmas. the beloved "all i want for christmas is you" was knocked to for the most- played christmas song this year. replaced with the
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paul mccartney's "wonderful christmastime" from 2012. been the most- played tune since its release in 19-94. played tune since its release in 19-94. and star wars fans from around the world just can't get enough of new trailers of "the force awakens". "movie" the clip was released in china this week. "the force awakens" premieres on friday. it will be all things star wars this week... but how well does "the force awakens" cast and director know the series? how they did in a game of "star
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have been around since the seventies... but does "the force awakens" cast know which headlines happened in stars wars films or florida? "pantsless female ends up in florida. florida. got so grim. i dont want ot know. has happened in florida. florida. in dumpster star wars. star wars or florida. star wars. also acceptable. florida. princess
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