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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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moore explains how the sports bettors came out on top. she's live from the westgate las vegas superbook. the last bowl game still going on right now -- west virginia at arizona state for the catus bowl. and the way these games have been going -- sports bettors are pretty happy about starting the new year off with some cash winnings. sean jameson, las vegas: it's been exciting. most of thesmegahave been blowouts. as bowl season comes to an end, college football bettors are taking their tickets to the bank! justin handsome, los angeles: i bet on everybody. all the favorites have been winning so we all getting money right now. saturday at the westgate superbook, patrons are enjoying the posh renovations including a middle bar and hd screens, but they're more excited about the way the bowl games have been playing and paying out. ten dollars and you win ten dollars back. it's perfect. probably about $2500. benjamin harris iii, los angeles: i lost about $230, but today i won about $440. at the beginning of the bowl season sportsbooks were coming out on top,
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sportsbooks have been just giving it back to their players. johnny avello, director of race & sports operation, wynn las vegas: it's been a two week run, and so now we're at the tail end of that you can tell, the players are doing quite well. wynn sportsbook director johnny avello says overall business has been good. because the college playoffs fell on new year's eve this season, sportsbooks have been satisfied with the crowds. avello: usually on new year's eve we have bowl games, but they're not really games that have an impact on the national championship, they're just good football games, but these were important football games. the playoff games on new year's eve kept sports fans in the spirit of betting on the rest of the bowl games throughout the weekend. rene morales, phoenix: it's been a bust out. it's been a bust out. so i'm hoping...i'm hoping my local team down in phoenix, arizona state, will come through for me tonight. the college football championship game is january 11th. sportsbooks have number two alabama favored to beat the
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ranked clemson tigers. reporting live -- rachel moore -- fox five news -- local las vegas. even though college football is coming to an end -- the sportsbooks say they're going to keep busy as we head into the n-f-l playoffs -- the super bowl -- and march madness. the family of a man shot and killed by police says he was never wanted for attempted murder. the family of 23- year-old keith childress junior spoke to media... and came together with their "justice for keith childress" shirts. police say officers were called in to help the u-s marshals catch a man wanted for attempted murder thursday afternoon -- near desert inn and cimarron. police say childress approached officers while holding something down at his right side... and officers fired at him when he refused commands to stop. childress died at the scene. metro says they thought he had a gun... but he was holding a cell phone. childress does have a criminal record for burglarly... armed robbery... theft... and assault. got in trouble 2013 because he was working as a
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and tried to arrest the wrong person. "im very angry. very angry. because how many other mother losing kids. its okay because you're a police officer to kill people. it's not." "he was not wanted for murder as they keep saying, i want that clarified. my son never murdered nor accused of murdering somebody. i want his name cleared of that." my son, and im going to get justice for my son." police says sergeant robert bohanon and officer blake walford were involved in the shooting. bohanon has been department since officer walford has been with metro since 2014. brown is suspected of in las vegas... after a woman her and took her it happened around 10-30 this morning at the palms casino resort. police say the victim was at a party inside a hotel suite when
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altercation... after she tried to take a picture of chris brown with her cell phone. the victim claims brown hit her and took her phone. we spoke to witnesses who want to remain anonymous. they say the woman is lying. "we were with chris the whole time. no time where he could have left. and punched a girl in the face. he was seen. there was no unaccounted time he was missing. he was just low key whole night playing basketball..." police say the woman was escorted out of the room by private security. hotel security took her off property because of the disturbance in the hall. later on -- detectives went into the hotel room... but found out brown had already left. t-m-z reports the woman is liziane gutierrez. here's a look at a picture she took of her injuries. t-m-z says she's had run-ins with celebrities before like jason derulo. sources say derulo does not know her. we reached out to palms for a statement. they said quote "as a matter of company policy...
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comment on guest matters". a fight turns deadly at a siegel slots and suites. it happened around three this morning near craig and nellis. police say a man got into an altercation with two other men inside the business. two of the men were hit when shots were fired. both were taken to u-m-c. one died from his injuries... and the other is stable. a suspect has not been arrested. a man killed in the first homicide of the year for north las vegas has been identified. the coroner says the victim is 44- year-old patrick fleming. shots were fired inside a home near centennial parkway and lamb friday afternoon. police say fleming got into a fight with another man when it turned deadly. the suspect took off before officers got there. those with information about either of these homicides should call police or leave an anonymous tip with crimestoppers at 7-0-2-3-8-5-55-55. a teen was found dead on the east side of town. officers discovered the body around 11-30 this morning on idaho avenue. that's near charleston and nellis. police say the death does not appear to be
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but metro's abuse and neglect is investigating because of the girl's age. a hiker is hurt after a fall at red rock canyon. metro's search and rescue responded after a man fell more than fifty feet. he was taken to u-m-c with minor injuries. police have not released any other details. the son of former basketball player lamar odom posts the first picture of his dad since he was hospitalized. lamar odom junior shared this photo on instagram thursday... with the caption "christmas with my pops. here's to 20- 15. blessed". it's the first picture of odom since he was taken to the hospital in october... after being found unconscious at a pahrump brothel. reports say odom took his first steps without assistance two weeks ago... and doctors say his bran function is slowly improving. it's been a nice start to the new year... but there may be some rain here in the valley this weekend. les is here with his first look at
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we have not 1, not 2 but three storm systems that are heading our way over the next week. the first one doesn't arrive until monday but the clouds associated with it have been spreading across southern nevada since friday night. that system passes quickly then a shortwave hits us with enough force to possible produce 6-9" of snow for the spring mountains and about .25" of rain here in the valley. winds will be getting stronger wednesday. that system exits thursday morning with the third system forecast for next saturday. daytime temperatures are warming the week
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a former a former republican presidential candidate will enter the nevada district three race. kerry bowers announced his candidacy for nevada's third congressional district. the seat will be vacated at the end of the next session of congress. his campaign's focus is "restore america's blessings". bowers is a henderson resident... 30-year combat veteran of the u-s air force... a small business owner... and volunteer spokesman for "americans for fair taxation". the first u-f-c fight of the year happening right here in las vegas. u-f-c 195 at the m- g-m grand garden arena. challenger carlos condit faces welterweight champion robbie lawler in the main event. lawler is still the undisputed u- f-c welterweight champion of the world! he won by a split decision. this is lawler's second time defending the welterweight belt. fans were excited for tonight's bout.
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tough fight. it's gonna be a battle out there. condit with his technical skills might be able to take lawler, but lawler can take a beating and might come back and win too. all it takes is one lucky punch." coming up in sports -- fox five's nick lagrange will have highlights from the fight. feeling lucky? the jackpot for powerball continues to soar. how high it is now...after not hitting tonight to help make it one of the largest in history. and star wars passes a milestone.. what it did with titanic's movie record... and the only other movie that stands in its way from being the best of all time. and before a game at a massachusetts stadium... a man gets arrested.. what weapons were found in his car that were deemed a major
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watts. fox5 weather 24/7 with meteorologist les krifaton. this is fox news at ten. local las vegas. it might be time to take a quick trip to california or arizona to buy a lottery ticket. after not hitting tonight- the powerball jackpoit is at 400 million dollars... there hasn't been a winner since november fourth... and there wasn't one in last week's drawing either. the lump-sum cash prize for the winner is nearly 245 million dollars. the next drawing is wednesday january sixth. it's no surprise the force is strong with star wars. "the force awakens" continues to dominate the box office... and break records. the film has now passed "titantic" in domestic box office sales... and takes the number two spot for domestic film of all time... after avatar. so far -- "the
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than 680-million dollars. it's now the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide... earning nearly one-and-a-half billion dollars. many will spend their holiday weekend at the movie theaters -- especially to see "the force awakens" a few times. but there's a new release with an epic mashup of western... mystery... and action. david daniel shows us a look at "the hateful eight". "okay, everybody, hear this: i'm takin' this woman to hang!" (nat-chord) eight people, trapped by the weather, each with their own agendas and secrets: meet "the hateful eight." "one of them fellas will kill everybody in here." "now we're talkin'!" kurt russell is the bounty hunter bringing in a criminal played by jennifer jason leigh (lee). "his bounty that he's got this time is this absolute feral rat that is going to bite him, and gnaw him to death in his sleep, and just try and kill him somewhere along the line. he's
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paranoid." "he is extremely paranoid. and not very bright." "and not very bright." (laughter) "not terribly bright." "but yeah, i am, i think your description of daisy is apt: she's like a little feral animal, but she's also a survivor and she's also really smart." "startin' to see pictures, ain'tcha?" this is the seventh tarantino film for samuel l. jackson, who's enjoyed watching the filmmaker grow. "this is one of his greater literary accomplishments. when you can write this many detailed characters and draw, you know, complete people that everybody can sit there and make a choice about who they believe, don't believe, or want to cheer for is a really really great accomplishment." "i did not want a second of it to go by without really appreciating and enjoying it. tarantino is an incredible director, and he loves actors and he gets the best out of everyone." "no one said this job's supposed to be easy." "nobody said it's supposed to be that hard, neither!"
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david daniel. "the hateful eight" debuted last week. it's expected to bring in around 17-million dollars. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) we have not 1, not 2 but three storm systems that are heading our way over the next week. the first one doesn't arrive until monday but the clouds associated with it have been spreading across southern nevada since friday night. that system passes quickly then a shortwave hits us with enough force to possible produce 6-9" of snow for the
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and about .25" of rain here in the valley. winds will be getting stronger wednesday. that system exits thursday morning with the third system forecast for next saturday. daytime temperatures are warming the week ahead into the 50's.
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ahead into the 50's. will resume shortly blue bell ice cream under investigation. whos looking into it after a deadly listeria outbreak... and why they believe the
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enough.... joins us with a bowl action.
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(( sports anim )) welcome to fox five sports. i'm nick lagrange. we start with bowl game action tonight. ten -- s-e-c matchup, penn state and georgia squared-off this afternoon in the 'tax slayer bowl' in
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florida. dale earnhardt junior crashed the coin toss in his tax slayer car, before the game. pick it up in the second quarter. score tied at three. georgia wideout -- terry goodwin -- is in the wildcat. and instead of running, he heaves it downfield -- to a wide open malcom mitchell. mitchell hauls it in for the game's first touchdown. georgia leads 10-3. still in the second. still 10-3. this time it's the actual quarterback -- greyson lambert. and lambert throws a touchdown to the guy, who threw the last one. goodwin makes the grab in the endzone. uga leads by 14. third quarter now. sony michel -- gets it on the toss. he finds a hole, breaks some tackles -- and he stretches it across the goal line. the 21-yard run gives gergia a 24-3 lead. penn state would make a late push though. they've cut the lead to just seven in the fourth. one last desperation heave from trace mcsorley. but it's batted down near the endzone. and the bulldogs hang on to win the 'tax slayer bowl' 24-17. in the biggest and best match-up of the day -- oregon and t-c-u got together down in san antonio, texas... ...for the 'alamo
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and this was a wild one. in the first quarter -- vernon adams junior -- launches it deep downfield. he hits darren carrington on the deep post. oregon strikes first, up 7-0. still in the first -- oregon up 14-0. royce freeman patiently finds an opening for the five-yard touchdown run. oregon takes a big 21-0 lead early. in the second quarter now -- oregon up 28-0. this time -- adams keeps it on the read option. and he's hit hard. that's the kind you don't like to see. it's helmet to helmet. and adams would have to leave the game. but oregon would take a 31-0 lead into the half. the biggest comeback deficit in bowl history is 31 points. so in the third quarter -- bram kohlhausen playing in place of a suspended trevone boykin -- finds jaelen austin for the 26-yard touchdown strike. t-c-u cuts the lead to 21. in the fourth quarter now -- t- c-u trailing by just eleven. aaron green -- gets the direct snap, races to the right side toward the pylon... ...and he's in! t-c-u converts the two-point try, and would hit a field goal to tie
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forcing overtime! and in the third overtime -- game tied at 41 -- kohlhausen keeps it on the option. and he awkwardly maneuvers around the ducks defense for the score. t-c-u takes a six- point lead! and now oregon -- facing fourth and eight -- it's jeff lockie looking for somewhere to go with it. he chucks it toward the goal line. the ball is knocked down. and t-c-u completes a tie of the biggest comeback in bowl history! they come back to stun oregon, 47-41. long time n-b-a referee -- joey crawford -- announced his retirement today. the 64-year-old says he will hang it up after this season. crawford has reffed in the n-b-a for the past 39 years. he is the most recognizable official in the association today... ...often due to controversy. his on-the-court antics have been both lauded and criticized by n-b-a fans across the league, for decades. but he's been good enough to ref in 50 n-b-a finals games... ...and he received the 'golden whistle award' from the national association of sports officials in 2014 -- the highest
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can receive. crawford announced his retirment in the delaware county daily times in pennsylvania. he is coming off of knee surgery, and won't be back this season until march. he says -- "i don't want to make a fool out of myself. and it's been so good, that i want to go out on a high note. i don't want to go out on a low note. i want to be in the n-b-a finals, and i don't want to be reffing just for the sake of reffing." i'll be back in about 30 minutes with a look at tonight's fights in u-f-c 195... well as more bowl action.
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came home to find.. after renting their home for new years on air b-n-b... sports fans versus the sportsbooks -- i'm rachel moore -- coming up -- as college bowl season winds down -- hear who had to cough up the cash. and everything's bigger in texas. why a new law that went into place with the new year.. will have more people carrying guns. you're watching
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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we have some breaking news. a person riding a segway has been killed. it happened around seven tonight near rainbow and craig. police say a man fell off it and died from his injuries. police have not released any other details. we will bring you more information as the story develops. as college bowl season wraps up -- sports bettors are raking in the dough. fox five's rachel moore is live from the westgate superbook. she spoke to fans who are cashing in. it's been about 10/11 days of constant football because of how new year's eve fell on a thursday. and the way these games have been going -- sports bettors are pretty happy about starting the new year off the
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this is the first time i got to see the newly renovated superbook. inside sports fans enjoyed the new bar in the middle of the floor -- the hd screens -- new carpeting. but bettors are probably more excitedd about how these college bowl games have been playing out and paying out. we've just been seeing blowouts across the bowl throughout this holiday weekend -- and pretty much all of the favorites have been winning. today -- georgia beat penn state 24-to-17 -- arkansas ran over kansas state 45-to-23 -- but there was one game: oregon favored over tcu -- who made an incredible comeback to upset oregon. overall the sportsbook were coughing up more than they'd hoped -- but were still pretty satisfied with the crowds. "we did pretty well at times and we're kind of on a poor run right now, the last day or so. that's kind of the upredictability. these games are going out the window." it's been very good. you know, i come to westgate all the time, you know. i bet on alabama. i bet on everybody. all the favorites have been winning so we all getting money right now. the college football championship game is january 11th.
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number two alabama favored to beat the number one ranked clemson tigers. reporting live -- rachel moore -- fox five news -- local las vegas. even though college football is coming to an end -- the sportsbooks say they're going to keep busy as we head into the n-f-l playoffs -- the super bowl -- and march madness. to national headlines now. in massachusetts... a man is arrested after several weapons were found in a car hours before the n-h-l winter classic. here's a look at what officers found in the vehicle. it was parked in the employee lot of gilette stadium new year's day. there were firearms... a meat cleaver... sword... and stun gun. police say they were alerted after reports of a suspicious person in the employee parking lot. matthew bromson faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon... trespassing... and disorderly conduct. police say he's not an employee of the team or stadium... and believe there was no actual threat of to the stadium. the winter classic game was between the boston bruins and
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familes devastated this weekend after deadly flooding hits parts of missouri. millions in dozens of states are under flood warnings. jeremy roth reports on how residents are bracing for even more flooding. nat pop very little celebrating the day after new years in parts of missouri saturday. instead, residents are clearing up the debris left behind by a massive and deadly flood that is still posing a threat. the governor touring some of hardest hit regions as several interstates are now back open in the st. louis area. water levels have fallen several feet...but many homes are still far from drying out. nat pop and while miouri is in the recovery process, states like illinois are nervously anticipating more flooding and more damages. in alexander county where the mississippi and ohio rivers meet, the water is expected to crest sunday.. more than 3 feet above major flooding stage. (mos -resident) "you live in the water you can expect anything, but i never once expected it to be this bad." according to officials, water has
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the top of one levee -- and a second levee has "good potential" of over- topping. the flooding has forced evacuations in the southern part of the state.. governor rauner of the illinois national guard to assist local precautionary measure. (gov. bruce rauner / (r) illinois) "some communities hit harder than the '93 floods but most fortunately is not as bad but this is one of the worst." i'm jeremy roth reporting. president obama has signed a federal emergency disaster declaration for the state of missouri. it will help with disaster relief efforts... like recovery cost and debris removal. in pennsylvania -- the body of a missing autistic boy was discovered in a canal. police say dive teams recovered the body of five- year-old jayliel vega. he was reported missing after wandering off from his parents at a new year's eve party. family... friends... and volunteers have helped with the search. a community member found a tablet believed to be the child's in the water. "i want to thank the large number of volunteers we had
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conducted these searches and this investigation." "i want to take the time to recognize the citizens of allentown. their support, their willingness to help out was truly amazing and it makes me proud to be part of this city, knowing that community members care so much." family says the boy was not wearing shoes or a coat when he walked away from the party. the coroner will conduct an autospy to determine how he died. in texas- those in support of the second amendment celebrate a new law. it allows people with concealed carrier licenses to openly carry their guns. fox's andrea watkins reports more on the new law. on the first day open carry is legal in texas... these men tested the waters. they found their morning cup of joe just a little sweeter than normal. boetcher says: "it's a good day to be a texan. it's a good day for the 2nd amendment." starbucks became a bit of a target for gun rights supporters in 2013 by asking that people not carry
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their establishments... starbucks reiterated to fox26, that was a request... not a prohibition. any business can ask a customer with a weapon to leave... but that did not happen on this new years day. and it didn't seem to phase any customers either. speer says: "i had one gentleman look at me kind of surprised and then he went back to his coffee." boetcher says: "people certainly noticed the guns but 2 people said they were glad to see us out here. i didn't get any negative reaction." the group actually met people who said they felt just a little bit safer because they were there." miller says: "i'm personally for it because i think the people who get the right to open carry are pretty responsible people and they will act responsibly with it." carry group moved outside... one man arrived who said he place where people were displaying their guns... and advised others to mcclain says: "when you see somebody carrying a gun turn out. tell the leaving." tom mcclain says
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mcclain says: i just don't think people in general esp young people and i'll say that are mature enough to carry a gun." a starbuck's spokesperson told fox26 the demonstration in katy was the only one they were aware of in texas.. she said it was peaceful... and there were no customer complaints. the new law went into effect january first. the u-s justice department is investigating blue bell creameries. three deaths and ten reported cases of listerosis were linked to blue bell ice cream. now officials are looking into any wrongdoing in the handling of the outbreak. blue bell recalled all of their treats last april. but... an investigation by the centers for disease control and prevention showed the listeria outbreak goes back to 20-10. a california couple spent the start of the new year cleaning up a mess they didn't make... after their home was trashed by air b-n-b renters! the two put their house on air b-n-b while out of town for new year's eve. a neighbor called them saying a party was going on with more than fifty teenagers. they left behind beer cans and
10:33 pm
the couple says they have used air b-n-b for awhile... and never had problems until now. the arrangements were made by a man claiming there would only be two people staying there. "sofas were outside. the tv was in my bathroom. objects, photos, memorabilia. i have pictures of my nieces that are on my fridge that were completely on the floor, trampled on and torn, with shoe prints all over, their cute, little faces." the couple says it took more than twelve hours to get a response from air b-n-b. a spokesman issued a statement in response to their story. quote "we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and our team is working quickly to make this right... our safety team is reaching out to the host to work with them under our one-million dollar host guarantee." up next- twins born in different years... the boy gets to keep the title new years baby for life.. but his sister will always be older! and how a local
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kick off their new year's resolutions... for free. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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kicking off the new year by helping people get fit. today they offered free introductory classes for anyone interested. it's to promote their new "core fit club".,.. at patrick and fort apache. the thirty day challenge gives members a foundation toward a healthy life... featuring traditional pilates... barre and pilates chair classes... and a nutrition plan is also included. "it's a 55 minute
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going to be shaking the entire time that you're in this class we're going to burn every muscle to fatigue and you're going to feel good when you leave here. we're going to work on flexibility, mobility, and strength training. all at the same time." "core fit club" starts monday at core studios. it costs 99 dollars to join the program. a little kitten was dropped off at a san jose animal shelter with major signs of abuse.. and his fur dyed blue. the shelter staff named the little guy smurf because of his fur. the eight-week- old kitten was left there on christmas eve... with 20 puncture wounds all over his body. it looks as if he was used as a doggie chew toy. smurf will have surgery next week to repair his wounds. he has gotten an outpour of love and affection -- people have been visiting the shelter just to see him. many animal lovers are already interested in adopting him. "he has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat. he's very sweet and very gentle and loves
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relatively strong considering what he's been through." smurf has even made friends with another kitten at the shelter named cherry. the pair will be placed in foster care together. in california- twins were born just minutes before -- and after the stroke of midnight! fox's sharon chen shares their story. mos says: "are you going to smile for the camera" meet harvey charles gilman he's the new year's baby at sharp mary birch hospital. mos says: "he was born at 12:35. it's very exciting, the nurses are very excited to have a new year's baby." harvey wasn't supposed to be here for another week, but it was yesterday when mom knew the time was now. mos says: "i was actually sitting at the table eating yogurt" and how do you know when it's time well, there's an app for that. mos says: "and then we looked down and it said that's 5 minutes apart and he was like "it's go time." meantime at kaiser
10:38 pm
ended last year and began the new year. mos says: "this is the first baby." twin babies jaelyn was born a minute before midnight in 2015 and her little brother luis mos says: "he's the new year's baby." 3 minutes later, in 2016. proud papa luis valencia said the babies weren't expected for another month... but were excited when they found out the possibility. mos says: "we were actually watching the clock." the valencias actually had plans to ring in the new year up in l-a mos says: "i had plans to go up north and be with my family," but, now they're celebrating both last and the new year. mos says: "it's the best of both worlds. so that means like two birthday parties back to back." and speaking of parties ... the gillmans had to cancel too. but just like the valencias, there's no celebration sweeter than this. mos says: "this is good party. butt: 12:38:40 best new year's party laughs" now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton
10:39 pm
for up to date traffic alerts and conditions check under news. we have not 1, not 2 but three storm systems that are heading our way over the next week. the first one doesn't arrive until monday but the clouds associated
10:40 pm
spreading across southern nevada since friday night. that system passes quickly then a shortwave hits us with enough force to possible produce 6-9" of snow for the spring mountains and about .25" of rain here in the valley. winds will be getting stronger wednesday. that system exits thursday morning system forecast for next saturday. daytime temperatures are warming the week ahead into the 50's.
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ahead into the 50's. closed captioning
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and nick lagrange rejoins us with a look at u-f-c 195, featuring lawler
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ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta
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(( sports anim )) welcome back to fox five sports. u-f-c 195 featured headliners robbie lawler and carlos condit. the two squared-off at m-g-m grand garden arena tonight -- for the welterweight title. we're only two days into 2016, but people are already calling this one the fight of the year. condit was able to strike early and often, controlling much of the first round. lawler came out a little more aggressively in
10:45 pm
knocking down condit and keeping him on his heels with several combos. in the third -- condit landed more punches, but lawler hit harder. in the fourth -- it was more of the same... ...though condit took that round with some hard combos, taking lawler to the fence. and in the fifth and final round -- condit and lawler traded several heavy blows. lawler was looking for the knockout, throwing haymakers... ...but condit simply wouldn't go down. both fighters were greatly battered by the end. but the judges gave it to lawler! lawler defeats condit by split decision. and lawler retains his welterweight title. kansas state and arkansas met up in the liberty bowl this afternoon in memphis. in the first quarter -- following an arkansas turnover -- winston dimel takes the hand-off and bulldozes his way into the endzone. k-state up 7-0. still in the first -- alex collins gets the hand-off and heads straight up the middle. he's barely touched on his way to a 22-yard touchdown scamper. game tied at seven. k-state up 10-7,
10:46 pm
jared cornelius gets it on the toss-sweep.... ...he finds some room -- and finds the endzone. arkansas takes their first lead of the game. second quarter now -- arkansas up ten. collins makes it happen again. h slices through the wildcat defense. thrid quarter now -- k-state kody cook -- finds winston dimel, who arkansas completely forgot about. yards for the the wildcats draw within four. still in the third -- brandon allen tosses it to the tall man -- jeremy sprinkle. and sprinkle sprinkling a little something on that one. that put arkansas back up by two scores. and in the fourth --ollins -- shows us all the importance of 'leg day'. he bounces off several tacklers on his way to putting this one away. arkansas would score one more time before everything was said and done. the razorbacks win the 'liberty
10:47 pm
coming up -- why this squirrel is on
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this cute little squirrel has to literally clear the path to success. you can see he's started his own snow removal service. as he makes his way on the power pole -- he pushes a few inches of snow off. thanks for joining us for fox five
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