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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this is video from the officers body camera... one of the officers failed to enact his.. metro police say they believe keith childress was fleeing to avoid a lengthy prison sentence after missing his last court appearance... his court warrant noted he was armed and dangerous.. one of the officers 18 years on the service... 1 year... they say one officer fired 4 rounds the other 5... they say keith childress was hit by 5 rounds... i thought this was interesting because i went to the area and counted more than a dozen holes in multiple homes ... officers say they opened fire because they believed he was wanted for attempted murder.. and say they gave him 24 commands before opening fire ... " "
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went up near a home.. and they couldn't see what was doing... they say they gave him commands like drop the weapon... they say childress then advanced on the officers... and that's when they opened fire... i spoke to the family today they saw the video and say they're furious.. they say the body camera fails to show keith they say they couldn't see him at all and they say the video they saw does not hold all the answers they're looking for. we'll have more on this story... coming up later in the newscast - on "inside the law". police are investigating multiple hit-and- run crashes - that all occured within
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hour - involving what's believed to be the same vehicle. metro says it began shortly after 12-noon... when a white pickup truck hit a pole. about 15 minutes later - there was a report of a white pickup truck hitting a sedan near pecos and stewart. no one was reported hurt. then - less than five minutes later - there was a multi-car crash near sahara and lamb - possibly involving a white pickup truck. one person from a white pickup truck was taken into police custody near st. louis avenue and fremont street. there was also a dog found inside the vehicle. police are investigating if all three incidents are related. a cold start to the new year continues with some wet weather. there were a few raindrops in the valley today - with more to come this week. fox five's chief meteorologist ted pretty joins us now - with a quick look at the forecast. toss to weather slight shower chances tomorrow morning gradually increase to widespread rain on
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overnight and into wednesday morning. we could get around 1/2" of rain through wednesday. highs are expected to stay in the mid 50s with lows in the low 40s. another shot of rain in the slight category will be with us on thursday into friday with highs dropping into the low 50s. slight shower chances tomorrow morning gradually increase to widespread rain on tuesday afternoon, overnight and into wednesday morning. we could get around 1/2" of rain through wednesday. highs are expected to stay in the mid 50s with lows in the low 40s. another shot of rain in the
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will be with us on thursday into dropping into the low 50s. low 50s. an activation members of the here in nevada - a one year deployment. the 17th sustainment brigade will be supporting operations in the middle east. fox5's les krifaton joins us from the newsroom - and les - for many of these national guard members - this is their first deployment. almost three quarters of the guard members, both men and women....are first timers and will be coming home as veterans. the long year of being away from family and friends started with this morning's ceremony. on behalf of a grateful state and nation we are proud of you and thankful for your service
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governor brian sandoval attending and speaking at the mobilization ceremony for members of our nevada national guard was an honor it just makes me burst with pride. the men and women of the 17th sustainment bridgade and nevada national guard going off for a year to defend our freedooms and defend of our country. the governor joined thousands of families and friends at the mandalay bay events center to say goodbye to the 250 men and women from our national guard who are deploying for a year to kuwait. they will also support operations in jordan, qatar, united arab emirates and iraq. this is his second deployment and it's his birthday too and every year he's been in boots while this is the second deployment for staff sergeant lawrence magee nearly 70 percent of the sustainment brigade will be going to a war zone for the first time. if that isn't enough stress these civilian soldiers who work among us when not called for active duty will be away from family for a year. how are you going to deal with this? i don't know annvi fuller's husband lee says they will rely on today's modern
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that one year a little easier to handle skype, phone calls whatever we can do for sergeant benjamin alworth who is on his first deployment getting to serve his country is something he's been wanting to do it's something i volunteered for you know and i'm just really ready to go. you know the waiting is the hardest part. while the waiting is the hardest part, the national guard also recognizes that the families being left behind are as important those heading to the middle east, especially the children. they were asked to come down to the floor to take part in the ceremony. the commander of the 17, col. vernon scarborough said it best as the ceremony closed the the deployment officially got underway. i know i speak for everyone here in the 17th when i say thank you to the families, thank you for the employers, thank you to our leadership for
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other nevada national guard who are currently deployed as military police in the middle east. they were deployed last year. among those being deployed today, someone close to the fox5 family. the brother of our 11pm producer, kristen, who was also there today. we wish all of the guardsmembers a safe return. our thoughts are with them and their families. it is 2016 and the race to the white house is on. the nevada caucuses take place next month and this week - the democrats will focus on courting nevada voters. fox five's elizabeth watts is live near the m-g-m grand where senator harry reid is hosting an event for the candidates. the three democratic presidential candidates will be here at the nevada dems caucus dinner wednesday night... today senator reid held a press conference to talk about how important nevada's caucus is.
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controlled the destiny of my democratic party and that's not the way it should be senator harry reid says we may take the caucus for granted now.. but he fought hard to bring it here so that the east coast wouldn't control the fate of the nation.. he says because of that.. all presidential cnadidates have had to pay attention and take stances on issues affecting our state... like storing nuclear waste at yucca mountain... yucca mountain is basically gone go there you should all go and see whats there nothing is there it's gone. with our diverse culture immigration also a huge issue here... he called donald trump and marco rubio anti- immigrant.. and says democrats are strong with minority voters so it's important to be one of the first states to caucus. hispanic vote important, asian vote important,, african american vote important they basically go to the democrat. dont think there's a reason any minority should vote for the republican candidates. an r-n-c spokesman said in a statement "the hypocrisy in the democrat party
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while democrats tell latinos one thing and do another republicans have been building relationships with hispanics across the country for years.. and someone should remind harry reid that governor sandoval won the latino vote" i asked who senator reid considered the biggest threats to the democrats in the upcoming election... to which he chuckled and said... i dont know everybody kept saying four months ago that trump would be gone he's doubling down on everything and becoming more popular everyday so we'll see. hillary clinton... bernie sanders and martin o'malley all here wednesday for the event. reid says he's not endorsing any candidates before the caucus.. but will after. reporting live ew ffn llv. there will be more than 200 democratic caucus locations in nevada - which takes place saturday february 20th. the republican caucus follows
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23-rd. senator reid... also shared his thoughts on the takeover of a federal building in oregon. how it involves members of the cliven bundy family here in nevada... and what's being done
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in oregon - dwight and steven hammond have turned themselves in to authorities. they are the father and son at the center of a case - that led protesters to
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dan springer explains how the f-b-i is trying to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation. bundy says: "we feel we have exhausted all prudent measures and have been ignored." it's day 3 of a tense situation between an armed militia and local and federal authorties. an estimated 2 dozen protesters -- members of an anti-government group... say they're ready to stay for years if needed... (fs) the remote malheur national wildlife refuge near burns, oregon. at issue- federal prison sentences for father and son ranchers- dwight and steven hammond.... convicted of setting fires that they claimed were necessary to protect their land from wildfires... including one that burned 127 acres of federal land. even though they already spent time behind bars, an appeals court ruled they must serve a full five years. 73 year old dwight says he is ready ... even though he doesn't agree with it. hammond says: "i'm going to prison for five years for 127? seems like a bit of an overkill to me." the bigger issue- a decades long struggle over land
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the protesters say the federal land should be returned to local ranchers and loggers... and argue that under the constitution... the feds have no legal right to the area. bundy says: "...because we have allowed the federal government to step outside its bounds... it is coming down on people.. prosecuting directly.. taking over resources." federal authorities including the fbi are watching and waiting.. not wanting a prolonged armed standoff - or tragedies like waco and ruby ridge. but not everyone in the town of 7000 supports the militia's tactics. jordan says: "it's sort of frightening when there are people making threats and people toting guns." calzadilla says: "what they are doing is actually hurting their cause. i am sympathetic but the way they're going about this is disastrous." (springer on cam tag) the local sheriff says this is not a legitimate protest... but, rather, an attempt by this group to overthrow the local and federal government... the f-b-i is the lead law enforcement
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presence out here... but, over the weekend, it did issue a statement saying it's monitoring the situation... hoping to end it peacefully. at the malheur national refuge, i'm dan springer, fox news. senator harry reid is also weighing in on the standoff in oregon. "these people say we want to return to people. the people have it right now. all of you here. have this, its part of wonderful nation facilities around america." "but their day will come they cannot continue breaking the law like this without any incoming from people who believe in law and order." senator reid says a situation like this can be handled with patience... but only for so long. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty slight shower chances tomorrow
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increase to widespread rain on tuesday afternoon, overnight and into wednesday morning. we could get around 1/2" of rain through wednesday. highs are expected to stay in the mid 50s with lows in the low 40s. another shot of rain in the slight category will be with us on thursday into friday with highs dropping into the low 50s. slight shower chances tomorrow morning gradually increase to widespread rain on tuesday afternoon, overnight and into wednesday morning. we could get around 1/2" of rain through wednesday.
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to stay in the mid 50s with lows in the low 40s. another shot of rain in the slight category will be with us on thursday into friday with highs dropping into the low 50s. closed captioning will resume shortly metro police...
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low 50s. closed captioning
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metro police... defending its use of deadly force - against a man holding a cell phone - and not a gun. reaction on what the department had to day about the violence... coming up next -
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a family wants answers - after a 23-year old was shot and killed by police on new year's eve. "it's okay because you are a police officer just to kill people? it's not. it's not." the family and the coroner have identified him as keith childress. metro says officers were trying to help u-s marshals take him into custody - because he was wanted for attempted murder in arizona. he was shot and killed by police when metro says the suspect failed to follow orders to stop advancing towards them - and to drop an item in his right hand they thought might be a firearm. it turned out to be a cell phone. today - metro released body camera video of the moments leading up to the gunfire. were the officers right to use deadly force? fox five legal
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joins us now - for "inside the law". closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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as always you can
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about inside the law to bob dot massi at fox five vegas dot com. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. senator harry reid - is welcoming the democratic presidential candidates to las vegas this week. which republican he is singling out -
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