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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. caucus season is official underway. voters voicing their opinions tonight in iowa. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. it was a tight race on both sides of the aisle... republicans have their winner... and the democrats are still trying to figure it out. fox's joel waldman takes us to des moines. fox news is now projecting that texas senator ted cruz has won the 2016 republican iowa caucus. while the race on the democratic side in iowa remains too close to call. scenes like this...taking place in libraries and school gyms....all over iowa monday the twenty-sixteen iowa caucuses play out. callaway says: "i feel like its my duty as an american to go out and put forth my opinion." heading into the caucuses... democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders...neck and
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polls...and donald trump with a slight lead over ted cruz in the g-o-p race. fish says: "i think i'm definitely going to go republican." "i just think that trump is the one that's out here to say what he needs to say and he's going to get the job done." iowans turning out after plenty of campaign exposure... phone calls... door knocks... some sixty- thousand campaign ads airing on t-v in iowa... plus, some fifteen- hundred candidate rallies here...all leading up to this moment... with iowans finally getting to weigh in. frank snyder says: "the two people that are at the top of the polls - i actually don't see either one of them beating hillary." meantime, in the final moments before the caucuses... a number of candidates...includi ng chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich...already flying to new hampshire to meantime, former o'malley and mike huckabee have their bids for president. in des moines, iowa, joel waldman, fox news. the first nevada caucus is a little more than two
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caucus is up first- on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. our political analyst joins us live in studio to help us analyze tonight's results coming up in about twenty minutes. a big change in the weather across the valley.... people were bundled up today... we check in with chief meteorologist ted pretty for a first look at the forecast we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the
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two people are dead and two more were injured... crash in the northern part of the valley. between 5th nevada highway patrol says two of the vehicles were traveling in opposite directions when they collided. the driver of a lexus died when
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a woman in a buick died at univeristy medical center. two people in a third car were hurt but are expected to be ok. someone shot and killed a man in front of a henderson apartment complex... in the middle of the day. the suspect or suspects remain on the run tonight. fox 5's miguel martinez-valle is live where the deadly shooting took place... and miguel... this is the second homicide in henderson this year. its been a deadly beginning of the year for henderson, its only the first day of february and police are investigating the second homicide of 2016... last year henderson police only dealt with 4 homicides total for the full year... today the killing happened in broad daylight " i heard, you know, like five gun shots, and i came out and looked, you know the street was quiet, and i just saw a van pull out." a 26 -year-old man shot dead outside an apartment
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henderson, and the shooter still on the run "were still looking for the suspects and actively pursuing them." police got multiple calls reporting the shooting at around 1:20 in the afternoon, the scene of the crime, the villas apartment complex on greenvalley and la mesa... " when officers arrived on scene they found one male who had been shot and subsequently died on scene." one witness, who wished to stay anonymous, says he saw the whole thing... he says a man and a woman in their mid 20's were standing over the dead body after shots were fired... they then got into their white chrysler and sped off... people in the area say they havent heard shots in their neighborhood before... " i dont know if we've had a shooting or not before, yea its something to be concerned about." however, they say henderson isnt as safe as it used to be... " you can see a difference, i mean i grew up in detroit so i kinda know what i'm looking at, you can see a difference in culture i'll just
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henderson police have already responded to two homicides in 2016... thats half of what they dealt with in all of last year. we did get an anonymous email from a witness, he says he's afraid to come forward and speak on camera because the suspects are still out there... we're waiting on more information from henderson police... if you have any information that could help police... you can report it by calling crime stoppers... at 702- 385-5555. remember you can remain annonymous. an off-duty police officer shot a suspect accused of pointing a gun at another officer last week. police say the suspect stole a car outside a driveway... and may have tried to car- jack the off-duty officer as well. "...he did not believe traffic officer had any backup as he was on his way home. so decided to assist officer himself at that particular time
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good decision at this point." police say the suspect gilberto gutierrez crashed the stolen car, took off running, and hid in a neighborhood. officer samuel solorio was still his way home from work when he saw what was going on. fired three rounds at gutierrez after gutierrez pointed his gun at another officer. undersheriff kevin mcmahill says police did a great job getting a dangerous felon off the streets. "as soon as he crashed vehicle officer confronted with armed subject, right in 7/11. you know when you go to those locations today theres a lot of people there and also running into environment with family homes." "officers did phenomenal job with information presented and danger in front of them that particular day." gutierrez was treated at u-m-c... then booked into jail. police tell us gutierrez has a lengthy criminal
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repeat auto theft suspect. police say this is the second officer-involved shooting for 2016... a road rage incident caught on camera.. and it's gone viral. some truck drivers and motorcyclists get into an altercation when a gun is pulled... fox five's elizabeth watts has the video and more on what happened next.. it all happened on boulder highway.... a biker approaches some men in a truck during the road rage incident.... and that's when a gun is pulled- fortunately it didn't go off and the man lived to tell the tale. nats driving a group motorcycle ride to the desert saturday escalated when a gun was pulled on a rider.. it starts here on the left a blue truck and a rider get into it after the rider road in the desert kicking up dust... but the red truck on the right wasn't happy about it either... the rider recording the video says the passengers were flipping him off and that's when he approached... get the gun why you flipping me off i didn't do nothing crossing traffic etc sot honestly say i didn't think that i'd
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the guys window the rider who wants to remain somehow remained calm... and just tried to reason he says he was in a moment of shock would never have approached... especially when he watched the video back later he noticed a finger on the gun. sot i didn't even realize the guy had trigger til i went back and reviewed the video myself and my heart was just racing my stomach turned i was feeling sick it was definitely scary he says he turned all his unedited video to henderson police.. and says besides his buddy riding in they weren't being road.... he records his rides for his youtube page- subliminal moto- and just in case something were to happen like an accident with a car.. for evidence. sot i didn't really think it was gonna escalate to what it did and that's literally the first time i've gone up to somebodys window
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last the youtube video has more than 330-thousand views right now... and you know there's some debate going on in the comments. the rider just hopes its a reminder to be careful out on the road... and he's just thankful to be alive. back to you he did file a police report with henderson p-d and says he turned in all his uncut video from that ride. it's a gross misdemeanor to point a firearm at someone. a man who spent more than seven years in jail without being convicted in a child sex assault case was sentenced to probation. "i also order you have no contact or association with victim in this case or victims family." a judge ordered thirty months
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mcclinton -- after he plead the equivalent of "no contest" to second-degree kidnapping. mcclinton missed his sentencing last week. the judge says he could face five to fifteen years in prison if he violates probation. a north las vegas man accused of kidnapping an arizona teen and holding her captive for nearly a month... now faces 83 total charges. three new victims have come forward claiming they were assaulted by jimmy kim. police say the 26- year- old--kidnapped the arizona teen... and sexually assaulted numerous times while he held her at his north las vegas home... before she escaped in december. kim is being held on one-and-a-half million dollars bail. a tour bus catches fire--- tying up rush hour traffic this evening. this video was sent in to reportit by jenna zaniroli . the fire broke out just before four o'clock. it happened near u-s 95 and college. n-h-p tells us there were
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bus at the time. but they were able to get off-- unharmed. firefighters were able to get the blaze under control in just a few minutes... it is unclear what sparked the fire. killed in the line of duty.... ten years later... a metro sergeant's memory is being kept alive. how his widow is
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government.
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died in the line of duty. now his widow plans to open a youth camp in his honor. sergeant henry prendes was shot and killed during a domestic violence call in 2006. he was the first officer lost in the line of duty in 18 years in southern nevada. family says prendes always put the needs of others before him. his widow dawn formed "henry's place foundation" in southern utah to honor his dream. it's a camp for youth in struggling parts of las vegas. this will be the first year children will attend the camp... thanks to donated lodging. dawn plans to go before the planning commission this week to have the lodge plans approved. more than forty veterans ride mountain bikes near red rock canyon as physical therapy or to cope with p- t-s-d. it's part of the "ride to recovery" annual cycling event. organizers say many veterans from the group served in afghanistan and iraq. riding bikes gives them a way to rehabiliate injuries and manage stress levels. "ride to recovery" has several road
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events throughout the year. " lose sense of family when leaving military you don't have a unit you don't have objective. no reason to be. with ride 2 recovery we create family and do it through cycling. we create opportunity for them to be part of something again. and it gives them goals and objectives." a las vegas shop called "lasher sport" also surprised a veteran with a custom-made hand cycle. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low
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of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. closed captioning
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voters get the oppotunity to have their voices closed captioning will resume shortly
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oppotunity to have their voices heard this campaign season.... coming up we take a look at what tonight's results in iowa mean... as we get ready for the caucus here in the silver state. the adelson plan to build a new football stadium would have taxpayers cover two-thirds of the costs.. it's one of the topics in the rant tonight... we want to hear from
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the iowa caucus-- now in the books... mark peplowski-- professor of political science at csn joins us live in studio...
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closed captioning will resume
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closed captioning will resume iowa caucus... all getting at least 20 percent of the vote. here's a look at the top scoring republicans. while ted cruz had a lead by a few points... marco rubio were very close. clinton and bernie sanders capturing 50 percent of the vote. more than two weeks away... the democratic caucus is on more than two weeks away... the democratic caucus is on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus is tuesday february 23rd. we'll be back in just a minute.... with a live report
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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have a winner in the iowa presidential caucuses.... and the democrats have a virtual tie. ryan nobles is in des moines.... he joins us with the latest. closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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some truck drivers and motorcyclists get into an altercation when a gun is pulled... fox five's
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more on what happened next.. the video is scary to look at and shows just how quickly things can escalate out on the road. this biker took the video on saturday afternoon... and has since posted it on his youtube page subliminal moto. he and his buddies were riding out to the desert to have some fun. the blue truck on the left gets into it a little bit with a rider. and the truck on the right isn't happy either. the rider recording says the passenger was flipping them that's when he approached them. nats bleep out get the gun why you flipping me off i didn't do nothing the driver spoke with us about the experience. he wanted to remain anonymous. expected things to escalate and is just thankful the gun didn't go off. you can hear from him tonight at eleven. he did file a police report with
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says he turned in all his uncut video from that ride. it's a gross misdemeanor to point a firearm at someone. back to you. a new viral challenge is spreading... and it has found its way to the valley. this trend is called-- put em in a coffin. here is some video from youtube. in the challenge people run-- and hurl their bodies on objects-- from tables to store displays to the hoods of people's cars... and it is causing some major damage. a group of teens were caught on camera last week... near whitney ranch and galleria. police say they took the challenge-- damaging the hood of a pick-up truck... they then went on to vandalize the neighborhood-- by knocking over trash cans and throwing fruit at homes. one juvenile was arrested... police are looking for at least two more suspects. a memorial has now been set up at the malheur wildlife refuge in southeastern oregon... in honor of rancher lavoy finicum. the display-- set up in the spot where the rancher was killed last week. it is complete with crosses, american flags, cowboy hats and pictures of finicum. now some who
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and lavoy's message are making the trip to oregon-- to pay their respects. ""since tuesday, i've had a drawing and really felt a need to come out here and see the spot. the aerial view they released, i didn't feel gave the full story. i really wanted to see the actual space it was in and pay my respects to lavoy." " three men and one woman are still in place outside the refuge... but they may not be alone for long.... today we received a copy of the certified letter cliven bundy sent to the harney county sheriff's , oregon governor kate brown and president obama-- telling them-- protestors are coming back to the refuge. and asking them to remove federal and state authorities. the woman arrested-- said to have helped three men escape a maximum state prison in california... will not be charged for now. nooshafarin ravaghi taught english at the jail and exchanged personal letters with one of the
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there is not enough evidence to keep her in custody. all three men are now back in custody. " "all three are currently being held in orange county jail facilities in isolation cells which is standard for crimes and major jail violations that occur in our custody. all three inmates are now classified as administrative segregation inmates and will be housed in one man cells. they are documented as escape risks with violent charges" " two of them were captured saturday mning after a man in san francisco alerted police officers he van they were using. the other fugitive turned himself in friday morning in santa ana after he asked a worker at an auto parts store to call police. "911 dispatcher) santa ana police 911. (female caller) i'm calling about bac duong, i have him here, he's ready to turn himself in, he just came in, he said he's scared to turn himself in, so he asked me to call. (male caller) he's not armed or anything, he just wants to turn himself in peacefully.
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not to be afraid, we appreciate that he's turning himself in. i need him to understand that i have a lot of police officers on the way and i need him when he sees them, i'm going to need him to pro hands up. " the three men broke out of a maximum-security jail on january 22nd.... they weren't discovered missing until more later. federal investigators release more than two thousand documents in the investigation into a deadly amtrak derailment. the national transportation safety board-- says the amtrak engineer--- involved in the derailment in philadelphia last may, has changed his testimony. originally he said he couldn't remember what happened... but now says he remembers accelerating the train on the dangerous curve. the train was going 106 miles- an-hour...more than twice the speed limit when it went off the tracks. : "there was no problem with the signals, no problem with the tracks, no problem with the locomotive, no problem with brakes. what we've
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brandon bostian." " bostian has been suspended without pay since the crash. eight people were killed and 200 were injured in the derailment. president obama set a goal of curing cancer in the next five years... now he is moving forward with what he is calling the moon shot initiviate... by meeting with the health and human services secretary. vice president joe biden has been appointed--to head a new task force. the task force includes top economic advisors, five cabinet secretaries, and the heads of the f-d-a and n-i-h... their work will be focused on cancer detection and prevention... using technology to carry out high-risk, high- return research "all of this is part of laying the groundwork for long term success. that's why i think the moon shot analogy that the president has drawn here is appropriate."" the white house is launching the program with a proposal... including a 755 million dollar request as part of
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budget. the world health organization says the zika virus is a public health emergency. the w-h-o hosting an emergency meeting.... as the mosquito- borne virus is spreading rapidly. the virus is linked to a surge in dangerous birth defects and neurological issues-- travel warnings have been put in place for pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant. "the lack of vaccines and reliable diagnostic tests and the absence of population immunity in newly-affected countries were cited as further causes for concern. " the w-h-o says there could be at least 3-million zika infections over the next year. cases have been confirmed in several states... as of now-- there have been no confirmed cases in southern nevada. tragedy brought two families together... after a little girl receives a heart donation from a little boy.... the families meeting for the first time over the weekend. little jordan
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life-- in need of a heart transplant. around the same time a baby boy named lukas-- just a few months old had passed away. his organs were donated and jordan was chosen as the recipient for his heart. jordan and her mother met with lukas' mother-- and let her hear her son's heartbeat. it's hard to describe that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through her grief. the only thing i could think of, was i can't save my own son, why not save someone else's why not save somebody else's child? " lukas saved other lives by also donating a kidney and his liver. according to donate life arizona-- last year alone, 433 lives were saved with organ donations. el nino is delivering some massive waves... and a professional surfer-- takes a hard hit after catching some height. tom dosland fell about 40 feet while surfing in maui. he says the fall was like being hit by a car. dosland says he was even blinded
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because of the strong sea spray before falling. the city of las vegas will honor the late husband of headliner celine dion. when and where they will pay their respects.... and the message dion has for her fans. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next has n-dot created a death trap on a certain stretch of the 215.. we'll tell you where and why one caller says the solution is simple.
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but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we've been feeling the chill in the valley.... but is it on it's way out... or will we need to bundle up for six more weeks? tomorrow is groundhog day.... and all eyes will be on punxsutawney phil. he will make his annual prediction. if phil sees his shadow--we're for
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but if he doesn't, that means an early spring. he doesn't always get it right--- since 19-88, phil has been right 13 times, but wrong 15 times. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief pretty we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the
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through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high
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mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. closed captioning
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we told you about a bad accident on the 215 at aliante.. two people were killed in a crash there a head on collission among vehicles traveling in opposite direction.. we've seen other bad accidents along this stretch of highway.. this caller tells us why a lot of people are buzzing about the prospects of the oakland raiders moving to las vegas..
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stadium and taxpayers would foot two thirds of the bill. callers on that.. but first.. just in case the nfl wants to snub las vegas ... mike says they need to get over themselves. we got rants on the dozens who protested on the strip sunday the demonstrators want a transparent investigation into keith childress's death after he was shot by police. he ignored commands to get on the ground and he had a cell
10:44 pm
it was a gun and fired at him when he refused to stop walking towards them. send us your rants to the rant at
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here's a look at what's coming up.. on fox five news at eleven. a tight caucus in iowa is an exciting twist this election season. we'll get a live report from des moines on the neck-and-neck results from the democratic side. a murder investigation inside a nevada prison... what officials say happened to an inmate this afternoon. another layer in the battle for solar in nevada. how n-v energy is considering changing the rules again... for people who already have solar. celine dion's husband passed away a little over two weeks ago... and now the valley is getting ready to honor rene angelil. a celebration of life will be held on wednesday at caesars palace.... and t-m-z is reporting the singer will speak at the ceremony. rene angelil died on january 14-th... a state funeral was held in montreal earlier this month. dion-- also releasing her first statement since his death.... a statement on celine's web site reads -- "my family and i are deeply touched by the
10:46 pm
love and support from so many people who have touched our lives during these past few days." the countdown to the big game is on and we hope you'll join us before kick off... fox5 and our take 5 to care partners are teaming up with goodie two shoes for the big game 10k run festival. you can choose your distance... and run or walk with us sunday- february 7th in downtown las vegas. registration includes entrance to health expos, a tailgate and a big game viewing party. to register, visit fox5 and click on take 5 to care. a pair of golden state warrior fans have to act fast when they spot their favorite player. what they do to reel stephen curry--- to get his
10:47 pm
some fans are star struck when they see their favorite athletes... others will stop at nothing to get their autograph. " thank you very much. thank you very much man. good luck this year. " a father- son duo were decided to check out a gold state warriors practice... while they were in philly over the weekend... the pair was standing over the
10:48 pm
when they spotted stephen curry. so they got creative... and fished for his autograph. and sent down a sports illustrated and jersey down to get signed... and then reeled it back up. and curry got a kick out of it... he even pulled out his phone to record the fans... pulling in their goods. fox5 news at 11, if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure e i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
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it's time for fox5 news at 11. a man shot and killed in a quiet henderson neighborhood. witnesses describe what they saw the suspects doing. a biker threatened at gunpoint...
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capture the roadrage.
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