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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we're starting fox5 news at 11 with two breaking news stories. first... las vegas police have arrested the driver they say killed a two year old girl in a hit and run crash. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. evelyn green was hit sunday outside her home, with her family nearby. police arrested 51-year-old daniel garcia-martinez. they say he is the driver of the white van involved in the crash near lake mead and pecos. he was arrested for felony duty to stop at the scene of an accident... driving without a valid driver's license... and failure to give information at an accident. witnesses told police the driver in the crash did stay for several minutes after hitting the girl, but then took off. evelyn died at north vista hospital. her family has taken her body back to california. and... metro police are on the scene of a deadly crash near spring mountain and arville. they say a man was crossing the road in an unmarked crosswalk.. when a vehicle hit him... around 6-30 this evening.
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took off to a nearby parking lot. he came back a short time later... and was arrested for driving drunk. metro police say two things shouldn't have happened. the pedestrian was not in a marked crosswalk and the driver was driving drunk. "we are still seeing an epidemic on our roadways. we're seeing people die in record numbers and they don't need to be happening." this is the 14th fatal crash in metro's jurisdiciton this year. just this past week... local law enforcement wanted to stress the importance of street safety. they dressed as a heart... and waled across the roads. the idea was to make drivers and pedestrians aware of their surroundings and people to use crosswalks. one year ago tammy meyers... was gunned down in front of her home. meyers took her daughter out for a late night driving lesson.. she was killed in a shoot-out in front of her home. the case gripped headlines across the nation...
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the murder... fox 5s cyndi lundeberg has more on the case... she joins us now from the news room... prosecutors say the deadly chain of events started after meyers went after a car that she thought had bumped into hers earlier during her driving practice with her daughter... february 12th 2015 tammy meyers left her home to take her 15 year old daughter kristal on her first driving lesson. kristal says .. they noticed a car following them and honking.. the silver car then side swiped them. kristal meyers testified before a grand jury that a man then got out of his car and said to her mom... im going to kill you and your daughter. police have no doubt about kristals story. i believe so based on two things based on the detail kristal gives and the fact that there was a motive for ms myers to go out
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meyers drove her daughter home... and asked her son 22 year old brandon meyers to come with her in search of that silver car. defense attorneys you could take a less mystical approach who would believe that afer having a road rage incident any distance from their house if they dont know who that person is what would be your reasonable expectation you could find them five minutes later the meyers were initially unable to find the car and decided to return home... thats when they spotted a silver car and went after it... police say the 19 year old erich nowsch began firing. brandon meyers told police the car followed them to their cul-de-sac ... investigators believe the details about how they both ended up in front of meyers home are pertinent to the case... i think the facts of both ms meyers and her son and their route and the route
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going to be central to this trial after the gunfire the silver car sped away... and brandon meyers saw his mother lying in the driveway... she had been hit in the temple. tammy meyers died two days later on valentine's day. five days later during a two hour standoff police arrest nowsch for the murder. he lived a block away from the meyers home. police say nowsch confessed to the killing... the teenager later said he was high on pot during that conversation. nats court a month later police arrested derrick andrews who prosecutors maintain was driving the car that nowsch was riding in ... he too was charged with murder. mr andrews made choices to drive that vehicle knowing mr nowsch had fired a handgun out of the car previously gunman eric nowsch... tammy meyers and her home. 24 shots were fired at tammy
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live in the newsroom... cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas. both erich nowsch and derrick andrews are in custody and awaiting trial. they refused a plea deal... and have pleaded not guilty. trial is scheduled to begin next month. the woman who's accused of killing her boyfriend, shot him in the back... according to her arrest report. the report released today shows catherine brewington was dating the victim, aaron matthews. on wednesday, brewington was moving out of their home, and got in an argument with matthews. she told police matthews choked her and pulled her hair. brewington said matthews then confronted her in the driveway while she was loading her truck. she saw him reach for his waistband, and told police that's when she shot him. police say matthews owned a gun, and brewington thought he had it with him. police say brewington did have several injuries, and she is claiming self defense. we spoke to an attorney today, and he says self defense laws are pretty clear in nevada.
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she has to have an actual and reasonable belief that she has no other choice. she has to make all attempts to retreat before she acts in self defense " police say the evidence shows matthews was not armed, and he was shot in the right side of the back. brewington told police she had shot him in the chest. she has been charged with murder with a deadly weapon. nearly a year after a man was shot and killed outside an apartment complex... police say they've found his killer. 36-year-old dwayne lawson was found in california during he's in a california jail now, and waiting extradition to las vegas. metro says last february 13th, "che obi eaddy" was at home with his family, when he answered the door. he stepped outside, and was shot several times. a police k-9 is recovering... after getting stabbed in the head during a standoff. we first told you about this standoff situation last night at 11. it continued through the morning, as police tried to get a man
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apartment near maryland and twain. 9-1-1 callers told police they heard a man scream for help and then heard several gun shots. police wanted to take the man down without using a lot of force, so they sent eight- year-old nicky in the home. as the k9 dog was deployed the suspect was bit numerous times and the k9 dog was stabbed by the suspect numerous times by the head nicky was rushed to an animal emergency hospital and underwent surgery. the veterinarian says he was stabbed 12-15 times in the face... but he might go home tomorrow. the suspect was also taken to the hospital, and is facing charges for stabbing the k-9. police k-9's are considered officers, and it is a felony to assault or kill one. k-9's cost anywhere between 10 and 20 thousand dollars each, when it comes to training. they spend at least six to nine years on the job, and their human partners are in charge of their care after work. they face many of the same dangers
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counterparts, and often don't have the same protection on their bodies. last week we told you about two north las vegas police officers who are in a contest to win their dogs some kevelar vests. that contest ends tomorrow night. we have that contest information on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. the culinary workers union staged a massive protest outside a casino here in the valley. but a representative from the casino tells us the union is harassing their casinos. fox5s miguel martinez-valle has the details near palace station. thats exactly right, hundreds of people gathered today in front of stations casino to demand better treatment of employees and their right to unionize...
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tells us the union falls on not them... workers union wanted to get people to block teddy street, next to the palace station casino... and that's just what they did. message to with a peaceful protest that started at 5 in the afternoon... "the hundreds of culinary union members are protesting what they say is the unfair treatment of employees by the station casinos." casiano corpus, station casino employee "so that we can stop all of these harassment, intimidation, and unfair labor practices that they're doing to all of us." among those chanting, state senator ruben kihuen he says for him, the unions fight is personal... state sen. ruben kihuen " more and more employees want to get unionized, they want those benefits, i grew up in a union household, my mothers a culinary union
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protests such as this aren't new to las vegas... < nat union town> a few years ago protests were held outside the cosmopolitan, until they reached a contract agreement with the union. casiano corpus, station casino employee " we want what the union members on the strip got so that we can provide a better life for our families." the workers union says this fight isn't about a contract, they just want stations casino's to stay neutral on the topic of unionizing, instead of allegedly harassing their employees... but a representative from stations told us they respect their employees right to unionize, and they feel they're the ones being harassed by the union. stations casino's says the culinary union has not pursueded the majority of their employees to join their union and they are harassing stations casino in order to get more members... they say they will not be bullied... live, miguel martinez-
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the union stated sheriff joseph lombardo denied their request to gather in front of palace station casino. but metro police say metro doesnt grant or deny those kinds of requests a picture of a puppy at a local pet store is making the rounds... and not because people think it's cute. "most animals we should be able to faintly see the outline of the rib. this dog was way surpassed that. " what happened during a welfare check on the pup... and why the store says it's so thin. and with nevada's caucuses almost here... candidates are working hard to make their voices heard. who is spending this weekend in our state... and what you need to know if you're taking part in the republican caucus your fox5 weather
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animal advocates are worried, after a picture of a very thin rhodesian ridgeback puy made its way around social media. the puppy is for sale at a local pet shop... a place where dog lovers are showing up to see the puppy for themselves. animal control officers did a welfare check on the puppy at the henderson petland location. they said there were no signs of violations, and the puppy checked out okay. we spoke to a local veterinarian, who told us the puppy is emaciated. and volunteers with the rhodesian ridgeback rescue who know this breed well... say there's a lot to be concerned about. "callahan: he should be a little more animated than what he is. im just
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should be. even having just beeen transported from mo or arkansas. hes only 13 lbs he needs to be 22-24 lbs at his age. " petland showed fox5 the puppy's medical history. he was born in arkansas, and had a umbilical hernia repair in missouri. the pet store says the puppy is underweight because he recently moved to las vegas. some animal activists are taking this case in their own hands. one woman created this go- fund-me page, to raise money to buy the puppy and get it medical care. so far, it's raised nearly one thousand dollars. pet store regulations are tightening up under new ordinances. the city of las vegas recently decided pet stores can only sell rescue dogs, cats, and pot- bellied pigs. clark county is considering a similair ordinance. the goal is to save more animals' lives.
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supporters want to reduce the number of puppy mill dogs that are brought to our valley and sold at pet stores. these animals are bred in poor conditions and often have a conditions. now fox5 weather meteorologist ted pretty we'll stay in the mid-70s through the weekend with a few clouds and some valentine's day on breezes to 20 mph last through presidents' day on monday. highs stay in the mid-70s through wednesday of next week. we'll see some southwest gusts to 25 mph on wednesday afternoon. those gusts increase to 35 mph on thursday with a drop down to 70 degrees and mountain shower chances. average
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of the year is 62. we'll stay in the mid-70s through the weekend with a few clouds and some north breezes for valentine's day on sunday. those breezes to 20 mph last through presidents' day on monday. highs stay in the mid-70s through wednesday of next week. we'll see some southwest gusts to 25 mph on wednesday afternoon. those gusts increase to 35 mph on thursday with a drop down to 70 degrees and
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high for this time of the year is 62. closed captioning
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nevada democrats are split down the middle, when it comes supporting hillary clinton or bernie sanders. a "washington free beacon" poll shows clinton and sanders tied at 45 percent each among likely caucus-goers. clinton is slightly ahead of sanders among voters who have completely made up their mind. undecided voters say they're considering recent scandals involving clinton in their decision who to caucus for. clinton and sanders nearly tied in iowa's caucus. we're getting closer to nevada's
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caucus is on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. tomorrow is the last day for republicans to register if they want to take part. democrats have until the day of their caucus to register... and they can do that on site. remember, you have to be a registered republican or democrat to caucus. hillary clinton will be in nevada tomorrow through monday, hosting "get out the caucus events". tomorrow's kick-off event is at painter's hall, on whitney mesa drive and mountain vista. it starts at ten- 30... with doors opening an hour earlier. several of the oregon occupiers appeared in court today. and standing by their sides is a nevada politician. "and i'm really glad that they're safe, and i also have to give kudos to the fbi agents that were out there because no one got hurt " the strong words assemblywoman michele fiore has for the federal
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you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values,
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i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. m bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for you to caucus for me. thank you. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. some of the occupiers who took over a wildlife refuge in oregon were in court for the first time today. also in court...
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stand by the protestors. people stood outside the courtroom to rally around the occupiers. fiore has spent the last few days in oregon, and helped negotiate between the f-b-i and the last four protestors. today, she did not hold back, as she called the federal government a bully. "(michele fiore/nevada assemblywoman) 14:56:57 "we're talking about a bunch of cowboys camping in the middle of nowhere, bearing their rights to their firearms, that's what we're talking about. " the protestors are pleading not guilty. nevada assemblyman john moore is also in oregon, and he too is speaking out against the government. he called rancher lavoy finicum's death an "ambush". more court appearances are scheduled through the next few weeks. if the memory of you ex is still hanging around your home... this valentine's day is a good time to let go. "let's face it, we all have an ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex spouse or fiance, and there's some things around our house that remind
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left behind. this is a good opportunity to start fresh and make a positive impact in our community " goodwill is asking people to donate their ex's stuff with the "don't hate, donate" campaign. they'll take clothes, dishes, and furniture in great condition. goodwill reminds donations help fund programs for job training. solar customors are furious after a p-u-c vote today... and they're vowing this fight isn't over yet. more than 55 thousand petitions were brought to the public utilities commission meeting today. back in december, the p-u-c voted to raise fees for solar customers and reduce payback for extra energy. customers hoped they could get "grandfathered" into their lower rates. but today, comissioners voted to keep those new rates. they did decide to give those rates more time to take effect, extending it from four to 12 years. " "theyre thinking that that will help people get their return on investment on their systems but quite honestly i just dont
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wont pay for itself until im 112 years old."" solar customers will see their rates gradually go up over 12 years. governor sandoval says he disagrees with today's outcome... saying it isn't protecting solar user's interests. from dozens of soccer games to an unusual five-k... ththe's a lot to check out this weekend. we'll take a look
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let's check out what's happening around town! some downtown roads will be closed tomorrow for a different kind of valentine's event. "cupid's undie run" will take over fourth street from clark to fremont starting at one p-m. it's a one mile run... in underwear... to raise money for the children's tumor foundation. mardi gras parties are still going strong this weekend. at lake las vegas, a masquerade- themed cruise will be one of the attractions to check out during its celebration. parades start at noon, two, and four p-m... with other activities in between. and the las vegas mayor's cup soccer tourney kicks off a three day event tomorrow. this is the lartest international youth soccer tournament in the country. more than 500 teams from 18 countries will be in town. it's at the bettye wilson soccer complex, starting
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morning. of course... plenty of people have plans to get hitched this weekend for valentine's day! we talked to some couples who got an early start to the romantic weekend. i'm just excited" im the luckiest man in the world wish we had done it long time but better late than ever. yay! " the clark county clerk's office says despite reports of wedding business slowing down in las vegas.... this will be a pretty busy weekend. they estimate between 12 to 22 hundred couples will say "i do" here in town. a lot of those couples are coming in from california and arizona. car enthusiasts can check out a car they won't find anywhere else, over at tivoli village. 20-50 motors introduced this carbon fiber electric car. the "e-go" is the first of its kind in the u-s. the material is five times stronger than steel... but two times lighter. 20-50 hopes to start a production company in the united states, maybe even here in nevada! a blast to the past may be a blast to your phone if


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