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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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for only $75 a month. score! or, if you love great movies... [ southern accent ] hey, clementine, go on and get prism essential tv with up to 40 megs of internet for only $75 a month. hyah! [ whip cracks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $75 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. we continue to follow breaking news... as a burglary suspect is shot dead. we are taking a live look at where it happened on victory road - near boulder highway and twain. police say the property owner got a call from a locksmith saying
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someone broke into the vacant home. when the owner and a woman showed up... they saw a suspect in his 20's in the backyard. that's when a fight ensued... and the suspect was shot. he was taken to sunrise hospital where he died. neighbors say the house was known for having squatters - and often saw people going in and out. in more breaking news... a father and his 18 month old daughter hit by a vehicle near a local elementary school. police say that driver... was fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins scene near lamb with more. police tell me this back car behind me hit a dad and his 18 month old daughter crossing the street near crossing the street near snyder elementary... school zone so people were slowing down but according to struck the pair...
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was arrested for felony dui... we caught it all on camera... felony dui... we caught it all on camera... the dad and his daughter were taken to sunrise hospital .... and police say they are responsive and suffered non life threatening injuries... "impaired driving shouldn't be an option right now. the society we live in the options we call a friend, you got uber, you got taxi-cabs you have any number of options that if you have you are impared to not get behind the wheel and operate that vehicle." now that driver police did not release his name... but say he was arrested for felony dui... police say when the car hit the pair the dad was thrown near the month old in the stroller landed the sidewalk... miracle they're doing alright... and right now they're cleaning
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we're waiting for the car to be towed but the street is being opened back up for traffic... a driver... remains wanted by police.... after a hit-and- crash that killed a pedetrian. it happened late last night on boulder highway and warm springs right in front of jokers wild. fox five's ophelia young is there live with the latest. " " closed captioning will resume shortly " " closed captioning
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shortly " " closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume
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targeted... while on way home from school. why her mother now says she's
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robbed... on the way home from school. her smartphone - stolen! fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the newsroom... after speaking with the victim - and her mother today. it was an emotional day for the family. high school junior - makayla - was walking home from school when two guys approached her and stole her two guys approached her and stole her phone makayla asked that we dont use her last name or show her identity but she told us that this was one of the most terrifying situations of her life. she usually walks home from school with out any issues but yesterday was a little different. her mom is equally horrified by the situation. charmine: "i was not only furious - but i was in a panic for her safety. the have been worse. and thank god that its affecting her. its traumatized her. its hurt her. its scared her." fox 5 robberies usually crimes of opportunity. criminals look for
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who are not paying attention and strike. according to an online crime data base - metro has only handled one robbery in a 2 mile radius of the school since this january. makayla's would make two. metro police say teens should use the buddy system. keep electronics out of sight, and be aware of your surroundings when walking home. makayla's mom has filed an incident report with metro she also filed one with the clark county school district. pulling the trigger can be a difficult experience... for even the toughest officers. coming up.... how metro's finest are offered help... when a suspect is shot on the job. plus.... what michael jackson and liberace have in las vegas. your fox5 weather
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this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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as three to four people
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20 are hurt in a rural town in kansas... where a fire at a plant lawn mowers. hesston, kansas... which is a town of about 37-hundred. the suspect was an employee of the plant. police say he was shot and killed. from murders to fatal car crashes - police officers are usually the first to arrive at a gruesome scene. many of us can't even begin to imagine what they see. fox5's maria silva show us how emotional support - after an extraordinarily tough day on the job. sgt. douglas ericsson: there was a subject who had barricaded himself inside a strangers house and he had a knife metro sergeants douglas ericsson and brandon oris each recount what lead up to the split second decision that would forever change their lives professionally and personally seargent brandon oris he actually just grabbed the female off of the street and held a knife to her throat the two belong to a club... they'd
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have been involved in separate deadly officer involved shootings sgt. oris: we had to either use force to save this woman's life or it was definitely going to go the other way sgt. ericsson: he attacked us with a knife and forced our hands and which was a us when an officer critical scene... there is a group... the scenes... you might not even notice them... counselors with metro's "police employee assistance program"... or peap for short... and they're here ready to help deal with the aftermath. lisa hank: we connect with them immediately, right away, and what we what they need in us director... she says in law enforcement they're now really focusing on breaking the cycle of silence lisa hank: we have to begin to change the culture where people employees of law enforcement feel comfortable saying... i'm not ok
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think that i needed to really talk to anybody... it wasn't a matter of denying anything... i just dealing with it on my own. but being forced to go and sit somebody at least a made me understand how much, maybe if you do need that hank... has been shown that in law there is a higher risk of divorce, disease and sgt. ericsson: i think sometimes people forget that beings in: we have a super high suicide rate amongst officers, and part of it is having to live with those days of negative situations that have a constant impact in their mind that don't go away and many of these officers.... especially those involved in officer involved shootings.... also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or ptsd sgt ericsson: everyone once in a while you might have a dream. sometimes the dream goes differently than how it actually
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that's how it's happened with me and while sergeants ericsson and oris currently don't require the services peap has to offer. the healing process continues sgt: oris - to say it's something that still doesn't affect me it wouldn't be true. it still absolutely does. and just like i said earlier me and my wife will still talk about it and or there is still something that will come up or something will remind us what we went through. and that's when the peap peer counselors step in to lend a helping hand 24/7 365 days of the year. sgt. ericsson: it's almost like they have a real good little keen sense of your need... and out of the blue they'll give you a call there were sixteen officer- invovled shootings in metro's jurisdiction in 2015. sea-world admits to sending a worker to infiltrate an animal rights group that opposes the theme park. the parent company's c-e-o says the company will no longer use such practices to spy on opponents. an outside firm will be hired to review security practices. a sea-world san diego worker was suspended last summer after peta said he had tried
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among peaceful protesters while posing as an activist. he is still employed by seaworld. for the first time --- we're getting a look inside the las vegas home where the stories of two music icons combine. sean mcallister is here with a look at the in-depth story we'll see tonight on "more access." on a side street close to downtown there's a house where lives and legacies of michael jackson and liberace intertwine. the "thriller villa" is where michael jackson lived the last two years of his life. it's also where the king of pop stored his massive art collection. now it's home to the incredible collection of liberace memorabelia. jonathan says: it's got an amazing history. it was built to house the art collection of the man who originally built the house. liberace artifacts are now housed in that underground vault -- but the connections between "mister showmanship" and
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don't stop there. coming up on "more access' at 6:30 -- we reveal more of the secrets that bind the two entertainment icons who called las vegas home. join rachel and me after fox5 news at six. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting well into next week. we'll see 77 on friday with full sun and a very light breeze. for the weekend we'll have a light breeze to 15 mph in the afternoons with a high of 80 degrees saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and
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feature the same light breeze with highs in the mid to upper 70s. average high for this time of the year is 65 degrees. little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting well into next week. friday with full sun and a very light breeze. for the weekend we'll have a light breeze to 15 mph in the
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saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and tuesday will feature the same light breeze with highs in the mid to upper 70s. average high for this time of the year is 65 degrees.
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an update to breaking news... that we brought you earlier in the newscast. everyone inside a house... was able to escape - when it caught fire. we are taking a live look now.... at the home on yamhill street - near maryland and wigwam. flames were first reported right around five this evening. four engines responded. no injuries were
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you may not have seen everything... in the lastest star wars movie. coming up... the scoop on a few surprises... when "the force awakens" comes to
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. we're at the scene of this large house fire on the valley's south side.. what fire crews are saying about their investigation. and an amazing story of self sacrifice .. from a ten year old girl. what she did to save the lives of two friends. good news for star wars fans who can't get enought of the sci-fi saga. the latest film... "the force awakens" is expected to be released on blu- ray and d-v-d in april. in a recent interview... one of the film's editors says the package will include - quote - seven or eight deleted scenes. the movie was released in december. it's still going strong in theaters... and is currently the third highest grossing film of 6
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we're following breaking news on the valley's east side.. where a suspected burglar is dead after being shot by a property owner. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. the shooting happened on victory road - near boulder highway and twain. that's where fox five's miguel martinez-valle is with the story.
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happened at around 3 o'clock today as you can see police are still busy investigating the exact details and speaking with the two property managers involved in the situation. they are walking police through what exactly happened. police tell us that the two property managers a man and a woman came to the house along with their dog after hearing that there had been a person seen it inside and around the house that did not belong there. they decided not to go in through the front door of the house instead they went around through the backyard where they found a man in his 20s police tell us that the property manager and the other man in the yard got into a confrontation the property manager was punched several times in the face the dog that was with them was also punched a few times. the property manager regained his footing got a hold of his gun and shot the other man once. that man died at sunrise hospital. neighbors tell us they have seen suspicious behavior around empty houses in


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