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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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happened at around 3 o'clock today as you can see police are still busy investigating the exact details and speaking with the two property managers involved in the situation. they are walking police through what exactly happened. police tell us that the two property managers a man and a woman came to the house along with their dog after hearing that there had been a person seen it inside and around the house that did not belong there. they decided not to go in through the front door of the house instead they went around through the backyard where they found a man in his 20s police tell us that the property manager and the other man in the yard got into a confrontation the property manager was punched several times in the face the dog that was with them was also punched a few times. the property manager regained his footing got a hold of his gun and shot the other man once. that man died at sunrise hospital. neighbors tell us they have seen suspicious behavior around empty houses in
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george aguilar , neighbor "sometimes when i passed by around or see the houses i see people inside some houses where no one lives there so it's kind of like off somethings off it's not right" police are telling us that squatter situations have gotten worse in the valley they asked neighbors to report any suspicious activity in houses that are supposed to be empty reporting live miguel martinez valle fox5 news local las vegas. this marks the investigated by beginning of the year. metro police around .. they want someone to turn in the killer just trying to walk home to his family.
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saturday morning .. heriberto ( ) marcel diaz had just got off a bus .. only 5 houses away from his family. police believe a group of juveniles might be responsible for stealing his phone and then shooting him. and tonight .. simply put .. police want one of those teens to come forward and turn in the shooter. lt. dan mcgrath / las vegas metro police "we have very good detectives. we have a high solvibility rate. if we have to hunt you down and find you, you may be charged with murder. it's to your benefit if you were involved in this and it was a robbery and someone shot and killed this person in cold blood over a cell phone, we would like to speak to you and you can help yourself." luitenant to say there were two similar robberies the day .. also involving a small group of teens. metro's office of involvement is also helping with this case.. jay rivera / metro office of community engagement "anyone who has any information to away it is important and provide that information. we happening in our
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metro said they are seeing a rise in the number of violent crimes in the valley committed by younger people. police added that by coming forward with information, it could mean the difference between a lesser charge .. and life in prison. a different family is also fearing for their safety tonight over a stolen phone. a mother says someone robbed her daughter on her way home from school.. and all that was taken was her phone. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the newsroom... with the story. i spoke to the family today and they are understanably upset. makayla is a high school junior that was robbed says she was so scared she didnt even go to school today. makayla: i was feeling really terrified and scared and i really didn't know what to do. sierra vista high school junior makayla was walking home alone from school when two men came from behind and cornered her. she had no where to go. makayla: one got in front of me. one stayed behind me. the one behind me started pulling on my bag so i couldnt run. the other was telling me to give
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all my stuff they wanted her iphone 5. after initially resisting - makayla let go out of fear of what could happen. makayla: i thought about it and i didn't know if they had weapons on them so i figured just give in. makayla's mom the experience was for her. she'll never forget hearing her daughter in such a panic. 48-58 charmin: pause i feared for my daughters life. and for her safety thats not a great feeling for a parent. metro police tells fox 5 robberies like this are usually crimes of opportunity. criminals look for vulnerable people strike. makayla:..i usually friends drive me home or he walks with me. abby: time? makayla: he didnt today so i just walkedcolording to an online crime data base - metro has robbery in a 2 mile radius of the school since
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would make two. attack and robbery has been life changing. not only for my daughter but for my whole family. and i think need to their children. metro agrees. they say teens should use the buddy system. keep electronics out of sight, and be aware of your surroundings. filed an incident report with metro. she's also clark county school district. now the latest on a couple of crashes over the last 24 hours involving cars hitting people crossing roads. the most recent happened this afternoon near charleston and lamb. police say the driver of an s-u-v was driving through a school zone .. weaving in and out of other vehicles slowing down when he hit a man and his 18- month old daughter. they were not in a marked crosswalk. both of them were injured and rushed to the hospital .. both are expected to
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once again .. police tell us this someone driving impared.. they took the driver into custody after he failed a field sobriety test. a car thief didn't get far before causing a deadly highway. it happened around 11:30 last night near warm wild. that's where we young is live to tell us what appears to be a major factor in this crash. we don't know the pedestrian's identity yet... but it's apparent the speeding driver just did not see her until it was too late. the skidmarks and police markings still in the road show where he hit her and where he took off. michelle french/ henderson pd pio in the middle lane northbound on boulder highway just past warm springs a green circle police marked to show where a 50-year-old woman was jaywalking when she was hit - the terrifying part - the brake marks start only about 10
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circle - the driver seemed to have seen her at the last second. "the driver fled the scene and abandoned the vehicle a short time later so at this point we have recovered the vehicle but were still looking for the driver." the skid marks go on for another 80 or 90 feet - before they suddenly end - this is where we believe the suspect - whom henderson police say is a man - took his foot off the brake and took off. a short time later - an caller contacted the car - a silver two-thousand-three mercedes benz clk- stolen. it's the same car police say they found not too far away - a few hours later. the male suspect - nowhere to be found. "we do know that speed was a primary cause for this crash back in front of joker's wild - the woman - believed to have been crossing from the side of the casino to the west side of boulder - was pronounced dead. her body was found on same small stretch people continue cross to
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the street. " i keep an eye out for people because anyone could be walking anywhere." last year 12 people died crossing boulder highway - thats 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths in the valley - according to a traffic safety specialist. they say since february the speed limit has been dropped by 10 miles per hour - and the county plans to soon add more light for drivers to see. but those on foot are reminded - crime or no crime - pedestrians are just as much responsible for their own lives. as police believe the car thief in this death was speeding - this woman was likely hit at a rate much faster than the 45 miles per hour posted. "the crosswalk is just down there its maybe a hundred feet and they could have been crossing safely" all henderson police tell us they know so far is the driver is a male -
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specifics of where stolen from and where it was found. meanwhile here sitting in the car ive seen about a dozen people jokers wild to the bus stop across the street in the same place the lady was hit and again - only a hundred feet from an actual crosswalk. there have been 10 pedestrians deaths on county roads this year so far. this is the first in henderson. just an hour ago ... clark county firefighters scrambled to put out a large house fire in the south end of the valley. the thick smoke from this fire could be seen for miles. this was the view from our camera on top of the stratosphere. now a live look at the scene .. this is on yamhill street .. near wigwam and maryland parkway. when crews
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garage and a story house. no one was injured in this fire.. and the cause is still being investigated. supreme court justice won't be governor brian sandoval... at his response to the white house about being considered for the nation's highest court. put up .. or shut up!! a local teacher is following he's always told would do .. if only but does he have enou r spirit to land this job! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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a local teacher teaching his kids to dream big or go when one student asked him if he'd go head coach of the runnin' rebels. fox five's elizabeth watts and unlv teamed up for a big life lesson. carrillo teaches at southeast part of town he has found a unique way to inspire kids to dream big and the runnin rebels have nats you'll feel proud whenever you arrive if you make sure to keep your inside this cunningham elementary
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mister carrillo talks dreams with his third graders... and they're dreaming big.. it's all on the board... attorney.. pilot.. president and more. nats what's that feeling you're feeling right now? like i'm ready to do it it all started when the head coach job opened up for the runnin rebels... ent called him out- would mister carrillo go for his dream job? it turned into a teachable moment.. andrew carrillo/teacher & coach i told him, well not any regular joe can go apply for unlv basketball coach. there's a lot more to the story and how to apply for it. and he was like "it doesn't hurt to try!" that's when class project.. researching and strategizing on dreams become reality. and he ended up to u-n-l-v expressing darryl seibel/unlv athletics when you look at committed to their profession and so committed to helping young people understand dreams and the pursuing their dreams that's an unlv invited coach class to saturday's final
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regular season... they'll go with their new t-shirts the school made for them... nats: not just for your guys but for your families too whatt!!? coach carrillo says he's already seen a change in his students.. they're more motivated academically than before.. and with the likes of names like coach rick pitino being thrown in the mix for the head coaching job.. carrillo doesn't have much of a shot.. but you can't win if you don't play the game... and thats a lesson too.. carrillo: youre going to have to get used to positives and negatives, not everything is going to be going your important for them to realize that you'll have to compete with someone else to goals. elizabeth: coach name may never end up on this court. he may never be paid to fill this seat. but by inspiring his students. he says he's already living his dream. at the ffn llv. mister carrillo is actually a long he's the third teacher that's been in that class this year... he says he's there to stay.
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a full fledged teacher he wants the community to know there are good long term subs who are just as passionate about teaching the students. (( weather )) now fox5 weather meteorologist ted pretty little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting well into next week. we'll see 77 on friday with full sun and a very light weekend we'll have mph in the high of 80 degrees saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and tuesday will feature the same light breeze with highs in the mid to upper 70s. average high for this time
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degrees. little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting well into next week. we'll see 77 on friday with full sun and a very light breeze. for the weekend we'll have a light breeze to 15 mph in the afternoons with a high of 80 degrees saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and tuesday will feature the same light breeze with
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high for this time of the year is 65 degrees. closed captioning will resume shortly it's a 20 year old murder mystery involving a music icon, killed near the strip. tupac shakur was just 25 years when he was riding in
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seat in suge knights bmw. a white cadillac pulled up alongside knight's car at the intersection of koval and more than a dozen fox five found two former l-a-p-d detectives... both with their own murder theories. one of them is russell poole... he became involved in the investigation after rapper chirstopher wallace otherwise known as notorious b-i-g was killed in los angeles... he worked on the case for 20 years cops were murders. in september - he died in a meeting with the la county sheriffis department about new evidence he uncovered... " carlin- a man takes 2 billion heart beats and the last 2thousand are in a meeting with the sheriffs talking about sheriff corruption and he passes away in the meeting i mean it defies logic " pooles cause of death was determined to be a heart attack... but some people close to him tell us... its way too coincidental. the las vegas metro police department told us they couldnt comment because its an ongoing investigation. join us tonight at ten.. for an indepth look at
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next .. governor sandoval speaks out about his name being thrown around to fill the vacancy at the supreme court. and making the ultimate sacrifice.. what a 10-year old girl did to her friends that left them bruised .. but forever in her
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or brian sandoval says, thanks .. but no thanks. he told the white house today he is not interested in being considered for the supreme court. the republican didn't offer a reason for his decision. but said the notion of being considered for the highest court in the land is "beyond humbling" and he is "incredibly grateful" to be mentioned. he says he also expressed his position to senators harry reid, dean heller and mitch mcconnell. sandoval is a former federal judge. new tonight at six .. the story of a young girl who is now being called a hero. she gave her own life to save two others. alyssa jenkins, mother of two saved "she saved both my daughters lives, my two kids, all i have, and both could have been gone in an instant! she stepped in and took over and did what she knows and that's to protect those around her." earlier this week, 10 year old kiera larsen saved the
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friends before she was run over. there was no driver in the s-u-v .. it somehow came out of park and began rolling toward the children. cradled in their parents' arms, the two girls kiera saved have scratches from being pushed out of harm's way. jonathan gusich, father of two saved "she was a big sister to them; she was always lookin' out for 'em and apparently she would give her life for my kids." kiera was in fourth grade. grief counselors have been assigned through the end of the week at her school. still ahead ... remembering it's still winter. oh the humanity!! shoveling driveways. on a side osto downtown there's a house where lives and legacies of michael jackson and liberace intertwine. the "thriller villa" is where michael jackson lived the
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it's also where the king of pop stored his massive art collection. now it's home to the incredible collection of liberace memorabelia. jonathan says: it's got an amazing history. it was built to house the art collection of the man who originally built the house. liberace artifacts are now housed in that underground vault -- but the connections between "mister showmanship" and michael jackson don't stop there. coming up on "more access' at 6:30 -- we reveal more of the secrets that bind the two entertainment icons who called las vegas home. join rachel and me after fox5 news at
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. the apartment belonging to a group of runnin' rebels-- is broken into while the team is on the road... why the ring that was taken.... is irreplaceable. " it makes them smile. very rarely does anyone look at maya and not smile " how a local woman and her dog are
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day for those needing a little extra love. finally tonight ... as you enjoy our amazing spring- like weather ... do keep your friends in the upper midwest in mind. this was the scene overnight north of chicago. snow piled high on the road .. with wind whipping up drifts and whiteout conditions. in this area .. the high for today ... right around freezing. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. now on "more access" -- inside the underground vault where the lives and legacies of "mister showmanship" and "the king of pop" collide! tonight -- the
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exposed... as we reveal the las vegas location that houses truly thrilling artifacts! then -- marie osmond's pint- sized protege! could she end up on-stage at the flamingo? and they've starred in two of the biggest hits on tv... "breaking bad" and "the walking dead" - but what do aaron paul and norman reedus binge watch? ((triple 9 sot)) ((triple 9 sot)) ((triple 9 sot)) coming up - our exclusive with the stars on their tv obsessions, their new film and the one show in vegas norman says we have to see! your access to las vegas entertainment starts now get more las vegas. more. more! i love to get more. when i'm in vegas i love to get more! (( bang! )) paris, motown and


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