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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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fox5 report... we look at the emotional impact of officer involved shootings... from the officer's point of view. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a man was shot and killed in the backyard of a home. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. neighbors say they're not surprised since they have been seeing suspicious activity in their neighborhood for some time. fox5's miguel martinez-valle joins us from the neighborhood where it happened with the details. this is the home where the shooting happened this afternoon, neighbors tell me while the house is supposed to be empty, they often see people coming and going from the home. " i was out working in the garage, i just walked in the house for a second and i heard a loud bang," tony morgan stayed home from
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mind, especially if he was here" but instead of a relaxing afternoon at day off trying to figure out what few houses from "sirens, ambulance, fire trucks, cop cars." police tell us a was shot in the vacant home... by managers. thought there the residence." managers, a man in the backyard of they took their unwanted they found one, followed. goes to the point, i dont know if he regains his footing. but hes able to retrieve his fire arm." police say the intruder punched the property manager several times in the face. the dog was also punched. eventually he was able to get his gun and shoot the intruder. " the male was transported to sunrise trauma, and he was pronounced deceased, unfortunately" police say the intruder's backpack held a screw driver and other tools commonly used to break into homes. they're
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shot could have been a squatter, which is what many neighbors believe. " sometimes when i pass by, or see the houses through, i see people inside the houses. and nobody lives there " many of those living in the area say they've started noticing problems in their neighborhood, some like tony morgan say theyre ready to leave. " this neighborhood's really gone downhill, my lease is up next month and i am moving." police are asking people to report any suspicious activity and let them deal with it, instead of taking matters into your own hands. live, miguel martinez- valle, fox5 news local. las vegas. this is the 26th homicide of the year. no one has been arrested and metro doesnt believe there will be charges police are investigating another shooting tonight... this one on cambridge near twain. metro says this happened after five-30. one person was shot and taken to the hospital. police did not say who they're looking for in this shooting, or how the victim is doing tonight. a memorial is growing, at the
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a father was shot and killed over police say they'll do whatever it takes, to find his if we have to hunt you down and find charged with murder. it's to your involved in this and it was a robbery and killed this person in cold blood over a cell phone, we would like to speak to you and you can help heriberto marcel diaz got off the bus on and started walking home near lake mead and police say a group of young people stole his phone, then shot him. they say this group may be robberies in this area, and they becoming accustomed to these violent crimes. if you can help police with any of tonight's crimes, call crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55. thick smoke could be seen around the valley after a house caught fire. a neighbor tells us he and others quickly ran over, to try and help the people who lived there.
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the garage open, couldn't get it open, it was stuck, and the flames got bigger and before you knew it, the windows were blowing out. everyone was frantically trying to get everyone out of the house, make sure the dogs were alright. " this happened near wigwam and pollock just before five tonight. clark county fire crews used aggressive tactics to fight the blaze. the three people inside the home escaped, as well as three dogs. the red cross is helping the people displaced in this fire. so far, no word on how it started. and a space heater is to blame in a house fire early this morning. this started just before six, near washington and decatur. las vegas fire and rescue says a man was sleeping on a back patio near a space heater... which was placed too close to a sofa. the sofa caught fire, and it quickly spread to the house. the man was not hurt, and his mother who lived there had left for the night. firefighters say the patio was gutted, and damage is estimated at 15 thousand dollars. a father and his young daughter were hit by a car earlier this afternoon.
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was behind the wheel. this happened around two, in a school zone near charleston and lamb. metro says cars let the father push a stroller across the street. sped up, weaved in and out of traffic... slamming into the family. 18-month-old were rushed to sunrise trauma. police say they're relieved the two will make a full recovery. " look at the car, you the roadway, but i'm just really glad to say they're okay ." metro says the a crosswalk during the accident. field sobriety taken to jail. he faces felony d-u-i because of how serious the injuries were in this crash. police say a man stole a car, and slammed into a woman crossing boulder highway. that driver took off, leaving the woman's body in the road. ""the driver fled the scene and abandoned the
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point we have recovered the vehicle but were still looking for the driver." " this happened 11... at boulder springs. henderson police say the victim was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. skid marks show brake about ten the victim... but then took off after the crash. saw 12 pedestrian deaths in 2015. the county limit and plans to drivers. a teenage girl says she was who came up demanded her phone. sierra vista high school student makayla says she normally walks home from school yesterday she was alone. this was near tenaya. makayla told us front of her, the other pulled her bag from behind. the two wanted her i-phone. makayla says at first she resisted, but she eventually handed the phone over. i thought about it they had weapons
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just give in. " pause i feared for my daughters life. and for her safety thats not a great feeling for a parent. metro says thieves like these look for crimes of opportunity, and they target vulnerable people. an online crime data base says there's only been one other robbery in this area since january. some cars at cimarron high school were vandalized, while students were in class. according to clark county school police... someone damaged six cars. police say a few had broken windows, others had scratches in the paint. so far, no one has been caught. two suspects police say were involved in a kidnapping faced a judge today. public defenders were appointed for paul gilbert and sherman leemhuis. their co- defendent ashley stock didn't make an appearance. police say the three kidnapped a woman, tied her up, and held her captive in a garage last week. the victim was able to free herself and get help after several hours. police officers
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task... the decision to end a suspect's life. and it can be difficult for those officers, to move on from the deadly cases. " sgt. ericsson: i think sometimes people forget that we're just human beings " in a special fox5 report, we look at what these officers go through after a shooting, and the resources to help them. republican presidential candidates use tonight to make an impression... before super tuesday. how nevada senator harry reid became a hot topic tonight. your fox5 weather
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a suspect killed three people inside a kansas manufacturing plant, before turning the gun police say the through at least shooting a gun out his window. he shot three people, including a man whose car he stole on the way. the gunman then made his way to "excel industries", three people, and injured at least 15 more. police say the for this company, and he might have witnesses say heard an explosion... but were horrified to see their coworker spraying bullets on them. " "unfortunately, yes, three of my co-workers from paint department alone were shot. everybody is really close and it really hit hard when this incident happened today. yes, i know the shooter personally. he was my partner." " police are not giving out the suspect's name. he was killed in the paint department of the plant, in a shoot- out with police. republican presidential candidates faced
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tuesday. and there was a moment where ted cruz brought nevada senator harry reid's name in the debate. ""there is a reason why when harry reid was asked 'of all the people on the stage, who does he want the most, who does he like the most? harry reid said 'donald trump.' why? because donald has supported him in the past and he knows that he can cut a deal with him. " the remaining five candidates debated in houston in texas. donald trump was under attack by the rest of the canddiates, but he held his own. marco rubio especially got fiesty with trump, calling him out on his ethics. voters in 12 states will vote for their republican candidate on tuesday. from murders to fatal car crashes - police officers are usually the first to arrive at a gruesome scene. many of us can't even begin to imagine what they see. fox5's maria silva show us how officers receive emotional support - after an extraordinarily tough day on the job. sgt. douglas ericsson: there was a subject who had barricaded himself inside a strangers house and he had a knife
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and brandon oris each recount what lead up to the split second decision that would forever change their lives professionally and personally seargent brandon oris he actually just grabbed the female off of the street and held a knife to her throat the two belong to a club... they'd rather not be a part of... both have been involved in separate deadly officer involved shootings sgt. oris: we had to either use force to save this woman's life or it was definitely going to go the other way sgt. ericsson: he attacked us with a knife and forced our hands and that's how it ended which was a us maria stand-up: arrives at a critical scene... there is a group... working behind the scenes... you might not even they're peer counselors with metro's "police assistance peap for short... ready to help these officers aftermath. lisa hank: we connect with them immediately, right away, and what we what they need in
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lisa hank is peap's director... she says in law enforcement they're now really focusing on breaking the cycle of silence lisa hank: we have to begin to change the culture where people employees of law enforcement feel comfortable saying... i'm not ok sgt. oris: i didn't think that i needed to really talk to anybody... it wasn't a matter of denying anything... i just felt that i was dealing with it on my own. but being forced to go and sit down and talk to somebody at least a few times, really made me understand how much, maybe if you don't realize it, you do need that according to hank... statistically it has been shown that in law enforcement there is a higher risk of divorce, disease and alcoholism sgt. ericsson: i think sometimes people forget that we're just human beings in: we have a super high suicide rate amongst officers, and part of it is having to live with those days of negative situations that have a constant impact in their mind that
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and many of these officers.... especially those involved in officer involved shootings.... also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or ptsd sgt ericsson: everyone once in a while you might have a dream. sometimes the dream goes differently than how it actually happened at at least that's how it's happened with me and while sergeants ericsson and oris currently don't require the services peap has to offer. the healing process continues sgt: oris - to say it's something that still doesn't affect me it wouldn't be true. it still absolutely does. and just like i said earlier me and my wife will still talk about it and or there is still something that will come up or something will remind us what we went through. and that's when the peap peer counselors step in to lend a helping hand 24/7 365 days of the year. sgt. ericsson: it's almost like they have a real good little keen sense of your need... and out of the blue they'll give you a call you can learn more about metro police and the issues they face in our community on our "behind the
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it's each thursday morning... right here on fox5. nevada brian sandoval says no thanks to the supreme court. after being considered for the vacant seat on the highest court in the land, the nevada governor took himself out of consideration. some democrats say sandoval would have been the only republican nominee president obama would have considered. even though sandoval removed himself from the running, he expressed flattery over the nomination. he said in a statement that he is beyond humbled and grateful to have been mentioned. 24..7. with chief pretty little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting we'll see 77 on and a very light breeze. for the
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mph in the afternoons with a high of 80 degrees saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and tuesday will feature the same light breeze with highs in the mid to upper 70s. average high for this time of the year is 65 degrees. little to complain about over the next stretch of days with great conditions lasting well into next week. we'll see 77 on friday with full sun
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breeze. for the weekend we'll have a light breeze to 15 mph in the afternoons with a high of 80 degrees saturday, then 78 on sunday. monday and tuesday will feature the same light breeze with highs in the mid to upper 70s. average high for this time of the year is 65 degrees. closed captioning
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a burglary takes place at the home where several runnin' rebel basketball players live. and they tell us one of the items stolen, is priceless. what they're asking social media to keep an eye out for. " nats what's that feeling you're feeling right now? like i'm ready to do it " and how a teacher is inspiring his class to follow their dreams, using the runnin' rebels as inspiration. you are watching
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into an apartment shared by four college students. and now they're asking you to be on the lookout for their stolen stuff, maybe at pawn shops or online.
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also happen to be high profile unlv runnin' rebels. nats- jones steal ball tuesday night the runnin rebels were in idaho battling it out with boise state on the hardwood. we came back after the game, got home late when they got back they noticed their front door had been kicked in three players and a team manager got home to find someone had broken into their apartment. the players who live there: stephen zimmerman, ben carter, and derrick jones. nats- helping jones up, walking to sideline a lot of it's replaceable, a lot of the personalized items hard to replace stephen zimmerman is a mcdonald's all american- a title reserved for the best and most highly recruited high school players. the thieves made off with his coveted ring. it was huge to stephen and our family, just the honor of being chosen one of the top 24 all americans, he had waned that since he started playing bball, what it signified, his hard work, to have it gone is
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media, asking eye out at pawn shops or websites, in case the ring we just want it back the thieves also stole video games, hoverboards, jewelry, money, there's some size 16 shoes out there is there any indication they were targeted bc they were unlv bball players? its's just so odd that it happened when they were all gone, i can say i have suspicions they were targeted, but i don't have any proof of that they're high profile guys, these things are unfortunate anytime you run into something like this march first is next week. derrik jones and ben carter had their rent money ready to go, but the thieves made
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reported the theft and strengthened security at their apartment. if you know anything about what happened, call metro police. a substitute teacher is showing his 3rd graders how to dream big! andrew carrillo came up with a pretty good game plan to motivate his students. he's going for his dream job, as head coach to the runnin' rebels. andrew teamed up with u-n-l-v to prove to his students that nothing is impossible. the aspiring coach sent in a letter when the coaching job became available. a challenge from a student led to the idea. carrillo: "he said 'you should go apply for it' and i told him 'well not any regular joe could go apply for a unlv basketball coach" "and he was like 'it doesn't hurt to try!' so when he said that i decided to come up with a running project that we're going to be doing for the rest of the school year" that project is called 'dream big or go home!' carrillo says he's already seen a change in his students. they're more motivated academically now more than ever before. unlv reached out to this class, by inviting them to a
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parents will want to take a good look at their children's cups after this story. why mold is growing inside a popular toddler cup... and what parents can do to prevent it. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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manufacturer is responding... after parents complain their
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take a look at these pictures. parents are sharing images of what the inside of their "tommee tippee cups" look like. some say their kids are getting sick, and they're blaming the moldy cups. they say the security valve doesn't drain well, trapping mildew inside. tommee tippee says they've tested the valves with a panel of 140 parents with mostly positive results. but thick formula milk, pulpy juice, and warm liquids can get trapped in the valve. tommee tippee tells parents to stop leaving cups out for long periods of time. they will also replace the moldy cups. people going to burning man are pretty big spenders. on average last year's festival- goers spent about two thousand dollars per person. according to the reno gazette... most of the money goes to getting high powered people into the area. burning man is celebrated in the black rock desert which one hundred twenty miles north of reno. about eighty thousand people went to the weeklong celebration in 20- 15. michael jackson and liberace had a friendship that lasted decades... and influenced
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music. and right here in las vegas, the two are a special part of a downtown home. this basement has a very unique history. michael jackson used to lease the property, and this is where he stored his art collection... worth an estimated 900 million dollars! the art was removed after jackson's death... and the space is now filled with liberace artifacts. jackson and liberace became friends in the late 70's... and they gave each other a lot of inspiration. " jonathan says: it's very apparent when you look at the costume designs and the dates they came out. the guy who designed the glove for michael jackson talked about the fact that the only one who had that kind of rhinestoning... the really elaborate stuff that wouldn't fall apart.. was liberace " tomorrow on "more access" -- see how the golden globe winning movie "behind the candelabra" re- ignited interest in liberace's life. and we'll look at some costumes worn in the movie... they are based on. girl's creativity shown to future


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