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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  August 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. days after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.. someone stole her only way to get to treatment.. and to get away from the stress. now the community is coming together to show their support. a construction worker is killed in a scaffolding collapse this week. now the family is speaking out. last night's storm had a lot of people waking up with damage causing headaches in the morning. we'll hear from one woman who's patio awning came crashing down....minutes after her family stepped back inside. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. last night brought a lightning show to some parts of the valley. which also came with a lot of damage to some parts. i'm john huck. i'm christine
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we'll take a look at some of that damage in just a minute but right now... let's check in with meterologist sam argier who's filling in for ted pretty. it has been a mild and humid tuesday around the las vegas valley. with that moisture in place, we still have the chance of a few isolated storms popping up around southern nevada tonight. the best chance will be between 8 p.m. and midnight, favoring the northern half of the valley. overnight low temperatures drop into the mid 70s. wednesday will stay dry with more sunshine around the area. high temperatures climb back into the low 100s. look for winds
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falling back into the 90s again on friday. parts of the valley were flooded with rain last night. and some areas were badly damaged. "so when we went out half an hour later she's like we have a problem, the patio is down, and we couldn't get outside the front door " suzanne steelman and her fami were outside watching the lightning before it really started to pick up around seven oclock. she says about a half an hour later they heard a big boom and a crash. they came out to find their patio awning on the ground. steelman says in
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lived in the house...they've never seen damage like last night. fire station 23 located near lamb and alexander has quite the clean-up ahead of them. the clark county fire chief says water was coming through ever door of the fire station... soaking areas and the kitchen. the carpet has to be ripped out and drywall has to be replaced. the fire station will stay open while those repairs are made. a woman who was just diagnosed with stage four breast cancer... woke up this morning to her truck being stolen. now her husband says instead of focusing on beating cancer... she's worried about how she is going to get too and from her chemotherapy treatments. fox5's cyndi lundeburg is in the studio with us right now... with more on what this family is going through... carolyn shirley reed was diagnosed on friday... and her husband said this weekend he had planned to take that truck and his wife... to go camping to just try and get her mind off things.
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reed- recently i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and my husband was going to take me up to the mountains to get way and relax carolyn shirley reed and her husband john had planned to spend the weekend in the mountains of northern arizona... carolyn shirley- reed- it brings us great joy to hang out together were best friends carolyn shirley- reed- im very lucky to have him john planned the camping trip after carolyn's recent diagnosis. john reed- she just found out on friday shes stage four and then tuesday morn truck... which they need to tow their camper... was gone. stolen right out front of their house on oquendo and pecos. truck was right there the reeds purchased the f250 truck a year ago... and just got new tires and rims. where the piles of gravel are is where the front tires were the stolen truck is red... with a black shaker hood...fender wheels...and is a year 2000. john reed- i wanna find them and beat the living crap out of them john says the most frustrating part is the effect this is having on his wife... john reed- theres already to much stress we take
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and try and take her mind off of it beyond putting this weekend's plans on hold ... carolyn needs the truck to make it to her chemotherapy sessions. carolyn tells me ever since the diagnosis .. this camping trip is the only thing taking her mind off her illness. carolyn shirley- reed- i try not to think about it but all i can do is think about it the reeds have filed a police report... and are hoping the people who took the truck are watching. end carolyn shirley- reed- what thyeve done to us it was more than truck it was a joyful weekend just to get our minds off things and now everythings just shattered but i have hope. we have put a bunch of photos on our website... of that stolen truck... just head to fox5vegas -dot com. also we put this story up on our facebook... and in about an hour is been shared more than 700 times... and the comments on there.
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person commenting on this story is offering to take carolyn to and from her chemo appointments should she need it. the reeds have filed a police report.... if you have any information youre asked to call police. just over 24 hours ago a husband .. and father .. died when scaffolding collapsed at tivoli village. today, that man sas been identified as 30-year old ricardo bautista. fox 5's miguel martinez valle sat down with his wife tonight ... and joins us live near 5th and lake mead .. close to the family's home. bautista leaves behind 3 young kids and tonight as his wife jacquelyn is trying to come to terms with this tragedy she tells me he wasn't supposed to be at work yesterday in the first place. jacquelyn bautista, widow
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jacquelyn bautista didnt just lose her husband. she lost her best friend... .. i'm broken" her three boys lost their father ", you know my oldest son asking where's his dad... it's hard" she describes her husband, ricardo bautista, as a hard working man. the construction job that took his life, a side gig. a way for him to provide more for his family "he to go to work , so i told him just stay home, take a day off. he said no i need to make more income" ricardo was working a project at tivoli village, he was one of three men on a scaffolding that collapsed... "they called me at 2:40 saying he had an accident i said what kind of accident tell me where is he at" he didnt make it, while the two other men managed to jump to safety, ricardo was pronounced dead at the scene... "i'm not gonna see him walk through this door no more..." as reality sets in,
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provide for her kids the way ricardo worked so hard to provide for his family... " he was just perfect... (tear)" ricardos fellow workers did put up a go fund me to support his family ,you can find that on our websote fox5vegas dot com tivoli village put out a yesterday after the incident saying they were shocked and saddened by the tragedy. the investigation into what caused the collapse is being handled by osha and could take several weeks to complete. a rider is dead after a motorcycle crash on the freeway off-ramp. police say the motorcylist got off the 15 at d street right before being hit by a chevy suburban. it happened just before noon today. we understand the victim was an employee at another television
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in the valley .. ksnv .. and we want to extend our condolences to the vics family, his friends and co-workers. police in north las vegas... are looking for the person wanted in a series of purse snatchings. take a look.... the suspect striking--- at least four times sunday night... first on east lake mead at ten p-m... nearly an hour later on west lake mead.... then just before 11:30 at simmons and coran... and finally at 12:15 on craig road. if you have any informations on any of these snatchings... you are asked to call police. las vegas is seeing it's first human case of the west nile virus this year. the southern nevada health district says a 50- year-old woman is infected by a serious neuro- invasive form of the disease. the woman was treated and released form the hospital. county officials found mosquitoes with west nile last month. this marks the first human case in 20-16. one person was also infected last year. a woman reached out to fox5 when she lost her
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albums to a storage unit auction. danica winberg says her mother's unit was auctioned off for two-hundred dollars after an autopayment mix up. she says her mother was in a rehab facility and couldn't be reached when the payments weren't going through. 14 photos albums were in the storage unit... all very carefully put together spanning 70 years of her family's history. "a voice in my head was just like, no, no, no, just your heart drops, it's devastating, i mean you think about all her personal things that are lost but the most hard hitting thing was all the family pictures and heirlooms that would have been passed on to my kids. after seeing the story on fox five...we got a call from a viewer who says she might have those photo albums. they will meet with danica tomorrow to find out if those are the same lost albums. senator harry reid says donald trump cant win nevada... why he say's the state's changing demographics mean a win for hillary clinton.
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lemonade stand is back open for business... how much money she raised this
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school starts next monday... and teachers are already back in their classrooms getting ready for students. teachers are getting their rooms ready and are busy working on lesson plans... but teachers we spoke to want to remind parents... the kids are in good hands. and not only want the kids to learn. .. they want them to
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"i think they can be excited and know that we have them in our best hands, that we have good control with them and they should be excited for what they're going to learn throughout the year. there is a meet the teacher event this friday. for all things back to school... head over to fox5 vegas dot com... and click on the special banner at the top of the page. with kids heading back to school....officers are asking drivers to pay extra attention to kids on the road.... decker elementary school this morning - to discuss the "slow your roll" campaign. it's a reminder to drivers to modify their habits - and prepare for heavier volumes of traffic - and more kids crossing the streets. about 320- thousand kids will be heading back to school. metro says the penalties for speeding or breaking the law in school zones - just isn't worth it. "you can see their height just standing next to the signs they're pretty much masked their entire body. ands the height of an automobile is
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can see just right there, if youre traveling at a speed you're not going to see these kids crossing the street. while public schools welcome students back on monday - some private schools in the valley are already back in session. if you're child is afraid of needles... that's no excuse for skipping out on vaccinations. the only excuses to avoid mandatory vaccinations for school a medical...or religious reason. immunize nevada says without getting those shots...your child could risk being sent home. they are uin parents to make an informed desicion when it comes to vaccines. "pamela/ well that's their opinion. that's their opinion. but they only see the value of it when their child gets sick or ill. betsy/ well we encourage all parents to make an informed decision about what they're doing for their child's health immunize nevada will be holding vaccine fair events this weekend for any kids who still need their shots. saturday .. there are events at the southern nevada health district... the galleria pediatric clinic and cox communications in
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now fox5 weather 24/7, with sam argier it has been a mild and humid tuesday around the las vegas valley. with that moisture in place, we still have the chance of a few isolated storms popping up around southern nevada tonight. the best chance will be between 8 p.m. and midnight, favoring the northern half of the valley. overnight low temperatures drop into the mid 70s. wednesday will stay dry with more sunshine around the area. high temperatures climb back into the low
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with temperatures falling back into the 90s again on friday. it has been a mild and humid tuesday around the las vegas valley. with that moisture in place, we still have the chance of a few isolated storms popping up around southern nevada tonight. the best chance will be between 8 p.m. and midnight, favoring the northern half of the valley. overnight low temperatures drop into the mid 70s. wednesday will stay dry with more
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the area. high temperatures climb back into the low 100s. look for winds to pick up thursday, with temperatures falling back into the 90s again on friday. closed captioning
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senator harry reid says donald trump won't win nevada because there aren't enough "uneducated white men" he sas the state have changed and that trump cant count on "reagan democrats who crossed party lines for support. reid says that change...along with his belief that republican women are shying away from supporting the candidate...mean's a win for hillary clinton. reid also says catherine cortez masto will beat out representative joe heck in taking over his senate seat. a one million dollar donation is going to veterans village... giving them the ability to open up a second campus downtown. this means more veterans and their families will have
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they ever come on hard times. the extra money came from n-fl player-- steven jackson. jackson was born and raised in las vegas. he played football for eldorado high school. he says says making the choice to give to veterans village was easy. "i'm the son of a marine that served during vietnam and i have grandfathers and uncles who have served." "i don't think any amount of money could actually measure up to what our veteran... the men and women, what they've done and the sacrifices they've made to for our country. so regardless of the amount, it's never to what they've given." the new campus will add more than 200 housing units for our vets. veterans village hopes to raise even more money for a third campus in the near future. a little girl opened up her lemonade stand again today... this time to help metro k-9 officers get protective vests. "we wanted to do it for a vest because we didn't want to lose another k9 like nicky. this way we can help them out and they can get vests. " "theresa ann babcock" offered lemonade to
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"kangamoo play". her father says she raised nearly seven hundred and fifty dollars today! her previous stand raised more than 13 hundred dollars for family members of fallen officers. it's theresa's fourth birthday today, and her family says she wanted to spend it helping others. president obama takes a trip to see the flood damage in baton rouge. the backlash he's getting for not coming to louisiana any sooner. and download our free fox five app for the latest breaking news...
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on side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. louisiana that have been devasted by floods over the past couple of weeks. this trip comes with criticism from republicans that the president should have been there sooner. karin caifa is in denham springs
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(pres. barack obama): "this is not a one-off, this is not a photo op" president barack obama has now seen the devastation in baton rouge with his own eyes... and has promised to provide whatever federal resources are needed to rebuild the flood- torn region. (pres. barack obama) "as of today federal support has reached 127 million dollars-- that's for help like temporary rental assistance, inurance payments" 13 lives lost....more than 60,000 homes damaged. the red cross calling the floods here the country's worst disaster since superstorm sandy four years ago. (pres. barack obama) "i want the people of louisana to know you're not alone in this even after the tv cameras leave" but some republicans say this trip should have come sooner. the white house announced the visit on friday afternoon, while the president was on vacation in martha's vineyard. it's also when republican presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence were here themselves (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "never
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ought to get off the golf course and get there." the president of livingston parish, one of the hardest-hit areas, says he would rather see politics set aside for the sake of his residents. (layton ricks/president of livingston parish) "my concern is getting our parish back up and running. we are a resilient people. we've been knocked out, we got up, we fought back / / / in livingston parish, louisiana, i'm karin caifa. hillary clinton says she will visit louisiana when, quote, "the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response" -- which was seen by many as a clear shot at trump's visit last week. the first image of the earth was taken fifty years ago today.... but it wasn't just a one-snap shot. the number of photos that were taken of the earth's first big debut. plus dominos stocks are up.... why emoji texts could have a positive impact on skyrocketing pizza
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[ricky]quality top tier gas can help engine performance. hmm,wonder what that's like... [reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me. he's the real mvp! we did it,man!ha-hah! [ricky whispers]you inspire me.
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50-years ago today-- the world got its first look of the earth. this picture was taken by a spacecraft from the vicinity of the moon. back in19-66-- the space agency launched the first of five lunar orbiters to photograph the surface of the moon. eventually sent back a total of three thousand and 62-photos... showing 99- percent of the moon's surface. an improving economy and cheaper gas means more people are on the road-- but while the cost of gas is down, a different price is being paid. traffic deaths in the first half of 2016 were up almost 10-percent -- that's compared to the same period last year. the national safety council does partly blame the increase on low gas prices and


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