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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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breaking news in anthem tonight where police are investigating a murder-suicide. i'm adam herbets -- in for john huck. i'm christine maddela. fox5's miguel martinez valle is live near the neghborhood off of anthem highlands drive in the far south end of the community. (captioning will resume shortly)
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(captioning will resume shortly) "it started because i do walk by that home, so in the future when i do walk by i going to turn around and look and say, "wow you know i know what happened there" but it's shocking it's alarming that can happen, i mean it can happen anywhere, but you never think it's going to happen this close to home." (captioning will
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also breaking tonight .. a woman trying to cross lake mead boulevard has died from her injuries. north las vegas police have had eastbound lake mead shut down at civic center for the last 2 and a half hours. police say it was a motorcyclist that hit the 47-year-old woman.. the rider received minor injuries. it's still not clear if the woman was in a marked cross
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teh identity of the woman who died in this crash. we are learning more about murder suspect alonso perez. investigators think he shot and killed a man, and that's why they were questioning him... until something went wrong. when detectives left perez alone in the interogation room, he broke out of handcuffs and escaped. perez is still on the run... and now we know more about his past here in the valley. (nats- fox5 alonso perez escaped police custody) i was blown away, just amaing it was same guy on the news is the one that had opened shots on the office louis scott called fox5 because he recognized alonso perez when we aired his picture and the story of his escape from police custody. (nats- fox5 newscast he also has an air jordan tattoo on the left side of his neck ) scott runs the peterson motel and apartments in northeast las vegas. scott tells us perez and his girlfriend lived there for a few weeks this summer. one day they got into a fight, and perez left. she came in, said he was crazy and may be coming back around this area. then, on july 25, scott tells us perez shot at him. take a look at the
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video: he comes pulling in in a red jeep scott tells us perez and his girlfriend got out of the jeep, fighting and yelling at each other. i told them they're not going to bring their argument into my office, i was on this side of the door scott told them to come back when they're done fighting. they walk off, then... turns around his gun jams right here, jams again, i'm able to get away, now he starts shooting, reloads, fixes the problem here, when we take a closer look at perez from this angle. the gun firing. if this bullet here wouldn't have hit the desk, it would have come into me right here one, two, three... pop, pop pop scott said at least nine bullets hit the building.
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dangerous persons on the street right now (double box) scott says he knows this man who shot at him is the same man who escaped from north las vegas detectives. when we asked the police, they told us they did investigate the incident scott described, but wouldn't confirm it's the same man. he has no concern for life, of anyone else or himself if you recognize alonso perez, north las vegas police warn he is dangerous, do not try to approach him, just call police or crimestoppers. 702-385-5555 from the barbecue pits to the trails-- sunset park was a popular labor day spot for families all over the valley. "it's one of the best parks in town. everybody gets together here. it's beautiful by the lake. so perfect location." the nice weather made it one of the best places to soak up some sun. visitors spent time fishing at the lake... biking... and of course grilling up tons of food. sunset is one the biggest parks in clark county. it might be a little harder to breathe in las vegas these days. the valley has been under an air quality advisory this labor day weekend. it's all thanks to wildfire smoke
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the clark county department of air quality issued a warning sunday. it warns of high levels of ozone and smoke through today. a woman is injured after being hit by a car late last night. police say it happened around 11-30 p-m near lake mead and martin luther king boulevard. they say the woman was hit while she was crossing the street. police say the car that hit her was going a very low rate of speed at the time of the crash but the driver did not stop. the woman had minor injuries but is expected to be okay. the first woman elected to the clark county commission has died. thalia dondero was the first elected clark county commissioner in 1974 and served for more than two decades. during her term....she oversaw a mccarran internation airport explansion and flood control projects. she was later elected to the nevada system of higher education board of regents and served on the las vegas valley water district board. dondero was 96 years old. senator harry
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dondero's passing... from her tireless work to improve education for nevada her vital role in expanding southern nevada's economic and recreational offerings... thalia was a one-of-a- kind advocate for the silver state and its residents. a man in arizona is accused of setting off pipe bombs around bullhead city. philip krikorian was arrested sunday - after a person saw his pickup truck and tipped off the police. witnesses say they saw that truck driving away from an explosion set off last month. so... police served a warrant at his bomb-related materials - and a gun. police say they questioned the man about a different pipe bomb that went off near his home last year. he was described as uncooperative with investigators... but he was not considered a suspect in that case. a korean war veteran has finally been awarded a purper heart for injuries he received in 19- 53. this is 82-year-old warren sessler. he was mailed an unmarked purple heart eight years after bein wounded in the
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korean war. sessler says he couldnt officially claim the honor because it was not on his discharge papers. that changed when representative joe heck's office tracked down the missing papers...and presented him with the honor. olive garden is getting in on the labor day celebrations. what the restaurant chain is doing to thank first responders all over the country. plus... a p-g-a pro is teeing off in honor of servicemen across the country. and it's not just your standard round of 18 holes. those stories and more coming up after the break... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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mount charleston over the weekend... ended in a hospital visit for a local family when their 6- year-old daughter broke her arm. the girl's name is kai. and this story isn't as much about her broken arm as it is about a random act of kindness. fox5's miguel martinez valle spoke to kai and her parents about what happened.
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really bad" and her family knew they had to get her to a doctor as soon as possible... " the faster that we can get her down the mountain, the faster that we can get her seen" luckily for them, when tragedy struck... an unexpected hero turned up to help out. " she came up and she's like hey do you want my help im a professional athlete its no problem, i could actually use the extra weight in the work out. " but it was only once they started going down the they realized just who was lending them a hand. " and she's like well my name is meisha, and i was like hmmm, well it wouldn't happen to be meisha tate... and she's like yea, well this is an interesting day" tate is a former u-f-c- champ.. amber ellis took to instagram to thank tate meisha tate then shared the adorable video calling the interaction " one of the most rewarding days of her career" " the video's only been on instagram for a few days but it already has almost 70,000 views. giving the family some attention they just weren't expecting... " she'd have a fun story and a picture... i didn't expect anything from it" kai's been keeping tate in the loop on her recovery... " it does not feel like anything, it only hurts, this much" and the family is
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happy ending.. " i'm eternaly greatful for her help" " thank you for carrying me down the mountain meisha" amber say's she's ve how much attention the story got. she says she just wanted to share the nice moment with her friends on social media firefighters... police officers and paramedics are enjoying free salad and breadsticks today-- all thanks to olive garden. the restaurant chain made it a labor day tradition to thank our first responders for their work in the community. they've served over ten thousand free meals in the 15 years the tradition has been going on... it all started in 20-02. olive garden workers deliver
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they are. "just to do one little thing out of the year, is such an honor to help out the ones that serve us everyday, the ones that are out there risking their lives everyday" more than 800 olive garden restaurants participated all over the country. more than 500 people protesting against the dakota access pipeline interfered with crews at a pipeline work site after cutting the fence. the demonstrators say private security threatened them with canines. "(lonnie favel/dapl protester) scary. you know a lot of people are out here with their children. accidents happen all the time with dogs, and people could really get hurt." police say say some demonstrators assaulted private security guards with fence posts and flag poles. they say the guards sprayed many of the protesters with pepper spray and that some people were injured by the dogs. several security guards and law enforcement officers say they were hurt, one security guard needed to be hospitalized.
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say the protest was peaceful. here at home.... protestors gathered in front of the bellagio fountains in support of stopping the construction of the dakota acccess pipeline sunday. "the las vegas tribe" teamed up with "the bee people" to get the word out. they're planning to host another protest later this week. a coast guard helicopter crew has rescued three fishermen whose boat broke down during hurricane hermine. the men realized they were in trouble as the storm tossed around their 60- feet ship in virginia over the wee damaged and then the boat started taking in water. the heavy seas kept the coast guard from towing the ship. a chopper crew finally flew in and was able to hoist the sailors and their dog one by one with a rescue basket. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we will stay very close to average over the next few
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into triple-digit territory for next weekend. the average high for this time of year is 97, we'll be between 96-99 through friday. for saturday and sunday, we'll see highs at 101 and 100. right now it looks like southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday and monday. overnight lows warm back up to the mid and upper 70s for the weekend and into next week. we will stay very close to average over the next few days before warming back up into triple-digit territory for next weekend. the average high for this time of year is
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96-99 through friday. for saturday and sunday, we'll see highs at 101 and 100. right now it looks like southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday and monday. overnight lows warm back up to the mid and upper 70s for the weekend and into next week. closed captioning
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a p-g-a golf pro playing 400 holes of golf in just 24 hours to raise money for a good cause. mcmullen says: "if i can do something to help a serviceman's family, that's what it's all about." p-g-a golf pro jimmy mcmullen of the salem glen country club was hitting the links all day and straight through the night in an effort to help military service members and families of fallen solders-- the money he raised is benefiting the folds of honor national charity-- so that children of fallen and injured soldiers can go to school. what was supposed to be a home check up at a daycare turned into a serious drug bust.... what police found in a quiet north carolina neighborhood after noticing newly built high
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destroyed early this morning... and firefighters are trying to figure out what happened. the clark county fire department got the call around 5-15 near fremont and charleston boulevard. fire crews say a lot of smoke and fire was coming from a double wide mobile home. the blaze was put out in about 20 minutes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one was hurt and fire crews have not said how much damage was done. they say the mobile home was vacant. at least two dozen people are dead after explosions went off in afghanistan today. now the taliban is claiming responsibility for the two explosions... leaders in afghanistan confirmed that many of the victims were senior officials.
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place in front of the ministry of national defense when officials were leaving for the day... and as police and soldiers arrived... a suicide bomber disguised in an army uniform approached and detonated the second bomb. north korea is drawing attention to itself during the asian summit. the communist regime fired three more missiles into the ocean near japan-- in its latest display of petulance. fox news correspondent benjamin hall has the story from london. young dictator kim jomg un is at it again. korean leader successfully test fired three medium range rodong, ballistic missiles sending them 620 miles towards japan, where they landed less than 200 miles off the coast. about 660 miles in the other direction, president obama was meeting world leaders at the g20 summit in hangzou china, meaning the summit could have been within range.. the rogue country has now carried out ten such tests this year alone, and are in violation of countless un security council resolutions that ban all ballistic related experiments
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conference today the japanese pm responded : abe says: (voice of translator) "it is an intolerable and reckless act of jeopardizing the peace and stability of the region. it is strongly condemned and is unforgivable. . it is a clear violation of the un security council resolution. this is a clear provocation against the international community" north korea's missile program has shown vast signs of improvement this year- they again successfully launched a second missile from a submarine, which flew over 300 miles, the longest distance they've achieved with such a weapon. submarine launches are far harder to detect, and mean they can be launched far closer to their targets. despite all this china, long said to be the only country with influence over the north, are still standing by the country, while urging a peaceful resolution. hua chunying says: "china's stance on such issues is consistent and clear. we hope that all parties can avoid taking actions that might lead to escalation of tensions and make joint efforts to maintain peace and stability on the
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latest missile launches by north korea in a meeting on tomorrow morning at the request of the united states and japan. a day care is shut down after police made a big discovery in the backyard. we'll show you why folks in the area were so surprised to hear what was found in their quiet
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daycare was immediately shut down after more than a million dollars worth of marijuana found in the backyard. (frankie torres/ neighbor) "i saw them building like something in the back, in the yard, for months. so it's kind of like a fort back there. i just thought it was a regular fence." police in west


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