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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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indians ... 8 to 7 in the tenth inning. welcome back and good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. it took extra innings in game 7 to make the chicago cubs world series champs. chicago finally ending their long title drought. cnn's scott mclean is in chicago this morning, where fans are still celebrating! good morning scott--- ((music))
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to have a loser. mos: "the cleveland fans were awesome. the cubs were terrific. just a great night." when the game ended, chicago erupted in celebrations one hundred and eight years in the making even the president joined in the festivities, tweeting: "it happened - cubs win world series. that's change even this south sider can believe in">> ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib))
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cubs and indians fans right here in the valley. we asked you guys to send in your fan pics and you guys delivered. here are a few of your guys' pics. if you have any pictuers of your celebrations last night we'd love to pictuers of your celebrations last night we'd love to see them. you can send them directly to us on
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((anchor chat)) good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. skies will remain mostly sunny with northerly breezes blowing across southern nevada. the strongest wind will remain focused along the colorado river valley where gusts up to 35 mph are forecast for the laughlin area through 5pm temperatures will be pushing 79 degrees thursday afternoon. we'll see a few high clouds at times friday as showers develop over arizona; all of that rain will stay off to our east. temperatures remain mild with highs around 80 starting friday through the middle of next week. no rain is in the las vegas forecast over the next 7 days.
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good morning. here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with an update now to the fatal shooting of two iowa police officers. police now say the man who ambushed and shot them had a history of racial confrontations and run-ins with police. the officers were shot while sitting in their patrol cars. "..there definitely was no opportunity for these officers
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respond to the attack." urbandale officer justin martin and des moines sergeant anthony beminio were shot to death in ambush- style attacks just miles apart early wednesday morning. the suspect, scott michael greene surrendered to a department of natural resources employee and was later arrested. officer martin joined the urbandale department just last year. sergeant beminio had worked with the des moines police department for 11 years should recreational marijuana be legalized here in nevada? that's question number two on the ballot this election. so how would legalizing recreational marijuana play out here in nevada? and what are the pros and cons? fox5's faith tanner tells us what's coming up in her special report tonight.
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adults-- 21 and older-- to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana on private property. tonight on fox 5 news at 10-- we are digging into some of the biggest arguments for and against legalizing recreational marjiuana here in nevada. "instead of chasing our tails on this failed prohibition, it's just time for a new approach, it's time for us to take this out of the black market and instead have responsible small business people, local people that we know sell this in a highly regulated manor" "i to nevada voters is- what's the rush? frankly this just started in colorado and washington, california may go this way. let's see what happens to see if this makes sense for nevada" we'll also explore what some of the next steps would be-- if pot is legalized here in the silver state. and give you the information you need to know before you cast your vote. we hope you join us for our special report - tonight on fox 5 news at 10.>> bill clinton will be back in las vegas today, campaigning for his wife hillary. clinton will join
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an event over at u-n-l-v, encouraging locals to get out and vote early. d-j aoki will hold a free performance inside the cox pavillion. its part of hillary for america's "love trumps hate" concert series. doors open at 5 p-m. clinton is expected to speak to the crowd at 6. early voting in nevada by the way ends tomorrow. donald trump junior will also be in las vegas today. he will be rallying for his father at ahern manufacturing on bonanza road. the event starts at 3:15 this afternoon. president obama will hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton on monday. president obama will be holding a "get-out-the-vote rally" for clinton in new hampshire. the president has a campaign stop planned every day leading up to election day. with one exception. on saturday he's
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if you're ready for this election season to be over, you're not alone. the weather channel wants you to kick back and relax this election day. so the 24-hour weather network plans to offer an alternative to election coverage. it will air nine hours of soothing videos and smooth jazz next tuesday. it is the first time the weather channel will provide the calming election day viewing option. the riders in the world have found a new place to hang their hats. the new t-mobile arena is now home to the "built ford tough world finals." the city has been the host of p-b-r's world championship event for the past 23 years. last year, p-b-r had the most successful season in the sport's history. "to say we are excited about that is vast understatement." as we watch 40 of best best bull
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compete in new facility. it has been incredible season professional bull rider it all has culimnated here this week." the top bull riders will compete for the top prize -- five million dollars and the title of p- b-r world champion. the world finals run through sunday. right now, there are more than 5 million people living with alzheimers. it's time to go teal to show your support for people living with the disease. doesn't have a cure, and it is currently the sixth most common cause of death here in the u-s. so today, landmarks around the world will "go teal" to raise awareness for the disease. here at home, the eastside cannery, miracle mile shops and cleveland clinic/lou ruvo center will turn teal. teal is the international color of alzheimer's disease. workforce connections is hosting host a nevada day super hiring event
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information is right there on your screen. there will be dozens of employers on hand, looking to fill more than 200 jobs in the health care field, i-t, manufacturing and hospitality. the event starts this morning at 10 over at the culinary academy of las vegas located on west lake mead. cancer, has changed a henderson family's life. "aunt dee: he goes to chemo every 10 days... it's like a club you never wanted to be a part of." see how the fox5 surprise squad came to their aid with the help of some real-life warriors!
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her...
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wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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remain mostly sunny with northerly breezes blowing
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strongest wind will remain focused along the colorado river valley where gusts up to 35 mph are forecast for the laughlin area through 5pm tonight high temperatures will be pushing 79 degrees thursday afternoon. we'll see a few high clouds at times friday as showers develop over arizona; all of that rain will stay off to our east. temperatures remain mild with highs around 80 starting friday through the middle of next week. no rain is in the las vegas forecast over the next 7 days.
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here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with your drive here are the acci out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construction areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news desk
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squad is powered by united nissan, america first credit union, albertsons and vons basketball and pokemon-go, two things an 11- year-old henderson boy loved to do until doctor visits and chemo replaced that. while gavin kilcullen and his family pray for a bone marrow match, even more worries are coming into play, putting his mom under a lot of stress. so a sister decided to write to the fox5 surprise squad.
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your sister? aunt dee says: yes. monica says: alright, let's do it. aunt dee says: ok. aunt dee says: today is a six month anniversary of when gavin was diagnosed with leukemia, so it's amazing that this is happening today. the news initially, it wasn't uh that devastating because the doctor said, you know that there's 90% chance that most children with leukemia will be fine. but with gavin it was just, he was in a different percentage, a different type of cancer. right now he is going through chemo every 10 days, but he is a trooper. you know basketball is his big thing, so into to basketball that he didn't have a hoop at his house and he used to go and pretend that he had a hoop and he'd take shots. we just have to stay strong for my sister, so, she's just and amazing person. she is going to be on fmla whitout having a pay check coming in. it's tough. it is like you are a part of this club that you never wanted to be part of. monica says: hi, are you patricia? hi gavin come on in over here. your sister dee reached out to us. is it ok if we just let gavin play around while we talk to you, adult talk? patty says: absolutely. monica says: ok, alright. can you
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last three years? patty says: three years ago, they lost their dad to cancer and in april gavin was diagnosed with leukemia. it is hard to look at cancer and not think of death, you know, so i didn't want him to umm think he was gonna die, so i didn't tell him for a long time. monica says: what let up to you even taking gavin to the emergancy room? patty says: he was in, at basketball practice and he would just get out of breath and my life has never been the same. you know i have a 17 year old that doesn't really, i only get to see him only a couple of days a week, because he is with my sister. aunt barbara says: all of our lives have changed. i try to get to every doctor appoitment with them, because you never know if you are going to hear good news bad news. we are waiting now on a bone marrow donor. patty says: as of next week i am going to be going out on fmla. i know i am not going to have an income. nevada child and cancer foundation stepped in and covered my mortgage last month. monica says: when we heard your
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thought about. the fox5 surprise squad and our partners decided to take care of not just one month but 12 months. open this up, $15,000 is going into family fund at nevada choldhood cancer foundation. patty says: as soon as we get that donor we can go and i don't have to worry about financial things here. this will be taking care of because of this. aunt barbara says: absolutely amazing. thank you! monica says: let's get gavin downhere really quick because we have a surprise for him too. so gavin, i heard that you like a lot of basketball stuff? gavin says: i mainly i just like playing it. monica says: guess what, the warriors have invited you out to a game and i got something here for you. gavin says: it is awesome. monica says: we hope that you will have so much fun gavin says: its cool that i gotta meet you, you're much taller than you look on tv to be honest. patty says: this is just a dream of his and doesn't have to think about being sick for a little while, so it will be pretty amazing.
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chance to do this. monica says: we're going to have someone come up to your seat and they're going to escort your mom down to the floor. gavin says: we might get to meet some of the players. i am really hoping that we get to meet steph curry. klay thompson says: how old are you guys? gavin: 11 klay thompson: 11? i remember those days patty says: thank you guys for taking the time. kevin durant: dressed for the cause tonight? i like it. kevin durant: gonna end up on top, i guarantee it, alright. kids: thank you kevin durant: you guys have a good night. gavin says: it is amazing, kevin durant right there "kevin durant." stephen curry says: what's up guys? ho to meet you. what's your name? gavin says: gavin. stephen curry says: gavin, nice to meet you. i know you are a fighter man, keep believing in yourself and hopefully we can bring you some joy along the way. in means a lot that you get to wear my jersey. i appreciate that. gavin says: i can't believe that happened. patty says: in times like this, people are amazing, people are generous, and i just have faith that everything will be alright. a big thank you to
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showing gavin that dreams can come true. gavin and his mom will be in studio with us this morning to share some exciting news! find out how you can help in "gavin's fight" coming up at 8 a-m. stay with us, we'll be right back! with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from
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with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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take me out to the ballgame... ...and actor bill murray obliged. baseball fan karen michael got to sit right next to the actor during game 6 of the world series. last night, bill murray joined the cubs in the locker room following their game 7 win. check out what went down. he chugged champagne with cubs president theo epstein following their world series win! murray wasn't too shy to tip the bottle back and take a few swigs. you'd think murray won the world series because eptein proceeded to spray the
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steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked. it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives. let's make it harder for criminals, safer for us.
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rev up your engines because you're going for a ride this morning -- good morning, i'm mike doria -- we are live at sema with a look at the latest in cars. "here's the 0-1, this is gonna be a tough play, bryant "the cubs win the world series. bryant makes the play its over, and the cubs have finally won it all " the curse is over! that was las vegas star kris bringing home the win for the cubs in game 7 of the world series. it only took 108 years.. but this morning.. chicago is waving the "w" flag with pride. it was a long night of baseball... but holy cow it was fun... im dave hall


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