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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas using candy to lure children .. and then sexually assault them. it's what a local man is accused of tonight. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. police arrested 63-year-old jose azucena ... he is now facing charges of sexual misconduct. azucena -- was also known as "david" to people living in the complex. tonight, police are looking for more possible victims. police say he would lure the kids with candy... then commit sexual acts. this all happened within the last year at a complex near charleston and nellis. azucena is also facing charges of kidnapping and lewdness. anyone who believes their child is a victim should call metro police's sexual abuse juvenile section. and if you know more information about azucena.. and his accused crimes .. you can also leave an anonymous tip at
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a pahrump student is in big trouble after being caught carrying a a gun into a middle school. it happened yesterday at rosemary clarke middle school. fox5's eric hilt talked with parents. this started just before 9 o'clock yesterday when the nye county sheriffs department says another student heard about the gun being inside of students bag and told school official the sheriffs department told us that the gun was not loaded there was no ammunition in the bag or with the student and at no point did that student take the gun out of the bag you're at rosemary clark middle school but parents i spoke to today said the incident is still very concerning "i should've heard it from the school, it's a big concern to me when something like that happens because of all the...everything that goes on with other schools from out of state, wherever. it's a big concern sending your kids to school" another big concern that tiffany told me about is that she found out about this incident hours after it happened and from her son not from the school district she said that she wanted to find out
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this from the school or from the superintendent the nye county sheriffs department says that the student was taken into custody after this incident they're still investigating what kind of gun it was how the student got to go on and why the student felt the need to bring it to the school we've been reaching out to the school district to try and get some of those answers anticline to go on camera but send us a statement saying that at no point where any of the students or teachers inside rosemary clark middle in danger because the gun was not loaded and there was no ammunition soc a judge set bail at half a million dollars for the man accused of driving drunk in a crash and killing two people. 25-year-old willie wortham will be held on a 500- thousand dollar bail. police say he was impaired while behind the wheel... when he crashed into a car this past weekend -- near smoke ranch and rainbow. the victims -- jermaine asher and robert roberts -- died at the scene. wortham is charged with d-u-i
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a 16-year-old has been missing from las vegas for exactly one year today. this is isabella gonzalez. she went missing on november 16- th.. 2015. "the national center for missing and exploited children" believes she's still in the area. she's five foot four... and weighs 150 pounds. anyone who knows where she may be should call metro police... or the national center for missing and exploited children. that number is on your screen. it's 1-800-the-lost. a week after nevadans voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana- the clark countys da's office is already making changes. theyre holding off on prosecuting marijuana cases involving anyone 21 years or older charged with posessing less than an ounce. matthew gardiner, vp shango las vegas "we are pleased to see that the das office is doing the right thing and helping to facilitate this change it's time to bring it out of the black market and we're glad to see that they understand that it's
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decisions for themselves" under the current law possession of any amount of marijuana is considered illegal. this year, metro arrested 177 people for posessing less than an ounce. metro told fox 5 they'll continue enforcement efforts but that possession of smaller amounts is of lower priority. 9 underperforming schools are being recommended for the possible new achievement school district. the controversial program would pair these schools with charter operators to try and raise test scores and overall fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live from cambeiro elementary after talking to parents about the plan. kathleen how are parents feeling about this? christine, john... we've seen a lot of push back in the past couple weeks about this. parents are afraid schools like this one are going to lose their staff and change to a curriculum that may not be better. 5 middle schools and 4 elementary schools have been named. the middle schools are brinley, jerome mack, von toble, orr, and baily. the elementary school are cambeero, craig,
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all of these schools scored in the bottom 5 percent on the s bachs. a lot of parents are worried about the possible change... but some seem to think this move could be for the better of approved. " "is certainly hate to see teachers displaced from their jobs, i mean i think that's one of the biggest issues that people are having with that. it would be unfortunate but ultimately sometimes things need to change for change to happen. the education association has put forth a counter plan where parents would have the opportunity to learn all about the charter school program and all about what a reorganized ccsd would look like... and then vote themselves on whether they want to change to the charter program. the education association tells me the board is seriously considering this proposal and they think we could have an answer as early as december... so that's something we'lol definitely keep an eye on. reporting live...kathleen jacob... fox5news... local las vegas if they do move forward with the achievement school district plan... the schools will be narrowed down even more.. to 6 schools at
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it's been a very windy and mild day across the valley.. let's check in with fox five's meteorlogist sam argier with a quick look at the forecast. a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for thursday. high temperur only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper
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clouds on monday with the slight chance of an isolated shower. most of the rain will stay over california and arizona. driving around hte south end of the valley this weekend will be challenging because of a major closure taking place. n-dot crews are closing both east and west bound 2- 15 all weekend at the airport connector. the 215 will be closed starting friday night all the way through monday morning. crews will be installing parts of the flyover ramp over the highway. if you are going to the airport .. you can still use the airport
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we have all the information you need to avoid the traffic headache. just head to fox5vegas dot com. good news tonight on our state unemployment rate... and then ... an amazing sight at a popular lake in california.. find out what a father and son found swimming in front of them. you're watching fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas
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henderson police say they're the first in nevada to use a u-s data portal program. it's a searchable federal internet site... with crime statistics to the public. the police data initiatives system adds transparency for the public about department activities. the database is at "public safety data portal dot org." the crime statistics are collected by the fbi... plus information on police use of force and shootings. the program was developed by the justice department. it's being used by more than 120 law enforcement agencies nationwide. state officials say nevada's unemployment rate is continuing to fall -- reaching the lowest level since february of 2008. the nevada department of employment, training and rehabilitation has the statewide jobless rate at 5- point-5 percent. that's down
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our unemployment peaked in teh summer of 2008 at 13-point-7 percent. president-elect trump, along with some of his best known allies, are pushing back on cries of transition team turmoil... new york city mayor bill de- blasio also chimed in today ... the democrat said he had a candid conversation with mr. trump about many concerns... including easing regulations on wall street, tax cuts for the wealthy, worries from the city's muslim community ... and fear about proposed deportations ... as for the transition of power itself, president-elect trump tweeted out is going "so smoothly". but in d-c ... some lawmakers continue to speak their minds .. especially nevada's own harry reid on the election outcome. sen. harry reid "of course i've accepted it. whether i really...put it behind me. the answer is no. it's something that will be with me for a long time. i'm terribly
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understand elections. i've won some. i got that." reid went on to also talk about the electoral college system.. saying he thinks there needs to be hearings on it .. to determine if it's the most effective system to elect a president. now fox5 weather 24/7 a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for thursday. high temperatures will only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the
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30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look for more clouds on monday with the slight chance of an isolated shower. most of the rain will stay over arizona. closed captioning
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in case you didn't get a look at it last night .. we're back out at ethel m's cactus garden for another celebration of the holidays.. ted... what's going on tonight??
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the holiday season can bring happiness and good cheer but it also brings a lot of stress. the main source may be the amount of money spent and gifts for friends and family. "i put a budget of about $500 to $1000 for christmas shopping for like toys and all that. i have a big family and we decided not to give gifts to my cousins but to my nephews and nieces only so it's going to be a bunch of toys. we have about 26 people on our list right now. 26 to 30"
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says the holiday spending level is the second highest in the survey's 13- year history. the average shopper's tab is expected to be around 900 bucks. henderson police want to make sure everyone gets home safely for the holidays. so there will be more of them on the road, checking seatbelts. this "click it or ticket" enforcement goes through december 10th. other area police officers will join the effort. saturation patrols will stop carsor violations and check for seat belt use. remember, it is the law to wear a seatbelt here in nevada. wearing a belt reduces the risk of a fatal injury up to 50 percent for people in the front seat, and 75 percent for people in the back seat. if you get a parking ticket now through november 30th in las vegas... you may be able to pay for it in toy donations! the las vegas city council approved a "toys for tickets" program. the city is teaming up with safe nest to collect toys for families who are spending this christmas at the shelter.
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safety parking ticket can bring an unwrapped toy or toys to the city of las vegas parking services office. the gifts must be of equal or greater value than the ticket fine. the city of henderson has some new bragging rights! it's been named one of the top ten tech savvy cities in the country. henderson will receive a special award this weekend. the city took ninth place in a nationwide survey from "the center for digital government". the open data and open budget app onts gives everyone the latest statistics... and also shows where tax dollars are being spent. henderson made the list for its transparency with crime statistics and operating budgets. henderson mayor andy hafen will be in pittsburgh this weekend to attend the "national league of cities". that's where he'll accept the award as one of the most tech savvy cities in america. still ahead tonight... the amazing sight a father and some caught on camera while fishing on a popular california lake.
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balloon pilot is forced to make an emergency landing... also
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"lucky to be alive" may be an understatement once you see this hot air balloon emergency landing in philadelphia. officials say the balloon experienced some sort of mechanical trouble.. and the pilot was forced to make the emergency
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the middle of a field at a recreation center. the incident is under investigation. the balloon was doing some advertising work for home depot. as far as we know - no one was injured. now to the nation's capitol .. the rebuild of the dome is done...and we got our first look at it today. more than 13- hundred cracks and other wear and tear issues have been repaired. damage to the exterior of the mainly cast iron dome came from years of exposure to harsh weather. decorative elements of the dome were also fixed with decades of rust the 60-million dollar project began in 2014, with a goal of finishing by the presidential inauguration. speaking of a sight to see ... an eleven-year- old boy caught something on camera that you usually don't see in a lake... two mountain lions going for a swim! check this out... kevin alexander and his son blake were out fishing on shasta lake sunday when something caught their eyes. 11 year old blake says he immediately reached for his camera. blake alexander/
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scared because mountain lions really can't get out of the water when they're swimming in the middle of the lake." after sharing the videos on facebook, they became viral overnight. and they can both agree that it was an experience they'll never forget. as we head to break ... we ask you to ponder this statement from a woman trying to set a record... "the million dollar question we get is how do we wipe our butts?" yeah... find out why she gets this question .. a lot.! up next on more access! livin la vida loca all over again! what big plans ricky martin has for the strip! rachel plus our new exclusive with miles teller on his new vegas based movie "bleed for this" sean and find out what familar face will be joining the cast of "oceans' eight" rachel then the simpsons has done almost everything their is in the book tonight why they may be coming to your schools circumlum next
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some of the 'all new' stories we
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a mother makes a desperate plea... her daughter-- who disappeared one year ago today. where investigators say they are with the case. local lawyers speak to the undocumented community... addressing fears of deportation.... what they are telling the group to expect from donald trump's time in office. finally tonight ... a retired salon owner in houston is trying to "nail" a new world record... yani williams says her nails are about 26 inches long!! the retired grandmother says she refused to cut her fingernails... williams says she gets some interesting questions about her nails... and says she's setting an example for her grandchildren... williams says: "it's for my grandchildren more than anything so they can have something to look back on and say this is my grandma." williams has toured with ripley's believe it or not -- and wants a reality show about a group of her friends who are also growing out their nails. and in case all this hasn't given you a strong reaction yet ... williams is also
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thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. ricky martin's ready to "live la vida loca" all over again tonight we talk with the singer on his huge vegas announcment! plus get out your pjs and grab your best buddy why britney spears is inviting you to a slumber party! mogul to mathmatics genius see how taraji p henson's new role in "'hidden figures" could land her first oscar gold! and we talk to movie star, 'miles teller' about his new movie "bleed for this" -- that's set right here in vegas your access to entertainment starts now! get more las vegas. more. more! i love to get more. when i'm in vegas i love to get more! (( bang! )) celine, elton, britney, reba, j-lo


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