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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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"when i saw that my son needed me, it became my career" an autistic son an uncertain future tonight fox5 news with the challenges of raising a special needs adult "when i pass away, i still haven't achieved safe harbor for zachary" plus... police tell us he lured kids into his apartment with candy but kept them silent with death threats and promises tonight a mother of one of the alleged victims speaks out fox5 news at 10 starts now for the second time in less than two weeks... an arrest is made in nye county-- after exotic animals are found inside someone's home. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. the latest case--- more than a dozen animals... including a lion and tiger... are found in deplorable living conditions. take a look--- two african lionesses one african lion, a bengal tiger, eight canadian siberian lynx hybrid cats, a black panther, a fennec fox and a cervel caracal hybrid cat were
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department says jacki freeman and abby hedengran did have a license for special conditions animals. jacki freeman has been charged with animal cruelty. several of the cats were found locked in rooms-- where they had been urinating and defecating on the walls. just last monday... another woman was arrested in nye county on felony child endangerment... theft and having exotic animals illegally. trisha meyer was takend into custody after neighbors spoted three tigers running around the backyard with her 14 year-d daughter. meyer is originally from texas-- where she lived with multiple other animals like panthers... monkeys... and skunks. she had permits in texas-- but not in pahrump. we do have a crew enroute.... switching gears... baby it's cold outside... we are finally feeling a chill in the valley. chief meteorologist ted pretty joins us
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at the forecast. toss to weather as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with
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holding in the 60s. one person is dead.... after a crash at a busy intersection... and now police are searching for the driver. it happened just around 5:30 onflamingo near torrey pines. police say the driver of a mustang lost control of the car... and slid across the center median. that's when the mustang was hit by a truck... the passenger in the mustang was killed... the driver then walked away from the scene,. police are now looking for that person... it is unclear if speed or impairment were factors in the crash.
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accused of luring children into his apartment with candy and molesting them... police tell us azucena was abusing young girls for months tonight fox5's miguel martinez valle sat down with a mom who says azucena abused all three of her daughters... miguel, she told you her family has been living a nightmare... the mother i spoke to today says her family trusted azucena, her three daughters had known him their whole lives... him grandpa... s " es doloroso porque... son mis tres ninas..." amanda moiza's three daughters have known jose azucena their whole lives, the family knew him as "david" the little girls called him "grandpa" "
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arrested jose azucena for sex crimes commited against children... fox5 went through the arrest report... 11 pages of disturbing statements. in those pages, children, including moiza's three daughters... all of which are younger than 10 years old, explained how azucena lured them into his home with candy and touched them. one girl told officers azucena used tape to tie her up all the girls told police he showed them pornography on his phone... threatened to kill their parents if they told on him. "< mom he said he would kill you and he would kill my dad>" moiza tells me 5 young victims have come forward. even though azucena is in jail, the girls have nightmares, worried he will be back... " " "
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away... mmv, ffn, ll in the report it says that azucena was convicted of manslaughter in california and had been deported out of the usa twice. he is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of a minor, and lewdness with a minor soc a former strip illusionist pleads guilty to possessing and distributing thousands of pictures and videos of young children. "jan rouven" faces more than fi prison. under the plea-- he will have to register as a sex offender, and possibly face deportation after prison. he will be sentenced in march. rouven headlined "the new illusions" show at the tropicana until his arrest this past march.. a unlv student leaving the library-- was attacked while walking to her car earlier this week. the student told police it happened around eight tuesday night. police say the man attacked her from behind. the man is still on the run. students are
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now those who take night classes are worried about their commute. "it's super scary to hear that that's going on in our campus just because, we stay here until midnight, one , two o'clock in the morning sometimes and we hope to be safe because it's our campus. we basically live here studying all night." unlv police offers escorts 24 hours a day and unlv has emergency crisis services available to students for things ranging from assault to health care. a road closure could cause a major traffi up this weekend. starting tomorrow night n-dot crews are closing both east and west bound 2- 15 at the airport connector. it will be closed through monday morning. crews will be installing parts of the flyover ramp over the highway. if you are going to the airport .. you can still use the airport connector-- but should expect a lot of delays. for a complete list of the closures... and alternate routes... be sure to download our fox5 mobile app... you can can get it
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kris bryant-- has a nice new title to perfectly complement his world series win. "get a good look at your 2016 national league most valuable player. it's kris bryant of the chicago cubs! clapping" the chicago cubs slugger and bonanza high school grad has been named the 20-16 "national league m-v-p!" the m-v-p honor comes after only his second season in the major leagues. bryant won the rookie of the year title-- last year. following bryce harper-- this is the second year in a row a las vegas native has walked away with the m- v-p title. the unlv football team is playing on national t-v tomorrow night in a rare friday game. but it will be no easy task as the rebels will take on 22nd ranked boise state. fox 5 sports director kevin bolinger joins us from boise with a preview. kevin: the rebels have some momentum coming off a thrilling triple overtime win against wyoming - who had beaten boise state just two weeks earlier. but unlv has never won in
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obstacles to overcome if they want to be competitive in this one. video boise state has turned into a program that's in the national spotlight - delivering a high flying offense that has turned plenty of heads. the broncos have the top ranked total offense and passing game in the mountain west. quarterback brett rypien has put up big numbers once again and gets help from running back jeremy mcnichols who is fifth in the nation in rushing. defensively - boise has given up some this season and ranks 10th of 11 teams in the conference in pass defense. but throwing the football isn't exactly unlv's strength. with devonte boyd being lost for the season with a broken left arm suffered in saturday's win against wyoming - that means all four starting wide receivers for the rebels at the start of the season are out for the year with injury - leaving two true freshman and a converted defensive back as the main options. quarterback dalton sneed - who lost his starting job to kurt papandech volunteered this week to move to wide receiver to
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head football coach: we're down so we moved dalton out and he's going to play some receiver this week. he's made some great catches and he's a competitior and great athlete. he came to us and said hey i want to help the team and it was a great idea. then there's boise's home field advantage - where teams have struggled to win on the smurf turf. it's expected to be cold and the crowd will be rocking on senior day - the last chance for fans to see this years team at home. ben weaver/boise state senior linebacker: 26:24 "it's cold it's crisp and the atmosphere is electric, our stadium is so compact, so tight that it gets loud and it gets energized and the people in boise know it gets cold so it doesn't hurt them or affect them as much as it will other people and especially us players. it definitely provides somewhat of an advantage but yeah there's nothing like playing friday night lights in a little bit of crisp weather." 26:50 kevin: tony sanchez is trying to keep his team loose - they went and saw the new jack reacher movie tonight and will go through a light practice at a local high school friday morning. kick-off is set for 6 o'clock las vegas time on espn 2. the rebels are 28 point underdogs. with unlv football in
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news local las vegas. don't forget to catch kevin and coach sanchez for all of the highlights and post game analysis - plus a preview of next week's battle for the fremont cannon against unr. it's all in the rebzone sunday night at 11 following fox5 news at ten and sports plus. when we come back, a fox5 news special report: physically, he's a grown man. mentally, he's a toddler. "" as people like zach get older, it becomes more and more difficult. the public is less understanding. less kind. " zach needs constant supervision. we'll introduce you to the single mom trying her best to take care of her adult autistic son. where and how she gets help, and why she's worried about her son's
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""something went horribly wrong. (butt to) i was screaming he's autistic. if you keep restraining m make him worse. i was grabbed by my shoulders and pushed out of my sons room." " judy mckim is recalling a time when police came into her home... for a domestic disturbance call. it was actually her autistic son zach having an episode. the ordeal inspired the henderson mom to paint on her garage wall --warning people loud noises and sometimes intense situations -- are just a normal part of their family dynamic. fox5's abby theodros got to know the mother and son and tonight tells us
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to raise an autistic adult - as she ages with him. abby: "since september..i've been in touch with judy and zach. judy gave up her personal life and career goals to make the best life for her son. and as they both get older - they're one of thousands of autistic families struggling to make long term plans for their children." judy mckim (looking at baby picture of zach): i love that picture of him judy mckim knew zach was different before he could walk judy: the vacancy in his eyes. that wherever he is, he's in chaos. call it a mothers instinct. judy and her then husband jon had trouble conceiving and adopted zach in 1988 when he was two days old judy: they told us he was a healthy baby boy. we already had a two year old child and we would not have taken in a totally brain injured child but by the time we found out, i loved him. doctors diagnosed zach with severe
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that broke her family apart. judy and jon divorced in 2004 - strains they both say were rooted in raising zach. her older son josh moved out at 18. abby: you dont really stay in touch with him that much? judy: not really. hes mad because i didnt put zach in a home. (nats of them together) judy never left zach. fast f a decade-and the duo spends most of their day at home. zach is 28 with the brain function of a toddler. judy is 59. [judy to zach: you want this? do you want one of these? you want this one? zach points to taquitos. judy: more taquitos! microwave beep. judy: he's into these now] judy [microwaving food]: its my career. i was a photographer and a
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when i saw that my son needed me more than anything it became my career. thats why at the end of my career, i still havent achieved a safe harbor for zachary. judy is among the growing number of parents struggling to make long term plans for their children who cant take care of themselves. nevada services more than 1700 autistic adults. rickey scott, zach's patient care assistant (provided by state): in reality, there really isn't a future for a client like that. there would have to be someone like a relative and step up and do something like his mom does. for the rest of his life, because once she's done, who is going to be there? its a question that keeps judy up at turned to the state for help and got emergency 24 hour care in july and august - only because she was recovering from surgery and couldnt take care of zach. she says she was transitioned to respite care - a service meant to give care givers like judy a break from their daily chores. abby: 3 hours a day - do you think its enough? rickey scott, care giver: no. its not. fox5 talked to dr eddie ableser with
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services - he told us they cant comment on individual cases but that respite care is in high demand and determined on a case by case basis eddie ableser: respite designation is determined by the family's ability to care for the individual. and their skill set and the financial limitations that we have as well. roughly a thousand nevadans are using the service each month. another 532 are on the wait list. ableser:respite services are an amazing help for our families. but beyond just respite we have a whole host of other thingswe can provide. the state's supported living arrangement service provides occasional to 24 hour care to families like judy's. about two thousand nevadans use this resource each month . 450 people are on the wait list. judy says she was never told about this service - she plans to apply for round the clock care. judy: you want to dance? music playing, zach not responsive judy says her family's future is uncertain - music - but she's determined to create the best life for her son music playing judy: you going to dance? come on dance with mommy judy: im going to do whatever i need to do to get my son the appropriate programs. im on my way out of this planet. i need a safe harbor for zach log judy shared that story to ignite change when it comes to care for autstic adults. she tells me shes going
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until she finds the right care for zach even if that means moving out of the state. she's also working on a non- profit in zach's honor --encouraging families like hers to speak up and create new solutions. the state has other resources to help families like judy's right now. we have a link to a list of those services on our website at fox5vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24/7 as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between
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effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on mond chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures holding in the 60s.
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family.
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denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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r-c pig farm is a breath of fresh air for people living in north las vegas. the pig farm will set up a new home near apex. north las vegas mayor-- john lee -- is thrilled thousands of homes will remove the odor restrictions from their titles. which could mean a dramatic increase in property values some neighbors say while their sad to see the pigs go -- they will not miss the smell. the election is over but many people are still feeling the post- race blues. u-n-l-v may have the solution for anyone who needs
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"we decided to go ahead and create an opportunity for more people to be able to come in and talk about some of the feelings after the election and how to move forward in a way that was able to be supportive and helpful." the group sessions are free for u-n-l-v students and staff. the general public can attend for only ten dollars. if you don't feel comfortable talking in a group... you can also request a one-on-one session. you can sign-up by calling the center's office. lions, tigers, no bears... but plenty of o animals in pahrump. tonight investigators tell us the owners weren't taking care of them. who's charged with animal cruelty, and where those
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for the second time this week in pahrump ... someone is in trouble with the law because of the exotic animals they were keeping on their property and in their house. these pictures you see behind us are the actual animals in question.. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg is live tonight in pahrump
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breaking story..
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closed captioning will resume shortly the nye county sheriff's office says jacki freeman and abby hedengran had the correct permits to have all these animals... but had them living in conditions described by the sheriff's office as horrific. what you're seeing in these pictures is only some of the animals.. in all .. authorities removed 15 exotic animals... 3 african lions... 2 females and 1 male. 1 bengal tiger... 8 lynx hybrid cats.. 1 cervel caracal cat.. a fennec fox... and a black panther. both suspects had responsibility for the care and custody of these animals. but at this time ... only jacki freeman has been cited.. freeman faces a misdemeanor for animal cruelty. closed captioning will resume shortly just last monday... another woman was arrested in nye county on endangerment... theft and having exotic animals illegally. trisha meyer was takend into custody after neighbors spoted three tigers running around the backyard with her 14 year-old daughter. meyer is originally from texas-- where she lived with multiple other animals like panthers... monkeys... and skunks. she had permits in texas-- but not in pahrump. a teen is arrested after allegedly trying to run over a police officer earlier this week. "officer hinkley did not have the ability
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vehicle and at approximately 11:19 pm, officer hinkley fired a total of 10 rounds at prichard and his vehicle as it passed between him and the two vehicles." police released the body cam footage of that shooting today. they say 18-year- old-- daniel prichard- was driving an unregistered vehicle and tried to run over police officer-- scott hinkley-- during a stop. officer hinkley fired at the car... but did not hit prichard. the officer is on routine paid leave while the incident is being reviewed. a man was shot in the leg during a robbery outside of an iconic strip restaurant and lounge. it happened around 1:30 this morning at the peppermill. police say two men robbed the victim-- taking jewelry before they shot him in the leg. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. if you have any information-- you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. an arizona police officer is under investigation... after he is caught on camera punching a woman in the face.
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me unril i have a warrant. hey, hey- he can't hit a girl like that. " officer jeff bonar was trying to arrest marissa morris on wednesday afternoon.... when she asked to see the warrant-- things got heated. that's when the officer threw the punch. police say they have launched an internal investigation into the incident... officer bonar is being placed on administrative leave. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed a man after pulling him out light... is charged with second degree manslaughter... and some of philando castile's loved ones say-- that's not enough. "reynolds says: "i witnessed assassination, execution..." " diamond reynolds was castile's girlfriend... she is the one who documented the entire incident on facebook live. she says she would have liked to see a murder charge for officer jeronimo yanez . but former ramsey county attorney susan gaertner says the charging decision of second degree
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" " where a terrible mistake has been made, someone has been very negligent, someone has died as a result of that, but, it's not a situation that the person pulling the trigger meant to have happen." " yanez will make his first appearance in court tomorrow. if convicted yanez could spend more than ten years in prison. former presidential candidate-- bernie sanders is calling on the president- elect apologize to behavior on the campaign trail. the american people would be very anxious to hear him say, i said terrible things i apologize. i am not going to be a president leading a racist, sexist, or homophobic or islamaphobic administration. i want to focus on the real issues facing the american people. " sanders says he's willing to work with trump on certain campaign promises that advance the middle and working classes. that includes
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negotiating lower drug prices, and challenging corporations that send jobs overseas. president-elect trump's is working in manhattan to build his administration.... while vice president-elect mike pence-- was in washington meeting with members of congress, including high- profile democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. fox's joel waldman has the latest on trump's tranistion team. the president- elect, hunkered down in trump tower working on the transition, once again influential political players ... today's list includes everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinger and former general jack keane ... to sitting governors nikki haley and rick scott ... who could be potential cabinet contenders ... one of mr. trump's top aides quashing some media reports about transition turmoil. conway says: "very exciting time for us. obviously a ton of work to do but we're doing it methodically and very calmly."
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meanwhile, making the rounds in washington ... meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and republican house speaker paul ryan... and democratic leaders, senator chuck schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi. pence assuring both sides the new trump administration will work in concert with congress.... pence says: "we're beginning to discuss areas we might move on forward. that's what american do." half a world away in germany, on his final overseas trip, president obama, discussing the ongoing anti- trump protests here at home ... the commander- in-chief telling president-elect trump to get used to it ...while offering words of advice to those who are unhappy with mr. trump's victory. president obama says: "i wouldn't advise them to be silent." waldman ((on-cam tag)) says: "and, fox news has confirmed
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biggest republican critics this weekend --- former massachusetts governor mitt romney. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." another position the trump transition team will need to consider is that of director of national intelligence. this morning, current intel chief james clapper announced before a congressional committee that he submitted his resignation to president obama wednesday night. he will serve until the president finishes his term. a man dies after falling into a hot spring at yellowstone national park. it actually happened back in june. park officials say colin scott went to the park with his sister... to find a place to soak... when he reached down to check the temperature of the spring-- he accidentally fell in... rescuers found scott's body inside the pool but couldn't get it out at the time, because of a lightning storm. when they returned the next day, they could not find any remains. authorities say his body basically dissolved in the acidic water. one person is dead... and dozens more injured in a natural gas explosion in canton illinois.
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on camera. it happened as gas company employees were working to fix a gas line that had been damaged by a contractor. several buildings have been damaged and leveled - including the historic opera house. it looks like one of the men featured in the netflix series making a murderer won't be getting out of jail... any time soon. a federal appeals court blocked the release of "brendan dassey on thursday. now 27 years old.... dassey was set to go free on friday. but wiscon filed a motion seeking a stay of the judge's decision to release him -- pending the appeal of his 2007 murder conviction. back in 2005, when dassey was 16 years old, he confessed to authorities he helped his uncle, steven avery, rape and kill photographer teresa halbach. wildfires are now burning in seven states in the southeast... dry conditions continue to fuel the fires...right
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significant fires are burning. already more than 190 square miles have been scorched. thousands of firefighters are now battling the flames... including crews called in from across the u-s.... the fires burning around the clock--- " : "typical fires usually lay down at night for a period of time. it might only be one or two hours but it gives you a little bit of time where it lays down and you can reset your resources and get them repositioned where this one continues to spread." " campfires are along southeastern parts of the appalachian trail. and authorities in north carolina are offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for they investigate who started a major wildfire in the western part of that state. a text to the wrong number turning into an invite for thanksgiving dinner. "(jamal hinton/ invited to thanksgiving) "i was sitting in class, and i get this random text, from a random group chat, and it was someone's grandma, inviting me over for thanksgiving. it was a grandma.... just
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"dinner is at my house on thanksgiving... 3 pm... let me know if you are coming." jamal hinton says at first he thought his grandma had gotten a new number... when he asked for granny to sent a picture-- it was clear the two were not related. he texted back asking if he could still come.... her reply--- "of course you can. that's what grandma's do.. feed everyone!" she has a special place in her heart for our veterans. "510 anybody can help. it just takes a little bit of effort " how she is h our valley veterans get back on their feet... you'll meet--- our fox5 shining star when we come back. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you can understand how someone might feel shame getting in line for help or a giveaway this holiday season... what employees at
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turkey giveaway to make one woman in line feel pretty good about herself. the rant
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alright, let me get this straight. unbeatable? unbeatable. seriously? cannot be beat? you heard me man, unbeatable. how's that possible? got the formula, got the chemistry. ahhh, but the others are all talking. right, right, talk-ity, talk-ity, talk. but when it comes to helping keep the engine clean, no gasoline can beat chevron with techron. ah-ha, that's impressive. no gasoline cleans better than chevron with techron.
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nailed it! sweet!
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we just celebrated veterans day last celebrated veterans day last friday. but our fox5 shin back to our servicemembers all year long... especially those who need help getting back on their feet. i live by the motto be the change. this is my way of changing a world that kinda feels broken right now. leanna marchese's (markay-ze) favorite colors are red, white and blue. i've always had a special place in my heart for those who have served so she does something about it. on t-giving we're feeding the 250 men and women at us vets- org that houses homeless
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on theri feet this isn't just a hot meal, a sandwich. coming from leanna... it's a simple thank you for your time, sacrifice, dedication to fighting for our freedom. her downtown restaurant "dougie j's cafe" is a salute to servicemembers. grandpa was an instrumental part to my upbringing, he was an airforce veteran leanna's grandfather is a vet for people who served like him. making a difference in the community especially with homeless vets. that's why she got her fox5 shining star award, certificate, and five hundred dollars from henderson chevrolet. it's not easy seeing them in that position. the little bit we can help out. it means a lot to me and my family.
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that five hundred dollars will be spent on turkeys. she's cooking a thanksgiving meal with all the fixin's for veterans at the shelter. a middle school student is working to make school a better place.... so she is hosting a fundraiser for new textbooks. allie miner noticed that the science textbooks her school was using were out- dated and falling apart. she says a teacher told her they were about 16 years old. allie came up with different ideas to raise money -- including raffles... games... and even a hula op set for tomorrow after school. she has 200 dollars so far -- but needs about 3-thousand. "this is why the thing is called science funding for the future, because it's not specifically for this class in this grade currently. it's for many different people like the 6th graders, 4th graders, 5th graders. all of them who will be coming in and using it so it's for their future." brown junior high has placed a donation jar in their front office
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now fox5 weather 24/7 as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a
10:48 pm
more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning
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sanctuary citi all over are holding ground against president-elect trump's deportation plans. cities like chicago, los angeles and washington d.c are say they will prevent officials from deporting undocumented immigrants living in thier communities.. we're hearing from both sides tonight blanche says i do not understand all the opposition to stop funding to the sanctuary cities and illegal immigration! bottom line these folks are law breakers and must pay the consequences for breaking the law. if i speed and get caught i am fined. i am tired to two
10:50 pm
made to be enforced for everyone not a select few. voicemails! i was wondering, if everybody wants the illegals out of here, who will wash your dishes? who will cut your lawns? who will do all the hard labor? i've seen illegals as you call them, sell oranges on the side of the freeway, when you have american citizens here, begging and holding up signs. i agree 100 percent with the two gentlemen about the sanctuary cities breaking the law and the fact that the illegal aliens, illegal immigrants are illegal. that's the whole point. i am a middle-aged white woman and i support the sanctuary cities because, white people are not going to push a vacuum cleaner for 10 hours a day, wash dishes in casinos for minimum wage, nor stand in 110- degree heat and do landscaping. lets move on.. on january 1-st it will be legal to have in your possession one ounce of
10:51 pm
isn't waiting for the law to go into effect... they won't prosecute anyone 21 years or older charged with posessing less than an ounce of pot. this first caller says congratulations recreational users.. but don't be reckless with your new rights. do it in your house, smoke it all you want. but please don't do it out there when you're behind the wheel. it's bad enough that people don't turn their damn lights on at night when they're driving. 11 don't you see there's more issues than arresting people for marijuana? like molestation, bullying in schools [and] guns in schools? i wish the police would put their minds on those things instead of arresting people for smoking a little pot. i just want to give a big thank you to all the people who made the zappos turkey giveaway. what also made it special was the fact that they made us feel welcomed and needed help can sometimes be embarrassing. but we truly felt cared for and i couldn't say thank you enough.
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rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 thousands of music fans will flock to the valley again next summer... for the 21st the electric daisy carnival.... insomniac releasing the dates for the three day music festival-- it will run june 16 through june 18th.... at the las vegas motor speedway. the tickets go on sale on monday, november 28th. country superstar george enough of las vegas... he announced-- he is extending his exclusive concert series at the tmobile arena. strait to vegas is adding more performances.... in 2017. next year he will be back in las vegas for a four-weekend concert series billed as 2 nights of number 1's with back-to-back concerts of chart-topping hits. the concerts are planned in april, july, september and december. we hope you will take a drive through a holiday
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glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway...and the lights are twinkling the holiday tradition benefits the childrens speedway charity. glittering lights runs through january 7th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it will cost 20 doollars per car.... and 30 dollars on fridays... and the weekends. those that donate to goodwill receive a discount. thousands of santas are getting ready to invade the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it is saturday december third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten a-m the santa run benefits opportunity village. disney world is kicking up the magic this season. with a holiday spectacular set for royalty.... we take a look at their newest light show... that will certainly get you in the spirit of the
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over walt disney world... a new holiday show is lighting up the sky over the happiest place on earth. disney world has launched a holiday drone show.... more than 300 drones fly over the water at disney springs at the amusement park. they shift into holiday-themed shapes-- like a christmas tree, stars and doves. the five-minute "starbright holidays" show is expected to run at least thru the end of the year-- and the lights are set to a holiday soundtrack.
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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. breaking news tonight in pahrump... for the second time this week ... someone is in trouble with the law because of the exotic animals they were keeping on their property and in their house. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. these pictures you see behind us are the actual exotic animals in question.. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg is live tonight in northeast pahrump with more on this breaking story.. closed captioning


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