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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 24, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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>> would i bring back water boarding? you bet. in a heart beatat and the nfl not pulling a player in distress after a blow to the head. and a u uque shark frenzy caught on camera off the florida coast. "early today" starts right now. and good morning evererne. we begin with breaking news. early this morning the u.s. military confirmed that four army crew members have died after their helicopter crashed atat the fort hood military post in texas last night. it was aboard a uh helicopopr like this one. and names of the deceased being held pending notification of next of kin. and this morning the state
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who travel overseas to be extra careful. the rieszse of isis and other terror group sz cause for concern. who does this warning apply to? >> reporter: all americans traveling, especially if you're travaving abroad. we typically see a warning like this or a travel alert from the state department around the holidays. this one is expanded and updated to include information about the paris attacks, the mali hotel attack and even the russian jet that went down that isis claimed responsibility for and as you said, u.s. officials are telling us they have no credible threat against airlines, no credible threat against the united states t the travel alert says there's an increased risk of attacks from isis, al qaeda and boko haram and others with either convention or
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nonconventional weapons and they express concerns about attacks inspired by the groups sgroups. be careful at open air events and festivals, especially being vigilant around public transportationnd this lasts through february 24th. president obama set to meet with the french president later to discuss plans to defeat isis. he's seeking to grow an international coalition to fight isis, something president obama welcomes. this follows news and explosives found just outside of paris. the belt is similar to those used in the pairris attacks. it was near where abdelhamid abaaoud was thought to be hiding p .
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officials have now extended the maximum security alert for the capital for another week. joe fryer joins us from london with the latest. >> reporter: today, president obama will host the french president at the white house where they're expected to discuss efforts to defeat isis. this is part of a diplomatic blitz by the french president whose's trying to bolster support as his country fire ss. and t ty pledge -- and a discorded explosive belt was found in the trash, investigators are reportedly analyzeingngt to see if it may have been used in earlier attacks. and police continue to make
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arrests but so far have not found fugitive, abdeslam salah fled and brussels remains in a virtual lock down with troops patrolling the streets and schools could reopen wednesday. belgium has been at the heart of the attacks. >> i'm sure they're looking forward to get back to normal. and lasas night, donald trump again insisted he saw thousands and thousands of muslims cheering as the tower fell on 9/11. first, people are tweeting to him that it happened and a washington post article, although they say the reports were small a a unverifiable.
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>> reporter: after contra controversy about a auslim data base, he rouled up voters with tail tales of the 9/11 attacks. >> i have was in new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. reporter: condpruntfronted with the fact there was no video of that, he held his ground. >> a heavy arab population thatt was cheering as the buildings went down. not good. >> reporter: nbc news found no instance of people cheering, just a a long discredited mirror and he was given a pants on fire not true rating. still, ben carson claimed he saw the cheering too. >> i saw the film of it, yes.s. >>ou saw the film, what film
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>> the news real ss reels. >> reporter: he said he was thinking of the middle east and not new jersey. and marco rubio. >> it's not true and it's plenty of fact check to prove that. >> reporter: ando far, he hasn't had to back down. what do you like about him so much? >> he's a business man. he knows how to get things done. i'm tired of politicians who do nothing. >> it's not hurting him at all. they thought he was going to go away in july and august and here we are and he's still here and commanding in the polls. the aclu filed a federal
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lawsuit. they claim the plan violates the equal protection clause from singling out refugees from syria. he says he's deeply moved by thehe crisis but security gaps remain. and cbc news quotes unnamed sources that they unaccompanied men will not be part of the program. arrests have been made in the shooting of a tulane university student. they're included attempteded murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. he shot 25-year-old peterer gold, who intervened when he was dragging a woman to his suv on friday. >> he didn't make a full convention. >> and now he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail, as
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he should. >> gold is recovering from a gun shot to the stomach. he remains hospitalized in guarded condition. we have an update to a story we brought you yesterday. 21-year-old jailen watson was arrested on monday and charged in the m mder of amanda blackburn, 18-year-old larry taylor was arrested later in the day. and she was shot during a home invasion in indianapolis. blackburn's husband davy released a statement after the arrested saying he was extremely relieved and although he wants to be hateful and angry, he's decided to love and not hate. millions of amemecans a a hating the roads, rails and skies. good morning to you, jay.
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seeing any additional security measures there? >> reporter: a little early here. the security gates aren't open. we're couple hours away from the morning rush and there will be extra security, including federal agents and police. after the warning from the state department and the amount of travel that will come through,h, t only this airport but others across the country. more watchful eyes. they say you can't have enough people to make sure things move fely. ifif you're traveling by air or on the roadways, you're going to see crowds regardless. here that airport, we expect to see the crowd grow throughout e week and another concern will be the weather causing delays and cancellations, not only at the airports but on the roads also. ststting on the west coaoa, there's an arctic system that will move through the middle of the country in the middle of the
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you want to m me sure to add time to your trip to deal with crowds and potential for rough weather. >> good advice. safe travels to you. so, how's the weatherer looking for the rest of the country? bill karins here to tell . the storm system in the west, will be the storm that we have to watch. it's going to spread a wide area of snow across the rockies, especially idaho and wyoming is probably going to get the heaviest. and eveually some of this will head to denver on thanksgiving day. snow into the northern rockies wednesday and into the plains on thursday. wednesday, the busy travel day
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the blue is the snow and starting to spill into the plains late in the day. i don't expect a lot of big travel delays at the airports or the roads on wednesday but into thanksgiving day as that storms goes from the rockies to the central plains, this is where the problems will be especially at denver, oklahoma city, and we could have a an icy mess, even an ice storm on thanksgiving day. and northern texas and into western oklahoma could be the travel problem spot on thanksgiving day. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, today is the calm before the storm in many areas of the central plains. so, if you can, travel now. and areas of texas look good
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as they come in. the family of muhammad is demanding $15 million. his lawyer sent laters to the city of irving demanding 10 million and 5 million respectively as well as apologogs. they claim mohammed and his family suffered mental anguish. miami police are still on the hunt for two armed robbers who stole registers from a walgreens and then have a shootout with a man outside the store who they mistook for police. and check out this incredible video of a shark feeding frenzy very close to shore where kids were playing
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this morning on "today" hidden danger on the highway. they investigate debris and how you can avoid tragedy. and monday night football, tom brady hit james white for the touchdown to put new england up at the half time. and later, rex ryan throws the headset, upset about a call on the field. and bills battling back as the final seconds click auchoff the clock. and he file fails to get out of bound. and patriots win 20-13 to remain undefeated. and quarterback case canen was tackled and his head slam under to the ground. he appears to struggle to get
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he was later diagnosed with a concussion. the rams coaching staff and injury spotter are under fire as to why he wasn't evaluated by a doctor right away. and lebron james just reached another milestone with this pass, he joins the great oscar robertson as the only players to rank in the top 25 in both points and assists. cavs beat the magic 117-103. just ahead, spoiler alert, will john snow return to game of"game of thrones"? and adel is poised to break another record. more on that next. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. now to entertainment. every day is a holiday >> katy perry released a new holiday single called "every day is a holiday". hbo dropped a bomb shell in a poster for season six of "game of thrones" shows a bloody john snow, apparently hinting that character's return. done done done. and adel's latest album sold over 3 million albums since being released last friday.
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zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. i want to go back to breaking news out of turkey where there are reports that a war plane was shot down near the turkish border with syria. they say it was shot down after violating the country's airspace. turkish armed forces say it was
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before being shot down. and russian defense says it was on the ground when it was shot. we'll bring you any updates as soon as they come in. leading the news on #brussels lock down cat tweets go viral during terrorism raids. police asked witnesses not to tweet officers movements, so instead cat lovers posted photos of feline friends that helped ease some of the tension in the city and the #hah been used around 170,000 times. and diving coach charged in videotaping incident. last month reports surfaced of a smart phone recording the women's swimming and diving team. coach was indicted on criminal officials are still investigating.
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and new orleans police pursuing suspect who opened fire in a playground shooting over the weekend. they say it appears to be grangang related and urge people to come forward. fortunately no deaths were reported. two lucky birds are making their journey to washington d.c. for the annual thanksgiving pardon thatat the white house, known as tom one and tom two, they travelled in style with top notch security. president obama will pardon them in a rose garden ceremony. and they have a big old bird hangout. >> lucky bird, 1, 2, 3, 4. today, president obama honors the 2015 medal of freedom recipients
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among this year's 17 honorees, barbara mcole ski. and we wanted to wish a happy birthday to sarah highland, 25, and catherine heigl turns 37, and billy connolly. i'm shannon mulaire.
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tocoming up -- a new alert right before one of the busiest travel days of the year. plus -- it started with a school project -- and ended with an 15 million dollars and an apology. and we're not in kansas anymore... but you may need a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow -- to buy dorothy's dress. wait until you hear how much it went for at an auction.
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