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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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too cool" by lunch money lewis. i wonder if that is his rhea real name. >> it is. lunch money. the very handsome james pro lynn. and if you can't get enough of him, he is star manage the new comedy with tina fey and amy poehler while he whips up a treat. ingly didn't think that you could look any better than the last time that you were here, the later ja i am just hosed down after i cook. >> and i get it,er wearing the leather and whipping up some food. >> that is stv's favorite vixens is here. now cleaning out her dynasty
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of joan collins' tv clothes and jewelry. >> and also, there is a new kardashian to keep up with. and we have the scoop we have his pastor, rich wilkerson wilkerson. >> and you have seen the mother-son duo to look at a dream come true. >> they are an art. >> and we will. >> and we want to start out with saying happy hanukkah. do. this is called the blue dreidel. the ingredients are called blue vodka and curacao and -- is that how you say it? i am not sure. and lime juice.
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this the really? i don't know. >> and you take a baby sip. >> you ate one of the blueberries, and it is not right of her dog who is -- >> this is not tequila and soda. >> is that your drin lime, no lemon, and tastes just like straight, but it is not. >> okay. >> and nouw, excuse me, there, jim. and so i went home to get to see my mom, and i have fallen in love with my little nephew and he is arp but i call him checkie. and it was a surprise at the charthouse. and i went insane about him, and
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catskills, and so i call him little checkie. he is totally adorable. >> and i did some spin exercise and massage and went to the hamptons, but i , you can't stop talking about it. >> i can't believe it. radon van. >> yes. >> and nobody told me. first of all, he is -- like now, i'm like a drug addict and i have seen seven or eight episodes. >> and you used to be like this with "the affair" and -- >> i likfads, and now i'm in. this one i'm thinking of the day being over and i have radio at 2:00 to 3:00 and at 3:15 i have to walk a couple more. >> and you hvan. i can't believe it. >> i know, hoda, you haven't
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>> and what is angelina jolie's dad's fame? >> jon voight. >> yes, and i liked him as schriver, but in this ro flashes before watching ging "ray donovan" but now she is out of control. >> and this book i started to g th world" and it is by bill johnson and it is $7.56 on amazon and he has written so many good books, but this is extraordinary. and good muse. >> what is that? >> and you know my book that i had all of the profits to
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la and joy fillphilben is going the be here tomorrow to make one g to good gifts and hopefully you will have it in time for christmas. >> and the grammys just nominate awards and they were just announced, and here we go. you know the person nominated the most? it is a rap star named kendrick le mar. if you don't know him, he sings a song with taylor swift on the "bad blood" album. don't fear no more ah, ah, a ah oh, it is so sad to think >> i am so happy for him. >> and taylor swift came in second right, james? thank you. >> and her song "blank space" is
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congrats for a good year. and the singer known as weekend that is "i can't feel my face" abou it is about cocaine. >> and it is one of the favorites, and uptown funk was no, ma'am nominated as record of the year. guptown funk >> and a real musician got two nominations including album of the year. check it. if you don't believe me just watch any time you can get there. and megan train for the was nominated for new artist. >> and little big town got nominated for best song of the year. and james taylor for best new folk album, and that is great. >> there are nominati and 80 categories and classical and everything. i had no idea.
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>> and anyway. ryan gosling was on snl thisend and he was so much fun because he kept getting giggled in the skits. >> cal settled. >> and anyway, he is just giggling. giggling. he cannot stop laughing throughout. >> and this is my favorite thing on the "carol burnett show" and it is so funny and happened on "whose line is it anyway" and it used tthere, too. so funny. >> and this is one of the commercial things, and take a look. >> i think that i'm a pretty good c why can't i meet all the right guy, i have tried the online dating sites like tinder
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th dating app settle. >> there is nothing wrong with the guys on settle, but they are i am now willing to overlook. >> i have bought my wedding dress and just need to get a groom. i went on settle and ha how i met my henry. he drives a smart car and manage manager at petco and even has a 401 kshgts and we are getting married in april. >> where there is ocomedy there is truth. >> tha michael buble was here. >> and tried to sell you on "daddy" by psy and you held your nose it is the worst mic completely agreed with me. >> which i didn't know how. >> because he has great taste. reaction to the video by michael. >> okay. >> i don't want to live in this
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>> i did not talk to you before the show. >> yes, she did. >> i promise we didn't. if this is what we have to look forward to the grammys next year, i am out, out. just watch ging that, i am something is wrong in my life and t music and i'm doing a sex tape. >> well. >> well. >> it seems that one person in michael michael's house is a fan of psy. and a cou days later, michael posted the video of his son watching the music video. take a look. i got it from my daddy i got it are from my daddy >> he captured it, what can i say, he would rather listen to this than his daddy. >> he is not looki
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>> he talked to e! about the video and kind of apologizing. >> why do you roll your eyes at hoda's music, and it is because i don't like it. everybody hat to make whatever music they like, and according to the constitution, we don't have to like it. >> and the constitution says that you don't have to like everything. >> yes, and not that consti on occasion. and it is not everyday that we get a handsome hollywood star to
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do what we do...make it progresso. all . all right. >> we have persuaded him to come back. when where you here, like two weeks ago? >> yeah. i was on my way out, and i hung a u. >> he's back.
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of his healthy treats and tell us about his newest project, in the upcoming comedy sisters. take a look. >> why didn't you tell me you sold the house? >> because we knew you'd try to talk us out of it. you were pushy kids. >> are you secretly dying? >> no, i'm not dying. i'm sick of winding them. >> the things in the house meant something to us. >> each one of those objects is a puzzle piece in the story of our lives. >> what is this? >> who knew? well, actually this started first. who knew i could do comedy, you know? i got submitted the script and i said i love this role. they said we've changed our mind, he's not right for it. i did a josh brolin. i went after it.
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>> i insisted on meeting these guys for two minutes. i knew to new york on monday. they said thursday we'll meet you down by the staten island ferry. when i left them after the meeting, i said i'm going to do a screen test for you on my laptop. which i did. and they swooned and here i am. here i am. >> that is awesome by the way. >> you would think that after this much time you don't need to audition. second of all, that you would be too proud to. good for you. >> that i pulled a josh brolin. he did on no country for old men. months. he did it on american gangster. then he got nominated. >> okay. here's the deal. >> what is this that we're ing
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>> chia seeds is a high mountain seed that the asztecs -- it was the food of the gods. if you put them in water they start to swell up. then you add flaxseeds. let's dump them both in here. >> okay. >> you have made this before? >> i have. >> i don't want a chia pet growing in my gut. >> let's throw a little liquid in there. >> what's that brown stuff? >> let's see if we can paint the ceiling with this. >> hit it. >> who knows what we're doing. >> not hoda, that's for sure. >> basically this should go in the fridge for two hours and it will thicken up. we didn't put the chopped cherries in.
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>> chopped dried cherries. you can pick them out for an hour afterwards. >> that is most of the fun. we left a few things out but the recipe will be on our website. >> this is coconut fat from the -- in a can, the fat goes to the top of coconut milk. you spoon that out, you spin it up and it's whipped cream. so healthy. what do you think? food of the gods. >> it's healthy, right? >> notely. totally. and it won't spike your blood sugar. >> i bet it won't because you put it down. sorry. >> i didn't actually make this finished one. that's probably the problem. >> you tell me. >> that's good, right? >> yeah. >> that's how it's supposed to taste. >> put it in the fridge, maybe
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what's next? >> sisters opened december 18th in theaters. we love you. >> don't forget thursday -- >> that's right. >> you're so hot. the glamorous tv star who made being bad look to good. >> joan collins is down stairs right after this. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. she is and a ward-winning actress and accomplished author. >> and she is of course, joan collins collins. >> and nobody kn a gown and play a vixen any better than joan collins. >> well, now you can own some of joan's gem ss and gowns through jillians auctions. and welcome dame joan collins. >> thank you, thank you. >> and you are on twitter. you have joined the ranks of twitter.
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and like the british empire, like tom jones >> and michael cain. >> great company. >> and why did you want to part with these items? >> do yo could get into this? >> yes, you could. >> sorry, this is a 1960s dress that was considered to be quite shocking. >> oh, you had the cleavage thing happening long before. >> yes, long before beyonce. >> and it is amazing crystals designed by a a fantastic designer antonio castillo from spain, and i wore it the "dr. doo lit arelittle buzz. >> i bet it did. >> because not a lot of people days. >> and you happy to have a nice >> thank you, darling.
10:23 am
storage and some of it in storage for over 20 years since i finished "dynasty." >> and the designer's name? >> nolan miller. he designed this for me, and the jacket and i love this drape pi thing and i wore it in the show, but i can't remember which one. >> and the cleavage. >> yes, and the valentino red which is always great, and it is a great dress and i wore it in the the private life, too. >> you did? >> oh, yes, i think that i snitched it actually. >> and what is strange is that it doesn't have the broad, broad should shoulder pads that nolan was so famous for t didn't know, because it was a later on and one of the last shows, and kind of the. check out the jewels on this table. tell us about these. oh, my gosh. >> and this is the ring that is copied from the museum.
10:24 am
she said, i know it is not real, but i love it. i wore it dozens of times. and this one, this is a beautiful necklace and the exact copy of something that jackie kennedy onassis wore made by kenneth j. lane and i wore so it many times. it is absolutely beautiful, and it looks like so real. that is my new book. >> and we have to go, but we have to dwell on in. >> and this outfit and this outfit and go to jillians, and
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from down in the dumps to smelling like roses. many hawkeye fans needed good news... and they got it. iowa will play in the rose bowl for the first time in 25 years. the announcement came yesterday not only after saturday night's heartbreaking loss to michigan state in the big 10 championship. iowa will play stanford on new year's day. right now on stubhub -- tickets are listed anywhere from five hundred to five thousand dollars. uni also has a big game coming up. the panthers beat portland state late saturday night to set up a quarterfinal showdown against a familiar foe. uni --- which still has dreams of a national championship -- plays north dakota state on saturday. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. we have areas of fog this
10:27 am
for the afternoon. a few showers may track through on through the weekend. highs will we'll be back in 30 minutes, be
10:28 am
in case you have not heard it is funday monday and we are back with celeb ririty buzz. >> here with the scoop that you might have missed while you were out and about all weekend. >> and welcome nina ferraro.
10:29 am
>> and that band has such a social consciousness, and they canceled because of the paris attack, and they took the stage, a and with we have a clip of their performance right here. cool. >> but not the same venue? >> no, it was a different arena, and some critics are saying that it is the best concert ts victims of terrorist attacks, too. and they had a monitor of the names of the victims in paris scrolling down, and bono wrapped himself in a parisian flag and it was a poignant night. >> you have to love bono. >> and there is going to be another special tonight. >> can we make it? >> and now, we are also going to the say we have a new arrival of kim kardashian and her new baby
10:30 am
announce. and they are all healthy and happy. >>nd this weekend. >> and no name announced yet. >> and is it true they have chosen the middle name, easton. >> well, the internet has dubbed his name easton west. but she hinted on "ellen "" that maybe she named him robert after her late dad >> and brother as well. >> yes, that family is very busy. >> and chloe visited the hospital over the weekend and she said on twitter, these walls are a little too familiar referencing lamar. >> and one tragedy there to something very happy. >> and emotional. >> and simon cowell has some scary news. >> yesd i say that he and his girlfriend and his son who is not 2 years old were all sleeping when the home
10:31 am
and someone made out with jewel s and simon's passport and managed to leave the house, and then a neighborhood security guard caught wind and caught after the burglarecoved simon's passport and a couple of items burk thank god, simon is okay, and he made light on the incidentn the x hf-factor saturday saying that everything is okay, guard dogs are not the best in the world. >> and we are all so surprised when it happens to somebody so well known, because everybody know s knows knows where everybody live are ss. and i remember when it happened to sandra bullock. >> yes. >> and even the guy that got into the queen's bedroom. >> so if you missed seeing simon, he is going to be on "america's got talent" and maybe on "american ido reunion of sort ss. >> and morgan freeman was taking off from clark and the plane -- terrifying, right?
10:32 am
a segment of the show "the story of god" when a plane blew a tire in the take off and the pilot had to make an emergency crash landing 40 miles from takeoff and everybody is okay, and morgan gave a statement saying that he and the pilot were totally fine and the plane had a couple of scratches, but all that is well that ends well in this case. >> and you remember that time that frank and i were flying and the door blew right open. >> and you hear so many accidents when it comes to the plane crashes, and so a lot the be thankful for. >> and now, we have a new song for the masses. >> and we will i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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he is a fourth generation pastor who broke out on his own to preach the gospel his way. >> we are ta miami-based pastor rick wilkerson who reunited kim kardashian and kayne west in holy matrimony and this is the photo on instagram after the ceremony and his wife dawnchere. >> and it is a new series on oxygen that is called "rich in faith." and if that is not enough he
10:38 am
castle king ss." >> and they are here along with their friend my baby -- my favorite baby brother, jason kennedy. >> i am jayson kennedy production, and i am doing that with jul ran sicsic and i brought her along. and this is so excited and thanks for having and you are young and hip, and a different from the typical reality stars that we usually see. faith is a huge component in your life. >> yes, and the attempt is to try to bring some light in some dark space, and when we think of the reality tv, it is reduced to fle tables and draw marks and we have had a goal the bring some light into
10:39 am
>> and dawnchere, what did you think about it? cameras, and people. >> it was a new experiend learned a lot in the process, but we just really hoped that it is an encouragement to people. our life in ministry is not just sundays, but seven days a week, and our faith impacts everything from the marriage to the family and everything on the show. there and you yes. >> and dawnchere is the better preacher. >> she is an unblooefelievable preacher. >> you can't let her do it too much, because she will take my job. she is amazing. >> and you have to have a conflict in the reality show to make people tune in, and so what will you see? >> well, everybody in their personal life has some drama. >> and everybody has a mother-in-law mother-in-law. a mine is the best. the best mother-in-law in the world. >> but we started a brand-new church in the downtown m area, and people don't understand what it takes to do that and right now, we have been
10:40 am
all volunteers and people who don't get paid, but they start sunday at 7:00 a.m. and don't leave until 9:00 p.m., and the journey of stepping out. and people think that church happens on sunday, but rea do every day of the week and we encounter people with real lives and real struggles, and how the church meets the needs. >> and you have been friendsi gre with rich, and known d.c. since they were married and it is not a case of them marrying kim and kayne, but we wanted a a reality show for years. every sunday, somebody will come up to them, and say, i have stage four cancer and why is this happening and what do i do? and it is heavy duty stuff and they handle it like prose aped dr ce true, and that why i wanted to team up with julianna and help them to be guided through the journey, but it is amazing the lives impacted in miami. >> and how did you meet kim and
10:41 am
>> well, they came to church. i was on staff with my dad at trinity church, and kayne came to one of the services. and people think it is is crazy, but we became friends, and it was awesome. we talk, and we were at their engagement, and they asked if we would be a part of the special day, and so it because special day for us. >> and a trip to italy, now. >> and eve loves a good wedding, but we got to talk about e jesus, and what we were not prepare edd for, but we didn't think that anybody would care that we performed their wedding, call me naive or stupid. >>ly call you both. >> and now, "rich in faith" performs wednesday ss at 9:00 on oxygen. >> exactly. aped now t stitches together sticks together. >> and the mother and design
10:42 am
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10:44 am
and you probably heard us mention that one of the designers that hoe dand love to wear on the show is called clara son wu. >> and we get a ton of feedback and many of you wanted to know more about the style. >> so we sent our girl lil yauliana vazquez to find out who is a clara son wu. >> it is a mother and daugthter team, and all of the designs are made right her a i went to meet the women behind the label. >> the top is -- >> and you havse i ambush. >> i know that is clara sun wu. >> and you have seen it on kathie lee. >> and clara sun wu. >> and there it is on hoda. wu. >> and many celebrities. and it is a collection that is designed not only by fashion, but family.
10:45 am
my mother and iley pretty much half of our lives or maybe more than half of our lives, because we spend a lot of hours here. >> yes. >> and 40 years, they came here from korea with two suitcases and a couple of dollars and a dream. >> what was your first job? >> it was in a factory and first i didn't know how the sew. and little by little, i learned a lot of things. >> reporter: times were tough so clara used her newfound skills to make ends meet. >> i did pants and skirts and baby clothes and everything. >> reporter: and daughter roseanne learned the tra al the way. >> most of us were not designer, and we went to design school, and we learned how the to do it from home. >> reporter: the clothing once stitched out of necessity made a big statement. >> and people were asking, what is that? what are you wearing? t for me?
10:46 am
that we should come out with our own collection. >> reporter: in 1997 they launched a 20-piece collection which was an instant hit for women of all ages. >> we are conservative, but we like a little edge. at the same time we like classic and timeless and part of that is why we design the way we do. >> reporter: clara, a favorite check is shun so far that you have made oso far? >> wide leg plaza pants. i like that one. >> that is the little bit of the old school. >> and it is the first pant we evd s the best pant. >> reporte and one that clara made 20 years ago. >> it is open shoulder and everyone in our office has named that top the hoda top, because she looks so great in it. >> reporter: and the styles are fashion forward and behind the scenes they do it old school. >> i have not seen a flat hand
10:47 am
most people do it on the compute computer now. >> and yes, we ske pa you do the measurements? >> yes. >> reporter: and so what is the trade secret? >> comfort and fit fit. once you put it on, it feels like you kd of do anything with it. >> you can live your life in it. >> yes. >> reporter: today, they design 200 pieces each season, and you find the label in over 3,000 boutique specialty stores. suzanne credits the success to the lessons that their parents taught her. >> they worked really, really hard. the way i grew up is what made me who i am, and it is making you very grateful for what you have today. american dream. >> yes, we vhave a wonderful family, and a great working relati and it is a dream to work with your mom for everyday and that is a dream. >> yay!
10:48 am
>> and you are already crying. >> yes. >> and i can't say enough for my mom. >> and in addition to the clothes, they make everybody look thin. >> yes. >> and the best traveling clothes ever, because you roll p when u get there. >> and your testimonials are everyone's testimonials, because it is true. >> and that is a great piece, lilliana lilliana. >> thank you. congratulations. loo at w whe we are. >> i love you. >> and we are back with more in a moment.
10:49 am
>> yay! you know why the bells are ringing again? >> why? >> it is tim toy drive and we have shipped out nearly $15 million worth of toys. >> and so we have another generous donation here from
10:50 am
director for graco. >> and you take this one. >> and excellent. >> and we are awfully glad that you are here, and why is this importyou? well, for over 60 years graco children's products have provide provided a full line of products that are safe to make children ees's lives safe. and we are here to doenate over # 100,000 car seats. 1 million car seats. >> what is your name? >> emma. >> and your name? >> olivia. >> and you have until december 22nd to give to the the toy drive and you can donate at the pop-up store or the plaza, and the details are on
10:51 am
>> and now, for the shoutout to the young girl who found the picture of our elf on the shelf regis. shake shake shake noon... flags in iowa fly at half staff today, as we remember an attack 74 years ago. and buyers beware -- how many people buy online, and the product turns out to be fake.
10:52 am
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>> today on the meredith vieira show. president obama address everybody from the oval office about what is on everyone's mind. some say he didn't do enough. and the buffet proof blanket parents can baechlt
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