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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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25 minutes with more news and weather. good morning. taking sides. critics and supporters of donald trump's controversial proposal to ban muslims from entering the country line up. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands if and more importantly, it's not what it country stands for. >> it's morally reprehensible. it runs counter to the constitution, and has consequences for our national security. >> who is cutting off people's heads and bombing buildings and bombing airplanes? not the christians, not the jewish, not the buddhists, it's muslims. you got that on camera? >> and how will that dominate campaign and will it help or
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people go to the polls? and the fbi looking into claims that one of the san bernardino shooters syed farook discussed staging a similar attack back in 2012 as investigators trace his past to radicalization. explosion. another hover board burst into flames, this time at a mall. the device flaring up a second time after being extinguished. so what should you do if your kids have them on your holiday list? and who will it be? putin, trump, caitlyn all on "time's" short list of person of the year and we're revealing it to you exclusively today, today, wednesday, december 9th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to a "today" on a wednesday morning. the folks at "time" magazine
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person of the year on monday and had a chance to pull it over along with our viewers. >> a lot of people have been guessing. shall we say, the choice is going to be a bit of a surprise. i think you're right about that. we'll reveal it later on in the program. starting on a wednesday morning, though, and once again our top story is donald trump and the reaction to his calls to bar muslims from entering the u.s. the republican presidential front-runner receiving everything from praise for his idea to demands that he drop out of the race. we'll get into all of it, the fallout, the impact on the election, what it says about the mood of voters. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. the republican party now has as big a donald trump problem as it's ever had. time and again his controversial comments only solidifying his base of support, and despite a lot of criticism, none of his opponents are willing to say they wouldn't support him if he becomes the nominee. maybe one reason why trump is touting a new poll that shows nearly 70% of his supporters
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the party and ran as an independent. after his most provocative comments yet, donald trump standing firm insisting he's not a bigot on abc news. >> not at all, probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> reporter: trump defending his proposed ban of muslims entering the u.s., arguing it would be short term. >> i have people that i have tremendous relationships with. they are muslim, and, barbara, they agree with me 100%. >> reporter: still, the backlash from leading republicans has been swift and overwhelming, jeb bush hammering trump. >> i reject out of hand that he is going tonight nominee. >> reporter: a spokesman for former president george w. bush saying he wouldn't give oxygen to trump's bluster. house speaker paul ryan -- is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for. >> reporter: ted cruz hoping to poach trump supporters careful not to criticize his rival.
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forever standing up and focusing america's attention on the need to secure our borders. >> reporter: for the grand ole party, an urgent dilemma, fail to stand up to trump and risk long-term damage to the party or confront trump and risk his running as an independent despite his past promise he wouldn't. >> i have signed the pledge. >> reporter: a trump third-party bid would likely gift wrap the many of trump's supporters unfazed by the controversy. >> i think it's a very fearful time in our country right now, and definitely to keep the bad ones out would be great. >> who is cutting off people's heads? who is bombing buildings? who is bombing airplanes? it's not christians. it's not the jewish. it's not the buddhists. it's the muslims. you got that on camera, sport? >> reporter: democrats aren't holding back. white house aides arguing trump's comments disqualify him to be president, denouncing him as a carnival barker. >> the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies and even the
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>> reporter: even philadelphia's mayor resorting to profanity. >> he's a [ bleep ]. he has no idea what he's talking about. >> reporter: new hampshire voters go to the polls exactly two months from today, and a new poll taken just before his proposed ban shows trump is now almost 20 points ahead of his closest competitor, that's marco rubio. but be very clear -- this is something to watch. this race remains fluid. 56% of voters in that state are still trying to decide who they should support. matt and savannah? >> all right, peter alexander. peter, thanks so much. meantime, national security officials are voice their own concern saying trump's plan could make the u.s. a bigger target for terror groups like isis. nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more on that. and i yeah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. donald trump has been polling around 30% with republican voters since july, but his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. would isolate more than a quarter of the world's population. security experts say it's now gone beyond simply a campaign applause line and grown into a threat to u.s. safety and
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world. >> this is a grave mistake. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton calling donald trump's latest campaign platform a peril to national security. >> at a time when america should be doing everything we can to lead the fight to defeat isis and other radical jihadists, donald trump is playing right into their hands. >> reporter: and she's far from alone. current homeland security chief jeh johnson called trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. irresponsible, saying it hurts efforts to keep americans safe. >> working with the muslim community, not driving them away. not vilifying them. not driving them into the shadows is absolutely critical to our national security efforts. >> reporter: danger centers around how it could match propaganda and could turn trump's comments into a recruiting tool.
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american lives at risk and putting american service men as risk and american diplomats at risk. >> reporter: and veterans, like this american congresswoman, herself an air force pilot. >> we've got many americans that are of the muslim faith that are peaceful and are serving our country and are a part of our society. >> reporter: at least 5,800 muslims currently served in the nation's armed forces, the plan seemingly ignoring their sacrifices along with most of interpreters and intelligence officers. add to that critical allies from the more than 16 predominantly muslim countries in the u.s. coalition to fight isis. >> every single poll nationally -- >> reporter: experts say trump's comments also threaten efforts of local agencies like the nypd. authorities tell nbc news more than 50 planned terror attacks have been thwarted thanks to tips from the muslim community. trump's comments prompted
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criticism from foreign leaders like britain's david cameron who never speaks out about politics in other countries. but for them, trump has indeed gone too far. savannah and matt? >> all right, andrea mitchell are thank you very much. >> chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet press." good to see you. >> good morning. >> in another election cycle you might hear the comments coming from donald trump and write them off as coming from a fringe candidate. donald trump is not a fringe candidate. the republican front-runner and has 30% of the support depending on the polling and who are these people supporting him? >> folks not traditional primary voters, traditional republican voters, not participated in the party and anxious and upset. on the socioeconomic scale not doing so well. folks that feel in the economic recovery they have been left behind so he's been resonating, immigration thing, attack china, and, yes, they feel insecure so this muslim stuff is going to do nothing to shake those supporters.
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thing you said. they are not typical republican primary voters. isn't that the bottom line question? if they show up and actually vote, trump wins? the polls demonstrate that. if they don't, if they are just telling pollsters, yeah, i like trump, and they don't vote, you have a different story. >> you do, but you have to give trump this. they are showing up to the rallies. he is getting thousands. marco rubio and ted cruz get hundreds, sometimes thousands. he gets thousands and if you're showing up for that, you're more than likely show up to vote. i think trump can't expand beyond that 30 and if you can't get beyond that 30 you can't win the nomination. he's created his own lane, conservatives and evangelicals and establishment business wing of the party. he's creating a work class wing of the party and that's just another lane. it's a third lane. could mean brokered convention. >> you're not sure about these people here. does he have the right number of
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win the nomination? >> no. bottom line no. he's got a good chunk of support to get 30% in any state he goes, that i believe. it isn't really differ that much and if the field is crowded early, that's enough to win iowa, enough to win new hampshire and enough to win south carolina, but when it's two or three candidates and you've got to get to the 50% plus one at some point, then that's where he's going to run into trouble. >> in your mind is the idea of an independent run by donald trump still alive, the possibility pledge not withstanding? >> anything with trump is a live possibility. at this point that's what republican party leaders is fearful of which is why they didn't go after him but i think something was very instructive yesterday. the republican party said we're going to fight the trump nomination for as long as it takes which means as long as trump is in this race, that means this thing is going to be a fight all the way to convention. if they can convince trump to get out suddenly you'll start seeing some form of normalcy return. >> all right. chuck, good to have you here, thanks.
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in related news from capitol hill, the u.s. house has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would tighten controls on who can enter the country without a veez a. as it is a -- a visa. as it is, the citizens of 38 countries to travel to the u.s. without first obtaining a vita and now anybody iran or sudan in the previous five years would have to obtain a visa in order to get into the state, that is if this measure becomes law. countries in the visa waiver program would be required to share information on extremists with the u.s. the senate has already drawn up similar legislation. i want to talk about the shooting in san bernardino that is a driving force behind donald trump's proposal we've talked about already this morning. as investigators pour through the background of the shooters, we're now learning that gunman syed farook may have plotted a separate attack back in 2012. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in san bernardino. miguel, good morning to you. what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, good morning. now exactly one week since the shooting, the gunman's parents
7:12 am
list just as a precaution, this as investigators are looking into the money, planning and support of this crime which may go back quite some time. >> we have several down in a conference room. >> reporter: three years before syed farook helped kill 14 and wound 21 fbi investigators have now been told the gunman may have talked about staging an attack in california, says a senior law enforcement official. killed by police with his wife tashfeen malik, the claim can't be verified, but it may bolster a growing assumption farook was radicalized long before he met and married malik. we know the pair practiced for years. the weapons were obtained from enrique marquez, a distant relative by marriage, converted to islam and attend the the gunman's mosque. he's being questioned but is not
7:13 am
-- a suspect. >> enrique was, i guess, liked by a lot of people. he fit in perfectly. >> reporter: the fbi on the money trail. syed farook took out a loan two weeks before his killing spree. the $28,500 deposit came too late to finance the massacre. the money, say counterterror officials, may have been for their baby and grandmother to use after the bloodshed. from their home investigators have a trove of documents, but cell phones were destroyed, critical data could be encrypted. >> these individuals who don't leave a digital footprint are extremely difficult for law enforcement to track or even be aware of. >> reporter: it's not just physical evidence that investigators are looking for. they want to know if the gunman had any accomplices were. they helped coordinate and plot this terror attack. savannah, matt?
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bernardino, thanks. breaking news overnight tied to the terror attack in paris. the third man who attacked the bataclan concert hall has now been identified. french officials say fouad aggad left his home in eastern france in 2013 and traveled to syria, but he returned to france a few months later. all of the paris attackers have been identified so far. they were french or belgian. 130 people died in the paris massacre on november 13th, and all three bataclan attackers were killed during that rampage. now to boston and the newest health scare linked to chipotle. officials believe they know what caused dozens of people who aid at this same restaurant to get sick. natalie is here with more on that. natalie, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning. the number of cases have actually skyrocketed. early tests are now pointing to the norovirus and not e. coli as the culprit, but either way it's another shot to the chain's image. this morning things seemed to be getting worse for chipotle. officials at boston college say the number of sick students is growing from 30 on monday to 80 on tuesday.
7:15 am
eating at a nearby chipotle restaurant. >> sounds like people are kind of getting sick on their own until they realize it's a huge group of people and they all came into health services. a lot bigger than we all thought it was. >> reporter: the cause, initial testing suggests the norovirus which can cause stomach pain, fever and vomiting. the virus is highly contagious and can spread from surface contact or eating contaminated food. boston officials have cited this restaurant with multiple violations including keeping meat at incorrect temperatures and allowing sick employees to come to work. >> they did not follow protocol. >> reporter: in a statement chipotle says "the safety and well-being of our customers is always our highest priority so our restaurant at chief land circle in boston is temporarily closed while we work with local health officials to investigate
7:16 am
" the fast food chain is still reel ing from a nationwide e. coli outbreak. there are no related cases of e. coli in massachusetts, but 47 people have been affected in at least six other states. the recent health scares have sent chipotle shares tumbling, down nearly 19% this year. as popular fast food chain struggles to stay ahead of health scares and headlines. most people who contract the norovirus do feel better within two or three days. in the annual report though chipotle acknowledged concerns about food borne illnesses saying we may be at a higher risk of some competitors due to our use of fresh produce and meat rather than frozen and reliance on employees cooking with traditional methods rather than automation. so we'll see where this goes from here. >> any way you look at it, it's been a bad couple of months. >> bad couple of months for them, for sure.
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mayor rahm emanuel has called a special city council meeting to address the growing crisis in the city's police department. mayor emanuel is set to deliver a speech on police accountability. he's trying to restore the confidence in residents following the release of the video that shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald being shot by a police officer 16 times. critics say the city was slow to release that tape and slow to seek charges against the officer. jason van dyke is now charged with first-degree murder. let's go to china now where hazardous smog is smothering the city of beijing again today. the chinese capital has launched its first red alert for pollution, closing schools, suspending work at factories and keeping half of the city's vehicles off the streets. most of the smog is blamed on coal-fired power plants, along with vehicle and construction to the factory work. china is the first number and the renewable energy of wrap wind and some of the images we saw when we were there for the olympics and some of the
7:18 am
now in that smoke. -- in that smog. >> unfortunately has not changed. now back to the dramatic video we showed you at the top of the show. a mall near seattle had to be evacuated after one of the popular hover boards burst into flames. as you can see, it was caught on camera. the smoke triggered the fire alarm and forced officials to temporarily evacuate. this is the latest in the string of hover boards catching fire. >> pretty scary to watch. >> exactly right. >> how is that going? >> mommy is getting a fire extinguisher. >> flame on. >> yeah. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> that's right, we've been talking about the pacific northwest and take a look at video, portland, oregon. you can see mudslides now causing big problems. look at that the coming down the hill like that covering this road completely and more of the same coming in. in fact, as you go into western washington state you can see
7:19 am
way. so here's today's storm making its way in. another big storm making its way in on thursday for tomorrow, but this system right now is bringing that rain and the good news is if you look at rainfall and snowfall, this is now going to start to finally move south and get the sierra involved which is very important for the snow pack. the rain returns, the snow as far south as sierra. here's what we're looking at rainfall-wise. look at how heavy the rain is from the pacific northwest into northern california. southwestern oregon and northwestern california, could see seven inches of rain but here's the good news. look at sierra. could be upwards of three to four feet of snow in some areas and that's great for the snow pack helping to alleviate some of that drought.
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30 seconds.developing overnight. evansdale police were involved in a chase early this morning. officers won't say much -- just that the chase ended near evans road and lake avenue. our crew saw a car being pulled from the area. waterloo police are investigating a stabbing. it happened early this morning in the 500 block of locust. police expect the victim will survive. no arrests have been made. is back with another
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for lynn's family and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. waterloo police officers are
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it happened in the 500 block of locust just before 1:30 this morning. police say one person was stabbed. she is expected to survive. officers do not have a suspect in custody and do not have a description of the suspect at this time. last night, a big crowd came out to a city council meeting where the issue was talked about. some wanted to keep guns out of all city buildings -- even if you have a concealed carry license. 17 people spoke at the meeting last night. 15 were against the idea. two supported it. after they talked about it, the city decided it would not draw up a resolution for a gun-free zone. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up system that will bring rain to the area, mainly saturday afternoon and sunday. could be heavy at could end as rain and snow mix on monday. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 9th of december, 2015. a great crowd out on our plaza. holiday crowd enjoying the scene and the tree in the background. back inside studio 1a. a look at stories making news. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the san bernardino shooter syed farook may have discussed staging an attack in california as early as 2012. that would have been long before he met his wife. >> fallout growing over donald trump's controversial plan to ban muslims from entering the u.s. while he's standing firm behind his proposal. several mayors who oppose the idea claim they are ban trump from their cities.
7:30 am
college students suffering from stomach problems after eating at a number of chipotle restaurants has jumped to at least 80. health officials believe the problems are due it a norovirus not to the e. coli scare out west last month. >> and more on the war being waged by and against isis, using twitter and facebook to spread its message and can tech companies do more to shut them down? >> earlier this week google's executive director talked about targeting terrorists online. without this type of leadership from government, from citizens, from tech companies, the internet could become a vehicle for fust dissing a gracious of poorly built societies and the empowerment of people with the wrong voices. >> tom costello covers cyber security and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is not an easy challenge. as you know some of the biggest phone-makers have made it nearly
7:31 am
and social media sites have privacy concerns about trolling through billions of messages, but there's increasing talk in washington about potentially new laws that would force tech companies to do more in the fight against terrorism. it may be the closest thing isis has to an international command and control room. >> tomorrow it will be washington. >> reporter: youtube, facebook, twitter, what's, that instagram? social media provides the means for propaganda and communication and the oxygen for a terror movement. now growing calls for the tech world to help shut isis out. >> we are lose the war in cyber space. >> just as we have to destroy their would-be caliphate, we have to deny them online space. you are terrorist. >> reporter: now a group of hackers called anonymous who have attacked the u.s. government in the past have joined the fight against isis calling on the world to joint cyber war this friday.
7:32 am
violence but with our intelligence about hacking. we will disrupt your systems. >> reporter: anonymous claims to have already helped close thousands of isis accounts and hundreds of websites, but it's a grind. once one twitter account is closed isis simply opens another, and even the best intelligence agencies struggle to penetrate private isis communications. >> they do plot online but it's so difficult to access the encrypted platforms it's almost impossible for law enforcement. >> reporter: reluctant to help government spy agencies social media sites try to police themselves. facebook tells nbc news it works around the clock to remove any content that praise or supports trifrm. same message from twitter. violent threats and protomotion of terrorism deserve no place on twitter. youtube says it removed 14 million videos last year alone. >> we have literally dozens and dozens of police officers on scene. >> reporter: but following the attacks in california and paris,
7:33 am
laws that would force tech companies to do more. the author of "isis, state of terror," j.m. berger. >> it's not possible to drive these guys completely off social media but it would be possible to drive their presence down to an almost negligible level. >> reporter: that's challenge, youtube telling nbc news it will and does take swift action against terrorist content, but many phone and tech companies have privacy concerns about helping any government agency monitor communications or tap into cell phones, especially as they try to fend off criminal hackers and importantly anti-terror units don't necessarily want to remove all of that terror content because they actually use it to monitor terror activities. guys, back to you. >> all right, tom costello, thank you very much. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> all right. waiting for some record warmth. >> yeah. >> we're talking about 80%, 90% of the country being above continue. that jet stream way up to the north and so that cold air is banked up into canada.
7:34 am
12 degrees above normal in cleveland and 53 in new york city. that's eight degrees above normal and st. louis will see a high of 61. that doesn't seem that warm but that's what we should see in march and by this weekend a wide swath of record highs. indianapolis getting up to 65 on saturday and 75 in charlotte, new york city seeing a high of 61 and jackson getting up to 81 degrees on saturday, and it lasts right on into sunday as wellloan. we've got a nice wednesday in store for us in the weather department. aside from a few passing clouds we will have a mostly sunny sky. temperatures will continue with the warmer than average trend with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. even warmer tomorrow as the wind speed picks up a bit. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50s. there could be 60s in parts of the state. but, we will see an increase in clouds for both thursday and friday. we start you off this morning with a look at the temperatures from our weather trackers across
7:35 am
savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. now to what could be the secret behind "mona lisa's" smile. after a decade of study a french scientist saw a second image beneath da vinci's masterpiece. keir simmons has more on this surprising discovery. kooerks good morning. tell us about it. >> reporter: hey, good morning. that french scientist says in the second hidden image there is no famous smile and she looks to the side meaning mona lei seas's world renowned gaze that polls you wherever you are in the woman is not there. >> reporter: hidden behind the mona lisa's mysterious smile is another painting, it claims and may be more, a secret she has kept for 500 years, unlocked by a french engineer using modern science called reflective light technology to look beneath layers. the pore trade behind the
7:36 am
manitoba lisa minus some similar differences and her iconic smile seems to be mission and one suggests there could be three paintings, paintings. the man who discovered add to doubts over who she was. like the plot from "the da vinci code" in the dan brown book messages were hidden in the mona lisa and the revelations are controversial. some folks already say they are a work of fiction claiming what's been discovered are just traces from the process of painting while the world famous louvre museum in paris where the mona lisa hangs has refused to comment. which you may think just makes it all the more mysterious. and how many millions of us must have stood in front of the mona lisa never knowing there was something we weren't seeing. the death tailed claims will be made in a tv show here in the uk tonight and then, guys, you bet there will be arguments across the art world.
7:37 am
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because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. we are back at 7:42 and we're set to reveal the answer the question we've been asking all week? who will be "time's" person of the year. >> now the moment of truth. nancy gibbs is the editor of "time" and welcome back. good to have you here. you gave us the short list on monday. was it just an exercise and you made the decision already. >> yes, we did. >> that's night. >> trying to build some suspense.
7:42 am
let's start with number five. iran's president hassan rouhani. obviously been a big year. >> big year for him. >> with the nuclear deal. >> brokered the new jersey deal and represents a gamble by the west that he represents a new political calculus in iran. >> these aren't from number of votes received or anything like this, just a list you created. at number four you went with black lives matter activists. >> really involved from an organic protest movement to an movement. they drove police chiefs and college presidents from office and they are holding candidates to account. really seen a major change in the way they operate this year. >> all right. number three, going out on a limb and say this will be a shocker because people thought donald trump would be your person of the year. you put him at number three, why? >> all year long he has been saying things that were kind of disqualifying. lost count how many times so here's the test. if he who breaks all the rules can live to play another day then he writes the new rules.
7:43 am
he is as good at winning votes as he is as news cycles and in the months to come he may well position himself, will be here a year from now. in the history of the person of the year never named a presidential candidate as person of the year. of course, i heard allotted from beshds' people and ben carson. >> and from his people. >> and from him. he said i say there's no way they give it to me. they can't, mentally they can't, can't do it, even if i deserve it they can't do it. >> if he thinks he deserves has the whole next year to let the voters decide that. >> at number two. this is the one that i will tell you that our viewers thought would be the person of the year. >> abu bakr al baghdadi, the leader of isis, who this year went from building a regional power to building a transnational terrorist franchise, and the expansion of its ambition and its operating theater poses such a significant challenge. >> what kind of a decision would it have been for "time" magazine to name him person of the year?
7:44 am
>> nothing is impossible. we have named great villains in the past. adolf hitler was person of the year, but in his case it also is worth bearing in mind that in many ways this is a year in which he has lost ground literally, and his power is partly in opportunism. he did not invent middle east anarchy and did not invent the internet. he has just taken great advantage of both of them. >> didn't invent terror either. roll, please. merkel. >> chancellor angela merkel is our 2015 person of the year, and in a year where world leaders were tested all through the year, no one was tested the way she was. over and over again, the threat to the european peace and security really fell to her, first the economic crisis this summer, the refugee cries thinks fall and now the return of terrorism in europe, and she has stepped up in a way that was uncharacteristic even for her. she's been a very long serving leader, longest serving in the west and controls the world's fourth largest economy, but this
7:45 am
how she would respond to some of the most difficult challenges that any sleerd facing in the world. >> angela merkel "time's "person of the year. they are telling me donald trump is on line two. nancy gibbs. >> by the way, only the fourth woman to have a solo cover. >> and i suspect that is likely to be changing in years to come as well. >> thanks for always doing this with you. we enjoy it. congrats. the person of the year issue hits newsstands on friday. >> coming up, see this clever video that one of our viewers made for us. >> and a little later on porptsart, which was your favorite, the top music video of the year according to youtube, morning ted! scott! ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot.
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7:50 am
during an interview with maya rudolph on tuesday. heavily featuring our own matt lauer created a huge sensation on the internet. lighting things up. take a look at moment. >> so rumor has it you got the offer to do this movie by text mail? >> text mail. >> text message, sorry. >> the kids are calling it text mail. i was just text mailing. >> i read in an e-message that brinda was not a very good person. >> i hereby smoke signal. >> call me or just text mail. >> made a very rare slip of the tongue. >> text mail as opposed to text messages. the good thing about it i'm sure i won't hear about it on that twitter thing. >> that twitter thing all over that flub. take a look, matt. here's some of the things our fans and viewers sent to you. matt lauer leaks new tech on on #today show breaking news and
7:51 am
dedicated to your greatness. take a look. there you are. i can watch that over and over. >> glen, you are good. >> glen has it done. look at you. >> looks like he's from "south park. ". >> the looks like "the simpsons." >> glen garcia has a future in animation. >> and sara if text mailing is right? messages? >> it was a text message. i combined the two, erroneously. >> it's a thing.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
7:56 am
police spot a car that's out of place -- and it leads to a police chase that ends in a lake. evansdale police saw a car at the nature trail bridge a little before three this morning and thought it was odd. they went to pull the driver over and it led to a chase.
7:57 am
lake. the driver was taken to the hospital. charges are pending. we're still waiting to learn the identity of a body found in an eastern iowa river. black hawk county sheriff's deputies pulled the body from the cedar river in gilbertville on sunday morning. we're now waiting on autopsy results from the state medical examiner. the autopsy was set for yesterday. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up tomorrow and gets highs back the area, mainly saturday the system. it could end as rain and snow mix on monday. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the social network's year in review. a look at most talked about stories in 2015 courtesy of facebook's cheryl sanberg. good-bye plus size and hello curves. the change in the fashion industry that's set to have a big impact on how women describe their bodies. daughter. melissa rivers like you've never seen her before. we'll fill you in on her cameo in jennifer lawrence's new movie, today, wednesday,
7:59 am
>> good morning. we're on "today." >> mother-daughter trip. >> all the way from california! >> all the way from washington. go hawks. >> here from south carolina. >> go, tigers. >> i need a job! >> we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning. 2015. you know the crowds are getting bigger and bigger and seeing more santa hats. the holiday getting closer and everybody in a good mood and we welcome them to rockefeller plaza. >> just ahead, we've got jill martin. back-to-back "steals & deals" and stocking stuffers for every member of your family, get this, under 20 bucks. wow. >> that might come in handy for our little secret santa thing we do around here. >> who did you get in secret santa? >> it's a secret!
8:00 am
stories from natalie inside. natalie? >> good morning, everyone. the rift between donald trump and the republican party is growing wider this morning over trump's latest comments about muslims. nbc's peter alexander is live in washington. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is standing firm about his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. saying he has no regrets saying we have to do the right thing and insisting he's not a bigot. in his words i'm the worst thing that's ever happened to isis. still, the backlash, as you noted has really only grown with most of all of his republican plan. party leaders from house speaker paul ryan to rnc head reince priebus. they have condemned it as well and so far nobody are willing to say they wouldn't support trump if he becomes the nominee. republicans in a tight spot with real concerns that trump could just leave the party and run as an independent and that that would likely hand the white house to hillary clinton. trump even dangling that idea of a third-party bid in a tweet.
8:01 am
poll that shows nearly 70% of his supporters would still natalie. >> the peter alexander in washington, thank you. the fbi is investigating whether one of the shooters in last week's san bernardino office party massacre had been planning an earlier terrorist attack. nbc news has learned that syed farook hey have talked about striking a different target in 2012. that would bolster the emerging theory that he was radicalized before he met his wife and accomplice tashfeen malik. officials say the couple spent a year plotting the san bernardino shooting. the fbi is questioning relatives and looking into financial preparations for routes made to finance the attack. french officials have identified the third terrorist who died while attacking the bataclan concert hall in paris last month. 23-year-old fouad mohammed-aggad was from the french city of strasbourg and like the others had traveled to syria in 2013 to
8:02 am
the new information means that all of the paris suspects identified so far were either french or belgian and all were french native speakers. the co-founder of the northface outdoor company died tuesday while kayaking and suffered severe hypothermia after his kayak overturned in 39-degree water. he was a passionate conservationist who spent generously on environmental causes. old. and on a lighter note, princess diana' favorite tiara looked as dazzling as ever when her daughter-in-law kate the duchess of cambridge wore it for the very first time tuesday night. the diamond and pearl cambridge tiara was a wedding gift -- to kate from queen elizabeth. duchess kate wore it to the annual holiday reception for diplomats at buckingham pail as. back over to you guys. looks stunning as always. >> always stunning. >> wears it well.
8:03 am
world of fashion to have a big impact on how women feel about themselves. that's the hope. >> look who is here. hoda is here to explain it. >> hi, kids. how are you guys. a call to action led by a group of young models. they want to do away with the label plus size from the runway and beyond in favor of the body positive curve. >> size, meet shape and plus size meet curve. two small swaps that are having a big impact for women around the nation. in the professional modeling world, these are the bodies we often see on the runway, sizes ranging from 0 to 6. models above size 8 are typically labeled plus size despite fact that the average woman is a size 14. >> years of being sent to a different part of a department store, different store, making them feel different is what has given a negative connotation to the word plus or the term plus size.
8:04 am
i'm not plus size. i've never been plus size. >> reporter: don't call model jordan woods plus size. she, like many in the industry, now prefer curve model. >> the curvy woman is beautiful. when you think of curves, think of power >> reporter: 18-year-old whose best friends include kylie jenner and jaden smith has already gained over half a million instagram followers. >> there should be some light brought to sizing, to help uplift the girl that think that she's too big or things that she's too skinny or think that she's different than everyone else because, really, sizing doesn't matter. it's about being happy with the way you look >> reporter: body positive change is taking social media by storm and retailers are hopping on board. >> plus is equal. >> reporter: lane bryant's plus is equal campaign. >> everybody deserves to be
8:05 am
plus organization are trying to revolutionize the way people perceive women's bodies n.october online retailer mod cloth eliminated the designation plus size from its website. >> as the movement grows and this becomes more vocal on social immediate yeah think retailers will start to listen to it. >> reporter: whether your runway is a catwalk or the sidewalk, it may being time to embrace the curves and leave plus size a thing of the past. and jordan hopes to inspire others with her message and although she does refer to herself as a curve model, she did ask why can't a model just be called a model. >> i agree. >> and i think in solidarity, girls, we should raise our right hands. >> yes. >> and go like this. >> bat wings. >> oh, my gosh. >> we all have issues. it doesn't matter, and i think curvy is hot >> you don't even really have bat wings. >> i do. >> you can't see them. >> that's why i'm wearing.
8:06 am
>> having no real vested in this, i think curve is a better word, i really do, absolutely. >> curve sounds like that. >> and if a size 8 is plus size we have a problem. i mean, that's ridiculous. >> i'm a 10 so we do have a problem. >> we asked people on, 81% prefer the term curve to plus size. it's better. hoda, thank you. >> meet you with a measuring tape after the segment. >> all righty. up next, we'll show you a gadget someone has created to help with performance anxiety at a urinal. >> yikes. >> no calling attention. >> and the best of 2015 on pops theart. the top music videos of the year. >> and facebook's sheryl i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra
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all right. we're back. 8:12 to stalk about what's trending today. we know it's notoriously difficult to tell someone's tone in a text message, right? well, this morning some insight from researchers at binghamton university. they say putting period at end of a sentence in a text message makes you seem indiana is seer. >> what? interesting. >> here's an example that we created. one friend ask do the you want to get dinner later and the other responds i'm busy, period. how about tomorrow? i miss you. the response, yeah, that works. >> i wish we could see it, not that you're reading isn't awesome. you can't get the feel of what the text message look like. >> maybe it was in a text mail. >> i -- >> i have one word response.
8:11 am
i never put a period but if i write a full i out of habit put a period. >> i don't get the indiana is seer. if you say fine it could seem fine. >> if you do an exclamation point. >> i'm big on an exclamation point. >> you're big on emojis. >> we all should. >> oh, my goodness. >> good segue. staying on the topic of emotions. many people think men have a hard time opening up and women cry more and who knows if that's true but men online are revealing some of the top things that will make them cry. here's a look at the pop answers. seeing their own fathers cry. >> wow. >> watching videos of soldiers coming home. >> yes. check on that. arguing with their wives, interesting. >> i could see that. >> if your wife starts to crime. receiving hugs from their kids when they come home from kid. that's cute and, of course,
8:12 am
>> in your modicoms. >> memorial day parade to veterans day parade all the way down to -- >> the the notebook." >> last event that made me cry, derek jeter walking back out to shortstop on his last day at yankee stadium and bowing down or kneeling down at that position. buckets. >> i thought we were putting the tree up and ornaments and the thinking about my patients. >> sweet. >> i like that it's okay, too, for cries to cry. >> absolutely. >> the old stigma is gone. >> threat go, guys. >> how about this up. talk about a transition. >> oh, boy. >> anyone here uncomfortable -- i'm looking at you folks at home, i should be looking at you. anyone uncomfortable about using a public restroom? >> no, no. >> no performance anxiety at all? >> what am i doing? what's the performance? >> some men get a little stage fright whmt they walk into a public restroom especially when
8:13 am
a new spligs and it's called the privy-pee. >> this has got to be a joke. >> fold the cape up and when you go to a restroom you unfold it and you shield yourself from others. >> that won't call any more attention to you. >> going to get arrested after putting that on. >> you're like oh, it's obi-wan kenobi. >> i like this part. the device is still a prototype. how much more development does this need? >> it's like the snuggie. >> hello, i've got to use the john. >> you walk into a restaurant, restroom, three urinals. >> i go to the one on the end? >> why? are you? don't go to the middle one. >> let me ask you a question because then if you go to the middle one someone walks in they have no choice but to go next to you. >> let me ask you this. you walk in and you're at work and see someone you work very closely with at urinal which i think urinals is craze, i don't know how you guys do it. >> we stand up and we go. >> but can you go in front of
8:14 am
>> could you go next to each other is. >> in a heartbeat. >> we don't talk. >> best one ever was early on on the "today" show, president nixon next to me. >> next to you. >> wow sglmd remember what the nickname was. >> not going to do the joke, not going to do it. >> that's an incredible conversation. >> i think we're missing out. >> no. >> come on. >> i don't think we're missing out. >> urinal envy. >> let's move on. >> "pop start," melissa rivers playing her mom in a new move, right? >> a tuchg role for melissa rivers playing her mother joan and "people" magazine has the first photos from the set of "joy." melissa has a small cameo playing her mom during her mom's years on qvc and called the transformation into her mother overwhelming and even stopped looking in the mirror, but melissa saidt was a wonderful
8:15 am
by the way, "joy" hit theaters christmas day. quite incredible there. meefntd popular music videos of the year, according to youtube, you ready, count it down in. third place "love me like you do" from ellie golding got 809 million vumpts finishing second with 872 million, "sugar" by maroon five and topping the list, a sentimental favorite that will make men and women cry, "see you again" with wiz khalifa honoring the late "fast and furious" star paul walker. up to 1.2 billion views. one other note. youtube says we spent the equivalent of 37 years watching top ten videos. i say we because itould take all of us forhat number. >> collectively all the hours spent watching the videos. >> just the top ten videos. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> this year. >> i'm surprised "hello" wasn't on there. >> probably not yet.
8:16 am
>> number seven, i'm told. >> mr. roker. >> you know what. we've not had very much snow this year and take a look at some. numbers. this was from last year in boston and look at this, two years ago we had an average of 3.3 inches of snow covering 58% of the country. last year not as bad. 17.9% had about 1.2 inches of snow. look at it this year. i mean, we gotlmost nothing. only 14% of the country has an average of one inch of snow and don't see much getting added tkiel in for eileen loan. we've got a nice wednesday in store for us in the weather department. aside from a few passing clouds we will have a mostly sunny sky. temperatures average trend with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. even warmer tomorrow as the wind speed picks up a bit. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50s. there could be 60s in parts of the state. but, we will see an increase in clouds for both thursday and friday. we startyou off this morning with a look at the temperatures from our weatherrtrackers accoss
8:17 am
temperatures are running about 15 degrees above the average. avera >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> from tragedies like paris to the presidential race and pop culture, we now share debate and celebrate everything on social media. facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg is here. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is becoming our annual thing where we say wow all that have happened in one year. i can't b bieve it. >> facebook is where people come together to share what they care about and this year was a hard year. >> yeah. >> a lot of challenges for the global community and what you see onacebook is people coming together to meet the challenges and to feel less alone and to work towards solutions together. >> and we really see it in this list that facebook compiled of the top moment of the year. this is what people were posting most. we'll put the list up. number six, marriage equality. seemed all of a sudden everybody
8:18 am
picture and had that rainbow and this is one of those community moments where people were getting together around an issue. >> 26 million people use the facebook rainbow filter to change their profile picture to the rainbow to show support, and that's pretty incredible. 6 million americans have already come out on facebook, and what we're seeing now is the number of people coming out is three times what it was a year ago and i think that's because people feel the support. people want to live lives as their authentic self and the best way to do that is with the support of a global sglunt it has been a hard year and lest we forget facebook is a global company and look what's rounding out the list, a lot of global events, the greek debt crisis and the syrian refugee cries and just last month attacks in paris. facebook activated its safety check for that which is something you guys had done for natural d dasters but never before for something like this. how did it work and how did it
8:19 am
>> we activated safety check which allows people to check in and let everyone know that they are safe. over 4 million people did it. 360 million people were notified that their friends in paris were safe and now going forward we'll be using it for natural disasters as well as the unfortunate violent events. i think what you see is that when these things happen people want to know that their friends and family are safe, but they also want to know how they can help and that they want to feel connected that is hopefully the resilience that follows these horrific attacks. >> let's look at number one on the list and i have a feeling it might be number one, too, next year. the presidential election, this is something that everybody wants to talk about and not just voters and the candidates themselves really engaging on social media. >> one in four americans who are on facebook have commented or like to share something about the presidential elections, and the as you just pointed out it wasn't even this year or next year. facebook is the new town hall. it's where people can have a real and more authentic and
8:20 am
people who represent them. >> it's the real definition of community when you're talking about politics and policies but you've got to the let me talk about pop culture. you guys are tracking that, too. >> absolutely. >> the top of it v show is "game of thrones" and top movie not even out yet "star wars." are you a "star wars" geek like i am? >> i'm a complete "star wars" fan and have a son and ought boys and girls are "star wars" fans. it's amazing for a movie not yet come out to be number one already. >> before i let you go, i have to ask how you're doing, doing a difficult year when you unexpectedly lost your husband and you wrote such a moving and beautiful post about grief and love and i remember you telling me you weren't even show if you wanted to fest but the outpouring was so great. what was that like to experience facebook from that perspective? >> you know, i lost my husband, you know, tragically and suddenly and that's a horrible thing to live through and it's also a pretty isolating thing to
8:21 am
rebuild and went back to work. no one knows whatt to say and everyone looks at you like a deer in the heat lights and i wrote this post and wasn't sure if i feast and hit send on the 30-day anniversary of his day whichhas meaning in the jewish religiononnd i shared, shared how to talk to me hand how i was feeling and it changed a lot. people knew what to say and people started talking to me more openly and even strangers because i'm not only person who experienced loss this year and previous years. i think loss and then trying to rebuild and resilience, such a huge part of the human condition, and by using and sharing on facebook i felt part of that global community, and as i look to the new year and my children and i have worked so hard to rebuild our lives and find happiness and joy and gratitude again, i think the support of strangers and our friends made a huge difference. i always love to say i feel even
8:22 am
>> not easy to open your heart but i hope you felt that embrace that so many people felt and cared for you. >> you feel not alone because anything you experience no matter how tragic or devastating, there's many people in the world who have experienced that and there's something universal about the ability to share and connect and to say to someone else it gets better. >> it does. sheryl, it's great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> have a wonderful holiday and hopefully we'll see you next year too. >> thank you. >> and we'll send it over to matt. >> savannah, thank you very much. jill martin is here with a special "steals & deals"
8:23 am
>>new this morning: a world-wide show of supporttfor a girl who lost her
8:24 am
the girl from new york has only one wish this christmas. she wants christmas cards. her family died in that fire which was sent on purpose. after posting the request on facebook, the girl has received cards from all over the world. we've posted the address to send cards in a story about the girl on ourrebsite -- kwwl-dot-com. back in eastern iowa: the salvation army is working to help families in need. the organization's gym in waterloo is stacked with toys for all aaes. toys were donated from people in the community, toys for tots, and walmart's fill the truck toy drive. families also got food and a scarf for each child. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up tomorrow and gets highs back in system that will bring rain to the area, mainly saturday afternoon and sunday. could be heavy at times and it all depends on the exact track of the system. it could end as rain and snow mix on monday.
8:25 am
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8:30 now. it's wednesday morning and december 9th, 2015, good crowd out on the plaza this morning. like to see that. and in their h hiday finest. we've got some elves and people giving gifts for our toy truck and always happy to do that. want more information for our toy drive go to >> coming up, we are happy to have a true american hero, air force sergeant stone who helped thwart the attack on the train in france earlier this year and we'll talk to him exclusively. he's prepared to receive a very well deserved award. >> looking good. glad to see him here and a special "s"sals & deals" and jill has dug up bargains of 75%
8:27 am
>> and let there be light. martha stewart is here with crafty ideas that lend a little glow to your holiday home. >> first, let's swing it over to al. >> season of kindness on today is brought to you by kisses deluxe. #saymore. >> and good morning. we've got a series of blackboards up here. folks writing out. we asked people to finish the sentence sharing kindness. okay. sharing kindness is contagious, mothers, daughters, refilling the toilet paper. we like that one, and we've got some over here. kindness is do something nice every day. that's awfully nice and compassion, selfless service to others. really nice. thank you so much for sharing that. we've been asking these folks and you don't have to be on our plaza to help put this in.
8:28 am
tell us what you think you need to do share kindness every day. let's share the weather and see what you've got going on. we are looking at -- because of el nino, the chance of a white christmas in washington, d.c. and the last five el ninos, non. zip. you don't have a chance. new york city, 16% chance of a one-inch snow depth on an average year and el nino years zip, nothing! forget about it, and you go up to boston, where you would have a 21% chance of having a white christmas. during a strong el nino year, you've got zero, nothing! a lump of coal. that's it. so don't expect, because we're in an el nino year, do not expect a white christmas in those three cities. we'll look at midwest a little bit later on. that's what's going on around the we've got a nice wednesday in store for us in the weather passing clouds we will have a mostly sunny sky.
8:29 am
the warmer than average trend with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. even warmer tomorrow as the wind speed picks up a bit. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50s. there could be 60s in parts of the state. but, we will see an increase in clouds for both thursday and friday. we start you off this morning with a look at the temperatures from our weather trackers across eastern iowa. o >> that's your latest weather. don't forget any time you neath need your weather go to the weather channel on cable or online. now let's go back inside to matt with a true american hero. >> that's for sure. thank you very much. 201515as put spencer stone's bravery to the test. first, without hesitation the air force staff sergeant helped to stop a terror attack on a french train back in august. then in october he survived a stabbing in sacramento, california. he'll return to active duty soon, but, first, spencer is here in new york to accept the uso's george vanclief military leadership award.
8:30 am
james. secretary james, sergeant, good to have you both here. >> thanks for having us. >> it's been a tough year. >> yes, it has. >> are you happy to see it coming to an end? >> yeah, it's winding down hopefully. >> go back to france and your heroics along with two friends of yours aboard that train that helped to stop a terror attack. you were injured in the process, although luckily not life-threatening injuries. >> yes, sir. >> recovering fully from those? >> not fully. still have some work on my thumb, but it's coming along. >> and fast forward, october, sergeant. yoyore in sacramento outside a club and involved in an altercation. you got stabbed and the injuries from that were a lot more life-threatening. >> a lot more life threatening. they actually called out the homicide team originally because they didn't think i would make it. i was in the hospital and six minutes from the ambulance and surgery within 30, 35, so, you know, i can't thank the uc davis staff enough for saving my life. >> stab wounds to your heart, your lungs, your liver. could have easily gone the other way.
8:31 am
>> secretary james, spencer is about to receive this award for his actions, his heroic actions. i don't know if he gets tired of hearing it and we don'tet tired of saying it in france on that day, talk about that award. >> we don't get tired of talking about it. the united states air force, all so very proud of sergeant stone. what happened on the train that day could have been a catastrophe for many, many people. you know, when something happens, there's sudden danger, most of us, the instinct is to flee and to hunker down and to get away from the gunshot of the firing of guns, but spencer stone and his two friends that day, they had the opposite instincts instincts. they went towards the fire, and because of their actions, everybody on that train went home to their families, everyone lived. >> sergeant, how often do you
8:32 am
>> every day. >> for sure. >> and do you always see it ending the way that it actually ended, or do you allow yourself to think what if? what if i had been a foot to the right or a second later. >> all the time, yeah. >> is it hard? >> not for me. i think it just depends on the person, but there's so many other things that could have gone wrong and in one of them did it would have been a totally different situation and mostly what comes to mind even more, even with the recent attacks in paris, my heart really goes out to france for that. you know, that really brought up, you know, memories. >> you bring up paris and secretary james, it seems that the battlefield is changing and members of the armed services, ordinary citizens might be called upon to act to prevent different ways than we have been >> you're right, matt, the battlefield has become in many ways global, and these things can pop up, literally anywhere thanks to the power of the internet and these people can now become radicalized and get access to information which 20 or 30 years ago simply was not
8:33 am
so i think it's a reminder for all of us that we've got to keep up this fight against daesh in the middle east, first and foremost, and also have to take great care here at home. >> and when things happen unexpectedly, it's always nice to have people like sergeant stone on hand to help out people. >> absolutely. >> we really appreciate your heroism. >> thank you, sir. >> great to see you. happy holidays. secretary james, thanks to you as well. >> appreciate it. >> back in a movement this is
8:34 am
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8:36 am
>> people should get by the computer because this goes stuff. >> even the producers have fingers like this. >> producers aren't allowed. what is the first item. are we spinning it? >> we are spinning it. >> drum roll and spin. >> okay. >> so these are isotoner gloves. retail is $46. for men and women, and they have the smart touch. >> so you can talk on your phone. >> can respond when a text they come in faux, suede and nylon, all different fabrics. go to to save. the retail $46, 70% off. >> good. >> great teacher's gift. >> really, really nice. >> shall i spin? i'm just enjoying my role here. >> a nail polish set, retail 39.95. a set of two and a limited edition pouch and i don't know if you can tell. they say really fun things on it, party time. >> oh, cute. >> on the polish? on the polish? >> on pouch. it's really like wraps it up if you put it in a stocking. celebrity fans include madonna
8:37 am
the retail 39.95 and the deal is $11.95, 70% off and you can even split up the nail polish. >> one in two. >> that wouldn't be a bad hostess gift. >> we did that yesterday. >> okay. >> next we have these are super cute. >> the initial key chains. and the retail $45 so 14 carat or rhodium plated brass implants the deal $13. that's 71% off and what i love about this it's personalized. really looks like you put a lot of thought and every initial we have. >> very, very cute. okay. i know somebody who will want these. >> thomas the train toys retail $36. each has a head light and each a magnet on back to connect to one another to get one this year, next year or have different people give to your child. always super popular and the
8:38 am
$6 to $9 and up to 63% off. >> okay. it's not a "steals and deals" with we don't have jewels. >> little miss twin stars, retail $66 to 88 and good from babies to teens. >> really. >> finished with crystals, gold-plated, so that fred segal and a global brand, retail 66 to 88 and the deal $20, 77% off. >> nice. you got a lot of deals out of this. >> last but not least. >> who doesn't need a self stick. >> everyone does. >> affordable charger so you get a full charge with the portable charger and the selfie stick. >> does matt lauer comes included? >> you get all of us. >> retail 59.99 and the retail $18, 77% off. >> i thought we outlawed them? >> we did. let's look at the products one more time.
8:39 am
the nail polish from ncla and the jewely from ses see & co and thomas the train and little miss twin stars and gabba goods with the selfie stick. find more deals on the "steals & deals" page and go ahead and book mark that. >> thanks. >> coming up next, grueling work and we'll spend a day in the life of a professional fisherman, but, first, this is "today" on, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,
8:40 am
this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
8:41 am
. we're back at 8:45 with our special series "24 hours with." >> "today" national correspondent craig melvin follows hard working people for a full day to get a window on their world, and we're hit willing the high seas aid. >> we are. good morning. it's good to see you. we set out to get to know professional fishermen hooked on a job that keeps them busy while most of us are still fast asleep. gloucester, massachusetts,
8:42 am
>> it is 1:54 in the morning. we are in gloucester, mass. my man al is about to come charging down those steps. we are going fishing. what's up, brother? how are you? >> good, good, good. >> we're going to do some fishing. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> he is 49 years old and practically born with sea legs. at 2:31 in the morning he casts off ready to head to his office on the open water. al may be only fishermen on his boat but he's not alone. >> you got a start over there. >> a small group of ship captain, many sicilian immigrants and their sons head out together and around here it's a family business. you've been fishing for 35 years? >> yeah. well, i started summers when i was 12 and full time after i
8:43 am
>> reporter: al runs through a pre-dawn check list before setting the net to drag along fish. you always drop the net right before the sun comes up? >> right. >> reporter: that's at 4:38 aime and alex pekts a quiet morning. half an hour later. >> i don't like what i see here. i think the wire is snarled. shoot. i've got to haul everything back and unsnarl it. that could take hours >> reporter: wires open the net and keep it from tangling. at this moment whole day of fishing is at risk. al works frantically at sun comes up and reels the net back in and resets it. it's 5:34 aime and with only an hour lost we're trolling again. do you think people know how they get their fish? >> probably not. the public gets their fish and hopefully they can be more aware of where it's coming from and try to buy the domestic products
8:44 am
quality-wise and, you know, helping out your fellow citizens, it's a win-win. >> reporter: as he works in the wheelhouse at 8:14, there are some familiar faces. at 10:30 al pulls in the day's catch. most fish in this basket, dogfish and before noon he steam into the harbor and al unloads his catch at market. it will be weighed and auctioned off the following day. after al fill lets some great sole for dinner. great looking fish. how will you prepare it? >> bread it and fry it. >> reporter: old school. >> old school. >> reporter: al invited us to the fish fry at home and brought along the old school, his parents, his father frank from sicily and fished for six decades. it's 5:26 p.m., al's wife isabelle home from work at an insurance company and their son
8:45 am
how often do you eat in the. >> 24 hours a day. >> reporter: marcus, are we proud of dad? >> absolutely. i mean, being from this town, it means something to be a fishermen. >> reporter: these days there are fewer fishermen in gloucester. you ever think about getting into the family business? >> i wasn't allowed to. >> the things have been going downhill for a long time. it's not a future for hi. he's too young -- he'll be the last generation i think. >> reporter: as one tradition appears to be ending, another stretches on into the night, but not too late. the following morning, al is up again ready to see what the day holds and what it can bring home from the sea. >> oshie gosh, why there's a handful of fishermen in gloucester. gotten considerably golder and al tells us that this complex quota system has dug into his profits than will be the case
8:46 am
of the new fishing season begins will. >> what's amazing he goes out by himself. >> by himself. >> every morning. >> dangerous. >> very dangerous, and his wife worries considerably. every morning, still after 30 years. >> tough job. craig, that was cool. big thank you very much. >> thank you very much. up next, martha stewart is here to help lighten up your holiday season. savannah, you always tell me how crafty you are, wait until you hear some of these ideas.
8:47 am
nbc. back now with more our hassle-free holiday. martha stewart is here to make your season bright with great ideas straight from the pages of "martha stewart live." good morning, happy holidays. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> yeah. >> 25th anniversary. >> indeed. >> of the magazine. >> and it's a strong and beautiful magazine and so full of great ideas, i love it. >> really is. >> we have so many great ideas. >> let there be light here. >> great ideas to bring a little light into the holiday. start with a balloon. >> blow up balloons. >> makes it much easier, right. >> and tie it off and have a bowl that's about the right size for each balloon, okay? now this is just glue. >> half and half mixture of glitter and glue. >> put in some nice fine glitter, stir it in and then
8:48 am
>> you take that and dip is in here and paint. >> and do stuff like this, and if you have the time to do it properly like you do it actually looks -- >> once you put the decoupage and glitter on the balloon, uneven pattern, half the balloon dip it into a more tinselly glitter. >> the object is to cover the whole who would be the bottom half of the balloon. >> the bottom half and threat dry. >> overnight maybe? >> that one came off -- see if that will come off by self or break that balloon. >> break that balloon? >> and then you turn it upside down. >> and use it over here as a votive candle holder, a great project for kids and for adults. >> i love that. very creative. >> thoogs are beauteese are beautiful.
8:49 am
stores and home stores. paint entire globe with a mixture of glitter and glue, just paint all over the entire globe, and then sprinkle more glitter on it because the glitter really does make -- this is white glitter. >> and once you've got that all covered, sprinkle it really great. >> and use these little l.e.d. holder. this is really cutter, biscuit cutter and paint those if you like and just show how this goes right on top. >> that's really great. >> makes a beautiful, beautiful effect on your table. >> dim the lights so we can see that for a second. >> look how pretty that looks, beautiful. >> okay. >> and making a garland. you can see on the front of table here this beautiful garland. it's a string of lights, take a long string and pretty tinsel and if you hold that
8:50 am
>> good to have two people doing this. >> and for this the probably better to have the white strand of lights. >> unless you have dark green tinsel. >> and silver glitter, hang some ornaments with a little wire from here and embellish your mantlepieces and it's fire proof. >> do you use garland when you decorate a tree? >> i don't know. i have about 40 trees in my house. old trees, big trees. >> this is so sille and it's great. >> the take a piece of beautiful parchment paper, nice dipped translucent paper. >> want to get crafty. >> make these by using punches. >> have you used this punch. this is a punch that makes pretty little holes.
8:51 am
only use a cutting mat, a self-healing cutting mat and make the holes all over it and with tape -- you know when you get flowers from your boyfriend or your girlfriend. >> or your husband. >> yes. >> or your husband. you -- you get these vases and
8:52 am
make beautiful a developing story this morning: an overnight police chase that ends up with the driver in the three this morning and thought it was odd. they went to pull the driver lake before being taken to the hospital. we've been told charges are pending. this morning -- still no word about the identity of a body found in an eastern iowa river. black hawk county sheriff's deputies pulled the body from the cedar river in gilbertville on sunday morning. we're now waiting on autopsy results from the state medical examiner. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up tomorrow and gets highs back in the 50s. we are mild through
8:53 am
weekend with our next storm system that will bring rain to the area, mainly saturday afternoon and sunday. could be heavy at times and it all we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for
8:54 am
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this morning on "today's take" who is the person of the year? "time" magazine reveals its very surprising choice. then the must-see viral videos of 2015 that had everyone talking and clicking. plus, we'll help you deck the halls with easy diy decorating ideas. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from stewed yo 1a in rockefeller playsa. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, december the 9th, fwst. nice big crowd out on the plaza. inside, i'm willie along with al, willie and natalie. our morning jam is a special one
8:56 am
celebrating hannukah. this is the hannukah jam. >> sent to knee from one of our virus called "dance all night" by betsy hirsch and roberta smithline and there's no real hannukah jam so you can't really -- we're going to post it and give it some proper love. >> i like it. >> it's like a donna summer -- >> what does it have to do with hannukah. >> the lyrics. >> i can't heart lyrics. >> like the little ball and the ball goes along. >> it's the hannukah lights. >> maybe if we stop talking and they play it out. raise your hands dance all night >> okay. >> there is a classic hannukah song and add am sandler wrote it 25 years ago. >> is there no room? >> they said a classic janel. >> there's a fourth version.
8:57 am
this to us. >> we're not dissing it. >> i'm kidding. >> sandler. >> here's the adam sandler song. >> oh, no, you're losing it. you and jeffrey tambor said yesterday we eat allotted on this show. martha stewart gave us the best cookies ever. >> they are beautiful. >> it's unbelievable. >> the christmas nut ball, very nice. >> my christmas cookies never look like that. >> because it's martha stewart. >> she has elves, too, that help. >> martha's cookies when you open the box, a glow comes out. >> like ah. >> i actually feel bad eating the cookies. you can have some. >> the snowflake, look at that. >> it's lovely. >> season of sharing. >> maybe if donald trump got one of these. >> hot off the presses news. "time" person of the year. a lot of people weighed n.saw the finalists, had eight of them from all walks of life, black
8:58 am
international leaders like vladimir putin and donald trump right in the middle of it all and who did "time" pick? here's the big reveal, it's version very exciting. angela merkel. >> boom. >> you say that exciting. >> are you excited by that? >> you know what, she has done a lot. >> the so you're excited about if? >> i do think the choice is -- i mean, it's interesting. i do think it's certainly -- >> yeah sglrks know, for better or worse as they say. >> longest running chancellor. >> right. >> she has had a tremendous impact for the million refugees that she's opened germany to to take them in and i think she's really started the whole conversation about the refugee crisis. >> and there haven't been enough women. >> i think willie is talking about the fact that obviously this is something that stirred controversy, conversation and
8:59 am
to grab "time." we know her resume. >> i'm saying this year, is she the first person that jumps to your mind? >> you know donald trump was surprised by it. >> donald trump has just tweeted, speaking of hot off the presses. >> i told you "time" magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the favorite. they picked the person who is ruining germany. >> by allowing the million people into the country perhaps is what he's referencing. >> will be one of his closest allies if he becomes president of the united states. have to patch that up later. >> stable mate putin didn't win. he refers to putin as their stable mate because they were both on "60 minutes" but not in the same room or anywhere near and was the highest rated "60 minutes" and not a good game on before. >> he said he's been on the most covers -- more than any cover model in the world, so he didn't make one cover. >> that was a good trump, i like that.
9:00 am
>> so we all love apps, love the app thing. apple unveiled their best of 2015 and top three downloaded trivia crack, messenger from facebook and dub smanchlt remember . remember how that works. >> buhler, buhler. you're the one i want something strange in the neighborhood who you gonna call, ghostbusters >> i love that. >> the do you play trivia crack? >> we going to play. season. you hit spin and there are different cat griggs, like five categories, sports, arts, okay. so here we go. and i say play. and it says what type of paint is men for drying quickly and being very elastic, oil, water color, pastel, acrylic.
9:01 am
boom, correct. you keep playing until you're wrong. you're playing against other people. >> i like that. >> top iphone app heads up from ellen. >> i love that. i love that. >> it's like charades. >> that's really cool. >> said let's play but we don't -- >> i have it. i've got it. quick. this is great. >> cookies, cookies. >> speaking of -- since it is the holiday season, as i am slowly -- the wi-fi in here is not good. >> anyway, you've seen it on ellen, it's fun, it's good, it's good. >> here we go. >> come on, kristine. >> come on. >> there you go. >> so icons, legends and stars, boom. >> how are you going to do this? >> we'll see them in the monitors so -- >> enable camera. okay.
9:02 am
>> walk away at this point. >> it's all good. it's good. watch it on ellen and then can you download it. >> it's a good game. you ready for a little secret santa time. >> they are in there. that went well. >> what did martha stewart put in these cookies i? blame you, martha stewart. >> what did you put it in. >> have you thought about your gifts for your colleagues. >> not even. >> 94% of people are stress being out about picking and 39% believe their co-workers have regifted. >> there's nothing wrong with regifting. >> raise your hand if you regifted? >> i didn't always but why waste something or put it in a closet. >> recycling. >> it's not recycling. it's re-giving. >> office depot did that survey. >> it's time for our secret
9:03 am
us it's not so secret usually but go ahead, al. >> if you pick your own name -- >> price limit this year. >> oh, wait, wait, wait. it's all one. >> wait, i got myself again. got myself again. >> you always get sglurs okay. i'm good. >> i'm good. >> i'm good. >> good. >> all right. >> this is so exciting. we're going to exchange gifts on christmas day. $40. >> good. >> good. >> the let's do it again. >> no. >> did you get yourself. >> no. >> let's do it again? >> you don't like your pick? >> i got this person twice. >> the merry christmas. the spirit of the season. let's do it again. the pacific northwest, today's storm and then we've got another big storm coming in on thursday. difference with this one as
9:04 am
in on thursday the precipitation moves to the south so we're going to watch all this wet weather coming in early today and heavy rain and snow for idaho and montana and snow will finally break for the coast and then thursday, this next one moves inland and gets as far south as the sierra which is great news for the snow pack. rainfall going as far and just even south of san francisco. the heaviest rain though going to be along the organize northwest california coast. some areas there will get 7 inches of rain and look at the snow. great news for the sierra. the snow pack getting build up anywhere from 1 to 3 feet and maybe in some areas 4 feet of snow. that's terrific news and why we were expecting this in an el kiel in for eileen loan. we've got a nice wednesday in store for us in the weather department. aside from a few passing clouds we will have a mostly sunny sky. temperatures average trend with highs in the
9:05 am
warmer tomorrow as the wind speed picks up a bit. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50s. there could be 60s in parts of the state. but, we will see an increase in clouds for both thursday and friday. we start you off this morning with a look at the temperatures from our weather trackers across eastern iowa. overall, these temperatures are running about 15 degrees above the average. average lows are in the middle teens. >> and that's your latest weather. >> martha's cookies are insanely good. >> she said they were made yesterday. so they are super fresh. >> you could live on this for the next week or two. >> should do that for a living. >> she would be good. >> she has a magazine. >> coming up next, if you love carpool karaoke or love a good frank, boy, are you going to like what we've got for you
9:06 am
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can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. just head around the corner to walgreens when you're searching for that perfect little something. walgreens has great gifts like toys, beauty gift sets and photo gifts, and it's all just a hop, skip and a bark away. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. right now, save 50 percent on the gift of the week. it's been another year of big and funny viral videos. >> so we're taking a look back
9:09 am
videos with the head of culture an trends at youtube. kevin, good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> lots to look back and go over. let's start with top ten. number nine, the dover, delaware police dashcam where the cop was singing "shake it off." >> police officer from delaware james jeff davis and caught on his dashboard camera singing taylor swift. seen a lot of kind of these lip synch videos over the year, very popular for a long time but this is the most the unexpected ones. >> has a daughter. >> and that's why he knew the words to the song. >> happening around the top ten. only time for five of them. number six, carpool creaky with the biebs. >> geesh and james cordin from the "late, late show." >> a big year for bieber, always popular on youtube. late night shows in general, three of the top ten clips from late night homes. the amount of time people spent watching on youtube was nearly double.
9:10 am
watch and that's how he love it. >> love that james corden has made his mark with this sketch. >> not just great clips and very shareable. >> pick your favorite. jennifer hudson at a drive through or maybe it was five guys. that's a great bit. >> number three, a prank from roman atwood. >> this is the crazy plastic ball prank, so this is where he fills his entire house and made a giant ball pit to bring his wife when she came hope. one of youtube's most popular pranksters, 8 million subscribers on his youtube channel. year. >> i want to know what the cleanup was like. >> who had to do it. >> number two, a super bowl commercial which i still -- makes me -- makes me laugh out loud. >> clash of clans revenge. an ad from the super bowl, liam neeson is in it. very funny and this is the fourth time that we've had a super bowl ad make the list. after the big game people come
9:11 am
>> got hear the speech. >> from liam. >> it's liam. >> you will regret the day that you crossed angry neeson 52. i love that. >> great ad. >> and the number one of 2015 is -- >> the top trending video of 2015 is "watch me whip, watch me n'-nae, the dance trend of the year, a video from a 5-year-old dancer who is adorable. this video has been watched over 100 million times. we saw tens of thousands of people uploading videos relating to the dance trend. let's watch her do her thing here. >> watch me, watch myrick boom, watch me. beach. okay. okay. watch me, watch me. watch me. >> she is a cutie, and her story is her mom is actually a choreographer so she's got built-in moves there. >> grew up in a family of dancers, yeah.
9:12 am
kevin, thanks so much. and if you want to check out all the top ten trending videos of 2015 head to coming up next, which reality tv couple is expecting? we've got the my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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i think when people hear about memory care they're scared, they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter.
9:16 am
get your mugs up, still remodeling the nightclub. do you see we've added a star, for you at home. it's hump day and let's pop up our glasses "pop fix." ching-ching. it must be true. really can't put baby in the corner. 28 years after the original movie abc is work on a new three-hour version of "dirty dancing" starring the great jennifer gray and patrick swayze. no word on who will take on the role of swayze, abigail breslin has been tapped to play baby.
9:17 am
live" delivered ratings gold with a whopping 11.5 million viewers tuning in to nbc to check it out. one key difference though, the new "dirty dancing" will not be live. i think that's a good idea because you don't want to practice that lift and it go wrong on tv. kelly clarkson must have won the christmas battle of cards here because look what she's done. the singer revealed her family's epic "game of thrones" themed holiday card yesterday which featured kelly, her husband brandon and their kids in full costume with the famous #winteriscoming. i love kell clarkson for so many reasons but this card is amazing. take a look. 17-month-old river is not quite in the vibe. look at her with the big smile on the face, adorable while the rest of the family stays in character with the dramatic posing and while fans of the hbo show got a glimpse of the
9:18 am
released three new seconds of footage "game of thrones" returns in april. and tell me through twitter do you believe snow is alive. >> i think he's alive. >> and a bachelor baby is on the way. congratulations to sean lowe and catherine who got together and the reality show built on love. got married last year in a live television special. the couple revealed yesterday they are expecting their first child posting matching pictures on instagram and congratulations to them. see, you can find love on a reality show. there you have t.guess what else we love. patty labelle and her biggest fans are now teaming up, and this is incredible. james wright shinnel who rose to fame with this and he's going to appear live with patti labelle
9:19 am
for you, we've got a clip. >> the say my name. >> the patti, patti, what's your name? patti, patti. >> listen, patti labelle "holiday pies" premiers on the cooking channel on december 16th. if you don't smile when you see, that good news for peat pie lovers, willie geist somewhere in this building. yesterday the ceo of walmart confirmed new shipments of the uber popular desserts have arrived in stores nationwide. we deliver the goods to you in "pop fix." holiday decor for your front door and more easy diy ideas
9:20 am
what, you stayed when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
9:21 am
waterloo police officers are investigating a stabbing. it happened in the 500 block of locust just before 1:30 this morning. police say one person was stabbed. she is expected to survive. officers do not have a suspect in custody and do not have a there will be no weapon free zones in north liberty. last night, a big crowd came out to a city council meeting where the issue was talked about. some wanted to keep guns out of all city buildings -- even if you have a concealed carry license. 17 people spoke at the meeting two supported it. after they talked about it, the city decided it would not draw up a
9:22 am
now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up tomorrow and gets highs back system that will bring rain to the area, mainly saturday afternoon and end as rain and snow mix on monday. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've got you
9:23 am
taking a look at headlines. the fbi is investigating whether one of the shooters in last week's san bernardino massacre had planned an earlier attack. nbc news has learned that syed farook may have talked about hitting a different california targeted back in the 2012, and that may suggest that farook was radicalized long before he met and married his wife and accomplice tashfeen malik. meanwhile farook's parents have been put on a terror watch list as a precaution. police and air force officials in georgia are trying to find two afghan trainees who are missing. the two were assigned to moody air force base and failed to show up for work on monday. air force and defense officials said two were screened before they arrived in the u.s. more than a year oak and do not pose an apparent threat.
9:24 am
government show life expectancy in the u.s. has stayed the same for three years in a row. a baby born last year can expect to live an average of 78.8 years. life expectancy for women is 81.2 years. for men it's 74.6 years. heart disease and cancer deaths were down but deaths from alzheimer's disease were up. apple has reportedly sheffield plans for a live tv streaming service. apple had planned to offer a bundle of about 14 channels for $0 to $40 a month but according to bloomberg it ran into resistance from media companies who wanted more cash for their content. so for now the report says apple will focus on providing a marketplace where companies sell shows and movies to customers through its app store. the new "star wars" movie didn't come out for another nine days, but that hasn't stopped from enthusiasts from getting in line a little bit early. take a look outside the scene outside the famed chinese theater.
9:25 am
the weekend. "star wars" the force awakens" december 18th and we're counting down and can't wait. >> and in other news. >> yes. >> natalie, you cooked up this delicious apple galette. >> rustic apple pie, walnuts, pears, and the crust is homemade and you make a savory version as well and boast res dee peas on >> part of the food sgleem are they as good as martha's cookies? >> still very warm. >> isn't it delicious? >> anyone. >> take a whiff of that. >> all right. >> why don't you take that over to the harlem globetrotters, you guys want some. you can have some. you can afford to eat. >> hey. in the meantime. where 's the snow. what the heck.
9:26 am
the country had an average of over 3 inches of snow on it. last year 70.9% had an average depth of 1.2% and now we're under 15% of the country covered by an inch of snow. that's it. they like it >> you need to see this on camera. you took a bite and just replay what you just did >> that's after eating. >> there you go. >> i don't know ifloan. we've got a nice wednesday in store for us in the weather department. aside from a few passing clouds we will have a mostly sunny sky. temperatures will continue with the warmer than average trend with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. even warmer tomorrow as the wind speed picks up a bit. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50s. there could be 60s in parts of the state. but, we will see an
9:27 am
we start you off this morning with a look at the temperatures from our weather trackers across eastern iowa. overall, these temperatures are running about >> and that's your late weather. ladies. >> all right. a thank you very much. if you've not already deck the the has of your home then carve out some time this weekend because we're about to show you some easy diy decor. >> the founder and ceo of life-style company is going to show us three places to focus your attention to make the most impact. >> happy holidays. >> congratulations, baby number two. >> i'm masking it. >> no, no, no. >> that's an extra busy holiday season. >> the easiest ideas that i have. >> i love this idea and pay attention to your door, so easy. >> for those who don't know how
9:28 am
all you need to do is glue cookie cutters together. don't use hot clock or use a metal binding glue and tie it up with a bow. >> that's adorable. >> and reusable and take it out against next year. >> if you love gingerbread, these are tight filled with poly fill, the stuff that you put in pillows and wooden dowels to stick in a planter, good afternoon it with sugar and think of it as a snow effect. and these are just cardboard boxes with moss wrapped up with l.e.d. lights and ribbon. >> cool. >> the fireplace mantle, a great place for decorations and i love what you did here with the garland. >> a big trick to maximize your mantle.
9:29 am
and being held by the stocking holders. hang so much more on a curtain road and if you have a lot of kids and want to show off your cards on the mantle. >> looks more fashionable. >> that way you can also take advantage of the top of your mantle. see the beautiful bark candle. we gold foiled them and you can find these on amazon. really, really easy. take my good friend mr. mogge podge and start painting over the candle and this is usome stuff, gold foil. let it get tacky and dry. the gold goes face down and once you let it go for 20, 30 seconds, you peel it off. >> rust inning and elegant look. >> rustic chic. >> okay. the table.
9:30 am
one fun trick is to have them make the snow flakes and tape or glue them together to make a runner. >> and i love the little ornaments. cute. >> so instead of traditional place cards. our over here. hot glue come washers and little elf yourself bodies. >> and then the peppermint. >> the peppermint platter. >> so fun. put pupper mints inside a cake pan and melt it down and mold it on top of a bowl. >> one of my favorite diy things that i've seen. >> and look at little napkins like elf hats. >> give this as a gift to someone. >> after dinner mints. >> britt morris, thank you so much. >> and congratulations, happy
9:31 am
taking over our pinterest board so for details check it out g.have fun on pinterest, on our board. coming up next, traveling for holidays and wrapping all the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart... and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart has everything you'll need for a christmas meal they'll never forget. share wonder every day.
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that lights up your world. but we do. we're exxonmobil. and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of ourelectricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. are you planning to travel, wrap gifts or dance in the coming week? >> or all of the above? >> there's a group of activities simultaneously. we'll learn half a dozen great hacks who will help you this season. >> expert brandy maloy is here. >> post-it note. >> i'm going to change your life. >> if you're anything like me i love to eat and work and i'm
9:35 am
>> all sorts of thing and instead of tossing the post-it note and grab the sticky side and run it through the keys and you get ada had a moment. >> and then you have a snack. >> and you get all that nasty stuff because sometimes i'll type and a key gets stuck and this saves your day. >> what are we doing here? >> don't want to ruin your manicure, this is a life safer so everyone take a staple remover. these rim possible to open up. >> i sometimes go to my neighbor's house to have him open it because i can't do it because i can't mess up the manny and you crab it and use the claw on the staple remover to separate the key wring and hey, mom, want to come by my house and grab my laundry, just kidding, you can take the key off without ruining your nail polish. >> unbelievable. >> save the manny, america.
9:36 am
it's a disaster and the last thing you want to do is like get upset so grab the rapping paper i want to save it while you're wrapping. take a toilet paper roll and slice it down the center and use it as a little holder. >> the you want to save the paper, right? >> look at that. >> the you won't get so frustrated when you're wrapping gifts. >> this will wait change you travel. >> have you ever been waiting at baggage claim and you see all your stuff everywhere and hope my stuff didn't fall out. a great way to keep the zippers together.
9:37 am
won't let you lock up your thing and take the paper clip and one it through one of the zippers and zip it as tight as possible and then use the other side to connect the two and you won't be sad that stuff got out of there. >> forgot your wireless blue tooth speaker and want to pump up the jam. >> this can save you as a party. used it. >> can bump up everything. i'm going to amp fight music using my smartphone and a beer glass. let's hear it now. >> my favorite sglong here we go. watch and learn, guys. >> oh, my god. >> unbelievable. >> did someone throw a disco ball down? >> hey, you are amazing. >> make sure you finish your beer before you do that. >> right, right. >> and put that the in your luggage. >> isn't that the best. you saved the party. >> thank you so much.
9:38 am
trotted trot showing off their skills and teaching us a few tricks beyond the ones that brandy just showed us after these messages. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior.
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to feel this special... you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. i love it eat special, feel special. discover more ways to eat special ...with special k. >> okay. willie just called me out saying i have no game. >> well, we'll see. >> yeah, yeah. >> have the world famous harlem globetrotters. an exciting time. they are celebrating 90 years of skilled showmanship and winning
9:42 am
millions of fans, six continents and in 122 countries and territories. a lot of numbers. >> earlier just between some of the players, climbed high above madison square garden in new york city to show off their stuff. >> unbelievable. >> that's incredible. >> and the celebration is the best part. let's see one more. >> all right. let's welcome big easy lawson and cheese chis yom and moose weeks and hawk thomas. ladies, gentlemen, good to see you. >> good morning. >> we'll step aside and let you do your thing and then come back. >> fix your hair, girl.
9:43 am
>> hey. >> oh, my gosh. >> around the globe. nice. >> he can do that all day. >> that's a good gif. keep doing that. can't move. >> the he can do that all day. >> oh, man, so fun to watch you guys perform. 90 years of the harlem globetrotters. what does it mean for you all to be a part of this? >> legacy that we, have 90 years, like i said and guys like
9:44 am
haines paved the way and the fact that we're trying to make another 90 years, big's, cheese, t & t and doing things like new york fashion week, meeting the pope and doing collaboration with stomp and i like to see history and do so many things off the court and goodwill ambassadors. >> you are there. one of three female players. talk about pie neerts. you keep these guys in line? >> somebody has to do it. >> i'm loving it. >> so honored to be part of this team. 90th consecutive year and hopefully we'll get 990 more and keep the torch lit that all the people ahead of us lit so we're just excited about this year coming up, truly exciting. >> we'll have a face-off and it's not hair and hair because you and moose have the best hair but we'll have a face-off. >> i talked a lot, i hope i can back it off. >> willie says he's got game. >> you go first. >> you go first. >> okay.
9:45 am
>> okay. >> they are going to go first. >> i'm going to go, go behind the back, under the leg, turn around and shake it to the left, shake it to the right. >> i'm laughing at this the. >> go, willie. >> behind the back under the leg and shake it. >> wait, wait, wait. >> go over, go over. >> you can do over. >> no, no, no do overs. >> okay. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. i'm good. >> i got you. >> that was perfect. >> cheese, i let you down, man. >> the take the money. >> he's taking the change-maker. >> tone it down. >> i think we'll give it to the lady. >> the tnt. >> guys, thanks so much for being here.
9:46 am
come back any time. congrats on 90 years of the harlem globetrotters. >> we love you guys. >> back in a moment. >> come on, willie. shake
9:47 am
to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
9:48 am
one of our longtime donors to today's toy drive is the direct selling company stamping up and sarah douglas isn't rim ceo. sarah, good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i would say what's happening but i'm going to say what's stamping? >> i love that. >> tell us about what you're donating. >> we're donating over $2 million in paper crafting supplies, so some of the things you see in the basket, we're super excited about that. it inspires creativity and who is using our products. >> and i love what you're holding here. great messages of love and joy.
9:49 am
police spot a car that's out of place -- and it leads to a police chase that ends in a lake. evansdale police saw a car at the nature trail bridge a little before three this morning and thought it was odd. they went to pull the driver over and it led to a chase. the driver ended up in meyers lake. the driver was taken to
9:50 am
we're still waiting to learn the identity of a body found in an eastern iowa river. black hawk county sheriff's on sunday morning. we're now waiting on autopsy results from the state medical examiner. the autopsy was set for yesterday. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. the wind really picks up tomorrow and gets highs back system that will bring rain to the area, mainly saturday afternoon and sunday. could be heavy at times and it all depends on the exact track of we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've
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