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tv   Today  NBC  December 17, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning. breaking overnight. the pentagon acknowledges defense secretary ash carter used his personal e-mail account to conduct government business, and kept doing it, even as the hillary clinton e-mail scandal was unfolding. carter now admitting it was a mistake. but the question this morning, why didn't he know better? late night confession. >> i've been a little bit divisive, in the sense that i've been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit, yeah. >> a rare admission from donald trump as he tells jimmy kimmel he'd like to see republicans come together. but hours earlier, it was vintage donald. >> i had jeb come at me. you know, low energy. he said it just ththway his pollster told him to say it. >> this morning, how bush is responding. sucker punched.
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left hook on the spanish prime minister, a blow so hard it left a mark. the teen tackled to the ground and in cususdy, facing serious charges. and not so far, far away. the opening of "star wars: the force awakens," just hours from now. the fans already lining up. and one member of our team may be a bit too e eited today, thursday, december 17th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. >> spoiler alert. the stormtrooper -- >> not the stormtrooper we were looking for? >> no. welcome back, buddy. want to take the helmet off? >> really? hello, everybody. welcome. i could use a nice, hot cup of coffee. excited for "star wars."." great to be back, guys.
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>> we'll get to all things "star wars" in a bit. first, the revelation that defense secretary ash carter used his personal e-mail for work-related matters, and he was doing thth after hillary clinton came under fire for doing the same thing while she was secretary of state. let's goo right to nbc's jim mick miklaszewski miklaszewski at the pentagon. jim, what can you tell us about this? >> savannah, given the uproar over doing official government business on your ownersonal e-mail, it's difficult to imagine any top government official would actually do that. the pentagag now admits that defense secretary ash carter did just that. according to the officials, it was shortly after he was sworn in as defense secretary in february that he started using his private e-mail to conduct some official business. now, according to the officials, there was no classified information, no secrets in any of these e-mails.
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regulations. and only a month after secretary carter started doing that, the scandal broke on capitol hill about secretary clinton's exclusive use of e-mails for her business while she was secretary of sxate. it launched a huge political scandal. nevertheless, we're told despite the scandal, carter continued to use his personal e-mail to do official business for at least two months. now, again, officia here stress that no secrets, no classified information was contained on any of those e-mails. but the fact that he would even do it raises questions about his own personal judgment, savannah. >> a l l of those questions unfolding now. jim miklaszewski, thank you very much. we have new information this morning tied to the san bernardino shooting. federal prosecutors have decided to bring criminal charges against the man who purchased
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actually used in that attack. let's turn to nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, tell us more. >> matt, good morning. several federal law enforcement officials tell nbc news the first criminal charges to stem from the san bernardino mass shootings could be filed as early as today. officials say ththcharges will be brought against enrique marquez, a long-time friend and former neighbor of syed farook. investigators said marquez bought the two assault rifles ss three and four years ago that were used in the shooting. marquez told them he did this as a favor, so that farook wouldn't be on record as the purchaser or go through a background check. authorities say marquez has told the fbi that he and farook talked about conducting an attack in 2010 but called it off after unrelated terror arrests in southern california. james comey said agents found no
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the people arrested back then. comey also said despite reports to t contrary, investigars have found no social media postings by tashfeen malik in the months before she came to the u.s. that means thehetate department and homeland security officials who reviewed her background before giving her a fiance visa did not miss any publicly available social media postings. all her statements in support of jihad, comey says, were in private messages or e-mails. as for marquez, officials said he did agree to be interviewed by the fbi for several days without a l lyer even though it's been clear almost from the beginning that he could be charged with a crime at the very least for buying the guns for farook. matt? >> pete williams on the story for us. thank you very much. president obama will travel to san bernardino tomorrow to meet with the families of the victims in southern california on the way to hawaii for the first family's christmas vacation. the department of homeland security is adding a third
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level. the bulletin level will allow the public to be aware of any terror threats. it includes actions the government is taking and suggestions what the public should din response. the former system had two levels, elevated and imminent. officials say the change has been i ithe planning stages for months and is not in response to any specific or credible threat. let's turn to politics now. donald trump's feud with rival jeb bush spilled o or on to the campaign trail. during a late night appearance, the republican front-runner appeared to have a change of heart and new message for his party. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander has more. peter, good morning to you. >> good morning. donald trump is picking up where the debate left off, swatting at jeb bush, insisting he doesn't want bush's endorsement. as trump told nbc news in a statement, bush does not represent strength, power, and stamina, qualities he sayss the country despspately needs.
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marking six months in the race, almost all of them atop the gop field, the same way he spent much of the time on tv. overnight with jimmy kimmel. >> i would like to see the republican party come together, and i've been a little bit divisive in the sense i've been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit, yeah. reporter: rallying supporters in arizona, trump dismissed critics who said he was a showman. >> somebody said, trump is an entertainer. that's a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and bashed jeb bush after bush got under trump's skin in tuesday's debate. >> this is a tough business, to run for president. >> oh, i know. you're a tough guy, jeb. i had jeb come at me, you know, low energy.. he said it just the way his pollster told him to say it. >> reporter: still bush is confident he cracked the trump code. snoop i donon think he's a serious candidate. i don't know why others don't feel compelled to point it out, but i did. >> reporter: with trump and cruz dominating the race, the establishment lane, anti-trump,
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with bush and chris christie delivering strong performances and marco rubio bouncing between iowa and new hampshire wednesday with hallie jackson, defending accusations from cruz he's too moderate on immigration. >> i've always been at the right. i'm a consistent conservative -- >> that is ted cruz's campaign slogan. >> i have been more for than just the years in the senate. >> reporter: cruz questioned on fox news about his support for immigration reform in 2013. >> it doesn't mean that i supported the other aspects of the bill, which was a terrible bill. >> reporter: insisting hisis position hasn't changed. >> i categorically oppose amnesty. my first priority is securing the borders. the more cruz, rubio, and the others fight amongst themselves, trump moves forward. he seemed to be unscathed. even he was taken bake by his support.
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crowd in arizona during the day saying, something is going on and it's beautiful to see. >> peter, thank you very much. big ws in the economy. historic move by the federal reserve, raising key interest rates for the fit time in nearly a decade. chairwoman janan yellen saying it marked an extraordinary period. >> the economic recovery has clearly come a long way, although it is not yet complete. but with the economy performing well and expected to continue to do so, the committee judged that a modest increase in the federal funds rate target is now appropate. >> nbc's olivia stearns is here to explain what all of it means. it's the end of an era. good moving, morning, olivia. >> good morning. so what this means is for people at home it's going to get a little more expensive to borrow mone the feferaised their intereses
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economy are pegged by one-fourth of one percentage point. they're doing this because they're saying the economy is ready to stand on its own two feet after seven years of 0% interest rates. still, rates extremely low and supptive of lending in the economy. one sign that we were actually ready foit, wall street rallied on theheack of this news. e dow jones shot up 200 points. it's a signal that even investors think we can cope with slightly higher rates. >> what happens now? will we see more rate hikes? >> all eyes on the fed's next news conference that is coming up in march. the question there is will janet yellen move to raise rates again. she said repeatedly yesterday, she'll only continue to raise interest rates gradually and only if the economy continues to improve. so if we see some kind of shock, if we see a selloff on wall street, bad jobs reports, she's likely not to move and move gradually throughout the year. on the flip side, if the labor market accelerates, growth accelerates, inflation picks up, she's likely to raise rates at a quicker pace. she said yesterday she expects
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the next three years. 3% to 5% inhe next five years. >> thanks so much. keep an eye on it for us. thank you so much. >> thanks, olivia. in other news, protesters took to the streets of baltimore last night, hours after a mistrial was declared in the freddie gray case. demonstrators remain peaceful, but at one point, they tried unsuccessfully to block the interstate. on wednesday the judge announced a hung jury in the manslaughter trial of william porter, the fit of six baltimore officers to stand trial in connection with freddie gray's death while in police custody. new video shows e fatal police shooting of an ax-wielding student at a university in north texas. stephanie gosk hasashat story. steph, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, savannah. it happened on sday. the texas rangers released dash cam video of the incident,
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officials named unit police officer stephen bean as the officer involved. >> reporter: police dash cam video released overnht shows an officer with the university of north texas fatalal shooting a student on sunday. the shooting happened around 1:30 a.m., when the officer responded to a call about a man smashing car windows inside a parking garage near the campus. sophomore ryan mcmillen can be seen walking toward the unt officer with a small ax in his hand. the officer stephen bean repeatedly tells mcmillan to back away while mcmillan says, "shoot me" over and over. nbc news paused the video so it doesn't show the actual shooting. this is the audio of the full confrontation. >> hey, hey, back away. back away. >> excuse me. >> back away. back away from me now. >> shoot me! shoot me! [ gunshots ]. >> reporter: the officer then radios the station. >> i've got a white male down with an ax in his hand. >> reporter: the officer has
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four years. he's been placed on routine leave, as the investigation into the incident gets underway. ryan mcmillen was a pre-hospitality major. he turned 21 last saturday. some students say they don't believe lethal force was necessary. >> if you're given a gun, you should be trained to know how to use that gun in a way that you're n just going to kill people without absolute necessity. >> the medical examiner is still conducting the autopsy. among the questions is whether ryan mcmillen was under influence of alcohol or drugs when the shooting took place. >> all right, stephanie. thank you very much. we've got some breaking news this morning tied to the pharmaceutical world and the ceo who was making headlines a short time ago. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams back with that. pete? >> matt, good morning.
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martin sh shkreli was taken into custsty this morning,ut they say these were securities charges. it's a federal investigation related to his former hedge fund. the fact he was under investigation had been reported earlier. this apparently stems from his time as the manager of a hedge fund called msmb capital management. and the chieieexecutive of biopharmaceutical company retrophin incorporated. this is not related to the controversy that got him into hot water, jacking up as much as 5000% the cost of a life-saving aids drug. >> pete, thank you very much. back to that video we showed you at the top of the show. the spanish prime minister suckerpunched during a campaign stop on wednesday. take a look. watch the middle of your screen. you can see a 17-year-old boy hit the prime minister directly in the face with his left hand. he was hit so hard, his glasses ew off. he staggered but didn't fall. he had a red mark on his face. his attacker was quickly detained. >> scary they got so close to him. >> yeah.
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to take off. new numbers show u.s. airlines are headed for their best year ever with big profits. but what does that mean for you the next time you fly? nbc's tom costello is at washington's reagan international airport withore on this. hi, tom, good morning. >> hey, matt, good morning. you know, all those low prices we're paying at the gas pump, they're helping to pump up the prices and the profits for the airlines. best year on record. guess what? even if you're a procrastinator, you can still find a good deal if you're flying home for the holidays. >> reporter: profits are taking off. for airlines that once flew for peanuts, up 75% in just one year, totaling more than $20 billion. per-passenger profit soaring almost 60%. airlines now make more than $20 for each person on the plane.
7:16 am
add in $56 million more in bagag and change fees this summer for 2014 and for profits it seems the sky's the limit. >> it seems like it's excessive. hundreds of dollars just to move from a 4:00 flight to a 1:00 flight. >> we're going really light, but we didn't have any baggage fees. >> you buy a ticket and then when@you get ready to take your seat, there's additional fees. >> reporter: airlines are passing the buck back to consumers. fare found last-minute deals for christmas. $187 round trip. $257 for d.c. to dallas. miami to vai garks just $241, but you don't have to wing it. want a dea book now. airfares for the last three weeks of january and most of february are at five-year lows. just avoid warm weather destinations and those three-day weekends. >> fly on the cheapest days, tuesday, wednesday, and
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a decent deal. >> reporter: giving airlines a lift, all the extra fees and fallllg fuel prices. this year, play paid $45 billion less to gas up those planes. the airlines argue they're reinventing their profits, just like other big companies, apple or starbucks. >> airlines are doing the same thing with new planes, seats, new apps for your phone, making the travel experience better. >> listen to this. on an inflation adjusted basis, airfares today are actually 10% lower than they were in 2000. that's what the airline industry says.. however, of course, that doesn't include all the extra fees we pay today. back to you. >> tom, thank you very mucuc i'm one of these people who wants airlinin to make a profit to reinvest in better planes and better service, if they can do that. >> and for years they couldn't make a profit. ininerms of economics, i ihink it's good they are making money. there's new developments in the case of a texas teenager. a child described as too rich to have to pay for his actions. well, two years ago, ethan couch
7:18 am
he killed four people in a drunk driving cash. instead of time behind bars he receed ten years' probation after his attorneys coined the infamous term affluenza. now it seems he has disappeared and natalie picks up the story from there. >> that's right. an arrest warrant is issued for ethan couch after he failed to appear for a probation hearing that would have tested him for drugs and alcohol. his absence coinciding with the controversial l deo that recently surfaced online. >> reporter: this morning frustrated authorities are on the hunt for ethan couch, the young man infamously known as the affluenza teen. >> frustration is a mild word for what most of us feel. >> reporter: ethan's case gained worldwide attention when after killing four people while driving drunk near ft. worth, his attorney claimed the teen didn't understand the consequences of his actions because of his family's affluence. and amid widespread anger, he was given probation.
7:19 am
required meeting with his probation officer. authorities believe he's on the run, possibly with his mother. sheriff anderson isn't surprised. >> hate to say i told you so, but i did. >> reporter: the crash was horrific. ethan was 16 years old, driving with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. >> there's another child in the ditch. oh, my god. >> reporter: his affluenza defense devvated the victims' families all over again. boyle lost two family members. >> it's difficult to talk about. >> reporter: authorities say they're investigating this video that was released, appearing to show ethan playing beer pong. authorities say they're ininstigating. ethan's lawyers sayay they're aware probation officers have been unable to make contact with
7:20 am
authorities are seeing if he violated terms of his probation. outrage is growing on social media. one posting, rich kids are always exempt from consequences. another, find ethan couch and lock him up. >> if he's's somewhere in this part of the world, we'll find him, but i've got a bad feeling that he's gone, and i don't think he's gone a short distance. >> if authorities find ethan and determine he violated his probation, he could find himself in jail for up to ten years, guys. >> natalie, thank k u very much. let's get a check k the weather from mr. roker. >> we're talking about a christmas coming up that could be the warmest in living memory. i mean it is going to be brutally warm for a lot of the country. in fact, this is the temperature departures. christmas day, somewewre from , 25, even 30 degrees above average. overnight christmas lows, record lows, washington, raleigh, charlotte charlotte, also indianapolis, atlanta, we're coming very close
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although we may have some flurries tracking >> >> that's your latest weather. t savannah? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, yahoo! ceo marissa mayer under fire again.. should she have thrown a multi-million dollar party for employees as her company struggles? plus, even asl talks about record-high temperatures, what do if you're stranded in a winter storm? jeff rossen on what you can buy for $30 that could be the difference between life and death.
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coming coming up, tonight's the night. carson gets us ready for the new "star wars." plus, the good times we've shared in 2015, right here on
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what happened during an iowa officer involved shooting in march. this is the dash cam video -- cedar rapids officers chasinggkyle orth. orth hits a utility pole.
7:28 am
drives forward, towards where the officers are. officers fire their guns. nats -- seconds the use of force is justified in a waterloo officer involved shooting...that's according to the department t f public saffty. this video shhws the chase back on november third -- behind the wheel is brandon seeley - you can see he nearly runs an officer over and then you hear four shots fired. seeley wasaseventually arrested... he faces assault on a peace officer and other charges. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. gusty todaawith some flurries and cold air on friday. we warm into the 40s again for sunday as the next system tracks round tuesday and wednesday. we'll b back in 30 inutes, be sure to check kwwl docom for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. 17th day of december, 2015. bibicrowd on the plaza.. probably some "star wars" fans out there. eagerly awaiting the chance to see "thehe force awakens." we're going to get some rain in the northeast today but hopefully it won't dampen the spirits out%there. we're going to go out and say hi in a little while. let's take a look at stories making news now. dozens of protesters took to the streets in baltimore following the mistrial in the case againstst the first t six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. lawyers were expected to meet with the judge today to discuss dates for a possible retrial. there is a new e-mail controversy in washington. the pentagon is now acknowledging defense secretary ash carter used a personal account to conduct official
7:31 am
it happened during secretary carter's first month on the job, evenens hillary clinton was under fire for doing the same thing. a pentagon spokesperson said the practice has been stopped and it was a mistake. parts of the midwest are starting to wind down. the snow and ice leading to several deadly accidents. nearly two-day closure of a 350 mile stretch of a highway in wyoming and hundreds of cancelled flights. yahoo! yeo is in the hot seat once again this time for an elaborate anniversary bash reportedly costing millions even as her company struggles. erica hill has the story. erica, good morning to you. >> good morning.g. during the dot-com boom, lavish parties were the norm. today those events not only trakt scrutiny, they bring up lots of questions.
7:32 am
looks a lot like tech parties in the high-flying '90s, but this is 2015. a toast to yahoo!'s 20th anniversary. the roaring '2's theme with a speakeasy and costumes out of the "great gatsby." that's ceoeoarissa mayer posing g for ptos with employees on a lavish set. >> it's a company trying to write itself versus having this lavish party, where it looks like you don't have a care in the world and you're spending a lot. >> reporter: employees thanked her for the party on social media others criticized the spending. in a 99-page letter to the shareholders, eric jackson raises concerns about the future
7:33 am
change in ceo must be made now, accusing mayer of misallocating $10 billion in capital, and pointing to costly perks for employees like $450 million in free food. a sour familiar with the party tells nbc news the cost was closer to $2 million. still, industry watchers say the optics and very public pressure from shareholders are a serious threat to mayer's job security. >> yahoo! >> reporter: yahoo! launched in 1996 as a web portal and search engine, growing to become one of the world's most visited websites before struggling in recent years, its stock plummeting 34% in the past year alone. >> yahoo! acquired -- >> reporter: yahoo! hired mayer in 2012 to right the ship. she was six months' pregnant with her first c cld at the time. her decision to take two weeks of maternity leave, sparking a
7:34 am
shortly after the party pictures were taken, mayer gave birth to twin girls. she's now on maternity leave. >> this is the time she has to prove to shareholders and employees she has what it takes to keep the company going. >> yahoo! declined to comment on the holiday party or the shareholders' calls for mayer's removal. mayer did not respond. she isn't expected to be away for long. when announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, mayer indicated she'd take a limited maternity leave and work throughout the leave. it's important to note during her tenure, yahoo! has upped paid leave for 16 weeks for moms and 8 weeks r dad. you have to put all the costs in perspective. but the optics of that -- >> and that's a big part of it. even if it ended up costing $70,000, it certainly didn't look that way. >> no. >> erica, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcerertoday's weather is brought to you by walmart. stop by a store or visit us at
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every day. >> we're looking at a frontal system that's going to be pushing in showers to the northeast. heavier thunderstorms as you get down to the south. warm, moist air ahead. colder air behind it. as this makes its way toward uss tonight, we're going to b b looking at a heavier thunderstorm down through atlanta. in fact, airport delays today from atlanta all the way north to boston as the afternoon wears on. rainfall amounts, thoroughly light, though we could see an inch around new york city all the way back to charlotte. lighter amounts to the east. then look what happens. we're also going to see colder air filtering in. lake-effect snow setting up. through sunday, 18 inches of snow between oswego and utica. 18e mid 20s to ll 30s this morning... northwest winds are still 10-20 mph and gusting to 30... they will stay around 15 mph today with gusts to 20 or 25 mph. and we will keep some
7:36 am
but the low is tracking almost directly to the north, which will keep a trough in the area flurries into the area for tonight and tomorrow. temps will be more typical of the middle of december with colder air working in for tomorrow. the winds will remain gusty today and temps won't warm too much... they drop into the teens tonight with mainly cloudy skies >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. and you have a great story coming up. paying it forward to someone. >> yeah. first, a special rossen reports. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. it happens every winter. a storm hits and drivers get stranded in their cars. how do you survqve? are you supposed to get out of the car and go for help? do you keep the car on or off? we have all the tips you need to stay alive for 24 to 48 hours in here. plus, the emergency kit you can buy right now for less than $30. the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right.
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try the whole collectiwn for a smile that gets you noticed. 7:41. time for our jeff rossen series, save a life. >> jeff rossen shows you what to do if you become stranded on a winter road trip. jeff, good morning. >> good morning to you. this happens all time. we see it on the news. a snowstorm hits, the cars litter the side of the road, people trapped inside. i think to myself, come on, it'd never happen to me. it turns out, it's hapning to people just like you and me, cities.
7:42 am
this morning, the simple tips to save your life. >> reporter: the big storm hits and, suddenly, you'restranded. it happened just days ago to this family. their car got stuck in deep snow in the oregon mountains on their way to go sledding. >> i was, like, trying to stay calm. my anxiety kickeddin, and i was thinking the worst. >> reporter: after nearly 24 hours, a group of snowmobilers found them. it's not just the middle of the mild wilderness. it's happened outside of atlanta. >> i had one bottle of water, half a tank of gas left. >> reporter: on i-65 in kentucky. >> i was m mting ice and snow to drink. >> reporter: even in the middle of lake shore drive in chicago. >> if they don't get me in enough time, my car could be covered completely in snow and i could be barricaded under here. >> reporter: driversrsrapped for days, unprepared, desperate to stay alive. what do you do if you're stranded
7:43 am
life, we've come to frigid utah. it is cold here. this is cray sitracy christiansen. my instinct is i would stay in the car and get out to get help. >> that's one of the biggest mistakes, leaving your car. stay in the car. >> why? >> it's cold out there. you can die from hypothermia. >> you say rescuers have a better chance of finding the car than a random person on the road. >> we will find y in you're in the vehicle. >> reporter: should you run the engine or save gas? >> run your car ten minutes an hour to stay warm. make sure you're conserving fuel. you could be here for the long haul. it is okay to run your car. >> ten minutes everyry hour. >> another tip, always make sure the exhaust pipe is clear and free from snow so you don't suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> never sleep alone in a running car? >> exactly.
7:44 am
>> reporter: the life and death decisions begin before you leave your house. you can buy the bare essentials for less than $30. >> you can pick this up anywhere. >> what do we have? >> couple things are really importrtt. at least a liter of water, snacks and fruit, batteries, hand warmers. >> those are cheap in the store. >> they're great. >> you have a blanket, which is super important.t. >> one of the most important things to have. a little bit of warmth. wrap this around yourself, keep your core temperature warm like this. are with >> with these tips and minimal equipment, you can stay alive for 24 to 48 hours. >> yes. and we will find you. just to give you an idea how dangerouou it is toeave your car, in temperatures below freezing. >> holly: hypothermia can set in within 30 minutes.
7:45 am
and how to get there. >> years ago, i got stuck on the highway between bostonn and providence, rhode island, for four hours. it was a long four hours. >> did you have a blan etket? >> no, but you think about your fuel everything. >> before cell phones? >> back in your day. we know how long ago that was. >> thank you. just ahead, the wedding proposal so grand, it shut down a major interstate. the hot waters that landed the groom to be in. next carson's ready. are you? are new "star wars" in theaters tonight. how far some fans are going to keep their friends from spoiling it for them. savannah has seen it. tell carson about it. right when neil l ne creates a ring for today's biggest ststs... looks fabulous from every angle. and for kay jewelers... ...he does the exact. same. thing. yes! neil lane bridal -- vintage-inspired rings at kay, the number one jewelry store in america.
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7:50 am
in case you haven't heard, the new "star wars" film opens in a few hours. >> so excited. fans are ready. carson is in his costume. it's like the "star wars" bar over there. >> it's soo much fun. hoho on. there we go. got stuck there. let's just talk about what people are doing right now all across the country. this is a really genius idea. they're having these marathon screenings, where people are flooding the theaters and they'll watch all seven movies back to back. they've got the guy doing the "star wars" theme on the organ in the theater to create the mood. this isitting social dia, as it's rolled out internationally. the opening credits there done in different languages. i would fit into the movie theater. people are going pressed up. my theory is that's brad pitt in los angeles, the only way he
7:51 am
joining me now, the great chewbacca. chewy is a little smamaer in the orange room than in real life. does everybody know who you are, chewy? want to do a reveal? >> i have stilettos. >> it's natalie, everybody. >> that's impressive. >> we're excited. we know everybody else is excited. >> hot. >> "star wars" fever. >> are you gargling? >> can i reveal a secret talent of our audio guy in joe, one more. >> you have to hear natalie's. now you do it. >> joe? >> natalie sounds like she's gargling red wine. >> like last night. >> i heard. >> thank you. >> wonderful. first time coughing...sniffling...
7:52 am
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no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's o onion cannot be pupuhased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
7:57 am
an iowa man dies after he's trapped in a grain bin. it happened in clarke county. the sheriff says 39-year-old eric reasland was working with the owner of the farm to get corn out of the bin. the owner went to operate the auger at the bottom of the bin -- reasland bebeame trapped. he was there for three hours before rescue crews could get him out. he died at a hospital. students at table mound
7:58 am
for the caucuses by holding a mock election -- it's a tradition dadang back to 1968. 425 students spent the past few months researching. there may be a curse surrounding the election -- the candidate who wins there rarely wins the real thingg --voting will happen later this morning. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. gusty today with some flurries and cold air on friday. we warm into the 40s again for sunday as the next system tracks round tuesday and wednesday. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've
7:59 am
all it's 8:00 on today. coming up, the donald and the doctor. >> winners and losers. >> here are some i do not like at all. we must kick these frogs out, then build a wall rvegts. then, paying it forward. al goes to great lengths for a remarkable woman who had a huge impact on hihifamily. >> three, two, one, go. from singing to dancing, we reminisce about the good times we had together in 2015.
8:00 am
2015. >> 20 years of marriage here at the "today" show. >> my wife next to me. >> celebrating our 46th anniversary. >> merer christmas from michigan. >> merry christmas from tyler falls, oregon. >> hi we are from omaha, nebraska. we are trying not to be too corny. >> happy holidays. >> thank you so much. >> good morning,everybody. it's 8:00 on today. thursday,, december 17, 2015. what a beautiful day on the plaza. i'm loving this warm weather, feels so good, everybody is in a great mood, getting ready for thth holidays.
8:01 am
>> nice of you. happy holidays. didn't mean to ignore you. i was swept away by the music in the background. this is savannah's throwback thursday song. i believejt's "don't stop believing" by the casasf "glee." >> the cast of "glee." >> i think that's great. >> anyway, i'm glad you like the song. >> i like it a lot. >> it was. in m me ways than one. >> an interesting call. >> you don't get that every day. natalie will support my choice. >> savannah, i do like your choice even though you haven't supported me in the past. in the news, the pentagon admit admitting ash carter used his personal e-mail for g gernment business.
8:02 am
report, carter started the practice after he became defense chief in february and continues after the scandal with hillary clinton using her personal e-mail while being secretary of state. the pentagon says carter's wccasional use for work related business was a mistake and he did not use it for classified information. controversial drug company was arrested by the fbi ts morning in new york. the 32-year-old entrepreneur made headlines in september when he boosted the price of a life saving pill from $13.50 to $750 for one pill. however, his arrest on security fraud charges is not connected to that matter. the case accused him of taking stock from a a biotechnology firm he started in 2011 to pay off debts from unrelated business dealings. police released dashcam
8:03 am
deputy risking his life to stop a run away truck after a 12-mile per suit. the driver was having a medical emergency and his truck was rolling toward the norfolk, airport, when it slowed to 25 miles an hour. an officer dashed across the highway and was able to climb inside and brought the truck to a s se stop, thank goodness. >> she said yes. the texas man that shut down a highway to propose to his girlfriend was arrested. he was charged with obstructing a highway. he stopped on interstate 45 in houston, got down on one knee and popped thehe question. several drivers recorded the risky stunt. he posted $500 bail and defended his actions. he said something l le makes dwrou stupid things and i wanted to do something she will always remember. yeah, they are not going to
8:04 am
a stalker era came too an end with abby wombach played her final game. shee helped the u.s. team win the world cup title this year. she has a pair of olympic golds and inspired a generation of yun women to take up the game she loved. we are going to miss her. an incredible athlete and
8:05 am
>>although we may have som flurries trackin >> and that's your latest weather. just ahead, i'm going to pay it forward in a personal way. i'm going to celebrate a woman whoeans a great deal to our family. >> terrific story. plus, we are taking care of your last-minute holiday shopping this morning with our biggest gifts guide ever. but first, nging, dancing all the fun we've had o or the past 12 months said i really can't stay baby it's cold outside i have to go away baby it's cold outside i reay can't stay baby it's cold d tside!
8:06 am
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8:10 am
>> announcer: year in review on "today" is brought to you by mercedes benz. the best or nothing. >> oh, my gosh, we have a quorum. we're all year. time for sometding we look forward to every year. >> the cast of glee, really? >> come on! >> to look at all the fun we've had in 2015. hey, that's what i like, i like about you the way you do what you do, how you do, i like about you come on now, hey, that's what i like, i like about you
8:11 am
how you do, i like about you >> the gang is all back. >> i love what the script says. it says, we're all back, even carson. >> hey. >> raise your hand if you were in sharknado 3 last night. >> carson, were you glued? >> no, i was not. honey, i'm good, but i probably should i got a honey at home, and if i stay, i might not leave alone >> where do you keep your emmy? >> one with me right here. never leaves me. good morning, coaches. pharrell, blake, christina -- hey! where am i? >> let's trend, guys. there's someone in this studio right now who does not remember anything that happened yesterday. any guesses? >> ually, all of . >> i will go to a movie alone. i'm happy sitting in a dark theater with popcorn by myself. >> not really what we were talking about but -- >> here's how it works. the question you pull out, you
8:12 am
>> what is your porn star name. >> what is it >> i check in to hotels under the name, dj warm cookies. >> whoa! >> we are in the white house kitchen, where among other thins,thin s gs, you brew beer. >> it's not good. >>serious? >> it's not. don't eat any of this stuff. you can learn more -- >> just say no. >> even the germ freak would -- just to show you. there you go. >> i'm just saying. that's a waste. on my own, once again now >> this is the chisel. >> apparently, i'm burning the $% counter. >> sorry.
8:13 am
>> havinggy way with it. leave me alone. let me have a moment. >> come back here with those. >> yeah! >> that is unbelievable. >> go! go left. your left. left! your left! >> what we should have talked about first was our right from our left. >> what are we doing in here? >> i don't know. i just do what i'm told. >> this is called hoda or yoda. these are all real quotes. rejoice for those around you who transform into the force. >> yoda.
8:14 am
xt up, i wake up at 4:15, get coffee, t tnn the news, clickty clock to see what i missed. then i go to work and i'm really awake. >> yoda. >>8it's hoda! >> i used to h he great legs, then gretat knees and now great ankles. >> we're busy reading the wall street journal. we s4art our day with a little research. >> i'm here. whoooo hoo! >> thank savannah guthrie for helping me out. do you know who is co-hosting tomorrow? >> you wanted to today. >> matt lauer is going to co-host the fourthh hour. >> i have not prepared, but with hoda, she doesn't anyway. what's the big deal? >> i was told matthew m conaughey was here, not matt lauer. >> you have nothing to do? >> very little to do. >> we are going to build a fantastic playground right in this field here. >> it's really beautiful. i hope everyone takes care of the park.
8:15 am
today, along with guys all across america, have grown out their f fial hair to raise awareness for men's health. >> i changed my mind in the middle. >> called the twizzler challenge. all the money goes toward programs to help with autism. >> riding 230 miles from boston to the big apple, to raise money for red-nose day charities. >> i have a lot of people i'd put on spandex for at this hour of thehe morning. don'tstop to party >> please make it stop. >> i'm going all the way up there. >> they know how to welcome
8:16 am
>> guys, it's so hot out here, my iphone just shut off. that's hot. >> brace yourselves. >> can you#handle rockerthon2? >> one weathehean. >> paradise. >> we are in kentucky. >> 50 states. one week. to bring you the weather from every state in our great natiti. >> rokerthon rolls on! see you in boston! >> rokerthon makes it to new york. >> here he is! >> does carson ever mention us when he's at the oice"? blble said, i didn't knoww carson worked here. >> it's so good to be up this early. >> boogie woogie. i ain't going to play more
8:17 am
>> nice golf swing. >> girl got moves. >> you're a grandpa? >> matt, you're a grandpa? that was hard. >> i want you to relax, savannah. relax. >> i'm trying. >> what line will be remembered for thiss movie you've justt finished? >> man, that's a good question. nothing i can say on this show. >> get out ofy way. i got news i'm gonna work, work, work every day this is where my story's
8:18 am
moment whoa the earth moves under my fefe, i feel the sky tumbling down you never count your money when you're sitting at the table there will be time enough for counting when the dealer is done with your ve, nobody can dragag me down nobody, nobody >> i was on vacation. how did you get out of this? >> wow, i don't know, but thank the good lord.. down in youou pocket, you've got something to give, it goes jingle, jingle today, today, today, today, today is christmas living like, living like, living like every day of the
8:19 am
>> baby, let's go. we want to know, what do you need oh, what do you need now all i need is the rhythm, be in the rhythm yeah, the rhyt, be in the rhythm backseat freedom, rocking and
8:20 am
never grow old it's going down, hey, hey, hey [ applause ] >> the naked show! >> tah-dah.
8:21 am
>> i knew it! >> and matatlauer, just take a look. >> exposed, he's naked. >> lauer! >> overnight, matt lauer put up four billboards. >> two second of yours >> two second of yours of your time. >> go somewhere else. >> get out of here. >> oh, my goodness. what happened? oh, you son of a gun. you son of a gun! i knew you were going to do that. >> cue the alarm. >> savannah? >> don't panic. we'll be right there.
8:22 am
>> i'm neil patrick harris. >> oh, my god! >> we're back. carson -- >> on the air. >> making my -- >> tv program, savannah. >> sorry. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> you got the offer to do this by text mail? >> text message? >> t t kids are calling it text mail. >> text message. >> it'u going potty. >> it's popping.g. let it go, let it go >> start your engines! >> good job. >> i just touched streett gum
8:23 am
i don't know what got into me. time to get some purreell. >> the bush ladies know how to raise beautiful little girls, and you're one of them. >> wait a minute. >> what's up? >> what's up? >> couple years ago in washington, the correspondents dinner, at the men's room, anding next to me att the urinal. >> did you high-five him? >> no, you don't do that at the urinal. might want to learn that lesson. >> you two are really obnoxious. >> wow. that was quite a show. >> i won't do it.
8:24 am
for the rest of my life, i will do what's right i will do what's right stars in the sky, rest of my life yeah, yeah, yeah, the rest of our lives edge of the earth, search in the sky at night, out on the verge on the rest of our lives >> yeah. [ applause ] >> nice. >> that was fun. really fun. >> we haveo thank an editor somewhere. >> many of them. >> really well done. >> erica levins is the producer.
8:25 am
>> thank you, for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
8:26 am
the caucuses approacac. she sat down with kwwl's ron steele for a one-on-one interview yesterday, and said she's concerned with the way some are talking about muslims right unfortunately, being trumpeted
8:27 am
our values, it's dangerous. i's playinggight into the ands of isis, and it's creating the kind of clash, a split between islam and the rest of the world." she says her plan to defeat isis... does not involve sending in american combat troops. on the republican side... tonight, kasich will hold a town hall at the waterloo center for the arts from ss until seven. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. gusty today with some flurries and cold air on friday. we warm into the 40s
8:28 am
today, today, today, today is christmas we are e ck now. it's 8:30n a thursday morning. it's the 17th day of december, 2015. kind of a dark morning here on the plaza. rain expected. but we're brightening things up with a couple of broadway stars. we have matthew broderick and annaleigh ashford from the play "sylvia," collecting toys for us this morning. they're the elvesesf the day. we're going to chat with them in a couple of minutes. >> loobking forward to that. plus, we have a rare christmas miracle. that's right, i'll be baking.
8:29 am
siri pinter is here and she knows what she's doing. we're making cookies, and we have the cutest helpers. our babies. >> that's cute. also ahead, if you didn't do your shopping for christmas back in july, we have our ultimate gift guide, the biggest ever to finish off everyone on your list. and i'm going tooet a chance to pay it forward by doing something for an amazing woman who has really changed my sonic nick's life. >> carson, we'll have your buddy from the "voice" who was crowned the winner in a second. first, we have matthew broderick and annaleigh ashford, stars of "sylvia." >> pleasure. >> matthew, you have to choose between the love of your life and n's best friend. >> all right. it's a tough one. >> how does that go? that's the play, you have to see
8:30 am
>> annaleigh, you play the best friend. >> i do. i play a dog. i know, it's crazy, but i do. i'm looking at the sweet dog. maybe i'll get inspiration for tonight. what a cutie. >> you don't havee a liver treat, he won't look at you. we can get you something. >> oh, he's so cute. hi. hello. you want to -- he's li, no. >> this is your 12throadway production, matt, right? we're keeping count here. >> really? >> what brings you back to the stage all the time? >> something to do. >> just a l ltle someththg. >> no, i really love doing it. you know, i've been lucky enough to get 12 jobs, i guess, now that you've told me that. this is your 12th broadway show? >> that's what they say. >> your wife, sarah jessica parker, originated the role. >> that't' right. that's correct.
8:31 am
>> somebody lazhas a treat. >> the facts are correct. >> i'm surprised it's that many. i thought it was maybe nine. >> this is your life. >> yeah. >> i know, that's magical. it's good if you lost count. it means you'r'r fabulous. >> or senile. >> guys, have fun. we want to say for people to go check them out on broadway in "sylvia." thanks for connecting toys this morning. we appreciate it. mr. rokethe mid 20s to low 30s this morning... northwest winds are still 10-20 mph and gusting to 0... they will stay around 15 mph today with gusts to 20 or 25 mph. and we will keep some clouds... dry air is trying to work in, but the low is tracking almost directly to the north, which will keep a trough in the area flurries into the area f fr night and tomorrow. temps will be more typical of the middle of december with colder air working in for tomorrow. the winds will remain gusty today and temps won't warm too much... they drop into
8:32 am
>> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. now to the "voice" on "today." this morning, whave the champion in the house. take a look. >> the winner of the voice is -- jordan smith! >> jordan smith is here. good morning and congratulations. >> congratulations. >> i have to tell you, i have a friend who is a super fan of the "voice" and told me nine weeks ago, i predict it, jordan smith goes all the way. >> that's so kind. >> did you feel good or were you sweating it? >> this show has been fun and i had a great time working with adam and the other contestants. it's a creative atmosphere. it didn't hit me until i was on the stanlge at the finale. i'm in the finale.
8:33 am
>> gwen stefani said you don't look like y yr voice. is that a good thing? >> i think so. i think this whole time, i've been proving that. those things aren't really what happens. laststuesday night, whenever i won the show, it was kind of a big moment for me. i proved to myself, what's on the outside doesn't matter. it's what's in your heart and what you love to do and doing thlse things. >> we've had front runners on the show before who, you know, were strong all the way down. they've grown fatigued. it was interesting to watch you in the final weeks, you never got nervous. you were stronger. how did you thrhre when the pressure was really on? >> i think that it's kind of the type of person i am. i love that pressure. that's what makes me stronger and better. i think just keeping a level head through the whole process is super important. i think that those are four really strong contestants, myself and the other three. i was proud to be among them. we were a support for each other to the end. >> your parents were the only ones that looked shocked you won.
8:34 am
>> they're so proud and happy. they made so manyacrifices for me to get to this point. for them, it's a huge payoff and they're proud. they saw this in me before i saw itn myself. >> you owe them big time. >> congratulations. >> jordan smith, congratulations. >> he'll be with kathie lee and hoda in a little bit. also ahead, cookies and cuteness. siri a a i do a littltl baking with our babies. checking people off your holiday shopping list. you can't miss o biggest gift guide ever.
8:35 am
nbc. it is now time for today's hassle free holiday and our biggest gift guide ever. we have so many items we can't fit it in one segment. we're streaming it live at
8:36 am
we don't get to on the air on our website. lori is the style director at good housekeeping. this gift segment goes from here all the way around the studio. >> we better get starard. eight days left to shop. >> great gift ideas. >> this is the best of the best. the amazon echo. it's a voice-activated information teller. you can get news, information, traffic. it will tell you knock-knock jokes. it is the gift of the future. $179. >> this looks like something out of my childhood, the view master. >> $30 at target. what you do is put your smartphone in there and they partnered with google cardboard for virtual reality. it's like you're in the wildlife, in space. it's so cool. >> vinyls are back. >> throwback thursday gift with a modern flair. this is available at bloomingdales. it plays vinyl and mp3. real cool. >> how much is that? >> $79. >> great.
8:37 am
are many women in the world. the urban decec smoky naked palette. one is sold every 6 seconds. >> are they expensive? >> $54 and they'll last a long time. universally flattering shades. >> why are these shoes so hot? >> don't you love them? they're a little sporty, little cozy. $5$5 at jc penney. you can wear them with anything. they appeal to all ages. they're comfortable. love that for the winter. >> these are going to catch a lot of attention bececse of what they're made of. >> fashion flex. this is the great bag co. everyone is saying these will be the new it bags. they're $120, very affordable. heat resistant, crash resistant, you can clean them easy and they look amazing. >> talk to me about the glassware. >> matt, , erybody loves a gift
8:38 am
these have initials on them. they're from skyros. these are flown from portugal. beautiful something to bring to a house, hostess gift. >> taught about something special. >> "star wars" opening, have you heard about that? >> i haven't heard. >> "star wars" fans. >> indy film. this toaster is available at kohl. it has a light side and dark side for toast. we love that. so for the little fans with big imaginations, the force really awakens with leg golegos. you can do anything with the millennial falcon. fun for the little ones. how cute are these guys? jackson and juliet. jackson is on the brilliant buy sickle -- bicycle. everybody
8:39 am
bike. >> no more training wheels. >> i'll pause for a second and tell you we're going to end this on the air right now. we have more gifts to get to so we'll stream live at coming up next, holiday cookies with the kids. vannah and siri get adorable help in the kitchen. plus, siri will share one of her go-to cookie recipes. first, this is oday" on
8:40 am
but we do. we're exxonmobil. and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of ourelectricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because tutuing on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch.
8:41 am
we're back now it's 8:44 withmore of our holiday food cookie swap. so i decided to do a little baking. i called friend, we had a couple pint size tasty treats. peek-a-boo. we're going to make bud candy canes.
8:42 am
about family and home. it's a cookie. it feels yummy. >> oh my gosh. the whole thing in the mouth. we lost a lot there. >> my favorite childhood christmas memory is probably baking with my mom. we would make the same thing every year. we'd give them the same people at the drug store. i'm going to take the butter, put it in here with the sugar. >> christmas is the only time i remember, we did a swap one year with light sabres. it was like a candy glass. >> oh, good job. >> making makes me feel like i
8:43 am
>> these look amazing. >> why are w w holding him? they wouldn't let us put them down. >> we didn't color coordinate well, this day. >> let's make this recipe really easy. >> this is a vanilla bean sugar cookie. it'sium yummy like you said. >> it gives it vanilla bean flex and eggs and candy sugar. in this mixer we have butter and sugar. i will give it a little more of a stir. then we will put in an egging. >> okay. >> and some vanvan vanilla. so now over here, we have our dry ingredients, flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. it's important to whisk them together so everything gets incorporated.
8:44 am
the mixer. >> yes. >> this is a mixer, savannah, whicic weouldn't find in her home. >> if you are as much of a mess as i am. >> you were looking in your closet? >> i know. oh boy. >> now, we will add the sour cream and then the rest of the dry ingredients. >> okay. >> why does bake having to do things in certain order, why is that? >> it's very scientific. it's important you follow the directions properly. >> you can't wing it, apparently. >> the next thing chill it. >> that solidifies the butter so they don't spread. this will chill at least 30 minutes. overnight, if you can. the flavors of the cookies, too, use this little scooper. >> cute. >> we coup them out. about two inches apart. bebeuse they will spread a little, overhere, we have our standing sugar. this is the part we thought the babies would do so well. >> that didn't go so well.
8:45 am
then we bake them 12-to-15 minutes in a 350 degrees oven. >> these are fudge brownie candy canes madad with brown my mix, really delicious. >> did you invent brownie mix cookie? in my mind you did. >> let's just say you didid it is an easy way to make a fudgy chocolatey cookie. >> you can get our cookie recipes at i put myself in it like they're our recipes. >> they are. a great deal for the family.
8:46 am
>>. this morning on make your today, it is al's turn to pay it forward. >> thanks so much. when i was asked to pick someone to honor, i didn't have to think twice. it's a woman who means a lot to me and my wife deborah, because she inspires and helps other extremely special person in my life. my amazing boy, nick. >> numbers start on this corner. >> reporter: anyone who knows lori wil tell you, she defies description. >> what do you think? >> fancy. >> very fancy. >> you have to experience lori. lori is an experience. >> super stronon legs.
8:47 am
>> reporter: she's an occupational therapist for kids with special needs. >> can you get this undone? > >> reporter: like my son. she's so much more. >> sometimes as a parent when as many as is wrong with your child, you can freeze because it's overwhelming. to haveomeone that's not only amazing for your child and to your child, but is an advocate for your child, is a god send. >> use the strong arms. >> reporter: lori started working with nick when he was 3 years old. he's 13 now. >> he didn't talk, couldn't walk. he had very low body core plus musculature musculature. a lot of people were not positive about his, you know, his outlook. you know, there was never any of that with lori. >> look at me because i'm'm the focus point, okay? >> some kids are a 50-piece puzzle. some are 100-piece. some are 150.
8:48 am
was to look at nick. my heart is so big for him. he's my son. he's a little bigger than me these days, but he is my son. >> beautiful, nick. beautiful. >> reporter: this is her calling. lori knew she wanted to be an occupational therapist since she was in seventh grade. >> their goal was to work in the presence of others with minimal sharing of supplies. >> reporter: this is a student in the '70s, working with students with autism before there was a diagnosis. she was devoted then and is now, helping children reach their developmental milestones. >> at 2 years old, my son wasn't meeting the benchmarks a 2-year-old should be. this past june, he got his black belt in tie quando. >> reporter: ri doesn't want recognition.
8:49 am
nicely done. >> well, good ending, right? >> i do this because i believe in the kids. i don't do it for recognition. >> i can honestly say that nick is where he is today because of her help. enough. >> reporter: but on this day, i wanted to try. i know lori pretty well, and i know she loves two things. runnnng and tennis. specifically, serena williams. current sports illustrated sports person of the year, byflying you and roy down toto miami to run in the serena williams foundation 5k to support children coming up in a couple of weeks. >> fabulous. >> f f you. >> nick has come so far. >> i know. >> more to go. more to go. >>0 hi, serena, how are you? >> how are you? >> nice to see you. this is lori. >> how are you?
8:50 am
run, serena williams did not disappoint. >> little windy, but we are on the water. hopefullll the wind will be behind us. >> reporter: the serena williams live ultimate run in miami raises money for the serena williams fund. >> serena williams fund, we help send kids to college. we also build schools in africa and help families affected by violence in communities, like my sister was. it's really excxcing for me. >> reporter: and exciting for us to be part of such a special day. >> serena williams run, we're about to get started. >> right now! >> reporter: the race was exhilarating. at least for my wife, deborah. and for lori. >> we did it! >> couple of days later. >> reporter: for me, might have another word for it. >> wasn't it fun? >> oh, what a barrel -- we have a different idea of fun. >> reporter: but what's a few aches and pains fora woman who
8:51 am
countless other kids? >> everybody has a lori in their life, they just may not realize it. they could probably make more money doing something else, but they're doing it because they love your child. >> like i say, everybody has a lori in their life. it's easy to assume they know how much they mean to owe, butyou, but this is a great time of year so ake sure they do. >> reacted to the same moment, she kne she wanted to do it sisie the seventh grade. amazing. >> it's a calling for her, and she answers the call every day for so many kids in this area. >> what a saint. >> she is. she's a gift. >> incrediblele >> nick is a really cool kid, too. >> now that he's a black belt -- >> yeah. >> he asked for an allowance. oh, okay.. we'e' back with much more of
8:52 am
after your local news.when star wars the force awakens premeres tonight -- an eastern iowan is going twice! he bought his tickets as soon as they were availablele. just walked right up to the theater and bought them... no line. this guy says he saw the movies when he was a kid... and since he even enjoys becoming some of the characters sometimes.... "it's very intense looking in intense and fun." robert named his kids after two of his favorite characters... they are also big fans... and robert's very proud of that... now, let's go to eileen with a
8:53 am
at weather. gusty todayywith some flurries rain/snow sunday night into monday morning praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
8:54 am
>> announcer: >> t this morning on "today's" take, "star wars" mania, the reviews are in, the merchandise is out. the countdown begins until tonight's opening. then a look at the fun we had this year with some of hollywood's biggest stars. plus, newest stocking stuffers from best selling author james patterson coming up next. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's december 17th, 2015, we are smack dab in the middle of the new york holiday season. i am we're with willie, tamron and natalie. >> come here.
8:55 am
go ahead. ggggggg. >> there you go. >> not bad. >> that's live, may the force be with you. >> the force is strong with you. >> wow. >> wow. >> i have hair in my face now. >> all right. >> i love it so much. >> "star wars" fortunately opens in theaters tomorrow, really tonight. they had some earlier screenings in select cities. people won contest, stuff like that. we're finally here, guys. we have been hearing about this movie for years. j.j. would tweet out a picture, the cast, the table read. >> universally, it's pretty darn good. >> yes, a lot of things going back to thi one. this one brings back all the
8:56 am
we all went to see it, loved it. you know what was interesting. if you are looking for a last minute gift, a lot of people will get into the whole swargs star wars craze "star wars" craze, all the craziest things you can buy from "star wars." first, a "star wars," is that r 2 d 12 shower head. >> that's the real deal, r2d2 shower head. >> you end up in the shower. >> on the first date? >> and that was there. >> the guy's shower. >> my mother watches this show. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> if i was married and i went to the guy's house after we got married, the shower cam.
8:57 am
i don't know if it's 25-year-olds. >> is that a deal breaker for you? >> is he in the movie "star wars"? if he's in the movie, we're cool. after we're married i would expect something different. >> this is on the countertop, the toast pops up, it pops up with the "star wars" emblem. >> that's a problem. you only have toast on one side. it's not really toast. >> the whole thing is not toasted. >> different layers of brown. >> it's toast. >> so are my family. >> that was the most genius thing you ever said inure liech i got this e-mail from george-- in your life. i got this e-mail, they answer
8:58 am
georgetown university professor anything related to whether the actual science and the things we say, get ready to nerd out, geek out. it is absolutely brilliant. >> it's on youtube. georgetown university professor. >> they're like seminar -- i don't want you to see what's on there, it might be the date that natalie was there. >> where were you last night? >> georgetown on "star wars." you ask the professor anything. they answer. the decoding and they are like nerding out. it's amazing. >> they are getting the nerd on, that's for sure. whether you like "star wars" or not. i think everybody at this point will be a groupie. >> if you google dearth vader,
8:59 am
mashup, taken darth vader's voice and put in donald trumps from all of his speechs. it is brilliant. i think donald trump would love this and speaking of donald trump, he was on jimmy kimmel last night and admitted to maybe causing just a rip him or two within the gop. >> i would like to see the republican party come towing. i have been a little divisive in the sense that i have been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit? >> yeah. >> a little bit divisive. but i love jimmy kimmel then went ahead and read mr. trump a dr. seuss inspired children's book. >> it's very funny. >> here are some frogs, i do not like at all. we must kick these frogs out and then build a wall. oh, the places you'll go on your
9:00 am
suits from milan and your wife from ukraine. oh the buildings you'll build or the wealth you'll amarks all the people around you all kissing your [ bleep ]. there are two kind of people, which one will you be? a loser like them? would you like to finish? or a winner -- >> like me. >> that's good ratings. >> very incredible. >> good stuff. >> that is good. what else is good, oh my gosh, this kid, 9-year-old grace, she won a school fundraiser we aired these stories before. they're epic. this might be the best of all time. it took place in bloomington, minnesota, bethany academy. she was nervous, she gave the ball to mom. her mom angela, her first try fell short. then her daughter gave it a shot. okay.
9:01 am
>> i don't mind thatbeyond that, i am not good at all. >> that's the explanation. >> underhand, pretty good. >> last try. >> get there. get there! boom. oh. >> yes, it was a bounce shot into. >> that counts. >> that counts. >> we're taking a trip to minnesota to rally for her. it was a great slam. it was phenomenal. it counted. but that's what the tuition got. every parent, please come together. very good. there you go. falls short. boom, right online, though. impressive. >> she is stunned, or not, stunned.
9:02 am
hard court, this time during the ca cavs. eric miller went over to meet aaron. there you go. here he's wouk walking over. he was born with spastic hemophilia. doctors feared he would never walk or talk. now he plays basketball at his high school. apparently, he sinks 3-pointers. look at that face, it's like surreal. >> he said they were at a timeout in the ga imhe went and surprised the kid. the kid happened to be wearing lebron james' shoe, designed for kids that can't tie their shoes, they have one strap and after the game, lebron took off his own shoes from the game and gave them to the kid. >> he has been great, he has a great heart. >> he goes over, has fun, no matter what. >> food news.
9:03 am
he was great. >> a big career off the court, too. >> all right. what itself the weather? >> he's a media mogul. >> there you shaped-- 50 shades of brown the roker family. >> a storm coming in, another day, another storm, moving into the pacific northwest. we will watch this as the day progresses this afternoon, snows back to the intermountain cascades, coast cal gail. wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. some areas pick up along the coast up to 7 inches of rain and snowfall wise again great news for skiers. it will be good news, into the sierras, they will be seeing snow. that's great news for the snow
9:04 am
drought as we move along into although we may have some flurries tracking through. stormtrack7 live >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you very much, al. coming up next, the glitz, the glamour, the madness. all the great stars that graced our studio in 2015. we'll have the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorationssare just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart...
9:05 am
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prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it om spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. ififou develop an lergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures,onfusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects a a mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. yesterday, we took a personal trip down the memory lane of 2015 and werereminded what happens in studio 1a definitely does not stay in studio 1a. >> today, we want to shine the
9:08 am
and big celebrities who made for a very livelel 2015. >> there are days where i look through my phone and all of the celebrity stuff, moments on the phone that we've snapped. it's like, that happened? >> thanks for having me on this. this is the cool hour, right? >> i watch you every morning. >> why is there never anynye in my nightclub? >> not long ago, t!mron was doing her pop fi and a figurur comes out of the shadows. >> he's 21 years old, so that makes this legal. >> i took it for every 16-year-old girl out there. took the kiss. >> i'm down. >> people that show up, pop up during our weather segments. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what'happening in which i say -- chrissy teigen's world.
9:09 am
>> put the weather up there. >> tsunami. ell here, coming up. it's going to clear up and -- al, i need help, please. take it from here. >> most fun s visit ever was playing a zombie o o "the walking dead." >> this will be great if it doesn't come off tomorrow. >> i have nightmares looking at that picture of me. >> patty labelle surprise was incredible. >> oh, no! on my own once again now >> mystery guest? >> come on out. >> yes! >> we had to pity them fools, al. >> this is all worthwhile. >> the al mind and tamron body. >> don't laugh.
9:10 am
>> i'm an actress, and i'm full of crap. it's early and i'm like -- >> little known fact about gina rodrigigz, she also raps. >> likely girl lily lily -- like my girl natalie. >> we expanded our family to include great folks. >> you have a slow pan up your legs. >> oh, yeah. >> i let everybody know the real champ is here. >> john cena is a big guy with a big heart. >> this is the most important part of the year so far. >> whoould have thought we'd have a wwe wrestling champ? mr. roboto >> co-hosting our program. >> ellie kemper. >> n only did i co-host with ellilikemper, jane krakowski, but tina fey showed up. natalie, willie, tamron wereot there.
9:11 am
off to be with our beloved family. >> we had to hear about it every single day. >> you want to replace us with them? come on. >> it hurt. >> it was the best sw ev. ha,,ha! bam! >> good for you, al. one day, i invited jane to come back. it was just the two of us. jane krakowski roller skated out on to the set. >> this is the jane loves willie hour. >> i think i win that one. >> hello, ms. tamron. >> ladies and gentlemen, prince -- >> prince, good morning. >> good morning, all. >> all i need is a horse. >> there we go. >> good to see you. >> thank u. great to be seen. >> fantasc. >> don't i look hot? >> hard to do this while i'm delivering the library book. >> a lot of families are probably cool with this.
9:12 am
>> there we go. >> i love these lookbacks, but it makes me like, oh, my gosh, life flies before you. >> i know. >> the fun. i'm a debbie doer. >> this is our calling card to get m me of these celebs on with us. come on and have some fun. we're the fun hour. >> who is your dream guest? >> we've had so many. i'm not going to -- patty labelle. i wasn't here that day. >verybody who shows up. >> your dream show is what? >> we already saw that. >> bye, al, you don't need us. make your list, check it
9:13 am
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well dear windex users these ads are fals sfx: squeaks from window cleaning clean glass is better than dirty glass. don't stand for dirty. use windex. there a a eight days until christmas. your stockings have been hung with care. now, it's time to fill them. >> lilliana is here with great stocking stuffers, all for under $30. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> you did our shopping for us.
9:16 am
i think stockings are my favorite part of christmas traditions. you can have so much fun with them and not spend a lot of money. for the kids, start opening this one. >> sure. i like this, right off the bat. these are great. my son luke would love these. >> those are minions headphones. available at kohl' inside, i think, are also peanuts headphones. if your kids -- those are from super affordable. every kid loves those. >> great idea. to the "star wars" theme somewhere in here. >> there's something in there "star wars" related, and it could be a head lamp. you look adorable. >> wow. >> that turns on at night and your kids with use it as a reading light or to play in the dark. >> it's like a lego. >> it's available at how cute is that? >> really cool. >> color roll. ava is showing us this jumbo sized color roll. it's taking coloring books to the next level. design life >> i love these.
9:17 am
>> let's see what's in there. >> am i your -- oh, no. >> yes, you are. >> that took a turn. >> i know. >> i love these. these are makeup bags. they have all these fun things right there. those are from breakup to if you unzip the bag, you'll find something else for the "star r rs" fan. cover girl has done an entire limited edition makeup collection. >> mascara. >> so cute. you can find them at any drugstore drugstore. >> amazing. >> might be -- >> the money disney is making. >> i know. >> something else in your stocking. selfie mirror. for the woman who wants to look od in every photo. that's from now for the pets, al. >> great. >> these are from
9:18 am
these are dog treats. this is for maybe the pet that's not active but you need them to be. a dog lawntreat launcher. >> here we go. >> it went reverse. i shot it at myself. i didn't mean to take it from you. >> we'll figure it out. >> we also have chew toys. >> that was at me. >> all at once. >> you can't forget about the cats. >> one for you, my friend. >> this is for a co-worker. work through there. >> let's see what we found. >> for you. we shopped for you. >> oh, that'sso cucu, you guys. thank you. adorable. >> lotions and potions, oh, . >> thahk you, guys. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. thank you. coming up, we have a pop culture pop quiz. some of our producers getting in
9:19 am
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.we have a much clearer picture of what happened during an iowa officer involved shooting in march. this is the dash cam video -- cedar rapids officers chasing kyle orth. orth hits a utility pole. then -- as officers said -- orth drives forward, towards where the officers are. officers fire their guns. nats - 5 seconds the use of force is justified in a waterloo officer involved shooting...that's according to the department of public safety. this video shows the chase back on novememer third -- behind the wheel is brandon seeley - you can see he nearly runs an officer over and then you hear four shots fired. seeley was eventually arrested... he faces aault on
9:21 am
now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather.
9:22 am
ris: there's a lot t tdo on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself.
9:23 am
bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
9:24 am
taking a look at the headlines. disney is inststling metal detecters at the front of all four theme parks. it's also discontinuing the sale of toy guns a will no longer allow kids over the age of 14 to wear costumes. the detecters are going up ahead of tonight's "star wars" premiere at disney springs, sea world orlando and universal orlando will also use metal tecters. the cost of borrowing has gone up. on wednesday, the federal reserve raised interest rates 1/4 of one percent. janet yellen said rates would keep rising gradually next year if the economy is strong enough. it's bad for borrowers but good for people saving money.y. promise toward a screening test for ovarian cancer. researchers studied more than 200,000 women for more than a decade in britain and use a
9:25 am
chemical that sometimes is linked toen a earl an early stage of ovarian cancer. it took into account a woman's age and the degree of change in the chemical over time. they were able to calculate a risk force. the study suggested the screening could cut ovarian cancer deaths byp 20%. earlier recall of bean bag chairs is being reissued once again. it involved more than 2 million chairs cd between 1995 and 2013. two children have died, suffocating on the foam beads inside. fewer than 1,000 consumers responded toast yaer'sear's recall, and officials fear many of the chairs are still being used by children. consumers should contact ace bayou for a free repair kit. triple ginger brew is being recalled from trader joe's, after reports of the bottles exploding.
9:26 am
home, trader joe's say to handle it with extreme care and dispose of it in an outside container. they will provide a refund. a nebraska sheriff's deputy jumped to the rescue when a truck driver had a diabetic attack and slumped behind the wheels. authorities followed the truck for 12 miles. that's when the sergeget dashed across the road, jumped in and brought the truck to a stop. let's get a check of the weather fromr. roker. >> nat, we're looking at wet weather for today along the eastern sea board. windy, wet weather along the pacific north coast, with snow in the interiors. high surf advisories along the californian coast. icy conditions and snow in the pacific northwest. western new york, upstate n n york, , oking at lake-effect snow. some areas could see 18 inches
9:27 am
that's what's going on around the mid 20s to low 30s this morning... northwest winds are still 10-20 mph and gusting to 30... they will stay around 15 mph today with gusts to 20 or 25 mph. and we will keep some clouds... dry air is trying to work in, but the low is tracking almost diiectly to the orth, which will keep a trough in the area flurries into the area for tonight and tomorrow. temps will be more typical of the middle of december with colder air working in for tomorrow. the winds will remain gusty today and temps won't warm too much... they drop into the teens tonight with mainly cloudy skies and >> that's your latest weather. we've got our buzzers. we've got our podiums. natalie is making her way down. she has a frightening competitive look in her eyes. it's game time. >> she's stretching, getting ready for this. eryone working on this show becomes an expert when it comes to pop culture. no one more so than our amazing producers, gavin andnd kate. they'vee dededed, for some
9:28 am
head in a showdown. dylan is here, the only person that can keep us honest. natalie, we're still waiting for natalie. >> she's coming. . >> kate,, you're at a slight dischangdis disadvantage. >> we don't need itn >> she's here. >> fierce look in her eyes. >> i always wanted to be a g ge on to the show. we like to pretend we know a lot about pop culture, but it's ka and gavin that know more than us. you're on the buzzer. you guys are window dressingment. i'll read the question. >> if you don't win this, you're fired. >> about right. >> go for it. >> here we >> it's a mic estion. we're going to listen to a music clip. what's the song and the film? roll the clip. >> flashshght pitch perfect tune. >> oh, my gosh! >> that's not part of the question.
9:29 am
>> i'm making things more difficult. what f fm earned the most at the box office this year? >> gavin again. >> "jurassic park." >> that's not correct. >> it's" jurassic world." >> you got thth. up got this. next question. who played furiousa in the golden -- >> >> charlese theron. >> who stumbled and fell while performing at the britt awards? >> madonna. >> madonna expert here. >> obvious. >> i would be p pud of that. >> what? come on.
9:30 am
latest james bond film -- > krzysztof wall. >> is it 2-2? who is okie's ex-husband in empire? >> lion? >> no, his real name. >> jay power. we get it. >> who praised his new wife when he accepted the cecil b. demille award at the golden globes?? >> george clooney. >> can you name don draper's daughter in "mad men"? >> sally. >> that's right. >> tied up.
9:31 am
>> next one. who said he was pote, intention, smart, really intimidating. >> repeat. >> in one of the year's biggest films, who said he was polite, intense, smart, really intimidating? >> that's a line from the movie? >> no, it was t tactress. >> oh, i know this. oh, gosh. i know it because it was -- i know it. i know this. >> think about it. >> pass. >> dakota johnson. >> we have time for more? >> zoe dechannel and her husband gave their daughter -- >> otter. >> two names. >> otter --
9:32 am
>> otter control. >> elsie. >> who played reverend gary wayne in -- >> john happ. >> gavin. nice working with you. >> gavin.
9:33 am
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread theappy. can you believe it's already week 14 in our 16 to 16 challenge, and our three participants who couldn't make it today have nearly completed their mission to get healthy by the new year. tasty treats are at every turn. joy bauer is here to help with a
9:37 am
good to see you all. let's begin with the weigh in. how is everybody doing? >> impressive. mary jean lost another pound. she's down for a total of 33 pounds. >> wow! >> rochelle lost another three pounun. she'ssown a total of 28 pounds. >> oh, my gosh! congrats, ladies. >> ken is not here. he lost another pound. he's down for a total of 29 pounds. collectitily, willie, if you can imagine, they're down 90 pounds. the best part of that is we have donated more than 15,000 meals for people in need. >> you guys are incredible. >> 90 pounds. wow! >> thrilled. >> help us through this holiday cocktail party season. >> we're going to go from station to station, and each one, you're going to take a bell. you'll have a bell. i'm going to ask you a question. the first person who thinks they know the answer, ring the bell and you're going to say what you think the answer is. >> okay.
9:38 am
one has more calories. is it four buttery crackers topped with cheese, or is it two sliders, or are they even? >> which is more fattening? >> the cheese. >> this is better. >> the sliders are more fattening. 260 calories for the sliders. >> no way! >> about 200 calories for the crackers with the cheese. >> wow. we were wrong. >> i tried to throw you off. that was good. >> we'll go over here. >> pick up your jingles. >> i'll jingle myself here. >> which has more calories. four swedish meatballs or four mini vegetable egg rolls? >> meatballs. >> more calories. >> the egg roll. >> the meetatballs, 350 calories. there's a lot of fatty ground beef with this creamy saucuc
9:39 am
said that, joy. >> i would have one of each. sometimes they're too good to resist, right? >> i know. >> here we go. ladies, y y look amazing. >> now, which has more calories. a quarter cup of regular, traditional spinach art choho dish, or theame amount of cheese fondue, or are they even? >> they're even. >> yes! >> wow. >> even though they sound healthy and, by the way, guys, 300 calories for a quarter cup, not including the chips or the bread. just go easy. pick t one you want. if you can, dip with vegetables. home run. >> yay. >> dip with vegetables, okay. >> you're expertsnow. >> thank you. coming up next, alex cross is back, with best-selling author james patterson. he has three books to tell us
9:40 am
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thank you. thank you, again. pat yourself upon your back. your shopping is done. you aiait no slack. rest at ease it's all ok. you ordered online and got them in the same day. navigate t app at will with incredible digital ninja skills. the holidays could not be better. maybe you have time to knit him a sweater. i don't know maybe a snowm. i could do that. let's get out of here. i'm just thinking. order gifts online and pick them up the same day. walmart. james patterson is one of the most popular authors in the world. he's sold more than 325 million oks obally. he holds the guinness world record for the most number one "new york times" best sellers. his stories have been made into tv and big screen motion
9:44 am
the girl" starring morgan freeman, and alex cross starring tyler perry. the new book is called "cross justice." new kids out for books, as well. >> you made it, man. i was worried about you. >> i was, too. alex cross, 23rd book in ^he series. >> ye. >> andnde's maybeoing toind his father. maybe. >> wow. >> that's the big question. >> that's one of the things that drives him. it's been a big factor in this series. >> he thought his f fher was dead, and h h gets new information in this book. we'll see where it goes. one of the fun things, people watch the tv show, the 26 episodes, "blindside" or whatever. here, there's only one episode a year. that's it. >> that's a great thing. if somebody starts from the beginning with alex cross, they have 23 episodes to read through. that's right. >> one of the things i love
9:45 am
are one of the -- we've done this series, you know, paying it forward, in a sense, and i love the fact yououe been goioi around giving bonuses to folks at the bookstores. >> i'm trying to draw attention to the fact that we need independent bookstores. we need bookstores and book sellers. we need to honor them. wherever you are, if you're watching this, go into a bookstore and get books for your family. get books for your kids, especially. >> okay. now, you're a prolific writer. you've done so much. you actually have a cameo -- >> practically, i do. alfred hitchcock used to do this, but he was smart and walked in the background. i kind of walk rht into the middle. >> what movie is this? >> it's "middle year, the worst years of my life." itit funny. ferris bueller meets pixar.
9:46 am
it patterson's acting debut. >> the manager. >> hello. >> can we keep it down a lot, if you don't mind? you know, this is not chuck e. cheese. >> good talk. can i have another rootbeer? >> absolutely not. you had enough sugar. >> you stole that from lauren graham. >> i did. i stole it. >> you immediately took it. >> most movies, they'll put the goodod scenes ouou this is the woror scene in the movie. it's very, very funny. they don't usually promote that way, but it's cool they did. >> fantastic. you ve the other kid series out. >> "i funny tv" is out. well, the book says "i funny," it better be nny. >> with james patterson, you know it is. merry christmas. good to see you. >> "cross justice"? book
9:47 am
we'll be we are back now with jeff kinney, author of "the wimpy kid" series. he's here to announce a donation to our toy drive. we're excited. the train jumped the track and won't move. thank you so much for partnering with us. tell us a little bit about the donation this jeeryear. >> we're giving away 10,000 books, including the "wimpy kids" books. >> this is something so many people can appreciate. >> kids read it through age 7 and usuallyly stop around age 13.
9:48 am
tremendous donatian iowa man dies after he's trapped in a grain bin. it happened in clarke county. the sheriff says 39-year-old eric reasland was working with the owner of the farm to get rn out of the binn the owner went to operate the auger at the bottom of the bin -- reasland became trapped. he was there for three hours before rescue crews could get him out. he died at a hospitata. students at table mound elementary in dubuque get ready for the caucuses by holding a mock election -- it's a tradition
9:49 am
425 students spent the past few months researching. there may be a curse surrounding the election -- the candidate who wins there rarely wins the real thing now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. gusty today with some flurries
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