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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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let's check on your weather now areas of fog continue to affect portions of the kwwl viewing area... most of us are not having any issues, but there are some areas along the mississippi and in our northerrmost countiessthat cocotinue to see visibilities below a mile or so. iowa dot cameras farther south, are showing pretty good travel cokditions this morning, although temperatures are mainly at or below freezing this morning (still well above average) with westerly winds at 5 to 15 mph. they will turn to the southeast today and we will stay mainly cloudy. tetes will be innthe upper 30s to mid 40s today and stay mild for tomorrow as the next system tracks in bringing us rain. i'll have details on that in a few minutete. now to decision 2016: iowa...
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arkansas... south ccrolina - that's wherr the candidates are campaigning today. tracie potts tells us republicans are continuing to target hillary clinton. (grand rapids, michigan) donald trump... in a blue presidential candidate) "shh's a liar." presidentiti candidate) "i'm extremely sad." and a new attack on the media: (sot: donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "i would never kill them, but i do hate 'em." jeb bush... a frequent target o o trump (sot: ddnald trump/ (r) presiddntial candidate) "hiifamily's so ashamed." bush says: (sot: jeb bush/ (r) presidential (sot: jeb bush/ (r) presidential right place." chris christie - who's clinton doesn't get within 10 miles of white house." marco rubio... also drawing distinctions betwen demococats and republicans: (sot: marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate) "the democratic party today is controlled by radical elements that lean to the left that want to see more control over the economy and over our lives." today, the top democrats are in iowa... where candidate, lindsay graham, won't be on the ballot.
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washington. an upcoming republican debate will be hosted here in iowa. the seventh g-o-p debate will be held in des moines on january 28th --ahead of the february caucuses. it'll be moderated by foxxs bret baier, megyn kelly, and chris wallace. a woman is found dead after a mobile home fire. it happened in the 23-hundred block of kelly street south-west in cedar rapids just after 7 sunday night. take a look at the damage here -- the walls and ceilings are gone. a neighbor believes it was the body of the woman who liveded alone in the home. the neighbor says they had
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gone, i don't know, the summers are going to be different without her." $& an autopsy is scheduled@to determine the exact cause of the woan's death. no word t on how theefire medical officials say an iowa high school wreslter who collapsed at a meet died of natural causes. austin roberts was a senior at spencer high school. he was wressing at 220 a meet on saturday when he collapsed... an autopsy will be performed by the state medical examiner to determine the official cause of death. police are looking for a woman who they believe stole clothes from kohls. cedar falls police say the thefts took place on december 12 at the kohls on university avenue. the woman pictured here left in a black oldsmobile. if you know the woman, contact cedar falls police. a man guilty of illegally transporting a grizzly bear to iowa is sentenced to probation. 35-year-old brenton clark
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back in 2010 without a proper license. he then took the dead bear to his hunting lodge in jefferson county to put on display -- violating the lacey act. along with three years probation -- clark is ordered to pay a two-thousand dollar fine. after being under construction for nearly a year, the c-r-s-t building frame is finally complete. the 11 story tall building will change the cedar rapids skyline. after being signed by those involved with the project, an amican flag and christmas tree went up top of theebeam to complete the structure that cost 37 million dollars. a ride that malfunctioned at sea-world in orlando is back on the gound .. after passengers say they were stuck on it for more than three hours. the ride carries passengers 400-feet high so they can see the entire theme park. at one point, 15 firefighters worked ith sea- world staff to get passengers to afety... everyone was kind of laughing but we knew we couldn't go anywhere so we made the best of it.
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to the ground on its own. all passengers are safe. a new trial is set for one of the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. officcr william pprter's new trial is set for june 13th after a mistrial. gray injured his spine while in police custody in april. prosecutors say porter is responsible for gray's death for not buckling him into his seatbelt. a 13-year-old boy leads police on a high-speed chase wih his eight- year-old sister in the car. takee look at the dash cam video from michigan. the car was pulled over -- but the driver takes off on the highway. eventually the drier loses control - driving into oncoming traffic. both the boy and his sister got out and started to run away -- before being caught. no indictment in the death of sandra bland -- a woman who died this summer in exas while in police custody. 28-year-old sandra bland was pulled over for a routine
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she was found three days later dead inhher jail cell. authorities say she took her own life by hanging --- but her family questioned that. a grand jury is now declining to indict any county jail employees... "we have left no rock unturned, them." there are other indictments the grand jury could consider -- it'll come back together in january. bland's family says the grand jury system in texas is flawed public to hear. bail is denied for the friend of the san bernardino shooters. a judge is denying bail for enrique marquez... h's accused of giving the attackers the guns they used in the mass shooting in california earlier this month. he's charged with providing material to support terrorism. marquez didn't enter a plea while in court. the case against former prisoner of war bowewebergdahl heaa to court today. bergdahl was charged with
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army post in afghanistan in 2009, which led to his capture by the taliban. he was held for nearly five years until he was released earlier this year in a prisoner exchange. the open hearing will take place this morning in north carolina. a robber in south florida picked the wrong clerk to challenge... and it's all caughgh on camera. surveillance video shows a man enter a convenience store near the university of miami campus. police say he demanded the people inside the store get on the floor and empty their pockets. but the clerk and a customer teamed up to fight back against him... tackling him to the ground and holding him down until officers arrived. nnone was hurtt the suspect told police he was "just joking." he remains in custody and faces armed robbery charges. a kwwl follow-up. the number of e- coli cases linked to chipotle continues to grown. the c-d-c is investigating five new cases out of oklahoma and kansas. 53 illnesses in nine states have been reported since octobe but officials say theeew cases
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different rare type of e-coli. and it's still not clear if the original outbreak. gas prices in western kansas are about the lowest in the nation... in garden city, the price per gallon for regular unleaded dropped to a dollar-31. meantime gas prices are back on the rise in california with the average price per gallon in los angeles at 2-88, according to gas- buddy-dot-com. traveling during the holidays can be very stressful. a new program aims at relieving some of that stress -- with "it's wonderful, they are just fabulous" it's a program designed totoave a paw-siiive impactton from the little, to the very large, the professionally-trained comfort dogs waking to terminals of dulles international are part of the united airlines united paws program. the dogs purpose: to reduce stress and anxiety for
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traveers this seass. the ppgram was first introduced last year in a few airports and this year expanded to additional airports, including dulles. ( clara slavin / traveler ) "today was a really special treat. they are very sweet kind dogs" clara slavin and her family are headed to san francisco for christmas. getting a chance to pet the pups wass bright spot ff this five year old after the family's flight was delayed three hours. "i got to hold afternoon shift and will do so through wednesday. robert for a flight out west. (robert carlton / traveler ) "i was really interested to golden, because we had a golden we lost last year so it was really it's coming up on today in iowa -- one of santa's little helpers thinks an nba official belongs on the naughty list.
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oldest mcdonald'ssorker. we'll introduce you as shee celebrates a big birthday coming up. we still have some areas of dense fog out there this morning, but not as widespread as yesterday... and we have more rain and even
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team:
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tracking in for tomorrow. there are still a few areas of dense fog, too, especially along the mississippi and our northern counties. stormtrack7 live weatr network shows that most of us are doing okay, though. and temps are still well above average, although they have moved very much from yesterday... mainly in the low 30s with mid 20s to the west. westerly winds are turning more to the south and will eventually become southeast and
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today. we also keep the low level clouds as the next system tracks our way. this will bring rain to the area late tonight and much of the day tomorrow. a few areas may even hear thunder. s the system racks away from us a few snow showers may mix in, but this will be mainly rain.... most of us will have half an inch or less, although some may get a bit more if you hear that we will be stuck with the clouds and some light fog along
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highs will be in the upper 30s to mid 40s. we don't drop much tonight with showers tracking in late. areas of fog are possible again, but winds will stay fairly gusty through the middle of the night. rain is thursday and friday look mainly if you're ooking for a white christmas --you may need to head northwest. that's the part of the country getting slammed by snow. the area around seattle is full of snow right now... which seems fitting, now that we're officially in the winter season. it's coming up on today in iowa.... sixth graders take a ip back in time to world war two with help from an area veteran. plus... we hear from a former u-n-i panther star after his record breaking performance with
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cardinals over the weekend. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in stout, worthington, millville and all of eastern iowa this morning, a former u-n-i paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street,
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and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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panther- and current arizona cardinal runninnback -- davvd johnson talks to kwwl about his record-breaking performance. johnson scored three touchdowns over the weekend -- breaking the cardinals single- season franchise record for a rookie. johnson is the first player in cardinals history to rush for 1- hundred 80 yards and three touchdowns in a single game. he broke numberous rcords back at the ni dome... "its s ye opening, itt louder, and its a great feeling to come out in that stadium and have so many fans cheer us on" johnson looks to keep his momentum going into this weekend to take on the packers. a longgime n-b-a refeeee is
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list. last night as the pacers visited the spurs in san antonio, fans were treated to coyote claus riding his sleigh onto the floor of the a-t- and-t center. he brought a special present for the ref. one of santa's little helpers pops out and kicks him in theshin bebeore running away. sixth graders finding a new appreciation for veterans -- that's thanks to one world war two veteran's first hand account. gordon foster grew up just outside of waverly and was drafter to the army in 1942. he was a tank commander under general patton - who he calls the greatest general that evevr lived... foster "one night he came over shook hands with general patton. he got in our tank and road with us for 20 minutes, showed us what he wanted to do." the students will be heading to d-c in march and said they'll be thinking of foster's stories when they sit the
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it was a few days early... but still a big birthday party for a maryland woman at a mcdonald's restaurant. that's because she's turning 95- years old on christmas day. she holds the title of the oldest mcdonald's employee in the country. yesterday the restaurant, her family and friends celebrated her 20 years oo employment with the company. the owner says harriett is a "she never misses a day of thousand harriett cloppers, i would be further ahead." harriett plans to spend her actual birthday at home with a family christmas dinner. .& it's coming up on today in iowa -- we've warned you about porch pirates, and you can protect yourself from theives. but now we'll tell you how delivery drivers are looking out
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packages sasae from holidayy thieves.
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(nats: ups driver) a ups driver drops off boxes at city beach boutique. but the packages are package at your doorstep and risking it getting stolen, ttey'll leave aa slip on your door that says you this location. city beach boutique is set up as a u-p-s access point. the store is accepting and storing neighborhood packages rather than leave them vulnerable to thieves on the front porch. (sot: summer abu- zahrah, store owner) "we just ask for the slip that the ups driver provided, ask them to see identification so we kno they're linked to the package. and if they are we sign out the package for them." (sot: ups) "we have boutiques like city beach boutique, we have convenient stores, we have four months ago. it's about "unfortunately we have those holiday crooks that want to go
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"upssisn't the ooy one who's coming up with alternative methods of sticking your package on your front doorstep." a few years back amazon businesses like 7-eleven. with more and more onlin shoppers, porch theft could become a bigger problem every year. every opportunistic thieves. for but also to drum uppsome "we have found so far that one loved ones for the holiday season." today in iowa continues in a
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cruise ship out of canned goods. it includes nealy 18-thousand cans, and took 20 hours to build. it stands 10-feet high and 30-feeee long. it's an impressive feat, but the ship's true mission is#charity and good will: once the builders break it down, they'll serve it up as 75-thousand meals to feed the hungry. eileen loan is back with another check of your storm track seven forecast. breezy and cloudy today with rain likely on wednesday. while we stay mild, tracks in friday night and saturday with a third late it's and coming up on today in iowa. a bus bursts into flames as a group of soccer players head to a championship game. plus... and then there were 13.
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now on today in iowa... a woman is in court today after drivinggon a las vegas sidewalk killing one and injuring dozens. plus... a one-on- one interview with democratic presidenial candidate bernie sanders -- as& he tries to close in on hillary clinton. and 12 students in one eastern
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