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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ? somebody with a ? >> hello, everybody. hope you had a nice weekend. the fun day monday, october 3rd. happy russia has shawna. >> i learned, probably mispronounce it -- >> yeah. >> how to spell it? >> is that perfect? >> oh, good, good, good. >> i ate the best brisket last night. put a fork in it, and the pork
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delicious. >> bet you took a picture of it. >> that's it. [ laughter ] >> well, we both had big -- you did not. did you? >> i want to hear about -- >> sorry. okay. >> what was your weekend? >> i went out to what is usually beautiful montauk. at the very east end of long island. >> yeah. >> and it was a -- it was a wet and windy weekend. >> yes. >> but anytime it's a wed, it's a beautiful time, and you just try to ignore the weather. there's nothing you can do about it. rory kennedy, got married to david decamilla. the day after. >> how cute are they? >> a beautiful wedding. everything had to be moved indoors, of course, but at the montauk yacht club. lovely people took care of us there. there she is with my other granddaughter. these are all the daughters of my -- well, rory is the daughter of vicki kennedy and the
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>> and cassidy, i thought? >> i got a picture of cass. look at her. just beautiful. >> look how beautiful you are. >> and frank's son, and son kyle and beautiful girlfriend erica. we had a nice time and -- >> sweet. >> yeah, yeah. you know the trouble, there's always trouble, anytime you move everything from outdoors indoors on -- >> yes. >> yeah, yeah. es [ laughter ] you know who's old by the people that hate the music. right? everybody else -- yeah! i'm sorry. but here's an old thing. when you move in, you turn the volume down. there are walls around you. and old people that want to go home. if you're going to start that. three times i asked them to turn it down. >> you did? and nobody lived?
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you know? >> turned the amps down. >> yes. anyway, they need to -- click, click. >> you know, you don't just go a wedding to dance. you go a wedding also to talk to people you haven't seen in years. >> yeah. >> you couldn't even have a conversation at table. that's when it's too loud. >> yes. a lady at my gym. when you walk into the gym, blasting music when you walk in. she said i just hate this. i thought, she hates the gym? i didn't get it. >> you love it? some people like too -- not hoda. >> i do a belly flop in the middle of it. >> what did you do? >> we did nothing. call them blake days, which is we do nothing. do what our dog does, which is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and walk. and that's all we did, and then joel made a great meal. he cooked this chicken, the kind that al roker makes you flip it breast side down and all the juice goes in and we took
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oven. >> i love it when it's charred like tha brussel sprouts are so good that way. >> my daughter, my roommate out there, finally found out an age-old question. do i snore. >> what? >> uh-huh. frank yoursed to say, he was -- sometimes take a pillow to him, but that bad. bud cassidy, and used to say, you snore, too, you know. i said, i do not. i do not. >> what happened? >> cassly -- do we have it? >> that's not it. it was not that. >> it was -- >> are you sure that's not it. >> that's not it. i would have never given it to the audio booth if it was. it was moor like a -- ahhhhh. ahhhh.
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line one. line one. >> cassidy, aapologize for never believing you. this is nothing to laugh about. kim kardashian was in paris for a fashion show. she got held up with a gun. she was in the room, getting ready to go out i think to an event and according to some sources, two guys, two gunmen dresses up as police officers got into a room. they're let them in or they broke in. whatever happened, they were in the room. they say they tied her up, according to sources. >> hand covers. >> locked her in the bathroom. >> gagged her. depends who you -- we don't know if any of these are absolutely true, but these are the stories going out. put her in the bathtub. >> she was definitely locked in the bathroom. we know that. that's been confirmed, but they said they stole $10 million worth of jewelry.
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right? i heard that, too. it's hard to know what to believe. >> often when they say that, okay, she was robbed but she's okay, or they say the people on the train, they weren't hurt badly, or all -- for certain people. i always wonder about how long that stays with you? just because of the -- >> the psychological. >> yeah. not a critical injury, you know when something like that terrible happens to you, you never forget it. ever. >> you'll nerve are the same, i would think. it's such a violation. such a -- and she's going to be >> yeah. >> anytime she's alone or traveling. i doubt she'll ever travel again with real jewelry. >> yeah. >> but, you know, she gets paid to represent people's jewelry. papd to represent their clothing. paid for all of this -- it's a huge part of their livelihood, but i don't think anybody dreamed somebody could get into a -- there was apparently, what we heard earlier on nbc news, that there was one -- security guard at that hotel, at the time. which -- you know --
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>> maybe if you see people dressed at police officers, you assume, they want to check up on something. you know you snapchat, tweet, like a road map. maybe do it after, or maybe when i'm -- on the way home. as you know, kanye was giving a concert and ended up -- >> here in new york. >> leaving in the middle of it. th "the buzz". >> good news, she's shaken up but physically okay. wow. that's going to take some time. of course it's october. breast cancer awareness month so we're both wearing pink. >> yes. >> i will to get dressed with you. don't be upset of with me if i'm not awaring solid pink. this is a variational pink. >> if you want a variation on pink, we have ways to make your hair pink without it being permanent. >> cass had to do that the other
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>> playing some crazy girl in a show called "the detour" supposedly very, very funny. they wanted to dye her hair pink. she said, no thanks. >> does it even show up? >> do you want it on your hair? >> just a little. i don't think it will show on mine. put it in the front. does it show? >> oh -- >> yeah, a little bit. >> yeah. it does show. >> there you go! >> it's by splats. it's dusty rose. >> anyway, $6, >> the good news, 50% of sales donated to the national breast cancer foundation. i have a present for you, too. >> so "saturday night live," season premiere, everybody saying the best one in years. >> huge numbers. >> 42nd season. >> yeah. >> big, rave reviews and big numbers. so margot robbie, so beautiful,
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donald trump. >> it featured keen thompson kenan thompson on the scene of the sinkhole. >> i'm very happy my wife and i are okay. >> this -- this is your wife? >> ah, yes. >> well, close call here today for this -- multi-millionaire and his lovely wife. >> ah millionaire. >> oh, i apologize. i assumed you were a very wealthy man. >> yeah, i wish. she's kind of the bread winner in our house. >> oh, we're a team, and -- if i felt weird about being the main income earner i wouldn't have married a puppeteer. >> he does puppets? >> pan down a little bit rick. you'll see there's mud and -- oh, my god! [ laughter ]
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>> and tinsel town. >> and good friend, ryan beltaczar. >> you look stunning. >> talking about kim k. >> more details from the french interior ministry. people wonder, where was she exactly? apparently staying in at private apartment in a luxury mansion. that explains a little bit about the environment she was in. >> described so differently by different people. >> reportedly five men actually then took a concierges. >> five men? >> five men. two got into the unit she was in, locked her in the bathroom. they took a ring that was about $4.5 million. one ring, and a jewelry box that was about $5.5 million. and also apparently two cell phones. one report they escaped on bicycles. again, dressed as policemen. one concierge at gunpoint forced to reveal the room to them.
10:15 am
the bathroom. >> what about kanye's engagement ring? >> i don't know which. kanye performing as a festival in new york, dropped everything, left the set. happened in the middle of the night. she was actually prepping to go out. middle of the night for -- and had already spoken to authorities and left the country. other family member was there. she was there for fashion week. we saw her posting all over the week. >> yeah. >> as you , what you're wearing. they can see the jewelry she may have had, and that's in her room. again, really scary. what i didn't see in confirmation from the french interior ministry whether or not she was in fact tied up. >> okay. >> two cell phones, $4.5 million ring and $5.5 million jewelry box. >> lindsay lohan had an incident? >> in turkey doing humanitarian work for syrian refugees and
10:16 am
bring the anchor -- i don't know why she was helping them bring the anchor up off the boat. got tangled up in the rope and anchor. femme in the water and lost a little of her ring finger. so apparently friends got -- yep. there's the snapchat. she lost a little bit of that finger. someone, lucky person, found it, and they went to the hospital. she had emergency surgery and apparently got her -- >> someone found the finger in the water? >> no fun. it in the found t. you get it done that quickly, you can save it. >> no word how much of the finger and -- >> all right! >> enjoy your breakfast, everyone! >> let's go to better news. shall we? baby news. right? >> yeah. blake lively and ryan reynolds welcomed their second child. they're very secretive. we don't know the name and gender. the scoop, a little bit of it. we don't know the name or gender, just announced friday, and no sooner was it announced
10:17 am
the way. posting pictures of herself and her best friend at a wedding on sunday. you know, we don't know the name. she was very secretive about her first child. a daughter named jaymes. we thought it was a boy. >> confusing for everybody. >> remember, she was here, pregnant. >> she said, no, but we knew it. >> she's from a family of five. ryan a family of four. described herself on the "today" show as breeders. >> just adorable. >> so cute. probably a six-figure deal for william morris contract. a beautiful thing. >> certain couples you just feel innately, you root for them and really think, now, this one should make it. seems to have everything you need. >> yeah. you want to believe that stuff. they're great. >> a beautiful, beautiful couple. >> one line. "dynasty" is coming back. >> what do you mean? >> reboot of "dynasty" because everything's a reboot now. >> who should play the linda
10:18 am
ah -- joan collins? >> kind of bringing it to fallon caring 10:00. nobody can replace joan collins. she should do a cameo on the show. what did you say? >> angelina. such a lovely man. >> going to center around fallon and this new mother-in-law, or stepmother coming into the family, and they're pairing up. producers are pairing up with the original creators to make it -- james furlan should play. a walk down memory lane with abigail spencer. >> got a certain -- because of kathie lee. >> and tv's hottest hairstyles. how to get the sexy loose waves you've seen when the twins arrived, it changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. fortunately there's
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dramas, comedies, netflix or networks, one thing in common. >> everyone has the same hair. >> they do. from geena davis and amy poehler, and kerry washington. >> yeah. there she is. >> "scandal." >> also, taraji p. henson from "empire." and a young lady from last week, mandy moore from "this is us." spirally waves are everywhere. ow here to share a styling secret is sharon doorham from the sharon doorham color. hi, sharon. >> nice to see you. hello. >> it looks complicated when you see such beautiful hair, but is it as tough to do? >> not at all. >> really? >> this is a universal hairstyle that's easy, easy to wear, easy to do. and works on every ethnicity, every hair length. >> good. >> almost, and every hair color. >> let's start with stephanie. >> stephanie! >> tell us about what you're
10:23 am
here. you start by putting mousse in the air when the hair's damp. when you dry it, use a large brush. want it to go -- >> blow it out straight to the face. >> right. blow the hair straight and go in with a curling iron. >> uh-oh. here's where the trouble starts. >> but it's easy. take a small section and wrap it around the curling iron. always leave occupant the end. leave it on three to five seconds. to in this case we softened. a softer look, and you just, with a -- whoop. sorry, wrong brush. with a mason pierson a flat brush, just brush through. you'll see how easily. >> sort of pulls the curls, doesn't it? >> pulls the curls down. that's up to you. >> show how you wrap it around the curling iron. i think that's what we all don't know what to do got to be careful. you can burn it -- >> you don't want to leave it on very long and you wrap it around
10:24 am
thing. >> just wrap it around the barrel. >> leave out the end. >> never runthrough to the end. hold it three to five seconds and release. >> move to stephanie. >> we have two stephanies. >> easy. >> how do you get that -- >> plethora. that beachy, texturized look, after you've done all the above. >> it's blow out straight and the curling iron. >> and the curling iron. turn it over. >> what i did this morning. did the zhuszh. >> take a le >> texturizing spray, and always spray it far away. never too close to the scalp and just work if through, like this. okay. flip your head up. there we go, and just play with it a little bit. even use a little styling cream. >> would that work the same on stephanie's hair, or no? because her hair texture is more like mine. still work, too? >> sure. absolutely. >> okay. >> stephanie one, we brush
10:25 am
>> depends what look you want. >> look at klg's look. look at that. the way -- it's right here. >> i could have brushed it out, too. >> why would you? >> depends on how you feel? >> it looks good. >> the beauty of this is you literally can sleep on it and the next day it's still going to look good. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. find out what you're doing every night experts say is a bad habit when we play the game -- >> all: "how bad is it?" >> catching up with actress
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now there's a need for volunteers to help clean-up. the iowa commission of volunteer service says they need volunteers to help remove sandbags and clean the areas hit by high water. they're putting a call out for volunteers in benton, black ahwk, bremer, floyd and linn counties. we have details on our website, kwwl dot com. troy davis says he has no regrets about what happened over the weekend. the former iowa state football star was arrested. he was charged with public intoxication in ames. it happened about 14 hours after against baylor. davis told the des moines register -- he has no regrets -- and said why can't i have fun with the hall of fame induction? davis will go into the college football hall of fame in december. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. mild today through thursday with storms tracking in tuesday night through thursday. rain may
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all right. it's fun day monday and we are here with a timeless beauty. >> yeah. >> all: abigail spencer. >> abigail stars in one of the most buzzed about series right here on nbc called >> travel back in time changing the course of history as we know. take a look. fascinating. >> you're telling me this guy actually went back in time for real to the hindenburg? >> kills people who aren't supposed to die. they don't have the keys that are supposed to happen, do the things they're supposed to do. history changes. reality changes. >> why would you be stupid enough to invent something so dangerous? >> i didn't count on this
10:31 am
how many pilots did you star in that you made that were, weren't picked up by networks? >> i was on the george clooney track for for. he's famous for doing 40-something pilots before "e.r." 48 before i got "mad men," which changed the whole thing. >> changed everything. this show has everybody buzzing. the concept itself is fascinating. explaining a little. >> i play an underappreciated historian taking care of her mother and sister, all of a sudden a knock at the door. security, lucy preston come with us. an elon musk kind of character. go and track down this bad guy. no thank you. i will not be doing that. i'm a normal person and gets swept up and gets to go back and meet her heroes and try to preserve history, the things she love. when she comes back, the
10:32 am
the little shifts. >> ah. the cast is terrific. there's a hunk. there's got to be a hunk. i'm hoping -- he's grieving right now. we went say why, but hopefully you're going to have something with him down the road and another hunk, the one who plays, that plays the african-american. he is an african-american. plays one who says -- >> rufus. >> i don't want to go back in time because -- >> no place for me. >> that proves to be true. >> the fact that's so wonderful about the show taking a woman and african-american and going back in time, and the show is really you can watch with your whole family, eat popcorn and you really learn something. >> learn a lot. >> something in the "times" what you learned. >> the second episode we go back to the night abraham lincoln was assassinated. i did not know he was one of four supposed to be assassinated. uncovered that. look at something through a
10:33 am
relationship before we go further. it's amazing how you got your start in this business, and the reason's right here. right? >> we all have a first love in our lives and her dad yancy was my first love. i wrote a book about it. a great surfer and i just adored him. and we didn't end up getting married but he ended up marrying a beautiful, beautiful lady named lydia. one day i got a call said, can my daughter and -- and my wife come to see you and regis? she wants to be an actress. they're in new york. mellon, all the drama schools. >> going to go to school. >> yeah was going to go to school. we hadn't met before, but obviously. >> sitting there, a magnificent looking girl. i said, come back to my dressing room we'll talk. >> talked to me on the air. world, mete meet abigail spencer. >> i had to, because of my love for your father. came back, told me what she
10:34 am
let me call casting, abc daytime. >> i saw that girl and would love to meet her. >> went over and got cast in "all my children" that year won soap opera digest newcomer of the year award. >> of course she did. >> all downhill from there. >> the live-in nanny. don't leave me with your children. >> for sure. they'll nerve are be the same. >> this is my favorite drink, because we drink on the show. >> uh-huh. >> t i i visited and rose with lemonade and simple syrup. >> okay. >> rose, frozee. makes all things possible and happen. so excited. >> congrats. abigail is one of the finest young actresses acting in the business today. she really is.
10:35 am
>> yes, please. >> i want her to work with cassidy. my other daughter. we are taking you back in time to middle school. james patterson brings the angst of awkward years to the big screen. catching up with the catching up with the byou totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement?, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you?. liberty mutual insurance. after brushing, listerine? total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care to the total family.
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talking -- >> all: middle school years. >> that time in middle school, homework, awkwardness collides. >> masterful storyteller bringing these tween years to light in a humorous best-selling middle school book series. the first one in the series -- >> "middle school: the worst years of my life" now turned into a movie, hits the big screen this friday. here's a sneak peek. >> i'm sorry. >> shut me up, but i'm the only one willing to give you the cold, hard facts. you've been kicked out of two schools in one year. >> georgia -- i'll handle the lectures. >> go for it. >> no thank you. i'm tired of that lecture. >> see? you're exhausting people. this is the last school that will take you, and if you mess up here you're going to end up at a new school calls prison elementary. >> ooh! >> you do get to have some lines at some point in this. right? >> i do, i do.
10:41 am
i was just saying to james, i remember when he came with thas book when it first came out. i thought a couple years ago, but, no. >> a little longer than that, but we're within the -- >> use a sursuperlative, you think this film is the best one yet. >> oh, it is. my promise to anybody. anybody that wants to come, this, you will laugh and you will cry. it's a wonderful, wonderful movie. no movie i've done have people responded the way they do this movie. >> why do you think that is? >> because people want to laugh and we want to cry. >> and we all relate to it. to stars, alexa and -- two movie stars. so this is an awkward time, obviously, for your character. isn't it? >> yes. >> did you have an awkward junior high? you're 16. >> i am 16. i'm a junior in high school now, actually. >> wow. >> but i still remember middle school. middle school was very awkward years for me.
10:42 am
many people and i was always stuck to my pokemon cards. so i kind of kept to myself. they were pretty we're years for me. >> did you play pokemon go? >> oh, all the time. >> you're in that age right now. right? >> yeah, well, i'm in fifth grade right now and haven't gone into middle school, but next year i will. >> not going to go into middle school. >> no. >> but, yes. i feel very prepared, though, from working on this movie! >> you're ready. but this is your film debut. yeah? >> yes. >> how exciting. >> how was the experience for you? >> it experience ever. like, we all became like a family. especially we became like real brother and sister. >> oh! >> like, we were brother and sister without the fighting pup get the -- i'm an only child. >> and go to college some day. >> did you two always want to go into acting? was that your thing? >> i've been acting signs was 7 or 8. never an idea i would be the
10:43 am
would go into acting. she did a play. i said, hey, that looks like fun. i got the lead role. my family thought, maybe there's something here. >> when hollywood sees this movie they're going to be knocking the doors down. they just have to make smart choices now. because it's going to get -- they're so good. >> yeah. >> and take good care. >> we wish you great luck with this film. sounds like it's going to be a home run t. is. it s. here next week with another book. >> perhaps. >> all the best. "middle school: the worst years of my life" hits theaters this friday. from your garden to your garage, reveal how bad your hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye!
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10:49 am
habits are okay and which are no way. >> here to put us to the test, editor and cheer of "hgtv" magazine. >> based and a column running strong five years, the magazine. there are three possible answers. i'll ask you questions about your household habits. you can say, not bad, pretty bad, or really bad. >> okay. >> meaning, really bad is the worst. >> the way we deal with it? >> yeah. advice. >> we get t. okay. >> ready. >> here are the questions. ready? >> yes. go. >> how bad is it to eat your kids' halloween candy without telling them? between or like six or seven, you're going to steal their candy. steal their candy. >> what did you say? really bad? >> very bad? >> really bad. >> why? >> it's not about calories. it's about behavior. >> i get it. >> proving to your children -- >> do you tell your children to steal?
10:50 am
a good example. even if not caught red handed -- they know how much they have. the child experts -- >> it's candy. you're sharing. >> it's not yours. >> it's ours. >> they trust you. you don't want to chip away a trust. >> exactly. >> okay, next. >> ask if e can share. >> next yes. >> okay. >> to put a bird feeder, hang a bird feeder, right outside your window, you know a foot or two right outside your window? >> okay. it's -- >> i can see why people want to, but it's very, very bad. >> it is not bad. this is, why. very surprising. >> it can be noisy. >> a lot of birds crash into windows. they tend to crash leaving the feeder, not landing on it. okay? >> sleeping, out there noise day and night. >> the closer to the window the better, safer it s. for the birds. >> for the birds. for the bird seed. talking about crashing into the window. okay? >> okay. >> all right. nebs one. next one.
10:51 am
didn't use it all. store it in your garage? >> not bad, because there's nowhere else to put it. >> very bad. >> why? >> fumes. i don't know. >> pretty bad. >> all right. you're right. i'll give you that. very bad. it's not really bad. it's pretty bad. >> why? >> i don't think i deserved that, but -- >> it's the middle. >> so why is it pretty bad? >> paint does not like extreme temperatures. it's not going to blow up. gets clumpy, cold in really hod. basement would be good. okay? >> okay. >> seal it properly. >> we're not doing great. >> someone scores, there's a prize. >> oh. >> uh-huh. how bad to wash your dish towels with your clothes? a hint. white dish towels. all right? your dirty white dish towels. >> nod bad. >> hoda is correct. >> why? >> i said very bad. you don't want the fumes in your clothes. >> water and bleach on all dish
10:52 am
use warm or cold water. >> and all the -- >> you're funny. >> very exact. i do my reporting. how bad is it to prune flowering shrubs and trees in the fall? you're out there pruning and raking. >> well, you've got to -- >> i honestly have no idea. >> what should you do right now? it's fall? do you prune? how bad is it? >> it's really bad. >> that's what you said? i >> not the time to do pruning unless you have a dead branch. spring flowering shrubs, you need to do late spring. >> do the tie breaker. >> the tie breaker? >> i just called it. i'm not sure. >> to not weather proof your leather boots. bought a new pair of boots. >> not do it. don't put the spray on it. >> very bad. not once have i been right. >> not do to it. >> very bad. >> very bad not do it. >> you do not have to do it. it is not bad for the leather experts.
10:53 am
63 with no right ones? >> did anyone get any right? >> you got two. no. >> and the go to the break. >> the crown. >> the burger king brown is yourself. congratulations. coming up, our favorite things are next.
10:54 am
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it's breast cancer awareness month, as you know. jennifer miller jewelry comes up with a great bracelet every year that's unique and different. yellow gold plated, seven strands. i'll put it on. >> ooh. i'll model it for you. >> this is for you. >> you're kidding? it's beautiful. >> one for me. one for you. they're great. $95 jennifermillerjewelry c benefits the komen foundation. love t. they're beautiful. >> you know who's here tomorrow? ? let's get physical, physical ? ? you're the one that i want ? >> ooh, olivia newton-john. love her. >> and from the girl on the train -- oh, my gosh. emily blount and the author. oh, my gosh.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. welcome to "access hollywood live." there she is, kim kardashian leaving paris back in the states, jetting out of paris, after being held at gunpoint at her hotel. she landed in new jersey this morning. natalie, this news broke overnight. >> frightening. >> and terrified. >> how scary is this. she's there for fashion week all week long, kim's reps this morning telling us she is badly shaken but physically unharmed, thank goodness. her children north and saint, they are okay, they were not involved in this. >> thank goodness. >> what we know through sources and reports this morning it happened around 2:30 in the morning in paris, five masked


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