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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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>> ron: ask good evening, everyone, welcome to our coverageh election for 2016 and what a night it is shaping up to be, i'm ron steele. >> and i'm amanda goodman. let's get right to it with regards to the campaign. the ap associated press is declaring donald trump won the state of florida, north carolina, won the state of ohio, three must-win battleground states. now here is a live look. this is a shocker, ron, because
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he didn't have a chance no florida, ohio or north carolina. >> and in michigan, the pennsylvania race too close to call where hillary clinton was supposed to have won there by a wide margin so a pretty interesting and shocking result so far. a look at new york city, not a lot going on there right now. a big crowd on hand as you saw at the trump headquarters earlier. kaine's home state obviously, got one in her victory column there. >> amanda: take a look at the popular vote numbers. this is with 55% reporting and again, this is the popular vote. >> the road to 270 is what really matters here tonight so that is the situation.
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donald trump's way, 24% of the iowa totals coming in and hillary clinton, about five points in our -- >> amanda: and low reporting, we're at 24% in iowa. here is a look at the map. donald trump in red and the blue are the states that clinton has won. you may remember back in president obama won the outer edges, the east coast, west coast, and the entire section up the middle was red. >> ron: a lot of people did not give donald trump a chance to win tonight but the franchise americans are speaking loudly who want him to win and what a voice from those who want some
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the sound race, congratulations to charles grassley, he has won a sent term -- seventhterm in , just turned 84 years old. said it was his toughest race, the most money involved, and at his age of 83, a lot of people questioning are you getting too old, he says no, i push-ups, run 5k every day, still go to work. >> amanda: he was very thorough. okay, so let's hook at the house, congressional home races. monica vernon with the lead so
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>> and in this race, dave loebsack declared the win over chris peters. >> and steve king over kim weaver, the incumbent congressman. you can see the reporters all over the area covering the major races >> amanda: and we'll hear from each of them coming up in just a bit. >> ron: taking a look at the first distric area, so you have cedar rapids, the falls, congress gnat district 20, big county. an interesting district, includes the northern portions of our state and pretty much the entire kwwl viewing area. >> let's take a look at
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monica vernon 16% lead over rod blum. >> ron: and this is an important county for her to take, a major population area here, throw in dubuque and cedar rapids and those are the two metros she would have to win. that is one she really needs to win and then here is her >> let's go live to dubuque. >> reporter: good evening we're here at the best western hotel and we haven't seen rod blum yet but more than a hundred people here awaiting him anxiously. we will give you a look at what is going on right now. it has been a fairly festive
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crucial, people very happy and in good spirits with this tight race, the congressman as well. we expect to see him within the next hour and will have his speech and coverage of him coming up tonight. i will be live tweeting everything from here but for now, back to you in the studio, brad hanson, kw >> amanda: let's go to monica vernon's watch party in cedar rapids with kristin. >> reporter: this is where monica vernon supporters are gathering for the watch party.
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come in, cheering for hillary clinton. one of them hoping for both hillary clinton and monica vernon. now, monica vernon has not yet arrived here, many awaiting her arrival to see what she has to say. kristin rogers, news 7, kwwl. >> ron: thanks very much. that is an right there. >> amanda: what is interesting is as a reporters, we're on our phones and ipads all night because things are changing rather quickly. >> we want to put the senate race in district 30 up on the screen. jeff danielson in an early lead over his republican challenger
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trying to meet as many people as possible. >> and craig johnson has a 10% lead over brian schoenjahn but just 5% reporting at this time. >> ron: here is a look at the incumbent liz mathis. >> amanda: and in district 48, dan zumbach over scott peterson and brian cook. >> in district 50, pam jochum
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earlier with -- >> very interesting, tpobgzed on the grandfather. >> ron: and these numbers are coming in and we will have them as soon as we can on there is another incumbent, the democrat gary krog rogers. >> amanda: and that is just 62% reporting. >> ron: ras smith the leader in the race.
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sandy salmon with the lead. >> amanda: they are having a watch party in cedar falls and this is where we find jerry gal tkpwer. jerry? >> reporter: the, excitement is rising and a huge roar a couple of minutes ago when it was announced that trump had got there is a lot of handshaking and backslapping, you call this a victory party? >> well, still too early to say that, it isn't over before it is over but as a football player, yeah, it is exciting but we're also focused in on the local races. let's get as many of those folks
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>> reporter: speaking of local folks, i heard statement about a little nervousness. >> well, is lidly like to get the incumbents back moines and get to work. >> reporter: what could they do in des moines? >> well, i think one of the big things just from a county chair standpoint that we would want to take a close look at is how to handle same-day voter registration. it is a complex, archaic interpretation system and we would like to make sure we are protecting the integrity of the vote.
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control, a few things on the social side as well. >> reporter: okay, scott atkins joining us, thank you. everybody was seated when the news came in about chuck grassily and he took the podium. at that point, the crowd got as loud as anything and everybody stood up in unison as he spoke to accept his 7th term. jerry gallagher, news 7, kwwl. >> ron: thank you, jerry. so great to hear him speak of his wife of over 60 years, a a very large family, his children, his grandsons. fan taflt tick to hear him talk about his wife the way he does. >> amanda: and if you can
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showing senator jazzili's win. front row and center for the big acceptance winning speech, macleod hageman. >> reporter: no more anxiety, i can barely hear myself think or talk right now, extremely loud in here, jut having a good time, some in tears. look at this over here, just truly excited. reporting a republican reaction, all of them sharing the excitement with the media and people coming together to share the excitement right here. all that anxiety, a really good time for everyone here and senator grassley saying he is
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work. >> they saw me work three jobs to support my family. they saw me enter a race for the congress. they saw me launch a senate campaign against all odds 36 years ago. here we are still working for the people of iowa for those 36 years >> reporter: the republican watch party, much more applause than boos tonight a as some of these results come again as i said. a truly, siting time to be a reporter, history in the making
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>> we have had him on many times from the university of iowa and what do you think he is thinking right now? >> well, getting right to it, is this shocking the way the presidential race is unfolding right now, donald trump with big wins in ohio, north carolina and florida? >> it is shocking certainly in terms of the pace at which this has all happened. coming into tonight, ms forecasting models had hillary clinton winning a lot of these battleground states or at least with polls being close and some speculation that good organization, a good ground game as hillary clinton has had the whole campaign cycle would take her over the top and in some of these races, the polls closed very early so there was some speculation that hillary clinton
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carolina and virginia and close out the night. now trump winning north carolina, florida and ohio, for hillary clinton, it becomes a more difficult path. she won virginia. if she wins pennsylvania and michigan, then we go by what the polls have said, that puts the race at perhaps 279-259 in clinton's favor but based on the notion that the polls coming into tonight are right in the it is absolutely surprising that we are where we are at this point in the night because a lot of people fell strong organization would help clinton in choose close battleground states. >> ron: so it is early on here tonight but what has to happen for trump to continue the momentum and win the presidency which would be, in the mind of so many people, quite a shock?
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and michigan. ohio will be a focus, idaho, new hampshire. some of those polls don't close till later on or they just closed at 9:00 and it is going to be a little longer in the night for the rest of the vote. projections that hillary clinton had those electorate votes wrapped up and that remains to be seen at this point. >> ron: thank you very much. i was watching some of the photographs on twitter, some
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phrased it. >> amanda: it is interesting, if you have a twitter account, it is sheer panic over what has transpired here tonight, and it is not over, we have a long way to go but they weren't expecting donald trump to win north carolina and ohio. >> ron: and as the races begin to unfold, we have early results from the county auditor's office and will put those online on as quickly as they come to us. you may not see them on air here but it is online as soon as they come in. >> amanda: 270 is the if i
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magic number. nbc has not called florida but once they do, those numbers will change. still up in the air but a very close race in michigan. >> and i haven't seen what happened in michigan but he led in april, he won in ohio, hooked like he was very close, and even pennsylvania is still now too close to call. so those are some ry the last couple of hours and of course clinton winning california, they are barely open out there. i mean, they just closed the polls a few minutes ago and have her projected as a winner. a lot of interesting things going on in addition to our local races. so let's go back to a number of
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first of all. >> amanda: donald trump with 63% voting, that is you, me, everyone voting, the popular vote. >> ron: now we are not members of the electoral college, 216 for trump, hillary clinton with 87. here are the iowa totals, a very close race. the register policy h out by about 7 points, one-third
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all about. ec political commercials -- no more anxiety. all those negative thoughts -- excitement. even though i'm here to report
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polling or surveyed people as
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florida which would be huge. what do you think? >> reporter: well, i think there is a little hesitation on a lot of folks to make these projections after a the 2010 experience. looking at surveys, past voting, any model or simulation built in, it is a complicated process and the last thing you want we saw happen in 2005. we know how important florida is for both campaigns similarly now that you have north carolina going to trump and this is a very anxious electorate. a lot of people were very excited, very anxious and the last thing you want to do is make a bad projection >> ron: and the last thing
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have any hanging chads, right? [laughter] >> reporter: yes, that is right. >> amanda: donald trump with a tiny lead in michigan and how important is that? >> reporter: well, as i said, i think michigan will be the focus of both campaigns right now. hillary clinton won pennsylvania, michigan still very much a focus of both cagn just the clinton campaign, perhaps more anxiety now that they are looking at michigan as one that has not been called yet and that they are absolutely dependent upon. coming into tonight, there were some states her campaign could afford to lose and i don't think they were expecting to be so heavily focused on michigan. >> ron: okay, thank you, we
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a couple of minutes. another local race, house district 59, we'll get to that in a moment but starting with this one, mike breitbach, a pretty sizeable lead over his challengers january heikes and troy hageman. >> amanda: and jeff da over the republican. >> ron: and craig johnson and brian schoenjahn, a veteran, in the early going, trailing the republican challenger. a very hotly-contested race, a lot of money put into that at the local level, the likes of which i had not seen in this
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interesting campaign ads, attack ads is the nicest way to put it, attacking each other. >> amanda: let's keep it going right now and look at the next board. i believe this is district 48, scott peterson. >> ron: going to the fourth district, steve king will win the reelection over his challenger kim weaver, a republican i had on my show many times, an interesting, colorful character because you never know exactly what steve king is going to say. a great interview guest and a tough man to beat because he is definitely in the red district
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going, chuck grassley won. >> ron: drew speer over nick taiber an incumbent. >> amanda: a lot of people talking about this one. a 4% lead for gary kroger at this point in district 60. >> now, remember this is house district 62 which was occupied for a number of years by deborah berry and then decided to retire
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we have obadal and smith challenging for the race. >> amanda: and moving on to the next thing, 10% reporting up for the house. >> ron: tony thompson will win reelection. i haven't heard about tama county but the long-term pu challenged by ellenbecker and how about that with 28% coming in? >> amanda: and the race tied. nbc news is reporting the iowa race for president is so razor thin despite their assumption that it was going to be a takeaway and i can tell you right now, they are looking at
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so while people say your vote didn't matter, it is a 3000 vote -- or 3300? there it is, 30,000. that was hard to read. snow i am looking over at the monitor going where does it say that? >> amanda: big takeaways right now. nbc news has not yet declared trump the w >> such an important thing for the state but how many of these it news houses are using extreme judgment tonight not to jump the gun and turns out to be not true so be very careful and as chris tin pointed out, the hanging chad situation with bush, don't want a repeat of that.
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still no new president of the united states so we will be working for you here throughout it is 11:30 in the east. as we look at democracy plaza, nbc news projecting that donald trump is the apparent winner in florida. donald trump the apparent winner in he appears to be winning it, 29 electoral votes. let's show you the vote count right now. as it stands, 49% trump, 48% clinton. that's the vote, current vote count, 96% of the vote in, in florida. we also want to tell you that utah, we're getting a call on utah, the state of utah, the projected winner is donald trump


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