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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 30, 2016 3:00am-4:01am CST

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giving tay. >> see you for wines day wednesday! my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just tryin my job is not just to entertain but to teach and educate you so call me at 1800-743 -cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. where the dow gained 24 points, nasdaq climbing .12%. we have to talk about the lack of memory on wall street. there's almost a whole generation of young money managers who only had bank intervention as a positive for the stock market. let's call them the quantitative easing generation.
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by keeping interest rates down the federal reserve, along with other central banks, made all sorts of stocks more compelling than they should be. so for those folks that means the oxygen will get sucked out of the casino and we will all suffocate in our stocks. i get this argument. look, if you've been buying dividend stocks, getting better yield than you might find on the bond market then you are indeed losing your principle prop here in the tail wind. tail wind that allowed the stocks to generate excellent perform thence with bonds offering stingy returns dividend stocks became very attractive. not going away yet. and that's not the only problem we will be losing. with rates low, companies can borrow plan to buy back huge amounts of stock. they buy their own stock back. they crunch it. that in turn reduces the adviser in earnings per share. which is the share cap. that's the deviser. giving you bigger gains than you
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stock creating fast earn stocks than by say investing that money in order to grow their sales. thesis be investors are thrilled with higher earnings per share and they don't care how they got there. in many cases these buy backs have had the effect of sopping up excess supply of stock. so when stocks have run as they have lately there just isn't as much stock for sale as you might expect. low rates can have a direct relationship to this kind of stock shortage phenomena. that's my own term. i'm going to see it happ finally cheap money is giving companies ability to borrow by other companies. take over boom has been endless. extraordinary and you have to believe that if you take way the cheap capital, that comes from central banks keeping rates low, this boom will end. and with it, it will take a lot of the upside. that's an awful lot of good things to give up. make month mistake, we are giving them up when the feds tight in earnest. it is easy to see how the whole
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back stocks so companies can have large earning and huge takeover bids. sheer what bothers me people. here is what bothers me about that whole thesis, and it is a bear thesis, i've been around for ages and i've seen the market make big moves higher, raising rates. sure we've seen a ton of selling going on when rates get too high and see that market acts better when rates are being clobbered than when they are rising. still i want to turn the whole big bank thesis right on its head. many people believe that the monster move stocks is fueled in large part by central banks. you're wrong. and they stayed away from stocks because they viewed the rally as artificial, they didn't trust it. for half dozen years investors have had one foot out the door because of the constant drum beat that fed is going to titan.
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and grown to the point frankly where you can't even call it sideline any more. it left the darn stadium because all it ever heard was that any minute now, some fed head would pull the rug out from under the market. in other words, we've been afraid of higher rates for six years. and that fright coupled with the worries in washington has made stocks an untenable investment class for a vast number of people in this country. the latter is an important point to consider. we say we favor the gridlock. when the government has nothing to do with wall street. i think is a false rap. i've been thinking about this. i'm beginning to believe that what investors really feared was a democratic president trying to do something that could hurt the prospects of companies. by favoring labor or the
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what if the we love gridlock was code, code for president obama not to be able to, so he couldn't knock the stock market down. or create rules that favored labor more than capital. maybe that was the code of gridlock. so because of gridlock, nothing could get done. and therefore the federal reserve had to step up to the plate in a way that many investors viewed and still view as frightening. i k i think it's based on the presumption that the gridlock has finally been busted and busted in way that's positive for the investing class. for sent ary the republicans have within the party of business and democrats the party of labor. whatever your political opinions the stock market prefers a government that favors business. i think trump is perceived as man who wants you to have more money in your pocket no matter how wealthy you are.
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or buying real estate or yes, owning stocks. if that's the case, and money comes into stocks from bond because people are less afraid that washington will hurt the portfolios with the debt ceiling crisis or tax stalemate that leads to shut down or some material treasury ruling like what happened when pfizer tried to buy alergen then owning stocks get removed. you want to own stocks because the government can get things done and the new president wants to push for lower taxes for massive tax repatriationnd gigantic building projects that will stimulate the economy. some may prefer the fed keeping interest rates lower. keep a bid under the stocks with 3% yield. but let's be honest with ourselves. most stocks don't even yield that much. there's a whole cohort of other companies that thrive, not intermittently, but a regular basis. sustained basis. not pumped by the fed. it is natural that some of that extra money in your pocket will end up in the stock market. and if it does there won't be
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given all these developments, i think it's almost silly it fear the fed boogie man at least in the initial tightening rounds. right now every time some fed governor or president speaks it's a news event because we're afraid it's the oxygen coming out of the room. what if the fed wasn't the only source of oxygen. low rates are like being on a respirator. suppose economy could breath on its own. especially since growth may restore the luster of stocks as they are back by higher earnings from increased sales, not from buy backs. or lack of bond competition. this is the logic powering this economy right now. whether you love or hate trump, he wants it cut regulation that hurts earnings. he wants it put more money in your pocket that ends up in the stock market and build things that increase earners for equipment leading to more people working at higher paying jobs. that's what he says he wants to do.
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he may post tweets that hurt stocks and crimp growth. but let's face it, he wants it bust gridlock in way that means the fed will no longer need to artificially boost the economy in the stock market. he wants to create deals that mean more wealth for the country which he now regards as a surrogate for himself. here is the bottom line. this rally is as much about the don't fret the fed's departure as it is about trump. and that's why you miss it if all you care about is the en the fed is no longer just in the driver's seat. trump's growth agenda is too, at least for now. brian, my home state of pennsylvania. brian? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. call i wanted know your thoughts on big lots. could that beat earnings by friday? >> that is not a high quality retailer like i like. i can't get behind it.
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i like that segment of the oil price market more than big looks. michael in california. michael? >> caller: hey, jim. michael from california. boo-yah, how are you? >> good, how about you? >> caller: i'm doing well, thanks for asking. i happened to buy michael kors stock in '60s. currently trading right around $47, $48. current cost basis around $53. my question to you is, do you think this with the retailers having a strong quarter and strength of the consumer having more discretionary income, do you think that's going to be a positive catalyst for this stock moving forward? >> i'm not crazy about that handbag business. not crazy about accessories. very up and down. i think you ought to use strength to exit, not to enter. george in california. george? >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> good, george, how about you? >> caller: i'm doing great, thanks. thanks for taking my call. >> mm-hm.
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transport services group and i would like your opinion given amazon is partnering to help deliver their goods. >> you know, i prefer fedex. i really do. i prefer ups too. i like both of those more than yours. i understand you got a little dollar amount going there. but to me, fedex is the best. all right, by the way, amazon is great. the fed is no longer the only focus. if you're overly concerned with the withdraw of the central bank, i think you would be in more mad tonight. 8.9 million households in this u.s. own an rv. how can you make money from the trend? dho earnings to see if it's king of the road. and it happened to citigroup, panera group, hasboro, why this could hurt your money-making building. and one of the largest real estate properties at theme parks, schools and mega plexes across the country, with the potential rate hike cut
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company can continue to break new ground. so stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to why are you checking your credit score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score.
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stocks simply don't know when to quit. look at thor industries. number one maker of recreational vehicles. up more than is it% in the wake what makes it so impressive is that thor has been on fire all year. if today's epic movement is up roughly 82% for 2016 not to mention 20% gain since we last booked two months guy. this makes me wonder how can analyst keep missing this one? are they not the kind of people who drive rvs? thor delivered 26 cent earnings beat off $1.23, up more than 65% year over year and the company's
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homes. can thor keep flying? let's check in with the president and ceo of the trade show in louisville, kentucky. mr. martin, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks so much, jim. glad to be back. >> all right, bob, i find myself wondering, how analysts do not see the kind of earnings power that you have and continue to why is it? do you think it is just because they don't have one or ride one? is that just kind of a bias or something? >> no, you know, i'm not really sure. analyst and everybody look at the market. it's a cyclical market so they never know when the cycle is coming or not. we've been on an upward swing the last few years. and for us, we just feel that
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upward for many more years and a lot of it is these entry level travel trailers, final wheels, less expensive motor homes selling to a younger customer and that's what gives us the confidence to really feel that we're on a positive ride. >> let's go over that because i think in your presentation which is really brilliant, you talk about leisure travels, such as camping, continues to be popular. favorable demographics. new applications. broader usage. all these sound like, including connected with the cyclical economy at all. >> exactly. and we feel the same way. you look at the ups and downs of the rv industry and they are macro to, you know, macro event and linked to gas and things such as that over the years. for us, getting younger buyers at an earlier age helps the
3:17 am
camping they typically don't stop. they trade into another unit, typically a larger unit. for us, that's great news for the long-term rv industry as a whole. >> let's go into that younger demo. one of the things i find really fascinating is the increasing diversity among that younger demo. this is not your father's motorhome. >> yeah, no, for us they are less expensive. they are a little bit more sleek. they've got a cool look that has more electronics and they are very affordable. you can buy a motorhome for $75 to $100,000. to many, that's the price of a large luxury suv. when you put it that way to customers it makes sense they can afford that. they can use it for more than just camping.
3:18 am
kids baseball games. tailgating. people are finding more ways to use their rv which all of those things are good for us. >> i want to go back to that idea of camping. one of the smart people working on our team show why more women are rejecting black friday in favor of campsgiving. this again that same secular theme, right? [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah. definitely. en you know, still a great time of the year that they can go out and enjoy the outdoors with an rv it is a little bit different than even a with boat because you extend the season. there are some things in our camp that are doing well for us. >> is there a way to have more camp ground places where we could stay that are brilliant? i mention this because a bunch of us are thinking about renting
3:19 am
and we were trying to find if there were luxury places around the country we could stay. there are some but not as many as we thought. what can you do about that? >> there are some but the camp ground association, they are conscious of that and they are continually looking at how they can upgrade camp ground. we fortunate we have a wide array with the national park system. they can be very basic. but there are some luxury camp grounds that have very nice but it's something that there aren't as many. more campers are simply basic sites. people that want to sit outside with a campfire and really enjoy the outdoors. i've stayed at a very nice one down the smoky mountains, so i know that there are several out there, but you may see that growing popularity just as, you know, younger people getting more involved. >> all right. one last question.
3:20 am
things in america. has he been over to see any of your fantastic factories? have you been in touch with him at all during the campaign? >> we have not. this is something that obviously governor pence is from indiana and he has been to several factories in our area, and he actually was at the ribbon cutting of one of our facilities. so they're known entity and we make take that opportunity in the future. >> all right. thanks so much, bob martin, president ceo of thor industries. congratulations on a great quarter, sir. fantastic. >> thank you, jim. >> that's bob martin from thor, t-h-o. stock is not done going higher. it's got room. "mad money" back after the break. >> coming up, epr properties owns theme parks to movie theaters. does epr expect a blockbuster year ahead?
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in this business, few things are more rewarding than taking a stock recommendation off the table after an enormous run. we just had one of those runs, and can you hear the analyst taking the victory laps with their down grades every single day. sim will down grades, yesterday and today, both large and small. what is the point of them? sure these analysts might have liked them a few weeks ago and that's terrific. about 14% gain. but the problem is, how do you get back in after you've downgraded? do these guys think a citi or key both having great runs, are
3:24 am
do they think stocks will fall 10% from here and upgrade them again? there are other times we have experienced huge compressed rallies like the one in the banks stocks since the election. and you know what? you had to switch your kind of discipline midstream. rather than sell the rips, let our gains ride. you have to say these levels be blown through and we have blown through a ton of levels. they are going to last. these moves are not going to be repealed on mass because we've people. the president is pro growth and will cut deals to make that growth work. that's what market's saying. this is a new environment, everybody. as opposed to the toxic gridlock situation we've had over the last six years where every spending bill and debt limit became an opportunity to shut down the government, he had to do our best to anticipate issues in washington and sell stocks only to buy them back once the situation was resolved. there are very few times where it was worth the pain.
3:25 am
>> of watching the disarray in washington as obama and the republican congress locked horns and got nothing done. regardless of your political persuasion, we have to know that one party rule gets more done and the growth of the economy isn't by government shut downs. in this scenario, not business as usual, everybody. it's about being disciplined enough to stick around for a bigger pay off than we've had. not about getting 44 to $57 move from citi. it is about good getting to 70. it is about through 120 or 160 or ibm to 200. those are all big moves from here. you need to know this cuts both ways. sometimes it is important to know when to trade and sell stock ahead of the big bad event. some go right back in. yeah, right back after you left. sometimes it is important to be ready for a giant sell off. and sometimes you need to keep
3:26 am
that's what they call in business and hardest discipline is to not sell, sell, sell, sell. right now to the end of the year you have to have moments where you keep hard to keep your positions on, not to sell. simply because they've gone up. that doesn't mean you shouldn't take profits of less deserving merchandise or stocks that have gotten way ahead of themselves that might be pure commodity. let me get to the bottom line, i'm saying the hardest course may to be the stay the course ra to stick around. especially when taxes may be lower for stocks in 2017 courtesy of trump's pro capital policies. it might have been the exact opposite under hillary clinton and that's why you need the courage to let your gains ride. yes, this is a different sort of discipline. but it's a discipline nonetheless. to clay in california. clay? >> caller: good afternoon, jim. i want to thank you for all you do.
3:27 am
most importantly you provide helpful valuable information for our financial well-being. >> thank you. >> caller: thank you for that. >> thank you. i appreciate that. thank you so much. >> caller: my stock is boeing. last month i woke up early on earnings elite day and stock was down $it. i started to to panic and said wait, listen to what jim says. listen to the conference call. listened to the conference call and stock finished up $7. important to what you say about conference call. i'm looking at boeing now. i love the cycle they're in. a lot of older planes out there. defense is improving. they've got to execute on 787. what's your take on boeing? >> i think boeing is 10,000 plane owns order. they've got the right planes. some bigger ones are winding down. i think boeing should be held. sat out to rally last couple years.
3:28 am
thank you for the nice words. devon in missouri. devon? >> caller: i'm considering buying u.s. concrete. do you think the residential and nonresidential cycle can continue doing well in spite of rising interest rates? >> i do. by i prefer martin marietta materials. i know is a $200 stock you you may be reluctant to do it but that's a better situation. i have much more conviction and management there. stephanie in ohio. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hey, steph. >> caller: i'm calling about duke energy. we've been consistently losing money on duke energy until yesterday. and i want to know, do i sell it or keep it? >> no, no, you're in for 4.5% yield. true that could be headed higher but i'm not telling anyone to sell duke energy now. particularly in an environment where the epa may be denuded. these are interest rate sensitive.
3:29 am
all right, this one trumps all. even the trump rally. hardest course may be to the stay the course and hold on to stocks that could have more room to run after an already fantastic gain. watch more "mad money" ahead, including my interview with a big winner for us. as millennials choose to spend money on experiences rather than things. >>ev med tech play is introducing a new treatment that could help patients recover when i turn in tonight's homework. and rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. tomorrow, kick off the trading day with squawk on the street.
3:30 am
>> may you never ever go shopping with me because it may be like a twilight zone experience. >> good for you. >> it could be like "the walking dead." like you walk in and like -- >> i have to admit, we are curious about the whole thing. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m.
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ever since interest rates started climbing over the summer, the bond market
3:33 am
entertainment recreation and education properties from movie theaters to retail centers, golf complexes, ski parks, casinos and charter schools. at the beginning of the month epr reported a solid quarter. the company announced it is selling out $700 million to beef up the recreational site of the portfolio. what has people worried is that some form will be in stock. is expected could create a serious overhang, given that the epr has $4.5 billion market cap. how do they spend money? buying the north star california ski resort near lake tahoe with 15 amusement parks and entertainment centers for $456 million and offering $244 million in debt financing to oxif real estate in order to get their hands on 14 ski properties. they are winding itself down but
3:34 am
jumbo mortgage to buy the properties they didn't like. they like the high quality assets to help boost their exposure to the experienced economy but the reaction on wall street is mixed because shareholders don't like solution. it is confusing. we have to find out more about it. i like the 4.5% yield. you have to remember that rates are rising. stocks are less attractive. what do we do with a company like this one that's been such a win over a long period of time? greg silvers, president and ceo of epr properties. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it is hard one. it's hard because the assets are terrific. but the stock is a huge chunk of stock and the company you're buying it from is in liquidation mode. presumably that stock will hit the market and your company doesn't have like a big buy back or anything.
3:35 am
what happens when that stock hits? >> remember that we're actually issuing a stock to cnl and they have an obligation to transfer it down to their retail holders. we have a strong relief that these retail holders this will become part of their portfolio to the extent that we need to consider if there is some kind of overhang we're going to consider that with our board. do we need to institute some sort of buy back. but this is a highly creative transaction that will drive our growth even this transaction is basis. very strong. we have structured this very well. we were very disciplined in our approach and we think this will be a positive for the share holders that stay with us and future shareholders. >> who do you -- do you think they will understand it? >> we hope so. we're going to spend time. we got out an investor deck that explains our thesis for doing this. why we like these assets. also about our company so they can understand that we've, you know, we've got 14% total
3:36 am
compound average return over our life span of 18 years. so this is a good stock to hold for retail shareholders. we think it's a strong with a monthly dividend should be part of anyone's portfolio. we think we've got a real good chance at keeping a substantial amount of these. >> how about the deal with oxif? that is not necessarily something i've seen you do before. but maybe over some point you did it? >> for us, it was about we made a decision in terms of controlling our exposure to ski. we want to keep that at about 10%. to do that including the value of the mortgage our ski portfolio is about 10% but it allows us to create that extra level of credit. we have 3.5 to 4 times coverage ratio on this so we took an asset that has volatility and strengthen the credit behind it and created more cushion so we think this is a far superior transaction.
3:37 am
more toward experiences, something you understand better than anyone. >> yes. as you look across our portfolio, this makes us kind of the premier player in the recreational space, doubling down on that experience economy whether that's our entertainment or recreation and we feel as you say, we understand that demographic group and what are the drivers of that and we've been very successful with that. >> new administration coming in. secretary of education, has to help your charter school business. >> i think we would believe that with 3 million kids in charter schools we were a little bit past political but these are tail wind. when you talk about her sponsor ship and her belief in school choice, whether that be on charter school or school we like that situation very much. >> how about the casino situation? >> we are under construction and on plan and no doubt the new
3:38 am
situation. but again we're looking at the progress continues and in fact we're probably a little bit ahead of progress. >> let's go back to cnl. what is the actual timeframe? they have said that they are going to liquidate. is that over series of guys, weeks, months with be years? what is the period? >> the period will be, they are going tore shareholder vote and filed shortly at a proxy to vote. and again we didn't buy everythi they will continue to liquidate and we think end of first quarter and end of second quarter and we vote. >> there is time for everybody to understand. >> absolutely. >> and how is top golf doing? >> continues to do incredible with every opening they continue to set new records. so again we are actually getting closer to you. we had a recent opening in mount laurel. >> oh, sure. all right. >> so as we move closer to the east coast people will
3:39 am
but it is done phenomenally well. >> and we have disney, you mentioned it in your call, we do have a big problem in the sense of for star wars but the 2017 slate looks good. >> 2017 slate looks good. i would say 16 we were worried but the star wars, but we're coming into the holiday season up about 3 to 4%. so we will finish positive for the year coming off after record year -- >> that is surprising. that was just an incredible year last year. l i want everyone to understand. there might be a dip in the stock. we know that. you're very candid about everything that can happen. i really thank you. that's greg silvers, president and ceo of epr properties, a big win for us. but i want to you do your homework. i love the monthly dividend but there might be a better time to by. just have to put it out there.
3:40 am
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3:43 am
it is time. time for lightning round. are you ready? time for lightning round starting with susan in washington. susan? nation's capitol. >> nice. >> caller: my question, i'm looking for utility stock and i saw alliant energy. >> oh come on. we follow closely here, let's go with american electric power, aep. that's what you want. to mike in wisconsin. mike? >> caller: jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i watched the game last night.
3:44 am
carson wentz will be a pro bowl quarterback. >> yeah, just a bad night. congratulations to wisconsin. >> caller: hall of fame some day. >> but i was bummed. all right, we got to go ahead. i'm trying not to dwell on it. good ahead. >> caller: i know. but i go back to sue herera originally on fsn and they told me to save her day job. >> all right. what stock? >> caller: i'm looking at insys. >> you are so spectacular for that. too speculative for me but i appreciate the kind sentiment. so elijah. >> caller: so going to -- >> no, even though trump likes that call, too hard for me. >> caller: thanks for taking my
3:45 am
>> doing my best. >> caller: my he question is about zbh. >> oh, i like it. we have this new guy, head of health and human service, secretary price. but i will tell you this, the quarter was not a good one and ways looking for a good quarter. i would own it and if it gets back higher you might have to trip p.m. i did miss that one. i thought the quarter would be better. to vincent in new york. brooklyn. amgen? >> hold on to it. frank in new york? frank? >> caller: kkr. >> i think the stock is doing better. they have the opportunity to get out of stocks. i like kkr. to maria mr. washington. maria? >> caller: hi, jim. thank you for taking my call. >> of course.
3:46 am
pi. >> yeah, we like that. we like that. i got to tell you, so many stocks are down so low, i'm looking at splunkator which is good. i do prefer nvidia. i'm sticking with that one. bob in louisiana. bob? >> caller: hello, jim. >> bob. >> caller: merging with chemicals -- >> oh europeans will hold that deal up forever because it involves merging sea companies. if they walked away the stock would go higher. i didn't always think that. but travel trust owns it. we will have a resolution. i would own the stock. to ken in florida. ken? call first-time caller from miami. love your show, jim. trust your advice even if you were to tell me 5 and 6 is better than 7 and 4. took a schnitzel at 76 for main holding of hika but keeps going up. what do you think? >> boy, everyone has my number
3:47 am
those are the guys from the front office. i think you're in good shape with that. one more? to mike in new york. mike? >> caller: now with commodities, what's the play? long or short? >> which one? >> caller: wazel. >> they rang opening bell this morning. stock doubled. i don't want to deal with a stock that already doubled. one more. clark in california. clark? >> caller: boo-yah, professor cramer. >> boo-yah. which one? >> caller: just saying greetings from sacramento. >> oh, i love sacramento. sacto as we call it. what's up? >> caller: i own a stock i would like to love. but it seems to be a charter for short sellers. what is your long-term take on oled, universal display corps.
3:48 am
that. you're absolutely right. huge target for short-sellers. think it is a battle royale. i don't like battle grounds. i say stay away. but i do come down just like you are. like that, ladies and gentlemen, that is the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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?? as much as i may act like a know it all, the truth is, nobody knows everything. whenever i get a question about a company i don't know well enough to give you a good answer, i always put it on my list, do additional research and get back to you with a reasonable response. that's part of my mission to make you a better investor. with that in mind let's do some homework. on october 26, ike in new york called about tetritek, tetk, which i hadn't looked like in a long time. i said i needed to do more work on it. they are a provider of consulting and engineering for companies and governments tackling complex items like water, government, energy,
3:51 am
management. they don't actually build anything, instead they do all the things you need before you can start building. assessment and planning, modeling, surveying, mapping, laboratory services and civil engineering. if you build a dam or reservoir say for example or maybe a wind power station or water treatment plant, tetri helps you get your project off the ground. this company has made a series of acquisitions that helped expand overseas, as well as more exposure to customers like the epa. tetritek has become a play on the rise of regulation worldwide not just here in america. as governments around the globe make more rules, companies that built these need to spend more on consultants to make sure they don't run a foul on regulators. where do i come down on tetritek? i think it fills an interesting niche. i have two concerns. first i worry the upside is baked in because the stock has run up 65% year to date and
3:52 am
all-time high. even as it is only trading around 19 times earnings which isn't particularly expensive. other fear is on point. this may not be the best way it play the trump administration. sure they might benefit from trillions in infraspending over the next decade but we know trump is a believer in deregular racing especially when it comes to the environment possible they could tap down for demand for some of tetri services. especially because they get a quarter of its sales from the i think the future is too murky to own tetritek. if you own it, caching, caching. at least until it pull beaks it lower levels. next up, when christopher in colorado asked me nevsun resources. simple nsu. i wanted to do some digging before i got back it him. tiny mining company. $3 and change stock. specializes in copper, gold,
3:53 am
they have two mines. one in development in serbia and another operational. this past year nevsun is diversifying from copper, getting more exposure from zinc and precious metals. they had a rough time since 2011. they have gone up more than half its value but is on the mend since it bottomed in january. they have a pristine balance sheet. over $200 million in cash and impressive production growth. plus for any attractive take over opportunity they could use the growth rate. meanwhile, it's paying. terrific 5.1% dividend. my verdict, nevsun performs well when the economy is spanning. rising prices are very good. however i am concerned that many people own nevsun for 5% plus yield which is less attractive as interest rates rise. i don't dislike them. i think can you do better.
3:54 am
sources for other metals. but it's been good. next, on november 11, collin of south carolina, totally stumped me. he asked me about pen. i said i need to familiarize myself before giving an answer. pen is a small cap medical device makers focused on neuro devices, think aneurysms and stroke victims. for example when it comes to stroke the product allows invasive procedures to remove blood clots that might block the patient's circulation. this business has been on fire. the way this quarter the company's neuro vascular division grew at 31% clip. the number has peripheral vascular business where devices remove blood clots and remove blood flow in areas of the body other than the brain. in the latest group, grew by more than 40%.
3:55 am
since it became public 14 months ago. they beat expectations. stock is far from cheap. but the business is growing like a weed. one problem, whole medical device cohort went out of style on the washington fashion show. as other stocks became investable now that we get a new president who doesn't want to put the pharma industry in its crosshairs. so be patient and wait for a pull back before pulling the trigger. however with congressman tom e, appointed secretary of health and human services, i think there's a lot of opportunity. i like the stock. finally last year, i was asked about advansix with capital s. i needed to coroner homework. honeywell spun off the resins as a separate company. and the spin off happened at the
3:56 am
as independent enterprise, leading manufacturers of nylon six. here's the thing. honeywell has been trimming its portfolio to high margin businesses. advansix is neither. which is why it was spun off. increasing competition for the chinese. i think these guys have their work cut out for them. i like honeywell a great deal and i think its value enhanced by the spin off of advansix. stick with honeywell. though with cramer fave, dave cody, retiring from ceo job soon we have to stay focused to honeywell through the transition. if you got some because you own honeywell, my suggestion is take this opportunity to sell something in the strength. and congratulations for making some very good money by holding on. homework complete.
3:57 am
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there's a bull market somewhere. i will find it just for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. the embers are burning as fewer sweeps through the smokey mountain, dozens burn to the ground, three died in the dolly part's dollywood, what brought down a brazilian plane that brought down almost every player of a brazilian soccer team. more about president-elect trump's denner with mitt romney. >> i had a wonderful dinner with president-elect trump.


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