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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> breaking news at 11:00 o'clock from international airport. a shuttle bus catches fire and burns shutting down the rivals road. this is the pay less car rental shuttle that caught fire near the terminal's d and e baggage claim. no one was injured but the mess did complicate things for arriving passengers tonight. at this hour rivals road has reopened and things are getting back to normal at the airport. also, breaking right now, a shark tack forces a delaware
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beach to delay its opening tomorrow. this happen at cape hen low penn state park authorities say a 1684 old boy was swimming he was bitten on the arm by shark this afternoon the teen used his other arm to break free. he was then taken to hospital and interested for gashes on his forearm. >> also tonight, flash flooding. drivers stranded when fast rising waters overwhelmed some roads. even trapping this van in montgomery county. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> we have team three coverage top night's flooding we'll begin with meteorologist kathy orr busy tracking this run of unsettled weather we've been seeing kathy. >> it was wild afternoon as a flood advisory turned into a flood warning. weak boundary set and late this afternoon focus mechanism for showers and thunderstorms and some heavy downpours right through montgomery and northern parts of philadelphia county and it blew up creating significant flooding through the region as these storms were very slow to move out. they lingered over the same area
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for a couple of hours dumping buckets of rain careen 88ing sense. that flood warning continues until midnight we still have road closures as a result and our streams and creeks will be running high through the overnight. take a look at some of these rain amounts right in that warning area in ambler, 2.84-inches of rain recorded by a spotter an official spotter right in that area when we saw the nash flooding happened in a very short period of time creating the significant flooding. chester springs about inch and a half. over an inch of trenton. an inch in delran and royersford shy of an inch of rain. tomorrow shot tee showers flaring up. potential for more heavy downpours in the afternoon. isolated flooding. we'll talk much more about oppressive heat and humidity and the best chance of seeing some heavy storms this week. for now jess we'll send it back to you. >> heavy rains led to flooding in parts of montgomery county
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elizabeth hur got close up look at the mess she's life in cheltenham township. liz? >> reporter: jessica, we chose this location just hours ago because we were standing in front of road closed signs due to flooding, and the source of that flooding was what you see behind me here, at a cooney creek that looked like a raging river as you can see it has calmed down quite a bit. from abington to pli morning meeting and elkins park -- >> it was crazy. a couple feet. roads turned in rivers in minutes. >> in the course of 10 maps we went from there's water out there to oh, my god the water is all there. >> reporter: leaving the oswalds in awe. >> truly the definite anything of a flash flood. truly. >> reporter: and this father and daughter stranded. >> when we were going it was just drizzling and then when we -- after we took out our books it was pouring. >> it was a tremendous downpour and we decided we'll camp out in
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the library and rode some books. >> get nothing where fast appears to have been the case for many in montgomery county including this driver stuck in plymouth meeting and in abington ponding and slick roads meant a messy ride home. meanwhile, back in elkins park -- >> it looked like a moon soon. >> it usually takes a hurricane to come here and fill my patio and it backs up into our basement. but my wife said our basement is dry so we can live with the sunken patio. >> the patio may be underwater and the flooding out front they say is the worst they've seen in some 17 years. but they took it all in stride. >> everyone is fine. and that's all that really matters. >> it was indeed a wild afternoon for ginny oswald and family but officials confirm things could have been much worse. in fact, i just got word just within the hour here there was another water rescue. this in lower merion township. but in that case we're told the
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driver was safely rescued and officials say that's been the case throughout the night. that is the very latest from here in cheltenham, elizabeth hur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> elizabeth thank you very much. the rain is also delaying the start of a big construction project on interstate 95 in northeast philadelphia. penndot plans to rebuild a mile and a half stretch of northbound 95 between girard and al gain know avenues. that work was supposed to start tonight. but the rain has led to delay. cruise will start wednesday night instead. the project costs about $211 million. crews will repair existing lanes but they'll also add a fourth lane of travel one on each direction of 95. drivers should expect overnight lane closures and lots of slow downs. >> questions are being raised about when deldot knew that theism 495 bridge in will morning ton was tilting. today we obtained a 911 call from driver who says that he noticed the bridge seemed
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uneven. now that call was placed on april 15th but the bridge stayed open until last monday. charles allen, jr., says he drove across the 495 bridge every day for decades. here's a portion of his call. >> the bridge appears to be separating. i drive that bridge every day and have been doing it for 25 years but i just noticed on my way home that the median strip is separating like about a foot difference between the two jersey barriers in between the center of the road. the bridge was eventually closed after an engineer noticed the tilt and contacted deldot. now the focus shifts to what happened between that 911 call and the actual closure of the bridge. >> comedian and actor tracy morgan remains in critical but stable condition after that deadly weekend car crash on the new jersey turnpike. tonight we're learning the truck driver accused of causing the accident was severely sleep deprived. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has new information on the driver and the investigati
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investigation. >> reporter: terror on the turnpike. >> there's been a terrible accident. the car flipped. it's on its side. >> new jersey state police releasing the 911 tapes to cbs cbs-3. punctuating the first moments after a limo van carrying seven including actor tracy morgan rear ended by a wal*mart semi truck early saturday morning on the new jersey turnpike in a deadly crash. our exclusive video of the total van shows the extent of the damage. >> i'm diagnose fine. >> harris stanton was one of the seven. new york comedian recalls what it felt like just two days after being released from the hospit hospital. >> very scared. it's a car accident yo. >> the crash killed saems mcnair. hospital officials say tracy morgan, his assistant jeffrey malia and comedian arty far query main in critical conditi condition. criminal court documents row leased to cbs-3 say the driver of that semi 35 year old kevin roper had more than more than 24 hours without sleeping. >> speed limit is 65.
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but if you don't go at least 72, 75, you're going to get run over even in these big trucks. >> sabrina franklin drives it cross the country for a southern hauler and says of all the roads she hits that stretch of the new jersey turnpike the one near mile marker eight is the worst. >> was does it feel like? >> yeah. >> it's scary. it's really bad scary. >> there's multiple lanes, high volume and very high speeds. so anyone were to make mistake, even a small one, it usually translates into a real tragedy. >> reporter: former new jersey state police major, says he's seen dozens of turnpike accidents nearly identical to saturday's. he hopes the high profile nature of the crash will raise awareness. now that we have the media's attention, hopefully people will get the message to slow down and drive responsiblely. >> while it is not clear whether or not rope mr. was asleep at the we'll at the time of that fatal accident what is clear is what's in that criminal statement, alleging roper had gone more than 24 hours without
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sleeping. federal guidelines call for a 10 hour rest after just 11 hours on the road. roper due back in court on wednesday. that's the latest from new brunswick, new jersey, steve patterson cbs-3 oy witness news. >> in 2012 nearly four thus sand people were killed in crashes involving large trucks and to cut down on that number the federal motor carrier safety administration has been trying to combat one potential cause driver fatigue. last year new rules took effect limiting the maximum average work week. >> it to protesters target political fundraiser for pennsylvania governor corbett. fundraiser that included new jersey governor chris christie. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is in center city now with more on what brought those protesters to the streets. >> emotions ran high here
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tonight as six people who were protesting wound up being cited by police. governor tom corbett left the comcast building monday night without comment. but his opposition was making plenty of noise. hundreds of protesters including philadelphia school students and teachers staged a sit in monday night outside the comcast center at 17th and jfk boulevard. after being warned to move by police, six protesters who didn't were cited by police for obstructing the street. corbett was having private fun laser inside that included visit from governor governor chris christie. they're demanding more than $200 million in state butch cuts to the district be restored. >> it's the idea that we're here to educate and we can't do it. our hands are tied in a lot of places. when our hands are tied, the kids are losing out. >> reporter: over recent years more than 20 schools have been closed and more than 3,000
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employees in the district have been laid off due to budget cuts at a time when corbett is raising money for his re-election bid, the teachers union is rallying opposition. latest poll indicates could be trails tom wolf by 20 points and teachers know corbett is vulnerable. >> i'm hoping the out come is two fold. that he understands we're not supporting him and that the city of philadelphia understands that we need to support somebody else. >> reporter: new jersey governor christie is the chair and of the governors association. reporting in center city todd quinones cbs-3 it witness news. >> speaking of governor christie there's news tonight in the scratch washington bridge scandal. the governor's chief of staff testified before lawmakers in trenton today during about two hours of testimony kevin o'dowd recalled when he first learned that one of his subordinates bridget kelly may have been involved. kelly has been cued of conspiring to cause a traffic
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jam in fort lee last september as political pay back to the town's mayor. >> the governor said something to the effect of, kevin, this bridge issue is stylette there. all the noise about politics, political retribution, this is a major distract. >> o'dowd testified kelly denied being involved but later gave him an e-mail that showed she knew what was going on as it unfolded. >> as new facts come to light in the va scandal, we are hearing tonight how long veterans in our area were waiting for medical attention. we'll have that coming up and sudden violent outbursts playing this young boy's life. find out why his family grabbed the video camera to document just wawa you happening. we uncovered the rare and often misdiagnosed condition. that's coming up next. >> kathy. >> in weather we have a few scattered showers out there but this next system will be moving in and our weather will be getting even worse. we'll talk about the best chance of seeing storms this week
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coming up. >> chris? >> and like something out of a horror movie, it's caught on video and out of control elevator not going down. but up. ♪ (vo)cars for crash survival,ning subaru has developed
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our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. >> back now on "eyewitness news" with shocking video of a frightening ride on an elevator.
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a man hopped on to this elevator on the first floor of a building in chile and it just took off. you can see him frantically pressing buttons trying to stop the lift but nothing worked. it raced up there floors in just 15 seconds before it smoosh into the building's roof. the man suffered serious injuries to his head and legs. >> we're learning some more disturbing details about the couple who killed two las vegas police officers and a third man before turning the gun on themselves. police say jarod miller and his wife a money today were on a mission to kill. they ambushed officers alan beck and igor, at apease is shop. social media posts showed the couple was very anti government and apparently linked to the nazi mommy. >> suspects pull the officers out of the booth and on at the ground where they placed a flag don't tread and me yellow flag on the body of officer beck. they also through a swastika and top of his body.
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>> after gunning down those officers, the two stormed a wal*mart killing 31 year old joseph wilcox who tried to stop them. the couple later exchanged gunfire with police. amanda miller shot and killed her husband. and then turned the gun on herself. >> new tonight, the house veterans affairs committee hold as hearing on the va scandal as new revelations about the agency's trouble come to light. lawmakers in washington grilled va officials an audit released today shows that more than 57,000 veterans have had to wait more than 99 days to receive care. an additional 64,000 appear to have fallen through the cracks completely. never getting appointments even after enrolling. 13% of schedulers reported being philadelphia by supervisors to false if i appointment schedules to make waits appear shorter. "eyewitness news" has object taped the average wait times for veterans to get their first appointment at va facilities in our area. in philadelphia, it's 26.5 days.
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in coatesville, the average weight just over 10 days. in wilmington, the average weight more than 25 days. >> relief is on the with for college grads saddled with students loan debt. president obama will expand an existing program that caps lone payments at 10% of the borrowers monthly income. white house says about 5 million more borrowers will likely be eligible for that program but it will not kick in until december of 2015. >> on the cbs-3 health watch tonight a mysterious brain illness that triggers psychotic and violent behavior. it is rare and it is often misdiagnosed. one desperate family grabbed video cam are to document what was happening in their home. tonight three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has their story. >> reporter: this is one of the unexplained psychotic episodes seven cereal paul michael nelson started to experience in 2009. >> in the night, he was tearing up the flooring. he took a knife to the office door.
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>> his family started recording the outbursts because some doctors didn't believe them. >> he was flopping around on his needs barking like dog. report roar over five years paul mikail was hospitalized, 50 times and even occasionally removed from his home by employees. no one would figure out what was wrong. >> all of a sudden our kid goes from -- he's an angel in the christmas play looking cute as could be to what you just saw. >> reporter: blood test fina finally diagnosed pans pediatric -- it's marked by sudden outbursts. the cause is unusual. >> we diss covered he had annotate immune disease attac attacking his blood and blood vessels. >> a tracking the blood triggering psychiatric problems. all identified known by the newly identified syndrome. >> 40 to% of the cases step triggers it. the rest we don't know wet. >> paul who has one of the more severe cases of pan social
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security 12 now and doing much better with treatment that can include antibiotics. >> doctors say while strep is infectious, pans is not. it's not known how or why some infections trigger the syndrome. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 it but news. >> quite a soggy day. >> yes. flooding in some areas. >> to say the least. yes. >> and quiet in others. this is summertime pattern w you have these systems that kind of just linger over and over the same area and that's what it w was. just raining itself out finally moving out but still seeing some flooding going on on area roads, streams and creek. take a look outside it is quiet in center city philadelphia of course this is a view from our skycam3 a top our center city studios. drying out but still lots of moisture out there. it is very humid indeed. on corm scan three we can see a few lingering showers lifting up through bucks county heading into north central injuries see but for the most part everything
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is quited down from earlier today. you can see those showers from the late afternoon early evening hours just really heavy especially over montgomery county and parts of philadelphia county. when we look at our doppler radar estimates you can see the heavier rain highlighted in yellow here between two and 3-inches of rain between norristown and heading toward wyncote just an amazing amount of rain in a short period of time and that's why they call it flash flooding. visibility reduced to zero in the poconos. reduced somewhat in allentown and trenton. but we had a good deal of rain there. still a lot of moisture visibility a big issue in the mountains. elsewhere, just warm and humid and that is the way it's going to stay overnight. at least for the next couple of days. we have an area of low pressure with a trailing frontal bandore that will keep the heat and humidity even some showers and storms around tomorrow. that front lifts to the north on wednesday. so the storms will be limited but it still will be hot and how mid. and then thursday and friday we'll watch this area of low pressure move on through and that will trigger more showers
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and storms. so as we look at the probability of precipitation over the course of the week, we're looking at least a 40% chance of showers. some heavy downpours tomorrow afternoon a lesser probability for your wednesday. thursday and friday a good bet of showers and storms with that late system moving through and then we dry it out for the weekend. overnight mostly cloudy areas of fog with a few scattered showers. they'll be few and far between they're dying out the low 68. still warm and muggy for tuesday. scattered showers but a better chance of downpours maybe even few thunderstorms during the afternoon. like we saw today. the high temperature 84. on the seven day forecast and shore cast a high of 85 wednesday. 87 thursday. 86 friday staying on the stormy side and then once that front clears friday, saturday and sunday sunny, dry, low humidity. temperatures in the 80s. really comfortable sunday being father's day. monday a high of 83 with mostly sunny skies.
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>> if you have the sun on just a couple of days saturday and sunday are the good ones. >> when we celebrate dads. yes. >> there you go. >> great. thank you kathy. >> leslie is in for beasley tonight. looks like all the birds are in the nest. >> that's right. the eagles and that are none pick finally agreed to a deal. i'll have the numbers for you. nick foles due for new deal. is he worried about it
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look at all these people. imagine a world where they all switch to geico. a world full of savings. imagine... ♪ hold on, still imagining. ♪ all right, i'm done. [ male announcer ] geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> the eagles sign first round draft pick linebacker marcus smith to four year crack. it's reported worth $7.8 million
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including a $4 million signing bonus. smith was the 26th pick in the first round of lou woeville out of louisville. the first thing he's going to do is take care of mom. good for him. quarterback nick foles is due for raise he'll make 625,000 this year. the birds cannot offer him a new deal until after the season because of the cba. last year, foles through 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. had the best passer rating in the league. san francisco colin kaepernick signed a large extent but nick is knotweed about the new crack. >> you start worrying about numbers and you stop -- you stop worrying about what you're doing that's where you mess up. because noun of that really matters. i'm happy for those guys they're doing well but what's going t to -- my important thing is being successful with my item mates all that business stuff, all that other stuff will take care of itself down the road. the phillies back in action tomorrow when they host the padres. they could use a breather. yesterday they finish the road trip losing to the reds
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four-one. 11 games under 500. ryne sandberg crew has lost eight of nine. 14 of 20 and earned 10 and 22 since may fifth when they were just a game and a half out of first. they now have the wore the record in the national league. >> tonight lakewood cole hamels had his nunnery tired by the blue claws. he pitched there in 2003. he joins ryan howard as the only blue claw player to his number retire. >> and game three of stanley cup finals between the kings and rangers. final seconds of the first period former flyer jeff carter beats the horn for his tenth goal of the post season. la take the lead. check it out second period former flyer captain mike richards gets in the on the fun scores and la beat new york three-zero. they could win the cup for the second time i
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>> young girl who nearly drowned on memorial day gets to publicly thank volunteers had saved her life. >> "eyewitness news" at the radnor township police department where heroism awards presented to cal la man, lieper and first responders. callahan was lifeguarding in wayne when he pulled 12 year old girl seen here tonight from the bottom of the pool. at the time she was not breathing and did not have pulse. >> thank you for those who saved me. i appreciate it.
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>> i mean that's everything you could want as like a lifeguard and in that situation just to see someone doing well today. >> cal la man quickly performed cpr at the pool. emt and firefighters arrived on the scene and took over. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru,
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright. ♪ happy father's day! thanks! yeah! what? we're shop your way members so i get more get a bigger father's day at kmart. and members who spend $75 or more get $10 back in points. kmart. where members always get more.
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and nicole brewer. for lesley, kathy and everyone at "eyewitness news" i'm chris
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may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, fortified with big bite juice, david letterman! (cheers and applause)


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