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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 10, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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break it all down for you coming up. bob? >> 5:00 o'clock, straight up, a tuesday morning, yes, lots of fog to drive through this morning, we look live, route 100 near downingtown, impact ago lot of the roadways this morning, plus, we check in with the construction delays, coming up next. nicole, erika, good morning. >> we're following breaking news this morning, frightening home invasion, and robbery, in philadelphia. >> police say the woman was asleep when she came face-to-face with the intruders. "eyewitness news" reporter, jen bernstein, join us now at the scene in olney with the latest, jen, good morning. >> good morning, erika, nicole. the victim in all of this has owned this bar, west olney avenue, for more than 40 years here, lives in the second floor apartment, actually just this second police officers just dropped her off. she was down talking with them before they had taken her in the car probably about 20 minutes ago, now she is back. now, she says that she was startled awake, just around midnight to two men with
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flashlights shining them in her face. and again, she lives on the second floor. >> this happened around midnight. the bar was open at the time. everyone downstairs, though, said that they didn't hear anything. that's when she said that the men came inside, tide her up with clothing, and extension cords, bound her neck, her wrists, as well as her ankles, and demanded money. she told them that she didn't have any money, and that's when they ransacked her apartment, tipping over dressers, ripping closet doors off of their hinges, looking for anything that they could find in there. they then left. she tells police this is what she told police, how long she was up there by herself. >> at this time, when she inventory her property, the only thing she noticed that was missing was a handgun she has registered to her. >> so she actually was up there, for an hour, before she was able to free herself and then call police. you heard what chief inspector
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scott small said, she is miss ago handgun. they were not able to get away with cash she doesn't think at the time. now, again, the woman is shaken up this morning, but she is okay. she said she has bruises on her wrist, but did not want any casino every medical treatment on the scene. and detectives did find surveillance cameras, in the area, so they're going to be looking at those to see if they can find the intruders. police believe that the two intruders able to get in through the back wayment there is few dumpsters. and they either were able to climb up on that or mrs. bridge a fence to get onto her second floor balcony, then break into heroin dough there. so scary situation, for this woman, and police are looking for those two men this morning. that's the latest from olney, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. now, as katie mentioned earlier, more rain expect in the our area, and that is not good news for residents, already dealing with flooding after yesterday's storms. the rain came down heavy and fast, standing one driver, in plymouth meeting montgomery county. lock at the car right there. storm also flooded the olswald
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family patio in elkins park. >> in the course of ten minutes we went oh, yes there is water throughout to oh, my god the water -- >> usually takes hurricane to come here and fill my patio. >> well the family says this flooding is the worse they've seen in some 17 years. and, the rain is delaying the start of big construction project on i-95, and northeast philly. penndot's rebuilding mile and a half of northbound 95, between girard and allegheny avenue. work was supposed to start last night, but crews will begin tomorrow night, instead. that project is costing $211 million. crews will repair existing lanes, and add fourth travel lane on each direction of 95, drivers should expect delays. 5:03. we send it out to katie for a check on the forecast, hey, katy? >> slight misting taking place right now here on the skydeck, but, you know, we have very heavy rain and thunderstorms right now rumbling through some of the western suburbs. we will go on baby tour of storm scan3, we start things off if we can just with a look
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at the radar, let's go there now if we k we show you the radar, there we go, out across lancaster county, very heavy rain pounding down as we speak. also, got some pockets of heavy stuff generally just off shore. but there is another one, if you look closely, now moving over the delaware bay. cape may countly likely get hit eventually here. let's look at this pockets, shall we? looking at three hour loop. this is a batch of very heavy rain moving through somewhat slowly. and that was kind of the problem last night with the flood that we just talked about. because the storms are moving through so slowly, with the heavy rain, yes, that will lead to flooding. i willi will not be surprised iu end up with little flooding out there across lancaster county eventually this flood advisory may also be extended little further to the east and north. but, out toward an everett a manor, traveling west on the pa turnpike, you will be running into. >> this right now very moisture rich muggy air mass, nice and mild, too, in the 60s, the 70s across the board
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here, in even as mild as 61 degrees at the moment in mount pocono. but, we do eventually ends up with a high of 84 later on today. very stormy day, however, unfolding for us, while it will be scattered in nature with any of the showers, storms corks easily drench you. so, umbrellas required. you see, i've got mine, even for light mist. so i wouldn't take a chance on this one, bob? >> definitely make sure you have that ready. and possibly going to give the wipe areas work out again this morning. tuesday, 5:05, let's get started, same deal as we had, we began the day with yesterday, but we're throwing the fog into the mix this morning. so, the roads are damp, little wet, the mist out, there and the fog certainly knocking down the visibility, here is a live look at i-95, northeast philly, on the right here, passing our camera at academy road headed down in toward center sit. going to the schuylkill expressway, headlights coming inbound, no delays on the schuylkill or 95, but some pockets of volume along the way. but that fog is certainly going to throw few extra minutes into the trip this morning. and an accident, in new jersey, on the turnpike connector bridge, eastbound,
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right near route 130, also, some downed wires in chester county, along warren avenue and shepherd road. now, 95, the construction project, that was supposed to begin last night, postponed because of the weather. so the current work zone stretches from race up to girard. we're used to that one, we get pushed over to the right side. beginning tomorrow night, they'll take that work zone, began from girard, up to allegheny, another mile and a half of construction, which everybody will be push over to the right side of the roadway. and again, that was postponed because of the weather. tomorrow night, that will kick into gear. and of course, the extra time needed for the patco high-speed line, during that construction project. otherwise, mass transit looking good. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we have more on breaking news right now, weaver just learned friendly fire likely killed 5us service members monday in afghanistan. this is file video from the southern province where the taliban initiated the attack. insurgents have intensified attacks on foreign forces
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ahead of the country presidential runoff saturday. happening today there is afternoon we learn the time line for the re-opening of the closed i495 bridge in wilmington. the bridge has been closed since last week after experts determined it was tilting. there are now questions about when del dot new about the issue, especially since cbs-3 obtained a recording of a 911 call place dollars on april 15th. a driver called to say he noticed the bridge was uneven. >> the bridge appears to be separating. i drive that bridge every day, been doing it for 25 years, but i just noticed, on my way home, that the median strip is separating like about a foot difference between the two jersey barriers in between the center of the road. now the bridge was eventually closed when an engineer noticed the tilt, and then called del dot. now, the focus shifts to what happened between that 911 call and the actual closure that far bridge. well, a delaware county man charged with stealing skin grafts has a preliminary
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hearing today. police say gary made a living selling skin grafts to mercy fitzgerald hospital. reveals it was over build by $357,000. investigators say, dudek ordered more than 200 skin grafts from the company, but the hospital never used or ordered them. today is election day in trenton. voters picking a new mayor in today's runoff election. eric jackson, paul perez, were the top two finish nerves last month's election. the winner will replace toney mack who was convicted on corruption charges. >> a shark bite is delaying swimming today at a delaware park. it happened yesterday afternoon, at cape henlopen state park. authorities say a 16 year old boy was swimming when a shark bit him on the arm. he suffered garrison his left forearm. this morning, lifeguard, marine biologists, will monitor the water for unusual activity. also, an investigation is underway into what caused this shuttle bus fire at philly
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international. the pay less car rental shuttle bus burst into flames near terminal d and e, baggage claim last night. fortunately, no one was injured. police shutdown arrivals temporarily but the road reopened after the fire was contained. well, a spokesman says tracy morgan faces an arduous recovery. comedian is in critical condition after weekends crash on the new jersey turnpike. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us, why investigators believe a lack of sleep may have caused the accident. >> terror on the turnpike. >> a terrible accident, car flipped, on its side. >> new jersey state police releasing the 911 tapes to cbs-3, punctuating the first moments after a limo van caring seven, including actor tracy morgan, rearended by a wal-mart semi truck, early saturday morning on the new jersey turnpike, in a deadly crash. our exclusive video of the total van shows the extent of the damage. >> i'm doing fine, man.
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>> harris, one of the seven, the new york comedian recalls what it felt like just two days after being released from the hospital. >> the crash killed 63 year old comedian james mcnair, hospital officials say tracy morgan, jeffrey malea, comedian ardie, fukwa remain in critical condition. monday criminal court documents release today cbs-3 say the driver that far semi, 35 year old kevin roper, had gone more than 24 hours without sleeping. >> speed limit is 6a if you don't go at least 72, 75, you're going get run over, even these big trucks. >> sabrina franklin drives across the country for a southern hauler. and says if all of the road she hits, that stretch of the jersey turnpike, the one near mile marker eight, is the worse. >> what's it feel like? it is scary. it is really bad scary. >> there is multiple lanes, high volume, and very high speeds. so if anyone were to make a mistake, even a small one, it
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usually translates into a real tragedy. >> former new jersey state police major says he's seen dozens every turnpike accidents nearly identical to saturday's. he hopes the high profile nature of the crash will raise awareness. now that we have the media's attention, hopefully people will get the message to slow down, and drive responsibly. >> quality -- while it is not clear whether roper was asleep at the wheel at the time of the accident, what's clear is what's in that criminal statement allege willing rope her gone more than 24 hours without sleeping. federal guidelines call for a ten-hour rest, after just 11 hours on the road. roper due back in court on wednesday. it is the latest from new brunswick, new jersey, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new this morning, word that a judge has intervened to keep radio icon casey kasem alive. we have the ruling for you. >> plus, donald sterling does another about face, and caused the clipper sale off. find out why it squashed the deal.
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>> some chilling new videos released of the couple who killed two las vegas police officers. katie? >> and erika, today will be another very unsettled one. and this looks like it will be a pattern that sticks with us for the long hall. how much, in the seven day, we do clear out, we do see some sunshine, and i'll tell you when com
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certainly going to be a very unsettled one for us, for the next couple of days, and, right now, at least what the with the weather doing, helping to keep the pollen levels awfully low. we look at the pollen report, today, the predominant pollen grass 5.6 level for you here, notice what happens, over time, start to see the levels dropping off even more which actually should tell you, okay, we probably have some more rain moving in, it might
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be heavier because it will help wash the pollen away. that's right, that's what's going to happen. a look at storm scan3, showing you the pock, really messing with us at the moment. southwestern portions of chester county, some lightning strikes, quite few of them, with the southern branch of this little pocket of showers, storms, but we've also got obviously very heavy rain with this, as well, and it looks as though this will slowly creep through our western suburbs, over the next couple of hours, so, if your travels are taking that you way, or through that location, you will ends up with some very heavy rain, and obviously get slowed down, some fog issues otherwise, but today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, all unsettled, if i had to pick one day of the next four, that's driest it, would be tomorrow. but i still have to throw in shower or storm chance. finally, by the weekends, we clear out, i can guarantee dry days, on saturday, sunday after we just see couple of morning showers near the shore, then, looking lovely out there into monday, as women. bob? >> guaranteed. >> yes. >> or your money back. 5:15, good morning, everybody,
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that is tuesday morning, actually pretty good shape. it will take little long they are morning, to get to where you're going, a combination of a yucky start, sort of the same deal as yesterday, roads little damp, but this morning, we're throwing the fog into the mix. here's a live look at route 422, right near route 29, for the gang leaving collegeville, driving into the thick soup here, heading into king of prussia going to south philly, live look at i-95, right near the broad street construction zone. again, right lane here, was the shoulder, now the travel lane headed south you can barely make out the girard point double decker bridge, philadelphia international in the background. probably see some delays at philly international. because of the fog this morning. 202, and the schuylkill expressway, so far so good. no delays there. and mass transit looking good at the moment, as well. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank youment appears there is a snag in the sale of los angeles clippers. owner donald sterling says, the deal is off the table and in his lawsuit against the nba back on.
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sterling agreed tell the -- sell the team last week to steve baum nerve for $2 billion. he decided against the saul when he learned the nba was not dropping its live time band or $2.5 million fine. >> devastating accident for decorated olympic swimmer. amy vandiken severed her spinal cord in a all terrain vehicle in arizona over the weekend. now, at this point, it is unclear if she will be able to walk again. vandiken won combined six gold medals in the 96 and 2,000 games underwent surge troy stabilize her spine. such a shame. well, a judge has orders erred casey kasem fed, hydrated medicated while court appointed attorney's val agents his health. former host of american top 40 is in critical condition, after a washington state hospital. jean kasem is asking to be restored as her husband's caretaker. has implemented ends of life measures for her father. >> still ahead, learning new details about the husband and
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>> more disturbing details emerging about the cup hole went on shooting spree, killing two las vegas police ficers, before turning the gun on themselves. police say jared miller and wife, amanda, were on mission to kip when they ambushed officers ellen back, igor soldo at pizza shop. authorities say social media postings show the couple was anti-government, and apparently, also linked to a nazi movement. suspects pulled the officers out of the boot, on to the grounds, where they placed a flag, don't tread on me yellow flag on body of officer beck. also through a swastika on top
5:21 am
of his body. >> now, after shooting the officers, they stormed a wal-mart killing 31 year old joseph will cox, who tried to stop them. the couple engaged gunfire with police, then amanda miller shot and killed her husband and then turned the gun on herself. well, a wild police chase captured on tape, check this out, a california man, who climbed onto rooftops, with a rifle, is waking up in jail this morning. forty-one year old nolan perez finally surrendered to police after swat team fired tear gas into the north hollywood home he was barricaded in. now, police say the incident began when they tried to arrest him on out standing want for making criminal threats. 5:21, and firefighters in florida's ever guides keeping their eyes on brush fire, that has burn nearly 20,000 acres. fire officials say, saw grass burns quickly and are let that blaze run its course. the problem is the smoke really. it is blanketing miami, daisy, cooper city, almost everywhere people live. poor visibility forced road closures, and people with
5:22 am
respiratory issues are being told to stay indoors. that's awful. >> such huge area, too. >> oh, yes. right now 5:22, the world cup is just two days away. and the us soccer team has arrived in brazil. hear what they say will be their biggest challenge. >> also, ahead, on line gamers, shocked, as they witness a crime happening live on their screen. nd out what was happening to the woman, and how people miles and miles away were able to help. that's coming
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good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios?
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5:25 am
specially through our western half of our region you are going to be dealing with some very heavy rain. in addition, fog, and major issue, i'm looking at one of the fields cams. barely see the ben franklin bridge. watch out for that. it will slow you down, whether it is fog, or rain, you will need little extra time this morning, bob? >> yes, casino of tough to see everybody out there. are you over there? outside to woodhaven road, live look, northeast philly socked in with fog. woodhaven road, right near the roosevelt boulevard, don't worry, i'm confident you'll find the franklin mills mall. >> we always do. >> yes, exactly. put the fog lights on. south on 295, new construction pattern, throwing folks for loop. as you head south, the ramp to the walt whitman bridge, closed, and you have to actually go to the next exit and flip around, which is the delsea drive. and with this ongoing 495 construction project, delays expected into and through wilmington, just hang with i-95, and give yourself lots of extra time. here's nicole now with a look at sports.
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>> all right, thanks, bob. well the phillies host the san diego padres tonight at citizens bank park, will play over the 20 days, a the l of course plenty of time to break their two game losing streak get the phils back to winning ways, well, say hello to the lasing toll sign his contract. first rounds pick, marcus, did the deed yesterday. last of the eagles 90 players on the roster make it official. linebacker out every lewis ville, 26 overall pick in last month's nfl draft. now the deal worth $7.8 million, including a $4 million signing bonus over four years. must be nice, ya. well. the former flyers are making their mark on the stanley cup finals, jeff carter puts the kings up one-nothing at the end of the first period last night against the rangers. former flyers captain mike richards also had a goal in last night's kings win over the rangers, three-nothing. now the kings lead the series three games to none, and they could win the stanley cup tomorrow night with a win
5:27 am
at madison square garden. the usa soccer team is in brazil, ahead of monday first round world cup games against ghana. team had their first training session at the san palto football club, the home base. usa will play two of the top four teams in the world earlier in the draw. but they are focusing on guana right now. >> 100 percent, focus, we know we have portugal and germany after that. if we don't take care every business with began, a then they could end up being meaningless. >> the very first game of the world cup 2014 is thursday of this week. featuring host country brazil, against croatia. very exciting. >> yes, and i know katie there, can't even see it. >> 5:27 right now. and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", live with an update on our breaking news. jen? >> reporter: a chilling home invasion in olney.
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a woman is tied up and robbed. coming up, i'll tell you how the intruders got in her second floor apartment, how the victim is doing this morning. also, we will tell you about a new investigation linked to the release of american pow, bo bergdahl. >> bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's, w
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>> tied up and terrorized, a victim is tied up overnight in a home invasion. the way they enters the woman's apartment is daring. live with breaking details. this morning, many neighborhoods under water this morning. flooding across the area. now time to see if we can finally dry out. but apparently we're not out of the woods just yet. >> no, we check in with katie and b


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