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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. >> tonight more severe weather as heavy rain falls across the area. this was the scene in bensalem, bucks county tonight as the rain there came down hard. >> and take a look at this eyewitness cam video. a woman in glassboro, gloucester county, had to be helped to dry ground after knee deep water surrounded her car. roads also underwater for second consecutive day. "eyewitness news" in south
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philadelphia where rising waters came right on to the underpass. >> and thing got off to a soggy start at the ballpark tonight. eyewitness cam video shows the torrential downpour at citizens bank park earlier tonight. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm charisma. another messy day. another round of rain, and we're not done with it yet. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the storms, the flooding and kathy now the fog, too. a little bit of everything, chris and jessica. right now on storm scan3 we're seeing drying conditions but earlier today, we saw that heavy rain torrential downpours falling in this warm humid air mass and more is to come. right now we're just seeing some cloudy skies out there but the rain amounts were really incredible. take look at these numbers. sewell, new jersey, nearly 3-inches of rain. over 2.5-inches of rain very short period of time at philadelphia international airport. that's why we call it flash flooding because it happens so quickly without much warning. in clayton new jersey over 2-inches. is lower val 1.73. wilmington 1.71-inches of rain.
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now, we are going to be seeing drier atmosphere for at least about 12 to 24 hour period. but then more storms coming our way and these will pack an even bigger punch as the moisture comes up from the gulf of mexi mexico. so we'll talk about the foggy start for some coming up and also when those storms will be returning and these most likely will have localized flooding associated with them as well. for now chris we'll zen it back to you. >> kathy, thanks. well, we asked and you shared your pictures of today's flooding. peter wine sent us this eyewitness cam photo from pitman new jersey. it shows a water completely covered in water and if you look close al trash can noting away there this one is from lisa in newark, delaware. it was taken on old baltimore pike. you can see the road there pretty much completely submerg submerged. >> now if you have storm pictures send them our way. you may just see them here on "eyewitness news". you can post them to our facebook page or you can hit us
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up on twitter at cbs philly with the tash tag cbs-3 storm. >> new tonight we are hearing from parents of children taken to the hospital after heroin was found at their school. a first grader brought those drugs to class and tonight police searched that child's home. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live at southwest detectives with the latest on this disturbing case. liz? >> reporter: jessica, we just got an update from police and police tell us two people now face charges in this case and they are the child's mother and her boyfriend and police confirm they now know where the girl got the drugs from and we are told it came from the girl's home. because of their sensitive assignment, we were asked not to show the faces of these narcotics investigators in this case called to search the home of a sick year old girl who brought 11 packs of heroin to school. >> all the parents are concern
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concerned. >> i was afraid. my child is seven years old. >> expressing fear, shock and anger are parents of the 20 first graders from barry elementary school led on to a schoolbus to be check out app chop after possibly being exposed to the drug which even in small doses can be deadly. >> we know that one of the packages clearly looks like it was bitten and we do have one student saying that the young lady who did bring stuff to school that had packet in her mouth. >> apparently she was playing with the packet and showing it off. >> it doesn't make sense to movement it should never have been in the home. >> the mother of the drug carrying six year old declined to comment as she last the school to be interviewed by detectives. meanwhile, police say the search of the school found no other narcotics in the school and all 20 students were examined and released. >> the substances taken away from the child, the classroom is evacuated. >> reporter: while district spokesman fernando guillard maintains letters were sent home
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and the incident was handled appropriately, some say what happened is inexcusable. >> this was a bad experience for us and we're not going back. my kids won't be going back to barry neck year much that's one thing for sure, two for certain. >> reporter: as for the investigation, we are told the search of the girl' home turned up more drugs and once again now the child's mother and her boyfriend charges against them are pending. also, we're told the empty is the mother to four children. so dhs is now investigating. roaring outside southwest detectives, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you. a teen gunman armed with rival kills a student and injures a teacher before taking his own life at an oregon high school. this happened at reynolds high school in the town of trout dale near portland. after opening fire, the suss spec was found dead in a bathroom. students and staff held their hands in the air as they were evacuated from the school and police cleared the scene. >> we just heard two gunshots. everyone was freaking out and we
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all ran into the weight room hallway and we just hid and locked all the doors. >> the motive for that shooting is now under investigation. there's in word on the identity of that gunman. the us now is averag averagg about 16 active shooter incidents year that's about three times as many as a decade ago. a study by text tuck state university found between 2,009 and 212476 people were shot, 209 killed and active shooter situations. >> swimmers at the delaware beaches are on alert after frightening encounter in the water. a teenager suffered a shark bite there and tonight we can see the damage that was done. the boy was attack in the waters open cape henlopen park in sussex county. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has details. >> reporter: andrew has a fish story few can match. a 3-foot sand bar shark left a good sized gash in his left arm. the 16 year old was swimming off cape hen low penn beach when a
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shark bit him. >> he felt or noticed something on his left arm. looked down and what he described as a shark was on his left arm. he took his right hand and kind of beat it and push it off. and it swam away. >> reporter: in his facebook page you can see his right fingers are cut as well. telltale sign experts say of fending off a shark. >> that is what -- what you would expect from someone pushing away a shark. their skin is very rough. >> reporter: the idea of a shark bite might be unsettling to some. scott newell land has been shark biologist for 15 years. he says sand bar sharks are very common in these waters but bites are not. he says this is the first do you meaned case he's aware of in delaware. >> the shark was uninterested in feeding it looked like it was an instinct bite. >> it's believe the shark that bit andrew was very young. as this is the season female sharks are giving birth. >> the faux males usually come not bays and estuaries up here to pup and that basically means
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they're giving birth to young and those young are still trying to figure out what they all need to do. >> reporter: and as for vans the senior old needed 22 stitches. he's resting at his delmar home and is expected to make a full recovery. reporting in sussex county, delaware, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new video at 11:00 o'clock tonight of the man accused of stabbing a police officer and then stealing his police cruiser today. matthew miller is now being held on $5 million bail. he went missing from a work release program earlier today. he was eventually stopped by bensalem police officer michael, near bristol pike and woodhaven road. that's where miller allegedly stabbed the officer and then took off in the cruiser. now the knife did not penetrate the officer's bullet proof vest. as for miller he was taken into custody in philadelphia after abandoning that police car near knights and fairdale roads. >> this is just another great story where the bullet proof vest from not a bullet but a
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knife this time most likely saved his life. >> miller tonight is facing numerous charges including attempted murder. there's new surveillance video being released as police investigate the explosion of a soda machine in mayfair. we first told you about this last week. take look at this new video. it shows a suspect walking to and then from the machine. the video wasn't taken thursday night just before the explosion outside of a plumbing business. the force of that blast blew out windows in the area and sent debris flying up to 100 feet away. >> more bad news for drivers who depend on the damaged i495 bridge in wilmington. prepare yourself for traffic jams all summer long. deldot shut down the bridge between 12th street and terminal avenue on june 2nd because it's tilting. well today officials announced the earliest traffic could return to that bridge is labor day. investigators say pressure from shifting soils neck at the bridge over the christina river damaged support piers and pushed
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them sideways. >> the expertise, the equipment and the material to get this bridge reopened are on their way to delaware rot now. there's a small chance that we will have to completely tear down this section, this for hundred foot section of this bridge and rebuild a new secti section. >> that worst case scenario could take the crew years or a year to complete. >> the philadelphia 76ers are moving their practices and business operations across the riff to the camden waterfront. >> that news became official today. when the new jersey economic development authority approved an $82 million tax credit for the sixers. that money will be used to build new practice facilities and offices at march tip luther king boulevard and delaware avenue. sixers currently practice at the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine. >> we need a place that 24/7 operations, that's more than one court that we share with med students. this is a whole another level. this will be the biggest and best training facility every built in the us. >> the sixers are expected to
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move into that new facility by early 2016. a stunning upset tonight in campaign 2014. a powerful political player is voted out of office. we'll have the story next. >> plus, tractor trailer flips on its side and the chaos is just beginning. we'll have the story. kathy? >> our next storm system will be coming from the west. you see the red down here. that is warm water in the gulf of mexico so all of that moisture moves toward the north and the east and it will be fueling these storms. we'll time them it because they could lead to flooding. that's coming up with the seven day. >> jess. >> about face when it comes to fish and pregnancies. the surprising new guidelines coming up next in hour health watch and a philadelphia success story. margay mogil tori birch comes home to help inspire other women.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> new at 11:00 tonight a stunning upset in the world of politics. the house majority leader eric cantor goes down to defeat to a tea pear challenger in the have a have primary.
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college economics professor dave brat defeated cantor who was the second most powerful member of the house. cantor thanked supporters during his concession speech tonight. he was considered a possible successor to the house speaker john boehner but no more. eric cantor was first lecked to congress in 2,000. >> cbs us in confirms tonight that five american service members were killed in friendly fire attack in southern afghanistan today. coalition jet called in to help ward off taliban attack in zabul province mistakenly bombed those us special forces. soldiers were conducting a security operation ahead of afghanistan's presidential run off election set for saturday. >> tonight a decorated olympic swimmer fight to go will he again the use of her legs. amy can dike ken posted these photos from her hospital bed today. she severed her spinal cord in an alter rain vehicle accident in arizona over the weekend. she won a combined six gold medals in the's 96 and 2,000
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games. she underwent surgery to stabilize her spine season now listed in good condition. >> on the health watch tonight the federal government now recommends pregnant women eat more low mercury fish. regulators with the fda and the environmental protection agency announced newly revised guideline. they suggest women eat at least 8-ounces of seafood low in mercury like shrimp, cod, tilapia or salmon 23 times a week. >> well it was quite a mess on an iowa highway when a truck overturns and there was no ordinary cargo inside. about 150 to 200 pigs got loose on the roadway. crews had their hands full trying to rangel all those pigs up and get them back on to the trucks. something about a pig crossing the road. fortunately neither the driver nor any of those pigs were seriously hurt. new tonight empowering entrepreneurs in the
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philadelphia region. fashion mogil tour roo birch returns home to help women grow their businesses. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocky has the details. >> hometown girl and self made designer tori bump is back in philadelphia. >> i never imagined where it would be today and i actually wanted to open one shop and five year plan of three more. >> according to forbes magazine tori is now worth about billion dollars and she's talking about her rise in the fashion indust industry. i often say if it's not scary and your hear doesn't raise you're in the dreaming big enough. >> tour row bump foundation is partnering with bank of america. >> we hear more and more that women under pures have had trouble accessing capital. that's been one of the real barriers to their expansion. >> more than 100 women received one-on-one time with the established entrepreneurs at the written house hotel tuesday. video production is a primarily
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mail dominated field. but we have really found like a initiate market. >> 53ness is a braxton started a video production company with two friends at 23 and hasn't looked back. >> you don't know what is going to happen when you're an entrepreneur. so it's a brick wall essential essentially. >> tori's story and round table decisions with other mentors has offered inspiration when the road gets tough. >> take each experience as learning experience. if something negative happens learn from it and see how to move it forward. >> advice from the mentors to this group of women included staying strong and always having a plan, knowing that mistakes will come. but with the right attitude, tori bump success can be achieved. in center city i'm diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> after a day of flash floo flooding, two days. >> two days. >> right. >> some of those tori burch
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boots. all those rising waters what mess much. >> it's getting better, right. it is getting better. winds will shift and change everything but we have areas of fog to contend with tonight. right now, we're looking at dry conditions through center city philadelphia. that's the good news. so the rain has come to an end. take look outside where in philadelphia little bit of fog here and there. some patchy fog. but the real problems are down the shore. now usually we can see the boardwalk quite clearly at night in ocean city, cape may county. you kind of make out the strand movie theater sign right there. but they are fogged in. on storm scan3 you can see dry conditions but we'll put this into visibility mode or fog mode and you can see these are low clouds down the shore pushing inland into interior south jersey also where we saw heavier rain today throughout the state of delaware we have some fog as well. but some of the lower visibilities are right along the shore and that will continue to be a problem overnight tonight and that was early tomorrow
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morning. visibility reduced to three-tenths mile in atlantic city. owing city and sea isle city. you can see inland not much an issue jut yet in philadelphia but the poconos reduced as well to 2.5 miles. so please be aware of this come tomorrow morning it could slow the commute for some of us. 73 degrees is the current testimony cher in philadelphia and atlantic city 69. 66 degrees in the poconos and in allentown it is 71. it will stay mild and muggy overnight tonight. we are going to watch as this frontal boundary sinks to the south and we get more of an easterly wind. that on shore flow will stabilize the air over us and that means it will snuff out any development of showers and thunderstorms. so wednesday will be warm, it will be humid. but not quiet as wet. that's the good news. then we watch our next storm system move toward us with warm front. the warm sticky air continues and it will really kick off some showers and storms especially in the afternoon thursday. especially north and west of the city but some could sneak in and then a bigger threat on friday
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for everyone. cold front approaches from the west. showers, thunderstorms, downpours, potential for localized flooding temperature in the 80s. after that, we're home free. take look at future weather though because you'll see the impact of that easterly wind. now, overnight tonight, just a mostly cloudy sky and i'm not expecting much in the way of precipitation. but by 8:00 o'clock, on wednesday morning you'll see clouds. watch this line of showers and thunderstorms to the west. as it encounters this easterly flow, it's kind of just going to snuff those showers out. kind of just stop them become a roadblock and then through wednesday afternoon into the evening it stays relatively dry. overnight tonight, a few showers patchy fog the big story. overnight low temperature 68 degrees. now, during the day on wednesday, once again, a chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm especially north and west. otherwise just mild and muggy the high 80 on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, staying stormy for thursday and friday. but look at the weekend. that is the reward. saturday, 82.
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sunday is father's day a beautiful day. the high 84. monday still nice, and by tuesday another chance of showers and thunderstorms. it's unusual to see the flash flooding we've seen over the past couple of days. this is more characteristic of weather in the deep south. texas, florida where you have that heat and humidity and tropical air. be sure to wake up with it witness news in the morning. katie fell lynn jr. actually is taking a day off and meteorologist kate bilo will be there. the team starts at 4:30 on cbs-3 and then continues on the cw beginning at 7:00. >> all right. shaping up to be better weekend. oh, yeah. >> better ish. >> kathy, thanks. >> all relative. >> exactly. >> leslie is here with changes on the pitch. >> yeah. big changes for the union on the bench. we'll tell you all about it. jonathan papelbon reaches a milestone as the phillies took on the p
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thisfind the perfect gift for dad... ...on sale at hhgregg. like this 51" samsung hdtv for just $429. for huge savings on all the gifts dad really wants... ...come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. >> the phillies hosting the san diego padres tonight at the ba bank. phils playing 21 games over the next 20 days. manager ryne sandberg says that's plenty of time to get back in the division race. to the fourth inning phillies trailing one to nothing. chase utley hits single to right to score revere and tie up the game. two batters later marlon byrd takes the pitch right over the wall in right. that's a three run shot that will put the phils ahead. marlon with four rbi's tonight. jonathan pap pell been not pitched since may 24th and needed one more save to reach 300. he gets out of a bases loaded jam right here getting tommy to
11:26 pm
the ground out the game and papelbon becomes the 26th pitcher in major league history to reach thee hundred saves. they beat the padres five-two. >> he wanted that make me starter. i told him i didn't want that be starter. a long journey since then and i don't know how happy he was he told him i wanted to do that but it's all turned out kind of the way i expected it and hoped it would. >> in other phillies news they have signed their top draft pick pitcher aaron nola from lsu. aaron went 11 and one for the tigers with pound .47 era. the only pitcher to rin the sec pitcher of the year twice. >> this is amazing experience for me. my first time in philadelphia and my first time put a major league uniform on and i'm just ready to start my journey. >> the eagles will continue their ota's at the novacare complex. head coach chip kelly is impressed how quickly backup
11:27 pm
quarter mack mark sanchez learn the offense but he's still not hundred% after shoulder surgery. >> it's getting there. by the time camp rolls around i'll have no hesitations. right now we're keeping under a pitch count. as long as i'm under a certain number we keep rolling. >> the john hack worth era is over with the union. he was fired today and replaced by assistant jim curtain n2 seasons hack worth never took the team at the playoffs. the union have a three-seven and six record so far this year. we'll be right back. ♪
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seven. >> new tonight celebrity chefs from across the nation are in philadelphia to help children. >> about a thousand foodies turned out for the annual great chefs event at the navy yard. more than 40 celebrity chefs cooked up delicious dishes and everyone had great time sampling them much this event benefits the alex's lemonade stand foundation and the vetri foundation for children. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news". we're back in the morning with erika von tiehl and nat is brown many for lesley, kathy and everyone at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can feign us at the late show with david letterman is next. tonight's guess is david chappelle. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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