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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 12, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> drivers get ready. construction is underway tonight on a major local highway and it could mean big delays and some rough commutes for countless drivers. good evening, i'm chris may. >> jessica is off tonight. >> penndot is embarking on i-95 construction between girard and
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allegheny avenues. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live with more on what drivers can expect. liz? >> reporter: chris, what drivers can expect is basically what you see behind me here. overnight lane closures with cones up and then crews off to the side busy at work. now, we are told officials say these crews will be at work during the week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. a familiar sight for commuters construction work along i-95 will be extended starting wednesday night. now to include the stretch between the girard avenue and allegheny interchanges. this officials say is part four of sick phases. the ultimate goal here to reconstruct and improve 3 miles of i-95 and in the end the corridor will be widened to four travel lanes in both directions. so for now the changes you will notice immediately officials say
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will be the repainting the lanes and shifting of the traffic pattern. the work will be done overnight but for some commuters, they believe the added confusion will only mean more congestion. >> we're local. so, um, can't imagine this being good for quick trips to and from the city. >> it's a nightmare. it's like traffic is terrible as it is. so it's just only going get worse. >> everywhere you go there's something report roar what's your plan? >> patience. you got to have patience. >> reporter: there you have it. back here live on day one, fortunately as you can see, traffic is moving slowly at this hour. but officials say this is a project that is expected to take years to complete. so definitely expect delays and pack plenty of patience. reporting on i-95, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you very much. well you can find out if the construction will affect your
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morning commute. just type into bob kelly for traffic updates before you head out the door. he gets things started on "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning at 4:00 their. >> well the weather may also impact your plans tomorrow. things are going to get a bit messy out there. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking more storms some kathy heading our way root now. that's right. many of them moving toward the north and the east. this was part of the complex system that created the severe weather through baltimore and washington early most of it moving toward the north but some of it sneaking tore the northeast you can see through new castle county delaware and sneaking into south jersey through salem county and even through cumberland cun tee we have some lightning and heavy rain reported here. it will be moving toward the north and the east. but our easterly winds will help to knock down some of the intensity. we'll see it moving toward philadelphia and also our northern and western suburbs during the overnight hours. and we will be seeing more intense storms over the neck couple of days. that easterly wind still about
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five to 10 miles an hour will be persistent keeping the clouds around so these storms not as heavy. we're seeing about rates of half an inch an hour as far as the precipitation is concerned. but it's moving along quiet quickly. i don't expect anything in the way of flooding with these showers overnight tonight. you can see the future weather has a good handle of where the precipitation is right now. by the midnight hour moving through philadelphia as some light to moderate rain. and then it's out of here come tomorrow morning. but more numerous showers and storms expected and flooding concerns will rise for thursday and friday coming up we'll talk more about that and also have an update on the father's day weekend forecast. for now, chris, we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight a west philadelphia man is arrested and charged with causing a major scare at the lincoln tunnel. police say the 39 year old donald wallace called 911 yesterday, and claimed that he was going to shoot people heading into new york city. now detectives traced that call to a building overlooking the
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tunnel in weehawkin new jersey. wallace wasn't there. he was tracked down later in manhattan much he's now charged with making terroristic threats and creating false public alarm. >> also news tonight another week, another bear roaming our suburbs. there have been two sightings so far in wis low township, camden county. here's a picture of the bear from winslow township police. he was last spotted crossing into waterford township. homeowners need to be alert tonight and bring tash inside if you can. that will help keep from attra attracting any bears. >> the truck driver who is now charged in the deadly crash that critically injured the comedian tracy morgan pleads not guilty today. >> enter a not guilty plea across the board. >> that is an attorney for kevin roper entering that plea in a new brunswick courtroom. roper is facing death by auto and assault by auto charges.
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his bail has been set at $50,000. roper was behind the wheel of a wal*mart truck early saturday that swerved to avoid slowed down traffic on the new jersey turnpike and plowed into morgan's limo. well new at 11:00 tonight investigators with the national transportation safety board are looking into this crash. this exclusive photo taken earlier shows them expectin expt inspecting the vehicles involve. they are on sight and collecting evidence. >> charges have now been filed after a first grader brought heroin inside of her west philadelphia school. the da's office has now app pressed criminal charge of endangering the welfare of a child against the student's mother marie hunter and her male companion christopher troy jenkins white. white is also charged with marijuana possession. prosecutors say that this charge deals only with alleged conditions inside that child' home and not with the her row within that was taken to school. trained teachers equipped
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with a defebrillator being crediting with saving the life of a student tonight. medical emergency happened at burlington township middle school in burlington county. a young girl collapsed during gym class there this morning. faculty members immediately responded. they performed cpr and used an auto mated external defibrillator saving that student's life. >> i have no doubt if there was no defibrillator and in trained personnel the out come would not have been as good as it is today. >> that girl is expect to be okay. all new jersey schools will be required to have tee febrillat febrillators by september 1st. city council is taking steps to help the philadelphia school district pay its bills. today the council's finance committee approved a plan to borrow $27 million for the diss track by the end of this month. the original plan called for borrowing just 20 million. but with the sale of school buildings still unresolved, superintendent dr. william hite says he needs more money.
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the full council will vote on that $27 million quest on jun june 19th. >> there's some trash talk tonight in the city of chester. but not the kind you're thinking. residents there are saying no to trains full of trash from new york city. as "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco tell us, trash already makes its way from the big apple to the covanta facility or highland avenue. residents fear there could be more down the road. >> i want to live and to me murder is murder whether it's with a gun or chemicals. >> reporter: new york city trash shipped to chester to be incinerated has infuriateed residents. >> it's a nightmare. i have asthma. i have -- i was diagnosed with sake doses. i have all kinds of allergies. >> at a planning board meeting wednesday residents sounde sounf about a new trash train proposal bringing 400 tons of garbage by rail in new york. the trash now comes by truck to
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be burned. >> it's the idea of bringing in more trash in an area that has residents. simple as that. it shouldn't be done. >> reporter: the company insists the amount of trash won't change. just the method of transportation. >> there's no increase in the amount of waste that we would receive on daily basis, and there's no increase in the processing rate of the facility. >> reporter: after hearing the plan which calls for an additional building and residents concerns the planning board decided to put off the vote for 30 days until they can tour the facility. people like lori cross who has five children says they've been living next to the site for decades and every day the decision is delayed her family suffers. >> the smells that come out of there you can't open the windo windows. you can't go outside. >> reporter: one the planning committee tours this facility to see how trash is dealt with they will make their decision. covanta is hoping to bring in their garbage by train by the end of the summer. in chester, i'm diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> he suffered through horrible abuse but tonight he has gotten some help. see how this dog is doing now and how you can help. that's coming your way next on "eyewitness news". >> kathy? >> we're looking at some showers and thunderstorms moving up the i-95 corridor and some of these will have heavy downpours. comincoming up well track them s they move into your neighborhood overnight plus the threat of flooding continues and it will increase as we head toward the end of the week and the weekend. we'll have that coming up. >> it's the time of year for cook outs and barbeques you've checked off the items on your menu but have you checked your deck? i'm jim donova donovan. coming up three on your
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>> terrible case of animal cruelty in cumberland county. an effort is underway to help dog had may have been duck taped. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has the details and word on how you can help. >> reporter: he was found
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alone and wandering in cumberland county, new jersey. he was thin and weak but perhaps most disturbing are these burns around his muzzle rescuers believe they may be from being duck taped. >> some of these marks on his muzzle could be from duck tape. somebody trying to be cruel and confine his mouth. >> reporter: because he was in such sorry shape buckley he's been name was out of a shelter and placed in foster care. he's doing much better but not out of the woods yet. >> it's in the clear who may have duck taped buckley but his medical problems are extensive. he has lyme disease, heart worm as well as mange. all of it the result according to rescuers of buckley being either abused and/or neglected. >> sherri is from one rescue from mt. laurel. much of his fur is missing and his skin a raw. >> the whole surrounding of his eye started weeping blood. it was the saddest thing i'd ever seen. >> you question humanity.
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you really question how people can be so heartless. buckley a 10 month old lab mix is under veterinary care and is on the mend since being found about two weeks ago. he now weighs close to 35 pounds and is looking for home. >> all they want to do is be loved and lick your face and cuddle. >> in mt. laurel, new jersey, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> if you would like to help buckley you can find a more information on our website >> we now know the gunman had opened fire at a an oregon high school yesterday. 15 year old jarod pageant killed a fellow freshman and wounded a gym teacher inside of the reynolds high school gym before taking his own life. authorities say that he used an ar15 rival that was owned by his family. pageant also carried nine loaded magazines, a semi automatic handgun and a knife. they have not discussed a possible motive for that violence. >> the house majority leader eric cantor says that he will
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step down from his leadership role following a stunning primary loss last night. >> effective july 31st, i will be stepping down a majority leader. it is with great humility that i do so, knowing the tremendous honor it has been to hold this position. >> cantor lost his bid for re-election to virginia seventh congressional district. he was defeated by dave brat who's a little known tee party backed college professor. a respected republican cantor had been seen as a possible suss says sore to the speaker of the house john boehner. the man who helped orchestrate david brat's campaign victory has ties to our area. zachary morrell is 23 years old from leonardtown, maryland. he graduated from haverford college with a degree in political science and economics in 2013. >> well tonight the senate overwhelmingly approves a package of reforms for the department of veterans affairs. the legislation will allow veterans to seek private care
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outside the va system. it also creates more than two dozen new va medical facilities around the country. the vote on this bill comes a mid revelations of excessive waits times at va facilities. the bill itself now moves to the house. >> the last thing that probably comes to mind when you think about barbecue on your deck is third degree burns and concussions. but three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds that each year that's exactly what happens to dozens of people when the deck floor below gives way. >> reporter: one minute friends and family are enjoying a backyard cookout -- the next a deck comes crashing down and everything goes flying. each year dozens of people are injured in some killed when an unsafe deck taillights. >> it's just a matter of being aware it's an outside structure. it's in the elements. are people taking care of it? are they staining it? are they protecting their materials on
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their deck. >> reporter: by one estimate nearly 20 million decks nationwide need to be rebuilt or retrofitted to meet current codes. the average wooden deck has a live span of 10 to 15 years. >> if you take care of it, you maintain it, you stain it it can last lifetime. but if you don't, it's not going to stand up at the elements. >> you can see the deck in general is on its last legs and really needs to be totally redone. >> reporter: mike he been we are of back to nature decks has been building decks for over 25 years. and says homeowners should inspect their decks at least annually starting with the footer. >> on the posts here these should be above ground. like one over here. so you can see if it's rotting or a problem. >> look for wood rot elsewhere, too. >> it's just about big enough now for foot to go through and get stuck in there. that's very dangerous. >> reporter: improper connections to the house post problems the. >> the bolts should be staggered every 12 to 16-inches up and down. and i only see one every 4 feet or so report roar and loose connections are a hazard, too.
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>> i may not be a deck builder but this is not a good thing. >> the whole stairs is moving. not just the rail. >> screws and connectors should be checked for rust and corrosion even improper spacing between railings and steps poses risks. >> they should be closing together the spacing because you can get your head stuck or a kid could. >> the north american deck and railing association has a great checklist that homeowners can use to evaluate their detectives or to use when hiring a contractor. i posted links for you on mr. or follow me on facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your si side, i'm jim donovan. >> kathy is here now. i can look over your shoulder to your radar and there's lot of color on your radar tonight. a lot going on. >> not just green on the screen. >> yellow and some orange. >> scary colors. we know what those colors mean. heavy rain across the region tonight. that bunch of rain and showers and thunderstorms that was
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severe over baltimore and washington is making it in to the delaware valley. take look outside where we have some foggy conditions over center city philadelphia. areas of drizzle and mist just in that more humid atmosphere. the showers and storms are moving our way. take look at storm scan storm s. we have our three sweeps going across the region and you'll see more rain than lightning. but there are few flashes. all of this is moving toward the north northeast between about 25 and 30 miles an hour and as we take look at it it will be moving toward the philadelphia area in a matter of minutes. all of this lifting up as you can see toward the north northeast. some heavy rain in wilmington. right through central delaware. and even in south jersey right now and as it continues to encounter the more stable air over our region it is expected to die down somewhat. but as we do a track on this, you're going to be seeing maybe in philadelphia by midnight chester by 11:26.
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upper dash bow lie 11:42 and camden by 12:07 at the speed once again at about 25 to 30 miles an hour then it will move continually toward 10 didn't but losing more and more of its energy at it encounters those easterly winds. the poconos seeing reduced visibility down to three tenths of a mile but other than that, it's not quite as bad. millville 2-pint five visible. dover 2-mile visibility during the late night hours. temperatures are cool throughout a good part of the region. didn't get much over 65, 68 degrees today. it's 63 in philadelphia. 64 degrees in millville. 64 degrees right now in wilmington. so it's going to stay cool overnight. some 70s to the south. and we will be warming back up, though, into the 80s as early as tomorrow. for your thursday, we'll watch this warm front that will be lifting northward. that's what is really calling all of this shower and thunderstorm activity. temperatures will be in the 80s for your thursday. with a chance of some downpours with some thunderstorms especially in the afternoon but
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all eyes on this front because this moves eastward it squeezes all that warm humid air up the coastal plane. this will be focus mechanism for showers and thunderstorms creating live in the atmosphere behind it some drier conditions for the weekend and we will definitely be feeling the difference. the sun returns for more than few minutes. it will be a really nice weekend as we head toward father's day but for the late night hours we'll watch these showers and thunderstorms move through the region. by tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. winds becoming southeasterly during the afternoon they fire up again especially north and west of the city. but more numerous showers and thunderstorms come in on friday. through the morning into the afternoon. nothing is going to end rain wise until that cold front moves through late friday. overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies. showers and storms. especially north and west of the city. but a few coming through our area as well. for your thursday, warm and humid showers and storms developing. the high temperature 81. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and
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shore cast, friday is the best possibility of seeing some downpours and possibly even localized flooding. saturday and sunday much better. getting more humid for monday and tuesday. wednesday could be our first shot at 90 degrees. tomorrow orr at the shore traveling to sea isle city to catch break from the heat and humidity. we'll be live on the promenade at five and 6:00 o'clock. >> smile, you're in sea isle as they say. that's good one. >> we know you'll be smiling tomorrow. kathy, thanks very much. >> lesley is here. we'd be smiling if we could switch ahead to the nba draft. >> lots of draft chatter going on. will the sixers trade up for the number one pick. anything is possible. we'll tell hugh they could be after. the phillies make it two in a rogen the padres.
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>> the phillies needed to get something going trying to make it two in a row tonight against the padres. to the first inning jimmy
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rollins at the plate. singles up the middle. he's now just three hits away from becoming the phillies all-time hits leader passing mike schmidt. cole hamels on the mound tonig tonight. he was dealing eight innings of shut out baseball giving up five hits and struck out 11 but got a no dig. to the eighth inning phillies threatening ryan howard at the plate. struck out. game still was scoreless until the ninth. two runners on. brinn yack sending everybody home happy tonight with his second career walk off homer to give the phils a three to zero victory. >> we've been fighting and clawing and loss a few tough games this last road trip and to win yesterday and come back and win again today, you know, it's something we can build from. >> the eagles with their last ota of the week. three day mini camp off next week. they are off until training camp in late july. trent cole year under billy davis he moved from defensive end to outside linebacker and played very well leading the
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team in sacks and he says he cannot wait for the season to start. >> this year, you know, getting out here, getting everything started again, and, you know, i foal really good. run around i feel faster, quicker at it and excited just to get started. >> the sixers reportedly talking to cleveland about trading up in the nba draft. the cavs have the first pick6 certification reportedly want kansas forward andrew wiggins they're offering the number three pick along with thad you young. wiggins is scheduled to work out with the sixers next weekend. >> flyers center sean courtiere under went success soul stomach surgery. he should be readying that for training camly in the fall. >> game four kings and rangers final seconds. the puck goes through. lundquist legs. he make sure it doesn't go over. pushing it back. lundquist the rangers win it two-one and avoid elimination. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> technology and tigers. we're getting an up close look at some pretty cuddly cubs tonight. zookeepers in fresno, california used a remote control car to capture this rather intimate video of their new tiger cubs. you can see the tigers didn't quite know what to make of the whole thing. they pawed at the toy as it drove around them but other they got pretty cute video. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and natasha brown. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at oy were the news i'm chris may. dave is next. good night. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. if you are ready to change your life and take immediate control of your finances... if you're tired of hearing about the negativity in the news, and now realize that the government is not going to


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