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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 13, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> we begin with breaking news at 11:00 o'clock tonight. northeast philadelphia gun store and shooting range is the scene of a violent armed robbery. a man is shot, two suspects get away with several weapons. >> good evening. i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. >> that rob before he happened around 8:30 tonight outside the delaware valley sports center in bustleton. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is there live tonight with breaking details.
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liz? >> reporter: jessica and chris, police say a 67 year old man is in the hospital fighting for his life at this hour. after he was shot and robbed in this parking lot behind me here. now as you can see, police detectives are still here gathering evidence as they continue to try to track down the suspects who were still out there. now, let's show you some video we shot just as soon as we got to the scene. police say the victim together with his 68 year old friend both were customers here leaving the gun range when a man and a woman both armed with guns approached them and announced robbery. police say both of the victims complied and gave up their wallets, cell phones, money and even their guns. but police say the suspects still turned violent. >> for some reason, after the robbery, our male perpetrator fired one shot striking our 67 year old victim in his groin.
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and he's present until critical condition. the suspects male and female then fled the scene in a dar dark-colored vehicle with dark tinted windows. so now these two perp straighters a male and female who initially both were armed with guns stole an additional seven guns so this is an extre extremely violent pair right n now. they have nine guns in their possession. >> reporter: so there you have it. and back here live as you can see police are here continuing to investigate and they say the search for the suspects is continuing. they say the suspects they are considered heavily armed as you heard and are considered he can treatmently dangerous much the victim in the meantime the 67 year old we are told is in surgery at this hour listed in critical condition. >> reporting live in bustleton elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you. >> local mewing is teacher under arrest tonight charged with sexually abusing three children. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live in malvern chester county outside that
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school where the teacher taught piano. todd? >> reporter: jessica, investigators tell me all of the alleged abuse happened here inside the malvern school of music and tonight there is concern there could be more potential victims. anton was a highly respected piano teacher who had the trust of parents bust investigators couldn't didn't the 44 year old used that trust as a way to get parents to leave their six year old children alone with him. >> during those lessons where he had one-on-one individual contact with the children, he would touch them inappropriate inappropriately, he would expos himself to them, and he would expos images on his computer to them. >> reporter: no one answered the door where he all of a sudden with hess wife in east pike land township. it's also where he taught private lessons at his own kimberton school of music. court documents indicate a search warrant of the home turned up his computer which contained the kind of images of nude children he allegedly showed his victims.
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investigators say the three alleged victims including two girls and a boy are all six years old. all of them were students here of the malvern school of music on east king street in malvern. administrators fired full man shortly after the investigation began on june 4th. that's when a six year old student told her parents he allegedly touched her in her private parts during a lesson. >> i was shocked and a degree of distraught and sad that it's hard forme to put words to which is still how i feel. my heart goes out to the alleged victims. >> reporter: prosecutors say full minute from russia was stabbing a clear pattern of grooming the six year olds. investigators are trying to determine if other current and former students may have been fondled. >> and that's why tonight prosecutors are urging the parents of his students to talk to their kids. if they have any suspicions to contact police immediately. in the meantime he's locked up tonight on $300,000 cash bail.
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reporting live in malvern chester county, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you police in cumberland county hope the public can help in their investigation of a kidnapping and sexual assault. take look at this sketch of the suspect. police in vineland say he along with another man kidnapped and raped a 21 year old woman last month. they allegedly kidnapped her in millville then took her to vineland where the victim told police she was attacked. a 1,000 dollars reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> well, rain lingers around the region tonight. heavy fog is moving in, and we're tracking potentially heavier storms for the end of this work week. our meteorologist kathy orr is keeping close eye on all of this and she has the first forecast now. kathy? >> chris we cannot catch a break soon enough. we are tracking more showers that are developing across the delaware valley. most of this lifting north into the lehigh valley butting see redevelopment to the south and where you see the spotty yellow
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and orange those are some heavy downpours that flash flood watch does continue into the early morning hours. i spoke to you are colleague at the national weather service, and it will be allowed to expire over into the. visibility reduced in the poconos to three tenths of a mile. down the shore in atlantic city, half mile visibility. fogged in most of this week down the shore with this warm humid air mass sitting officer us and not much wind to move the out. future weather shows some showers and storms moving through overnight tonight. mainly some heavy downpours. and some lingering rain for the morning commute. now, coming up we'll talk about the threats that come tomorrow because we are expecting some afternoon thunderstorms that will be strong. we'll take look at that plus an update on the forecast for father's day weekend. for now we'll zen it back to y you. >> all right. kathy, thanks. if you have pictures of severe weather, we'd love to see them. send us your pictures on facebook or twitter and mack sure to use the hash tag cbs-3 storm. and wake up to the latest forecast tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". meteorologist kate bilo will be
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in. the news starts at 4:30. >> we have some new information for you tonight about the health of the comedian tracy morgan who was critically injured on the new jersey turnpike saturday. the actor is reportedly doing better tonight. a good piece of news comes a day after the truck driver kevin roper pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in that crash. morgan's pub will he is the released a statement tonight that read in part while tracy remains in critical but stable condition, he continues to show signs of improvement. his medical team remains optimistic that his recovery is progressing. >> meantime funeral services were held today for morgan's friend james mcnair who was killed in that crash. mcnair known as jimmy mack had performed with tracy mr. began in delaware friday night just hours before the crash. mcnair was 63 years old. >> a potential commuter headache is now on the horizon.
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septa's regional rails could grind to a halt in the event of a strike. two unions representing electrical workers and engineers have been working without a contract for the last for years. leaders of those unions say they're prepared to strike saturday morning at 12:00 sore one unless an agreement is reached on pension benefits and retroactive wage hike. >> it would be an inconvenience to say the least. >> it's unexpecexpected. i wasn't aware so probably can't get to the city or back without, you know, taking the train. >> hopefully they'll be able to work it out before they have a strike or maybe president obama will go be and doctor an injunction. >> president obama could intervene forcing workers back on the job if governor corbett asked the fed for assistance. they handle one township thousand riders every day. >> stay with "eyewitness news" news for continuing coverage of the looming strike. you can always get the latest developments any time at >> penndot has again delayed construction on a section of
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interstate 95 northbound. crews need better weather to paint new traffic lines and shift traffic between allegheny and girard. once that traffic is shifted penndot can begin rebuilding that section of the road. the shifting of the traffic is now set for monday, june 23rd. >> lawmakers are scrambling to find new sources of revenue for the financially troubled philadelphia school district. today city council app pressed a plan to use $120 million in sales tax proceeds to fund the schools. council members also discussed the idea of creating a philadelphia specific lot will he game with money going toward the schools. >> it's sad that we're at a point in time as it relates to funding for education that we have to come up with these types of strategies. >> i'm talking about the future 10 or 15 years down the road. if these kids don't get the education that they need, philadelphia is not going to exist. >> groups of students marched to the center city office of governor tom corbett today protesting school budget cuts.
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>> we have new video tonight of one of two bears on the loose right now in camden county. take look. you can see the bear walking across lawns on ab berne avenue in waterford township camden county. that bear eventually went into the wharton state forest. a second bear was spotted along wharton avenue in winslow township yesterday morning. police are now warning residents to be on alert and call and in 11 if you happen to spot the bears. >> we are hearing tonight from the delaware teenager who was tacked with a shark. 16 year old andrew vans of delmar showed us his injuries today. andrew was swimming in the waters off cape henlopen park on monday when that shark clammed down on his left arm. >> my first instinct was just punch it. so i punched it in his head and didn't let go. so i stuck my thumb -- i was trying to pull his mouth apart and he let go. that's how i shredded up my right thumb. >> it's believed that andrew was bitten by young sand bar shark and attacked that is really considered an isolated incident.
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andrew says he'll go back in the water, but not any time soon. one minute people are filling up at the gas station, the next a fire ball erupts. tonight we're hearing from an off duty police officer who risked his life to save another driver. >> plus, how do you celebrate turning 90 years of age? well one former president strapped on a parachute and jumped from a helicopter. we'll have more on this high high-flying celebration. >> kathy. >> we're tracking more storms on storm scan3. ing see all of this moving toward the northeast. we have a cold front to the we west. then until that moves through we are going to stay in the stormy pattern. we'll take look at were to expect come tomorrow as far as the threats are concerned coming up. >> and some big changes for facebook. what the social network is doing for the very first time and what you'll soon see on your home page. seven
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>> violent protests march opening day the 2014 world soccer tournament in bra system. police crash with protesters in the streets before the first match. they're angry the brazilian government spent $11 billion to host the cup. protesters wanted that money spent on low income housing, hospitals and schools. >> army sergeant we bergdahl on plane to texas right now once he arrives he'll head to a military medical center there. he was released from taliban captivity on may 31st. he's been in a hospital in germany since june 1st. bergdahl was deployed in eastern afghanistan when he disappeared in june 2009. he was freed in he can change for five taliban detainees being held at guantonimo bay. >> remains of five american soldiers killed in a friendly fire attack in afghanistan are back on u.s. soil in delaware.
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dignified transfer of remains for three of the soldiers took place at dover air force base today. justin class of washington, justin helton of ohio and aaron toppin of illinois. the pentagon says a coalition jet called in to ward off a taliban tack mistakenly bombed the us special forces troops. >> militants are making their way toward baghdad tonight after capturing two key cities in ir iraq. they're on mission to take over the shiite led government in baghdad. president obama says his national security team has been closely monitoring the insurgent threat for several months now and is considering a request from the iraqi government to call in u.s. air strikes. >> my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. >> violence in iraq comes just 18 months after u.s. forces withdrew from the country. fearless off duty police
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officer risks his own life when chaos breaks out at a gas station in new york. take a look at this video. officer john, telling his car with gas. when a driver who blacked out slammed in a pump right next to him at high speed. flames spread everywhere in an instant but the officer runs back and he pulls the driver from his car essentially saving that man's life. >> i was standing that at the pump and the only thing i remember was a speeding car. somebody that was entering into the gas station at a higher rate of speed than normal. you could see the way his legs were tucked under by the seat. his seat belt was on. he was pretty much helpless. >> pretty impressive. the officer says he has visited with that driver, that he saved. he says the man and his family were extremely grateful. while we're talking about fearless, a former president marks milestone by jumping from helicopter. this is george h.w. bush celebrated his 90th birthday today with a pa rah chute jump
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in main man. president bush made a tandem jump landing hard but safely. just few minutes later. this is nothing new for the 41st president. this is actually his eighth successful parachute jump. >> actor harrison ford was hospitalized after being injured on the set of star wars episode seven. dizzy says the 71 year old actor was being treated for an ankle injury. the accident involved a space craft door. a local police report cited a garage door injuring a 71 year old man but did not name ford specifically. disney set shooting will continued as planned while he recovers. >> hollywood is mourning the loss of legend. actress ruby dee has died. dee earned lead roles in movies on broadway but also spent her live fighting injustice even emceeing the 1963 march on washington. she frequently acted alongside her late husband ozzie davis much her family sz she died pose physical at her home in new rochelle, new york.
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she 91 years old. >> facebook certainly has a lot more information about you than just your friends and likes. we know facebook is always collected data on its 1.2 billion users. now, though, it's going to use that information to tailor ads more directly to its customers. but for the first time facebook will also allow its users to see what it calls ad preferences which should give the user little more control. >> facebook is in the business of gathering data and so they should be careful about what they share knowing that everything that they do there is going to be part of facebook's database. >> facebook will allow users to alter their ad preferences. they'll also able to opt out of receiving those targeted ads. >> slowly but surely kathy the rain is making its way out. we're getting toward better weekend. we certainly are. we've been waiting all week. >> right. >> great weekend last weekend and the weekend before this could be three in row but we have to get through one more day of storms before we get the
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prize. outside, it is still warm. it is still humid, and it is still foggy. center city philadelphia, little bit cloud dough and actually foggy tonight usually we see our gorgeous skyline from our studios here in center city through skycam3 but not tonight. on storm scan throw we're looking at showers redevelop moving up through south jersey and the delaware bay toward philadelphia. so spotty showers with some heavy downpours still a possibility overnight tonight and through the early morning commute. on storm scan3 we can also go into visibility mode and these are the low clouds or fog that is formed across the region. in the poconos, that visibility is poor. patchy dense fog with third of a mile visibility. from toby hasn't in through the poconos and jim thorp and hazelton so that's definitely going to be a problem come early tomorrow morning. down the shore, a problem again through atlantic city, the expressway and also the garden state extending toward vineland. we're talking about visibility at about a half mile so if
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you'll be driving along these routes, late tonight or early in the morning please be aware of that. more foggy conditions for the morning hours. right now temperatures are mild and pretty much going to stay that way with this warm air mass. the moisture is going to linger and we are going to be seeing very light winds. philadelphia 73. 70 in allentown. 68 in trenton. as the storms move through the delaware valley tomorrow afternoon with a cold front, here's a look at our threats. downpours, a high probability of that. lightning, yes, we'll see some of that. winds gusting to at least 40 maybe 50 miles an hour in some storms. there is a possibility of small hail but we do have a very low risk of any type of rotating thunderstorms or tornadic activity that's the good news. so during the afternoon, this front will slide eastward. with some showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon possibly lingering into the evening. and then in the wake of this we're home clear. saturday looking good. with improving conditions. some of our compute models want to keep the clouds around for the morning and then clear it
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out by midday but nevertheless, increasing sunshine. the high temperature around 80 degrees. sunday so far so good for father' days we'll keep you updated in there's any changes. overnight mostly cloudy with areas of fog. scattered showers some of these could be heavy. the overnight low temperatures 68. for your friday, we finally get out the rut after this. mostly cloudy, some scattered showers in the morning, then the sun will actually break out and you'll see wow this isn't such a bad day and then the thunderstorms move through late in the afternoon into the evening. the high 81. right now there's no risk of severe weather that's the good news. the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast saturday and sunday look great. monday still warm increasingly humid and then tuesday and wednesday. some scattered showers and storms as temperatures get rea really close to 90. i think by wednesday somewhere we could make it to 90 degrees. it will would be the first time this season. >> how about that? >> um-hmm. >> halfway through june. my goodness, kathy, thanks. >> pretty nice weather in brazil.
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pretty good event going on there, lessly. >> the event that soccer fans have been waiting for. the world cup underway. soccer's biggest event kicking off with match featuring this year's home country and going for the sweep phillies looking to take thee from the padres and jimmy rollins inching close
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>> after going one and five on the road to fall 11 games under 500 the phillies needed to string together some wins and this afternoon they went for the sweep against the padres. kyle kendrick on the bump for the fightings. san diego getting to him early. top of the first headley knocks in double that scores a pair. two to nothing padres the phillies will answer right back bottom half of the first jimmy rollins with an rbi single that will score ben revere that will make it two to one. j roll one hit shy of tying mike schmidt's all time phillies hit record. to the sixth, all tied up but reid brignac lacing a double clears the bases and four hiv two phillies fightings did not
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lock back in the seventh a little insurance from john mayberry. that's three run homer and the phillies go on to win it seven high three completing the sweep. >> you know, always when you win games you feel better. nobody likes to lose, and so we put three together like you said and we'll move forward. we got the cubs coming in and we got to keep playing the way we've been playing. >> world's tournament kicking off today brazil with the start of the 2014 world cup the host country in action taking oh and a tough croatian team. early in the match 11 minutes in brazil marcello accidentally hits the ball into his own net for an own goal. crow yea is a up quickly one to nothing. second half tied at one brazil with a penalty shot and beats the croatian keeper for the goal. brazil wins that tough opener three to one. >> the us open back at pine hurst for the first time since 2005. and round one action graham mcdowell the 2010 champion with approach shot on 14 lands in
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front of the green. and rolls near the cup. he would birdie and finish tide for second at two under joining him a kevin nobody. beautiful chip in eagle. he shoots a skate in the round first and they trail martin keimer making the bird dough here on 17. he had the low round of the day. five under, 65. >> okay. so world cup a big deal. serve excited about it. it doesn't look like the american team has much of a chance. >> it will be tough. >> didn't the coach say, i don't think we'll win. >> writ he tee much. he wasn't too enthusiastic many you never know. >> that's why you got to watch. all right, lesley thank you very much. >> still ahead here and "eyewitness news" tonight a big honor for some local high school students. >> we'll tell you about their accomplish many that is caught the attention of philadelphia's mayor. stay with us.
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♪ >> big honors for high school students in center city tonight. >> mayor nutter was on hand presenting the awards to the winners of a national business plan competition at the pennsylvania convention center. the national foundation of teaching entrepreneurship sponsored this competition they work with high school students across the philadelphia area and our congratulations tonight to the honorees. we'll take a break and wrap things up right after this. seven
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and nicole brewer. for lesley, kathy and everyone her at it witness news, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can find us at cbsphilly.c the late show with david letterman is next. tonight's guess regis philbin. >> have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events.


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