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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what you need to know. >> president obama ways options, as militants threaten baghdad. i'm gregg boss well, the story coming up. >> learning details of preliminary report into the plane crash that killed philadelphia inquirer owner lewis katz, and six other people. today is saturday, june the 14th, good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00. we will get awe check on that forecast, and we have good news for them, carol? >> we real dow. >> finally. >> yes, a week, very crazy week, we had storms, it was humid. it was almost summer like. we've got a weekends, i think, you will absolutely a door, much like last weekends, and the weaken before that. soap, the weather at least is cooperating for anything you want to do outside. notice we take a look, "skycam 3", from our cbs-3 studios, do you still see few residual clouds off to the east, but off to the west starting to see a lot of clearing coming in, winds coming in out of the northwest, they're not strong, at this point, but we could be
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finding wind gusts, occasionally today, around 20, 25 miles an hour. so, a breezy day today. this is look over the last 12 hours, and you can see some of the showers, the storms, the hail that some people got, that is leaving and that's the look, things really improving with the temperatures in the 60s right now, all over the area, a 57 degrees, but everybody else very, very mild, our temperatures today, will be climbing to almost 80 degrees. but, for a day with a lot of sunshine, breeze out there, and the clouds, leaving us, so computer model says looks great. as we go through the afternoon hours, how does it look this week, though? are you ready for summer? you better be. we may be finding our first 90-degree day so far this year coming up this week. we will check on that. >> ready or not, all right, carol. >> regional rail on strike. contract negotiations between septa and two unions failed, forced more than 400 workers to walk offer the job after
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midnight. "eyewitness news" reports err steve patterson live at powelton rail yard with details. good morning, steve. >> good morning, nicole, first few hours of this strike, and 60,000 people commuters, every day, are expected to take those 13 rail lines, which are now shutdown. so, alights of course are on monday. but, today, we are getting good barometer, good taste what this strike will be like, 450 as you mention regional rail engineers, and electricians, two unions have, walk off the job. they're fighting over you what might expect, again, retroactive wage increases, contributions, for healthcare for those septa workers. important to say, again, that this does not include other methods of transportation that septa provides, buses, subways, trolleys, all of those, are still working, in fact, septa officials have added additional transportation, as part of a contingency plan for their riders, they have website up with that information, as we
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speak. there is another thing, as well. the last ditch effort, last night, that could have been federal mediated presidential emergency board, to prevent the strike for in lou of more time, more negotiating time. septa says they're not interested in that. governor core bert could step in and initiate those talks, but at this time again septa is not looking that way. >> at this time we have no plans, septa management has no plans to ask for a presidential emergency board. >> why? >> because we feel that all it does is to continue the possibility of a strike at a later date. >> the last regional rail strike was back in 1983. that one lasted for about three months, again, we won't know how bad this is, and how it may affect the commute until about monday morning when all of those people who use the 13 lines will have to look for somewhere else, and
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some other way, to get to work and out to the suburbs, the latest from west philly, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". steve, yes, it has been a while. here's what will be affected by the strike, just to recap for you. all regional rail service will be suspended, also, bus routes 78 from cornwells heights will also be out of service. and here's what will still be running during the strike. the norristown high-speed line, as well as all city mass transit. that includes buses, the broad street subway, market frankford line, and also the trolleys, all of which have increased service while regional rail is suspended. so hopefully that will help some folks out. now, our coverage continues on line for more information on the strike, and septa service interruption plans, just go to our website a preliminary report on the plane crash that killed philadelphia inquirer owner lewis katz, and six others, now is suggest the crew didn't perform a flight control check before attempting to take off. it also indicated a possible problem, with the mechanical gust lock system.
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the gust lock which prevents wind damage to flight control when it is park appears to engaged egg verse say that is going 189 miles per hour past the speed where take off could be safe. aviation expert tells us based on the filing g reports, the pilots may have been taking off thinking the gust lock was off when it wasn't. that limited their ability to control that plane. >> you would have to override the gust lock, would you have to ignore the fact that the very first thing you do, before you even start the engines, is disengage the gust lock. you would have to assume that the crew didn't move the flight controls at all during either pre taxi, taxi, or before take off. and would you have to assume that the gust lock didn't work as ties the, because they got take off power. that's the one continuing we know for sure, the airplane going 165 knotts.
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>> now, data from the private jet data recorders indicated that the plane never lifted off before it went off the runway, crashed into a gully, and that burst into flames. well, house fire in pleasantville has led to a homicide investigation. firefighters discovered the body after man inside the home on dowd i rode around 3:00 friday morning. investigators say, the fire was intensely set. an autopsy will be done to determine the victim's identity and cause of death. well, president obama will spend fathers day weekends in california, but aids say he will keep in touch with his national security team over the ongoing crisis in iraq. pressure is building on the white house to respond to violent insurgenty in that country, seized large areas of the lands. now, the crisis is the biggest threat to the stability in iraq, since the us troop withdrawal in 2011. cbs news correspondent craig boswell with the latest from the white house. president obama is not sending combat troops back to iraq, but says, the us will help the country defend itself
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against terrorists who seize several cities. >> this poses a danger to iraq, and its people, and given the nature of these terrorist it is could pose a threat eventually to american interest, as well. >> the president met with his national security team at the white house friday to to weigh in military options, but leaders need to step up to the plate. >> the united states is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the iraquis that gives us some assurance that they're prepared to work together. >> the president says the us has poured a lot into training and equipping iraqi forces, many not stands to go defend their own country selfed of the larger political problem. >> we are not going to be able to do it for them. >> late thursday, sunni fighters known as the islamic state in iraq and syria, captured two more towns about an hour outside baghdad. iraquis, and sunni areas, dis illusion dollars with the shiite led government, are not resisting the militants
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advance. in baghdad, where there is a large shiite population, volunteers are flooding into recruiting centers, responding to a call from the top cleric, to defend their homeland. at the white house, craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well the deteriorating situation in iraq is tough for many americans to swallow. some veterans, who saw their fellow soldiers, either injured or killed, are now questioning why they were even sent there in the first place. iraq war vet, joe diamond, is one of those men. he recently spoke with the mother of a friend who was killed. >> his mother just, you know, she reached out to me, she said it is such a dam shame. this is a mother's worse nightmare. my son died for nothing. you would be lying if you weren't sitting home saying what the hell was that all for? >> diamond's company developed armor name after friend killed in felusia by sniper fire. it is a deployable defense system, about five to ten countries including iraq and afghanistan. military officials are preparing to question army sergeant bowe bergdahl about
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his captivity. the sold here spent five years held by the taliban, arrived at brook army medical center in san antonio friday morning. doctors say he looks good, speaking english, but his speech has been impacted from being in captivity for so long. >> during his stay here, sergeant bergdahl will participate in re integration, a pros that's will aim to equip sergeant bergdahl with the necessary tools to regain appropriate levels of physical, emotional stability. >> bergdahl was exchanged for five taliban prisoners, last month. happening today, flag day celebrations, all across the delaware valley. and that's in the all. it is also the birthday of the us army. you can celebrate right here in philadelphia, at the stars and stripes festival. there will be variety of events happening from 9:00 to 6:00 all taking place at independence mall, the betsy ross house, the national constitution center and independence national historic park. well, members of the delaware valley viet nam veterans work on this memorial
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yesterday. "eyewitness news" at falls township community park in levittown bucks county, on display for all veterans past and president. >> 6:10. when hoarding goes extreme. we'll tell but one man's habit, how it literally forced him from his house. then, new dramatic video this morning, captures moment that students are swept away after a dam breaks. also ahead, local churches slated foreclosure despite the fact that parishioners say they've self-sufficient. our pat ciarrocchi has closer look when we come back.
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>> septa regional rail now on strike, engineers, electrical work, walk off the job after midnight. electrical workers have been working without a contract since 2009. the engineer since 2010. main sticking points are healthcare contributions, and retroactive pay raises, regional rails will not be in service during the strike, but most other septa service also continue to operate. well, a pothole stops a large moving truck, in its tracks, in center city. the moving truck was on 18th and sansom when it got stuck in a newly filled pothole. tied up the lane for some time while waiting to be hauled out of the hole. move remembers just a bit delays.
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>> new this morning, amateur video captured the scary moments when dozen of indian students were swept away last sunday, when a dam released a rush of water without any warning in himalayan river. six bodies have been recovered, 18 more are missing. all this as search efforts continue. now, the students want a fieldtrip and had stopped to take pictures when they were washed away. that's horrible, tragic. dramatic images from texas here, as huge house teetering on the edge after cliff, is intensely set on fire. look at that. authorities say destroying the 4,000 square foot house by fire is actually cheaper than waiting for it to topple into lake whitney, which by the way is 6 miles south of fort worth. now, the homeowner signed off on the plan, house was condemned, and owners evacuated few weeks ago, when chunks of that cliff, and the $700,000 home, started tumbling into the lake. >> that's my life there. we're watching fall off. >> it wasn't until you see it
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sitting there with what was your yard gone, what the deck that you used to sit on a chair, and look at the lake, you know, it is gone. >> so horrible. now, that home was built in 2007, when the couple bought it, they say experts told them the lands was stable. they were wrong. 6:15, let's check on the forecast with carol. >> bet there are a few lawsuits going on there. >> ya? geez. >> look how prep at this looks out here, great wet they are weekend, nicole, just for you. and, everybody else. and we can all get out and enjoy it. >> we need it. >> i hope you've got some weekend plans. we do have some sun that will eventually show up. the clouds, from all of that rain, and that miserable weather we saw yesterday, the last area that they will be leaving, will be right off the coast. because you were the last ones to get it. so, it will go, and we're going to be finding some great weather conditions around here. 69 degrees, that's out at the airport in philadelphia, right now, 66 in trenton, 67 degrees
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in wilmington, and humidity is lowering even as we speak. so, it is not as dry as it is going to be feeling a little later today. but still, beautiful out there this morning. and comfortable, with these temperatures in the 60s, and knowing that we have got a day of sunshine, makes it all the better. now, 70 degrees in ocean sit, you've got 69 degrees, right along with that ocean temperature, along the shore, this morning. and you will be seeing temperatures this afternoon getting close to 80 degrees, along the beaches. the clouds are leaving, and you can see, they've left areas to the west of philadelphia, they've left a loft south jersey, and just a few more to go, and little more time, and they will be out of here, as well, as high pressure builds in, another stellar weekends, temperatures right about 80 degrees, this afternoon. tomorrow several degrees higher than that, and then it doesn't seem to be able to stop itself t gets several degrees higher than that for monday, and tuesday, and wednesday, so, we are on a warming trends. but, boy, we are on a great trends, especially this
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weekend, because the humidity will be low, which it will probably not be starting on monday. but future weather, it is right on. it is completely right on. it may be this could be over to about here, and it will be even more accurate, but, i've seen it a lot less accurate than this. and you have too. but it gets all of the precipitation out of here. you might pick up one, two clouds briefly, and they'll just come streaming on by, otherwise, northwesterly breeze, keeping things really nice today. it will be breezy though with these winds gusting at times as high as 20, 25 miles an hour. so, nice day tomorrow, as well, not as windy, tomorrow, and then by the time we get to monday, there is a front that's lurking off to the west, one of the reasons that we will be warming up on monday, to 9 degrees, could be first 90 degrees day this year if not another chance on tuesday, if not, another chance on wednesday. ill show that you on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast. does this front actually make it all the way through? does it bring any showers?
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they're in the forecast. but no guarantee. what's pretty much the guarantee, another weekend like we've seen over the last couple of weeks. so, this is going to be just a terrific time to get outside. go to the beach. stay at home. do whatever you want to do. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s, at the shore today. and if you are going to the poconos, 72 degrees, this is the area laid out, could be 80 degrees here in philadelphia, and i think 79 sounds a little more refreshing. but, we'll take a look at it at 80 degrees, it is only just 1 degrees difference. it is sunny, it is beautiful, breezy today. tonight, cool, great, 58 degrees windows can be open, don't have to pain for t looking at 84 degrees for sunday fathers day, great day. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we do heat up. we could be right around the 09 degrees mark each of those days. by thursday, and friday, we are still back into the 80s, still a warm day, and shower and thunderstorm chances begin to pick up again starting on tuesday. nick snow. >> carol, thanks.
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wig turn out for hillary clinton, as she bridges her national book tour to philadelphia. the former secretary of state, and first lady, signed copies of her new book, hard choices. this is happening at the free library on logan circle. as she took no questions from the press, but she did chat with the hundreds of people that came to meet herment the line for the book signing wrapped around the block. it is 19:00 right now. the philadelphia archdioces is getting a earful from its people. appeals are being filed to reverse or revise its latest decision to close 16 parishes, and merge them with 13 others nearby. in bensalem, bucks county, one parish community just doesn't understand why financially sound church on a big property would be forced to close. pat ciarrocchi has their story. >> i don't know who is talking to god and who is talking to the holy spirit, but i think they are getting the wrong information. >> steve believes it has got to be wrong information about saint elizabeth parish in ben sal. >> i am we are financially sounds build something beautiful with the possibility of expanding parking so even
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if another parish merged with us -- >> on june 1st, stephanie washda, don lundgrab, tony and stephanie yost, learn their church would close july 1st. >> it means everything to me. it kept me to stay positive through everything, and my family. >> parish family that prayed stephanie through leukemia last year. we came to this church to learn, to re of its closing. >> it is worth fighting for. it is worth fighting for. >> we were met by 30 parishioners, some in tears, all with questions. >> the key word to this, there is no transparency. >> the suburban saint elizabeth's is to merge with saint toms equine us in croyden, where people going to sunday mass need to cross route 13. >> i have a 89 year old mother, so i'm not going to park her in the septa lot and walk across the street.
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>> despite extensive reviews of catholic population, marriages, baptisms, which they feel are competitive, parishioners suspect their property has more value. >> we feel as this is a direct attempt to sell off the property, because it is a valuable piece of property. and it showed me the money more than it is show me your fate. >> the archdioces tells us so far four parishes of the 16 are appealing the decision to close. there is a deadline of june the 17th. ironically, in this same pastoral planning area, of seven churches in lower bucks county, saint ann's, our lady of fatima, saint elizabeth earnings, all churr. named for women have been ordered closed. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, "eyewitness news". 6:21 right now. texas man is living on his roof after filling his home with clutter and debris. the houston man's home was so full of clutter he actually built makeshift structure on his roof to make room for himself to live.
6:22 am
crazy. neighbors say he's been living on the roof for the past year. now, he has received several citations for the trash, and even spent time in jail. city officials executed search warrant this week to clean up that home. 6:22 right now. get ready for some laughs at the moves think weekends. still ahead going behind the scenes with one of the stars of 22 jump street. that's next.
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>> the words at the box office this week sends sequel. chan up tatum and jonah hill return to the screen on 22
6:25 am
jump street. >> we're going book high school. >> to college. >> you look like you're ooh years old. >> twenty-one jump street, your role expanding in this one? >> they wanted to make more money. they new if they wanted to make more money, that they needed to put captain dixon in the movie more. so, we're sending them to college. first movie sent them to high school, now to college, they just messed it up. it is a big twist between my character, and jonah hill, which kind of leads me more into the mover. >> i tell me little bit about the chemistry between you guys. >> it was a natural chemistry, a trip, because when i did the first movie, you know, the first scene that i'm in, is the first time i, you know, acted with these guys, you know? so we hadn't really talked to each other a lot, and then here we go. we right in it.
6:26 am
but now we know each other, we've been kicking it, so, you know, i got to kind of finds whole different teen for them to really, you know, to get them in ship-shape. >> you're multi-talented actor, director, in this film, though, you're just taking on the role of act being. what was that like for you? >> like a vacation. it was fun, because usually i'm producing, i'm writing, i'm involved in all aspects of the movie, but now, just coming in, as an actor, you know, just seem like oh, okay, you know, come in, do your job, and, you know, i get to go kicking in my trailer. >> all right, kicking it with ice cube, by the way 22 jump street is rated r. it is now in theatres. it is 6:26 right now. septa on strike, we'll have live report coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news". also ahead, us transportation secretary, anthony socks, comes to delaware to see the damaged interstate 495 bridge up
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developing this morning, hundreds of union workers go on strike, putting the brakes on septa's regional rails. we're live. today is saturday, june 14th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 6:30, let's
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get a check on for the cast, and we are due for some change. this is good for us, carol. >> we don't want to change the way the week sends been going, though. >> no, because they've been fantastic, whatever you are doing, it is working. >> it is. >> but during the week it, hasn't been great. >> no. >> we saw that yesterday. we saw that many other days last week, too. but it is a whole different weather pattern coming up for this weekend, i'm happy to say. let's look outside. finds a great looking day, look at those little puffy clouds over center city philadelphia. it is beautiful at the shore, too, you were the last ones to see any precipitation. still little cloud cover going on, but still out running around, biking on the board walk, enjoying themselves, and date will be bright, as well. storm scan3, this is a look, over the last 12 hours, and you can see, that we saw some pretty interesting weather yesterday. we got every casino of variety of spring, summertime, casino every thunderstorms, showers, hail, lightning, it was a mess. but that's all gone. we are left with skies, that
6:31 am
are starting to clear out, and we've got a great day on tap. the temperatures are comfortable, in the 60s for everybody, and then we will be finding them warming up from here. we've got 73 degrees by 12:00 p.m., by the time we hit the afternoon, right around 80 degrees, sunshine, it will be breezy today. but the humidity is lowering. so it, won't feel oppressive at all today. future weather, let's see if this things gets these clouds out t does. we will be finding one or two puffy clouds, hanging around in a couple of spots. but generally, we are on the trends for clear skies, today. now, we are going to be watching for a big warm up. and that's going to be coming this next week. we could be finding 90 degrees on that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, or maybe more than one day, so we will take a look at that coming up. but today, stellar. nicole? >> carol, thank you. well, developing right now, septa regional rail on strike, more than 400 workers walk off the job after midnight shutting down 13 train lines that carry commuters to the
6:32 am
suburbs at philadelphia international airport. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson live at powelton rail yard with the details on the strike, steve, good morning. good morning, nicole. yes, we had reporters all afternoon working with just checking on the negotiations with officials, it started at about 10:00 o'clock yesterday morning. and then by 12:30, about six hours now, ago, we found out that that strike was on, that there was no deal struck between septa and the two unions, they were battling over which does mean that those 13 regional rail lines, 60,000 commuters, take, estimated, every day, will be shutdown. so that also means 450 regional rail engineers, electricians are off the job right now. they were fighting over basically retroactive wage increases, contributions, to healthcare, for septa workers and contract that they could not come to an agreement w it is important to say that while the strike does include --
6:33 am
does not include those other methods of transportation that septa provides, which means buses, subways, trolleys, all of that, you will still see running. in fact, septa officials say they're even adding more onto those things. transportation is part of contingency plans for their riders. they have that information available at their websites. there was last ditch effort that could have been something as federal mediated presidential emergency board, which would have brought the two sides together and stayed the strike. how much, septa says they were not interested in that, it would just delay what was inevitable. so now we have commuters, and again, septa officials, dealing with contingency plans. we spoke to one of the commuters who says it will be a different store when he -- >> look at our website. we have a service interruption plan that will tell you how it use alternate services, alternate modes. >> what's going through my head are contingency plans, somehow this guy going to get
6:34 am
to work? i'm sure he'll figure out one way or another, but won't be easy. >> meanwhile, hasn't been a regional rail strike since 1983, that one lasted for three months, we'll see what the progress can you solve like on this once the latest from west philly, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> steve, thanks. just it to recap, what will be affected by that strike, all regional rail service will be suspended as steve had said. also bus route 78 from cornwells heights will be out of service. and here is what will still be running during the strike,stown gh-speed line as well as all city mass transit. that includes buses, the broad street subway, market frankford line, and also the trolleys. all of which have increased service while regional rail is suspended, so hopeful tray will help you out. >> for more information on the strike and septa service interruption plans go, to our website cbs the us secretary of
6:35 am
transportation, anthony fox, joined delaware governor jack markell, to get up close look at the closed i495 bridge, in wilmington. the span was closed nearly two weeks ago, after inspection showed it was tilting. "eyewitness news" reporter jan has the update on the progress that's being made to fix that failing bridge. >> nearly two weeks since the tilting i495 close today traffic, equipment and tools, though, now in place for crews to start working on temporary fix. >> that will drive these 4-foot diameter shot down keep into the ground. anywhere from 140 feet to 170 feet down into bedrock. >> friday, us transportation secretary, anthony fox, joined governor jack markell and delaware's congressional delegation on site. >> when this bridge goes down, folks to travel all the way south, into miami, all the way up the eastern seaboard, impacted. >> del dot says riding the
6:36 am
road even just temporarily will cost roughly $20 million. 2 million is coming if the form of emergency funding from the federal highway administration. >> i believe anything beyond that 90% federal monday. >> i del dot says still looking into the 50,000-ton pile of dirt, which many say caused the problem here. they're trying to find out how long it grew beside the bridge and what the agency can do better to prevent it from happening again. >> cameras looking at these, i know on some of the bridges that we're building now, we're installing censors, so they are talking to us. >> now, secretary fox, says, the rest of the nation could see this as a learning experience however his main concern, getting it reopened to traffic. next big event happens in dover next week. the fire fly festival, which usually attract more than 70,000 people, if you are one of those people, we have toasted the recommended detours over at
6:37 am
reporting from wilmington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> casino after mess out there. 6:37. donald trump leaving his mark on chicago, some epp sit the trump sign going up on skyscraper in the windy city. in fact mayor rom emanuel says the sign is taste less, while handful of buildings display company names, trump's is one of the biggest nearly half football field wide, two stories tall. the real estate mogel says his sign is popular and will become iconic. >> chicago has other problems that they should be worried about. very high quality, very beautiful sign, i think enhances the building greatly. >> not tasteful, or distasteful, i would say, and it scars an otherwise very beautiful building. >> so difference of opinion there. well, mayor emanuel looking for options to get drum top take that sign down or change
6:38 am
it. >> warning for customers that the restaurant pf chance eatery says they're victims of nationwide data breach, recommending customers check their bank statements right away. credit and debit cards used at the chain are affected. pg fanning is asking -- chang is asking secret service to determine the number of people at risk? just halfway through 2014 appears to be record breaking year for auto recalls in the united states. get this, one out of every ten vikes on the road has been recalled, that's nearly 25 million vehicles. gm is behind nearly 14 million of those. expert believe by years ends could see some 35 million vehicles recalled. >> bizarre story, what started as cries for help started out and ended when something completely different. turns out the voice crying daddy, daddy, wasn't a child. it was parrot. >> at first the person hearing the voice did not know what to
6:39 am
think. near a school in the fairfield neighbor haded when she heard what sounded like a child's cries for help. >> then it said what? almost as if the child was talking to somebody else. >> then started following the cries. >> she september following it, brought her to a tree near the school, where she look up and saw that it was a parrot. >> yep. you heard correctly. a parrot, ravi to be exact. the voice the woman was hearing was not child at all but bird about 25 feet up in a tree. >> it was saying daddy, daddy, daddy, over and over and over again. >> it turns out, ralphy had been missing for days, his owner lives about a mile away. police rescued ralphy and brought him home. >> we're happy this were no children that were hurt and it wasn't a child at all but in fact the birds that was lost yearning for its fire or its daddy. we got it back to it. >> all right, that was robert golds stein reporting. now, ralphy's owners say they're just thankful ralphy
6:40 am
is back home with his daddy, casino of like a child. check this out. surveillance cameras capture young black bearing wandering through a convenience store. it went for a stroll, while employees, customers were in other aisles. some apparently didn't even know what was happening. so they couldn't careless. and then the bear left on its own, without causing any problems. well, there you have it. well, bunch of guys celebrating bachelor party, make a prehistoric discovery. sounds like the plot after movie, this is the real thing. plus, getting stunning by bees on purpose? sounds crazy, but it is helping some who suffer from common medical conditions. "3 on your side" health reporter stephanie stahl explains the healing power of bees. all that, plus carol has your weekends forecast, and a a week of wild wild weather, we finally in for a break. she'll have the forecast next.
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saying in the midst of whopping cough epidemic. so far handled more than 3400 cases, 800 just in the last two weeks. disease typically starts with flu-like symptoms, rapid covering follows for week or two. doctors say the best way to prevent whooping cough is vaccinations. also, urging pregnant women to get vaccinate in the their third try messier. well, also, on the health watch this morning, pain relieve. not with medication.
6:44 am
but bee stings. stephanie stahl with more on the unusual treatment and how it could be expanding. >> we know about bees, making honey and pollenating plants, and there is something else. >> come on, sting me, go for it. >> this is bee sting therapy to help relieve pain. >> the bug thing in my life, stay away from those bees. >> pat henry used to avoid bees. not any more. >> miracle creatures. >> pat has multiple sclerosis, for the past 16 years, this has been her only treatment. >> every other day, two bee stings to the back of her neck, and some more around her knees. >> in a couple of hours, joint soreness goes away. >> her bee stinker helps himself, too. >> my hands were so bad with arthritis. i don't have that any more. >> now, researchers are testing apa meds, purified honey bee venum, to treat arthritis. it is injected directly into the knees of patients who are in the study. >> nobody is really sure on exactly the mechanism of the honey bee venum. but it seems to be a a fin at
6:45 am
this to the inflammation that it gobbles up the n flamm agents. >> pat who gets venum the other fashioned way with bee venum says it does wonders. >> i'm independence, wash my own house, wake up every day, okay, made one more day. >> bees stings haven't stopped her from progressing and weakening her legs, but have helped relief symptoms, including pain. >> i can carry on with my life. and there are no side effect and hopefully i can live to be 100 years old. >> doctors warn, that in people mo are allergic, a bee sting can be deadly, so it is important to be tested, before trying the therapy. and the research trials for arte venum are not in our area, but we have a lot more information for you. click on health. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, 6:45, right now, and there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason, send eat a meyer join us live from new york with a preview. good morning, guys. high there, nicole. coming up: closer look at the
6:46 am
disturbing new report showing air traffic controllers getting little to no sleep before their shifts. and why the latest plans to prevent it aren't working. >> summer tv used to be pile of reruns. why networks are changing their strategy. >> this fathers day weekends looking at how men's socks have become a hot fashion item, with some now more expensive than the shoes. all that plus your eye opener, the dish, and muse neck our saturday session ahead on cbs saturday. >> i'll show you the socks. >> more expensive than, you know what, anthony, it is okay. we'll be -- (laughing) -- thanks for the preview, guys, appreciate it. 6:46 right now. back on "eyewitness news", with a giant injury as being finds, paleontologists paleontow mexico discovered the skull after prehistoric elephant. group of guys celebrating bachelor party of all things,
6:47 am
stumble on to the fossil last weekend. workers are now in the process of digging it out. that elephant by the way wade as much as 13,000 pounds. and stood 9 feet tall. that's one big animal. pretty impressive find, too. how is it going, carol? how is the weather looking? >> the weather looks spectacular. >> fantastic. >> and in time for the weekends, and after all of that rain yesterday. , it cleared out in time, blue skies, couple clouds, but nothing, just real nice backdrop. ben franklin bridge, beautiful at the shore. any location that you have decided, will be your destination, today. perfect weather. now, notice, that we're not really finding too many shadows, you're the last town see the clouds that came by with the colds front yesterday. but you too will be finding the sunshine, 69 degrees out at the airport in philadelphia, now 66 trenton, 67 degrees in wilmington, these temperatures have consistently been in the 60s this morning, i think tomorrow
6:48 am
morning, when you get up, it will be some 10 degrees cooler than this. so, the cooler air and the drier air is starting to filter in already. temp at the shore, ocean very close to 70 degrees, too. so, you might want to ventura ankle into the water today. storm scan3, this is the look over the last couple of hours, notice the clouds are pushing away, every hour they get farther away, and we will be left with sunshine today. and a gorgeous day, the temperatures getting close to 80 degrees, we might stop at 79. we might get to 81. we might even stop at 80. but you get the idea, right around 80 degrees, just another beautiful weekends, this high pressure system moves little closer to us tomorrow. temperatures climb just little bit. around 84, eight a degrees. and then by the time we get to monday, we could be seeing 90 degrees, fan we see 90 degrees on monday, or tuesday, or wednesday, when it is also possible for 09 degrees, be the first time so far this year that we have seen that.
6:49 am
so, we are starting to get to summer. on the 21st of the month. so we will be very close to that. now, the clouds, they go, good, bye, see ya, don't come back. we've got couple of maybe you see one, two, scattered around, we go through the rest of the day, but still beautiful day, great day tomorrow, fathers day tomorrow, as well. so he can get out, do all his yard work with no problem whatsoever. >> monday looking at warm day, front would like to come through here. does it make it? do we get shower, thunderstorm? maybe early tuesday? too early to tell. but just know there is a front that will be lurking out there. >> hardly lurking, if it is going to lurk, let's lurk a little more like. >> this because we for the last three weeks have seen temperatures that have been right around 80 plus, and the sunshine has been out every single weekends, it will be again today, with temperatures at the shore, if that's your
6:50 am
destination, getting to about 77, 78 degrees. if you are going into the poconos, you have 72 degrees. the one thing about every location, besides being sunny, comfortable, it will be breezy in all of these locations today. >> maybe to 25 miles an hour, but still northwest breeze, the humidity will be lowering, feeling great, around 08 degrees, feeling better tonight at 58 degrees, just beautiful. >> by monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures could be right around 90 degrees, if not exceeding that, if not all three of those days with chance of showers and thunderstorms coming up starting on tuesday nicole. >> in sports there is morning, lord stanley's cup is headed to last owning ankle less, listen. there it is, lots of excitement. the la kings beat the new york
6:51 am
rangers in double overtime, three to two, in just thrilling game. as you can see there, kings right wing justin williams was named most valuable player. >> 67:51. hundreds of teenagers from new jersey share a really special night. i love this story. the mansion in voorhees hosted a disney themed prom for about 100 teens for special needs. organization, fantastic friends, through that party. seventeen year old marissa hacker founded fantastic friends. now, hacker said she wanted to plan something big upon her graduation for her twin brother, who has autism, and the rest of the organization. love that, getting down, more on your forecast when we come back. plus, 200 years after francis scott key pens the star spangled banner, the manuscript paired with the inspirational flag. we'll have a look next.
6:52 am
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>> creation of the song, went onto become our national anthem. the star spangled banner, of course now to celebrate for the first time ever the original francis scott key manuscript has been re united with the very flag whose 15 broad strikes and 15 bright stars inspired key to write the iconic lyrics. the story from our nation's capitol.
6:55 am
>> the song, the flag, iconic duo scene and heard everywhere, no where before have you seen the original's together. for the first time, the actual flag from the war of 1812 will now be displayed with the original manuscript of the song it inspired. the star spangled banner. >> these words that you sing, and that you put your hand over your heart, you sing out at the ballgame, or at sporting event, is actually about this object. >> so we hope that we can inspire that ah-ha moment. >> there are a few surprise ah-ha moments, like seeing francis scott key's simple he had its, one small quill scratch, one large rewrite, that forever changed the lyrics we know. >> the melody loosely in heaven. >> a pug song. >> i mean, the tune is a
6:56 am
drinking song. and so it was a very popular song. >> hads a little more clung i than the one we sing. >> actually quite hard. they get little word i. not quite as eloquent in their rhyming, and the way that they sound together. >> the smithsonian expects hundreds every thousand also come to see the pair on display through the fourth of july. >> just reminds us who we, are you know, and just reminds us of the words, and all that is behind it, just the feeling of being an american. >> it gives you a sense behind the country. >> a powerful, patriotic symbol of site and sound. >> in washington. >> and doesn't matter who is singing it, it is always beautiful. >> and the flagg is gorgeous, too, and weaver the betsy ross house here, so -- >> all goes together here in fill.
6:57 am
>> i we're big on the american flag around here. >> we like it. >> we'll show you some great temperatures today, 80 degrees, beautiful sunshine, breezy, tomorrow, 84 degrees, but the humidity is low. so, beautiful weekend. and then we could be getting close to 90 degrees if not right there, for monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and the humidity is going to be coming up during that same time period. we start to pick up shower and thunderstorm chances starting on tuesday, right through friday. >> okay, so it is summer like. >> summer coming. all right, and that's cbs-3 eyewitness fuse for now. we may be signing off on television, always on line, at cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekends.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it's june 14th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." is iraq slipping closer into chaos. as militants move closer to baghdad, president obama says he's not ready to send in u.s. ground troops. air traffic controllers overscheduled and overwork. the new report that's making flyers uneasy. it used to be mocked as a gift on father's day. how men's socks are a multi-million-dollar business. fashion forward. >> but first we take a look at this morning's "eye opener." >> your world in 90 seconds. >> we'll not be s


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