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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> jeff: tonight militants claim a mass execution. isis says it killed more than 1700 soldiers. clarissa ward, holly williams and mike morell on the battle for iraq. the kidnapping of three teenagers in israel. benjamin netanyahu blames hamas. his troops respond with 80 arrests. >> radio legend casey kasem dies at 82. from los angeles, carter evans looks back. >> keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> and tractor-trailers could be getting longer. companies say it will save you money. would it make the roads less safe captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. the battle for iraq is being
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waged on the ground and on-line. today the militant group isis posted a series of graphic photos on twitter claiming a massacre of more than 1700 iraqi soldiers. those claims cannot be verified but the accusation as loan represent another escalation in a battle that's moved with extraordinary speed. today the aircraft carrier u.s.s. george h.w. bush arrived in the persian gulf with potential military support. the u.s. state department just announced they're evacuating nonessential personnel from the embassy in baghdad. they're also sending in marines to protect those who remain. we have a series of reports tonight beginning with clarissa ward. >> reporter: these photos appear to be the latest grisly evidence of the brutal tactics of isis. accord together extremist group more than 1700 iraqi soldiers were loaded on to flatbed trucks, then forced to lie face down in a shallow ditch before being
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executed. the horrifying images and the death toll have not been verified but their release appear to be a direct provocation at a time when sectarian tensions are boiling over. in baghdad today iraqi forces beefed up security. new check points were set up throughout the city. but militants managed to set off a car bomb in the heart of the capitol, targeting a store where soldiers buy their uniforms, another bloody message to security forces here. >> iraq's military was doing some messaging of its own, releasing video of helicopter gunships hitting what they skroobed as isis targets. >> over the last three days this iraqi could manner said the army's airwing has carried out effective missions on militant targets. >> but this is the government's real strategy, mobilizing shiite mill itchas through a massive recruitment drive.
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these men will get minimal training before being shipped to the front lines north of baghdad. tonight people here in the capitol are bracing themselves for what comes next. isis has announced that the big battle for baghdad will begin with a wave of suicide bombings. and already tonight, jeff, we've heard two bombings in the last few hours. >> jeff: clarissa ward inside baghdad, thank you. >> islamist state of iraq and syria are sunni muslims in a country where the majority rival shiites. isis now occupies territories stretching from northern syria to northern iraq. and iraq's second largest city was taken last week. isis now threatens samarra believed to be the birth place of its leader. >> holly williams has been covering the rise of isis for years now. she joins us this evening from the northern city of erbil. what do we know about isis's leadership. >> well, jeff, the group's mysterious leader is a man
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known as abu bakr al baghdadi. he is so elusive that we only have a couple of grainy photographs of him. but al-baghdadi now commands several thousand men in iraq and syria where he is trying to set up a state based on islamic law. al-baghdadi is so feared that some people have dubbed him the new osama bin laden. and the u.s. government has placed a $10 million bounty on his head. >> jeff: and we have seen isis sweep through northern iraq pretty quickly here. how do they become this kind of force? >> well, isis has spent several years fighting in the syrian civil war. doing battle not just against the syrian regime, but also against other syrian opposition groups that don't like the hard-line form of islam that isis is trying to impose. the group's men are committed and battle-hardened. and ear in northern iraq their opponents have been iraqi government soldiers who despite billions of dollars in american
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equipment and training, simply laid down their weapons and ran away when the islamic militants moved in. >> jeff: holly williams in erbil, thank you very much. >> for more on all of this we turn to cbs news national security contributor and former cia deputy director mike morell. he is in washington. mike, what options right now could the u.s. potentially use to influence this situation? >> jeff, there's a range of options from the u.s. providing its intelligence to the iraqis to helping the iraqis collect their own intelligence, to providing them equipment and then to conducting air strikes. but all of that will take time. air strikes require precise intelligence. these insurgents will be hiding in cities. we don't want to kill civilians so you need precise intelligence. that's going to take time. there is no silver bullet here in terms of support the u.s. can provide to trim the tide in the short term. >> iran is already getting
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involved, are in they in a better position to influence this right now. >> i think they are. they've got relationships with shi'a militia groups that date back ten years. they provide weapons and training to those groups. they're also willing to put their own soldiers on the ground with iraqi fighters. and i think that can make a huge difference. i think that is a huge downside for the u.s. over the long-term. the iranians helping the iraqis because it will give them influence inside of iraq and that is not in our interest jses you saw what holly williams had to say about isis from what you have seen, how strong are they and is it reasonable to think that they might try to take baghdad? >> so jeff, prior to the surge of isis in the last week, i would have put their numbers somewhere between 5 and 10,000, depending how many were in iraq and how many were in syria at any one time am but i think over the last week their number is growing. because as they take towns, young sunni men are joining
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them. and as they overrun iraqi military units, some of those sunni fighters are joining them. so i think their number is growing. i am not particularly worried, jeff, about baghdad. i think iraqi forces are capable of defending baghdad. i don't think isis is interested in taking baghdad. i think what you will see in baghdad is a series of suicide attacks designed to undermine the confidence of the iraqi people in their own government. >> jeff: mike morell in washington, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> jeff: israeli troops tonight are searching the west bank for three kidnapped teenagers. one of the teens is a u.s. citizen. here's charlie d'agata. >> the israeli military released this video of special forces searching house-to-house last night in the hunt for the missing teenagers. troop as rested around 80 palestinian suspects in and around the west bank city of hebron. 19-year-old eyal yifrach,
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gilad sha'ar 1/2 tali frankel vanished thursday afternoon while hitchhiking home from high school near hebron. naft tali is a dual american israeli citizen and hess ed his mother ra rachel said he should know israel is turning the world upside down in the search. >> god willing we'll all be able to celebrate their return safely. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu put the blame squarely on hamas militants and warned of syria's consequences if the young men aren't released soon. senior hamas leaders were among those arrested in the search for the boys. and although the militant group praised the abduction, hamas has denied any involvement. but palestinian militants have repeatedly threatened to kidnap israelies to use as bargaining tools to win the release of prisoners. today thousands of jewish worshippers gathered at jerusalem's western wall in
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a special mass prayer. fears are growing about the fate of the teenagers. army officials had to admit they can't even confirm whether the young men are dead or alive. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> jeff: today is the fourth day of the world cup in brazil but it was the first game in rio. many of those chanting in the streets are not supporting a team. elaine quijano is there. >> reporter: there were protests across brazil, in brazillia anti-dem trarts gathered at a bus stop and marched to the stadium and in rio they gathered in a park before blocking to a park where the stadium where the final will be played. >> among the protestors today was a man who came here today to document what was happening in the hopes that the world will take notice. >> we don't understand why the government used so much money on this, and did not put the money on education, health and other problems,
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you know. >> reporter: security lines prevented thousands of angry soccer fans from entering the stadium. some fans missed the entire first half of the match between ecuador and switzerland. tomorrow's headache could be water. in the city where the u.s. will play its debut game, officials have declared a flood a heart will. today team usa prepared for their match against ghana. the u.s. coach was a little more optimistic than he was just a few days ago. >> high scoring games this is what fans are waiting for. they want to see goals, you know. so hopefully we can deliver them some goals tomorrow and have at least one goal more than ghana. >> ghana was the team that knocked the u.s. out of the last two world cups. elaine quijano, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> he has been in the news recently because of a bitter family dispute but tonight he is being remembered for his decades of work before that. radio legend casey kasem died today at the age of 82. here's skarter-- carter evans.
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>> i'm casey kasem, counting them down. >> in the days when radio disc jockeys ruled the music industry casey case em was king. his iconic voice broadcast to every city in america. >> this is american top 40 and our countdown begins. number 40. >> reporter: when american top 40 launched on july 4th, 1970, the number one song was mama told me not to come by three dog night ♪ ♪ mama told me not to come ♪. >> initially only 7 stations carried the show. it was a sentimental format for an age of cultural rebellion but kasem who said he wanted to be the ed sullivan of radio thought there was a place on the dial for a wholesome weekly countdown. he was right. kasem hosted it for more than two decades. its ho most famous segment was a personal connection he made every sunday morning between listeners. >> a long distance dedication from a north american woman in arkansas to the englishman she left behind in south america. >> kasem had a strict code of ethics on the air.
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when george michael i want your sex topped the charts in 1987, he played the son song-- but at 40 told radio stations they could cut the song from the countdown if they found the lyrics too controversial. kasem was the father of four and he considered himself a family man on and off the air. >> what a great idea, scoob. >> for decades kasem was also a children's tv fixture, as the voice of shaggy, the faithful friend of scooby-doo. >> hey, scoob, you want to hear my radio voice. >> yeah. >> it's time to stay in and rock on. >> kasem retired just five years ago due to his declining health. in the year leading up to his death, he was bed riden with dementia. and it became the focus of an intense family feud. ultimately a judge ruled his daughter had the right to take him off life-support. on her facebook page kerri kasem said her father was surrounded by family and friends when he died. and even though we know he's in a better place and no longer suffering, we are heartbroken.
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>> here's that recent number one pop and soul hit, lionel ritchie with hello. >> casey kasem always ended each show with his trademark inspirational signoff. >> till then keep your feet in the ground and keep reaching the stars. >> now he will be remembered as one of radio's brightest stars. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> jeff: the industry drive for longer trucks. and an accident during a civil war reenactment. the "cbs evening news" continues. . getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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freight along america's high waste. now companies want to haul even more by extending each trailer five feet from the 28 foot maximum to 33. a double trailer would be 10 feet longer carrying up to 20% more. former transportation secretary jim burnley. >> the might is going to double over 20 years, we're going to have to move it if we want our economy to grow. if we want to get our amazon shipments, want our grocery stores supplied. >> burnley has worked with the american trucking association which believes larger trucks mean fewer on the road. >> fewer trucks, fewer potential for accidents. and it reduces congestion. >> reporter: but crashes involving twin trailers like the one in california in april that killed ten people raise concerns. jackie gillan is president of the group advocates for highway and auto safety. she says larger trucks take longer to stop, need more space to turn and make it harder for other drivers to maneuver around. >> it's very simple. bigger trucks are bigger
6:18 pm
safety problems. >> reporter: are you worried that longer trucks could mean more deaths. >> absolutely. the american public is going to pay with their lives and their wallets if the trucking industry succeeds. >> reporter: even though the rate of deaths in big rig crashes has dropped dramatically since the '70s, it's increased for three years in a row. but the c.e.o. of shipping giant fedex ground harry maier told congress in february the bigger trailers could be in fewer crashes than the current 28 foot ones. >> these trailers are actually safer than the 28s because they tend to be more stable going down the road. >> reporter: 11 states currently allow 33 foot 2r5i8er-- trailers. congress would have to change the law for them to roll nationwide. mark albert, cbs news, washington. >> jeff: next up here, a father, a son and one very big fish. start with the best writing experience.
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6:22 pm
caught fire. all three kids were taken to a nearby hospital. the world's most famous parking garage will be destroyed. the county board in arlington, virginia, voted this weekend to demolish the garage where "washington post" reporter bob wood ward met secretly with his watergate source deep throat mark fechlt a historical marker will remain when the garage comes down. this coming tuesday marks the 42nd anniversary of the watergate burglary. a father and son out fishing for the catch of the day in british columbia this week wound up with the catch of a lifetime. here is the video to prove it. a sturgeon nearly 12 feet long weighing 880 pounds. it was hooked by paul jarvis but took help from his father ron to real it in. the fish was tagged and released. the fishing guide believes that sturgeon was 125 years old. still ahead, on father's day,
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>> jeff: finally tonight, it's father's day, a day for cards and gifts, including
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one item of apparel that for a long time was overlooked. here's don dahler on a sock surge. >> vincent left a career on wall street to open the sock hop men's apparel store in downtown manhattan four years ago. right about the time colourful socks became cool. his store features hundreds of pairs of high end hossiery. >> were you surprised you were at the beginning of the trend. >> we could see it kind of start creeping up and then sure enough we see guys that are really into fashion wearing socks and then it turns into guys that are more business types wearing socksment and now it's everybody. >> socks have come a long way from the stone age when they were made from animal skins. this pair made of wool are the oldest known surviving socks dating back to egypt in the 4th century. by 1,000 ad they became a status symbol. production increased with the advent of the knitting machine in 15 will the-- 1589 and with nylon in 1938.
6:27 pm
men's socks are now its fastest growing sector of men's apparel. sales have soared 14% in just one year. high end dress and athletic socks have combined to create a $2.8 billion industry. a cashmere pair at j. crew runs 80 bucks. barney's elder statesmen will set you back 350. and at harries of london a pair made from new zealand red deer will warm your toes for a mere 1500 dollars. >> in a more casual era, the tide-- tie appears so there is this opening for another kind of expression of personality in an otherwise humdrum wardrobe. >> tory paterson writes the gentlemen scholar for >> the tie, there is no tactile pleasure it is just a thing around your neck t doesn't touch your body it is sort of like-- what is more one of, like on a cold winter day than to have some like nice rich merena wool against your feet. >> there seems to be no
6:28 pm
limit on the prints and patterns peeking out from cuffs. >> i see pokea dots, stripes, pretty much any color you can imagine. >> i think after we have broken down the wall of just navy and black, you can go all sorts of designs, all sorts of colors because it doesn't really have to match anything. >> even the first dad, president obama, received a pair from his predecessor last july. >> george h.w. bush jumped into the trend with both feet long before crazy socks were popular. don dahler, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night and happy father's day. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> i'm natasha brown. next on and "eyewitness news," we're following breaking news. police open fire after a shooting near a block party in north philadelphia. plus, septa regional rail trains are up and running after a brief strike. we'll tell you what's next for the two sides. justin. >> and the heat and humidity make a return for the upcoming work week.
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>> ♪ >> breaking right now, a shooting near a block party in a north philadelphia neighborhood leads police to own fire on a suspect. good evening, i'm natasha brown. when police got to the scene they found one man had been shot multiple times. this is unfolding in fir hills. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live there with the breaking


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