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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  June 15, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> breaking right now, a shooting near a block party in a north philadelphia neighborhood leads police to own fire on a suspect. good evening, i'm natasha brown. when police got to the scene they found one man had been shot multiple times. this is unfolding in fir hills. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live there with the breaking developments.
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liz. >> reporter: natasha, police say they are still trying to piece together just exactly what happened here but at this point they tell us they have one suspect in custody and two other suspects are in the hospital. and they say investigators here are dealing with two crime scenes, one of them is what you see behind me here and according to police, this is where one of the suspects collapsed in the middle of the street and police say another ran into a home here on fairhill street. now, the other crime scene is the video we shot as soon as we got to the scene. according to police that is just one block over on randolph street and that, police say, is where the gunfire broke out just after 3:00 this afternoon. police believe three men were initially involved and while the circumstances remain under investigation, in the end police tell us two of them were struck by bullets. police say the suspects tried to run away but police caught up with them, two as i mentioned are now in the hospital and a third is in custody. we talked to some neighbors,
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many of them were too scared to give their names but they are speaking out because they say it is unfortunate this all unfolded with so many people out on the block enjoying a nice father's day afternoon. >> we can't keep the kids outside 'cause, you know, we don't know what's going to happen. >> we always celebrating the block, we always do block party, we have fun cookouts and everything and we can't do it with all these shootouts. >> reporter: and officials here at the scene stress this is all preliminary information but they say at this point they are now looking into the possibility that both of the suspects in the hospital at this hour may have been shot by police. now, the police officer was not injured. once again, this investigation is continuing. that is the very latest from here live in fairhill. i'm elizabeth hur cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> liz thank you. a 21-year-old man is in stable condition after being shot in
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the leg in olney. this happened this afternoon at second street and champlost avenue. police are looking for several men seen running into a gray van with a rusty colored hood. and now septa regional rail is once again running after a one-day strike. threatened to disrupt travel for thousands of commuters this coming work week. last night president obama created an emergency board at the request of governor corbett. the two sides will now participate in hearings starting the week of june 23rd. the board will then give a recommendation to their president on july 14th. in the meantime service will continue running and as "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhury reports, that is certainly welcome news to riders. >> reporter: this train has come to a halt but the service hasn't. septa regional rail lines are back on track after a short work stoppage. the strike started saturday at midnight but president obama signed an executive order last night app pointing an emergency board to immediate the labor dispute and ordering
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the union back to work. had the president not gotten involved, all 13 regional rail lines would have stopped service. >> to get places, come on,. >>. >> reporter: more than 400 engineers and electrical workers have had a long running nabor dispute with septa. now septa officials and union workers will be forced to go back to the table that will be immediated by the president's emergency board. >> we will certainly comply with the mandates of the law and we will be given the opportunity to present our best case to the presidential emergency board. >> reporter: engineers and electrical workers have to work for the next eight months which means service could not be disrupted before february. >> that would give 240 more days of discussing this one issue and then after that point, if we can't come to
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agreement, then there will again be another work stoppage. >> reporter: the weekend stoppage lasted for about 24 hours. during the week day there are about 60,000 people that rely on the regional rail line service and many of them are happy that service is back to normal, especially in time for their monday morning commute. at the fern rock transportation center, syma chowdhury, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, developing now in iraq security is being beefed up at the united states embassy in baghdad. some staff members are being moved to other parts of iraq and the middle east. this comes after militants seized other cities in iraq last week. there have been violence in and around baghdad as they move on the capital and congressional republicans say the united states should intervene. >> we had this place in a good spot. they were playing politics rather than killing each other. the decision to withdraw u.s. forces create add vacuum. syria is a launching pad and it's all come together.
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we need all power immediately to stop the advance toward baghdad. >> president obama said friday that he will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq. he's expected to review a range of other options. and he was probably best known as the king of the top 40 count down. renowned international radio and tv host casey kasem died this morning surrounded by familiar and friends. he was 82 years old. his very unique voice entertained millions for decades. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca looks back at kasem's legendary career. >> now we're up to one of the two acts in our survey who are veteran actors. >> reporter: for nearly 40 years casey kasem was one of the best known radio and tv personalities in the country. >> this is american top 40 in hollywood. i'm casey kasem. now we're up to our long distance dedication. >> reporter: his american top 40 radio program was an institution known for kasem's long distance dedications and his trademark signoff.
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>> until then keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> reporter: kasem was also the long time host of america's top 10. >> let's turn right to the action on the billboard pop single chart and check out the 10 biggest hits this week. >> reporter: born in detroit in 1932 to lebanese immigrants kasem served in the u.s. army where he was a dj on the armed forces radio korea network greetings. >> reporter: kasem also kept busy as a voice actor. his most famous role voicing shaggy in. >> i was scooby you want to hear my radio voice. >> reporter: kasem retired in 2009. in his final years he suffered from progressive dementia and was at the center of a bitter family feud between his wife and his children and his first marry marriage. he earned a fortune estimated at $80 million. omar villafranca for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> long time local radio host
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and 98.1 wogl deejay bob charger reflected on kasem's legacy. >> in the early years hawpe turned down by many program directors because they thought he didn't have a radio voice, he didn't have that basisound as they say from his time period but he proved them wrong, didn't he. >> casey says so many is survived by four children. meantime a deadly predawn house fire kills six people in newark, new jersey. authorities say the fast moving flames record through the single family home and then quickly spread to another house. both homes were destroyed. everyone in the second house did manage to escape. the cause does remain under investigation. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news," a mother's outrage over how a flight attendant treated her today. it ends in an apology from the airlines. we'll tell you how jetblue is trying to make up for an otherwise embarrassing situation. plus, on this father's day a remarkable story of bravery and honor. two local world war ii
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veterans just return from a trip to france to mark a turning point in the world and their lives. justin. >> we're going to turn the heat and humidity back up this weekend, make a run at 90 degrees. i'll show you the seven-day forecast. >> and straight ahead in sports, the phillies and the cubs rounding out their weekend series today. can the fightans bats come alive for yet another win? find out in sports. th
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>> welcome back. a massachusetts mom receives an apology from jetblue
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after a flight attend dander refused to let the woman's daughter use the restroom. jennifer devereaux was traveling with her two daughters on a flight from new york to boston. the plane was delayed on the runway. devereaux's three year old needed to use the bathroom but they weren't allowed out of their seats. the child couldn't hold it any longer and went in her seat. devereaux says she's happy that jetblue did the right thing. >> she said, you know, i'm a mom, too, i totally understand what you were going through, i'm so sorry this happened to you. i don't care about a voucher. you know, that kind of stuff doesn't really matter to me but i did want an apology for my family 'cause we really felt like we were mistreated and we felt awful about it. >> jetblue says its employees will undergo sensitivity training. the airline also offered the family is a $50 credit nd $5,000 to be given to the clarity of their choice. also olympic champion swimmer amy van dyk ruin is
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out of intensive care. nine days ago she severed her spinal cord in an all terrain vehicle accident. she was left paralyzed though her family says it's unclear if they she will remain that way. the 41 year old won four gold medals at the 1996 olympics. "eyewitness news" along the ben franklin parkway for the 12th annual gary papa run. the 5k raises money for prostate cancer awareness and research. every year near 200,000 american men are diagnosed with profit taste cancer and an estimated 27,000 will die from that disease. and special church services were held today in honor of father's day. the church of christian compassion in west philly even rolled out the red carpet for dad. in addition to the services, there was also a daddy and daughter dance to mark the special occasion. happy father's day to all the dads out there.
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yes, towed make dad's day a special weather day. >> yes. >> and boy it's beautiful. >> exact. i'm sure a lost dads hit the golf course. great weather, very pleasant. spoiled but obviously it's the middle of june so you know we're going to bring that heat back and humidity. it starts to arrive tomorrow. yes, just in time for the work week but great beach weather up and down really the east coast, jersey shore delaware beaches. take a live look at ocean city right now. pretty jam packed boardwalk with the sunshine, temperatures in the low 80's today, even along the coastline that water temperature starting to come up to around 70 degrees. inland spots did hit 82 officially that was the high temperature here in philadelphia. so now we're back to near average. normal high 83 degrees. it gets hot this time of year certainly k record high for this day 100 degrees. that was set back in 1994. doesn't look like we're going set any records this week but we're going to warm it up. compared to yesterday at this time 10 to 15 degrees warmer here in philadelphia and in allentown 4 degrees warmer in wildwood. still very pleasant and warm with the sunshine, 82 at the
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airport, 81 in reading and allentown, 79 in trenton. nice breeze out of the west and northwest so that's a dry wind. that air is coming from canada so that's why the humidity level is low throughout the entire weekend. however the wind starts to switch around out of the southwest tomorrow, that slowly brings back in heat and humidity. nice and dry at that time high pressure parked over the midatlantic so we'll keep things quiet overnight into your monday, so no threat of any rainfall. the jet stream has taken a big trip to the north. that means warm air will continue to build from the deep south and look where this jet holds up monday, tuesday, wednesday. well to our north so this is going to allow all that heat to expand northward and things really heat up rapidly as we bring in that humidity as well as we make a run at 90 degrees for the middle of the week. and if we do hit 90 that will be the first time this season here in philadelphia. so high pressure moves off shore tomorrow, allows that we southwesterly wind on the backside. we get into the upper 80's for the inland spots. it's hot and humid on tuesday. 90 degrees for the high temperature.
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there could be an isolated shower or storm in some spots. i think a better chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm for the afternoon on wednesday as this next cold front approaches, the humidity sticks around, highs once again reaching that 90-degree mark. we'll show you on our future weather model. very quiet overnight. tomorrow nice start to the day, plenty of sunshine, maybe just a few afternoon clouds move through. it's during the evening into the overnight hours we see a little disturbance moving through tomorrow night. this could bring a shower or thunderstorm through the area. it's gone by tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon mixture of sunshine and clouds, maybe a stray shower in some spots. wednesday typical summer time stuff, you get the heat and humidity building during the day, you have that chance for a scattered shower or storm. really depends where you r still comfortable overnight. mostly clear. 62 for the low temperature. some 50's still in the suburbs once again. a very warm day monday. plenty of sunshine. we're back up to 88 degrees so that's above average for this time of year. and again another great looking beach day at the new jersey shore. 80 for the air temperature, water temperature 69.
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a lot of sun. u.v. index very high so make sure you have the sunblock. here's the extended forecast. warming it up, 88 monday, 91 on wednesday and look at that, magic right there, walk through that, 88 degrees on thursday. still a chance of some showers and storms and we'll come back to your average with highs in the mid 80's by the end of the week. see how i like disappeared as i was just strolling on through. >> little father's day something, something. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. lesley is here with sports. >> lots of dads at the ballpark today. coming off a big win yesterday the phillies trying to get another one against the cubs before leaving for a seven game road trip. jim bunting threw out the fir ity first pitch commemorating the 50th anniversary that of perfect day he threw on father's day in 64. a.j. burnett getting into trouble, two outs, a single shot home run puts the curbs on the board. chicago with a man on third
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starling castro sinks a single and that sends a runner home. chicago two-nothing. in the sixth the cubs again with a man on third, nate schierholtz former philly sends a shot to the gap in left field. that's going to be enough for the win. the phillies offense getting shut out with only three hits. they now hit the road to atlanta then saint louis. they're dead last in the division. >> we've just been hot and cold and inconsistent on a string of games on the offensive side of things. >> i mean, we're going up against atlanta and saint louis so it's a big road trip for us and it will be a good test for us and so we have to play to a different level and we have to do things better. >> less than two weeks until the nba draft tomorrow. the sixers will get a good look at one of the top prospects. kansas forward andrew wiggins expected to be in town for a private workout.
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he has a 44-inch vertical. the sixers could try to trade up if tomorrow goes well. meanwhile game five of the nba finals tonight. the heat and santonio trying to stay alive. the spurs up three-one in the seethe rears. the spurs coming off a huge win dominating the heat in game four. 107 to 86 but the heat are coming to play and ready to leave everything on the court. >> obviously we know if we lose the season is over and for me it's like you either don't make the playoffs or you win a championship. there's no in between. >> you know, they're back to back champs and they've been in this situation before and they have all the confidence in the world that they can win these games so we have to do just the same, come out there and say, hey, we're going to take at this time little by little, quarter by quarter and see what happens. >> to the lynx. the final round of the u.s. open at pinehurst. martin kaymer is the leader at eight under par. he lost some ground yesterday
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hitting five bogeys to end up two over par. right now still holding a comfortable lead ahead by six strokes. to the world cup, three games today. starting with switzerland who beat ecuador two-one. france shutting out honduras three-nothing. argentina on the field with boss flee ya'. argentina up one-nothing. we'll be right back with
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i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright. ♪
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>> two residents of a montgomery county retirement community recently traveled to france to commemorate the 70th anniversary of d-day. for the vets it was a visit filled with bittersweet memories of patriotism and honor. our steve patterson sat down and spoke with them about this
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very memorable trip. they are a rare breed. >> it was just something we all did it and we all came home and we were all quiet. >> reporter: of the 16 million americans who fought in world war ii, a little over a million are left. bill and irv even more rare. not only did both fight in the war they both survived the d-day invasion which means they helped liberate france, buried friends nearly died and have as many stories in their heads as they have medals on that chests. they both got back from france where they were two of 200 honored in front of 15,000 and several heads of state. despite all that when you ask bill and irv about the war and returning to france nearly 70 years after the occupation and invasion, it's not the people they latch onto, not events but objects. >> and it was dead silence listening to those bells ring. just -- i'll never forget
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that. >> reporter: for knottily it's bells. awarded a bronze star and purple heart went bab to the town of saints low a place once wiped off the map by nazi germany now rebuilt thanks in part to his unit's heroics. >> it pulls at your heart really. >> reporter: take a look at this. when herb went back he discovered this bridge still standing not only as a monument to what was done there but still functioning. >> it's still the most exciting thing. i mean, it could have gone down two days after i walked weigh from it for all i knew. >> reporter: herb the retired architect penn grad and army engineer calls it a standing miracle and says the supply bridge in this picture is the third built by his unit when he came back the town's mayor personally awarded him a medal. >> remember, forgive but don't forget. >> reporter: in gwynedd, steve
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>> ♪ >> well, that's "eyewitness news" for now. i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin, all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. remember, we're always on 60 minutes is up next. we'll see you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly back here at 11:00 on cbs3. happy father's day to all the dads out there. and joy your day. >> ♪
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> we have prada. we have chanel. we have dolce gabbana. we have versace. we have burberry. >> stahl: luxottica started here as a small tool shop in agordo, a dot of a town in the italian alps, when frames were still made of mountain goat horns. do you have any idea how many people in the world are wearing your glasses right now? >> at least half a billion. >> wow. >> cooper: giving away apartments to homeless people like robert mcmurtry... >> this is great. >> cooper: ...who has been living on the streets for years, may not sound like a wise idea, but it is happening in cities across america. >> and i can go buy some food and keep it. >> cooper: so far, 100,000 homeless peoha


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