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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> we start with breaking news tonight. a flight from philadelphia to frankford germany makes an expected landing back at philadelphia international airport. airport officials tell "eyewitness news" flight 427 did not declare an emergency. the plane landed safely and no one was hurt. it's still unclear why the flight returned. we're told the flight has now been canceled. the airline is trying to accommodate the passengers so we'll continue to work to get more details and bring them to you as soon as they become
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available to us throughout the night. also, tonight, a neighborhood block party interrupted by a shooting and the violence leads police to open fire on a suspe suspect. >> good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. families were out and about just trying to enjoy a warm sunday afternoon, when this shooting took place. it was a very chaotic scene in the 3200 block of north randolph street in fair hill. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live outside of police headquarters. she's got the very latest details. liz? >> reporter: natasha, two suspects were taken to the hospital. one after being shot in the arm. the other we are told he was shot multiple times and at last check was listed in critical condition. and police say the officer involved was not hurt. bullets fly in the middle of a block. >> it's crazy out here. >> reporter: where families including children were out enjoying a beautiful father's day afternoon. >> i mean people just don't ca care. >> reporter: according to police, the gunfire broke out in
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the 3200 block of randolph street. preliminarily we're told the initial incident involved three men, two of them opened fire. the circumstances remain under investigation but we're told at some point a responding officer assigned to the 25th district discharged his weapon possibly striking two of the suspects. police say the suspect tried to run away but just one block over one was found collapsed in the middle of the street. another inside a home on fair hill street. two were taken to the hospital. police say the third suspect was taken into custody. >> we can't keep the kids outside because, you know, we don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the neighbors we talked to afraid of retaliation asked that we don't use their names. but with young children in their homes, they agreed to talk to us calling the shooting senseless. >> we always celebrating on the block. we always do block parties. we always -- we have fun cook outs and we can't do it. with all these shoot outs.
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>> reporter: and police say their work here is continuing at this time they're notary loosing any names or a motive but again preliminarily at least according to an official at the scene, police right now are looking into the possibility that both of suspects injured may have been shot by police. that is the very latest from here, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you very much. also, tomorrow morning commuters will be able to take septa regional rails to and from work. this after a brief strike over the weekend. last night president obama created an emergency board at the request of governor court forcing union workers back on the job. the two sides will now participate in hearings starting the week of june 23rd. the board will then give a recommendation to the president on july 14th. "eyewitness news" reporter syma choudhry has more. >> reporter: this train has come to a halt but the service
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hasn't. septa regional rail lines are back on track after a short work stoppage. the strike started saturday at midnight but president obama signed an executive order last night appointing an emergency board to mediate the labor dispute and ordering the union back to work. had the president not gotten involved, all 13 regional rail lines would have stopped servi service. >> people need to get places like come on. this is ridiculous report roar this strike was the first in 31 years. the last septa regional rail strike was in 1983 and lasted for more than three months. more than 400 engineers and electrical workers have had a long running labor dispute with septa. now, septa officials and union workers will be forced to go back to the table that will be mediated by the president's emergency board. >> we will certainly comply with the mandates of the law, and we will be given the opportunity to present our best case to the presidential emergency board.
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report engineers and electrical workers have to work for the next eight months which means service could not be disrupted before february. >> that would give 240 more days of discussing this one issue and then after that point, if we can't come into agreement, then there will again be another work stoppage. >> reporter: the weekend strike lasted for about 24 hours. now, during the weekday there are about 60 thus san people that rely on the regional rail line service and many of them are happy that service is back to normal especially in time for their monday morning commute. at the fern rock transportation center, i'm ma choudhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all the dads out there couldn't have asked for better day this father's day the weather was just beautiful. hope you had a great father's day it's really going to start feeling like summer as we head into the work week. meteorologist justin drabick joining us now with the first check on the forecast. did i see 90s in there, justin? that's right. it would be the first time this season here in philadelphia if we do hit 90 degrees. how about that? very pleasant
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though this weekend yesterday's highs were in the 70s. today right on average. we made it to 83 at the airport. the record high for this date 100 degrees in 1994. we're not going to get that hot. doesn't look like we'll be breaking any records. but we are going to turn the heat up a little bit as well as the humidity over the next few days. still pretty warm right now. 65 in allentown. 73 at the airport. 62 in millville. humidity levels still low currently so somewhat comfortable look at that 59 in quakertown. 63 in pottstown not a bad finish to the weekend. nice and dry on storm scan3. patchy clouds role on in during the overnight hours. high pressure remains in control keeping us dry. monday morning temperatures low 60s maybe 50s in the suburbs we rebound new nicely high temperatures will go well above average on monday. we'll talk about that high humidity and the 90-degree temps i'm show the seven day in few more minutes. natasha? >> also, new tonight, more sightings of a black bear roaming around burlington
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county, inform. there have been multiple sightings roared in evesham township just in the past week. police sent out this picture of a bear on thursday. it was seen in the sanctuary development before going back into the woods on its own. this morning police say a bear was spotted near the fire department so it's still unclear if this is the same black bear wandering around. also new information tonight about that deadly fire in newark, new jersey, that killed six people including a 15 year old. police say the teenager was on a father's day visit to honor this deceased dad when he, his mother and four others perish in the fire. the blaze broke out in one house, quickly spread to anoth another. everyone in the second house managed to escape. the cause does remain under investigation tonight. >> and security is tightening in baghdad after stream mist militants threaten to storm iraq pogs capitol city and now president obama is considering taking military action. cbs news correspondent windy gillette has more now from new york. >> reporter: baghdad is under
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a night curfew and tight security as an islamic terrorist group threatens to overtake the city. the us is evacuating some employees from its embassy. 100 marines and soldiers will guard the building. the extremist group islamic state of iraq and syria or isis taken control of several areas in northwest iraq. on sunday it claimed responsibility for at least one of several explosions that rocked bag bad killing at least 19. isis took terror campaign to social media releasing graphic photos and claiming militants executed 1700 iraqi soldiers. a claim that cannot be verified. but the government is fighting back. prime minister nori al maliki addressed some of his troops vowing to liberate any territory captured by i sis. iraqi military conducted air strikes sunday against some i sis targets. president obama is considering possible military action. >> if you use air power you can
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kill civilians if baghdad gets infected with these guys and the government collapses that's the worst case scenario. >> my first thing recommend to the president get your intelligence group back on track making sure we have the intel we need for whatever options we have that are going to be accurate. >> state department is warning americans to avoid all non search travel to iraq. wendy gillette, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> remembering the king of the top 40 countdown. broadcast legend casey kasem died today after a long disease with parkinson's disease an and dementia. he was 82 years old. keep your feet on the ground. long time personalities reflected on his legacy. >> his voice was unique in the early years he was turned down by many program directors because they thought didn't have radio voice. because he didn't have that base see sound. as they say. from his time period.
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but he proved them wrong, didn't he? >> it's not how heavy you are. it's how long you're heavy so casey kasem was the heavy weight in his unique format in the business for not decades but generations. >> in recent years kasem was at the center of a bitter family feud between his second wife and his children from his first marriage. kasem is survived by four children. stay with us. still ahead a mom who says she and her daughter were humiliated on flight from new york to boston is now getting an apology that she's been asking for. we'll tell you why jet blue airlines is now saying sorry. >> plus a memorable trip for two local world war ii veterans we'll have more on this remarkable story of honor and bravery justin. >> after pleasant weekend across the delaware valley get ready for hire heat and humidity for the work week. i'll have the complete details. >> and straight ahead in sports the phillies and cubs finishing
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>> welcome back everyone. massachusetts mom receives an apology from jet blue airlines after a flight attendant refused to let the woman's daughter use the restroom. jennifer devereaux was traveling with her two daughters on flight from new york to boston. the plane was delayed on the runway. devereaux's three year old needed to go to the bathroom. but they weren't allowed out of their seats. the child couldn't hold it and went in her seat. devereaux says she's happy now that jet blee did the right thing. >> she said, you know, i'm a mom, too, i totally understand what you're going through. i'm so sorry this happened to you. i don't care about a voucher. you know, that kind of stuff doesn't really matter to me, but i did want an apology to my family because we felt like we were mistreated and melt awful about it. >> jet blue says its employees will undergo sensitivity training.
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the airline meantime also offered the familiar al $50 credit and five thus san dollars to be given to charity of their choice. >> olympic champion swimmer amy van dyke ruin is out of intensive care and in a regular hospital room. nine days ago she severed her spinal cord in all terrain vehicle accident she was left paralyzed her family says it's unclear if she will remain that way. the 41 year old won four gold medals at the 1996 atlanta olympics and two more in sidney before retiring. also a pennsylvania state trooper had was paralyzed in a car crash is given new mobility thanks to very generous gift. trooper gene, of york county received an $18,000 alter ryan wheelchair that allows her to move in a standing position. the dealer of the wheelchair has donated them before to veterans but this is the first time one has been given to a first responder in pennsylvania. >> i don't think in the lifetime i could repay them for this. i don't think i could repay
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anybody for this in lifetime. this is one i can't pay back. i just got to figure out how to pay it forward. >> jean says she's looking forward to going fishing and camping with her new wheelchair. well, two residents of a montgomery county retirement community recently traveled to france to commemorate the 70th anniversary of d-day. for the vets it was a visit filled with bittersweet memories of patriotism and honor. our steve patterson sat down and spoke with them about this memorable trip. >> reporter: they are a rare breed. symbolically, figuratively, literally. >> it was just something we all did and we all came home and we were all quiet. >> reporter: of the 16 million americans who fought in world war ii, a little over a million are left. bill nutley and herb levy are more rare. not only did both fight in the war, they both survived the d-day invasion which means they both have liberate france, bury friends, nearly died and have as many stories in their heads as they do medals on their chest. >> to say i wasn't frightened would be a lie.
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of course, we were frightened. >> reporter: they both now live in the same gwynned retirement home. both getting back from france where they were two of 200 honored in front of 15,000 and several heads of state. despite all of that when you ask bill and herb about the war and returning to france nearly 70 years after the occupation and invasion the it's the not the people they latch on, not events, but objects. >> there was dead silence listening to those bell rings. just i'll never forget that. >> reporter: nor nutley its bells. former infantry men award add bronze star and purple heart went back to the town of saint low a place once wiped off the map by nazi germany now rebuilt, thanks to part to his union's her row wick. he described the church bells which rang out all at once when he came back. >> it pulls at your heart. i started to tear up just thinking of it. >> reporter: take look at this when herb went back he discover this bridge still standing not only as a monument to what was done there, but still
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functioning. >> it's still the most exciting thing. i mean it could have gone down two days after i walked away from it for all i knew. >> reporter: herb the retired architect penn grad and army engineer calls it a standing miracle and says the supply bridge in this picture is actually the third built by his unit when he came back the town's mayor personally awarded him medal. >> remember, forgive, but don't forget. >> reporter: in gwynned, steve patterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thousand spent this father' days running for a very important cause. "eyewitness news" along the ben franklin parkway for the 12th annual gary papa run. the 5k raises money for prostate cancer awareness and research. every year nearly 200,000 american men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and an estimated 27,000 will die from that disease. beautiful day for a run today. just a beautiful father's day. couldn't have asked for better day. exactly. i'm sure a lot of fathers out on
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the golf course. >> opinion nicking a great day. we'll crank up the heat this week. it is mid june. >> about that time. yeah. we'll make a run at 90 degrees but still very pleasant outside right now. here's how it looks at center city. looking at the ben franklin bridge. pretty quiet. just a few clouds. it's still warm. levels are low. keep the windows open. compared to last night at this type it's much warmer. almost a little bit on the cool side yesterday at this time. but now we're 9 degrees warmer this time yesterday in philadelphia. eight in allentown. eight in reading. so that's the sign of that warmer air moving on in coming in slowly. 73 still at the airport. 68 reading. 65 allentown. so some nice comfortable temperatures for the suburbs again some spots could dip down into the 50s again. the dew point temperatures which tells how much moisture is in the atmosphere gauges our humidity levels still very low. for the middle of june. we're in the low 50s. you don't see that a whole lot this time of year. again the dew point measures how
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much moisture is in the atmosphere the higher the number the more humid it is. currently we're at 53 degrees. that's comfortable. tomorrow we start to bring it up to about 60 degrees. so what does that mean to you? it's still not bad. but you'll start to feel the diss it's really once you get about 65 or higher that's when you really start feeling the humidity and once you hit 70 that's when it's oppressive it looks like we'll see dew point temperature in the lows as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so just get ready for that. if you don't like the humidity. high pressure over us. keeping us dry. maybe a few fair weather clouds moving through one weak disturbance coming through the chicago area. we can get a shower or thunderstorm later tomorrow night. but it will be very scattered. jet stream well to our north. so that means the warmth from the south starts to expand northward and eastward and the jet stream remains well to the north for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so you add the sunshine, big ridge in the jet stream this time of year, you are looking at a good shot of reaching 90 degrees especially away from the water. tomorrow still in the mid to
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upper 80s high pressure slowly builds offshore this brings more of a south wind. brings that humidity up a little bit but then it's hot and how mid on tuesday. 90 degrees for the high temperature for the inland spots could be a scattered shower or storm. same deal or wednesday. hot and humid typical afternoon scattered showers and storm chances. that extends into thursday as well. we're dry for monday, though. plenty of sunshine. monday night there's that weak disturbance coming in eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock or so there could be a scattered shower or storm in some spots. again into the afternoon, tuesday and wednesday. same deal humid air mass in place all it takes is a little bit of sunshine you could get that pop up shower or storm. not an all day wash out. comfortable still overnight mostly clear 62 for center city. suburbs could get down in the 50s. very warm on monday. mostly sunny skies. 88 degrees. the humidity not high just yet. really got to wait until tuesday to feel that. at the shore, looks good. 80 degrees for the air item which are. a lot of sunshine. very high uv index have the
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sunblock around. ocean water temperature right around tent degrees. so here's the extended forecast. if we hit 90 this week that will be the first time this season. 91 for the high tuesday and wednesday. i think wednesday and thursday best chance to see a scattered shower or storm during the afternoon. by the end of the week we start to cool it down a little bit. closer to average. mid 80s and, of course, this saturday morning at 6:51 we start the official summer seas season. >> and here come the 90s. >> you knew it was coming. >> just in the nick of time. thank you very much. lesley, that nba game. >> i know you've been following it. >> yes, i have been following. >> game five of the nba finals the heat with their backs against the wall. so can the spurs clinch the championship? the phillies bats struggling again. against the cubs this time all the highlights from today's game [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. illegal hosta-taking. ♪ homeowner draws the line, ortho deer b gon. safely keeps thieving deer and rabbits away from your plants.
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>> comincoming off a big win yesterday the phillies trying get another one again the cub before a seven game road trip. aj burnett with the start today getting into trouble early in the first. two outs. anthony rizzo swings at the first pitch sending it to deep right. that is single shot homerun that puts the cubs on the board. to the sixth inning the cubs up two to nothing. nate sheer holts with the shot to the gap at left rbi double for him. the cubs now up by three. that will be enough for the win. phillies offense getting shut out with only three hits for the day. >> to the nba finals, game five in san antonio the spurs come into the game leading the series three to one.
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so do or die for the heat. miami with a strong start early. led by lebron james. puts up 70 points in the first helping the heat take a seven-point lead. 14 to nothing run gives them the seven-point lead heading into half time. they did not look back. they continued to pile on the points. the san antonio spurs take that win 104-87 and they are your 2014nba champions. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back everyone. national museum of american jewish history flows an extravaganza celebrating america's pastime. visitors turn out to see chasing dreams. baseball and becoming american. it's the first exhibit to focus on the role of baseball in the lives of immigrant and minority communities. stay with us. we are back with you in just a momm
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>> justin, just in time for the wake up forecast. >> in time for some summer weather as we head into the official start of summer this saturday. we're cranking it back up to 88 tomorrow. humidity not bad yet. it's tuesday that's when it's really uncomfortable. high humidity, low 90s tuesday and wednesday. good chance for some scattered showers and storms especially wednesday and thursday. then we're back into the mid 80s by the end of the week. >> it's been good run. >> it's time. >> you knew it was going to happen. >> face reality. shanks so much justin. we're always on now we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs-3 sports zo zone. have a great night.
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♪ >> this is the cbs-3 sports zone presented by lexus. >> the eagles finishing up ota's this week and headed into mini cap and. less bow end from the philadelphia daily news is here to talk birds. >> on this father's day it's a special story of one local father's perseverance against the odds to continue to play the game that he loves with his son. hello and welcome to this father's day edition of the lexus sports zone. i'm lesley van arsdall. jam packed show for us tonight. we'll kick it off with the phillies coming off a big win yesterday to try to get another one against the cubs before a seven game road trip. aj burnett getting into trouble earl the in the first. two outs. anthony rizzo at the plate. sw


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