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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 17, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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developing in delaware, one person dead, three others injured, colliding firefighter this after house catch fire >> his story captivated the worlds. taliban's capture of bowe bergdahl is headed to the big screen. >> before we get to those stories we check in with katie
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and victoria, with the latest on your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, erika, everybody, well, the heat is on, as they say, actually going to see temperatures sky rocket for the first time to 90 plus degrees, won't be you have no make it a heatwave. man will it feel hot outside. talking a lot about temperatures here in the days ahead. and the minutes ahead, as well, all coming up. victoria? >> well, i would say that construction will be a big problem this morning on top of some sun glare, at katie was talking about the heat and the sun. but take a look, construction on 95 southbound, right around the area of the walt whitman bridge stacking up big time, head today delaware county touch bonn that and many other roadways in a bit. >> one man dead, fire and building clams in wilmington, delaware. >> joins us, been following the story all porn us, joining us at the scene, jen, good
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morning. >> update from wilmington fire chief who says the body of the man killed in this fire still remains inside. they're having some trouble get to go him, because of this partial building collapse, which you can see behind me. standing right now on maryland avenue. >> we go to the ground earlier when firefighters were also kind of going through the rubble. trying to get to this man, we do no two other women also badly injured during this fire, they were able to get out when firefighters arrived on the scene, other people were helping citizens just in the area, trying to help these women. they were both badly burned, one of them we know was taken to crozer-chester medical center, immediately the other was taken to christianna hospital, heard from the fire chief who heard that woman is being prepped and taken also to crozer-chester medical center. now, we did hear from a man who lives in the building
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right across the way he came outside and saw smoke. frederick said he ran over, saw one of the women badly burned standing outside the women asking them to help inside. he went up to the build that was leveled at that point, the fire still raging, and he could hear cries for help from a man inside, and he tried everything in his power to save him. >> kept asking rep he had at this live for help. i tried grab his hands, but the way the wall was in in the way, i couldn't fully get to him. so i kept trying to get him to crawl closer to me, and the flame got so hot, i had to get out of the house. >> unfortunately that man did not make tee-off i shall confirm ago man died in this fire, again, they are trying to get to his body at this point. having difficulties, balls of this partial collapse, they're
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going to have to bring in hefty equipment. they say it to could tame several hours before they can get him. at this point we don't have his age or his identification. and they're also not 100 percent sure there were other people. they did hear there were other people inside, everyone accounted for but did have to go back in the rubble, will be check to go see if there was anyone holes was in this home at the time. as for the women's conditions, we do not have those at this point. again we did hear that they were badly burned. also heard that there are six residents without power this investigation begins. we know the fire marshall on the scene as of right now though there is no word on what started this fire. that's the latest from wilmington. >> jen, thank you. thanks, jen. meanwhile chopper three over building collapse in north philadelphia. this is in the 2200 block of deli street yesterday. we are told five people have been displaced by the collapse. they are now being assisted by
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the red cross. >> we get traffic and weather together. >> start off with wet weather specially across new jersey, but now starting to clear things out, little hazy, definitely even down right foggy all depending on location, but we could start things off by taking you outside. we show you the view, not much of a view, if you look real closely you can probably make it out. couple of lights on the board walk in ocean city but yes, very, very cloudy very hazy start to the day. the further inland you go, the less of this you will find, west to east, and see on storm scan3, also true of the wet weather, as well and essentially high pressure still keeping control of our weather pattern here, so we end one more sun than anything. but because this is a very dry or not dry air mass, rather, just very steamy day. we do have air quality alerts issued, specifically, for southeastern pennsylvania all of delaware, all of new jersey, and that does mean
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that the air quality itself a little unhealthy for sensitive groups, respiratory illnesses, careful today. meanwhile shooting for 91 degrees with full sunshine out there later on today. victoria? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, traveling on 95, dealing with construction project all over the place, and i'm sure you're already sick of it. so this morning, let's talk about what is ahead of you. ninety-five, traveling southbound, approaching the area of packer avenue, and then out through to the broad street area, construction is compromising the left-hand lane. and delays are out here. so, headed to philadelphia international airport, this will set you back, maybe headed into delaware county, but here is a option. take the schuylkill expressway. jump on 76, hot over the platt, then in the area you need to be if that's where you got to go. but take a look. schuylkill looks great around downtown philadelphia and also if you are traveling in the suburbs, average speed censors in the 50's. fifty-four on nine, a as well, but this speed censor obviously not around the
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construction zone between northeast philadelphia and the vine st. expressway, 55 and 476, as well, no major delays however for mass transit. we head back to the desk. >> right now 5:37. in business news this morning, which suv is stone the snows. >> and how wal-mart is going after new shoppers. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, you don't know from experience, you just heard? >> of course, veer. only. good morning, today the federal reserve begins its two day policy meet to go discuss the us economy. investors look to go see if the central bank will give any clues about whether it could raise interest rates. yesterday markets flat, investors kept close eye on the crisis in iraq, already sent the price of crude oil up 4% this month. dow added five points, nasdaq gained ten. the worlds' largest retailer, going more high tech.
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wall mat innovation lab has brought trial, mobile app lets finders finds clothes in nearby stores, all part of effort to develop digital presence and younger shoppers who like to jump back and forth between stores and their smart phones. ford owners take a look at their vehicles, takes the top three spots when it comes to the most stolen s i.v.'s, covered g to the national insurance crime bureau, ford he is kate cape is the number one most stolen suv, followed by the edge, and then the explorer. so in fourth is the jeep grand cherokee, then the kia sorrento. and if you have ever wanted to star in your own sports action film or maybe just take yourself east to whole new level, do you have check out air dog, you attach go pro camera to flying drone, then tracks you using censors, while you ski, surf, skateboards t could stay in the air for to up 20 minutes, right now, though, you can find it on its kick starter
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page unfortunately you don't get the skills it takes to actually do those sports well. sounds so simple. >> you always wanted to be sports action film hero. secret goal. >> thank up, jill. >> well, we have good news, as comedian tracy morgan continues to recover from the terrible crash on the new jersey turnpike. a representative for the star says morgan has been upgrade today fair condition. now that rep also says morgan's personality is starting to come back, as well. that's a good sign. morgan's assistant, also has been upgrade today fair condition. the june 7th crash killed comedian james mcnair. now, that crash is bringing the issue of tired truckers to the forefront. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more now on what local lawmakers are doing to ensure the roads remain safe. >> no driver should up that late. you should get your rest.
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>> join said he is a good driver. >> i like it the way it is now, but they shouldn't push it any more. you got people trying to make money. that will will get them killed. >> but says many drivers would like federal regulations relaxed. >> in order to put bread on the table, sometimes it takes a little bit more. >> earlier this month, senate subcommittee volt today relax current weekly regulations for truckers, from a 70 hour work week before long break, back to pre july 2013 levels, when drivers could go 82 hours. but what a difference a month makes. >> we are fighting back against those who want to allow truckers to drive longer, with less rest, and ultimately put the general public at risk? new jersey senator, robert menendez, in camden monday. announcing plans to prevent the rollback by introducing amendments to transportation funding bill, along with senator cory booker. >> we're not trying to install
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new laws. we're just simply trying to protect the laws that exist. the fight comes after an accident on june 7th. when a limo van caring actor tracy morgan was struck by a wal-mart truck injuring morgan, killing his friend. >> went 24 hours without sleeping when he struck the vehicle. roper, since charged, with vehicular homicide. >> roper pleading not guilty to those charges, meanwhile, no update from the morgan camp on his current status, although, we have heard in days past he remains in critical but stable condition and ever improving. it is the latest from paulsboro, new jersey, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 5:41 rid now. evacuation also underway in new mexico, where wild fire surges and creates air quality problems. that's next. >> also ahead, do you feel well rested when you wake up in the morning in if not you could be getting what's called junk sleep. the one thing you can do to get better rest.
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it is certainly. that's coming up next in the health watch.
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>> forcing evacuation of two native american communities near the arizona border. so far the lake fire has consumed more than 10,000 acres, in the mountains. about 400 people from the navajo nation live in that area. officials say strong winds are preventing firefighters from getting close to the fire, and they expect worsening conditions today.
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5:43, we are expecting a our first 09 degrees day today, katy? >> it will be a hot one out there. i think probably just surpass 90 degrees in the city of philadelphia. we'll see how far we go. we are shooting for 91 degrees today here. we start off with a look at storm scan3, high pressure still essentially keeping control, we have seen couple of scattered showers, thunderstorms, developing through the overnight, but the maniac tiff at this in terms every any widespread rain, or thunderstorms, now that goes out toward the midwest, where we did have serious severe weather, roll through nebraska, now mainly iowa, wisconsin, as well as portions of northwestern illinois, right now. so the severe weather threat extends across generally the midwest, back to the central planes through the day today. but, that whole thing starts to head our way and by tomorrow slight risk for severe werth. for the second half of tomorrow we heat up. bob kelly sitting in the pool. yes, he is off today. you notice.
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yes, swim is, relaxing. isn't that ridiculous? >> i love it. >> even when he is not here, you know? poor guy can't catch a break. hot day, keep in mind the air quality alert still out there for us, 191 degrees, no better excuse to hit the pool. just be extra careful, sun block required as we always say. oh, eric wanted to take a picture, i'm bring it up for you. ninety-three by tomorrow, the hottest day, still flirt with 90 on thursday, tomorrow, and thursday, right now, looks like the storm yes, sir days of the forecast, but no wash wash-outs. looks and feels like summer. >> yes. >> red solo cup? attention to the details, our weather producer, that's all i have to say. >> really. >> one thing for sure, you won't be excited about the commute this morning, a lot has to do with the
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construction zones. ninety-five is just going to set you back. now there is hot shear, 95 around the area of the walt whitman bridge, if you are commuting in the southbound direction, we do have crews that were compromising the left-hand lane there. seems to be, they may have scooted their way out of, there which is good news, but unfortunately, if you are traveling 95, northbound, southbound, between center city and northeast philadelphia you will run into construction zones at both cottman and girard as you do every day. isn't it a headache? i know, i travel 95, too. traveling 202, no delays to be had here. as you're traveling southbound or northbound there is shot not too far from the malvern area, looking pretty good. also good around the area of king of prussia speed censors, approach 6:00 a.m., still in the 50's, 54 on 95, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 traveling on 476. jen bernstein has been talking about this all morning, fire location, if you are traveling in wilmington, at maryland avenue at b streets. be minds full of. that will also careful,
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paradise at crown point road. it is compromising a lane. mass transit looks pretty good. nicole? >> two brothers separated by thousands of miles are together again. but, as "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones tells us, they are on their way to another trip, to be recognized for their service to the country. >> a surprise hero's welcome for world war ii veteran who doesn't think's hero at all. >> in 1944, lewis, who grew up in south philadelphia, but now lives outside of los angeles, served with the thirds arm any france, and germany, his older brother hang, who lives in ridley park, served in green lands during the war, monday the brothers were back together again. likely once in a lifetime trip. headed to the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. saturday. >> i have never seen it. i've always wanted to.
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trip, they bring veterans from across the country to see the war memorial. >> think don't have the financial means, or the physical means to get there. southwest airlines flew lewis out for free just to make sure the brothers could see the memorial together. >> and i told more than once, set this thing up, must have came from heaven. >> all i can say is thanks. and it was very thoughtful of all of you to be doing something like this. look among some 157 mostly local veterans who will be busted down to the memorial this weekend. >> reporting from philadelphia international airport, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> surrounding his release, move knit works about army sergeant bowe bergdahl. it is from the film making duo behind the heart locker and zero dark 30. director catherine biggio, the
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hurt locker you may recall won six oscars including best picture, zero dark 30 won as core -- oscar for sound editing. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, a warning about a dangerous mosquito born illness spreading overseas. >> called the chicken gun ga, debilitating mosquito born virus transferred in mosquitos back to humans back to mosquitos. although illness is primarily found in africa, east i shall ya, caribbean islands, cdc is concerned american tourist cost bring it back to this country. doctor jen will join just our next hour to talk more about this virus and how you can protect yourself from mosquito bites. >> you may want to stands up when you hear this story. sitting too much apparently can increase the risk of some cancers. german researchers found inactivity can put people at significantly higher risk for colon, endo meade tree alan lung cancer. doctors say colon and endometrial cancers linked to watching it. v because people don't usually
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drink or eat the right foods watching television. so there go. >> all right, also, do you keep electronic devices in your bedroom? researchers say those devices can disrupt sleep cycles by tricking your body in thinking it is daytime, thus stopping it from produce ago hormone that helps you sleep. sleep experts suggest enforcing electronic curfew an hour before bed time. easier said than done, because how many of us check your e-mail? >> and if you are like us, you go to bed during the daytime. >> actually it is daylight out. no tricking the body, it is just happening. >> 5:50, and you new this would eventually happen, right? the story of toronto embattled mayor rob ford about to take center stage. >> from rock hear to -- rock star, to the auditions, we're taking
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here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, fire and home collapse in wilmington, claimed one man's life, and injured two other people and a firefighter. neighbors say it sounded like an explosion one neighbor dashed into the home. >> also, say two tornados touchdown northwest of omaha yesterday. killing a five year old. also injured more than dozen people. the national weather service says the twin twisters touched down within a mile of each other. >> hundreds headed to iraq to provide security personnel. president obama is considering military options as al quaida back rebels march toward baghdad. >> all since reap treated so now we need the cloth to thin out.
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they will, with time, already, though, starting offer with some sunshine here as the sun slowly climbs over the horizon back toward the western suburbs. currently, into the 70s in many locations, even mild, up in mount pocono right now, 6 degrees there, generally just in the low 307's at the moment, at the shore, despite the clouds, so off to mild start which means we will have very warm finish, 91 later today, came from 88 yesterday, as predicted. so stormy weather on the way specially tomorrow, and thursday. >> victoria? >> thank you, katie. we're sort of off to mild start, from the rush hour, outside, waiting for things to heat up. take a look at the schuylkill expressway, 76, hazy shot right around the area of center city. headed eastbound or westbound, still no major problems, just yet, and not only around downtown, it is in your western suburbs, as well. spspeaking of, take a look, traveling on 476, the pa turnpike, 202, 422, averaging speeds in the 50's, and we do have this accident, however, in new jersey, we'll be right back to tell you more.
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msbut they meet them withts determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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>> the story of toronto mayor ron ford will soon and stage show. the words is, it will be a musical. >> ♪ >> i like it. they're open auditions right now in toronto to cast somebody to player mayor forward recalled in a production, going to be musical comedy about forward, who admitted to smoking crack, among other things. >> shakespearean, such big story that we thought the next level is obviously singing and dancing. >> what? >> are we comparing everything to shakespear these days? >> as every now rob ford the musical set to open in the factory theater this september. i hope that one guy we heard gets this.
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he was great. >> really good. >> we'll be right back.
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up. >> dating developing story we've been following for you all morning in wilmington. two alarm house fire and collapse. we now know that one man is dead, and three others are injured, includes ago fire fighter. >> "eyewitness news" reports err jen bernstein just spoke with a fire chief. jen, what did he have to say? >> good morning, the fire chief just giving us a update on what they're doing here on the scene. i'll mover out of the way so you can see, on maryland avenue. but this home behind us, is on bird street. you can see, there was a partial collapse there. this fire hit two alarms at its height. we did have firefighters here trying to save people who were inside. they got a report that there were people trapped at the time, when they did show up.


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