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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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boulevard, but lost them. new back here live, we have once again learned from police, that 15 year-old as we have mentioned has been found at the corner of 23rd and fairmount, fortunately we are told he was found unharmed. as for the suspects, once again they got away with cash and jewelry, two suspects in the home, there was a getaway driver. search is underway right now for three suspects in this wild home invasion, and kidnapping. that is very latest from here live from bustleton i'm elizabeth hur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also breaking news right now burlington bristol bridge is back opened after a head on collision shut down both directions, at around 3:30. chopper three over the scene after a box truck and pickup truck slammed into each other forcing that closure. one person was taken to the hospital but no word this afternoon on their condition. you can find out when breaking news happened right when we do sign up for breaking news text alerts,
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text cbs philly news all one word to 84816. well, a summer-like sizzle has now descended on the region. we are under a heat advisory at this hour. "eyewitness news" in center city philadelphia where some braved the heat, and the blazing sun in the park, shade and cool drink certainly proved useful today. the heat, did give some students the afternoon off, at philadelphia school district dismissed at 12:15 today as a result of the temperatures. lets go outside, we have team coverage of the heat, meteorologists kathy orr and carol erickson. katie, we will start with on you the sky deck, it was a hot one. >> certainly was and still is, chris. that heat advisory continues through 7:00 o'clock tonight. cloud just passed by and light breeze and boy did it feel better. take a look at our numbers. we have heated up through the 90's today hottest day of the year so far, high of 94 and still warming. the record 96 setback in 1957.
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is there a look at our heat advisory that will roll on for next couple of hours. we are talking about heat and humidity making it feel like close to 100 degrees in some places. in dover it feels like 100 right now with the heat index. it feels like 97 in wilmington, millville and wildwood, it feels like 96 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. on storm scan three, those storms, moving through the great lakes, well, that is moving our way and by the time it gets here, we are going to be hearing many rumbles of thunder, slight risk of severe weather in the northern and western suburbs in the lehigh valley and poconos overnight tonight. so coming up we will be talking about the threat, downpours, lightening associated with these storms, and then tracking them, with storm scan three. we will also take a look at when we will be in the clear and get some relief from this heat. in the meantime, our meteorologist carol erickson is out trying to beat it heat
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out there at cooper river park in new jersey. carol, it is tough to find a shady tree and that is not even helpful. >> you do, kathy. we are out here at one of the best playground in the entire area and it is pretty quiet out here and no wonder with these temperatures the way they are. philadelphia, finally got in the 90's, this year, some three weeks later then we have for the last, 11 years. now maybe it was a slow start but boy we are making up for it. we have been on boil for two days. a heat victim passed out and getting emergency help on the the streets of the center city philadelphia dangerous heat for some, just plane uncomfortable for others. stripped off tops and shortened up pants, necessary to make it through the second day of 90 plus degree weather but maybe seasonal perspective, helps even more. >> you cannot even breathe out it is so humid. >> reporter: but the ice froze at rita's outdoor stand. water ice keeping tempers in check while the temperatures
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and profit sore. >> it helps business because when it is hot people want something refreshing and water ice is refreshing. >> reporter: boy, hot. even overnight never cool. we set a record high minimum of 78 degrees this morning and it is all of the more reason here in the afternoon when it is well in the 90's and feeling higher in the 90's that we do not take our eye off the ball and that is keeping yourself cool and hydrated and doing very same thing for everybody you know and every pet. so it is hot out there at cooper river park, it is summertime, reporting live, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stay cool, thanks very much. reminder cbs is a great resource for all things weather. find current conditions plus updated forecast around the clock as well as storm scan three raid air. developing right now a big victory for native americans pushing to have the washington
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redskins nicknamed change. today u.s. patent and trademark office ruled the name is disparage to go native americans and ordered the team's six federal trademarks get canceled but washington redskins officials say that the name will stay, despite that ruling. the issue has spark plenty of debate. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry spoke to the local native american community leader and did some sports fans about today's ruling. >> it is inn salting. >> reporter: reverend john norwood used strong words to describe a racially charged word. he have is a councilman with the lenape tribal nation. norwoodies pleased the federal trademark board ruled that the redskins name is disparaging to native americans. >> it has a painful history associated with it that is not taught in the schools. >> reporter: he believes that their redskins and tribal mascots are offensive. >> people dressed up in mock, the indians using stereotypes always insulting to us.
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sometimes using articles of regale use that are sacred to us. >> reporter: board's decision is, similar to a case in the 1999 but that ruling was overturn. >> hopefully that is not the the case today. >> reporter: we went to pj will hand's in cherry hill to talk to football fans about the issue. >> i just think they are overreacting. >> yeah, change it, why the not, fix the problem. >> they have been the redskins for how long just let it go. >> reporter: team's trademark attorney put out a statement saying quote we have seen this story before and just like last time today's ruling will have no effect at all on the team's ownership of and right to use the redskins name and logo. the redskins plan to appeal the ruling. in cherry hill, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what do you think about all of this. should redskins be forced to change their name? connect with us on facebook and twitter, you could hear your comment right here on "eyewitness news". former g.o.p. chair for montgomery county bob kerns will stand trial. he is accused of indecently
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assaulting a former co-worker. you might remember a judge dismissed rape and sexual assault charges during a preliminary hearing. the 66 year-old was accused of raping a paralegal from his law firm in october of last year. kerns is also charged with aggravated assault. five defendants in the drug ring that operated at main line high schools have waved their arraignments today. charges against them include conspiracy and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver drugs. investigators say that the two alleged master mind worked with sub dealers hired from five different high schools and three colleges. nine of the defendants will be tried together, their preliminary hearing is set july 30th. philadelphia's district attorney is picking up a controversial corruption probe involving four lawmakers. the investigation was dropped by state prosecutors. the as "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us the d.a. is explaining why he is taking the case. >> i won't allow this case to
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just disappear. there has to be accountability. >> reporter: with those words district attorney seth williams announced a grand jury bonnie investigate allegations for four state legislators and former traffic court judge may have accepted illegal pay offs. >> the the public needs to know that something will be done. >> reporter: state's attorney general kathleen kane last marched announced she would not prosecute the the case because the evidence gathered prior to taking office was in her words flawed and those under investigation may have been racially targeted. >> this case was dead before i even got there. >> reporter: but district attorney now says after examining part of hundreds of hours of video and audio evidence, he found it in his words, convincing. >> i would not be standing before you today if i thought there was a reason not to put this before a grand jury. >> reporter: none of the five faces any criminal charges but d.a. revealed that the grand jury may well be looking beyond them at others.
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>> this investigation is much more expansive, then what has been previously reported. >> reporter: now while 49 state legislators did not respond to our request for comment spokesmen for house democratic caucus tells cbs-3 that the house will quote respect the grand juries process and provide any information requested. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from the attorney for former traffic court judge thomasseen tines who said his client did nothing wrong. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thanks very much. well, president obama and top republican and democratic lawmakers sit down at the white house today to discuss u.s. options in iraq. those congressional leaders met with the president and oval office. at rack's shiite led government asked for u.s. air strikes to support their forces as they battle sunni militants. the white house press secretary jay carney talk to the situation today during the daily briefing.
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>> only thing the president has ruled out and i want to be clear here is sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq. >> the iraqi prime minister nor i al-maliki says his forces are getting the upper hand against those militants but they are holding territory less than an hour outside of baghdad. we could be in for some sticker shock at the pump, that conflict in iraq could drive up prices and coming up consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with what summer drivers need to know. also ahead, bees invade the pennsylvania turnpike making it difficult for drivers to pay their tolls. also ahead why is vatican suddenly canceling the pope's events? rumors are swirling about the hope of the pope francis. a wild rather terrifying scene, hundred thousand stampeding ducks trapped drivers in their cars. where and why coming up.
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new information in the i495 bridge closure in wilmington. federal highway officials determined large piles of dirt dumped near the bridge caused the supporting columns to tilt. they say the mountains of dirt triggered a lateral displacement of soil underground, the bridge repairs are expect to be completed, by labor day. bees swarmed a toll booth on the turnpike look at that photo from the valley forge interchange. swarm is around lane nine of the toll boat. toll collectors moved lanes away from the bees, to keep them, and drivers with their windows down out of harms way.
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e-z pass lanes were moved closer since those drivers had their windows up one of four suspects wanted in the knock out attack of a man in upper darby township is now in custody. right now police are searching for additional suspects , reporter david madden of our sister station kyw news radio has details. >> reporter: scene starts out quite innocently as you can see on surveillance tape across the track from where the attack occurred at aronimink train station last week. young man standing up is 18 year-old trent epps, later he is schenn on facebook interacting with a 58 year-old man and then... one of epps friend posted the video on facebook and within hours police were getting bombarded with phone calls. >> we must have have gotten two dozen calls in less than a hour. >> reporter: epps turned himself in late last night. what stuns upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood the stupidity of it all. >> this is a violent, mean
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spirited, act committed for absolutely no reason other than to just be vicious. >> reporter: bail forest is set at hundred thousand dollars cash, search is on for other three suspects. in upper darby, david madden, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there much more ahead here tonight on "eyewitness news" including a major announcement from amazon today. the retail giant has its smart phone out, we will tell you about the 3-d fire phone, coming up. plus... >> new jersey's top republican and democrat breaking ground on a substance abuse treatment facility, coming up we will ask if they can work together on the contentious payment plan for the the pension system. these's the senator who grilled doctor oz for using television fame to promote weight loss aids, our friend at the insider catch up with senator mccast kill about her
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kathy or, is here. summer is right on schedule. >> like a freight train, wow, here it is. it is a short lived event. it is not going to last all that long. the good news is we are back in the comfort zone by friday but another steamy, somewhat stormy day ahead, during the
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day tomorrow. lets look outside where we tried to beat the heat down the shore and it is not quite as hot down there but temperatures are still in the 80's believe it or not, not as much of a sea breeze component today, across the delaware valley we have warmed up significantly, take a look at the highs so far. in philadelphia 94, the same in millville, dover, 93, but with the humidity it feels like hundred degrees there right now. wildwood 91. reading, 90 degrees. we are 2 degrees off that record in philadelphia. right now it is 93. eighty-nine in allentown. ninety-three in millville. ninety-three dover. in reading temperature is 90 degrees. wind gusting out of the west northwest between 24 and 30 miles an hour, so bringing some relief, but unfortunately it was a warm wind, those winds will be settling down but all eyes right now on this line of thunderstorms moving through eastern michigan through ohio, they will move through keystone state and by the time they move in the
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delaware valley, it is later on tonight. don't be surprised if you hear rumbles of thunder. here is the the break down between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. showers and thunderstorms moving northwest to the south east. thursday morning some scattered showers, and then during the afternoon a line of thunderstorms, moving through the area. so to help you visualize it here's future weather. nothing going on this evening. then later tonight 11 or 12:00 o'clock, we will see green pop up on our screen getting closer, midnight through early morning hours, scattered showers and thunderstorms. by 8:00 a.m. we are seeing activity through bucks county, mercer county to the north and some sunshine out there in other spots but then more showers and thunderstorms moving through. look at 3:00 p.m. we have a line to the north and west. another line moving down the shore. as we make our way through five or 6:00, everything gets pushed down to the south and clearing to the north. it will not last long but it will be through the region, through the afternoon. so please be aware of that if
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you are traveling, we know many kids are getting out of school and we have graduation as well. tonight it will be warm, steamy with late thunderstorms. moving in late night n concerns this evening. low of 74. during date thursday, partly sunny skies are expect in the break of some showers in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon, high temperature going for 86 degrees. on the exclusive eye witt the necessary weather three day forecast once we get through storms on thursday friday looks stellar high of 85 degrees. saturday 82 as summer begins. even though there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms we are hopeful we will dodge the the drops down the shore, because it is the annual world championship of sand sculpting tomorrow, right off the boardwalk, it is amazing to see. we will bring it to you live tomorrow on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. hope that rain moves through fast. that is a look at your forecast, we will be bac
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doctor oz is under fire for pushing weight loss product. the senator is with him on capitol hill. >> lets get the store friday nina parker who joins us live from l.a., nina. >> hi, chris and jessica. it drizzle oz verse senator claire mccaskill we are inside their capitol hill diet drug showdown. passion in connection with the word miracle pill and weight loss is a recipe for disaster. >> part of the reason came, thinks a huge problem for me. >> reporter: claire mccaskill calling out doctor oz on capitol hill. >> why would you cheapen your show, by saying things like that. >> miracle flower to fight fat. >> reporter: mccaskill grilled
5:25 pm
tv doctor during the contentious hearing. >> you can either be part of the police here or be part of the problem and we are hopeful that you will do a better job of being part of the police. >> he knows better. >> reporter: senator with us today in washington. >> i think that the fact that someone challenged him, so openly and forcefully has grabbed a lot of attention. >> in a statement doctor oz says he is working on quote finding a way to deal with the problems of weight loss scams and he stopped using over the top terms. >> i have to pick my words carefully enough i'm not taken out of contention. >> reporter: we didn't call this hearing to beat up on you but we can call this hearing to talk about a real crisis in consumer protection. >> he is also an entertainer, and that is part of the the problem here. i'm not sure his listeners always know where the doctor begins, where the doctor ends, when the the entertainer kicks in. >> i think that is really important to say because here's the thing, you guy, i want people to really understand and know that you
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should take everything that doctor oz says, as gospel, i'm talking to my mother as well because she loves him. people just to have make sure that they are taking the the information but also talking to your doctor, asking questions, don't just go to web m.d. and doctor oz. make sure you talk tour doctor because his show is info entertainment and that is important to remember. >> good information. >> calling out your mom on tv. >> i know, nina. >> sorry, guys, i had to do it. >> you have to to what you have to do. >> nina, thanks a lot. see nina on the insider tonight right here on cbs-3 at 7:30. coming up next in the next half an hour questions about the pope's health after several events are suddenly canceled. it is hottest day of the year so far. i'm meteorologist kate bilo, we're live in easton pa with the cb. mobil weather talking about how folks have been beating heat to take. he made headlines around the world after hitching a ride in the wheel well of the jet from california to hawaii,
5:27 pm
now for the first time the the teenage stowe away talks about the journey he barely survived. coming up new at 6:00 o'clock an 89 year-old philadelphia man is behind bars accused of being a guard at nazi desk camp. we will have details of the case to could prove to be the last nazi crime case on u.s.
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good afternoon i'm chris may. here are the top stories for you. there is breaking news in the bustle top section of philadelphia. police are there tonight and investigating a home invasion, a suspect broke in the home on fern dale street and took a 15 year-old boy at gunpoint. he was later dropped off, unharmed, on fairmount avenue. victory for native americans, pushing to have the washington redskins change their name, today u.s. patent and trademark office labeled the nickname disparaging and canceled several of the team's trademarks. a judge has dismissed rape and sexual assault charges against former montgomery county g.o.p. chair robert kerns, but still will stand trial on six lesser counts, those charges stem from the the alleged assault of the paralegal last october. well, we are certainly in the middle of some sweltering temperatures out there, heat advisory is in effect, temperatures rose in the mid 90's today.
5:31 pm
>> meteorologist kate bilo is out in the heat with the mobile weather lab and she joins us live from easton, kate. >> thanks, jessica and chris. we are here in easton, pennsylvania great small town in northampton county. we are with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. we get in the shade and breeze and breeze blowing it doesn't feel so bad. lets look at conditions here in easton. on the cbs-3 mobile weather lab temperatures 89 degrees. wind are 10 miles an hour. breeze does help. that makes it feel close to what the thermometer indicates. temperatures in the 90's all across the region today everyone was trying to get outside and beat the heat. blazing sun, sizzling pavement and stifling humidity, hottest day of the year so far but not too many complaints in easton a town hard hit this winter. >> i will deal with this over the the snow. >> after the winter we have had we'd like a balance, not overly done would i one way or the other would be nice. >> reporter: one way folks cooled off ice cream whether
5:32 pm
from a trick or local purple creamery. >> conditions were especially brutal for those working outside. >> it is hot, you know, any tie it is over 85 degrees wearing per reese gear, it gets hot. >> we usually try to work on the shady side of the street. >> reporter: real key to beating the heat, you know it, water, water and more water. >> we have our water with us. >> reporter: a lot of people drinking water out here today, and perhaps drinking beer, as well. we are here at oldest continually running farmers mark here in the united states this takes place every wednesday and saturday in downtown easton. tonight it is sponsored by the brewery and we have two rivers roller derby girls on hand, performing doing some stunts and tricks here in the circle. just a super fun night out here. i'll tell what you a lot of people got their the water, they have cold drinks and they are coming out here to beat the heat on this very, sweltering, and wednesday night. lets take a quick look at heat index values across the region. you can see it is a bit more
5:33 pm
comfortable in the lehigh valley. it feels like upper 80's, lower 90's but look at the heat index in dover, delaware it feels like 100 degrees. so still some dangerous heat out there even at this hour. now the reason we were up here all daze today is we had our kid caster event at crayola experience which is just across the the traffic circle from me. you can go to cbs kid caster to check out videos and we will show them to you coming up in a couple of weeks, at least on our air. just a great experience, out here in easton day and again, great place to be, it is hot outside but there are ways, as we just showed to you beat the heat. reporting live, meteorologist kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that looks like a little breeze there too, thanks very much. today's excessive heat can take a toll on your health. health reporter stephanie stahl joins us from cbs-3 sky tech on staying safe in these temperatures, steph. >> reporter: with the city of philadelphia being under a heat advisory the health department is warning everyone to stay smart and certain
5:34 pm
people need to take more precautions talk about hot? these construction workers are feeling it big time. while kids cool off at roberto clemente park people every where are downing plenty of liquids. doctors warned that the heat is something that needs to be taken seriously. >> prevention is the key if you don't have to be outside in the heat, don't be outside, don't do anything strenuous in the heat. if you can avoid it. >> reporter: doctor ralph an emergency medicine specialist at hahnemann university hospital says that during these hot months, they have plenty of iv fluids ready to go, salt water into the bloodstream is first course of treatment for people complaining of heat-related issues. certain people are more at risk. >> the the elderly, patients on certain medications, those that are outside over exerting themselves it can have pretty serious potentially deadly consequences. >> reporter: he says it is important to catch any signs of trouble, early. >> if you feel like you are getting sick, maybe more tired then you should feel, getting nauseated or anything like that you should go inside
5:35 pm
into an air conditioned area. >> reporter: symptoms to watch out for that indicate a more serious, heat-related illness would be an altered mental status and a wrapped heartbeat. we have a lot more information for you on staying safe in this heat, at cbs, click on health, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stephanie, thanks very much. tensions rise in south jersey over governor chris christie's spending plan as deadline for that budget nears. democrats are pushing for required pension payments while state workers are going to court. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan has more on from pittsgrove township. >> reporter: governor chris christie shared from the heart wednesday at a ground breaking ceremony for substance abuse treatment facility in salem county. >> two months ago on a sunday morning, i got that phone call that my friend, 52 years old, was dead in a motel room in west orange with an empty bottle of percocet and empty
5:36 pm
quart of vodka. >> reporter: with treatment resource necessary high demand, day top program in pittsgrove township will expand to include outpatient clients. seventeen year-old conrad is six months into recovery and seen a dramatic change in his life from day top. >> certain people, i hope to get better. >> while this was an accomplishment, steve sweeney, it is impossible to ignore their showdown over new jersey's pension system. christie plans to balance this and next years budgets by cutting two and a half billion dollars in pension payments. >> i care about retirees and be sure they get their pension. we are obligated to live up to the commitment. the the governor, is there a way to to this governor just doesn't want to do it. >> reporter: state unions gone to court to make christie to make payments. christie's office expected to respond soon. governor says there is just isn't enough money for pension payments. >> can you comment on the pension payment lawsuit? >> are you kidding? >> reporter: with just about two weeks left to pass budget it doesn't look like either
5:37 pm
publicly or governor christie or senator sweeney will budge on the payment plans for pension system. it could come down to the wire f pittsgrove township cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". this afternoon democrats in new jersey did propose their alternative budget that does include a full pension payment, funded by raising income taxes on those who earn more than $500,000 a year. two teenagers are under arrest a third is sought for vandal icing a church in mayfair. investigators tell us three teenagers broke in the church of grace, on the 3300 block of welling ton street overnight. the sign outside of that church was damage, plastic ripped off and toss add cross the line. >> i don't care how young or how old you are, there is no reason to go in and vandal ice the church. these are nice people. >> reporter: church of grace, opened up in 2008 and branch of the chinese church based in new york. if you have any information on that third suspect you are asked to call the police.
5:38 pm
embattled ceo of gm marry barra back on capitol hill. she did her best to try to persuade law make their gm is changing its way. she says that there is no longer a culture of quote keeping quiet about known problems. fifteen employees were fired at gm in the wake of the defective ignition switch that he is led to 13 deaths. so far the company has issued 40 recalls this year. >> i think most important the work that we're doing and actions we're taking with the additional recalls demonstrate how sincere we have been to put the the customer in the center of everything that we do. >> family members of those who have been killed in cars with defective switches held a news conference before today's hearing and a few rows behind barra they placed pictures of their loved ones. the vatican is looking to squash rumors about pope francis's health after a announcement of changes to the pontiff's schedule over the summer. in july early morning masses and weekly general audience will be temporarily suspended but pope's scheduled trip to
5:39 pm
korea is still on the agenda at least for now. vatican officials say reducing a schedule is common move for popes during summer and it is not related to his health. well, the 15 year-old stowe away who survived a flight from california to hawaii in a plane's wheel well is speaking for the first time. speaking via google chat from a foster home in california, the young man told a cbs reporter that he planned to runaway from his home where he lived with his father and stepmother. his goal was to get as far west as he could and eventually get to africa to see his mother he lost consciousness and says that he woke up, after the plane landed, and he could not hear or see clearly, and he has fully recovered now and says that he knows it is a miracle that he is alive to tell his story.
5:40 pm
and still to come on "eyewitness news" gas price these summer could be higher then expect, three on your side with important information for drivers. then, some unbelievable video that we just have have to see today, tens of thousands of stampeding ducks, drivers are trapped inside their cars, it is a bizarre story, it is trending, and we will have it for you coming up, beasley. not so far, phillies with a little fight left, the proof delivered in atlanta, ryan howard and dismissed former champions are making a move, i'll show you where they standing and what needs to be done from here coming up in sports. kathy? threat of severe weather into the overnight we will track storms coming up.
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along with the heat roads are heating up too so just in general, 95, schuylkill, vine street expressway you will feel heat of rush hour on all those and roosevelt boulevard and even traveling route one, this shot here is actually southbound side of route one just beyond trenton morrisville bridge and what you are looking at here is an earlier accident that damaged a storm drain on this roadway so that is taking out
5:44 pm
left-hand lane and causing a delay. as we continue on where we will head over to i-95, heading and traveling to i-95 you will find volume in either direction, northbound and southbound, and moving along the camera north and southbound i-95 around girard avenue and area of cottman avenue we are feeling heat of rush hour. there we go that would be southbound side right here, northbound side moving around this way as well. moving over to the wide our speed sensors all over the place we are seeing them drop down in the teens, not only on i-95 and schuylkill expressway but traveling i-95 in delaware county and on the northeast extension northbound just beyond quakertown disabled vehicle is taking out left-hand lane right around mile marker number 46 and watch out for few delays for regional rail lines as well. all right. don't count phillies out just yet, they have won six out of eight going into this afternoon's game with the braves, here we go. phillies down four-two in the
5:45 pm
second and bats explode. talking about our bats exploding. chase utley with the single, and that will will score and fightins trailed by one. then ryan howard, big fellow hits fly ball that goes off the base of the wall in right. utley scores from first, howard's double tied up the game. marlon byrd hits a slow roller to third. beat the the throw to first. big piece scores. phillies are now on top. two batters later john mayberry junior sing tolls drive-in two more runs. fightins with 18 hits, and they sweep the braves, ten-five was the final. philadelphia improving to just six games below 500, winners of seven of their last nine games. australia verse netherland, 58th minute pass to robin and he scores. game all tied up. ten minutes later netherland strikes again. memphis, with the shot, find its way through defense and into the net.
5:46 pm
dutch win hree-two. shocker of the day chile beats defending champs from spain and knocked them out of the tournament, i'll have those highlights at 6:00. more news after this time out.
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new amazon smart phonies out, it is call the fire phone, ceo jeff bezos unveil the amazon phone target todd amazon prime customers. this phone has 3-d features were 4.7-inch grim a glass screen, users don't even necessarily have to touch the screen to work the phone. they can just scroll through pages by tilting the phone. the fire ships july 25th and available at 199, with the two year, at&t contract. still sticky out there with high humidity, you can look from campbell's feel, across the river to philadelphia, and see a lot of sun glare. we are looking at increasingly, unstable conditions, as showers and thunderstorms move towards the delaware valley. new our live neighborhood network takes us down the shore to the least mar beach front inn in cape may right there on beach avenue. look at the temperature though
5:50 pm
92 degrees. a strong westerly wind bringing warmth all the way down the shore and with the light northeasterly wind, it is just not kick nothing to provide any relief from the ocean. now, pretty quiet out there as everything heads a little inland to home. right now in philadelphia 93. so far high 94. we will have those official numbers soon for you and allentown 89. and trenton 91. wilmington 91. millville 93. down the shore we have those warm temperatures beach haven, ocean city 87. stone harbor looking at 88 degrees, in cape may at the point, 90 in rehoboth beach delaware sitting at 90 ocean water temperature getting there warming up in the 70's. on the satellite radar not much going on here as far as cloud cover just some hazy skies but this line of showers and thunderstorms will be moving east over the course of the evening period, and as it does it will get closer to us. between about 10:00 p.m. and midnight that is when we do expect this to be begin to
5:51 pm
move through. here's what we expect, showers, scattered thunderstorms, rain amounts between half inch and three-quarters of an inch. downpours possible overnight, heavier rain will be thursday afternoon as a line moves right through the delaware valley. we will watch this, pushing through, during the the day on thursday, and temperatures will be in the 80's, lot of lift in the atmosphere with this frontal boundary. we anticipate during afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. we will be seeing some heavy rain across the early part of the community. after that, the front goes well to the south, fair weather high pressure dominates, flow around this clockwise. we have a northerly wind flow. deep blue skies return. high temperatures in the 80's. we will watch saturday as this storm isn't that far away in virginia and west virginia area so there is a chance from philadelphia to the south and west that we see a few scattered showers and then are storms on saturday improving weather on sunday. so for late night period some thunderstorms, moving in,
5:52 pm
temperatures will be balmy in the 70's, during the day thursday, scattered showers in the morning and then that line of storms moving through in the afternoon and high of 86 and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast friday much better day. saturday summer begins and then weather begins to warm up. that is the eyewitness weather forecast. speaking of summer, speaking of road trip, the summer driving season will be in full swing. >> reason conflict in iraq may have prices at the pump climbing higher then expect. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan, explains. >> reporter: gas prices weren't supposed to take much of a ride this summer pretty much on par with last summer's range but increase in violence by iraq bias lamb i can militants could push prices higher. if isil has been able to control major outfit significant refinery that is
5:53 pm
could be a source of concern. >> reporter: oil markets were counting on iraq to increase, stability over next few years and with that increase output. iraq produces 3.3 million barrels of oil a day second biggest provide inner opec after saudi arabia. since oil prices are influenced by what might happen in the future, even fears of losing iraq's supply cap force oil prices higher, a cost eventually passed on to consumers. >> for people at the pump it is a bad scene because there are no real reason for oil to drop here, risks continue to remain on the upside, iraqis only one of several ge o political issues out there and in fact we will see higher prices. higher prices but not the highest prices that americans have seen in recent years. many expect to see u.s. gas prices not to exceed, pass an average of $4 a gallon. so good, could be better but we will be following this, every week we usually get triple a report.
5:54 pm
>> yes. >> we will let you know how it turns out. >> happy it is
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5:57 pm
lets look at what is trend to go day, a, strange stampede, emotional reunion and demand for commercial quality fast food goes viral. first up, video of something you probably never have seen, take a look at this strange stampede, all of these are ducks right there. this video comes to us from thailand. it hit you tube over weekend and now making the round. what appear to be thousands of these ducks weaving in and out of traffic there. but they did not appear to ruffle any feathers. up next a heart warming moment caught on camera, this is duffy, a dog that lost his sight due to diabetes and he got a new lease on life after an eye operation, gave him his vision back. he was so overcome, he started squealing, kissing his owners as he saw them for the first time. very happy guy there. good for him. finally have you ever wondered why your fast food did not compare to the commercials, one guy put big chains to the test. >> i'm looking at this picture of the big mac and it looks
5:58 pm
kind of sad, dry, and can you make one that looks like the picture. >> yes. >> okay, great. >> well, that is greg benson. he hit up six fast food chains. he asked them to remake their order like it looks in the picture and every single place did it. they remade his taco or sandwich, whatever it was to make it look better. so sometimes i guess you just to have ask. >> that can make a difference in your environment of your meal. >> presentation. >> whatever it the may. >> be those ducks, they are freaking me out of have you ever seen ducks move that fast. inn said. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 scorching heat in the delaware valley, is there any relief in sight, kathy? there is some relief in sight but unfortunately it will be a stormy end to the the heat and humidity with the risk of is he rear weather for some of us, we're tracking storms, some of which come in tonight. developing right now "eyewitness news" is there as police bring a 15 year-old
5:59 pm
home to his family after he was kidnaped during a brazen home invasion. a philadelphia man accused of nazi war crimes will remain behind bars. we have the latest on what has captured worldwide attention now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. a hazy, hot, humid day and it is not even officially summer. first heat advisory of the season expires in one hour but now, we're tracking storms, severe weather in fact, could arrive late tonight, for some areas. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. it was so hot that philadelphia school district dismissed all classes just afternoon time. these students didn't seem to mine. we have live team three coverage, lets start with meteorologist kathy orr live on the sky deck to tell us what happens next, kathy. >> it will stay steamy and
6:00 pm
sticky right through the evening, guess contact temperatures still in the 90's and in some places it feels like hundred degrees. ones in a while we will get a breeze but it does not bring much relief. lets look at the numbers to day. high in philadelphia made it to 94 degrees. close but knott close enough to tie that railroaded. the record is 96 setback in 1957. heat advisory continues are one more hour for highly urbanized areas in and around philadelphia and i-95 corridor. feels like reading range from the 80's in the poconos and lehigh valley to 94 in philadelphia. ninety-seven in millville and wildwood. feels like hundred degrees right now at 6:00 o'clock in dover. storm scan three you can see those showers and thunderstorms making their way across lake erie towards pennsylvania, and those will be moving towards us, late tonight, and the the severe weather threat will go into effect overnight as well into the early morning hours, for all have of those


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