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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sticky right through the evening, guess contact temperatures still in the 90's and in some places it feels like hundred degrees. ones in a while we will get a breeze but it does not bring much relief. lets look at the numbers to day. high in philadelphia made it to 94 degrees. close but knott close enough to tie that railroaded. the record is 96 setback in 1957. heat advisory continues are one more hour for highly urbanized areas in and around philadelphia and i-95 corridor. feels like reading range from the 80's in the poconos and lehigh valley to 94 in philadelphia. ninety-seven in millville and wildwood. feels like hundred degrees right now at 6:00 o'clock in dover. storm scan three you can see those showers and thunderstorms making their way across lake erie towards pennsylvania, and those will be moving towards us, late tonight, and the the severe weather threat will go into effect overnight as well into the early morning hours, for all have of those areas shaded
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in yellow. coming up we will track those storms and more coming during the day tomorrow and show you when we finally get the relief from that heat, i'll have that later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> on days like this when it vice hot out there, and the the urge strikes you to complain, just think back to winter, not that long ago. meteorologist carol erickson is soak nothing rays at cooper river park in camden. that is good advice. we were in snow not too long ago. >> that felt like an ice cube down my back yes, thank you for that reminder because perspective is key to trying to get through this weather. i'm out at coupe ever river park, 350 acres, just a handfull of people out here because of the heat. a couple on the play ground. it is hot for the kids. then that shredded black tire play ground, surface vice hot, pavement could be worse and it can be hard, very hard, to escape this unbear an, unrelenting, uncool weather.
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hiding from the over bearing sun. >> smart move on a day that started hot and, of course, got hotter by afternoon with temperatures well in the 90's. this build up of warmth over the last two days creating an ambulance needed heat call in center city. area covered by heat absorbing concrete and cars with mini suns reflecting on the windshield. >> what is the weather today. >> sun, sun. >> reporter: when four year-olds understand the hot weather concept and the cool down cure, we've got weather to pay attention to unless the heat as you sleeping in the shade. for those who stay awake to make a living in the elements, this weather has turned into the flip side of the last bad season. >> it is too cold, it is too cold when it ties hot, it ties hot. >> hot and it will be hot overnight as well. the obviously this is time you pay close attention to all people and pets. everybody needs to be protected from this mini two day heat wave that we have
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got. we will find out if the kathy has relief coming up in the seven day forecast just ahead. reporting live, carol erickson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, carol. is there developing news right now, parents have been reunited with their 15 year-old son after he was kidnap during an home invasion. this happened in the 10,000 block of fern dale street in bustleton. police say teenager was dropped off in the 2300 block of fairmount avenue. lets turn to "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur live with new developments, liz. >> reporter: the 15 year-old is back home and we have just learn what exactly was taken from the home. according to the victims get this $30,000 in cash, jewelry, cell phones and the home surveillance system. as for that 15 year-old according to police he was walking home when he was kidnaped off of the streets, thrown in the suspect's car and then held hostage. it was just before 2:00 this
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afternoon that the 15 year old is on his way home, his parents get a knock on the door. assuming we are told that is the 15 year-old, officials say his mother opened up the door. that is when an armed gunman and his accomplice forced their way in to demand money. that is when police say the the getaway driver outside called the two suspects inside, according to the 15 year-old's stepfather, that is when they heard the 15 year-old's terrified, shaking voice, on the speaker phone. >> before they came in they came down, they had my son kidnaped and then my son, call us, from the guy's phone and said give us everything, the money, jewelry, whatever you got. he threatened my son. that is what we have inside. my son was scared. told him everything we have. they took everything. >> reporter: here is one more look at the 15 year-old dressed in black and we are not showing his face because of the sensitive nature of this story.
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thankfully at least physically speaking he does not appear to have been harmed but he is once again, now back home, with his family, and the search is now on for the three suspects according to the victim, they did not recognize these suspects and according to the victims they drove away in a newer model, silver subaru wagon. that is very latest live from bustleton i'm elizabeth hur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good thanks very much. today philadelphia's district attorney says he is reviving a racially charge probe into whether state lawmakers accepted cash and gifts in exchange for political favors. d.a. seth williams explained that decision to "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter. >> philadelphians and the accused, deserve due process and i will give to it them. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams announced a grand jury is investigating allegation that is four state representatives and a former traffic court judge took illegal cash pay offs.
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>> i won't allow this case to just disappear. there has to be accountability. >> reporter: state attorney general kathleen kane last march publicly announce that had she would not pursue the the investigation against the five because of in her word shoddy work and possible racial targeting this case was doctor before i even got there. dead. >> we're not surprised. quite frankly this was anticipated. >> reporter: attorney lewis says his client former traffic court judge thomasseen ty mapsnes did nothing wrong. >> we anticipate after a thorough investigation by d.a. williams that she will be exonerated report are the four state representatives whether or not charged with any wrongdoing did not respond to a request for comment, however, a spokesmen for the house democratic caucus tells cbs-3 that the house of representatives will respect the grand jury process and provide any information if requested. meanwhile the d.a. reveals that the investigation may well go beyond the five
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officials, publicly identified so far. >> this investigation is much more expansive than what has been previously reported. >> district attorney promises the 36 grand jurors will complete their work in his words, within months, not years. their present. could recommend criminal charges against some or all of the people under investigation or a finding that there was, no criminal conduct. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. felony charges of rape, and sexual assault begins former montgomery county g.o.p. chair robert kerns are thrown out. judge joe and harold dismissed charges after reviewing testimony in the case. kerns will stand trial on six lesser counts and they stem from the alleged assault of the paralegal last october. five defendant in the main line drug ring waved their arraignments today.
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charges including conspiracy and possession with intent to manufacture in or deliver drugs. investigators say two alleged master mind worked with sub dealers hired from five high schools and three colleges. nine of the defendants will be tried together with a preliminary hearing scheduled for july 30th. one of the four teens wanted in this random attack on a homeless man surrenders to upper darby township police. today prosecutors charged 18 year-old trent epps with assault and other crimes. police say this video posted on video shows epps punching the man in the the face at aronimink trolley stop. detectives are now searching for the other three suspects. an 89 year-old northeast philadelphia man is accused of serving as nazi guard at the death camp. yohand briar was ordered held without bail on a german a's warrant that charges him with aiding and a betting the killing of more than 200,000 jewish men works men and children. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the story. >> reporter: fleeing federal
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court, family of 89 year-old johann briar dodging cameras n germany briar is charge with 158 counts of homicide. >> 158 train loads, not individuals, they are train loads of people. >> reporter: briar admits to being a former nazi, a guard stationed in occupied poland at the death camp. german investigators have an arrest warrant for aiding and a betting in the slaughter on have have anywhere between 20,300,000 jewish men, women and children. they want him extradited, as soon as possible. >> his guarding with all of the other guards who were in that circumstances in the death battalions that he belonged to, were making it possible for those kills. >> reporter: wednesday briar's defense attorney argued that his client is too old, too frail, too sick, too weak to remain in custody. a federal judge from the crimes he is accused of are
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too great. federal marshals apprehended the 89 year-old and placed him in custody tuesday night. his home here in northeast philadelphia, a place he had been residing for 30 years. the at rest comes years after failures from the u.s. justice department to strip briar of his american citizenship, and have him deported. the latest was in 2003 when a judge learned he joined ss as a minor. >> i don't think that is a good defense. >> reporter: both parents and in-laws were holocaust survivors. >> even if he is old, even if he passes away, i still think he needs to be brought to trial. >> reporter: briar's extradition hearing is in august. in northeast philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, 450 new jersey national guard troops are deployed to qatar. "eyewitness news" at joint base maguire dixon lake hearst today. soldiers will assist three security force companies securing critical locations. 174 of the soldiers deploying
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are from burlington, camden, and gloucester counties. a major developments in the push to change the name of the washington redskins, we will tell you about the landmark ruling to cancel its trademark, and what it means for the nfl team and plus we will have reaction from the local tribal community. different type of traffic problem in the pennsylvania turnpike why drivers are told to keep their windows closed, kathy in. there will be a stormy end to the heat and humidity, we will watch these storms moving through the region, we will track them coming up and show you when we will be breathing a sigh of relief. phillies with a fight left in the tank, i'll show you how they closed out braves series in atlanta and different tune out of shady mccoy. what the release of desean jackson taught him.
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and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. a turnpike toll booth is swarmed by bees. this at this toll from the valley forge interchange this is lane nine of the toll booths there. toll collectors had to move lanes away from the bees to keep them, and drivers, avenue with their windows down out of harms way.
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e-z pass lanes were also moved closer to the bees and those drivers, drove right through with their windows up. today the u.s. patent office canceled the six federal trademarks held by the washington redskins, and they say that the name is offensive but not everyone agrees. our syma chowdhry headed out for reaction from both sites. >> the issues is an issue of, racism. >> reverend john norwood of the lenape tribal nation applauds the federal trademark board, that ruled that the washington redskins name is disparaging. he says that schools, sports teams, should in the use native american names, normas cots. >> if there was a school that had the n words, and you had african-american children having to go in and deal with that either with students or as members of the opposing sports teams, people should be outrage. >> reporter: board's decision is similar the two case in 1999 but that ruling was overturn. the team's trademark attorney put on it a statement saying quote, we have seen this story
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before, and just like last time today's ruling will have no effect at all on the team's ownership of and right to use the redskins name and logo. >> there is an underlying arrogance that he would take that position in the face of so many who say that they are so hurt. >> reporter: but football fans we have spoke with said they want to see the team keep their name. >> i don't see it being offensive. >> it might be over blown personally. >> why all have of a sudden now, it has been this long why stir it up now. >> reporter: others are opened to change. >> if the fans really do have an issue with it then then they need to make a decision about it. >> reporter: it seems team has made their decision, they will appeal their ruling n cherry hill, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what do you have to think about this ruling? connect with us and join conversation at cbs philly facebook page and also you can send us a tweet at cbs philly. on a day lake this i think
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of our old friend tom lamaine used to say they are sweat nothing trenton because it is that hot out there. >> sweating every where. >> down the shore, in the poconos, you really cannot beat the heat. the shore is even almost as warm in the inland spots. we will take you down there and show you what is going on. from the city to cher we are talking about heat, humidity and some storms coming our way tonight and enduring the day tomorrow but at least that will even the heat. lets look outside this is view from campbell's field, home of the river sharks, too hot for the sum they are afternoon. looking across the way, sun gets lower in the sky it will be a little bit more comfortable. lots of folks on the beach and we have transitioned to the board for the dinner hour, looking live at ocean city cape may county. high temperatures today we're sweltering, atlantic city tied record at 95. philadelphia 94. wilmington 93. trenton 92 degrees and reading, 91 degrees and it is not even summer yet.
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you can see the hazy sunshine and a few patchy clouds but more are to come, little later this evening. philadelphia still holding on to 93. eighty-eight allentown. eighty-one in the poconos. ninety-one in millville. ninety-three at the airport in atlantic city. here are our shore temperatures, strong west northwesterly wind that land breeze, keeping it warm down the shore, and winter shifted somewhat out of the east but not strong enough to change the temperatures that much. beach haven, ocean city, stone harbor, cape may 90, amazing, rehoboth beach, delaware sitting in at 90 degrees. weak watch as this cluster of showers and thunderstorms gets closer tonight and brings additional moisture a head of it. overnight some showers and a few thunderstorms and main band of rain moving in during the afternoon. thursday morning some spotty showers and during the afternoon between about 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. some showers, some thunderstorms, heavy rain and then by
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6:00 p.m. it moves south and we will dry out, after this front moves through, tomorrow afternoon, we will see a much different atmosphere. thursday's temperatures in the mid 80's, this gets push to the south, by friday, high pressure dominates with the deep blue sky, low humidity friday and that will be the pick of the week. this area of low pressure not going that far away, so saturday still bringing a chance of the scattered showers or then are storm and improving weather will be moving in by the time sunday rolls around, so here is our break down between 10:00 and 6:00 a.m. showers, scattered thunderstorms, scattered showers thursday morning but not every where and then thursday afternoon showers and strong storms possible. overnight, we will look for a low of 74 degrees with overnight showers and storms. tomorrow afternoon again high temperatures will be in the mid 80's and on the exclusive seven day forecast and shore cast, friday we will all say ahh, this feels so much better. high temperature 85. saturday summer begins. monday, tuesday, wednesday
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high temperatures in the 80's, shore temperatures warm up as well, we are going to try to dodge the drops tomorrow we are playing odds in atlantic city. we have something important going on, it is beginning of the world championship of sand sculpting and we will be down the shore tomorrow live at 5:00 and 6:00 tracking some rain as well. >> i think luckies on your side. >> thank you. >> yes good kathy, thanks. i'm sure a few folks don't feel very lucky right now in this rush hour community. lets break it down, we are traveling on the southbound side of route one making your way beyond trenton morrisville bridge this. this is a storm drain repair from an earlier accident and again it is taking out that left-hand lane causing a delay. i-95 is loosening up, this shot here not too far from girard and allegheny but taking a look at our wide speed sensors in the 30's on i-95 through construction zones primarily. twenty-eight on the schuylkill.
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twenty-eight on 476 and all regional rail lines are experiencing delays of up to ten to 15 minutes they are having equipment problems but stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a look at all these people. imagine a world where they all switch to geico. a world full of savings. imagine... ♪ hold on, still imagining. ♪ all right, i'm done. [ male announcer ] geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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more damage to the braves singling home caesar hernandez, and ryan with three for five with two rbi, they drove in six runs in the series. marlon byrd with the solo shot happening in the eighth. he knock in three runs in the game. fightins with 18 hits, where did that come from? they win, ten-five. >> being able to kind of give ourselves an opportunity, we have not been out of it all year, it is up or down or hot and cold as we have been. this puts us back in the mix and we have to keep going from there and go on to st. louis. way to be fell as. day two of the mini camp in the hot weather just shirts and shorts. shady mccoy talk to the local media today for the first time since commenting on the release of tea shawn jackson. shady says it helped guys realize that regardless of how good a player you are, you can be cut if you don't follow guidelines. >> no matter how good a player is, you know, it is a team and if you you cannot buy in, you
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know, anything is possible, that is how i feel. >> today's world cup a shocker, deeven ifing champs, spain lost to chile two to nothing. they were knocked out of the tournament this ends a great six year run for spain. now they won euro championships in 08 and 2012, along with the 2010 world cup. we will be right back. (vo)cars for crash survival,ning subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. they will have the latest on the crisis in the middle east and plus scott pelley is in jordan as syria refugees crossed the border. here from the "cbs evening
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news" is sharon alfonse. >> alfonsi: tonight, u.s. military aircraft in the skies over iraq. the u.s. begins surveillance missions as the president considers a request for airstrikes. reports from david martin, clarissa ward in baghdad, and scott pelley jordan with the youngest war refugees. >> reporter: some of these kids flee in their pajamas because they've got nothing else. >> alfonsi: vicente arenas with a crisis on our own border-- children fleeing central america. jeff glor is there as congress recalls the c.e.o. of g.m. >> it looks like a lot more than 15 people should have been terminated. >> alfonsi: and chip reid reports the u.s. patent office is now weigh in on the name washington redskins. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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