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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 19, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> some people trying to beat the heat tonight with a cool treat as our hot and humid weather continues. but we are tracking thunderstorms on storm scan3 right now and they will move in soon. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. let's start off with meteorologist kathy orr she's keeping track of when and where
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we'll see the rain tonight. kathy? >> you saw that line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the south of williamsport hea heading toward the south and east. this we have been to be watchful of overnight. my eye is on this right here storms moving across the bay along the eastern shore of maryland at about 30 miles an hour and they will be impacting delaware soon. you can see the severe thunderstorm watch right now extending as far east as lancaster county. and we'll keep an eye on that overnight to so if it gets extended thunder to the east into our region. but focusing on this cell right here talking about heavy rains associated with it, and also freak lightning. some ponding on area roads with very heavy rain. this cell will be near crumb ton at 11:01. seconds away here at this time. dover by 11:41 and in bauers by 11:55. it's not severe but it's very heavy rain, 40 miles an hour winds and also frequent lightning. overnight threats with these storms heavy downpours. frequent lightning. not damaging winds at this
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point. we're looking at about 40 miles an hour gusts with these storms. now, coming up we'll take look what's going to happen next. overnight the showers and storms really get going avenue the 4:00 a.m. through the 3:00 a.m., 7:00 o'clock hour. that's the first wave. but more numerous showers and storms will be on the way tomorrow. coming up we'll time those and show you when relief from the heat finally moves in. for now chris we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, thank you in the news tonight three people are wanted in a frightening home invasion in northeast philadelphia. it ended with the suspect snatching the home owner's 15 year old son who was later released unharmed. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is digging deeper into what happened. >> reporter: kidnapped, blindfolded and held for ransom. >> they called home and my season was the speaker, you know, going crazy report roar christian's stepson who we are not identifying is back home. >> my son was scared. the hunt is now on for the three men who held the 15 year old hostage and robbed him parents
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at home in broad daylight. >> they actually grabbed the kid right at the corner. they both wearing white colored tank tops, dark colored pants and purple latex gloves. according to police the 15 year old was walking home his parents were expecting him. so when someone knocked, the mother opened the door only to be confronted by two armed men. >> there were two inside the house and one waiting in the car with my son and then my son called us from the guy's phone, and said give us everything. i give them everything, the money, jewelry whatever you got. >> reporter: the family complied but the says specs fled with the stolen loot and the 15 year old still in the car. >> as soon as they left, they tied me up and i got untide fast and i grabbed my keys and i left. i followed them and i chased those guys and i almost caught up to them. they got away from me. >> police say the suspects later dumped the 15 year old near 23rd and fairmount. we're toll the suspects got away with $30,000 in cash, jewelry
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and the home surveillance syst system. so considering all of those factors, police at this point do believe this family was targe targeted. now the family here they tell us they own several businesses in this area. but they cannot imagine who would do this or why. as for the 15 year old, understandably he was too shaken to talk to us, but fortunately, he tells us that aside from some bruises physically he is okay. reporting from bustleton, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> police right now are on the seen of a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. a 31 year old man was shot execution style in 1900 block of south 60th street. it happened just before 8:00 o'clock. investigators say that they're looking for two suspects who left the seen in a dark suv. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, some fresh bear sightings in burlington county. and we have photos from our viewers to prove it.
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take look at this bear in westampton tonight. it was spotted in and around the tans field development just off of wood lane road. the bear moved from yard to yard even toppled a fence as you can see here. robert patrick snapped this eyewitness cam photo for us. >> i seen him up in the tree. everyone was gathering around checking out the bear. saw him come out of the tree. wandered through everyone's backyard. came across the street. went across my front yard. went in the neighbor's backyard and went out to the major road there. >> chopper three captured this video of the bear in westampton near the intersection of dover road and/or charred lane. at last sight the bear was wandering off toward mt. holly. tonight we have confirmation of what caused the damage to the i495 bridge forcing its closure and traffic jams. the bridge spans the christina river in wilmington and that closure will be felt by tourists this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carrabeo is live in wilmington with the details.
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jan. >> jessica more on the cause in just a moment. like the will not surprise you but first work continues behind me here on sight in wilmington. it's a 24/7 operation. these crews working in 12-hour shifts. meanwhile, thousands of people are now making their way down to dover for the fire fly music festival which officially starts tomorrow. but tonight, the campgrounds opened which is different this year an event organizers hope that will alleviate some of the first day traffic issues that will likely be made worse by this bridge closure. it's shaping up to be a summer of detours and delays. a tilting i495 bridge in wilmington is forcing 90,000 drivers to find another route. >> 495 was 90% of my commute. >> last friday it took me an hour and a half to do a 25 minute commute. >> reporter: it will only get worse as 70 thus sand more people head at the fire fly music festival in dover. this was traffic last year. last year all roads were open. >> it's going to be crazy. luckily i'll be gone starting on
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friday. i'll actually be on vacation out of the area. >> reporter: on sight wednesday, crews continued to drill 150 feet down to bed rock building the bridge's new foundation. all while authorities finally named an official cause of the problem. the federal highway administration says that 50,000 tons dirt pile next to the bridge displaced soil underneath the support columns causing them to tilt. the agency also says the bridge was properly designed, constructioned, inspected and maintained adding that the state couldn't reasonably have done anything more to prevent the failure. leaving commuters counting down the days until a fix is complete. estimated at the end of summer. >> i got to do things at alternate times to avoid being stuck in it. >> can we use ya'll helicopter? i know ya'll got a helicopter. >> reporter: and we, again, reached out to the owner of that dirt pile. he, again, declined comment. tonight if you're one of the tens of thousands of people heading down to dover, deldot
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has recommended routes. they recommend taking i-295 or the new jersey turnpike down to the delaware memorial bridge. we have a full list of suggested routes over at the gates open tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. reporting live from wilmington, jan carrabeo cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> thanks so much. >> a big construction project is also continuing to cause delays on i-95 in philadelphia. penndot is rebuilding and expanding the roadway between girard and allegheny. crews have shifted the lanes of traffic on the northbound side. so drivers should be on the look out for new lane markings on the road. a similar lane shift on the southbound lanes is scheduled for next monday. >> on the pennsylvania turnpike, this photo shows how bees swarmed a toll booth. this happened around lane nine at the saturday valley forge interchange earlier. it caused some changes for drivers, too. toll collectors moved to lanes away from the bees to keep themselves and drivers with their windows down out of harm's way. the e-z pass lanes were moved closer to the bees because those
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drivers had their windows up. tonight, all is clear. >> philadelphia's district attorney is revising an investigation into several state lawmakers suspected of accepting illegal payoffs. a grand jury will look at allegations against democratic state reps ron waters, vanessa lowry brown, michelle brownly and louise williams bishop and former traffic judge thomas tines. last march kathleen kane a democrat brought that case claiming it was flawed. seth williams says the evidence is convincing. >> i won't allow this case to just disappear. there has to be accountability. i would not be stand brag you today if i thought there was a reason not to put this before grand jury. >> none of these five faced any criminal charges right now. the da did reveal the grand jury may be looking at others. a teenager charged in a knock out style attack on a man in upper darby township being held on $100,000 bail tonight.
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trent epps and three others video taped that attack in the aronimink trolley station last wednesday according to police. epps surrendered today and is charged with assault. investigators received dozens of tips after that video was posted on facebook. >> this is a violent, mean spirited act committed for absolutely no reason other than to just be vicious. >> upper derby police are still searching for the other three suspects. an 89 year old northeast philadelphia man is accused of serving as a nazi guard at auschwitz. johan breyer was held without bail today on german arrest warrant. federal marshals arrested breyer tuesday night at his home in the northeast. then took him into custody. he's charged with aiding an betting the killing of over 200,000 jewish men, women and children. german officials want him extradited as soon as possible.
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>> his guarding along with the other guards who were in that circumstance in the death head batallion that he belonged to were -- made it possible for those killings to happen. >> breyer's extradition hearing is scheduled for august. >> in the crisis in iraq, sunny militants and iraqi military forces are battling tonight for control of that nation's largest oil refinery. meantime, congressional leaders met with president obama in the oval office today. iraq shiite led government has asked for u.s. air strikes to advance their campaign again these militants. iraq's prime minister nori maliki went on a dip employee empty tick defensive tonight. he made a televised address to try to gain support from the sunni and kurds. >> the crisis in iraq may affect your wallet this summer. we'll tell was we can to expect pay at the pump when "eyewitness news" continues. >> kathy. >> it will be a stormy end to the heat and humidity over a
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thousand lightning strikes with these storms moving toward the region. we'll talk about the storms tonight and the ones moving in tomorrow coming up. >> and severely injured in an accident. for the first time we're hearing from olympic swimmer amy vandyken ruin. hear wha
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>> u.s. patent office canceled six trademarks held by the washington redskins saying that name is offensive. patent offices trademark and trial appeal boards cited with five native americans in this dispute that has been working its way through legal channels for decades. the redskins organization says it will appeal the ruling and they have no plans to change the name of that team. there are a lot of hot takes on this tonight. what do you think? connect with us and join the conversation on the cbs philly facebook page or on twitter at cbs philly. >> former olympic swimmer amy
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vandyken ruin is showing her fighting spirit after devastating accident. she was in good spirits today before being air live to do a colorado hospital specializing in spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. almost two weeks ago, she was seriously injured in an atv accident. her spine was severed. her legs paralyzed. but she continues to push through her recovery and says every day is a gift. >> yes, this injury sucks and, yes, things hurt. but i'm alive. and i'm is he thankful to be alive. so that's why i can be positive about it. you know, it helps get me through the pain. >> vandyken ruin credits her athletic training with helping her recover mr. quickly as she continueing to through physical therapy. >> drivers could soon see some of the highest gas prices of the year in part due to the on-going crisis in iraq. iraq is the second largest oil producer in opec. producing more than thee million barrels of oil each day. but the unrest there could force oil prices higher.
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that price hike would then be passed on to consumers just as the busy summer driving season gets underway. well, our humid, muggy weather mixed with rain provides ideal conditions for mosquitoes but tonight officials in new jersey are tackling that probl problem. mosquito spraying took place earlier in cherry hill. officials say the spray is not harmful to humans or pets. but you should avoid direct contact if you have respiratory concerns or are sensitive to irritants. official do's regularly check several thousand suspected breeding sites across the country. on the health watch tonight the sweltering heat can be dangerous. local health departments are issuing advisories, warnings. some are more at risk than they think. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the importance of staying safe. >> reporter: a heat victim passed out in getting emergency help on the streets of center city philadelphia. the heat can be especially dangerous for some.
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>> the elderly, patients on certain medications, those who are outside over exerting themselves they can have pretty serious and potential deadly consequences. >> reporter: at emergency medicine specialist says during hot months they have plenty of iv fluids ready to go salt water into the bloodstream is the first course of treatment for people complaining of heat related illnesses. >> prevention is the key. if you don't have to be outside, in the heat, don't be outside. don't do anything strenuous in the heat. >> you can avoid it. >> reporter: not so easy for these construction workers feeling the heat big time and others who have to work outside. >> it's hot. you know, any time that it's over 85 degrees, wearing police gear gets hot. >> heat relief was fun for some. inventive for others. stay hydrated with plenty of liquids and keeping things in perspective. >> ideal with this over the sn snow. >> doctors say if you can't beat the heat it's important to catch any signs of trouble early. >> if you feel like you're getting sick, maybe more tired than you should feel, getting a
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little nausead or anything hike that, you should go inside into an air-conditioned area. >> symptoms that indicate a more serious heat related illness include an altered mental status and rapid heart rate. we have a lot more information on staying safe in the heat at click on health. i'm stephanie stall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> kathy we might be having a little relief as those thunderstorms month of in tonight. it will stay steamy but it won't be quite as hot tomorrow and after tomorrow's storms we're in the clear. that's the good news. friday looks like the pick of the week across the delaware valley. scattered showers and thunderstorms moving across part of the region right now. they will will become more numerous overnight tonight and pop up again during the day tomorrow. in center city philadelphia, all is quiet at the moment. but things will definitely change during the early morning hours. i think between about 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. will be the peak of the thunderstorm activity. on storm scan3 you can see it's
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lighting up the radar here. a lot of lightning associated with these storms. you can see them firing up near baltimore and washington. crossing over the chesapeake bay along the eastern shore of maryland. when you add up all these lightning strikes with these storms you come up with over 1700 lightning strikes. a lot of cloud to ground lightning. a lot of heavy rain. and also some gusty winds in there. severe thunderstorm watch in effect through the overnight right through lancaster county and we'll see if this gets extended toward our region but for now we're expecting general thunderstorms with this and that's the good news as we take a zoom in, these storms will be moving into dover within the next half hour or so with very heavy rain. already we're seeing them moving over the border. in the meantime the warm humid air will continue still 84 degrees in philadelphia. you can see in allentown little bit cooler. in the poconos a bit of a change. temperatures backing into the 60s. where we've already seen the storminess in the front you can see buffalo, cleveland, pittsburgh, looking at drier conditions and temperatures in
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the 60 60s which is more seasone for this time of year. future weather is picking up on those showers and storms. already forming and all this mess moves towards. after 2:00 a.m. a lot more red and/or ranch and yellow on the radar. spotty showers and thunderstorms some with very heavy downpours. by seven, 8:00 a.m., they'll become more localized to the north and west. also, some sunshine peeking out as well. then another round moves through in the afternoon. and some more spotty showers and storms moving through late in the day and then we clear it out during the nighttime hours. showers and thunderstorms over into the. even during the day tomorrow. about half an inch to three quarterquarters of an inch of rh these storms heavy downpours and gusty winds. about 30, 40 miles an hour gusts expected in some of those storms. in the wake of this front, drying conditions will begin thursday night and really kick in friday. high pressure pushes that front off the way down into the mid atlantic. it will be dry, comfortable, with high temperatures in the
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mid 80s and saturday this area of low pressure a little bit too close for comfort. could still bring a scattered shower or thunderstorm to the area. over into the the low testimony cher it's good down to 74. tomorrow some breaks in the clouds. but scattered showers and storms. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, looking better for the weekend and then warming up again significantly during next week. we'll be dodging the drops down the shore tomorrow. orr at the shore travels to atlantic city. we'll be live at 5:00 and 6:00. previewing all the great activities to come this weekend, and i think we're going to make it. i don't think we're going to see much rain down there. >> fingers crossed. that will be lot of fun. kathy, thanks. >> you bet. >> incredible action in the world cup today, beasley. >> you know, the champions from spain everybody expects them to challenge again. >> not this year. >> not this year. >> we'll talk about that and a rejuvenated phillies team trying to get back in the hunt. what they did to the braves in atlanta coming u
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>> the phillies seven game road trip has been a success so far. they take on st. louis tomorrow riding a three game winning streak after sweeping the braves. here we go. phillies down four to two. in the second. the bats explode. that's not something we say often. chase utley with the line drive single to right. phillies trail by one. next up ryan howard the big fella hits a fly ball that goes off the face of the wall in right. utley will score from first on howard's double. the game all tied up. marlon byrd hits a slow roller to the third. he'll be safe because he runs fast. the big piece scores and the phillies on now on top. two batters later john mayberry, jr., singles to drive in two more once. >> as hot and cold as we've been this puts us back in the mix we
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got cep going from there and go on to st. louis. >> tomorrow will be the final day of mini camp for the eagles then they'll have a six week break tell training camp in late july. it's around the corner, folks. >> shady mccoy talk to the low media today for the first time since commenting on the release of desean jackson. shady says it helped guys realize that regardless of how good a player you are, you can be cut if you don't follow the guidelines. >> it's a team, and then if you can't buy in, um, you know, anything is possible. a player like that has done so much for this franchise and even in the year that chip was here the stuff he did, so, um, you know, some players, some teams may think, well, he produced on the field much that's the only thing that matters. small things. i took take out everything and that was one of the things i took out of that. >> the six year power of is over. defending champs from spain lost
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to chili today two-zero. they were eliminated from the world cup. it ends the historic run for spain. they won the euro champion in '08 along with the 2010 world cup. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> new night, dancers try to earn a spot on the sixers dream team next season. ♪ >> dozens of talented young women showed off their best moves during i was digs at the wells fargo center tonight. this is just the first round of auditions. they'll also be in new york city next wednesday. new york city. >> um-hmm. >> winners will be nouned this summer and they'll be ready to take the court with the new look sixers in the fall. >> good luck, ladies. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and natasha brown. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news", i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is next.
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tonight's guest dana carvey. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ > i'm michael alden. folks if your one of the millions of americans suffering with arthritis, osteoarthritis, if your suffering from joint pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain or if you know someone who is , your not going to want to miss this next half an hour. my guest today is one of the nation's foremost sought after health and wellness experts, and he is here today to introduce to us a revolutionary all natural product that is helping


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