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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 20, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> now at 11:00 o'clock, atlantic city's revel casino is in need of rescue. workers learned today that the casino's days could be number. good evening, i'm chris may. >> he'll jessica dean. the casino is bankrupt again an employees could be out of work in just matter of months. "eyewitness news" reporter todd
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quinones is live in atlantic city for us tonight. could this be another losing hand? >> reporter: jessica, it looks like it definitely could be another losing hand if a new ownership group does not come forward. we're looking at the possibility of atlantic city's newest cass zen know shutting down. beyonce' perform here during the opening moss, star chef jose garr sis set up a restaurant here and guests were allowed to bring their dogs to stay with them. all of it was meant to bring tourists flocking to revel. >> it's shame because it's beautiful and sigh. everything they have to offer is lovely. so i hope they do find somebody just that it days it's. >> very unfortunate. and my heart goes out to those people but at the same time economy is what it is. >> reporter: now its own are in ship files chapter 11 bankruptcy and seeks a new buyer employees are faced with the possibility of losing their jobs. the associated press reports employees were given letter by management explaining if a new
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buyer isn't found soon revel could shut down this summer and layoffs could begin by mid august. employees we spoke with say rumors have been swirling. >> like i just started working two months. i thought it would be something reliable but now it's a possibility it might shut down. you know, the struggle don't stop. i have to keep looking around. >> if i have to be laid off, if i have to be unemployed. i'm okay. i can always find other work. >> since opening in 2012 revel has never turned profit. revel c. o release add statement on thursday saying in part "we will work to reach an agreement with a new owner who will help ensure revel's long-term financial stability and who shares our commitment to providing revel's guests and players an exceptional experience". >> reporter: and this will mark the second time in just 11 months ownership for revel has filed for bankruptcy. roaring live to neat in atlantic city, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. >> today's philadelphia city council changed the charges for
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posing small am of marijuana. that legislation sponsored by councilman kenny gives the option of issuing a $25 ticket instead of arresting violators. the new law could save the city $4 million a year. >> with all the things we have to do in our city, 17,000 hours of police off the street processing people holding small amounts of marijuana is better crime fighting than we're doing now. the marijuana bill will likely become law in three months as the council has the votes to override a mayoral ve veto. >> somewhat do you think about philadelphia city council's ruling on marijuana? you can tell us and connect with us on the cbs philly facebook page or you can center us a tweet at cbs philly. >> tonight president obama says that he's ready to send military advisors but not troops to iraq to prevent a civil war. sunny militants continue to hold several cities north of baghdad and they have vowed to take the capitol city. but the president will not order air strikes as of now. he did, though, say today there are increased surveillance
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flights over iraq. >> going forward, we will be prepared to take targeted and mill tar action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it. above all, iraqi leaders must rise above their differences and come together around political plan for iraq's future. >> secretary of state kerry will head to europe and the middle east this weekend for meetings to discuss the future of iraq. well, we now know that speeding did play a role in the deadly crash that seriously injured the comedian tracy morgan. investigators with the ntsb say that kevin roper who drove the truck that hit morgan's limo was driving 20 miles an hour over the speed limit in work zone. now following this preliminary report, the focus shifts toward work zone safety. >> we want to make sure that the workers that are in the work zone whether they're department force or contractor employees come home safely just like the traveling public. >> penndot reminds you tonight
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if you're caught traveling 11 miles an hour or more above a posted speed limit in a work zone, you could lose your license for 15 days. 13 people are charged in a berks county child porn bust. 12 men and a 17 yeared boy are among those charged with posing and distribute that is material. authorities investigated for year and a half. one of the men steven schwartz is a neurologist. employees at his wyomissing office would not comment today. >> former malvern music teacher anton full man facing additional child sex abuse charges. three more children came forward and accused him of showing them sexually he can plus sit pictures. he work at malvern school of music chester county prosecutors originally charged the 44 year old with abusing three, six year old students. >> tonight parents pleaded for more funding for struggling philadelphia schools. the school reform commission met as it faces a june 30th deadline to pay its bills. superintendent william hite thanked city council for approving legislation today to
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bore owe a total of $57 million to help out the school district. >> new at 11:00 tonight a delaware county church slate to do be closed by the philadelphia archdiocese fights to stay open. parishioners at notre dame the lords held prayer vigil in swarthmore tonight. they're asking archbishop cha shoe to keep their church open rather than merge the with our lady of peace church in belmont park on july 1st. parishioners say notre dame the lords is thriving. >> mass is usually pack. you know, on any given sunday. >> we are not financially in debt. they are. it's just -- something just doesn't seem right. >> notre dame the lords is among 16 churches the archdiocese plans to close as a result of declining attendance. speaking of attendance, chopper three was near dover earlier tonight where thousands of music fans have made their way to the fire fly music festival. i495 bridge closure combined with closed exits on southbound
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route 1 did cause quite a few traffic backups tonight. and traffic jams could be a problem again on sunday when the festival wraps up. if you're heading down to fire fly this weekend you can find a complete guide to the festival on our website at you are about to hear the story behind one of the most watched videos online right now. dog had a went blind is overjoyed to see his family again after regaining his site. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is in west chester, chester county, with this i meg al tale. >> reporter: by now this video of a dog once blind seeing his owners for the first time -- >> it's okay. >> reporter: has been seen around the world 2.5 million times and counting. >> dogs love you. but i've never seen a dogs tail move like that. >> we were just overjoyed. he saw us, you know, and that was the most important thing. >> reporter: and on this night, we met malcolm and peggy
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may -- >> this is duffy. who introduced to us duffy the irish terrier they rescued more than nine years ago that became an internet sensation virtually overnight. >> he has no idea what's going on. all he knows he hopped in the car and we take him to place and stands here with al these strangers. >> people come up and try to pet him and take his picture. >> reporter: you see duffy was born healthy but he lost his eye site last year due to diabetes, and in january, doctors at the veterinary referral center in malvern turned them they were running out of time. >> it's like we got a new dog when we had the surgery report roar this video was in fact shot in january for their son teaching english abroad and he posted the video last saturday and this fanly from west chester says the rest is history. >> look what we have now. it's like it never happened, you know. so you know he's just -- i know. i know. you want to say hi but it's okay. no question at all. >> reporter: there you have
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it. the family said they just feel so fortunate and blessed for them. this eye surgery for duffy was a no brainer and duffy is back to loving life all over again. reporting from west chester, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, still come here tonight a problem that no parent wants to hear about. but some simply can't bear to see. oh, no. that is nasty, man. that's unsanitary. >> pretty gross. >> yes, that is. very nasty. >> is it concerning as parent? >> very concerning. >> even teachers tell us that what is happening at their local school puts them and their staff at risk. i-team reporter charlotte huffman goes to work and gets results. >> also, coming up, dozens of people possibly exposed to anthrax. and where it happened has left some people stunned. kathy? >> we are looking ahead to dry conditions and comfortable temperatures for your friday. but this weekend we do have to dodge some showers.
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i'll be back with that coming up. chris? >> and another bear visit as local neighborhood. we'll tell you where bear watchers spotted this guy today when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> heavy downpours and flash floods caused minnesota governor to declare a state of emergency for 35 counties. take look at how high the waters rose there. there's more rain in the forecast an flood warning in effect for parts of minnesota. >> now to what has become sort of daily question for our area. where is the bear? well, today the answer is mansfield burlington county. take look at these photos from mansfield police. they show bear strolling through town there. they believe this is the same bear that was spotted in westampton yesterday. police and wildlife officials do warn to you stay away from bears. they also say you should put your trash cans inside and bring pet food inside as well.
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>> about 75 workers at the centers for disease control in atlanta may have been exposed to anthrax. so here's how it happened. samples thought inactive were not and live anthrax ended up at a lab not equipped to handle it. officials say proper protocol was not followed in this case. anthrax is a bacteria that can affect the skin, lungs and gastrointestinal track and it can be deadly much the workers are being monitored and some were even given antibiotics. >> this was the final day of classes for students here in the city of philadelphia. but at one elementary school, teachers and parents are not happy. they say that rodents have been overrunning classrooms and when they didn't get answers they wanted, they turn to the cbs-3 i-team. investigative reporter charlotte huffman went to work and got results. >> i'm principal pelts sorry i'm unaware of what you're looking for. you have to contact office of communications. >> reporter: you're not aware of the problem? why don't i show you some photos.
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principal pelts ser didn't want to talk to us or see the photos his teachers sent us so much so he called security. >> parents were interested. >> oh, my god. whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> it's a problem no parent wants to hear and some can't bear to see. >> pretty gross, huh? >> yes. that is. very nasty. >> a dead mouse in the hallway. and inside the classroom. this one under a student's deck. even mice in classroom trash cans. >> look. it got poop on -- oh, no. that is nasty, man. that's unsanitary. >> unsanitary. >> and dozens of photos of droppings on desks. and everywhere in between. >> this mouse even caught on camera enjoying snack time as a student walks right past it. >> they needed to something to control that problem. ly. the problem may surprise paren parents, but sadly students seemed used to it. >> do you see the mice in the school? yes.
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>> yeah? where do you so them? in you are classroom. >> the philadelphia school district has cut back custodial services. you don't have to look far to see its effects outside cornell and inside. teachers say the three year long mice problem is worse than ever. >> one teacher fearing repercussions from the school agreed to talk to us only if we hide her identity. >> i've gone into my closet to get the students books to give them their workbooks and liter literally piles of mouse poop just fall off the books. i've had this throw out books before they were soaked in mouse urine. >> reporter: doctors say tha that''s health risk. >> like salmonella. , those types of diseases that we dope really see that much. but can be linked to that rodent infestations. >> at this point i'm walking away. >> let me just, don't you think children deserve a save and healthy environment? >> absolutely. >> does this look safe and healthy to you. >> i'm not aware of that. i've never seen that.
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>> reporter: but internal e-mails object tanned bite i-team show a different story. one of them even acknowledged the problem. sent from mr. pills ser. teachers say they've followed protocol and filed about a dozen complaints with ripples sorry requesting help from the district. but say he's done little. >> he said before, you know, he's working on it. he's given us suggestions and how to keep the mice out of our classrooms. like to tie up our cords so they can't climb up the cords and get on your desk or on your tables. >> reporter: we wanted to be what's the status of those teachers complaints. >> i think i've talked to you enough. >> reporter: with no answers from the school, we checked with the district. it turns out they have no record of them. >> this is complete surprise to us. but that does not mean that we're not going to get to the bottom of it and mack sure that it gets cleaned up. find out what's going on with those work orders. why are they not being respond d to? >> i talk with the did you track this afternoon. officials say today they began a review to determine why those
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complaints never made it to the district's level, and the district is launching an online system so they can automatically see complaints as soon as their filed and teachers can track their progress every step of the way. for the i team, charlotte huffman cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> today orr at the shore paid a visit to atlantic city where the world sand sculpting competition is now underway. our kathy orr got a first hand look at these amazing works of art. that are incredible. she got to know some of the talented artists behind them. she learned about game from italy called khi coating. >> flick a little marble and you zen it through the whole track and the wonderful artists that carved that track came from italy and he wanted to tell everybody about this wonderful game that's played by the sea. >> that's so neat. by the adriatic in italy
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this is the first time it's on american soil. we thank them -- >> you were quite the khi coder. yeah. >> did you well. yeah. >> great time was had by all. many people were asking what about the rain? few sprinkles down the shore but it wasn't a problem for the sand scudder. >> they need the water to help pack the sand of course the world championship of sculpting is going on down the shore in atlantic city through this weekend. check it out. it is amazing. let's take you down there right now to atlantic city where it is very pleasant and you can see to the bottom left of your screen there's some tents and that is where the world championship of sand sculpting is getting underway. it is right next to the steel pier, that is all let up tonig tonight. all dressed up in lights and there are the tents right there. they'll be busy tomorrow morning sculpting again. we are looking live down the shore where it is pretty comfortable. clear skies have worked their way in from the north and it is going to be terrific sleeping weather. just crack those windows. 73 in philadelphia.
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68 in atlantic city. 60 in the poconos. 68 in allentown. so as we look ahead one measurement of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is the dew point. it's very accurate even more accurate than the relative humidity. so when you see dew points in the 60s, where they are now, it's a little bet uncomfortable. the poconos, the 50's. that canadian air is working into the region. look how these numbers fall as the drier air work its way in at 7:00 a.m. 42 for dew point. 50's are very comfortable. still sticky down through the south. but during the day all the numbers fall and when your in the 50s and 40s with dew points, that is what we call the comfort zone. so very comfortable tomorrow. high pressure in control. low humidity. deeply skies it is perfect way to end the work week or jump start the weekend whichever you may do. now, saturday this area of low pressure swings down from the great lakes. it comes close enough to bring a chance of a shower especially philadelphia and to the south. temperatures only in the 70s with a few extra clouds.
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this other high pressure system another one that's very strong will be pushing that southward again and sunday temperatures rebound into the 80s with once again dry conditions and blew skies. so a pretty decent weekend overnight the skies will be clear, it will be cooler. noticeably less humid. the low 63. friday just great day to be outside. exercise in the morning or the evening. low humidity. they won't even see you sweat. high testimony cher looking at 85 degrees. and down the shore, a very pleasant day. i don't want to suggest playing hookie but, hmm -- >> whoa! it would be a good idea perhaps. >> yeah. friday mostly sunny 76. the uv at nine. saturday chance of a shower. uv at seven temperature 77. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast summer begins on saturday. but that won't be the better day of the weekend. sunday will be and look at next week. highs in the 80s. temperatures even around 80 down the shore. looks pretty good.
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>> that's nice. >> be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will track weather and any changes they start here at 4:30 on cbs-3 and continue on our sister station the cw beginning at 7:00. >> looking good. >> if you're a boss and workers don't show up tomorrow,. >> um-hmm. >> direct your complaints right over here. can't blame her. kathy, thanks. >> how about this fightin' phils? >> i'll tell you what, they are hot. one of the hottest teams. ryan howard is hot. he's at home and at home he's always hot. we'll talk about that. david buchanan with great job pitching as well. sports coming up. ♪
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>> ryan howard at home in st. louis for four game series again the cardinals. david buchanan with a nice night's work on the mount. here we go fourth inning we'll pick it up. the big piece at the dish. singles up the middle to score carlos ruiz to give the phillies lead. rbi number tate 48 for the big fella. david buchanan his best performance of the season.
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went seven and two-thirds innings. giving up just one run. four hits. striking out four. sixth inning here's the big fell fella. cover off the ball. two run homer to the left. 14th homerun of the season. 25 rbi's in his last 23 games. fightings win their fourth in a row four to one the final. they're just four games behind washington in the division. here they come. >> all right. the eagles are on summer break now. today was their final off season workout now five weeks off until training camp at the novacare complexion. that will happen july 25th. the players know they have to be careful during the break. >> kind of got to stay in contact with your group of guys to make sure everybody is, you know, kind of getting their lifts in, staying out of trouble. >> you do have to step away and give your mind time to row lacks before training camp comes and you're full bore into it at the same time you can't allow yourself to get out of shape. >> sixers general manager sam hinkie's plan to take andrew wiggins or jabari parker with a third pick in next week's draft
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is, um, it's up in the air right now because kansas center and projected number one overall pick joelle, has a stress fracture in his right feet he'll have surgery tomorrow. if the sixers want wiggins or park can he they may have to trade up to do it. he's trying to trade for another lottery pick. next thursday night will be the big night. >> team usa forward josie al toy tour will sunday's game against portugal he has a strained left harm string from monday's win own ghana. wish him the best. uruguay versus he know land. the brits are down one to nothing. pass over to wayne rooney manchester united star comes through to tie the game. now the 84th minute uruguay's louis suarez gets behind the english defense and scores his second goal of the game. uruguay won the contest two to one. and 11 year old lucy lee made history today. she became the youngest to play in a us women's open. she shot eight over par, 78 in the first round.
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she is 11 years old and 11 shots behind the leader stacey lewis who shot three under par 67. she didn't think she should pl play. >> should get beat up in tournament. >> she didn't think she could win. >> seems to be having a good time. >> good lucy. every joan every second of it. >> thank you beasley. >> still to come tonight. dancing and din are in in the perfect spot. we'll take to you the bow on the square coming up -- ball on t
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♪ >> glamorous night in one of philadelphia's most well known spots. >> the ball on the square is held on the third thursday of june every year in written house square and proceeds from the event go to the up keep of the square. chris and i were slid to emcee tonight's festivities a great event. they raised lots of money to keep that square in tip top
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shape. we'll be right back. >> you look great. >> thanks, kathy.
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>> thank you for watching ooh were the news at 11:00 o'clock.
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"eyewitness news" returns in the morning the 4:30 with erika von tiehl and nicole brewer. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at it witness news, i'm chris may. >> i'm jess can dean much we're always at the late she with david letterman is neck with tonight' guest paul rudd. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> katie: ridge. it's me. tell me you remember. tell me you remember us.


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