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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 23, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a close encounter with a great white shark. local fishermen have quite a tale to tell after this huge shark circled their boat and took couple of bites as well. good evening everybody. i'm natasha brown. thanks you so much for joining us. >> were a story this is. everyone is just fine. just bit shane and excited after a great white shark decided to hang out by their boat just off the jersey coast. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight our matt rivers talked to the boat owner in avalon. >> reporter: here's a fish story that's actually true. and by fish we mean great white shark. >> it swam down the length of the boat and i happened to see it first and obviously i was a little bit stunned. i didn't say anything to anybody. i was looking at the trying to process the information it was
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quite a big fish. >> reporter: that voice you're hearing is steve clark avalon retiree. he own the 35-foot boat that was all that stood between him and rows of razor sharp teeth 30 miles off the beg teen coast. he told others on board to look up. the video cameras came out. >> it was awesome. it wasn't scary. we're used to shark report roar the five people went out fishing for may company sharks and to attract those sharks they hung a chum bucket like this one on the side of their boat in the youtube video you can see the great white shark reach up and rip off the chum bucket off the side of the boat. they had to go get a new one today and told the story the shop own are in gave them discount on this new one. the shark hung out near the boat for about 20 minutes. >> swim, circle the boat, go under the boat, come back several times, stick its head up. >> reporter: enough time for clark to guess she weighed just shy of 1 ton. >> it was sticking out both sides of the boat. kids were looking at the shark. >> the only time they got
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nervous when it started gnawing on their outboard motor outside of it was a relatively calm view of one of the ocean' great predators. >> likelihood of seeing another one that close is probably never going to happen. it was great event once in lifetime deal. >> reporter: fish story to top them all. matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> also, new tonight, route 541 in burlington, new jersey, is closed as police investigate a violent crash. one car is overturned at least one other car is smashed and we're told there are multiple injuries. no word on how this accident happened. we'll have more information as it becomes available to us. >> developing right no new information about the sexual assault of a doctor. surveillance video shows the woman and the suspect heading to her rittenhouse square apartment. after the attack, police say that suspect returned with suspect still on the loose the victim's colleagues and neighbors are certainly on high alert. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live in that neighborhood with the latest on
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the investigation. liz? >> reporter: natasha, police say they following up on a number of leads but so far no arrests and this is is a suspect according to police who was on a bike and on this block when he saw the victim he parked and locked that bike, and what happened next is what you see in this video. the quality of this video may not be great but police say what you can see here proves the suspect is bold and brazen. the video shows the suspect approaching the victim from behind. grabbing her waist and according to sources, threatening and ordering the victim into her center city apartment on spruce street. once inside, police say the suspect raped the 26 year old victim then fled with her cell phone and keys. sources tell us the victim was so traumatized she did not even realize the suspect left. sadly, sources say the suspect returnereturned a short time la. this because it appears he left
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his messenger bag behind. and police say the suspect raped the victim again. when the suspect left the second time, police say the victim called 911 right away. >> it's very upsetting. um, very surprising, and very angering. >> euphon out about it our program director e mailed all the girl in our program and asked if we were okay. >> reporter: these two women do not know the victim a local doctor but they work at the same hospital and live nearby. they know to be move vigilant since this happened early saturday morning. city leaders call the crime heinous and see the need for more cameras. >> would this have prevented this particular problem, i don't know but the reality wherever we have the ability to enhance real time surveillance we node to do it. >> reporter: and speaking of cameras, police sources say police hope to real lease more video of this suspect perhaps as early as tomorrow. that suspect in the meantime is
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described as a hispanic male in his mid to late 20s about 5-foot five to 5-foot 10 who at the time was wearing a black t-shi t-shirt, blue jeans and carrying a black messenger bag much that is the very latest from rittenhouse, elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very disturbing case, thank you very much, liz. now to the city's at a kenny section that's where police are now looking for the person who tried to abduction a teenager outside of a wawa. this happened in the 6400 block of torresdale avenue at around 1:00 o'clock. police say a man in his 30s approached the 15 year old boy and when the teen punched the man in his face, the suspect left. the teenager was not harmed. >> after violent night last night philadelphia police now investigating seven shootings. two of them deadly. the shootings were scattered all throughout the city. police say at six different locations. the first fatal shooting happened a little over 11. police went to eighth street and berks avenue to break up a large crowd. shots were fired and a 16 year
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old boy was shot in the back of the head and died. a 20 year old struck by a bullet was also injured. ly. the second person was killed on the corner of germantown avenue and rising sun. the 24 year old was shot several times outside of a bar. there's no word on motive on any suspects in this case. >> and other shootings broke out on marvine street where a 32 year old man was injured. two people were also shot near the 5500 block of north american street and another person was wounded inside a home on the 1300 block of mckinley street. the violence spilled into the afternoon as well. police say a young man was shot and killed in west oak lane. it happened on the 1900 block of 69t69th of a shortly before 5:00 o'clock. police have made no arrests in this case just yet. >> wrapping up the weekend on very very nice note. what's in store for the work week? meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs-3 sky deck tonight. justin. >> natasha, still very
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comfortable outside right now. with pleasant temperatures low humidity. looks like we'll get one more day like that then things really start to change as we head into tuesday but i hope you enjoyed the nice weather today no matter where you are across the delaware valley. high temperatures today in philadelphia was 83 degrees. so that's a couple of degrees below average of 85. the record high temperature for this date is 100 degrees set back in 1988, and very pleasant outside right now. we're talking about temperatures generally in the 60s. still hanging on to 70 degrees up in allentown and into readi reading. 64 in doylestown. 65 in mt. holly, new jersey, and northeast philadelphia checking in at 69 degrees. storm scan3 much quieter had a few showers around early this evening. they have dissipated. left over shower has diminished across northampton county in the lehigh valley morning temperatures on monday, nice, lower 60s maybe some 50s in the suburbs. rebound nicely into the afternoon the mid 80s. coming up we'll talk about there humidity returning and our next chance for some showers and
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storms. now also don't forget cbs-3 "eyewitness weather" forecast weather warnings and video and more with the cbs philly weather app available right now from your app store. just download it on to your phone for weather information right at your fingertips. we'll show you that seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. natasha. >> justin, thanks. see you soon. transformer blows in center city philadelphia leaving nearly 400 customers in the dark. "eyewitness news" at 12th and walnut just before 7:00 this evening as crews worked to try to make repair. most customers are back online. service will be fully restored tomorrow morning. no one was injured. >> new developments to night in iraq. militants captured two border crossings one with jordan and another with syria. news comes just as second of state john kerry visits the middle east in hopes of stopping the growth of an al-qaida linked group that's been terrorizing iraq. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has more report roar president obama told cbs's nora
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o'donnell on sunday's fay the nation that washington must remain vigilant about the situation in iraq. >> what we can't do is think we're going to make wack a mole and send u.s. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop. >> characterization some republicans dismiss. >> it's not wack mole. this is in our national security interest. bumper sticker phrases aren't going to win this thing. we've got to be dug in for the long haul because they're doug in for the long haul. >> 300us military advisors will join 275 troops to provide security and support for the us embassy in dag bad and other american interests in ear around iraq. on sunday sunny militants captured two more border crossings. one leads to syria. the other to jordan. the islamic state of iraq and syria or isis has also taken control of four towns in the sunny donovan mcnabb 98ed anbar province since friday. secretary of state john kerry is on a week long mission urging
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arab leaders to work together to defeat isis. he met with egypt's new president in cairo on sunday. iraq asked the us to use air strikes to stop the violence but so far president obama has not ordered any as he weighs possible military act. wendy gillette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl has been moved to outpatient care at a texas military base. bergdahl who was released from taliban captivity last month is now receiving reintegration and medical care. the process includes exposure to more people and gradual increase of social interactions. bergdahl is also getting debriefings and psychological count link. former governor dick thornberg is recovering tonight after suffering a mild stroke. he serve as us attorney general under presidents reagan and george hw bush was admitted to to a hospital yesterday in pittsburgh. they told the 81 year old's wife he will recover.
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>> and historic moment in the nation's capitol. coming up find out what made this religious celebration a first of its kind event at the national cathedral. an high applying flying rescue find out why four hikers were plucked from the side of a mountain. justin. >> very pleasant around the delaware valley this weekend but now it will start feeling like summer for the work week. seven day forecast coming up. >> just ahead in sports at the world cup the game between team u.s. a and portugal is decided in the final seconds. lesley van arsdall has those details coming up.
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>> first day of summer here mean the winter solstice in an arkite a here's how people at the south pole celebrated by taking a mid winter deep in the pool. after sawing through a yard of ice they soak in the balmy water temperature get this 2 degrees. that's still warmer than the air temperature which is around minus 30. wow. mother nature putting on quite a show over a national
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monument take look at this. lightning he will loom 98ing mt. rushmore. you can see some serious dark clouds hanging over the president's heads. >> in california hikers were hanging over a huge wildfire. they were rescued from the hills of glendale. firefighters battling this blaze new four hikers were in trouble and sent an in a rescue crew. the brush fire had quickly doubled from 10 to more than 25 acres getting way too close to hiking trails. so far no structures have been damaged. no one was hurt. historic moment at washington national cathedral today. the reverend dr. cameron partridge became the first ope openly transgender priest to preach there. today's event was part of cathedral's celebration of equality during the lesbian, gay transgender community pots pride month included readings and prayers from local lesbians and gays. >> and big hugs this sunday as kids who underwent fetal surgery are reunited with their doctors.
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more than 1700 people all gathered for fun outside of children's hospital of philadelphia. once incubators now take look climbing rock walls, jumping in bounce see houses having a great time. the surgical team has been hosting this event for the past 18 years and their smiles were as big as the kids. >> this is my favorite day of the year and i think that's true for all of our team, because we see i was all the kids and they're growing and healthy and what can be better than that? >> dr. says 150 fetal surgeries will be performed at chop by the end of the year and he says that many don't even realize it's the biggest center in the world. now to really understand the gravity of the flooding in north texas you really need to see it from above. sticks 8-inches of rain fell this afternoon alone in hood and summer veil counties much rode looked like rivers flooding homes and sending debris downstream. you can see rescue boats there. we're told 12 people had to be
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evacuated. so far no word on any injuries. >> well, tough weather there. nothing like that here thank goodness. a little drizzle earlierly. really depends where you are. pleasant temperatures, low humidity. how about that for the first weekend of some are. >> it's been lovely. we can keep the this what. try but it's late june. we got to bring back that heater and humidity. that will start to arrive later on this week much nothing terribly hot. live look at the ben franklin bridge right now outside and pretty quiet. the showers have ended. isolated showers earlier and the skies are clearing out nicely so generally mostly clear overnight across the region so let's talk about our weather headlines as we head to the upcoming week it's pretty much typical late june weather. temperatures on average in the mid 80s with little bit mr. humidity. so we'll warm it up compared to today. we will talk about some chances for some showers and thunderstorm for the up coming week as well. very nice right now. upper 60s to around and if degrees for the warm spots. mount pocono a comfortable
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59 degrees. 68 in dover, delaware. really much of the northern mid atlantic and northeast is enjoying the pleasant air mass. canadian high pressure really situated on top of us. so little bit cooler and dry air mass very low humidity levels. not much happening on storm scan3 just a few fair weather clouds over us right now and that's that area of high pressure dom date 98ing our weather. expect more sin shine on the way for monday. with very quiet conditions. comfort index very high over the weekend. current dew point temperatures 57. that is low for this time of year that measures how much moisture is in the air or humidity. tomorrow same deal talking about dew points in the mid 50s. so that puts us in the pleasant category by midweek we'll start to approach that steamy and oppressive category the humidity levels do rise and that is very typical for this time of year. mid 80s tomorrow for the high temperatures with sunshine and clouds. keep it dry. as we head towards tuesday warm front starts to move on in. you'll notice the difference. humidity will be on the rise for
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tuesday afternoon as we head towards wednesday, warm and humid and then approaching cold front. that will trigger off some showers and thunderstorms. not an all day wash out wednesday but wednesday is the best chance to see wet weather. not much going on for your monday. just few clouds developing into the afternoon. tuesday same story. warm and more humid into wednesday we go. here come the clouds and better chance for some showers maybe some thunderstorms especially during the afternoon and evening as that front moves on through. temperatures tomorrow, inland we'll be in the 80s again maybe even some mid 80s little bit cooler at the shore with wind coming in off the water and tuesday well into the mid to even possibly upper 80s depending on how much sunshine we see for the inn land spots. we'll warm the up over the next few days. forecast overnight again looks like shower chances have diamin number. partly cloudy, 62 for the too. so 50s out in the suburbs. warm monday. sunshine and clouds, temperatures near average high of 84 degrees. looks like another good looking beach day new jersey shore
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delaware beaches for the air. water temp 71. breeze off the water out of the east about 10 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast. like i said pretty much typical for this time of year. mid 80s through the up coming week. more humid for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. looks like wednesday is our best shot to see scattered showers and storms. we'll dry it out thursday and friday possibly saturday we can see another shower or storm but no big storms to talk about this week temperatures right on average in the mid 80s. >> yes. >> lovely. >> thank you justin. appreciate it. >> lesley has got sports highlights. lots going on today. >> the phillies trying to end their week long road trip with victory over the cardinals and thrilling match between team usa and portugal. how did it end? we'll show you
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♪ >> to the world cup. team usa led a chance to haven't to the knock out round get away from them in the final seconds
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against mr. to you gallon. the to the second half the americans trailing one-zero. they never won a world cup game when trailing at the half. jermaine jones rockets it to the back of the net. all tied up. 81 is the minute americans on the attack. graham with a pass to democracy using his stomach to make the goal. can they hold on and finally win game. final seconds christiana ray film dough with the ball makes the cross to the box. team usa denied that chance to clinch a spot in the next round the game ending in a two all draw. >> locust street closed off so fans could watch the game and check out the reaction when portugal tied the game. fan in disbelief team usa will take on germany thursday they need win or a draw to move on to the knock out round. >> the phillies wrapping up the road trip in st. louis trying to take the series from the cardinals. kyle kendrick had a three to nothing lead going into the fourth inning and let it slip away. three to one phils basis loaded.
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johnny, singles to centerfield. two runs score. the phillies lead is gone. now tied at three. the cards not finish. mark ellis with the safety squeeze bunt john jay will score the go ahead run. cardinals within the game five five-three and phillies end the read trip with five and two record. >> and coming up next in the sports zone, we'll talk about the nba draft with sixers beat writer keith pompeii also 94 wip's paul jolovitz will join me to talk phillies and world cup action coming up in just a few minutes. >> lots to talk about. thank you very much lesley. >> go philly. kevin hart little man back at the top of the box office. we'll tell you what was hot in theaters this weekend when we come back.
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♪ >> welcome back. philly native rules at the bock officer this weekend. >> let me do all the talking.
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>> no. >> i'm a season one holder. have you seen it. >> no. >> you don't have the notch. >> everybody listen up. >> funny man kevin hart sequel think like a man two had the crowds rolling in the eyes the stars of the original film are back together again. this time in las vegas. think like a man second $30 million. tool jump street brought in 29 million in second place. and third place another sequel the animate mated thou train your dragon two. movie version of the broadway smash jersey boys opened up in fourth place. and maleficient rounds out the top five. eau stay with us. justin is back with wore wor
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>> wake up forecast. >> looking good for tomorrow. maybe more humidity. nothing too bad just yet. that will change on tuesday. get back into the mid 80s through the week which is average but more humid on tuesday. wednesday warm and humid that's our best day to see showers and thunderstorms especially wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. cold front moves through. thursday looks like we'll see partly sunny skies but paul
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jolovitz from the sports zone is arguing with me. says mostly sunny. >> i don't know. i think that front close enough to give us a few clouds but it locks like we should be dry into the weekend we go. temperatures right where they should be in the mid 80. >> mostly sunny, partly sunny. graph half full. >> thank you so much justin. >> that's "eyewitness news". we appreciate you joining us tonight. worry always on for you at now we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs-3 ♪ made in hollywood >> "think like a man too" starring kevin hart, gabrielle union, and meagan good is "made in hollywood." >> i used to be a big gambler. i calmed down a lot. a lot. "jersey boys" featuring john lloyd young and vincent piazza. >> the cast of "jersey boys" talks with me about the one and
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only clint eastwood. >> the thriller "the rover." all coming up o hollywood." >> i'm kevin hart. >> i'm gabrielle union. >> you're watching "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> you're watching "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood >> in "think like a man too" a group of close friends descend into las vegas for a destination wedding only to have their misadventures in sin city threaten to derail the big day. >> you're watching "made in hollywood." check out the scene. >> i'm in las vegas. >> from the clubs and the pools and bar, it's the best place in the world for men and women to get their freak on. >> i can only


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