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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 24, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> "eyewitness news" at 11:00 begins with breaking news major developments in the investigation of the rape and robbery of a doctor in rittenhouse square. sources tell "eyewitness news" tonight that several persons of interest are now being questioned. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> four people were taken into by police following a raid of a home in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live at special
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victims unit with breaking information on this case. liz? >> reporter: jessica, just minutes ago, we got some more information from sources and here's what we are being told. the first person of interest and his bike were picked up from where he work at broad and christian. the three remaining men and one more bike were picked up a home at eighth and moore streets. and police sources tell us that home at eighth and moore, that place of interest for investigators since saturday, and tonight police finally able to obtain a search warrant. could the mandi picketed in this composite sketch soon be under arrest? police sources say they are close. police released this sketch along with new surveillance video yo after interviewing the victim a second time on monday. the video shows the suspect parking and locking his bike in the 1900 block of spruce street. before approaching the 26 year old victim a local doctor who
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according to police was threatened and ordered by the suspect into her apartment early saturday morning. police say once inside, the victim was physically and sexu sexually assaulted, and the suspect got away with the victim's cell phone and keys. so again police sources tell us police have seized two bikes and they are questioning four men in connection with this case. sources say all four men live at eighth and moore, and all four men according to sources matched the description of the suspect provided to them by the victim. this investigation we are being told is continuing, and they have not yet announce announcedn arrest in this case. i'm elizabeth hur, cbs-3 oy were the news. >> liz, thank you. a steam pipe bursts in center city causing street closures. chopper three over 13th and race streets outside the convention center and that's where we're told this pipe burst.
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the video here is from the ground and you can't see anything but steam there. police have shut down 13th and race and 12th and arch. police and fire now investigating the cause. >> a store own are in fights back, opening fire and killing a suspect who tried to rob her at knife point. "eyewitness news" in the 7100 block of frankford avenue in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. the suspect pulled a knife on the 46 year old woman working at stan's hell foods. he picked the wrong target. she's a former police officer and secret service that suspect was taken to aria health torresdale where he was pronounced dead. no charges are expected again the store owner. >> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, there has been another in a string of bear sightings tonig tonight. this one comes from mercer county, inform. a black bear spotted in east windsor township this afternoon
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right around twin rivers and fairing ton drives. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more on the hunt for the illusive bear. >> reporter: people here at first thought it might have been a large dog but as the animal got closer to the playground here, everyone realized it was a bear. and some people even got out their cell phones. this was a black bear that gave dad and trenton police officer lenny aville less a bit of a scare monday afternoon. >> i tell everyone, stay here. there's bare. there's bare. of course everyone looks at me like it got three heads when i'm saying bear. >> reporter: he was playing soccer with his son in the tiff rivers development. people in the pool also saw the bear. >> have you ever seen a black bear before. just in the zoo. never out in the wild. >> we like locked the doors and got the kids back in here. >> reporter: worried about the kids in the playground he picked up one of these chairs, lifted it up over his head and got within 50 feet of the bear and told the kids to get behind the fence. >> i start go away bare, go it way bear and then i -- he kind
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of grunted at me. i flunk the chair and then he walked away. he just turned and he walked away. >> minutes earlier the bear was spotted just outside this 7eleven a few hundred yards away from the pool. >> you have owned this store for 11 years. have you ever seen a black bear around here before? >> no, never. never. >> princes good son took this picture. >> he wasn't scared of people at all. i mean i wasn't too scared of him. probable guilty 50 yards back if i had to run i could have but he didn't seem scared. it was more of a walk instead of a run. >> report roar police here say they last spotted the bear going off into a wooded area in nearby monroe township. there are no reports of any injuries or any damage to anyone's prom. reporting in east windsor township, mercer county, new jersey, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a long awaited report on the investigation into the child predator jerry sandusky is out tonight. commissioned by pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cane18 months ago.
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it was authored by the independence investigator jeff molten. the report found that while prosecutor has good reason to take time building a strong ca case, the process was too slow. no search warrants were executed until june of 2011. two years after the attorney general's office took that case. but prosecutors say they simply did not have enough probable cause to move forward with that search warrant any sooner. a review also found no evidence that governor corbett who was then attorney general slowed the case in in any way. >> even a highly successful final result does not mean that the investigation itself was a complete success particularly when a serial child molester was left in charge for so long. >> governor corbett did son at the report today saying that his investigation moved swiftly, was never about politics and ultimately put sandusky behind bars for life. meantime arbitrator has ruled that sandusky can keep his
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state pension since he was not convicted while a state employee. that means he's entitled to begin receiving $4,900 a month plus back pay. it's unclear right now if the state pension board will appeal that decision. the state supreme court recently declined to hear an appeal on his child sex abuse conviction. >> well we have been following the sandusky case from its very beginning. you can get an ununderstanding of the investigation by reading this full report. we have posted link on our website the secretary of veterans affairs will visit philadelphia as the department looks to improve veterans access to care in the wake of the va scandal. the acting secretary sloan gibson says that the philadelphia va medical center has now contacted all veterans waiting for appointments to get them off waiting lists. the center has created 100 new appointment slots by expandin eg its evening and weekend hours. >> a dire warning to iraqis from secretary of state john kerry.
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he says the u.s. is ready to take military action if baghdad delays political reforms. kerry met with leaders in baghdad today, and he discussed the rising insurgency in that country. iraq says it needs u.s. air strikes to help crush the extremists but kerry said prime minister nori al maliki must share power with his political rivals before the militant uprising escalator into civil war. >> this is a critical moment for iraq's future. it is a moment of decision for iraq's leaders and it's a moment of great urgency. >> some have suggested the prime money story should step down but he is showing no signs of leaving. washington is sending military advisors but it will not engage in combat. the delaware county girl sarah murnaghan whose need for a lung transplant sparked national debate last year is now speaking out to to the media. today her family shared their reaction as a national transplant board weighed in on a rule that gives children a better shot at donor lungs.
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health reporter stephanie stahl has more. >> it was great. i thought i knew it was possib possible. >> 11 year old sarah and her family said they were happy about the decision that will permanently change transplant rules giving children easier access to adult lungs. >> very rewarding that the medical community agrees with us. >> and listened. made a change for the better. >> reporter: sarah's parents started the battle year ago. a judge first ruled in their favor. then the united network for organ sharing allowed for exceptions. sarah then had two lung transplants with adult lungs. now other children will have the same opportunity. >> it's not an enormous many packet that will, you know, change adult lung transplants but it is, you know, significant impact. i mean every life counts. >> home void 83 from her family documents her long and difficult recovery but she's enjoying her summer. >> we do schoolwork with, um,
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mom and dad and we go to the pool. and we go to some parks. >> the family says they have a lot to celebrate including a new baby on the way. sarah's mom janet is due this fall. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> terrifying moments caught on tape as a police officer runs in front of an oncoming train to save woman. you'll see more of that video next. >> kathy? >> right now we're looking at a partly cloudy sky. some showers to the west but the main weather feature will be the heat and humidity. it will be sticky and steamy soon. i'll have the seven day. >> well it is probably happened to you or someone you know. we're talking about a crack to smart phone screen. replacing the phone can be costly. so three on your side explored some options for fixing them instead. >> and play ball. governor christie like you've never seen him before. ♪
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>> we're back with dramatic rescue. take lock at this scene from richmond, texas. a police officer pulls a woman to safety seconds before a train comes barrel link through. that officer arrived just as those crossing arms went down. the woman was later taken to the hospital for an val weighing. in the state of minnesota tonight they're bracing for record flooding due to torrential rains. lakes, creeks and rivers all spilling their banks after days of extremely rare summer rain. river currents there are three times faster than normal. in fact high water has already forced some river bridges and many roads to close. >> well a not guilty plea for the us soccer star hope so low. she was arrested for domestic violence at her sister's home in suburban -- seattle suburb. the us women's goalkeeper accused of assaulting her sister and 17 year old nephew over the weekend. solo has been ordered not to
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have any contact with them and not to drink alcohol. the 32 year old has won two olympic gold medal and plays for the seattle rain. >> gamblers in the garden state will not be placing wagers on sporting events after the supreme court leaves a ban in place. a lower court ruled new jersey bans for betting on pro and college sports conflicted with the law. the justices today said federal law banning the gambling trumps state law in this case. current the federal law allows sports gambling only in nevada and three other states. >> august 6th is the tentative auction date for atlantic city's revel casino had he tell. bitters will have to submit qualified bids by august 1st. revel filed for its second bankruptcy thursday. about 13 months after emerging from its first reorganization in may of 2013. atlantic city may be soon closing in on an option for those looking to cruise closer
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to home. chopper three over the gardeners basin at the proposed sight of the port. mayor don guardian says an engineering report shows those waters are deep enough to handle ships up to 200 feet long. he's asking the federal government for help to make that happen. the area he's looking to develop is about the size of baltimore's inn are in harbor. >> we're guessing that you or maybe someone you know has had a contracted smart phone screen. replacing the entire phone can be expensive. but that's not your only solution. three i don't know your side jim donovan takes a looks at some options for fixing those broken screens. they flip from our fingers. get knocked off tables. in an inter stan, you could end up with a cracked screen. alyssa black's phone broke at an office party. >> my boss actually knocked it out of my hand. so he shattered it. >> reporter: kerry many thomas cracked her after dropping it and it's still under crack. >> um, kind of imprisoned with
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it. >> you drone to get stuck with crack screen. there are companies that can fix them. first up cpr cell phone repair in horsham it's one of 175 franchise locations throughout the country. owner ken shaw says while they do lots of i phones, they also service other brands. >> we also repair samsungs, and htcs, motor role las almost any manufacturer of cell phones. >> reporter: cpr's price for row placing the screen, $80. and it's ready in about an hour. at the apple store in cherry hill, they told us they couldn't fix a broken iphone four screen. apple tells us in store screen repairs are only available for the five, 5c and if parts are available three and 3g models. when it comes to the four they told us they could replace the entire phone for 149. finally, i they bring the repairing to you. just go online to find a tech near you. once you connect you schedule a meeting at the place of your
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choice. three on your side producer a ranged to meet i crack tech tyler at starbucks. >> he fixed the phone on location. it was good as new in less than 30 minutes. >> it looks fabulous. >> the price, $85. tyler says customers love the convenience. >> it takes out lot of the hassle with finding someone that's going to do it. >> while he'd love to have your business he says one of the simplest things you can do to avoid a screen repair, keep your phone in a case. >> for more information on the companies i just mentioned and others log on to or follow mow on facebook and twitter. i'll be posting the links for through as well. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. ♪ >> um-hmm. no cracks here. >> in cracks there. >> you got to be careful. >> we have sell flood summer i think quite nicely. >> yes, we have. no doubt about it. what's going on? it will be hot and humid. >> yup, yup. >> same old, same old. >> it's okay. we'll take it. it's been a long spring to say
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the least. looking at mild temperatures. comfortable overnight tonight, and then get a little steamy and sticky as we work through the first full week of summer. take look outside. where the boards were pretty busy earlier this evening. but now just a few folks strolling the boardwalk in ocean city, cape may county. temperatures are still in the 70s. because those ocean water temperatures are warm as well. on storm scan3 we have a few clouds rolling through tonight. but nothing of any significance. skies will be partly cloudy during the early morning hours. temperatures are falling as we well. 71 in philadelphia. 69 in trenton. 68 in atlantic city. of course, this is inland at the airport in pomono. down the shore warm temperatures and getting a big influence from the ocean at 74 degrees. beach haven 71. atlantic city 70. stone harbor 69. 67 in cape may. and rehobot rehoboth beach, del, 70 degrees. we're looking at a nice warm day for your tuesday. increasing humidity as this area
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of hee pressure moves off the coast and as it does, it will build more of a southerly wind. the humidity will go up and it will feel a little bit less comfortable than it did today. wednesday even warmer with mid 80s and a chance of a shower or storm in the afternoon. cold front moves and through. overnight tonight, skies will be partly cloudy, it will be milder with low temperature of 65. southerly winds about five to 10 miles an hour. that wind kicks in during the day on tuesday. it will be partly sunny, more humid the temperature 85 degrees. now if you're going to be going down the shore great day trip for your tuesday mostly sunny, 79 degrees. uv index at nine. the rip current risk will be low. but that will change to moderate by wednesday. so be aware of that and never swim at a beach that is not guarded. the temperature on wednesday 81. showers and storms more likely toward the evening. look at all this red very warm ocean water but no tropical activity that's the good news. water temperature right now in
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atlantic city 74. the average 64. so that's 10 degrees above the norm for this time of year. cape may the ocean water temperature 78. near the bay and lewes, delaware and rehoboth beach, delaware, ocean water temperatures in the lower 70s. which is average for that part of the country. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, we'll go 86 on wednesday. with late day showers and stor storms. thursday 88. friday 86. and then over the weekend, it's going to be nice but late sunday we could see a shower or storm. we'll try to let you get in your fun before that moves in and of course monday 88. steamy and sticky again. down the shore temperatures will be quiet warm if you took off this week. take look at this us a some addition to the weather center. weather forecast wherever you go, just put me in your pocket. download our new weather app. it's available free right now at the apple app store. the android version is um canning soon. weather on the go.
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>> very cool. >> everything you'd possibly want. kathy orr right in your pocket. >> in the the palm of your hasn't. >> leslie is here. we're saying goodbye to a familiar and much loved sports. >> flyers gm ron hextall very busy today as chris mentioned sending a fan favorite to columbus but also giving a promising star a new contract. and the phillies start a big home stand against the marlins. the team's new hit king is honored. sports is next.
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>> phillies celebrating jimmy rollins milestone hit tonight while hosting the marlins. rollins became the phillies all-time hit leader a week ago on saturday passing mike schmidt. j roll joined the field by his former teammates marlon anders anderson, bobby abreu, mike lieberthal and pat burrell. casey magee with the fly ball off the scoreboard at right center. two runs score and the marlins take the lead. phillies did have opportunities
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to score against but couldn't come through in the fourth two runners on. dom brown flies out to center. to end the rally. to the eighth inning carlos ruiz hit sharp grounder to short that ed lucas fields and turn the double play toned the innings. phillies shut out for the tenth time this season. four to nothing the final. >> new flyers gm ron hextall started retooling the team today trading fanfare writ scott hartnell to columbus for former flyer rj umberger and a fourth round draft picks. hartnell has five years remaining on his crack. umberger three. the flyers gained salary relief right there. hartnell scored 157 goals in seven seasons with the orange and black and was not happy when hextall asked him to wave his no trade clause. >> to be honest i was pretty shocked at first. i was, you know, i was upset. i was, um, a little angry i guess. >> umberger wanted out of
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columbus. he asked for trade because his minutes were cut this season and he's happy to be back in philly. >> really exciting. the people in the organization, you know, you're comfortable with everything. everyone you know. um, you know, philly is a city i think the first start -- fresh start like i said new start for my career and i'm very anxious. >> after dealing hartnell hextall gave schenn a two year extension worth $5 million. last season brayden set career highs in goals and assists and part of that mike richards trade to la3 year ago on june 23rd. jeff carter traded june 23rd. jdr traded june 2,323rd. not a good day. >> shut off your phone if you're a flyer on june 23rd. >> thank you. still ahead tonight mixing sports with politics. governor chris christie hits the baseball field. >> we'll show you when "eyewitness news" returns. ♪
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♪ >> it is governor chris christie like you've rarely seen him. >> the new jersey governor chris christie! >> governor played little ball today. first we saw him in the outfield stretching, crouching, feeling the burn. stretching it out. >> warming up. >> governor takes his talents to yankee stadium he played third base in celebrity softball game. that was him back in the day. he was actually a star catcher on his high school team so baseball is certainly nothing new for the governor. today he wept zero-two for the plate made that nice dive at the hot corner. so there you go. chris christie in the field of dreams. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for lesley, kathy everyone her at "eyewitness news", i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at adam levine is on the late show with david letterman next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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