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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 26, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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and developing right now, a tense standoff as barricade situation in hammington, new jersey appears to be over. police responded to the whispering pines condo minimum complex on pleasantville road late last tonight to the report of shots fired, a women told police her boyfriend locked himself in the bathroom with the gun month. man and police officers were not injured. there is in word on the man's condition but police tell "eyewitness news" that the threat is now over. and we have some terrifying video to share with you when a woman is attacked in her oxford circle apartment building ace forced to beg for her life. she did survive and she's sharing her frightening store which "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur.
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>> reporter: terrifying moments when this 45 year-old woman for the for her life, not only can you see how frightened she was, you can hear it in her voice. her screams for help, saved on her cell phone. >> i never can describe how i'm feeling right new. >> reporter: for her protection we are not identifying the victim still bruised and shaken. >> by the time he grabbed me i was talking to somebody. he said call your friend, tell your friend what is going on, and he bring the money. >> reporter: the the 45 year-old had just returned home sunday night when she was followed in the entrance of her apartment by a stranger who demanded money. she said that she gave up everything that she had but the suspect wanted more and dragged the victim back outside to her car. >> he was in the car with me he said i got a gun i blow your head, i blow your head, his head if he called police. >> reporter: we're told for the next 40 minutes in the victim was driven around the city waiting for the friend with the money.
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>> that is why i'm trying to convince him don't kill me. >> reporter: victim feared for her life but she believed she managed to talk the suspect into letting her go after returning to the apartment, and then picking up the cash, from her friend. >> he said he got a problem, he got a family, you know. the only thing i tell him i will pray for him. >> reporter: when we asked her again if there is anything she with like to say to her attacker she said she will pray for him. as for the investigation police do tell us that the suspect did drive off with the victim's car but police say they have recovered that car, the very next day abandoned nearby. police are asking anyone with any information about this suspect to give them a call. reporting from northeast detectives i'm elizabeth hur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in south jersey are searching for a woman caught on tape in a vicious attack. we want to warn you this video is violent and some may find it disturbing. investigators identified the woman seen here in the
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mcdonald's shirt as le tea harris. they video taped her beating another woman while victim's father watched helplessly. that little boy tried to kick the suspect. we are told this assault happened tuesday engineer an apartment complex on the parkway. 5:33. time for traffic and weather together, katie. >> good morning, everybody. did you get woken up by those storms, lieutenant of our storms, have been coming through in the overnight hours but at least they are out of here at this point. a line of those, showers and storms, but we are between systems. we are dodge ago digsal pop ups in the way of showers or thunderstorm throughout the the day and tomorrow as well. lets start it off with the quick check of the shore, you can see that cloud cover, still hanging on but it is still making its retreat. you can go next to storm scan three, we can show you that with the satellite coverage on top, as well as radar that cloud cover is basically beginning to pull away. skies should clear out.
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we will start off with sunshine but man what a night, with those storms. wonderful eyewitness photo came into us, from bethlehem. the whole region got hit with these heavy thunderstorms but talk about lighting up the night sky with the stroke of lightening the way we did last night. 69 degrees is current temperature in trenton. we are in the low to mid 70's from philly back south and west here through reading, lancaster and most of the the mixed bag in the 70's even north of the center city area and airport where we're still in the 70's. sixty-eight in doylestown and quakertown. but everybody will have a chance to heat up here today, folks, we can expect to see sunshine at area beaches we're shooting for 87 degrees with just a spotty shower but hot and humid otherwise and in philadelphia it will get hotter. we will flirt with 90 today. we can hit a high of 89. when it comes that heat who is counting the temperature, it is more about how it feels outside and it will feel sticky. however, weather should be great for orr at the shore
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this afternoon. kathy is heading down to one of my favorite spots, 40th street beach in sea isle city to visit one of the country superstar beaches. brand new report came out about that. she will have details. it is orr at the shore this evening on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00, bob, over to you. 5:35. before you get to the shore maybe you have to get to work this morning. roads are damp and wet from the rain we had last night and lets look live at the schuylkill expressway, looking good though, headlights heading out of town passing our camera right here near spring garden street. the is there martin luther king drive there in the background. we have schuylkill river and art museum. coming into philadelphia looking good so far. 422 same deal. in problems at all here as you come around the curve heading in towards oaks but if you are in south jersey and you are trying to get to the patco high speed line, lindenwald station, heads up, structural damage to the white horse road bridge that goes over the patco tracks. so from say the voorhees and
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marlton interchange you will not get to the parking lot at lindenwald. you have to go over to somer tail road and use white horse pike to gain access into the parking lot for the station this morning. an accident just outside of fort dix, julius town road right here near 206, a crash out here in collegeville, germantown pike at ridge pike and some flooding left over from last night with the rain, old gulf roadblocked at williamson road this morning. nicole, back over to you. well, 5:36 right now n business news this morning why chevy is stopping sales of the popular car. >> and which workers are getting a pay raise? money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york with the report in the stock exchange, hi, jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and nicole. general motors is halting sales of the popular chevy cruz. gm is telling dealers to stop selling 2013 and 2014 models because of the potential defect in air bags. they are made by the same japanese supplier whose air
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bags caused seven other major auto makers to recall millions of cars. gm says about 33,000 cruz vehicles are affected. week liz job less claims number comes out this morning here on wall street, stocks finished the day up 49 points yesterday, the nasdaq finish up 29 points higher. some ikea workers in the u.s. are getting a raise. swedish furniture chain will boost minimum wage from $9.17 an hour to $10.76 an hour. but only about half of the ikea's half of the hourly workers will see a pay bump and that is because ikea peg the raise through the the cost of living in each stores area ikea says it is focusing the needs of its workers not just following the competition. if you are planning to go away for the upcoming holiday weekend, no need to feel guilt bye leaving your dog at the kennel. a new study found dogs may actually enjoy it. this study measured some stressed symptoms and it found
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that dogs find sun else exiting for at least a short amount of time, ukee and nicole. >> as long as they get play time. >> they get to see their friend. >> see their buddies, hang out with their boys and girls. >> sound fun to me. >> the whole group. >> it is a party thanks, jill. 5:38 right now. of course, soccer fans are pumped up for u.s./germany showdown at high noon today. only thing that can get in the way of watching the game is work, right. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live in center city with more on how some fans plan to get around that little issue, that little problem, right, syma. >> reporter: just a little problem we're talking about. we are's here in front of the popular place where folks catch some world cup games but with the game u.s.a. verse germany today at noon, work will be getting in the way. so it will nobody surprise as some people might be taking a
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long lunch or they get a little... >> yes, yes. >> reporter: u.s.a. is still in the running for the world cup and as steaks get higher, more and more eyes will be glued to the tv. it was easy for tomorrow watch the u.s. taking on portugal since the game was on sun take but with the team playing germany at noon on a workday, people are doing whatever it takes to watch the game. >> well, there is in the watching it. >> i will watch it again. >> it is tough for people to get out and enjoy the game. >> is there always long lunches, do a half day. the flu is going around. >> reporter: well, that is right, it is a little bit of the flu season right now. no, i'm just kidding. you never know, folks may be calling out, diehard fans may be taking a long lunch break.
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so why don't you let me know what you are doing, just go ahead and tweet me at syma chowdhry and a nicole and ukee, i don't know where you guys will be watching but let's make it like a big cbs-3 watch thing. let's do it at work, how about that. >> you know what, i got the noon show but i have a little tv on the side. >> take hints from syma all morning. >> that is right. a lot of people are looking for any excuse to get out of work today to watch that game at noon. forget doctor's note, team u.s.a. coach has one for you. u.s. soccer posted this note from the head coach on twitter with the perfect excuse. he says i understand that this absence may reduce productivity of your work place, but i can assure you, that it is, for an important cause. the u.s. mens national team has a critical world cup game verse germany and we will need the full support of the nation if we are to advance to the next round. >> it should.
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>> wow, better than a doctor's note, or even one from your parent, right. >> that is right. >> coming from the coach. >> the coach. >> lets go, red, white and blue, how about that. very strange story after a missing boy is found alive after almost two weeks. >> it would be hard for m me to sit here and tell you that someone didn't necessity that charlie was there. >> where the boy was found and why that is raising even more questions, this morning. also, suing the president, why john boehner is taking his fight with president obama from congress to court. and get ready family for another steamy day but will we see more storms? traffic and weather together on the three's, when we come right back. see new a
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msbut they meet them withts determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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scientists say we have a brand new species of animal on the planet earth. this has a long tail and small fury body like a mouse or rat but it is an elephant shrew. elephant say they are more closely related to the pachyderm than the rodent. scientist his who discovered this said he stumbled across it during a field trip in africa. he stumbled across it. first one he saw he almost stepped on it. traffic and weather together, here's katie. >> ukee, we are in the middle of the lightening safety awareness week. we have seen our fair share of lightening with a lot of storms as ovulate. we will show you video here of
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philadelphia and the region as a whole with some of the storms erupting over our region in the last couple of weeks. who could forget the ones that came through the the one overnight last night but about a week and a half ago, do you remember when we got woken up because everybody got soaked and drenched with these really heavy thunderstorms. we are basically in the clear at this point with any stormy weather that we did have, from last night, however, it is the the summertime. if you hear thunder you always want to remember you can be struck. if you hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightening. make sure you seek shelter, getaway from elevated area, or getaway from bodies of water. seek shelter. stay away from windows, doors and stay off porches. the just get inside. that is the bottom line. stay off of indoor plumbing or electrical equipment. you have heard that for years. stay sheltered for at least 30 minutes after that thunder stops as well.
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we wanted to give you a sense of what the forecast has in store. we can take our full screen graphic. seven day forecast for you. we are generally in the 80's right through the end of the month of june but it is hot and sticky today. watch for a left over spotty shower, perhaps a thunderstorm, similar scenario tomorrow but mainly west of the city. weekend looks good, and i'll tell you what we are kicking off the month of july and we are starting to heat up, out there. bob, over to you. >> i remember my grandmother would never want to talk on the phone during the storm. if you are talking to her and there was thunder, bye. >> stay away from windows. >> stay away from the windows. 5:45. good morning, everybody. live look at i-95. we are seeing volume pop here coming between the betsy ross bridge and girard avenue. in traffic pattern there roosevelt boulevard, damp and wet from all that rain we had last night coming southbound no problems here, past our camera at fox street. we had some problems last night on the wilmington line. everything is back to normal this morning. so we're expecting a normal morning rush hour, for that gang, and if you are watching us down the shore, toms river,
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an accident on the garden state parkway north pound right at the toms river off ramp and who is ready for fire works? phillies got a whole bunch of them for you the next couple of nights. tonight, tomorrow and saturday night, after the games and philadelphia police just want to remind thaw no parking on i-95. you cannot pull on to the shoulder to catch fire works, safely jump off 95 and park anywhere there in south philadelphia. take at kids for a light show over the next couple of nights from gang from wilmington so far so good on i-95. it bunches up at 7:00, 7:30. that is everyone trying to avoid that 495 construction. of course, 24/7 stay up to date with the traffic backups, our new app titled your drive, you can down load that app for iphone and android devices by going to cbs drive, nicole, back over to you. house speaker john boehner is suing president obama, the republican leader accused the president of selectively enforcing his health care law
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and misusing executive orders to side strep congress. >> the cons dogs makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws and in my view the president has not faithfully executed the laws. >> quite frankly i'm not sure, again, an announcement that house republicans are preparing a taxpayer funded lawsuit against the president for doing his job will be very warmly received by the american public. >> now that lawsuit would likely set off an election year partisan struggle. u.s. officials are keeping a close eye on the crisis in iraq. secretary of state john kerry warned other nations not to intervene, or risk fueling tensions. but so far they are not listening. there are indications that the syrian regime has carried out air strikes against insurgents. u.s. officials believe iran is flying surveillance drones over that country. a boy who had been missing for more than a week in detroit has been found safe but the case is far from over. andrew spencer reports that the police found the 12
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year-old in his father's basement where they had looked for him several times before. >> it would be hard for me to sit here and tell you that someone didn't know that charlie was there. but i cannot say definitively. >> reporter: in 11 days, police had gone through his father's home three times once with the the cadaver dog but they found nothing, not until they search the the home a fourth time on wednesday. >> we found him barricaded, in the basement behind boxes and a large 5-gallon drum. >> reporter: boy's father charles, the fourth, wasn't home when police found his son. >> i would hope that the father, who is now doing a show on nancy grace, someone would interrupt the the show and advise him the location you just left your home, your son was downstairs. >> reporter: they didn't need to. >> charlie, we're getting reports, that your son has been found in your basement.
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>> reporter: he responded to the news with stunned silence, one of several emotions he showed wednesday night. he would later lash out. >> for anybody to imply that i knew that my son was in the basement is absurd and wrong. >> reporter: then appeared to break down as reporters questioned him at an news conference. >> the the deeper concern perhaps a homicide. >> yeah, man you broke my heart. >> tell me burr range of emotions based on what the police are telling you. >> i thought my son was dead. >> reporter: and sobbed in the reporters le pull. police say it is in the clear if 12 year-old charlie was in the home during previous searches, one of many questions that remain about his disappearance. andrew spencer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i don't think we have heard last of this. >> amazing story. 5:49. before you walk out the door we are updating top stories and we will let you know if we have seen the last of the the rain for the the day. >> let's's hope so we will be right back.
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here's the headlines on cbs 36789 police released little information bay standoff situation late last night in hammington. swat teams surrounded the residents in the whispering pines condo minimum complex but they have now issued an all clear. and surveillance video shows the confrontation between a suspect and a 45 year-old woman in oxford circle. that suspect, forced the victim in her car and forced her to contact friend to withdraw more money to give that suspect. developing story dozens of people are in boston area hospitals, after getting sick at a concert by a dj aviche at td garden. concert goers say it was a
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combination of alcohol drugs and dehydration. 5:53. time for traffic and weather together. how is it looking, katie. >> right now it is pretty g we did have heavy thunderstorms, overnight but they have long since made their retreat. we are going to start to see a couple of pop up showers and a rumble of thunder as the day progresses. we are sitting between systems but generally speaking we are looking good out there for the most part here today. if you are partaking in the one of the many outdoor viewing parties for the the world cup we will be in the upper 70's, steamy, at the steel stacks in bethlehem, piazza at schmidt and commerce square and we will be in the mid 80's by noon. we are shooting for at least a flirt with nine on degrees today. sticky daze with left over shower or thunderstorm but you don't need umbrella friday kind of similar scenario here best shot for wet weather to the west of the city and then by saturday things will clear out, high pressure goes south and we will get sunshine. bob, over to you. 5:53 on this thursday morning. lets go outside.
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roads are damp and wet from the the over tonight rain but so far, so good here on the schuylkill expressway as we look live right here near spring garden and city line. is there the exit for the roosevelt boulevard at city line avenue for everyone heading out of town. rest of the majors 422, 202 in good shape as we come in towards the suburbs, mass transit looking good and we will check bridges and airport
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new film maker wants to prove violence without a destructive element can be loving as a hug. >> okay. well that remains to be seen, of course but here he says is proof, lets take a look. >> yeah, can i do it again. >> yes. >> one slap an hour. >> we will be ready. >> yes. >> they are too excited. >> just a bit good all these face slaps. >> that is actor haley joel oz. among individuals slapping each other and enjoying it.
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>> by the way in the new movie by max landis. the video is a take off on a recent viral video called first kiss, and, they just cannot get enough. >> all right, come on. >> this is weird for me. >> here we go. >> would i never. >> go ahead. >> would i never. >> i will give you a. >> that will work good how about that. >> thank you. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have some new developments in the search for missing malaysia airplane next. i'm robert de niro, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. my favorite place is the hudson valley. it inspired famous painters like thomas cole, with amazing landscapes like the breathtaking mohonk preserve. here you'll visit historic locations like olana and west point, and appreciate chefs at the culinary institute of america. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at
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there's something for everyone.
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a frightening attack is caught on tape a woman taken from her own apartment building and held for ransom.
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she chose to share her story only with "eyewitness news" reporter, elizabeth hur. >> reporter: terrifying moments when this 45 year-old woman for the for her life not only can you see how frightened that she was you can hear it, in her voice. her screams for help saved on her cell phone. >> i can never describe how i'm feeling right now. >> reporter: for her protection we are not identifying the victim still bruised and shaken. >> at the time he grabbed me i was talking to somebody. he said call your friend, tell your friend, what is going on and he will bring the money. >> reporter: forty-five year-old just returned home sunday night when she was followed in the entrance of her apartment by a stranger who demanded money. she said that she gave up everything that she had but suspect wanted more and dragged the victim back out to her car. >> when he was in the car with me he told me i got to go and blow your head, blow his head, if you call


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