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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> suspected driver was caught at least four al a.m. this morning, began when a driver rearend add vehicle near second and fairmount. now that driver has been taken to a hospital. another person taken into custody for unknown reasons. good morning everyone, also breaking right now the search on for killer after driver gets gunned down behind the wheel. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein is live at the scene on germantown avenue with the latest, jen? investigating a homicide here this morning. this is germantown avenue, right behind me, butler street is to your right. we do have crime scene unit here as well as two detectives, who are trying to gather evidence this morning. they are looking for the suspect. three bullet holes remain on the driver side window of this 1994 grand marquis.
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the bullet casings sit a mere two, 3 feet away. just after 2:00 police raised to the scene and found a man slumped over the wheel. >> this 24 year old male was unconscious in the driver seat. appeared to be shot several times in his torso. >> police returned him to temple university hospital. he was pronounced dead just after 4:00 a.m. now, police are investigating a homicide. >> several witnesses were transported to northwest detectives including two males, that were in the grand marquis with the shooting victim. they were very, very luck to have not been injured or struck by any gunfire. >> another witness is a woman driving this toyota, police believe the marquis was in motion when the driver was shot, they think it then hit this car as it pulled out of a parking spot. >> and here is another look at the toyota, you can see the back left bumper is damaged from the marquis. they believe again that this car was pulling out of a parking spot when it was hit. you can see three crime scene
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officers here, trying to gather evidence, and figure out exactly what happened. you do have the one two three evidence markers on the gown, that's where those bullet casings were, so you can see just how close the shooter was when he fired off three shots into this car. now, police also tell us, there are three cameras on this block from area businesses, that they're going to be checking, one over here, one right behind me, and one over on butler street. that's where the shooter is believed to have run west on butler. so they are hoping that those cameras caught evidence that will help them find that suspect this morning. that's the latest from north philadelphia. jen bernstein cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. also, a triple shooting in chester, delaware county leaves one person dead and two others injured. it happened shortly after midnight at the harambee cafe 700 block of lloyd street. two people injured were returned to crozer-chester medical center. no word on their condition. also no word on suspect or motive in the shooting. >> well, shear look at some of the things happening today.
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atlantic city showboat casino is expected to notify employees the casino may close in 60 days. the casino has more than 2100 workers. >> former television personality don tollefson will be arraigned today. tollefson is accused of taking money from people by soliciting money for charities and never delivering on promises made. and today the grand opening of the spruce street harbor park, dover wear river riverfront newest park transforms the north side of pen landing marina into urban oasis with fountains and gardens. >> time is 6:03 time for your traffic and weather together. >> happy friday everybody. perhaps you are planning little weekends get away. we've got you covered here, or maybe just staying in town, and it does look as though the weather will cooperate no matter what your plans entile. if you are going to be outside here in the next couple of days. i want to start things offer by taking you up to the poconos where you have some shadows over jack frost big boulder, clearly no snow out there or frost to speak of. rather bright sunshine,
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intermittent clouds, as well, you can tell by the way the shadows are being cast right now over that particular area here on "skycam 3". let's go next to the live neighborhood network totally different sky cover here at the area beaches in margate specifically, you have got pretty gray beginning to the morning here. but i've got it on good authority. eventually the skies will clear out get some sunshine, will be sort after variety of sun and clouds cover here today. and probably just an off chance for a spotty shower if not rumble every under this nerve any given location, especially, through afternoon or evening. but most every you should see mainly dry day. 71 degrees the current temperature at the airport still at 60 up in the poconos where again the sun is shining, maybe going camping this weekend weekends actually looks really nice. mostly or partly sunny no matter how you slice it, high pressure will hook us up with the dry weekends berks stray shower or pop up thunderstorm is still in the forecast for toed. brinking it back to the urban corridor in philadelphia, back to up about 83 at the height of the day right around this time of the year usually hitting our daytime high about say 4:00 p.m. or so, probably
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get to 83. eighty-two by 3:00 p.m. and we will stay somewhat steady over the next few hours before the sun sort every breaks from the cloud cover and then we have chance to warm up little bit more readily. bob, over to you. >> 6:00 # five, good morning everybody weeks begin with breaking news out of delaware, all southbound lanes of i-95, are closed right now at exit number five. let's go to the maps. here the deal s overturned tractor-trailer, happened about an hour and a half ago. all southbound lanes closed route 141 exit five. going to the maps there i will show you best alternate will be the olds traffic pushed off on to the northbound side of 141. it is an ups tractor-trailer crews are on the scene so, pushed north on 141. somewhat of an easy around the block alternate. make left ton route four, left back on route seven. that will will put you back onto 95. but if you are headed south south of wilmington this morning, this will impact your trip big time. because it will be with us through the morning rush hour.
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another accident there is on the schuylkill, eastbound on the schuylkill between south and university. right on the university ave. bridge, only that left lane open. and in south jersey, the white horse road bridge that goes over the patco track closed indefinately, and that is basically cutting off access to anyone from say marlton and voorhees, trying to get into the lindenwald steaks. you will have to go up to somerdale road gain access to the white horse pike, and get into the parking lot that way. otherwise we're in good shape. speedometer readings across the board in the 50's, coming into downtown philly. and mass transit running with no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, the sixers are continuing their slow and steady climb to respectability with a busy draft night. but their first pick will not start the season on the court. >> with the third pick in the 2014nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select joel embiid. >> the first pick number three overall is joel embiid out of
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cameroonian kansas, he suffered that injury in draft workouts in his foot. the next picked out to be croatian player dariosaric. >> has become clear the six remembers drafting for the future. joel embiid suffered serious foot injury one wyche peer to the draft. the 7-foot seven from kansas predicted to be the number zero beer one he recovers, sixers may hold him out for the entire season. they received his medical records, so they know exactly what they're dealing wembi. d was not at the draft because every his injury but happy to be coming to philadelphia. >> i wish i could be there but i'm excited, the sixers just took me and i can't believe, i still can't believe it. youyou know i started playing basketball so late, so just means anything is possible. >> sixers also traded for
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versatile forward dario saric with two years left on his contract in europe. >> i think it is bet r for me, for my basketball, for philadelphia to be like two more years in europe to work on my games to bring another level, my basketball, to work on my body. and i think it is best way for everybody. >> sam hinge i taking long-term approach to the draft. for now we wait. leslie van arsdale eyewitness sports. and the back page of this morning's daily news says what a loft people are thinking this morning. it says: tanks again. since it looks like neither one of the first rounds picks will suit up for the sixers this season. but it is all about the future. slow, steady pace. so are you running out of patience or will the third time be the charm for the sixers bringing in an injured big man? let us know what grade you give the team for last night's draft. connect with us on twitter. using the hashtag cbs-3
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sixers. nicole? >> student newspaper staff in bucks county wins a partial victory. the neshaminy school board says neshaminy high school's paper keep its ban on the word redskins in news stories however, the ban does not extends students letters to the editor. student editors believe redskins a slur against native americans. the board calls its decision a reasonable come compromise. >> still does not belong in school board policy. rather, it is something we have the right to decide for ourselves. >> every student's rights are protected under this policy and i believe it will be upheld as being a correct policy for the district. student editor has hired an attorney and are considering a lawsuit. >> your time now 6:09. local beauty queen stripped of her crown. >> yes, the controversy that forced pageant officials to dethrone miss delaware. >> also, talk about heartless crime, firefighters trying fight a fire, they become
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victims. here in new york sit wendy gillette, what will he buff is accused every doing coming up. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> getting down in the studio, ukee katie i see you moving and grooving. even when templet sa loses they're still winning. how kept their world cup hopes alive despite a pretty tough loss. we'll explain. >>
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>> is a brutal attack on a mother and her toddler tries to intervene. >> i could have been dead right now. she hit me in the right spot it would have been over.
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catherine ferrara suffered broken nose and a concussion. she used to work at mcdonald's with the suspect who police have identified as latia harris. ferrara said the fight started over workplace gossip. her two year old son was the only one who tried to intervene. >> after, that i became so much closer to my son. because it is like he didn't care what was going on, he wasn't afraid. he just wanted to defend his mom. so that's my world right there. like i love that boy so much. >> salem police are looking for harris right now she faces charges of aggravated assault and making threats against ferrara and her son. it is 6:13 right now, we send it out to katie on the skydeck. >> good morning, nicole. happy friday everybody first and for most. we made it to the weekends. little dreary over center city right now, but depending on your location, actually starting already to see little sunshine and down along the shore points, yes casino of off to dreary start. but don't let it bring you down. we do expect to see some sunshine all across the board
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before this is all said and done. let's explain why. i want to show you what's up here first and for most. you can see what actually looks like passage of little front. well, sure enough, a sneaky little guy little back door cold front dropped in here yesterday. actually helped bring in some more of those clouds out there to start our morning off here today. i do think there still be enough lingers inches. , we ends up with spotty shower thunderstorms, but high pressure is trying to take the lead overall we should see the clouds scour ought soon see some sun. >> mid to upper 60s through the outlying suburbs to the north and cooler in the poconos, typical. eighty-three our expected high with just spotty shower or rumble every thunder chance in philadelphia, 64 later tonight, under couple of clouds pretty quiet night. pretty quiet weekends. actually look ahead to nice couple of days. eighty-five apiece, saturday, sunday, with some sunshine, then we start to feel the steam picking back up on monday, in terms of temperature and humidity for that matter.
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ninety-one on both tuesday and wednesday, as we officially kick off the month of july. it certainly will feel like the dog days of summer. bob, we send it into you. >> 6:15, good morning everybody, updating break news here. overturned tractor-trailer blocking all southbound lanes of i-95 at exit number five, which is route 141 here this is all taking place just south of wilmington. they are letting now the shoulder squeeze on by. but there is a lot of emergency crews on the scene there is also a second tractor-trailer, because the one involved in the crash was fully loaded. so they have to hand-off load the cargo ups tractor-trailer, loaded to the brink here on that southbound side. now, if you are headed south this morning, you have couple of options. maybe use route four to further your from time to time you can go north on route 141 and scoot over to route seven back to 95, some extra time, and just wait it out. again, instead of three lanes they only have the far left
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shoulder getting on by. so that's an example of the bottleneck that's being occurred right now that's occurring right now, in delaware. here is a live look at an accident. this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway, between south and university. this crash here, they got about seven, eight guys all in the car here, all out on the highway, but only the far left lane is open. and looks like we got penndot crew coming up on the scene there as well. otherwise, mass transit looking good. ukee nicole, back to you. >> bob, thank youment breaking news tops today's look at our headlines on cbs-3. manhunt is under way for the gunman who shot and killed a 24 year old behind the wheel of a car on germantown avenue. eyewitnesses say the shooter was wearing a dark colored sweatshirt at the time. and suspected drunken driver ram into at least four cars near second and fairmount, about 4:30 this morning. the driver of a black car was taken hospital. another person taken into and in sports, the sixers take cans sass center joel embiid in last night's draft and he just had foot surgery
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so may not play this season. the team made several other moves on draft night as well. let's talk more on the other a short break be right
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new in morning actor shy labuff faces a judge on several charges after allegedly disrupting broadway performance late last night. >> wendy gillette speaks with eyewitnesses, who say they weren't sure what they were
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seeing. >> actor walked out of studio 54 in handcuffs last night. twenty-eight year old faces charges every disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. police say during a performance, of cabaret at the venue, the actor started smoking, became combative refused to leave. two theater goers saw they saw him in a ripped shirt acting strangely at a bar inside the theser. >> honestly i wasn't thinking drugs or drunk i was thinking he was working on a scene. >> said he was disruptive during act one of the show and police escorted him out during intermission. >> if we didn't know who he was, we would assume he was a bumm. >> will buff best known for lead roll in the first three movies of the transformers franchise. he was criticized late last year for allegedly plagiarize g parts of the short film he released on line. and then in february, he walked out of a press conference at the berlin film festival. later showing up on the red carpet wearing a paper bag
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over his head, that red: i am not famous any more. police are still investigating exactly what happened last night. >> wendy gillette, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> our time now 62:00; we've seen animals get stuck in some unusual spots there is one may be a first. >> you have to see what happened when a new jersey family's dog actually got stuck under their dishwasher. >> and don't g get stuck without a style of sun glass that is you love this summer. an eye wear expert is in our studio to show you how to find shades like the stars. back in a
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♪watching everybody eating♪ ♪what they want all day♪ ♪oh this tasteless cardboard♪ ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away♪
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>> in for a treat, katy? >> overall looking for a
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pretty nice weekends. can expect to see some sunshine. right now looks little dreary stepping outside specially down towards the shore points. even seen fine drizzle out there. uv index little lower as a result of the cloud cover starting the day off but tomorrow, and the rest of the weekends, it will be nice, hi have your spf30 or greater ready to go. starting to clear out. good authority these clouds will thin out. ends up with some sun just the off chance for lingering shower perhaps rumble every thunder later in the day. >> looking live chopper three hd over the scene of this overturned tractor-trailer, it is an ups tractor-trailer that overturned earlier this morning, and it is blocking the southbound lanes of i-95 here just south of wilmington. now, what you see getting through here, these are the folks that are coming in from new jersey, over the delaware memorial bridge. but 95 proper, right here, the three lanes are closed. now, i do know we had an injury to the driver. he was taken to a local hospital. the tractor-trailer was fully
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loaded. so they've been hand-off load that throughout the morning. traffic backed up for well over a mile on the southbound side heading down south of wilmington. let's go to the maps. if you are getting ready to step out the front door, couple of options again right here is the accident scene. they're pushing everybody off ton to route 141. from there you can take route four, then to route seven, and you'll be on your way backllo s extra time, if you are headed south south of wilmington, during the morning rush hour. another accident here this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway bumper to bumper from center city in toward university. were only the left lane open. mass transit looking good at the moment. back over to you. >> the next time go down the shore you may not have to worry about breathing in smoke. new jersey lawmakers just passed a bill to clear the air by limiting smoking at most public beaches. the beaches can still set aside a small area for smokers, it also outlaws smoking at state county and
6:26 am
municipal parks. governor chris christie has not said if he will sign the bill. now an unusual rescue for firefighters, in continue ton falls new jersey. that is sam buick. take a look, miniature snowser trapped under a dishwasher. now, firefighters worked to gently remove the dog's rear legs and hips from the appliance. the dog didn't suffer any injuries so, that's good. no one knows how the dog got trapped. that poor little guy. >> tell you as long as sambuca is okay. that's painful to look at. >> it is. >> poor little guy. coming up in the next half hour, we continue to follow several stories braking this morning. jen? >> police are investigating a homicide in north philadelphia. i'll have the latest from the scene, w where a crime scene unit and detective are investigating. she not a house, a home, where my family; and she's trying to destroy us. >> she is being called nightmare nanny. why that woman refuses to leave a family's home even after they fired her.
6:27 am
>> and bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's including the latest on this overturned truck, on i-95 at delaware. we're back in just a couple every minutes at the bottom of the hour.
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the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $329 a month. judge the search is on for a kill after a driver is shot while driving down the street. good morning police remain on
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the scene and they're looking for clues. shall general bernstein also out there in north philadelphia right now with the latest developments, jen? >> police still trying to figure out the motive. they have this area taped off. germantown avenue right behind me right near butler street. focusing their attention on this 1994 grand marquis. responds the to the area just after found a man slumped over the wheel here. he had been shot three times. and i think it is a little hard for you guys to see but there are three bullet holes on the driver side window. police believe a man came up on foot and shot three times into that car. >> this car was moving at the time. then hit this toyota pulling out of parking spot. woman driving that at the time. if you look all the way detectives who have been going through, documenting all of the evidence that they can find as they try it solve a homicide. we do know that this 24 year old man was taken to temple
6:31 am
university hospital, he was alive when police arrive here, returned to the hospital, but then he was pronounced dead at 4:17 a.m. again, he suffered three bullet wounds to the torso area. again, we do have detective here walking over to the car. this is what chief inspector scott small said. they are doing to gather evidence t includes several witnesses. here's what towed say. >> several witnesses are transported to northwest detectives including two males that were in the grand marquis with the shooting victim. not struck by any gunfire. >> another witness the watching driving the toy oath, a transported to northwest detectives. police do say there are three cameras that are on the outside every businesses here that they are going to be check to go see if it caught the suspect on camera. that's the latest from north philadelphia. jen bernstein cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank up, suspected drunk
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driver triggers chain reaction crash, about 4:00 this morning. at least five cars are involved. police say it all began when the driver rearended a vehicle near second and fairmount. that driver has been taken to a hospital and another person taken into custody for unknown reasons. van as target firefighters out on call smashing their personal cars parked at the firehouse. now, these are exclusive pictures of the damage, the vandals struck early while the volunteer firefighters were putting out fire nearby. now the fire fight mayors have to leave a member behind to stands card zero over their property. >> now what do we do? we get dispatched here, in the middle middle of the night again, do we want to come out? so we can have our vehicles ruined? do we just have somebody stay back and guard our vehicles where everybody elsewhere we lose one person? >> all they are doing messing with our response and the safe tiffs our community that's what we're here for.
6:33 am
>> the damage estimates from 200 to $2,200. the firefighters say they will be adding more surveillance cameras to the building. 6:53 here is your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, ukee, happy friday, everybody. off to little dreary start depending on location. the further north and west you go, the more sun you're already seeing. but, we are starting off with some cloud cover out there this morning, eventually will give way to some sunshine out there. i want to give you sense every what's going on. sneaky little cold front that swept through yesterday, guys. you can actually still see light trail of clouds, trying to make its retreatment but eventually we should clear things out there. will however, be just enough left over instability, that we very likely ends up with a very spotty shower, perhaps rumble every thunder. but otherwise high pressure is taking the lead. and that bodes real well for the upcoming weekend. so stick around for that, new now, 71 degrees, predominantly northeast flow remember, these back door cold fronts, come in from basically mother nature's back door, northeast
6:34 am
as opposed to the northwest typical, front door direction. but today we can expect that those clouds will eventually thin out. yes, it is a little dreary at the moment at the shore even seeing little misting going on in some of the field cameras but you will ends up with some sunshine, ukee still stuck in the sand out there 78 degrees somebody's got to go shovel them out, i think actually no, i think you're pretty comfortable. you like being stuck in the san. moving forward in the forecast, i think we will get to about 83 degrees later on today in philadelphia. still with the off chance for just spotty shower, or a thunderstorm. and, remember, guys, you can stay up-to-date with the eyewitness weather team. we have made it to the big time folks. there is now an app for our forecast. head to the app store. it is a free app, which is also good, you'll soon being coming to the android devices but now head to the i tune store, you'll find it, just search cbs-3 weather. back to you. >> good morning, everybody. we update our breaking news here overturned tractor-trailer blocking all lanes southbound route 14;
6:35 am
when we get the chopper back here, we can go to live, i know hovering around here, trying to get better angle of the actual scene and the back up here, it is all taking place southbound, i-95 at exit five route 141. ups tractor-trailer also a hazmat situation so all traffic that is coming south on 95, out of wilmington, here you go, all the lanes are blocked. even that funnel road. all traffic here heading south on 95 is pushed north on route 141. as we pan back here, the folks you see coming to the left, they're coming in from new jersey over the delaware memorial bridge t won't impact the jersey guys, keep ongoing chopper, we're rolled back here for at least a mile, of bumper to bumper to bumper traffic. think about it taking three lanes of 95, and pushing them off into the neighborhood, at route 141. so headed south this morning there is back up, hundreds every folks already ahead of
6:36 am
you here, as you head southbound. so going to the maps. again, if you are headed south, south of wilmington, there is the crash scene. you may want to use -- exit for route two use route 13 out of wilmington, all to get you south of that accident scene. and then we have an accident here on the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound working your way in toward university. this is an accident here, another look at the crash on that eastbound side, heading in toward south philly. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. a crown controversy in delaware. a new miss delaware is crowned after a dispute erupts over the age of the first winner. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur has more. >> two miss delaware's crouds in less than two weeks. >> completely shock when i found out tuesday, all of this was verified for amanda long acre. disheartening, disappointing in her view she won the miss delaware title fair and square. >> i had given all of my
6:37 am
documents, my birth certificate, my social security card, my drivers license. >> so to be told this week she is simply too old to compete she was dumbfounded. >> i've been truthful and hon this is whole time. i have provided everything to them. and this is a mistake that happened on their part. >> to get some answers we headed down to dover where on this night the miss delaware scholarship organization awarded the title to the runner up, brittany lewis. >> i'm so extactic. i'm so great to be a representative of the state of delaware have she was honored but prohibited from commenting on the controversy, we then turned to the organization's legal council. >> the contestant cannot turn 25 before december 31st 2014. she is turning 25, on october 22nd, 2014. which makes her age ineligible. >> but answering how or who overlooked the age we were told could not be discussed at this time. >> as you may understanded, because this may ends up as a
6:38 am
lawsuit, i'm not at liberty to discuss that at this time. >> long acre said she is exploring her legal options there is not only to win back her title but she says also on the line is the $11,000 scholarship she won she said her fight here has just gun. reporting from dover delaware, elizabeth hur cbs-3, "eyewitness news" no mary poppins. call nanny nightmare. this is 64 year old diane being served papers to get out of this home. she has been living here since march, when the family fawn her on craigslist. the arrangement, she live her for free but help with cleaning and looking after children. >> she is not a house, it is a herges it is where my family; and she is trying to destroy us. >> now this person is in our house. i have to go to work. my kids are still here. my wife is still here. >> experts say this legal process could take months, and she technically has squatter's
6:39 am
rights. cbs this morning will have much more on the story in just about 20 minutes. >> well, if you went to bed early last night you missed thrilling finish for the phils see the winning play that sent some diehard fans home very happen. >> i listen up: major store is slashing prices today more on that next. >> ♪ ♪ >> are your sunglasses little out every style? well sun glass fitter to the stars with us here with a look at the hottest specs for this summer. we'll be right back.
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>> braking news in the state of delaware, locking liver at overturned tractor-trailer on southbound 95 outside every downtown wilmington. bob has your detour coming when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's coming up in just about a minute. >> talking sports, phils and braves at the ball yard, phils look to go build on late night momentum. last night top of the 14th inning, and codey goes up the ladder to make a sensational grab of a screamer liner, kept the marlins off the board allowed the man chase utley to hammer his
6:43 am
first walk off homerun since 2006. phils win five-three, 14 innings. well america's soccer mania will continue. in the knock out round against belgium this actuals. yesterday against power house germany thomas gets the rebound, and blasts it past goalie howard for one-nothing lead. us had few chances in stoppage time, but germany wins this 11-nothing, thanks to the tiebreaker goal differential, us advances to the next rounds of the world cup. eyes of the hockey wormed, draft takes place at the world trade center. fly guys have the 17th pick in the first round. more on the nba draft coming up on the "cw philly". >> time now 6:43, let's gets your traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> hey friday, everybody first and for most. looking at the pollen report. that time of the morning. we always like to give that to you and generally speak the next two days, very, very low
6:44 am
levels under a three and you know even though grass and brand new one chenopod are the predominant, shouldn't notice it all that much. stay at me yum levels, high pressure taking the lead, that doesn't mean that you're maybe going to start to notice it a little bit more if you are mowing the lawn perhaps on either of the days. storm scan3 not terrible. check this guy out. see this little sort every sling of somehow cover, back door cold front, and has actually allowed our temperatures to get cut back little bit. can still be enough instability for lingering spotty shower, maybe rumble recall every thunder. to the forecast, weekend looks pretty awesome. eighty-five, sunshine both days and high pressure, keeping us dry all across the board here. now starting to heat things up here as we wrap up june, kick offer july, look at that, 191 apiece for july 1st, and 2nd some sunshine, and probably some showers and storms to dodge by that point, too. bob, over to you.
6:45 am
>> clean up of this overturned tractor-trailer, that overturned about 5:00 o'clock this morning all southbound lanes of i-95 are closed this morning. exit five, south of wilmington. see the folks squeezing by here to the left. this is the funnel road from the delaware memorial bridge. so anyone coming over the delaware memorial, you are okay. but it is everyone that's headed south on 95 and stack for couple of miles. going to the maps, again all southbound traffic push off here at route 141. from there you can use route four to route seven will get you back to 95 near the christianna mall. it will be with us for the rest of the morning rush hour, jammo on the platt bridge, from the airport area heading in toward philadelphia. all because of disable vehicle, right lane, on the upside there. and then an accident here, schuylkill eastbound between south and university. that's causing a delay that kind of begins in center city.
6:46 am
otherwise, the bridges look fine. and mass transit no reported delays. we do have new accident just popped up here, this is south pennell road between mount road and laurel road just outside of aston delaware county. checked in with the airport, good to go if you are flying out of town maybe to somewhere sunny need pair of sunglasses, i do. nicole, back over to you. >> hey bob, did you know that it is actually national sunglasses day? of course everybody needs good pair of shades specially for summer. joining us from solsus sunglasses, also known as the sun glass stylist to the stars. is it true you outfitted 10,000 celebrities sunglasses that's amazing. >> pretty crazy isn't it? >> obviously when i think every sunday glasses i think of the trends. but before we goat to that we have to talk protection here. >> obviously sun glass also sexy and great fashion accessory but so important to your eyes, 80% of your uv damage happens before the age every 18. and the children, weed need to keep this in mine for little
6:47 am
one here. >> little bump here. >> children get 7% more uv exposure than adults do, and so it is really really important to protect your eyes, not only as a child especially if you are the age of 18, and then some. >> you have some examples here? >> adorable poloroid sunglasses for churnings all polarized lenses. have you having boy or girl? >> little boy. >> so yes looks great, one to three year old. >> you what dow? do you think you like them? >> sorry. >> awe. >> we had them for all ages, one to three, we have others for ages four-seven, then eight to 12, all with polarized lenses which is really important too because you want to protect your eyes from the glare all hors son at light that hits the eyes. >> let's say hello to holly and talk about the trends? >> sure. first trends is awesome aviators. we have all kinds of great aviators foremen and for women. this first pair is from jack spade, brand new collection at
6:48 am
solsus, just launched this spring, what's real interesting about this one is that the piece across the knows here -- nose here, wax tip, from the jack spade accessories, version from kate spade, and then what else do we have here, polaroid, fossil juicy cute our aviators not going out every style any time soon, all different shapes size z- if you don't want to break the bank but want a nice pair every shades, do you have anything for that? >> everything i am showing today, we start at 39.50 for the forward tip sunglasses going to up about $106 minus one pair more expensive. everything else is fairly affordable, and obviously we have glasses, you know, fen i gucci, dior, et cetera, that go for 350 and up. >> real quickly, do you have get a pair for your face shape. >> yes. >> hard and face rules? few second left. >> sure. you want to dot smile test for one thing. you want to if you smile make sure glasses don't rise up off
6:49 am
of your knows bridge, will help you know if they fit or not. you don't want the glasses extending off the side of your face too far. then again they don't fit right. >> let's see what you have smear. >> we have to send this to break real quick. >> what do you think? >> gucci beautiful the bamboo glasses. working them. >> very nice. smile test, i will say you're smiling and your cheeks are pressing against, and it is raising off your no, sir. fit you perfectly. >> they fit fit me! >> you just have to be grumpy all of the time. >> thank you so much. wewe have to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
6:50 am
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>> suspects the drunken driver triggered chain reaction crash near second and fairmount in northern liberties. the driver was taken to hahnemann. another person was taken into custody. >> more breaking news for you. police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a 24 year old man in north philadelphia. the man was shot in a car along germantown avenue about 2:00 this morning. exclusive picture shows the damage to cars owned by volunteer firefighters in north coventry, chester county. the cars were vandalized while the firefighters were responding to a call last saturday. >> wal-mart cutting, two year
6:53 am
coal tran, 16 giga by the iphone will cost $99 down from $1,149. the 16 giga bite iphone c cost $29 down from 49. now, a lot of people think that is a sign the new iphone is right around the corner. >> all the rage these days? chances are you have heard of some celebrity raving about them or, maybe you walk by one of the many juice bars popping up around town? well, fans same, it is a great way to get a table full of fruits and vegtables in one drink. but, doctors worry you're losing all of the important fiber in the plant. >> when i look at the ingredients they were putting in here, i thought this is a sure fire way to help promote my own health. >> yes, there are plenty of positive's, but there are also hands full of negative's, i think you have to be careful sort of way the pro's versus cons. >> coming up monday morning here on "eyewitness news" erika von tiehl gets to the bottom of this trends and even tries a three day cleanse
6:54 am
herself. that's coming up on monday. look at you. >> she says she's never look for to her salad more. >> oh, really? >> salad of all things. if that tells you anything? >> wow. >> all right, just past 6:53, better erika than me. >> and you katy? >> i actually tested t i'm not saying juice is bad but interesting to watch her go through this. we were here for it, interesting is the words. you have to tune in monday. guys, storm scan3 quick peak here as we see the tri-state sweep. actually little pop up shower and thunderstorm errupted out over the open water. obviously not affecting us here on dry land, we do have clouds to start the morning off, eventually will scour out, get sunshine, right now into the 70s in a lot of spots, shooting for 83 in the city today. >> 6:54, good morning, double juice delay here. live look from chopper three hd, this overturned tractor-trailer, blocking all lanes of southbound i-95, right at route 141. now, this is south of
6:55 am
wilmington impacting anyone heading south down toward the delaware beaches right now. this is ups tractor-trailer happened about 5:00 o'clock this morning and let's go to the maps. if you are leaving from say wilmington headed south all lanes are blocked. they're pushing everybody off here onto route 141. your best bet either use route four or route 13, out of wilmington. ukee nicole, back to you. >> thank up, most times when people think of rottweilers they think of big mean dogs. >> not if you see with a little girl, take a listen . >> ♪ ♪ >> a lot of youtube videos that don't do it for me. >> this one does t youtube user posted this video of daughter and his dog, singing a duet. they kicked it off with baba black sheep, of course, then finish it off with twinkle twinkle little star, all of the favorites, man posted the
6:56 am
video to show hot while ers are good dogs, not mean dogs. clearly. >> that's great. >> hey coming up in just a couple of minutes we'll bring you more local weather news and sports. up next, talk more about the nba draft and the sixers plans for the youth your. >> also ahead summer usually means air quality deteriorates, but actually the opposite has been happening over big cities like philadelphia. coming up we'll talk with nasa scientists about what these findings mean for our region. >> we'll get the happy song in, as well. you can find the "cw philly" on comcast xfinity channel 13 or hd181 also on verizon fios channel 16 or 516 or on rcn channel 17 or hd1017. >> coming up next on cbs this morning, strong storms threatening several states in the midwest. meteorologist, megan on where the wild weather is headed. >> back to baghdad 108us special forces now on the grounds in iraq. charlie dagada takes you
6:57 am
there. now, continue follow your local news weather traffic and sports we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". we certainly hope you can join us on this friday morning. good morning family, hope to see you in a bit. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. illegal hosta-taking. ♪ ♪ homeowner draws the line ortho deer b gon. safely keeps thieving deer and rabbits away from your plants. guaranteed.
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it's friday, june 27th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." record flooding in the upper midwest. we're tracking new weather this morning. >> bring on belgium. team usa survives the group of death at the world cup. star goalkeeper tim howard joins us from sao paolo. >> and she's no nanny. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 skojds. >> crews on the ground and in the air are scrambling to put out a fast-moving fi


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