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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  June 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now, a small plane makes an emergency landing in a marshier of delaware river. now the aircraft is stuck in
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the mud. i'm elizabeth hur. natasha has the light off. the plane lost power near pennsville salem county new jersey and steve patterson is live near the scene where there are still some concerns, steve. >> reporter: concerns but look, liz, any time a plane loses power in midair and somehow during an emergency landing that crashes manages to keep two people alive, that is good news. the problem is what's happening behind me. if you look over to the northwest over that ridge, there is a plane somewhere stuck in the mud in a marsh land where somewhere that plane has 50 gallons of fuel still on board. chopper 3 over the scene. the single engine aircraft stuck in the mud. a emergency landing shortly before 11 o'clock in the morning. the pilot and passenger in their 70's force d to essentially crash land near
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fort not state park. some say miraculously nobody on board injured in this crash. after the crash emergency personnel from delaware, new jersey, the coast guard led a search by land air and sea. the men covered in mud simply walked out of the swamp. >> just just lost power. witnesses say they saw a trail of smoke and that was it. >> they walked through the muddy area to a roadway where delaware state police picked them up. >> it's muddy, marshy, hot. it's amazing these guys survived. >> reporter: again, the plane is still in the mud about 3 miles behind me, police are working to make sure that none of that fuel, those 50 gallons still on board, leaks out. they say it may take days if not weeks for them to clear the scene and to get that plane out of there. meanwhile those two men on board the plane have been cooperating, recently gave an interview to the faa. the lead investigator tooking into why that plane crashed in the first place.
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it's the latest from pennsville, new jersey, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you for that update, steve. chopper3 was also over the scene of a deadly shooting in frankford. police say a 25-year-old man was the shot in the arm on penn street. he died on the scene. no word on a motive or suspects. in north philadelphia the search is on for the cause of a fire that claimed two lives. flames broke out inside a home in the 1500 block of north sixth street shortly after midnight. authorities have not released the victims names or ages but we did learn from neighbors that a grandmother and her grandson can killed in the fire. >> i just heard people crying, family crying, just sad people waiting for the worst and that's really sad moment, you know. i hate to be in that, you know, in that moment. >> >> authorities say five residents were able to make it
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out alive. they credit working smoke detectors with alerting the family. area catholics gather to commemorate the closing of 12 philadelphia parishes. they stopped and prayed at each of the parishes, all slated to be closed by the archdiocese of philadelphia. the chapel on spring garden is one of them and for many of the parishes their last services will be tomorrow. turning to the weather, we are enjoying yet another great weekend filled with sunny skies and warm temperatures. "eyewitness news" on independence mall. a lot of people lined up to see the historical sites on this afternoon and meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs3 sky deck with our first and fabulous forecast. justin. >> and good evening, liz, that's right another pleasant weekend here across the delaware valley. get outside if you can and enjoy the weather. temperatures, yeah, they're on the warm side and that's really how it should be for late june.
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temperatures right near average, 87 degrees for the high officially in philadelphia. cooler at the shore but a not bad 81 degrees for the high temperature in wildwood. 85 inland at the atlantic city airport. here we are right now still very low, 86 at the airport, 78 in atlantic city so we now have a sea breeze developing off the atlantic ocean. 82 quakertown, 81 pottstown. we'll keep things dry on storm scan3. just a few clouds passing by over the past few hours. over all looking good. rest of the weekend comfortable but warm, 86 for your high tomorrow. in philadelphia upper 70's at the shore and 80 degrees near the poconos. the heat and humidity return next week. we'll get to that full forecast in just a few more minutes. also get the weather forecast on your phone if you download our new cbs3 weather app. it's available in the app store and coming soon to the google play storm. liz, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, justin. and back in news, a gunman wandered in connection with deadly road rage shooting in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood is still on the
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loose tonight. a 32-year-old man was shot in the head around 8:30 last night. according to police the victim was fighting with his wife in the middle of the street blocking traffic. someone got angry they could not get by, got out of their vehicle and shot the man. if you have any information, call police. police are also asking for your help to find two gunmen who stole money and cigarettes from the food land market. the robbery was captured by the surveillance cameras on the 5500 block of rising sun avenue in olney. one suspect as you can see was wearing a dark colored nike baseball cap. the other was wearing white low converse chuck taylor style sneakers. police say this man in the meantime tried to knock down a door to burglarize an apartment in north philadelphia. it happened on the 3000 block of master street. the resident was home at the time and confronted the suspect. police say the suspect ran away and the suspect was wearing a yellow reflective
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vest. if you can identify him, police want to hear from you. a libyan militant charged in the 2012 benghazi attacks is under arrest and now on u.s. soil. he made his first appearance in federal court today and we get more now from cbs news correspondent wendy gillette. >> reporter: ahmed abu has the tala pleaded not guilty. he's considered a key leader in the attack to on ben it killed christopher stevens and three other americans. it unleashed a firestorm of criticism against the obama administration. republicans accused the white house of misrepresenting what happened at the consulate and providing inadequate protection for diplomats working there. security was tight. the courthouse is located just blocks from the u.s. capital and is close to prime tourist
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destination. he was flown by military chopper to washington from a navy war ship where he had been held and questioned since his capture near benghazi by u.s. special forces two weeks ago. officials sell cbs news that he had been talkative and cooperated with u.s. interrogators before he was read his miranda rights. one official said he continued to talk after he was ar advised of his rights. if convicted, effaces a possible death sentence wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and now to the crisis in iraq. officials say heavy clashes between security forces and sunni insurgents have killed at least 21 iraqi troops. police say fighting raged for hours in a town about 30 miles south of baghdad. dozens of militants were also killed and several captured during these clashes. still ahead on "eyewitness news," the accusations are heartbreaking. a georgia plan is charged with the murder of his sonny young son. police say he left the boy in a hot car for hours.
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tonight the new details, what the father is now admitting to authorities. plus, nassau -- nasa launches its latest invention. justin. >> heat and humidity return next week. i'll show you the seven day forecast coming up. >> plus, ahead in sports, a double-header between the phillies and the braves today. a lot on the line with this division rivalry
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>> got a story you'd like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> and welcome back. breaking right now, a rolling steel security door struck and killed a three year old child some brewerytown this afternoon. we have video just in from the rita's water ice on the 2800 block of girard avenue. that video should show police saying that what police tell us that security door suddenly detached and fell on the child. l and i inspectors are investigating this incident. we will stay on top of this breaking story and bring you the very latest developments as we get them. also, we have dash cam video showing a wild police chase that ended in a fiery crash. this happened in san marcos, texas. authorities say an officer tried to pull over a truck but the driver sped off. that driver eventually lost control, went airborne and then the truck burst into
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flames killing both the driver and the passenger. meanwhile, in georgia, there's new information tonight about the father charged with murder after leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car. justin ross harris told police he used the internet to search about a child's death inside vehicles. cooper harris died after he was left inside an suv for seven hours. the little boy's funeral was held today in alabama. justin harris remains behind bars. in entertainment news influential r and b singer and song writer bobby womack has died. he recently performed at the music and arts festival. womack influenced many early rockers including the rolling stones. he was 70 years old. overseas pope francis resumed duties today amid new health concerns following his
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cancellation of planned outings. the 77-year-old pontiff attended a 10 minute private audience today with the president of madagascar. on friday francis skipped a visit to a rome hospital. it was the third time this month he canceled or scaled back an event due to fatigue or illness. queen elizabeth, ii in the meantime is honoring those who served in world war i on the 100th anniversary of events that led to the outbreak of the war. the monarch attended a solemn drum service of remembrance at the royal hospital chelsea in london. happening today, a popular streaming tv service has temporarily shut down in the wake of a supreme court ruling against it. aereo halted service late this morning. the company's founder sent an e-mail to subscribers explaining operations have been paused while the company determines its next step.
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subscribers are being refunded their last paid month of service. on wednesday the supreme court found aereo violates copyright laws by picking up signals of local troops television stations and retransmitting over the internet. nasa is launching a flying saucer to the edge of space. this giant helium balloon took off from hawaii earlier today to test technology that could be used on mars. it safely splashed down in the pacific. a saucer-shaped vehicle was inside this balloon which is designed to deliver heavy spacecraft and eventually astronauts. nasa plans more tests next year. and justin, who needs mars on a weekend like this? >> exact. we'll bring you down to earth and talk about what's happening. beautiful weekend. we'll continue that trend tomorrow. next week it starts to return for that hot and humid air
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mass. let's take you to the shore. a sea breeze developed this afternoon. temperatures comfortable, upper 70's right now. a lot of people hanging out on the ocean city boardwalk. i want to show you storm scan tree. it's kind of interesting. we're scanning the skies right now and actually not picking up any precipitation but you notice a little bit of green showing up in parts of gloucester, camden county, even burlington county, a little thin line right there. let me put that into motion for you. over the past three hours, see how it moves from east to west of that's a sea breeze front. the radar is picking up different particles in the air f you're on the other side of this front little bit cooler here, we're still on the front side so it's pretty warm, temperatures in the upper 80's. if that makes it through the city you may drop a few degrees, but i think that's pretty interesting. i know i'm a weather nerd but pretty cool stuff on radar that you can see. high pressure over us right now keeping us nice and dry, just a few clouds. we're seeing showers and storms across the midwest.
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they'll stay there tonight and through the rest of the weekend so our high today again mid 80's, that's where we are and record high temperature 97 degrees set back in 1963. so, no records coming up but looks like we'll touch the low 90's in the seven day forecast. 86 right now at the airport. you can see how that sea breeze moves through coastal areas. mid 70's now in wildwood, 80 degrees in millville. dewpoint temperatures still pretty low. very comfortable. 55. when you get into the 50's for sum mirror time that's pretty good. high pressure over us during the day on sunday. temperatures in the 80's as we head towards monday and tuesday, this front will move through. we do approach 90 degrees tuesday afternoon with a threat for a scattered showers or a thunderstorm. but nothing happening overnight into your sunday, just a few clouds around at times. monday still dry. it's tuesday afternoon with that buildup of humidity and with the approaching front we could get an isolated shower or storm. don't canceled the outdoor plans yet. jet stream still south of us right now that's what's
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keeping us comfortable. next week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the jet stream rides to the north. that allows all that heat and humidity to build across the midatlantic so we'll go back to that uncomfortable feel for the middle of next week. temperatures sunday afternoon inland again like today mid maybe even some upper 80's, upper 70's at the shore. monday are a little bit warmer. looks like a solid mid 80's for much of the viewing area a-the exception right along the immediate coastline, right around 80 degrees new jersey shore and delaware beaches. here's the overnight forecast, mainly clear, still comfortable, low temperature 64 degrees. humidity stays on the low side. a warm day on sunday, high 86. south breeze coming in at about 10 miles per hour. if you have plans to hit the beach, looks good. have the sunblock around, lot of sunshine, very high u.v. index. upper 70's for the air temperature, ocean water at 72. temperatures right near average, mid 80's sunday and monday. then we get up to 90 degrees tuesday. could be an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon. wednesday and thursday, that's
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our best slot to see scattered showers and storms t wednesday 92 degrees. the end of the week, fourth of july looks comfortable, mid 80's with sunshine. something to look forward to, dry weather for the fourth. >> so, this weather nerd gets an a plus for this weekend. >> i appreciate it. good stuff. >> thank you, justin, for that and lesley is here with sports and in addition to phillies, what are we talking about? >> well, the phillies thank justin, too, great weather for a double-header today between the phillies and braves at citizens bank park. that extra game a makeup from april 15th. hernandez on the mound. let's picnics up tony gwynn jr. coming up big for a triple. two batters later ryan howard sends gwynn home from third and the phillies up one-nothing. roberto hernandez pulls a single to right and sends a runner home. the braves bats open up adding 10 unanswered runs, five will come in the eighth inning
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alone. the phillies bullpen letting this one go, the final score 10 to two. phillies have another chance tonight. game two of the double-header tonight at 7:15. the 76ers certainly making some bold moves in the nba draft this week. today philadelphia may get another chance to meet some of the new class. lots of questions still being asked especially about dario saric. saric signed a contract to play in turkey for the next two years but the front office thinks he's worth the wait. >> i make the choice because i think it's better for me for philadelphia to be the next years in europe to try to bring my game another level. >> i mean, we a young team. it's a blessing to be in with these fellas and i feel like we can come in here and bring lots of energy. >> the nhl draft wrapping up today right near philadelphia. the flyers with the 17th pick yesterday to canadian defenseman travis san
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santilla -- sanheim. i'm looking to get a lot more strength. >> two through seven in the draft today. the flyers focusing on speed and did he first and come away with two more defense men, three forwards and on that list is left winger oscar lind bloom from sweden. the scouts say he can make big hits. union back on the field. they're on the road against the new england revolution. it will be the team's first game under interim head coach jim curtain a philadelphia native and villanova grad who got the job after john hackworth was fired earlier in the month. >> ♪ to the knockout round of the world cup what. brazil taking on chile. down to the shoot out. brazil who comes away with the
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victory and they will advance to the next round. columbia and uruguay playing. uruguay playing without luis suarez. colombia gets two in the net for the win. uruguay elimina
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>> festivities are under way as philadelphia gears up for the fourth of july. cbs3 at the liberty block party held outside liberty place in center city. r and b group new edition took the stage along with other performers. a big crowd on hand to enjoy food and festivities. the liberty block party runs until 10:00
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>> and recapping our breaking news. a rolling steel security door struck and killed a three-year-old child in brewerytown this afternoon. this happened at the rita's water ice on the 2800 block of girard avenue. police say the security door suddenly detached and fell on the child. l and i inspectors are there investigating the incident. we will stay on top of this breaking story. that's "eyewitness news." i'm elizabeth hur for lesley, justin and everyone here,
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thanks for joining us. remember, we are always on at the evening news is up next. we will see you at 10:00 on the cw philly, then back here on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 have a great evening. >> ♪
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>> glor: tonight the benghazi suspect on american soil. the libyan accused in the attack that killed four americans is brought before a federal judge in washington. mark albert and zarate have the latest on the case against him. iraqi forces battle sunni militants to retake the northern city of tikrit. d'agata in iraq on the fight for saddam hussein's hometown. these black birds are dying in alarming numbers in california. bigad shaban on what's killing them off. and a final bow. how the retiring concert master of the new york philharmonic preserved the harmony for more than 6,000 performances. captioning sponsored by cbs


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