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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 29, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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steel security door ripping from its supports, screaming to the pavement landing directorially on a 3-year-old girl. >> i didn't realize there was a baby under the awning until the mother started screaming. they're saying it's a baby under there. >> reporter: police say the young victim was standing outside this rita's water ice in brewerytown around 4:30. it was during an annual fundraiser for 2 fraternities when the door came crashing down. the frat brothers used all their strength and numbers to lift the door. >> it took about 20 to 30 men to get that awning off of the baby. when they finally got it up off of her she was just lifeless. >> reporter: the 3-year-old girl was rushed to hahnemann hospital but about a half hour later she was pronounced dead. for hours investigators toiled with the remnants of that incident while trauma rippled through the neighborhood.
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>> i was in tears. >> reporter: we've heard from the owners of rita's italian ice, the parent company to rita's water ice. they said "in the associated press our hearts and prayers go out to the child's family. due to the current investigation we real coastal low not comment about that unfortunate incident "that's from linda duke the owner of rita's italian ice. police continue to investigate. they not only have surveillance video but they interviewed a number of eyewitness who's were here during the time that door fell on the girl. it's the latest from brewerytown, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, steve. federal investigators are now on the scene of a plane crash in salem county. police rescued 2 men and officials say it is amaze they go survived. the small engine plane went down near fort not state park in pennsville along the delaware river. chopper3 was over the scene where investigators say the plane apparently lost power around 10:45 this morning.
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it crashed in a marshy area after taking off from new castle airport. the pilot and passenger were heading to millville airport. >> must have just lost power. there's witnesses said they saw a trail of smoke and that was it. they walked through the muddy area to a roadway where delaware state police picked them up. it's muddy, marshy, on the, it's amazing these guys survived. >> the pilot and passenger suffered only minor injuries. new at 11:00 a multi-vehicle crash in montgomery county sends 2 people to the hospital. this was the scene this evening on route 100 at county line road in douglas township. police say 7 people were involved in the crash, 2 were rushed to lehigh valley hospital. it's not yet clear what caused this pileup. turning to the weather, once again we are enjoying a wonderful summer weekend. "eyewitness news" in university city this evening where many were out enjoying this june night.
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meteorologist justin drabick joins us now with what we can expect for the second half of the weekend. justin. >> good evening, liz. that's right, another streak of nice pleasant weekends. it was 87, right near average but at least the humidity is low. it could have been a lot hotter. record by for the day 97 degrees set back in 19x we will have some 90's returning to our forecast but doesn't look like anything record potential at this point. lower 70's right now trenton, philadelphia and wilmington, 76 in allentown. very comfortable 65 in millville, new jersey, 68 in the capital city of delaware. some suburbs low 70's doylestown, mount holly, new jersey, you guys currently have 69 degrees. you can keep those windows opened. very low humidity right now. just a few fair weather clouds streaming in from the north. we're dry on storm scan3 so no threat of any rain in the overnight to your sunday. morning temperatures, mid 60's, could be lower 60's in some of the suburbs and another nice afternoon sunday.
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sunshine to go around no matter where you are, 86 for the high in philadelphia, upper 70's at the shore. in the poconos, sunshine, comfortable, 80 degrees. coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about pleasant conditions on sunday with more heat and humidity returning for the work week. get weather forecasts right on your phone. download the new cbs3 weather app. it's available now in the app store and coming soon to the google play store. liz. >> thank you, justin. new information tonight we now know the name of the victim in a deadly road rage shooting in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. 32-year-old antonio pedrza was shot in the head and chest last night. he was fighting with his wife in the middle of the street, this in the north fifth street blocking traffic. someone got angry they could not get by, got out of their vehicle and shot him. the search continues for the gunman. police have also identified 2 people killed in
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a north philadelphia house fire. the fire broke out inside a home on the 1500 block of north sixth street shortly after midnight. authorities have identified the victims as 69 year old gwendolyn cofield and 5 year old lamar james. >> i heard people crying, family crying, just sad, people waiting for the worst and that's really sad moment, you know. i hate to be in that, you know, in that moment. >> authorities say 5 res are dents made it out alive. they credit working smoke detectors with alerting the family. police are also asking for your help to find these 2 gunmen who stole money and cigarettes from the food land market. the robbery was captured by surveillance cameras on the 5500 block of rising sun avenue in olney. 1 suspect was wearing a dark colored nike baseball cap and the other was wearing white low converse chuck taylor-style sneakers.
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and take a look at this video. police say this man tried to knock down a door to burglarize an apartment in north philadelphia. it happened on the 3000 block of master street. the resident was home at the time and confronted the suspect who ran away: the suspect was wearing a yellow reflective vest. if you can identify him police want to hear from you. area catholics gather to commemorate the closing of 12 philadelphia local parishes. they embarked on a journey to stop and pray at each of the parishes, all slate d to be closed by the archdiocese of philadelphia. the parishoners are devastated by the closings. >> it's very difficult but there's always hope. we have another line of work that we're carrying on with milagrosa. it's extremely difficult. we don't live by the word of
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manly we live by the faith of our god. >> for many of these affected parishes their last services will be held tomorrow. the gloucester township police k-9 unit showed off their skills at timber creek park today, this all part of the kickoff event for the department new dog walkers neighborhood watch program. dog walkers are encouraged to serve as extra eyes and ears for police. the program trains residents on how to effectively observe and report criminal activity. >> now, still ahead on "eyewitness news," the man accused of being the mastermind behind the deadly benghazi attacks is now on american soil and we will tell you what happened inside a u.s. courtroom today. plus, a father charged with murdering his young son by leaving him in a hot car. tonight a startling admission. what he is now telling police. also, it might look like a ufo but it's actually nasa's latest experiment.
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we'll tell you where this space agency hopes to explore with this flying sauce. justin. >> a comfortable is it a of the for the weekend. get ready for the heat. it does return to the forecast. >> the sixers introduce the top picks from the nba draft. we'll hear from some of them
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>> welcome back. a libyan militant charged in the 2012 benghazi attacks is under arrest and now on u.s. soil. he made his first appearance in federal court today and we get more now from cbs news correspondent, wendy gilletteism ahmed abu khatallah pleaded not guilty in court saturday. he answered yes and no in arabic when the judge asked him 2 questions during the 10 minute court hearing. he was not handcuffed and wore a black track suitor as he heard the charge of conspiracy to provide support to terrorist. khatallah is suspected of leading the a the tack on benghazi.
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the ah assaults on september 11, 2012 killed the u.s. ambassador to libya christopher stevens and 3 other americans. the attack unleashed a firestorm of criticism against the obama administration. republicans accused the white house of misrepresenting what happened at the consulate and providing inadequate protection for diplomats working there. security was tight for khatallah's first court appearance blocks of the u.s. capital. he was flown by military chopper to washington from a navy war ship saturday morning where he had been held and questioned since his capture near benghazi by u.s. special forces 2 weeks ago. officials tell cbs news that khatallah was cooperative and talked with u.s. investigators before and after he was read his miranda rights. he's being held at a federal detention center in the washington area. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> now to the crisis in iraq a flew surge by the country's troops in hopes of taking back
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the city. officials say they have been able to enter tikrit but residents say the militants are still in control. take a look at this wild dash cam video showing a police chase that ended in a fiery crash. this happened in san marcos, texas. authorities say an officer tried to pull over a truck but the driver sped off. that driver eventually lost control, went airborne and then the truck burst into flames killing both the driver and the passenger. meanwhile in georgia, there's new information about the father charged with murder after leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car. justin ross harris told police he used the internet to search about child deaths inside of vehicles. cooper harris died after he was left inside an suv for 7 hours. the little boy's funeral was held today in alabama. justin harris remains behind
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bars. overseas, pope francis resumed duties today amid new health concerns following his cancellation of a planned outing. the 77-year-old pontiff attended a 10 minute private audience today with the president of madagascar. on friday francis skipped a visit to a rome hospital. it was the third time this month he canceled or scaled back an event due to fatigue or illness. >> ♪ >> queen elizabeth the second in the meantime is honoring those who served in world war i on the 100 anniversary of the events that led to the outbreak of the war. the monarch attended a solemn drum service at the remembrance of the royal hospital chelsea in london. nasa launches a flying saucer to the edge of space. this giant helium balloon took off from hawaii earlier today to test technology that could be used on mars.
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officials say it safely splashed down from the pacific. a saucer-shaped vehicle was inside this balloon which is designed to deliver heavy spacecraft and eventually astronauts. nasa plans more tests next year. amateur radio operators having a field day today. they gathered at the pennsylvania emergency management agency's headquarters in harrisburg for the annual field day event. the state is home to more than 25,000 licensed amateur radio operators often called hams. many of them provide backup communication for emergency responders. and speaking of field days -- >> yeah. >> oh, man, what a perfect weekend. >> awesome day. same deal tomorrow. if you have outdoor plans, looking good. we bring back that heat and humidity next week. it's july -- it's going to be
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july next week so you know it's going to have to come back. >> awesome. >> let's talk about what's happening right now at the shore, ocean city nice summer night. the jersey shore, even the delaware beaches, temperatures comfortable there, nice breeze off the water. we're in the 70's. still some people hanging out on the boardwalk at this hour. we'll go to storm scan3, i'll show you what's happening in the atmosphere, high pressure, sinking air situated over the northeast and midatlantic that's just bringing a few clouds. no threat of any rain. 1 little shower across western pennsylvania and ohio. they stay to our west so we're still under the influence of the high pressure system for sunday so it looks good, keeps it nice and dry, pretty much a repeat of today. 73 is the air temperature at philadelphia international airport. look at that. 60's to our south. millville at 65. 75 in reading and the dewpoint temperature which gauges how much humidity is in the air is pretty low. we're still seeing some 50's right now. that's very comfortable for summer time once you get above
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65 that's when it starts to feel a little bit more humid and when you hit 70 degrees that's when you get that oppressive feel. that returns for next week. for now enjoy the comfortable temperatures. the reason, a easterly air massive waited over new england but come next week that jet stream takes a ride to the north, here we go, persist tender south winds will bring back that heat and humidity, classic for summertime here in the delaware valley. mid 80's again tomorrow, right near average, plenty of sunshine. there's the high pressure area. it starts to drift off shore for monday. still keeping us dry, though. monday mostly sunny, mid maybe upper 80's. then heat returns on tuesday. we approach that 90-degree mark. the humidity certainly on the rise as well and with that warm and humid air mass we'll talk about a chance for an isolated shower or storm. there's a little flareup off the southeast coast. radar showing some thunderstorm activity. this system is sitting in a good environment for formation.
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so the national hurricane center will be watching this. potential for a possible development there into a tropical depression over the next few dames back home looks good for sunday afternoon, mostly sunny conditions, it will be warm but still comfortable. monday same deal, maybe a few more clouds. those showers should stay to our west. tuesday hot and humid, could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. overnight just a few clouds, comfortable, low 64 for center city, maybe a pit cooler in the suburbs. a warm day on sunday, mostly sunny, average high temperature for this time of year, 86 degrees, which is where we should be. the jersey shore forecast a little bit cooler there, 78 for the air temperature. ocean water comfortable in the low 70's. southeast wind at about 10 miles per hour with a low threat for rip currents and your phillies forecast if you're heading out to the ballpark, first pitch at 1:35, 81 degrees, south side wind at 10 miles per hour. extended forecast mid 80's sunday and monday. then we hit the low 90's again tuesday, wednesday. looks like wednesday is
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probably the best shot for some scattered storms, more showers possible into thursday. right now fourth of july we clear it out. sunshine is back, temperatures in the mid 80's. that's good news for the fireworks show friday night. >> sunshine is back. that's all we need to flo. >> yes, no problem. >> lesley's here with sports. >> a lot going on. flyers making some moves in the draft today, we'll hear from some of the sixers top prospects. a double-header
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>> lots of baseball down in south philadelphia today. phillies and braves back to the field tonight for game 2 of the double-header. the extra game a make up: 1 runner comes home. braves are up 1-nothing. bottom of the third, j. roll gets the sac fly to deep center field. cameron rupp tags up. they then get another home run in the eighth. the final score 5 to 1. the earlier game didn't go well for the phils. the braves put up 10 unanswered runs including 5 in the eighth alone and phillies bullpen not happy about this
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1. >> tough day today, that's for sure. a lot of things, a lack of offense, a big inning in there, the pitching side of things and some not so good play on defense. >> the 76ers introducing some of their top prospects from the draft today. among them dario saric. he signed a contract to play in turkey for the next 2 years. he says it will only make him better when he comes to philadelphia. >> i make the choice because i think it's better for me for philadelphia to be in the next 2 years in europe to try to bring my game another level. >> well, also today the final round of the nhl draft that was held right here in philadelphia. the flyers pick up 2 more defense men, 3 forward in addition to another defender in the first round last night. with the 17th overall pick we
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go with travis sanheim. he comes from the calgary hit men. he could have some potential down the road. >> getting a strong, having a good summer in the gym, i'm looking to do that to get a lot more strength. to arena football, the philadelphia soul hosting the iowa barnstormers. the soul come back to take the lead in the second half and win 78 to 48. the union on the road against the new england revolution. the first game with the new interim head coach jim curtain they win, the final score 3 to 1. to the world cup team u.s.a. getting in a little practice today. they're up against belgium on tuesday in their first match of the knockout round. kick off 4 o'clock.
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meanwhile knockout match today between brazil and chile. a 1-1 tie sends this 1 into a shootout. brazil coming away with a win there and will advance to the next round. colombia and uruguay also playing. uruguay playing without luis suarez who is banned for biting an italian player. uruguay was eliminated and
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>> philadelphia is kicking off its week long holiday celebration tonight. cbs3 at the largest block party of the summer. it is the liberty block party held outside liberty place in center city. this is just the first event leading up to the july 4th festivities. r and b grew new edition took the stage along with other performers. a big crowd on hand to enjoy
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>> and that's "eyewitness news." i'm elizabeth hur. for lesley, justin and everyone here, thank you for joining us. if you're up early join nicole brewer and carol erickson tomorrow starting at 6:00 a.m. and remember, we're always on at have a great weekend. >> ♪
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