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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this morning a common sight, down trees and power lines, strong storms leave their mark, and we are not out of the woods, just yet, katie? we are not. what i can tell you, ukee, any storms we do see today don't necessarily have the potential to turn that severe but yes, more showers, more thunderstorms, heat and humidity as well that we will be track to go day and we will do just that coming up, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. as you saw with the video still dealing with debris, down poles , down wires, down trees and looking at our wide is it is not so much affecting our majors but that will change on our rush hour. we are await ago this.
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utility crews are busy all around the area working to restore power to a hundred thousand customers. >> one of the hardest hit areas is in chester county. that is where we will find our syma chowdhry in exton with thousands still in the dark, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. nearly 40,000 people here in chester county are, without power including this wawa behind me in the corner of the rutgers drive and route 100. funny how it works because if you look across the street on rutgers drive, power has been restored on that side of the street, not just this side of the street, just yet. so of course wawa employees inside are waiting for the power. they are hoping that maybe it will come on soon. they still have to be inside the shop regardless of the, fact that the business is closed and despite the fact that it is a 24 hour business. pumps are empty. no one is here. we have seen a few people driving around thinking this this wawa is opened. fun toy see how they get here, they are confused and then
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look on their face they are disappointed as i can completely understand. that employees told me that the power went out around 8:00 last night. when storms passed through our area last night as we have been mentioning all morning long at one point it left, hundreds of thousands of people, without power, so crews, had to deal with fallen trees and power lines, and peco crews were out all night, into this early morning, working, to least store power. now many people who were up and watching this storm pass through, said that it was pretty powerful and scary. >> the power was flickering for no reason. i haven't check the weather but what was going to be happening and then it went completely off. the wind like the trees just started to just blowing, i thought it was going to come down. i went down to the basement because i didn't know, i'm in the from here. i didn't know whether there was a tornado coming down or what. >> reporter: now the the key thing that man michael watson
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said he wasn't paying attention to the news which is why good for you folks tuning new are doing a good job here watching katie, to figure out exactly what goes on with the weather. of course, people here, again, still waiting for their power to come back on, and we will be here all morning long trying to seep, talk to folks later and ask them how power is at their hems but as you can see it does affect homes and businesses. i'll send it back to you. >> syma chowdhry, thank you. in narberth montgomery county down tree limbs and wires closed a section of haverford avenue. many in that area say they are thankful it was not worse. over in northeast philadelphia at bustleton and red lion a poll snapped from the wind and took wires down along witt. drivers had to take variety slow as this power was knocked out to the traffic light. once again coming to the traffic light that is out, treat it as a four way stop please, here's katie. >> yes, of course we are still dealing with clean up but we are not out of the woods when it comes to more thunderstorms
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today. they should be skat nerd nature. we will not see a squall line like what we had last night and i don't think we are dealing with anything near severity of the storms that what we saw yesterday. it is going to be certainly still an unsettled day for us and not the best beach day as a result, we are still dealing with the cold front, sluggish to make its retreat here outside atlantic city at the moment. not looking a heck of a lot of sunshine. in fact limited sun will limit the heat ago this goes on there as well. so, our heating today will be very much, sunshine, dependent. i want to take you back in time here. we are taking a live look or a time lapse look outside hershey park, very evident there with the hershey, stacks in the distance. we will see a storm roll through. we will put things in motion. this was between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. last night. win kicks n trees leg. then you barely see anything as the rain takes over and then starts to clear. really cool time lapse there for us of exactly what we saw rolling through our area as well. now on storm scan three at the moment things are clearing
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out. currently we are at 73. still a couple lingering showers around across southern new jersey at the moment but we do think we have a really good chance to make a run at 90 later on today, vittoria, over to you. and for everyone traveling out and about in the neighborhoods as i was telling but before, we have down trees, down wires and a few traffic light malfunctions. so lets go right to the maps and briefly give you an overview. it is not awful at all. speed sensors look great. i-95 at 55. fifty on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 476 and really every where on this map it is just covered in green. you do have good news, however, here comes the bad news. here in new jersey we have a closure of the green tree road at brandywine drive. this is because of the down tree. your best alternate toys take route 70. down wires in new jersey, at covered bridge road, and oxford avenue. and we have a traffic light malfunction at lancaster avenue at county line road. and an update for mass transit, chestnut hill east line is still suspended, however, the route 101 trolley will be shuttle busing between
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scenic avenue to media be mindful of that, erika. >> torey, thank you. israel apparently has in plans to let up is latest military offensive in gas a air strikes have have hit dozens of target, including the home of the suspect hamas leader in southern gaza. the assault follows scores of rockets, fired into israel. the israeli government authorized the army to activate 40,000 reserve is in preparation of the possible ground invasion of gaza. latest round of attacks between palestinians and israel interrupted a wednesday nothing israel. the wedding party right here including the bride and groom they all ran for cover. eyewitnesses say it was in the a direct hit, however, the building sustain damage by shrapnel from a rocket. there are no reports of any injuries. your time is 5:36. in business news this morning why ford is recalling almost a hundred thousand cars. >> and also... are you ready for this. >> here we go.
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>> getting a free slurpe. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. trading begins today with the dow jones below 17,000 for the first time since hit ago this milestone last week. yesterday the markets fell despite get gooding news about jobs. dow jones tumbled 118, nasdaq fell 60, its biggest one day drop in two months. this afternoon the federal reserve will release minutes from the last meeting, investors will be looking for hint about when the central bank could raise interest rates which are still at record low levels. another car recall, this time, ford is recalling about 92,000 vehicles in north america because of a problem with a part of the front axle in some of the cars. ford says it could cause loss of drive function, the recall, includes 2013 to 2014 ford taurus, police intercepter sedans and flex, lincoln mkx
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and mks and 2012 ford edge and lincoln mkx. no accident or injuries, have been reported. and it is almost time to wish 7-eleven a happy birthday and for its eighty-seventh birthday on friday july 11th, yes, 7-eleven will be handing out millions of free, 12-ounce slurp es but for the first time ever 7-eleven is extending the celebration to the following week. so anyone who down loads the 7-eleven app can also walk away with free trees like twinkeys, cookies and twix ice cream bars all next week as well, ukee and erika. >> that has got to come with the brain freeze warning. >> no kidding. >> take it easy, slow, delicious though, i love it. >> thanks, jill. casino workers will rally in atlantic city to try to save their jobs. it is taking place 5:30 later tonight a semmably man chris brownies sponsoring three bills to regulate the sale of casinos. one would cap the number of
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casinos one company may own, in ac at two. others aim to stop practice of casino companies selling properties exclusively, to non-casino companies, which is what some fear will happen to show boat. caesars, which owns show boat plans to shut it down, critics say it is in an attempt to shrink the market. >> if a buyer does come forward, it will be unconsciousnable if caesars refuses to accept the offer and chooses instead to further limit its competition. >> all this is happening as atlantic city prepares for a possible referendum in which voters would deciding whether to allow casinos in north jersey. we have some bad news for the college bound. board overseeing the pennsylvania state system of higher education, they voted to increase tuition by roughly 3 percent. that is $99 more each semester at all 14 state owned universities, that means students will now pay $3,400 per semester.
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also, pennsylvania's senate approved a cigarette tax but added a provision to end the tax in five years. the real hold up though we're told provisions in the bill unrelated to the cigarette tax in twit between house and senate. $2 per pack tax on cigarettes can generate 83 million-dollar per year. that is money mayor michael nutter wants to use to help the struggling school advertise trick. he expressed his frustration in an interview on our sister station kyw news radio. >> we are caught in a vortex of political hell, with no particular path out. >> it is unclear when the house will return to consider at mended bill. mayor says city schools are losing 1.6 million-dollar each week the taxis delayed. trying to lose weight and want to give your work out a boost? coming up next one thing you should drink before you hit the gym to help you lose a few lbs. also a three on your side
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with simple ways to save money on your energy bill this summer without turning down ac. in one wants that. of course, the force of mother nature knocked a storm watch are off his feet. hear what he says about the first moments after he was struck by lightening, katie? ukee, we certainly had our fair share of gusty thunderstorms that rumbled through last night but unfortunately another round of storms is heading our way today, and this is as a sluggish cold front tries to retreat, we will track that for you, we will also talk about yet another heat wave as we have another shot to make a run for it, all the of the
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a denver man was watching a storm moving in when lightening struck a few feet away from him. lets take a look here... >> that is scary enough to watch in the video. >> wow. >> now chad greenly thought he was watching a normal storm when he felt a jolt and that moment when his camera goes to black. greenly says he fell to the ground and could not move a muscle. now that he is out of the hospital he tells us that he feels lucky to be alive. >> i was really coherent. my ear hurts and still hurts. this is a iv band. they got to me so fast. >> i don't think i'll play in the rain as much as i used to. i really don't. >> katie says when you hear thunder, head inside. >> for sure. >> he does say he will be more careful in the future.
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we have had severe storms moving through, yesterday. how are we looking today, katie. >> another round of showers and thunderstorms is on tap today. that video we just showed you is a perfect example of what not to do, unfortunately if you ever hear thunder it means you are close enough to get struck by lightening. lightening can strike to the ground as much as 10 miles or more away from where you hear thunder. so again make sure you are smart about this. storm scan three thankfully not reporting at the moment anything more than lingering showers, no thunder or lightening on the map at the moment, but we do certainly, still have some showers lingering here, from what is somewhat of a sluggish system in general here, we're still waiting for a cold front to cross through, scattered variety of additional showers popping, back through appalachians and once this gets through we will see high pressure take the lead. that may be another day and a half or so before that really happens. now, the the stormy weather we saw last night, we are going to see showers and storms today but should be nothing by comparison in the severity of what we saw yesterday but we
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have a really good shot to make a run at 90 but very much sunshine dependent. brighter it is, the hotter it will get and that is how we will make or break that heat wave today. we will be close. we will get there. up in the 80's again tomorrow at this point, the the front is still trying to sag south but still close enough, you have to keep a shower in the forecast out there tomorrow as well as even a spotty thunderstorm here and there friday should stay dry for everybody and then saturday looks like it will do the same but sunday may bring in a next round of showers and storms. it is a active pattern, bottom line here, 90 degrees expect high in the city, cooler in some spots and where we have cloud cover we will keep that temperature more limited today, but we will ease up on the thermometer around the board here as early as tomorrow, more seasonable, not necessarily cool, necessarily here but we are at least going to see much nicer weather unfold as we approach the upcoming weekend. getting quieter. >> yes, first heat wave of the year. >> no,. >> it is number two in about a week.
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>> yes. >> we over achieved for first few days of july. >> yes. >> it is july. >> yes. >> every year. >> vittoria in for bob. >> good morning, with the heat waves and so much heat one thing i'm concern about is yesterday we had a vehicle fire and lots of disabled vehicle. check fluids of your vehicle anytime with weather like this and just in general a good tip for you. taking a look outside here are cards we are dealt with this morning. we are moving fairly well. look at the the schuylkill expressway east and westbound around the area of spring garden, no major problems at all. you are looking good there. heading over to route one around pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county also looking great north and southbound, and even when you get to the pennsylvania turnpike, no delays there, however, we do have, still mass transit notes. one would be chestnut hill regional east line, still suspended due to the weather we had yesterday. also route 101 trolley shuttle busing between scenic avenue through media let's talk down wires. down wires on route 20 closing
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at bryn mawr avenue best alternate to take 476 the blue route. we have a traffic light malfunction, this is providence road at rose tree road, so be mindful of that. however, philadelphia international looks good so far but double-check and call your carrier, ukee. well, as temperature rises so do our electric bills and every year, we will get the same advice you can cut your bill by turning up your thermostat, but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan shows you there are easy ways to keep costs down while keeping cool. >> reporter: when summer temperatures rise cranking up the air conditioner seems like a great idea until the energy bill arrives. on days when mercury sores the department of energy suggests using ceiling fans to circulate air. planned meals that don't involve the oven which can heat up the home and make air conditioning work harder. instead try grilling outdoors, or if using the the stove top use a fan to ventilate hot air out of the kitchen. home appliances create extra
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heat when they run so only run the dishwasher when it is full and think about air drying dishes instead of the heated dry option. in the bathroom showers and bats can also cause excess heat and humidity in the home so use fan to remove it. look around the house for devices that generate a lot have heat like lamps, computers, televisions and washers and dryers. these should be kept from thermostats when possible to avoid tricking it into pumping more cool air in the room then necessary. if you have central air be sure to replace filters on a regular basis. dirty filters will have your central air conditioning unit working harden then it needs to. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. british researchers say they are making progress on a test to predict alzheimer's disease. they found ten proteins in the blood that reveal early changes in the brain. now those changes appear before a patient shows symptoms of the disease. through this they were able to
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accurately predict the on set of alzheimer's 87 percent of the time. scientists hope their findings will eventually lead to even earlier treatment. well, need another reason to enjoy a cup of coffee, how about this. new study shows drinking coffee before a work out can help burn more calories. spanish study found athletes that had caffeine before working out burn 15 percent more calories. coffee has within linked to increased circulation, and improved memory. >> improved heart palpitations while working out my goodness i cannot imagine having a big old coffee and working out. hey, it works. many people might be on board with this next idea, four day workweeks. >> yeah, british doctors say having one less day of work each week could have tremendous health benefits. imagine that. professor john ashton is advocating for a change. he says a four day workweek could relief stress but also could reduce unemployment. it could address certain
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medical conditions like high blood pressure, and mental health issues, associated with over work. four day, wow. >> oscar winner halle berry is bringing her tall opportunities prime time right here on cbs-3. >> she stars as an astronaut comes home from a 13 month solo mission only to learn that she's pregnant. just how it happen could change the the course of human history. her character already has a son, of sorts, a robot, that little guy. berry was more intrigued when she learn steven speilberg was involve in the project. >> first show is about coming home where we reconnect and then molly finding out that she didn't come home alone. >> the pilot puts a lot of questions in the air so you'll leave the pilot wondering what about this, what about that and why was that, who was that and that is the idea. >> you can catch series premiere of extant tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. i know everybody complains
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about nothing to watch in the summer. >> my drr is getting full. >> there is so much to watch. >> but, yes, how bit. every traveler's nightmare getting delayed for hours because of, bad weather. >> one pilot managed to make the the experience an enjoyable one. hear what he did to make his passengers smile, that is coming up
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we are hoping we don't have any storms like yesterday. >> thank goodness, we will not but we are in the totally in the clear either. good morning, first and foremost but we have additional showers lingering on the map right now, generally all confined toward coastal counties of new jersey but there will be an additional round of the scattered showers or thunderstorms here today. nothing of the severity as what we saw yesterday but they will still be out there.
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seventy-three at philly international. we will throw in the wind direction, it is still predominantly out of the southwest. that means we are still awaiting the passage, of the cold front and then we will have have a chance to clear things out. we will do that as early as tomorrow. friday looks good. heads up on your weekend planner if you have plans to be outside saturday is best day of the weekend. we have shot for thunderstorms on sunday. vittoria, over to you. we have to get over this hump and with that said we will see what you are dealt with this morning. this is 202 around 29, in major problems southbound and north bound traffic moving really well. let talk about the remnants of yesterday's storm and how it affects your commute. we are dealing with the suspension of chestnut hill east and route 101 trolley will be shuttle busing between scenic avenue and media. stay with us on cbs-3. we will
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frontier airlines pilot goes above and beyond the call of duty with one phone call, when a storm cause aid two hour flight delay in wyoming he saved the day in 30 minutes
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or less. captain girard, made a phone call to dominoes pizza around closing time, he ordered 35 pizzas for 160 people using his own credit card. >> i was getting hungry and we're a big family here at frontier. we take care of each other. i figured it is time to take care of my passengers here. i called come minute necessities and ordered some pizza. i am known whoever is with me they will in the go hungry. >> i can see him being a popular pilot. >> in question about that. >> that flight was bound for denver left, shortly after the pizza is a arrived. all that, that is great, kickback, and no problem with a two her wait.t. >> good flight i'm sure. >> we will be right back. (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going.
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good morning, everyone, in the news, power crews are out in force, working to get about 90,000 customers back on line. >> the hardest hit area remain in the pennsylvania suburbs. peco reports about 27,000 outages in chester county. delaware county about 19,000. bucks county about 13,000. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from exton, chester county where folks are starting the morning in the dark, still that wawa in the dark. syma, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, a lot of folks are waking up trying to get ready with no power but you know, sometimes we forget that businesses also need power especially this 24 hour wawa. we have been here all morning long and they have been without power since 8:00 last night. some folks have been driving through and get gas realizing it is not opened. wawa employees put these orange cones to make sure other people don't come in thinking that it is opened. bu


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