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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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also news that a struggling atlantic city does not need to hear is there talk that another casino could be headed for closure. latest wave of violence between hamas and israelis showing in signs of stopping as the two sides battle it out with rockets and air strikes. today is saturday july 12th good morning thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer at 6:00 o'clock. the let's give you a check of the forecast. it will be a nice day, carol. >> i think it is. we have had so many nice weekend, this will be another one of them. we had more in the the way of humidity. yesterday not that much humidity. we were high up in the 80's scale at 89 degrees in philadelphia and we will be right about there again today just slightly more humid. doesn't look bad right now though as we take a look at ben franklin bridge, looks fine, skies look great, and as we move to ardmore we have a temperature of 58 degrees in center city. 4 degrees warmer than that at 72. not much in the way of wind this morning. we are looking at storm scan
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three showing clear skies, to the west a few clouds and they are heading in this direction but they are in the menacing or overly large or sun blocking, so expect to find lots of sunshine today. 71 degrees in philadelphia 70 in wilmington. sixty-six in trenton. sixty-five in allentown. you will get the idea it is comfortable. you can walk outside without a jacket. we are looking at dew points that are just about as high as they will get to day, they should be staying in the the lower 60's as we move through the afternoon. that is more humid when these dew points were in the 50's. 64-degree dew point right now. looking at temperatures today by the time we get to noon 84 degrees. our high in the 80's. 87 degrees to 88 degrees depending where you are. future weather lets see if this has anything in store today, for us, 3:00 in the the afternoon well to the west there could be a quick shower. we will see whether that happens or not. otherwise we will get sunshine and mostly what you should be planning on today, unshine and pretty nice weather. by the time we get to monday
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and tuesday though things change a lot and they will change again by the time we get to wednesday so stay tune for that eyewitness weather seven day forecast coming up, nicole. >> thank you. new this morning fire fighters rescued two residents in an early morning house fire. two other residents managed to escape those flames from the third floor. "eyewitness news" on the 3900 block of aspen street in mantua just after 2:30. deputy fire chief says it wasn't just flames that had fire fighters dealing with when they arrived. >> we had heavy fire on the first floor, and second and third floor. the dwelling had a lot of debris inside and entry for the companies though it was difficult, however companies were able to make good progress. >> one fire fighters suffered ape a minor hand injury and the cause remains under investigation. victim was badly injured in this early morning crash between a met or cycle and a car burlington county. it happened in the 2,000 block of burlington mount holly road
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in burlington township just after 1:00. motorcyclist was rush to the hospital. there is still an active investigation. police are expect to go release more information later this morning. and a man is in critical condition after a stabbing in southwest philadelphia. police were called to the 2,000 block of south 65th street near king sessing avenue just after 12:30. victim was rush to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, where owe is recovering no arrests have been made. now to the lateness the rising tensions in the middle east. palestinian officials claim hundreds of israeli air strikes have killed at least 100 people and wounded 600 others. israel accused palestinians have of launching no fewer than 500 rockets from gaza just this week alone. they have resulted in several injuries but no deaths. now despite international calls for a cease-fire there appears to be no end in sight to military operations against militants in the gaza strip. well, from around the the world to right here in
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philadelphia that conflict is certainly cause for concern. demonstrators rallied in philadelphia on friday. "eyewitness news" spoke with the local woman in the middle of the conflict, our steve paterson has the latest details. >> reporter: nicole air strikes have have killed more than a hundred palestinians, many of of them women and children while in israel sirens have shattered all sense of a normal life. all sparking a series of heated protests here in philadelphia from both sides the attacks are relentless, fear palpable. >> unaudible. >> reporter: cbs-3 with the story on the ground, any amy addler head of the jewish federation in philadelphia describing how every day life has sized in tel aviv. she join us via skype between sirens. >> everything stops for ten minutes while you wait to see if iron dome takes care of that rocket. you can imagine what it is like in the middle of the
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night to be woken up time after time it gets to you. >> reporter: latest flare up between palestine and israel spark with the murders of three israeli teens ignited with revenge killings now spiraling to rocket barrages air strikes and the looming threat of an invasion. friday back home two philadelphia rallies pushing support for both sides echoed in center city, outside israeli consulate. >> this is in the an israeli issue but a humanitarian issue. >> what they are doggies genocide, not a war. >> reporter: both sides cited human rights violations, both side calling the other terrorist, both sides placing blame. drexel political science professor william rosenberg says conflict is fueled by the extreme wing of both sides. >> you have the more offensive israelis offence any of terms of wanting to project power. they will say we will in the tolerate this. then you have the offensive palestinians the ones that
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want to take out israel. >> reporter: neither hamas norris rail appear to be backing down at this point. just speaking to members of the crowd yesterday the fear is the the real sense of a ground invasion which is still, possible at this point in fact the prime minister of israel says all options are on the table nicole. >> all right steve. new information this morning that actor and comedian tracie minister again has filed a lawsuit over last months crash on the new jersey turnpike. morgan is suing wal-mart for negligence saying that they should have known driver of the tractor trailer kevin roper was awake for 24 hours. roper has pleaded not guilty to death by auto and other charges. federal transportation report says roper was on the job for 13 and a half hours when he rear ended minister again's limo van. comedian jimmy mack was killed that wreck. so far neither wal-mart nor morgan are commenting. a crash involving several vehicle unless southampton burlington county sent a child to the hospital. chopper three over route 206
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near 38 here. two vehicles and suv together a camper crashed there leaving debris all over the road. the injured child was flown to the hospital and there is no word on their condition. well there, has been a major shake up at research labs that deal with dangerous germs, the cdc shut down two labs, it also announced ill will stop shipping dangerous germs from government labs for now. as bigad shaban reports from los angeles this comes in the wake of some serious safety lapses. >> i'm disappointed by what happened and frankly i'm angry bit. >> reporter: the director of the centers for disease control tom freedan says three separate scares involving miss handling of the dangerous germs at cdc forced him to shut down two laboratories and stop shipments of biological samples from certain governmental labs. >> i think this is a wake up call, these events should never have happened. >> reporter: he said early last month workers may have been exposed to anthrax due to
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improper procedures and another incident scientists accidentally contaminated a sample of flu virus with the bird flu germ. just last week a scientist cleaning out a storage room at a federal lab near washington found six vials of small pox dating back to 1954. sample from two vials showed the virus still active. >> the problem was not in the creation of the materials but in the inventory control which allowed them to remain unsecured for decades. >> reporter: doctor freed an tapped a point person doctor michael bell to oversee laboratory safety. >> this is a symptom. it is in the little mistakes that we're concern about in this instance, we're concerned about what is the framework that everybody is using and that framework includes wrapped reporting. it includes an understanding of the chain of communication and who you tell when. >> reporter: cdc says it is unlikely that any of them may have left scientists or the public exposed in los angeles bigad shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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a willingboro man is accused of posting a craigs list ad for a iphone and robbing the potential buyer at knife point. thursday afternoon moorestown detective arrested marcell spears charging him with first degree robbery among other charges. police say victim met spears july 1st at moorestown hall. police are investigating spears in connection with another robbery that same night. suspect accused of fatally shooting six of his ex-wife's family members makes his first court appearance. ron haskill collapsed in the houston courtroom as authorities read charges against him. he is accused of shooting the family execution style at their home on wednesday. a haven't shooting victim a 15 year-old girl survived. haskill's attorney says his client is mentally ill and went off his medication. >> i think he has a limit mental capacity to understand is what going on and that is what i need to explore in terms of competency. >> probable cause shows determination involved and the effort and the planning.
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>> investigators believe haskill was on his way to kill more of his x's family before he was stop. the girl who survived called 911 to warn police. such a sad story. 6:10. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a costly mistake caught on camera. see the the lamborghini crash at the hand of the hotel valet, yikes. plus this. >> this summer whether at the a crowd add muse. park or museum keep track of your kids with the help of the technology, i'm kara suboy from and also recommendations in the tech minute. is your dog in need of the play date don't worry, is there an app for that. there always is. we will tell you how it works
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all right. back on "eyewitness news" and you have to check this out this is just crazy, a valet driver in india, well you can say he had a bad day on the job. surveillance video at a five star hotel there, shows him crashing a lamborghini of all things in the concrete wall in front of the horrified guests. i'm shourd he was horrified too. crash causes thousands of dollars worth of damage and it also nick another valet who was taken to the hospital but not seriously hurt. that is a bad day as a valet carol, how is it looking.
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>> and the lamborghini owner that is true. >> yes exactly. >> we are looking at, of course, the boardwalk in ocean city. not all that bright at this point in the morning but sun just woke up so you move slower in the morning and probably it is a little bit as well this morning nice beach day to day. ocean water is starting to warm up. i think people will like that. you'll love sunshine as well down there. seventy in reading. slow start there. s coolest time of the morning. coolest time of the entire day. we have 71 degrees at the airport in philadelphia. sixty-five in the allento along tçc i areas and ocssf< up9r mmertime, i th ike sum are 6 -like these clouds that i mo harrisb ancloser toigh clouds. yl l fine them on philaou is a few more, and just a chance of picking up a very light shower out there, otherwise with high pressure around we have got very nice weather conditions today, tomorrow, as well, but we will get a few more clouds tomorrow and we will start to pick up a chance of the shower or thunderstorm.
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if this front approaches we will start to pick up better and more chances of showers, and thunderstorms and as for monday, and tuesday, as well, i think most on have this weekend for most everybody should be dry, we will start to pick up those chances on monday, and tuesday and they may linger into wednesday and then a cool down after that front comes through. timing this all out computer model says that 5:00 o'clock fair sprinkle off to the west is possible and as we go through tonight everybody remains dry, we will start the the day tomorrow in fine fifth shape. is there enough in the atmosphere off to the west that you will sees a sprinkle or shower as we go through sunday evening it is possible but most of this weekend looks like it is dry. by monday we will start to add other chances coming in and this computer model is not in total agreement with the others i have seen just kind of factor in that monday and tuesday, especially we could be get something strong to severe storms from the front that approaches with the very warm air that is here. we have a dew point right now
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of 64 degrees. our dew point today will be lowered just a bit to 63 degrees. that puts us right in between the the not bad and the steamy. so, it is not as bad as we will be getting because we will be increasingly, humid coming through sunday and then monday and tuesday. 88 degrees today. mostly sunny. that is a nice warm day. find yourself some shade and make sure your pets are as shady, blocking the sun and cool as you are. 68 degrees, partly cloudy mild tonight. we are looking at temperatures over the next couple of days, monday looks to be the warmest day but again showers and thunderstorms. tuesday, showers and thunderstorms at 86. maybe a lingering one on wednesday but cool down starts and we have got temperatures that will be cooler mid week on. you know what now you can have your weather on the go anytime with the new cbs philly weather app. check out live radar get severe weather alerts this thing has everything. cbs philly weather app.
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get it in the apple products store, android version is coming soon but down load it to your phone as we all have, nicole. >> that is right, we have, thank you. 6:17. when we're on the go free wifi is a great convenience to avoid data rates on the smart devices but this could be an easy way for hack tours get access tour private information. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan shows us how they do it. >> reporter: free wifi is every where, from the airport, to publish parks and coffee shops, it is convenient for consumers but also a prime target for hackers. >> can people be concern. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we went to gregory's coffee where private wifi security expert caleb hough showed us how easy it is to have inn if he stolen. using a device he bought on line hough set up a fake hot spot. the store's is at gregory coffee. hough named it gregs coffee
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one. >> that is hot spot. >> reporter: i connect and logged in the yahoo account we set up for this story. he could not only see the city visited but he could see user name and pass word that i used. >> what i have here is your pass word, if you are using the same pass word on your banking web site and i can take your identity. >> reporter: easiest way to protect yourself is make sure thaw are connect to the correct hot spot. another option is buying a vp n. >> a virtual private network. what a virtual private network does is encrypts everything from your device. >> reporter: ken lawsonnies ceo of private wifi1 of dozens of companies that sell vp n's. they cost between three and $150 a month and are more popular than ever. lawson says he has had nearly 20 times as many subscribers now, then he had two years ago. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. got to be careful 6:19. a new app is helping connect dog owners looking to schedule play dates for their pups. it is called doggie bnb.
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the creator says besides finding play dates it brings together trust worthy people. that can come in handy if you are searching for a pet sitter. >> if you like someone or interested in meeting them and they like you too, we connect you and allow to you set up play dates, build community find new friend whatever you want. >> the app's creator says he got the the idea after he had to miss out on a week even outing with friends because he could not find a dog sitter. through go, there is an app for that. keeping track of your kids in the crowded place like an amusement park or museum is stressful a void panic with the help of the a few useful pieces of technology. c kara suboy has recommendationing for g ps tracking apps and gadgets for your family in this weeks tech minute. >> reporter: regardless of the age of your child pocket finder gps locate or is a simple way to keep track of your kids. device cost $129 plus a $13 a
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month service fee. clip it on to your child and monitor his or her active throughout the day to the web site or iphone or android kateible apps. get alerts if your child crosses fences. if you have older children with their own smart phones try using one of these two, mom bear for android or i phones and footprints just for i phones. a seven aprils work in the similar facts, both down load app on the tea vice so one party can monitor the whereabouts of the others. with the free momma bear, children can reporter that location and stat with us ae mow gi, they are notified and new facebook friend requests and even in a car if they are speeding. footprint is more straightforward for location tracking. with the ability to send you messages n san francisco i'm kara suboy for c for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". can't getaway with much with that app that is for sure. 6:21. are you heading to the move thinks weekend. a ground breaking story hits theater, it is about a boy who gross up on screen before your
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our eyes. hear from the stars of boyhood
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well, the the blob invades phoenixville here. "eyewitness news" at run out of the colonial theater as part of the weekend, unfolds event called blob fest. the it pay homage to the 1958 film classic the blob.
6:24 am
chopper three was over the scene for a bird's eye view of the run out as we spoke to wes shank who owns the real blob about what makes the film so special. >> traditionally in the 50's teenagers were always portrayed as troublemakers, getting in trouble with the law, and this time, the teens are the heroes, they are trying to alert the town that there is a monster on the loose. >> all right. there you have it. get an up clothe look at the the blob today, in the so nice looking, is it? it is all part of the blob fest again new in the 15th year and it continues today from 11:00 to 6:00. filming began on the movie boyhood during summer of 2002 and finally wrapped up last fall. it is the first movie ever to use the same cast over i 12 year period. susan marquez has more on this unique film. >> reporter: boyhood is coming of the age epic a dozen years in the making. the movie follows a boy name mason played by just one
6:25 am
actor, ela coaltrain from first grade through high school graduation. audiences watch him growing up on screen. >> how was your week. >> who do you hang out with, do you have a girl friend. >> reporter: it is hard to describe his feelings watch the movie. >> it is especially the first couple of times more than anything, it kind of, you know, find myself just lost about watching it. >> wow. >> don't worry about it. >> reporter: ethan hawk and patricia arquette play mason's divorced parents. >> this is a human story about a human being and love, and how imperfect it is, and the beautiful moments in between. >> next shot we will do. >> reporter: writer/director richard linkletter wrote and direct a few scenes per year revising the script with inn put from the cast his daughter plays mason's sister. >> the most rewarding is to see the kids grow up and become who they are going to be, you know, see them coming into their own creatively and that is all on the screen too.
6:26 am
>> reporter: boyhood has won top honors at several film festival and many critics are calling it a heart warming masterpiece. susan marquez, cbs news, los angeles. wow, 12 years in the making. unbelievable. 6:26. coming up in the neck half an hour of "eyewitness news" fears are growing in atlantic city over another casino that could be possibly closing its doors. we will have much more ahead. mysterious death of the hollywood stars boyfriend, we will have the latest on the investigation straight ahead stay with us.
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today, it is saturday july 12th, good morning to you thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer, 6:30 carol is standing by and it will be a pretty nice day right, carol. >> it is the full moon will be replaced by full sun today, so the plan is switching around a bit but you'll brighten up nicely. pretty bright overnight too with that super moon we had out there. temperatures are mild. very comfortable. we have 72 degrees through center city philadelphia what else do we have, we will find 69 degrees in ardmore and day brightening up, very nicely. storm scan three in fine conditions in the area off to the west moving in our direction but they will not
6:30 am
impede any kind of pleasure that you may be finding weather-wise. we have 70 degrees in wilmington. we have a comfortable start to the day, and we are looking at water temperatures. they are warming up. they are about 10 degrees warmer then they were last week even. almost on par with the weekend before when it was very very nice. 69-degree ocean water temperature through atlantic city area. expect to find these nice water temperatures as we go through the weekend. the air temperature well, through philadelphia by noon 84 degrees. we will get sunshine. might see one or two clouds. by the time we hit 3:00 p.m. and we approach our high for the day we will find those temperatures in the upper 80's. the computer model says for the rest of the day, okay well just enough, instability off to the west that it is a very brief shower to the west, it is possible but i think mostly what you'll find is dry conditions, we have the chances of some stormy weather though to start the workweek and then a big
6:31 am
cool down and i'll show you all that coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. unwelcome news in a struggling shore town. there is word that trump plaza hotel and casino may soon shut down. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has details new from atlantic city. >> reporter: we are still waiting to hear back directly from official from his trump plaza to confirm what we are hearing, but right new we are being told that warning notices may go tout employees here, as early as monday. >> i have been back and for the between being depressed all day. >> reporter: former atlantic city mayor, jim whale even tells us credible sources and, buyer steps up, steps in and dramatic financial change trump plaza will be shutting down and laying off roughly 1,000 employees. >> i'd love to stand here and tell people, particularly the employees, don't worry, we will fight and save your jobs. i would be lying anyway to cut it. it is not a good day for
6:32 am
atlantic city and not good news for our whole economy. >> reporter: wheel an indicates the close would go follow a down turn for atlantic city casinos since pennsylvania and other nearby states legalized gambling. roger gross is publisher of the gaming magazine and says trump plaza has been lowest performing casino in atlantic city. too has been told trump plaza is closing. >> they will send out warning notices next week which is a federal requirement when you lay people off. you have to give number 60 days notice. that is what they will be doing next week. >> reporter: you have heard this directly within trump plaza not trump plaza but trump organization, the corporate structure. >> reporter: source tells "eyewitness news" this is not unexpect, but it may not mean trump plaza will definitely close. in any case, again we are still waiting to hear back directly from officials here, inside of trump plaza. reporting from atlantic city todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as todd mentioned the closure of trump plaza is not
6:33 am
at all certain but atlantic city's trouble extend beyond that hotel. the atlantic club casino closed its doors in january. competitors tropicana and caesars teamed up to buy it and then shut it down again. show boat is set to close its doors august 31st and revel is in bankruptcy for the second time with its future up in the air. at it peak in 2006 gambling revenue in atlantic city totaled $5.2 billion. that revenue was half of the amount only 2.86 billion. well investigators say it will likely be weeks before they know what killed the boyfriend of the the glee cast member. matt bendik was found unresponsive in the philadelphia hotel room on thursday, we know his girlfriend glee star rebecca tobin was in l.a. at the time of his death. "eyewitness news" anchor yes sir contact dean picks up the story. >> reporter: memorial for 31 year-old club owner matt bendik popped up outside his l.a. business. it was at hotel monaco on
6:34 am
independent mall that an employee found him unconscious in his bed thursday afternoon. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. >> nothing suspicious at the this point. in foul play at this point. >> reporter: according to philadelphia police the glee star boyfriend seen here in tmz video from last year was socializing the night before his death. he was in town checking out the fail night life. he showed no signs of distress. >> he is supposed to be here on some type of business, what business i don't know. >> reporter: medical examiner performed a autopsy but found no clear reason for bendik's death and found no signs of trauma. up next a toxicology report. >> once that report returns then central detectives will know which way to go in terms of the the direction of the investigation. >> reporter: jessica dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". bendik death comes just days before the one year anniversary of the death of another star from glee corry monteith was found death in a hotel room in vancouver. 6:35. camden mother tells "eyewitness news" she's relieved after a man convicted
6:35 am
of murdering her son and raping her daughter is headed to jail. oswaldo riveria was found guilty on all charges. the violence happened in september 2012 at a home on wear street. prosecutors say riveria slashed the throats of the six year-old dominic anduhar as he tried to help his 12 year-old sister. her throat was also slash. new she was able to break free and then get some help. >> dominic's memory will be always around him, how strong he was to face this monster animal that he is, you know, and justice was done. justice is served. >> riveria faces life in prison when sentenced in october. well, thieves targeting storage units are caught on cameras take a look at this video here, suspects forced their way in to 54 storage units at public storage on wheatsheaf lane in philadelphia. this happened early tuesday morning. the thieves got away with an orange harley davidson trailer parked nearby.
6:36 am
well, an elderly philadelphia man is under arrest charged with ten counts of the possessing child pornography. eighty-one year-old ramon ellis was a arrested wednesday after an undercover investigation led to the search of his philadelphia apartment. ellis is held on 25 you this dollars bail. budget battle will is emerging as key issue in the battle for pennsylvania governor. democratic candidate tom wolf toured the chandler bat company in norristown montgomery county. wolf took the opportunity to criticize his opponent, republican governor tom corbett for failing to deliver pension reform and the cigarette tax to help fund philadelphia schools. >> the person in this case hoist governor or ceo of a company pulls people and leads the process of creating an annual budget that is, leadership. i would have been involved in this process right from the beginning. evidently that wasn't done. >> wolf says we put a tax on shale drilling and try to
6:37 am
close loop holes in the tax code to help fund education and other programs. well, one of the biggest names in sports lebron james is heading home. after taking his talents to south beach for four seasons and winning two nba championships with the miami heat lebron announced he is going to to cleveland. he grew up in northeast ohio and played first seven years of his pro career with the cavilers. fans in philadelphia, they reacted this way. >> i think i have more respect for him since he is going back home to get his home city a ring but it is his decision. >> he makes money. usually people in that position of their own free will. >> needless to say some heat fans not too happen bye king james decision to go back to cleveland. in fact, somebody defaced this mural you are looking at here with lebron and his teammates on the miami building. meantime, in other sports news philadelphia wings indoor lacrosse team is moving out of town. owner mike french plans to
6:38 am
relocate to the city with less competition for entertainment dollars. there is in word where that team is going wings won six world champion ships during its 28 years in philadelphia. fans who placed deposits on 2015 season ticket will receive a refund. so that is some good news. still a head on "eyewitness news" what should do you if you find a colony of bees on your property? we have got the buzz, on safe bee removal coming up next. plus this. >> yogurt isn't the sweet treat it used to be i'm marley hall at a yogurt plant in brooklyn where they are ditching sugar in favor of healthier ingredients. and in another great start to the weekend but will we need our umbrellas, carol tracking latest coming
6:39 am
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6:41 am
three people are hurt in the latest running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. none of the victims were gored but one suffered a broken bone. rain caused streets to be slippery even they they applied a anti slip coating. weekend crowds much larger festival and four spainards and an american have been gored. once again, i just don't get it. i'll he never understanding. oh, well in the the bulls but snake that has people running in north jersey. check this out a bowa constrictor has been spotted going through the lake, at least a dozen times recently. the 15 to 20-foot snake took refuge in the boat house.
6:42 am
animal control officials are warning residents to be cautious. >> what we're afraid of, is the animals, small dogs, cats racoons, and i would advice people not to put their baby in the lake. >> that is always good advice. of course, snake that size can swim about 25 miles per hour can you believe it wild life officials believe the snake was somebody's pet that was released in to that lake. most people think bees are a nuisance but if they decide to move into their home i could have bigger problems. with the growing concerns over sudden die off of honey bee columnist many are looking for alternative to using pesticides to get rid of them. in angie's list jim donovan takes a look at live bee removal. >> it is very fragile. >> it is a great thing because you're just basically relocating the hive. you are not killing any bees. you're moving a colony and
6:43 am
their comb and you're ceiling that up so no bees will return but then you can take that hive where they are wanted. >> reporter: when homeowners see bees around their property attempt to kill them on their own which is something bee keepers say, is a big mistake a lot of people say they come and go from the house. and entire can of bee killer in that hole you will kill a bunch of bees and you might net is them stop coming and going for a couple of days, but the colony goes way back far in the house and you are not killing larvae. you will kill bees but down here is living bees. >> reporter: even if you did kill all of the bees honey comb left behind can melt and seep through your walls. this is one job best left to the pros but before hiring someone, check to see how many removals they have done and what services they offer. >> remember that it may take
6:44 am
american one company to complete the project. the pest control company will come in and remove the bees but then you may have some repair work that needs to be done, maybe to walls maybe to drywall to make sure your house is back in perfect condition. >> reporter: for more information on and friday removing bees from your property visit cbs's list and posted links to help you fine experts who does live bee removals. i'm jim donovan. call in the expert that is for sure. 6:44. crews are beginning work on the giant wall of steel to protect jersey shore town devastated by sandy. more than 100 homes were destroyed in mantoloking ocean county and only a fraction on have been rebuild. officials hope three and a half mile sea wall will give residents more confidence to rebuild there. parts of the man locationing were under 20 feet of water after hurricane sandy hit. sea wall will rise 22 feet above sea level and serve as last defense against the storms. >> what we're saying to the people of mantoloking is we
6:45 am
have fix the beach. it will not be a threat. >> now that we have the sea wall i'm feeling good but i was nervous because it is a big investment and we had in protection before and new we do. >> sea wall should be completed by the fall. you're looking at a rare occurrence here, called manhattan henge, several times sunset lines up perfectly between streets of the manhattan, and it was a magnificent show in the skies and had people stopping taking a look trying to capture it there if you are heading to the big apple you can expect to see it once again tonight. another chance there. keep your eyes on the skies because once the sunsets there is another rare sight to be seen. chopper three with a look at friday night's super moon phenomenon happens several times a year and it too can be seen again tonight. two chances to see super man, right. >> i love chopper three was just 5 feet away. >> yes. >> really good technology here on channel 36789 we're on
6:46 am
it. >> it is unbelievable. >> we have a super sun there. >> i wand fur chopper three would like to get as close to the sun as it apparently looks like it got to the moon. we have lots of sunshine sunnies up and working. it is a little tired when it first woke up and threw covers off but now things look better. so ocean city looking lovely at this point. i want to brighten things up it looks dark in margate for now but not for long because we have put some sunshine in here and thinks a loop over the last three hours. you can see things are brightening up at the shore and getting busy for visitors coming down to the beaches today, in new jersey and delaware and i'm sure all along the the coast. we have 64 in atlantic city. this is 10 miles inland where the official temperature is taken, 64 degrees, down in wildwood, right at beach. sixty-six millville. p-1 in philadelphia we have 66 degrees in allentown and 61 the coolest spot up in the poconos, and it is 63 in quakertown. comfortable morning out there
6:47 am
dew points are not that bad meaning humidity is not all that bad. a few clouds. they are off to the west. they do want to make their way to the east and they're in the as big of a deal as they may look here. if you see a couple of clouds they are still not doing too much to block the sun. high pressure is here today. temperatures will be reaching the upper 80's just as they did yesterday, yesterday we were at 89 degrees. we will be right about that same level today, lots of sunshine. tomorrow, we will get some sunshine, once again probably a few more clouds, and then by the time this front starts to get even closer, we will be watching for the air mass to get a little bit more agitated and monday and tuesday at this point we could be dealing with some strong, to maybe even severe storms so something to keep in the back of your mind as we go into that time period as this front starts to approach the area and gets into very humid air. and then still by tuesday we could be dealing with these showers and thunderstorms, by wednesday, it should be on its way out of here although there might still be a lingering shower. now as far as the computer model goes and what we will
6:48 am
expect, a sprinkle to the west today, maybe. probably fairly unlikely but is there still just a slight chance of that. otherwise i think this whole weekend most of it will be staying dry, although, one or two spots might pick up a brief, sprinkle or a shower. thinks at 6:00 o'clock on sunday night a couple of showers there. do we see a few more as we go through a time period with some of them getting a little stronger as we go early into the day on monday it is possible, off to the west and then just some scattered chances of showers around. we will continue to monitor that and the computer models will get a better handle on what is coming but we do have some weather that could be interesting by the time that we get to that monday, tuesday, time period particularly. 88 degrees in philadelphia shore 80. poconos, 58 degrees, nice weather in every single location, and is there a great thing if you have got a big heart and kind pennsylvania spca is it is their peace and love big block party. huge event. i mean there will be hundreds of animals there they will low
6:49 am
cost vaccinations, et cetera. but in most lie we want homes for dogs. there is so many animals. the fees are waved for the adoptions. that doesn't mean animals don't cost something when you take proper care of them but fees are waved because we want to get them in the hands of good kind, permanent homes. we want them to go from homeless to home and that is pennsylvania spca, 350 east erie avenue philadelphia, today and tomorrow, 10:00 to 6:00. 88 degrees our temperature this afternoon. tonight we will drop down to 68 degrees, partly cloudy, another mild night, but a nice night and then tomorrow, we're back way up in the 80's, partly sunny skies work that chance of a shower or thunderstorm, tomorrow better chances on monday and tuesday with these temperatures right around 90 degrees monday, 86 on tuesday and we will start a cool down that lingering shower or thunderstorm chance on wednesday giving way to much better and cooler weather, 82 thursday and same level on friday nicole. >> i love when cooler is 81
6:50 am
carol, thank you. consumers looking for healthier foods are turning to yogurt. industry has taken off in recent years with the arrival of the new styles and flavors. now another trend may be moving in, cbs news correspondent marley hall shows us a company in brooklyn making saferry yogurts. >> taste more subtle. >> reporter: angela faust using her mother's lebanese recipe at the yogurt company she runs with her house bob, john. saferry yogurt contains milk, culture and sea salt. >> we wanted to produce food that had no added sugar preservatives or chemicals to it. >> reporter: faust may be part of the backlash against highly sweeten yogurts that have multiplied as industry has taken off. new york is at the center of the yogurt boom, which producers cranking out 740 million pounds last year. nutritionist approve of the trend but say it is best to read fine print. >> looking at the label making sure that the ingredient list
6:51 am
is short, avoiding ones that have have additional sugar in it. you may see evaporated cain juice or fruit juice concentrate on the label and these words for, sugar. >> reporter: 20 grams per serving. more than a twinkey and ounce for ounce more than a can of coke which is why they may be riding a wave of change a long with the handful of start ups, industry leader chubani is now serving saferry. >> you'll see us move in the next phase people moving away from yogurt high in sugar towards yogurts that are plane or add vegetables. >> reporter: while industry makes room for its new comers new york is happy to lead the way, lawmakers recently voted yogurt the official state snack. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right good alternative. 6:52. she shares her name and her passion with a pretty famous pilot. thirty-one year-old amelia rose earhardt is back after circling the world in the
6:52 am
single engine plane. the 24,300-mile trip took 18 days. new this earhardt is the youngest with man to accomplish this goal. >> i have been working on this for the last year and a half but it has been a part of me because of my parents, my dad mom, they gave me this name. it is incredible. i feel wonderful. >> incredible. earhardt flew along the equator in the following her original path, she plans to give away ten scholarships to young woman to pursue flying. how about that. pretty cool. eighty-six year-old woman in maine pretty cool too. she gets to cross a big item off of her bucket list. florence gallagher went z ip lining. she's 86 guys. accomplishment made all of the more astonishing when you hear her medical history a stroke open heart surgery, she's even completely blind. well, she says the ride didn't last long enough. >> when you get to be 86
6:53 am
there is not a heck of a lot of time left to do whatever. we all have choices we can live or we can exist. >> she is living. look at her go. florence went z ip lining hundreds of feet in the air. what is next for her how does she top this? get this she want to sky dive. so that is what is next, 86 years old. we will be right
6:54 am
if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you.
6:55 am
we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us. take a look at this sight in new york harbor giant rubix cube floating on a barge as part of the celebration of the inventor of popular toy. rubix turns 07 tomorrow, special exhibit is on display
6:56 am
in new jersey city liberty science center, devoted to the rubix cube. that is my generation, probably played with one of those. >> i tried to throw one away the other day. >> all of the stickers you peeled off that is what mine looked like. >> that is the the only way i could make it work. >> we've got temperatures that will be way up in the 80's nicole, just like what we saw yesterday. just slightly more humid. tomorrow slightly more humid than today. a few more clouds on sunday and chance of shower or thunderstorm and we will get better chances on monday and tuesday and then a cool down. >> cool down in the 80's. i like how that sound. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on television but we are always on line at cbs cbs this morning the saturday is next, make it a great weekend. >> bye-bye.
6:57 am
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ç good morning. it's just 12th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." israel launches new air straights on the gaza militants on the gaza strip. they fire rockets into israel
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and there's no end in sight. the death toll in the nearly week-long offensive is at least 120. he's had enough of miami. king james decides to take his game back home and cleveland basketball fans are ecstatic. and travel the world, visit exotic places and never bag a bag. we'll show you how google street views does it. but fi