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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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did you bomb lee anne's house? somebody tell you that, or did you divine it with your super detective skills? you could've killed her. didn't kill her. it scared her. and now the case is dropped. it did the job. haven't you done enough? haven't you humiliated yourself and me enough in your life? haven't you?! i did this for you. this doesn't help me, old man; this implicates me! you're my father! hey! hey! hey! don't you walk away from me! shelby: my father is pretty angry at you. i went a step too far. don't hate him, roy. he never hated you. (chuckles) he begged me not to divorce you.
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somehow i doubt that. i could never bring him a $30 million deal like... good old nolan. nolan is gonna be my husband and the girls' stepfather, so i suggest you find a way to like him. you're actually going to marry a man who manipulated you in order to make a real estate sale? he did whatever it took to make a deal to keep me and the girls financially secure for life. it always did boil down to money with you. you want to believe i left you for money. i guess that makes you feel better. (scoffs) nolan loves me. he did everything in his power to get me. i never felt that kind of passion from you. you married me because i checked off all the right boxes. just because something looks good on paper doesn't make it right. shelby... and when i told you i was leaving, you pretty much showed me the door. that is not fair. you didn't fight for me, roy.
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that's why i left. not for money. because i wanted to be with someone who thought i was worth fighting for. (chuckles) i think you've always wanted to be with a completely different kind of woman. and i hope someday you find her, roy. i really do. (gulls squawking) jamie. you're early, but thank you for coming. i just... wanted to see the sunset. you want to take a walk? i'd love to. ♪ running through the heat, heartbeat ♪ ♪ you shine like silver...
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roy: so, i've been handling a case for my ex-wife the past few days. shelby's priority has always been... maintaining status and... following tradition. never being different and... wild and raising hell and... generally not being a pain in the ass. like me? yes. like you. (chuckles) look, jamie... ...did you decide about the job in new york? yes. i... i turned it down. why is that? (chuckles) i... like people here. ♪ and i'm lost in a memory ♪ ♪ as it shakes up the corners of my heart ♪
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♪ was it my mistake? ♪ mmm, just as simple as a change ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ a love like this... we can't. we-we can. no, roy. i can't be involved with opposing counsel. what are you talking about? lee anne's case was reinstated. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> she loved her kids. she loved her family. she loved her career. >> to it in a family searches for answers a delaware county mother of two and recent college graduate is found dead inside her home. good evening everyone. i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. >> police are now classifying the 38 year old woman' death as suspicious. her body was found this morning in the 7,000 block of emerson avenue in upper darby. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live with the developing details in this investigation. liz? >> reporter: natasha, police say they are waitining on the autopsy results to figure out
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just exactly how she died. in the men time, they tell us investigators right now weren't to talk to man who is no stranger not only to the police here but also the family. >> i want my mom. >> my mom, my best friend. >> griffin in shock and did he say belief after losing his mother so suddenly. 38 year old woman competed in pageants and just graduated from college with a nursing degree. by all accounts she loved life and above all, her family. >> that was my everything. i can call my mom. that was my everything. >> devastated family and friends gathered outside her home sunday evening desperate for answers. >> she didn't deserve this. nobody deserves this. she definitely didn't deserve this. >> reporter: a call from a concerned family member. according to police, led investigators inside this upper darby home sunday morning. what they found unfortunately confirmed the family's worst fear. >> located in the second floor front bedroom the deceased.
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she's laying on her back on the floor. she has a black either cloth or shirt or something covering her face. >> reporter: police say they have been called to this home for number of domestic calls much police say she even obtained a protection from abuse order what went wrong this time or how she died police say they don't know. reason why they are trying to track down griffin's ex boyfriend. >> anybody know anything, please, don't be afraid, come for. it's okay. come forward. we have no answers. >> reporter: and family members went on to ask that we get this out there. they tell us that griffin's car is also missing right now. that car -- family members believe is with whoever is responsible for griffin' death. that car they tell suss a dark gray 2014 dodge avenger. anyone with information is asked to call the police. reporting from upper darby i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 it witness news. >> all right, liz, thank you now
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from the city's west oak lane section police say a two month old baby with severe injuries allegedly suffered at the hands of his father has died. 20 year brian armstrong charged with aggravated assault and held on $5 million bail. authorities say the child who lived in the 6200 block of old york road had injuries to his body including the ribs and skull. the baby was in critical condition and on live support since friday. police say he died of his injuries late this afternoon. >> new tonight surveillance video captures a moment a jeep crashes no a building in the northeast. it happened just before 7:00 this evening at cottman and castor in burholme. one man was hurt. he was taken to aria torresdale hospital much his condition hasn't been release. an investigation into currently underway into how this all happened. now, we have seen off and on showers all throughout the weekend. still a chance even that we may have some showers overnight.
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meteorologist justin drabick is tracking them for us and he returns to tell us what's going on with the heat. what's going on justin. natasha, that will be returning because it is august and we'll get the sunshine in the forecast if you are looking for sun wait until tomorrow and tuesday. we'll get it back for you but one last batch of showers still holding together right over the northern chesapeake bay moving into cecil county maryland impacting southern chester county. eventually this moves into new castle county delaware as well. moving pretty slow. nothing heavy the this point. few lightning strikes but a lot of those thunderstorms have diminish as well over the past hour or so. again southern chester county near east nottingham get down towards northeast maryland in the cecil coup tow area that will see showers extends all the way out to port deposit that heads eastward. overnight not out of the woods just yet. but you may have to dodge a shower or two if you're doing traveling otherwise partly cloudy skies. pretty mild though we're empty 6060s to low 70 as lot of clouds across the region that's acting as blanket keeping in the heat at the surface.
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temperatures really not going to fall a whole lot more may get down to the mid and upper 60s for the morning temperatures so mild start to your monday. still on the humid side that will be the trend over the next few days but we get the sunshine back up are, back out. 86 degrees for a high in philadelphia. at the shore nearly 80. partly sunny skies. better beach weather this week and at the poconos very nice upper 70s. so coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about the sunshine, how long it lasts and temperatures are going to be to the rise as well as the humidity. those details coming up in a few minutes. natasha. >> justin thank you police are looking for second suspect wanted in connection with the shooting death of a three year old little girl. this man douglas woods has now been charged with murder and attempted murder. he was taken into custody friday night after the shootings on the 1500 block of etting street in grays ferry many three year old girl was hit while sitting on porch a 24 year old man was shot in the head. remains in critical condition. another man was shot in the leg and a woman was hit in the arm.
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now the funeral for the three children killed in a carjacking crash will be held at 11:00 o'clock on monday morning. at the north philadelphia seventh day advent church on west oxford street. charles barkley has reportedly offered to help pay for the services. 15 year old can he err ya williams, seven year old terrence moore and 10 year old joseph reid were all killed last friday. their mother survived but remains in critical condition. jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford were arrested and charged in this case. >> a philadelphia police officer meantime is recovering after being dragged by a car for at least a block while attempting to question a suspect. it happened at north second street and nitro avenue about 4:00 a.m. the officer spotted the suspect trying to break into a food truck. the suspect escaped in car and sped off with the officer clinging on. the get a way car was later found in the 5800 block of marshall street much the police officer did suffer some minor injuries. and police are now reviewing
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surveillance video of a suspect who held up a wawa in northeast philly. it happened about 3:00 o'clock this morning in the 9400 block of state road. police say the robber was wearing ski mask, pink sunglasses and armed with knife. the suspects got away with between 300 and 50 and $400. luckily no one was injured. more than a year after merging our lady blessed sacrament closes its church building for good. it joined with saint at this site in january of last year. but the building itself remained open up until this weekend. officials say they no longer have the funds to keep the other location on 63rd street in west philadelphia open. it's still unclear what will happen to the property. >> and lady anteed bell lump brought the crowd to its feet performing before tens of thousands on a free concert on the beach in atlantic city. officials added more security for this particular show after more than 60 house san people showed up to blake shelton show on thursday. "eyewitness news" reporter matt
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rivers tells us that city leaders are hoping out of towners will realize all the good things the shore town has to offer. >> reporter: welcome to the future of atlantic city. less this and more -- >> ♪ >> reporter: of this. at least that's what ac tourism officials are striving for. less slots and table games, more night live shopping and high end dining. this sunday it was crowds packing beaches to check out country stars lady antebellum. >> as gaming revenue goes down people have this miss perception that atlantic city isn't billed. -- filled hotel rooms aren't filled. that's completely wrong. >> reporter: there's in doubt that atlantic city isn't what it used to be. cass soon know after cass soon know is shutting down. so something else, something like this, has to fill the void. the thing is, though, it's a lot easier to draw crowds like these for a free concert in early august than it is in the middle of december. so the question evident aliblely becomes how do you get all of these people back here when the weather isn't so nice? part of sit combating the narrative that
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atlantic city is dying. events like these will play big part in that official say. and they're hoping for more just like it in the winter months. >> we'll slowly broaden it out. we'll do it in the summer. we'll hit the other seasons and look to do it all year long. >> frank low presto owns a pizza shop on the boardwalk. times are tough. if casinos aren't the future he's happy to look elsewhere. if entertainment, night live and restaurants are the next best option so be it. >> i believe it is. they got to reinvent themselves and this is the first is that in a right direction. his business and others on the boardwalk don't have lot of time to waste. matt riffs, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> governor tom corbett has scheduled a meeting tomorrow in harrisburg with lawmakers about the cigarette sales tax. the money from that tax would help fund philadelphia's schools and close its $81 million budget gap. gop leaders say the bill to let the city impose a $2 per pack tax still lacks enough votes to
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pass. school officials warn layoff notices would go out augus august 15th and schools might not open on time. we've got good news for commuters out there. a highly traveled philadelphia bridge finally reopens tomorrow. penndot says the newly built girard avenue bridge at the i-95 interchange will again be open to traffic. crews dismantled the deteriorating concrete deck and installed new steel beams on the six pan bridge. it's all part of a $91 million contract to offer -- improve streets that is near the interchange. the bridge carries about 2500 vehicles a day. ♪ >> so could the nearly month long conflict in the middle east be nearing an end? we're following some new developments. that's comin coming up. also straight ahead encouraging signs for the american being treated for ebola in the u.s. what doctors are saying about his progress. >> justin? >> we still have a few showers it round tonight but will they impact the morning commute? i'll have the work week forecast coming up. >> and a star of glee finally
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break her silence after the mysterious death of her boyfriend at a philadelphia hotel. plus, in sports the phillies looking for pay back after last night's really tough loss to the nationals. all the highlights from game four coming up. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms!
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huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
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>> cameras cap her the moment a 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes southwest china. at least 367 people were killed. hundreds more injured. china's news agency says about 12,000 homes collapsed in one densely populated area. troops have been dispatched now to the disaster region and the red cross is sending supplies. now to the crisis in the middle east. israeli air strike hit a school in gaza today killing at least 10 people including children and wounding 35 others. it's the second israeli strike on a school in less than week where civilians had sought shelter but the ground operations in israel appear to be winding down. cbs news correspondent alfonso
11:22 pm
van marsh has more from israel report roar piles of mangled metal and concrete all that's left at a united nations run school in gaza strip after an it israeli air strike. united states and united nations condemn the attack. us secretary general bonaci moon called eight moral outrage an criminal act the state department released a harsh statement that says the united states is appalled by today's disgraceful shelling outside a school sheltering some 3,000 displaced persons. >> israel began pulling back most of its troops on the ground as the country said it was close to completing its mission. but attacks on both sides continued throughout the day. israelis ran for cover inside a shopping mall as the iron domed defense system intercepted a hamas rock. inside, rockets sirens delayed our interview with new yorker ns tanya who recently converted to
11:23 pm
judyism then moved to israel two week ago. >> why would you move here during a war? >> i think that's the perfect time to move. because we need to show the terrorist that is we stand united as jews with israel. >> reporter: they are embracing a new life here despite the battles raging all around them. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the mayor of toledo ohio says nearly half a million people living in the area must continue to avoid drinking tap water. tests revealed toxin in the water supply possibly coming from algae on lake erie. officials say recent samples do show the level of toxins decreasing but more tests have to be done. in the meantime ohio's national guard is delivering bottled water purification systems and also ready to eat meals to residents in that area. >> the american doctor being treated in atlanta for ebola is reportedly um proking. dr. kent brantly contracted the disease while working with an aide operation in liberia.
11:24 pm
brantly is an special isolation university of union at emory university hospital much his wife has visited him and says her husband is in good spirits. at the indianapolis church where brantly grew up the congregation prayed for his speedy recovery. >> knew the risks he was takin . and chose to put himself in that position because he would be the kind that would think this is what i need to do for the sake of other people. >> a second american infected with the virus nancy wright bowl is scheduled to arrive in the u.s. within just a few days. and now three weeks after his tragic passing in physical glee star becca tobin broke her silence about her boyfriend's death. she wrote thank all for the love and support. matt was the most extraordinary man i knew and he will live in my heart forever. it was on july 10th that he was found dead in room at the hotel monica in center city. an autopsy was inclusive.
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>> history aboves looking to move, well, how about living on america's oldest residential vote. four homes on alfred's alley are up for sale. the street is designated a national historic landmark and homes on the cobblestone block there rarely ever turnover. they range in price from 650 to 850 thus season dollars. he'll trench's alley dates back to 1702 and it attracts thousands of tourists every ye year. >> all right. justin, kind of just been a gloomy and nasute day. gloomy. at least it was mainly dry this weekend. >> mainly. little shower earlier. it could have been worse. >> yeah. still tracking a few showers now but improving conditions for monday. it figures, right, when you go back to work. >> of course. the sun comes out. nice day at the beach probably. that's the way it works out sometimes. live look right now checking out the ben franklin bridge. still see lot of cloud cover across the region. so that's pretty much been the story all weekend long. again, a few showers around.
11:26 pm
go to storm scan3. and it's looking better, no, on radar. we just had that one line of some showers and few thunderstorms that did develop kind of weakening but this looks to impact extreme northeast maryland, southern chester county, and eventually into northern delaware. probably over the next hour or two. so again if that holds mate may move into parts of south jersey this again light rain shower activity that comes through the overnight but looking better by the morning commute. finally, the clouds starting to break up to our west. it looks like we finally see the sunshine as well returning to the forecast. 60s to low 70s for the current air temperatures. it's muggy. the humidity levels are high. remain high over the next 48 hours or so. so humid day monday. partly sunny skies. that sun gets us back into the mid 80s finally that cold front starts to push little bit farther off to the east. we have another front moving in from the north and west later on wednesday. that will bring our next chance for showers and storms. but still tuesday, a warm humid day, mid and upper 80s for high temperatures it really it's
11:27 pm
wednesday afternoon best chance to see some more widespread showers can't rule out is the tee shower monday, tuesday, but most areas stay dry. we are tracking tropical storm bertha. near the ba ham ms. right now looking a little bit better over the past couple of hours it has strengthened. winds were at 45 miles per hour earlier this evening. now they're up to 65 so this is a strong tropical storm moving pretty rapidly now north northwest at 17 it will take more of a northerly track eventually northeast it stays off the east coast probably passes our coastline early wednesday morning. it could be category one hurricane at that point again well off the coast but it will increase our waves at the area beaches lookout for rip currents especially on tuesday and wednesday. all right. back home just looking at some clouds early on monday morning. so should be dry for the morning commute. sunshine breaks out for the afternoon partly sunny skies. same deal on tuesday it will be warm, humid, maybe a stray shower. better chance for some wet weather coming in wednesday
11:28 pm
afternoon with that next cold front. moving and in. how about the temperatures? we had break from the heat. the back though tomorrow. mid and upper 80s returning to our forecast highs for the inland's spots monday and tuesday cooler along the shore points. right around that 80-degree mark. again overnight could see a scattered shower in some spots especially south of the city. huggie, low -- 67 degrees. a warmer day on monday. partly sunny, back up to where we should be at least close to it. 86 for the high temperature. if you're at the shore or delaware beaches, looking better as far as the beach weather goes some more sunshine, 80 degrees for the air temperature. ocean water up to 71 degrees. here's the extended forecast. tuesday probably the hottest day upper 80s it's humid. wednesday some afternoon showers. once that front moves through very nice thursday and friday. low humidity, sunshine low 80s for the first week of august. >> amazing. >> you don't see that too often. so enjoy it. >> i will. >> thank you so much. ooh appreciate that. justin. >> beasley is in with sports tonight. >> the eagle back at work at
11:29 pm
lincoln financial field today. a lot of fans got chance to is he their guy chip kelly talks about the pros specs we'll have that for you and cole hamels pitches another beauty. but did he get help from the offense? find out coming up in sp
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>> the first two games with the nationals went well for the phillies but then things took a turn for the worse the here we go. game four this afternoon. cole hamil gets the start allowing one run in seven innings. work. they got to the bullpen. ken giles, jake diekman let throw more across the plate. phillies offense struggling with
11:33 pm
only three hits against steven strausburg. they get shut out for the second time in a row and 13th time this season. the final score was four-zero. >> to the eagles now, they welcome fans back to lincoln financial field today. for their second open practice. plenty of anticipation leading into friday's first preseason game in chicago. head coach chip kelly looking forward to see what some of the younger guys can do on game day. >> i think the great thank about the preseason obviously is that you get to take your team on the road, you know, you get to see what they're like in different environments obviously for some of our players just last week leaving the novacare and coming over to the linc there was change for them. i think most teams when you get into the fir preseason game you're trying to get your guys out on the field and really evaluate and see what they can do and that's what we're raully look forward with this group. >> don't go anywhere. coming up in the sports zone i'll talk with the eagles beat writer mark eckel from the times of trenton plus the latest on the phillies and todd zolecki
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from that and more coming up right here on cbs-3. we'll be right back.
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