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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 4, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the shore, dealing with some fog along the ride here, live look at the 42 freeway, headed in toward the city of an accident in chester county. we'll check the rest of the roads and mass transit coming up next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, braking news this morning, bullets fly in philadelphia's west oaklane neighborhood leaving a man and woman hurt with multiple gunshot wound. >> right out to "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowed which with the latest on the investigation, syma? >> reporter: that's right, police are investigating two scenes, but they believe the shooting happened here on the 7100 block of george and road. police say that suspect or suspects were shooting from on this side of the road across the street at a parked car. now, 29 year old man was in the drivers seat. twenty-five year old woman was either getting in or out of the car when ten shots were fired a little before 3:00 this morning. the woman was hit once in the leg. she was taken to einstein hospital. and is in stable condition.
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after shots rang out, the victim and the ford crown victoria drove about mile and crashed the vehicle on east cheltenham avenue in cheltenham township. now he was shot seven times in the torso, and both died. >> the vehicle we found the driver in, ford crown victoria, has at least ten gunshot holes all mainly grouped in the door, the driver side door, of right where the victim would be driving the vehicle. >> here is video of the second scene. police say the victim crashed into a parked van, as he drove down the wrong way, on a one way street. now, the man was also taken to einstein, again, with seven gunshot wounds. he is in critical condition. right now, police are interviewing neighbors trying to get more information, but so far they have no description or motive for the suspects. live in west oaklane, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. also, new this morning, house fire in olney sends a woman to
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the hospital with burns. it happened along the 300 block of ashdale street around 2:30. we're told large amount of clutter in the rear of that home hindered firefighters' ability to fight the flames. it was placed under control in about 30 minutes. the cause remains under investigation. happening today, funeral services for the three children killed in a carjacking crash. services start at 11:00 a.m. at the north philadelphia seventh day adventist church west oxford street. nba hall of famer charles barkley had reportedly helped to offer to help pay for the services, the three were killed on july 25th. their mother survived but remains in critical condition. jonathan rosa, corneilius crawford, arrested and charged. >> also, philadelphia police are searching for 22 year old brandon ruin for his alleged role in the shooting death of three year old girl in grays ferry. authorities arrested this man, douglas woods, shortly after
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that shooting. caught in the crossfire of gun battle friday night on the 1500 block of edding street. three other adults were also shot. governor tom corbett will meet with law makers in harburg to discuss increasing the cigarette sales tax. money of that tax would help fund philadelphia's schools and close its $81 million budget gap. education advocates for the school district of philadelphia will also be in the state capitol today to rally for more funding. school officials warn layoff notices would go out august 15th, as schools might not open on time if they do not get more money. our time now 5:03, let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning, happy monday to you, few differences in the forecast for us out there today. certainly more than anything, you will notice that it is a lot brighter outside. we end up with more sunshine than what we've seen over the course of the week edge respect because of so much moisture content in the air, keep the humidity around, and it is actually allowing some
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fog to form this morning, not sure if you can tell behind me, but center city starting to get shroud, and we walk you through visibilities in a second. first to storm scan3, where things are still pretty quiet. again, you want it to be quiet, if you want fog to form. you need a light winds. you need virtually no precipitation, because you need something to allow the fog to settle in. and currently we've got that on storm scan3, not much to see. seventy-one the current temperature at the airport, nice mild start. cloud cover out there means we won't see too much more of a drop on the thermometer before the sun does come up. but once it does come up, it is kind of last i can, starts to break apart that fog, it will start to heat things up for us, and around the region as a whole talking mid 70s at the pocono region, up to the 80s, shore points up to the city. there may still be isolated shower or storm around, but overall, that is brighter day, a quieter day, but we are eventually going to have to deal with showers and storms by mid week. bob, we send it into you. >> 5:04, on monday, back to
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work, after a busy weekend, and actually pretty good shape this morning, as we go outside and first of all good news, we got a brand new overpass, re-opening later on today. here is some video from our news van, on the scene, the girard avenue bridge that will go up and over aramingo avenue. there you go. brand spanking new concrete there. that will open up later on today. giving everybody from the neighborhood access back again to richmond street and old delaware avenue. it has been closed for over a year now, so that will open up later on today when penndot removes those signs. that will be good for the gang in the neighborhood. now, an accident out here, just outside of kennett square, route 52, right near hickory hill road. police on the scene there. also, a downed tree, just outside of pennsburg, jerry ville pike, at st. paul's church road. if you are coming back from the poconos, after a busy weekends, we had music fest out there, we had the pocono 400, we also had folks just going up therefore the summer weekend, just watch for that construction between
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quakertown, all the way down to mid-county, they are still working west on the turnpike out near downingtown. and for the gang coming back from the shore, on early monday morning, dealing with some fog along the atlantic city expressway, portions of the parkway for everyone coming up from shore towns, coming through the wildwoods, headed out the back door there, route 47 also fogged in in south jersey. erika, back to you. >> we have breaking news now from the middle eels. israel now two hours into humanitarian trues. military, however, says the trues does not apply where its troops are still operating. israel also most of the grounds troops from gaza saying it was close to completing its mission there. >> back home, family searches for answer this is morning following the death of delaware county mother of two. upper darby police say griffin was found dead inside this home on the 7,000 block of emerson avenue early sunday morning. she was discovered inside second floor bedroom, with a clot on her face.
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devastated family members tell "eyewitness news" griffin just graduated with a nursing agree. >> i can call my mom, everything, that was my everything. >> if anybody know anything, please don't be afraid. come forward. it is okay. come forward. we have no answers. >> authorities tell us they are working to track down griffin's exboyfriend. meanwhile, family members tell us her car, a dark gray 2014 dodge avenger is missing. they believe who ever is responsible for her death has it. we should get better idea this week about the future of revel and whether the troubled atlantic city casino can be saved. today is the deadline to smith bids to buy the bankrupt resort. then an auction will be held on thursday. atlantic city's pair says the last month, six potential buyers, however, if they can't finds a buyer, revel's has to shut down september 1st. septa and representatives from a transit workers union will have to answer questions at a hearing in washington,
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d.c. later on today. last month, an emergency board appointed by president obama recommended that an agreement be reached that could set the contract dispute between septa and two unions. officials want to know why the parties have not yet reached a deal. regional rail workers walked off the job for one day in june, and they're still working without a contract. your time now 5:08. no ends in site for a water crisis in ohio. >> almost a half million people told to avoid drinking tap water. we have the new test resultsts just released overnight. >> stopping the ebola outbreak, what officials say we need to do to prevent the deadly virus from spreading as another infected patient gets reds toy arrive in the united states. >> destructive river of mud out west. that's not the only devestation caused by mother nature in california. katie? >> and erika, we are looking ahead to another warm day out there. as more sunlight breaks through that cloud cover. but, eventually, some showers and storms to dodge with new cold front, we'll tell you
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what it actually bodes very well for the end of the week. full weather for ♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at > residents in tee lead owe ohio urged not to use the water supply. correspondent andrew spencer has more. >> right here. >> volunteers outside the high school headed out case after case of bottled water. national guard troops also set up stations where people could fill buckets and just from huge tanks of purified water, that breast about the only options as many as 400,000 people had to stop using their tap water when officials realized late friday, that the water supply had been contaminated.
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>> identification today having a water supplies all the time, and just can't have it. >> the algier thriving, that toxin enters the water supply. national oceanic, says the toxin can cause potentially accuse liver failure. tainted water created another problem for hospitals in toledo. >> all weekends only doing emergency surgeries, the issue isn't the surgery itself, it is the instrumentation that's used in the surgery. big surgical case could have seven trace of instruments that need to be sterilized. >> many of those instruments had to be shipped to hospitals outside the area for sterilization. in most of toledo the levels of micro civil had dropped to what's can he a safe level overnight. overnight the mayor still wasn't ready to lift the water restrictions. >> i am not going to isolate part of the city, so therefore i have instructed our people to go re sample and retest. because i am not going to take any chances with this
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community's well-being and health. >> andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". another american missionary expected to fly back to the united states tomorrow. now there is plane is heading for liberia to pick up nancy rifle. diagnosissed when ebola july 25th, the director for the centers for disease control explains what the us needs to do in order to prevent the outbreak from coming here. we know how to stop it here. but to really protect ourselves, the single most important thing we can do is stop it at the source in africa. that's going to protect them and protect us. >> will join college doctor kent brantly in the infectious disease unit at emory university hospital. brantly's wife says her husband's condition is improving. >> 5:13, your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, hey, everybody, hammy monday to up. we are off to little bit of cloudy start out there, actually some fog issues, we
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kick start the work week here, around, especially the western suburbs so we will talk about that, too. your pollen report, lots coming up here, so start things off and get you outside. show you waist going on on storm scan3, not too much at the moment. if you look real closely, though, obviously you had some activity now out to sea. but look closely here. across eastern pennsylvania see the thin vale of gray. that's some fog beginning to settle in. the bottom line here we have the necessary ingredients for fall to -- fog to form. light winds as well as plenty of moisture content, the dew points are hi, about the time of year that fog starts to become more prevalent, too. but, right now, these advice aren't awfully low, reading, you're nearing zero to the point where you can't see your hand in front of your face. please be careful out there even though it is somewhat patchy in nature, it will be locally very dense. >> your pollen report meanwhile still seeing signs of higher levels specially the
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grass, chenopods, nettles, plans to mow the lawn, please keep that in mine. them couple of days start to see the next cold front come through. today see shower or storm at all very isolated tomorrow almost everybody has real good shot to stay totally dry, this is why we're expecting daytime high to flirt with 90. by wednesday, cold front comes through, once out of here we start to feel much lower humidity, going to be nice ends to the week, bob, over to you. >> did you say i should not mow the lawn today? >> not at all what i said, but, know? >> that's what i heard, though. >> going outside, live look, check some of the roadways this morning, everybody dry, off to good start, nice, quiet along 309 headed down toward the pennsylvania turnpike, downingtown, live look at route 100, commerce drive not far from the pennsylvania turnpike interchange in good shape here. this is where they've been doing the repairing, stretch right near the exton mall, watch for that uneven pavement. same deal eastbound on the
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schuylkill, when you hit spring garden, hill little speed bump there all the way into the tunnels under 30th, until they come back, probably going to pave that later this week, but right now good shape. ninety-five, the schuylkill expressway, it is first morning rush hour of the blitz, shut down the tunnel here, for the next couple of weeks, so this can make some repairs and upgrades to the stations to the lighting to the handrail. so, all of the subway surface trolleys will be stopping at 40th and market, and from there, commuters will be flipped over to the market frankford line, to further your trip into center city so add maybe another five minutes to your thrip there morning. >> police searching for suspects in a double shooting in west oaklane. a man and woman were shot several times along germantown avenue, that man in critical condition. >> woman in the hospital with burns, after a fire on ashdale street in olney. officials say the fire was
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fueled by a large amount of debris and clutter in that home. >> funeral services, victims of car tragedy a week ago friday. services beginning at 11:00 a.m. at the north philadelphia seventh day adventist church. children's mother remains in critical condition. >> your time now 5:17. and you don't have to go far to find one of the best counties in the country, fine out which local spot is being honored now. >> also, the real joe biden revealed, surprising activity the vice president apparently likes to do during his down time. >> ♪ >> a look at the fog, hey, katy perry probably isn't awake just yet, but the grammy winner is in town footwear two concerts. still some tickets available.
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enjojoy. we'll be right back.
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>> mother nature hitting california with a nasty one-two punch of rain and fire. rain right here, heavy downpours, triggered mudslides, this is outside of los angeles standing number of drivers, too. one person we're told was found dead in that rain swept car. swept into rain swollen creek. now, almost 2,000 people also can't get in or out of mountain towns, because of roads that are covered in debris and mud just like right there. now, they could use some of the rain right here, this is northern california, where two wild fires are burning out every control. those fires have already destroyed a handful of homes, and also, scorched almost 100 square miles, and to give you some perspective, that area almost as big as philadelphia. many homes and even hospital in that area have been evaculated. ukee? >> erika, death toll from earthquake in southwest china
5:21 am
close to 400 people with 1800 others injured. cameras cam toured the moment of the 6.1 magnitude quake when it hit. and about 12,000 homes have collapsed. the mountain us region where the quake happened is largely agricultural, with farming and mining the top industry. and it is prone to earthquakes. right now 5:21. president obama has an extra reason to celebrate today. it is his birthday. we'll let you know what he is doing to celebrate. plus: ♪ >> another band hits the beach, lady a hits the crowd. how this could be a sign of what's to come for the city. be right back. good morning.
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traffic and weather together here's kate. >> i good morning, initially, fog is actually our concern out there, it is patch any nature, aren't any dense false investigate advice in place, but something you're very likely to know, especially if you are traveling through some of the smaller valleys through the river beds, maybe up into the higher terrain. out on storm scan3, not a heck of a lot, few speckles of green, not actually indicating any wet weather, and in general, looking ahead to much nicer day. that is brighter day for sure, at the beaches, partly sunny, starting again off with a little bit of fog out there. that will lift. 80 degrees the expected hi, uv index will start to climb as a result of that breaking for sunshine. meanwhile, there can still be isolated key word isolated shower or storm around today. but most of you again i do think do stay dry. tomorrow very similar scenario, by wednesday, we are tracking couple additional showers and storms. >> morning, everybody, off to pretty good start this morning, monday, let's go curbside, of the platt bridge, the george platt bridge, as we
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look live, where they took the speed limit from 45 down to 35. keep that in mind if you are going to the katy perry concert tonight. otherwise, we're in good shape. major roadways are in the 50's along i-95, the schuylkill expressway, no problems along 476. however, later on today, they'll be working along 422 both directions right near oaks, keep that in mind if you're out after 9:00. and new project begins today, along 15-mile stretch of county line road. they're going to work between 611 and york road. building and repaving that whole stretch. get ready for an active work zone beginning later on today. mass transit looking good. here's ukee now with a look at sports. >> phillies off today, against the houston astros, cole hamels on the field for the phils yesterday wrapping up national series, cole allowed only one run in seven innings. but, he left the game in the hands of the bullpen, and the nats kick their offense in gear.
5:26 am
yes, nationals scored three runs in the eighth, beat the phils four to nothing, phils were shut out two games in a row, splitting the series. >> how about this? the dragons little league team hot in the mid-atlantic regional in bristol, connecticut. they beat the newark nationals squad out of delaware yesterday, eight to four, starting pitcher moan a davis had ten strikeouts. she bid on the day. next up with the dragons, new york colony, they come up tomorrow. rip sent, gang. in practice play, andre williams had rushing touchdown to open the scoring. eli manning was six of seven for 43 yards passing in his brief appearance. hall of fame game, part of the weekends kutztown andre reed and former eagle cloud humphrey among the unductees in the pro-football hall of fame. eagles are back on the practice field later today. first exhibition game friday night at chicago. it is time. now until february. we're talking football. >> ukee, thank youment coming
5:27 am
up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", follow breaking news after two people are shot overnight. syma? >> that's right, both in the hospital, one in critical condition, after police continue to look for the suspect. i'll have those details coming up. >> finally seeing some relief from pumped up gas prices, what's driving those prices down now. and, bob and katie return, your traffic and weather together on 39's, casino of spooky look there at center city. low-lying fog. tell us more about it coming
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bullets fly overnight sends too long people to the hospital. now, the search is on for the shooter. police found one of the victims several miles away. live with the clues they have right now. >> good morning, everyone, dry but foggy start to the morning, after a wet weekend in some spots, now getting
5:30 am
ready to turn up the heat. let's check traffic and weather together. good morning. >> that's right, ukee, eventually going to see temperatures flirting with 09 degrees before this week is all said and done, but we mention the fog, that will be your immediate concern, and definitely means it could slow you down on the roadways, with that said, perfect segway, my friend, bob? >> slowing us down, especially for the folks that like to stay down the shore sunday into monday, come right back from the beach into the office. we're seeing some foggy conditions out along the garden state parkway, portions of the atlantic city expressway, even here along i95, coming up through delaware county, we'll check the rest of the roads and some changes to mass transit for this work week coming up next. ukee, erika, good morning. >> shooting left a man in critical condition. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now at the scene, with more on this breaking story. syma?


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